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Joseph Roel J.

Mabajen IV-Einstein Black Swan- A Psychoanalysis Black Swan is a film under the psychological horror and thriller genre directed by Darren Aronofsky. It follows the story of Nina, a ballerina in whose life is completely devoted to dance. Tension ensues when she is not able to properly portray the Black Swan. Black Swan presents various psychological aspects, specifically the apparent presence of ID, ego, and superego, and can be analyzed using Sigmund Freuds psychoanalytic theory. The superego is a part of the personality that concerns with the principle of morality. The superego in the black swan is presented through Mrs. Sayers, Ninas mother. Throughout the film, her mother seemingly is successful in controlling Nina, and setting up her mindset to ballet solely. She tries to goad Nina in becoming the perfect dancer, doing all the right moves in the right time, rather than using ballet as a medium of her inner emotions, thoughts, and feelings. The mother tries desperately to restrain her daughter from living independently and freely. But about halfway through the film, Nina refuses to be her puppet any longer, realizing that her mother is actually bitter about her accomplishments. The ID is part of the personality that is related to the pleasure principle, which strives for immediate gratification of all desires, wants, and needs of an individual. Throughout the film, Nina was not able to properly perform the role of the black swan, mainly due to the fact that she was raised as morally right. She was raised by Mrs. Sayers to perceive sex as morally wrong, and as such, she was initially not able to perform the role of black swan because of it being sensual, something that is alien to her. Lily was the one that filled up the void of Nina, mainly

because she was the one that opened Ninas world to sensual things, ultimately leading to Nina being able to perform the role of black swan. The ego is the part that acts as balance between the first two principles, with it being also called as the reality principle. Nina acts as the ego in the film, with her balancing out morally upright upbringing of her mother and the sensual point of view of Lily. She had a hard time adapting to the role of black swan because she was raised as morally upright, and found Lilys antics as disturbing at first. But she eventually warmed up to the thought, and at the end, was able to perform the role of black swan excellently. The end of the film involves the white swans role dying, with Nina really dying for the last scene, wherein her last line was I felt it. Perfect. It was perfect. The last line is as significant as the presence of three psychological aspects because it symbolically shows that Nina already achieved peace within her because of the balancing of her personality within the ID and superego, with the balance being conveyed through the lines.