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Dominique Ricks 10/22/12 INT-322-90-121 Writing Logically and Thinking Critically Through the time of this course we have

been learning what it means to be a good critical thinker. To be able to critically think one must be able to broaden their personal perspective on things and take into reason other possibilities for the best outcome. Being a good critical thinking falls into Interdisciplinary studies. Interdisciplinary study is the combining of disciplines. Interdisciplinary studies are the crossing of one or more disciplines that may bring you to new thought out solutions. My major is actually Interdisciplinary Studies. My main area of concentration is social work. I also take other classes within the disciplines of history and anthropology. Ive been taking general studies classes, along with classes such as, sociology, psychology, mathematics, and sciences. By taking these other courses such as psychology has broaden my perspective on various subjects. Upon graduation, as an interdisciplinarian I hope to get a job along the lines of social work and helping those in need. To market myself I plan to show employers all of my strengths that I learned through interdisciplinary studies. I plan to show and promote my skills such as my research, communication, writing, computer, problem solving, and time management. Also being interdisciplinary studies major I understand that some employers may not understand my degree, so then I will communicate to them my program of study. Every assignment that has been given in this class has in different ways reflected upon Interdisciplinary Studies. From the REASONS assignment thats showed us how to collect, distinguish, and resolve. Then there was the assignment that we had to write about how to develop as thinkers. Some of the concepts that I have learned from this class are how to

Dominique Ricks 10/22/12 INT-322-90-121 broaden my perspective and how to distinguish a problem from an issue. I can utilize these concepts when looking for a job and my daily activities. By broadening my perspective I can give my future employers a better widened response to their questions. Being a good thinker is important in a job because employers are usually always looking for better ways to promote, help, or find solutions within the company/office. Distinguishing a problem from an issue is especially important along the lines of my concentration which is social work. Social workers are constantly looking on ways to solve issues and problems but, because they are different one must go about them in different ways. In all this class and all of the Interdisciplinary Studies classes Ive taken have helped me become a better thinker. A lot of the times I feel that people who do not fully understand the meanings of Interdisciplinary Studies will overlook it. For those of us who do understand the meaning of what it means to be Interdisciplinary it means everything. Interdisciplinarians are some the best thinkers and are capable of solving some of the toughest issues and problems; this is why I choose it as my major.