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Luggage Brompton Pod

The ongoing evolution of our front luggage range enjoys a Although the B Bag has for some years provided a measure of
significant leap forward this year; both functionality and aesthetics padded protection for Bromptons in aircraft holds and on other
have been considered in response to consumer feedback. long-haul journeys, there remains considerable consumer demand
S Bag Remodelled along lines of the C Bag, and with a for a harder case to provide an extra level of protection.
removable front panel to allow users to personalise The Brompton Pod flight case will offer a rigid moulded EVA
their bags with different designs. shell, with the Brompton strapped securely in place within.
T Bag The successor to our much-loved, if workaday, Touring Although it cannot be folded down like a B Bag, the Pod is
Pannier, incorporating a more modern design and designed to be as manoeuvrable as a wheeled suitcase, with a
improved materials and finish. telescopic handle and integrated wheels, offering door-to-door
portability and a worry-free way to take a Brompton on holiday
A Bag Although our existing range has found a home in even or business.
the most formal of boardrooms, we are aware that
there has long been a demand for a more conventional
“work bag”. Dynamo Lighting
Our attaché case is handmade in the finest traditions of Our existing offering – a tyre dynamo and a high-spec hub
artisanal leatherwork but has a dedicated space for a dynamo – will be replaced by two hub dynamo options for 2010.
laptop; ideal both for the city player and the style 16” wheels and the nature of the Brompton fold have together
aficionado. ensured that tyre dynamo lighting, even with the best of
O Bag Ortlieb, the most respected name in waterproof cycle components, was never as perfectly-reliable as we would have
luggage, has created a bag for use exclusively with the liked.
Brompton front luggage system. Hub dynamos, like hub gears, offer a more reliable solution than
The O Bag features the finish and functionality one exposed alternatives, but cost has always been a limiting factor;
expects from Ortlieb and will be offered in two colours the beautifully-engineered Son hub dynamo offers exceptional
– all-black and pink and black. Given the bags’ inherent performance, but at a price.
waterproof properties, this is the only piece of front However, a hub dynamo has now been specifically adapted for
luggage that will not come supplied with a waterproof the Brompton by Shimano. In testing, the low drag experienced
cover. demonstrates that it offers very good performance and reliability,
though the price will be broadly comparable to the tyre dynamo
The SON hub dynamo will be retained and further improved by
the adoption of a powerful Busch & Müller LED front lamp,
featuring an automatic light-sensing function and a stand light
function at the front as well as the rear.

Our existing four options will be reduced to two.
Of the two Brompton tyres, only the Brompton Kevlar will be
available from January; the Kevlar belt barely affects the free-
running performance of the tyre, while greatly reducing the risks
of punctures (compared with our standard tyre).
Of the two Schwalbe tyres – the Marathon and Stelvio – neither
will feature in 2010, though the “successor” to the Stelvio – the
Kojak – will be offered as a lightweight slick. It is even lighter
than the Stelvio, and offers improved puncture resistance;
moreover, it will bear a reflective strip, obviating the need to fit
reflectors to the spokes in most territories.

Aluminium Seat Pillars

Superlight bikes will no longer feature titanium seat pillars, which
have proved increasingly expensive and difficult to source on a
reliable basis. Superlight bikes will instead be supplied with
anodized, scratch-resistant aluminium seat pillars, offering weight
savings but on a cost-effective and reliable basis; they will also
feature indelible markings to aid with setting the saddle height.
The cost-savings will enable us to fund further improvements to
the Superlight offering.

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