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9:00 a ! -10:00 a ! " C-12# $%&'( Hall D% )&* C&&l+*-D&l+, P%&-+,,&%" D+./ &- P,*01&l&2* O--30+: C-129 $%&'( Hall O--30+ P1&(+: 425-9#59 P,*01&l&2* D+./ 6C-127 $%&'( Hall8: 425-4575 M%, H&ll3!a(" A9!3( A,,/ E!a3l: :a0&&l+*;(,< +9< O--30+ H&<%,: T<+, - 11 a ! -12:50 . ! W+9 - 10:00 a ! - 12:00 . ! T1<%, - 11-00 a ! - 12:50 . ! = #:50-5:50 . ! F - 10:00 a ! > 12:00 . ! O/1+% T3!+, $* A..&3(/!+(/ COURSE DESCRIPTION: This is the first course in the introductory sequence. This course is the introduction to the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. There is an emphasis on theoretical approaches, concepts, principles, and research findings. This course is an overview of selected areas in psychology that provide the foundation for further study in psychology. Topics covered include critical thinking, neuroscience, nature/nurture, consciousness, motivation, work, stress and health, and psychological disorders. PRERE?UISITES: None COURSE RATIONALE: The course is open to all students (elective) and is a mandatory (core) course for psychology ma ors who are required to take !sychology "## to complete the introductory sequence. The current te$tbook is also incorporated in !sychology "##. This course is designed to introduce students to the science of psychology and the sub%fields that comprise contemporary careers in psychology. RE?UIRED TE@T: &iccarelli, '. (., ) *hite, +. N. (",#"). Psychology (-rd ed.). .pper 'addle /iver, New +ersey0 !earson.

SUPPLEMENTARY RESOURCESAREADINGS: 'tudy 1uide to 2ccompany Psychology (-rd ed.) % by &iccarelli ) *hite 2merican !sychological 2ssociation % 3ncyclopedia of !sychology % !sychweb % 4ncludes links to classic works in psychology, ournals, other psychology sites, scholarly resources in psychology sorted by topic, and career information for psychology ma ors. 5reams0 3dgar& COURSE GOALS AND LEARNING OUTCOMES: .pon completion of the course, the student will0 #. (now historical events and persons in psychology ". .nderstand scientific principles of psychology -. (now the relevant neurological bases of behaviors/thoughts/feelings 6. .nderstand the role of genetics and environment 7. (now the concepts and processes in our study of consciousness 8. (now the principles and theories of motivation and emotion 9. (now the concept of stress and its impact on health and behavior :. (now and distinguish ma or psychological disorders ;. 2ppreciate the need for ethical standards in psychology #,. <alue cultural diversity METHODS OF INSTRUCTION: The primary means of instruction will be through lecture with a heavy emphasis placed on class participation. =ther tools that will be utili>ed include0 videos, assignments, and classroom activities. COURSE RE?UIREMENTS #. &lass attendance0 !rompt attendance is e$pected. 2bsence from ",? or more classes may result in a grade of @AB for the course. ". &lass participation0 2lert, active involvement in class, taking notes, and asking questions facilitate learning. -. /eading assignments0 'tudents must prepare for all classes by reading the assigned material in advance. 6. &ourse outline should be brought to class for ready reference. 7. Cectures are designed to supplement and clarify written material. 8. <ideotapes on selected topics will be shown. 9. The student study guide is a valuable tool for reviewing material and taking practice tests. :. 'tudents should review the learning ob ectives in each chapter. Dui> yourself using the practice qui>>es within each chapter and the test at the end of each chapter. ;. Eaterial will be reviewed at the beginning of each class.

#,. 'tudents may arrange for special help from the instructor as needed. ##. *eb site% COURSE OUTLINEACALENDAR: This is located near the end of the syllabus. RELATED UNIVERSITY-WIDE RE?UIREMENTS Three of the si$ &ommonwealth of <irginia mandated competencies will be required in the course. *riting F *riting will be assessed via course assignments =ral &ommunication F 5iscussions during class will facilitate the assessment of oral communication. &ritical Thinking F 'tudents are introduced to critical thinking throughout the te$tbook. 4n chapter #, for e$ample, a critical thinking approach is taken in introducing students to the research methods of psychology. There is a discussion of the basic principles of critical thinking and how critical thinking can be useful in everyday life. &ritical thinking skills are used to e$amine pseudopsychologies or systems of e$plaining human behavior that are not based on scientific evidence (e.g., astrology). <arious discussions help students to actively process the material in each chapter (e.g., applying psychology to everyday life, psychology in the news, and current issues). EVALUATIONAASSESSMENT METHODS EVALUATION: 'tudents will be evaluated through a series of multiple%choice e$ams, qui>>es, and written assignments. FEED$ACK: Aeedback (usually within a week) will be given after each e$am. 4n addition, students are invited to receive individuali>ed feedback from the instructor. 'tudents will be continuously aware of their performance level (grade) in the class. NEED FOR REMEDIATION: 'tudents who are having difficulty are encouraged to seek e$tra help from the instructor. 4n addition, study groups are recommended to reinforce classroom activities. .tili>ation of N'. tutorial services is also recommended.

GRADING: T1+ 3(,/%<0/&% %+,+%B+, /1+ %321/ /& %+B3,+ /1+ 2%a93(2 0%3/+%3a a, a..%&.%3a/+ a(9 '3ll !aC+ %+a,&(aDl+ a//+!./, /& (&/3-* ,/<9+(/, #. 3$ams (-,, points)0 3$ams will be announced in class appro$imately one week in advance. There will be three e$ams. ". 2ssignments/qui>>es0 9, points

GRADING 6T&/al P&3(/, E 5708:

EFa!, 6E8 3$am # 3$am " 3$am (4ntroductionG &hapters #, ", 6) (&hapters :, ;, #,) (&hapters ##, #6) H #,, points H #,, points H #,, points

Dui>>es/2ssignments (D) H 9, points 3$tra &redit (3&) 3$ams I Dui>>es I 3$tra &redit J #,, H Ainal 1rade Total !oints 3$ample0 ;"(3#) I :7(3") I;#(3-) I 87 (D) I #,(3&) $ #,, H Ainal 1rade -9, -6- points H .;-9, points .;- $ #,, H ;-? H 2

GRADING SCALE ;-? % #,,? H 2 ;,? % ;"? H 2% :8? % :;? H KI :-? % :7? H K :,? % :"? H K% 98? % 9;? H &I 9-? % 97? H & 9,? % 9"? H &% 88? % 8;? H 5I 8-? % 87? H 5 8,? % 8"? H 5% 7;? % below H A

TOTAL POINTS -6- % -9, --" % -6" -#9 % --# -,8 % -#8 ";7 % -,7 ":, % ";6 "8; % "9; "7: % "8: "6- % "79 "-" % "6" ""# % "-# "", and below

GRADING STANDARDSAEVALUATION CRITERIA NSU CLASS ATTENDANCE POLICY 6FROM THE NSU CATALOG8: The .niversity e$pects students to attend all classes. *hile absences are discouraged, the .niversity recogni>es that, on occasion, students may have legitimate reasons for being absent. Thus, a student will be permitted one @une$cusedB absence per semester hour credit or the number of times a given class meets per week. =nce a student e$ceeds the number of allowed une$cused absences, an instructor may require an official university e$cuse. Not more than ",? of class meetings (e$cused and/or une$cused) may be missed by a student during a given semester. 2t the discretion of the instructor, a student whose absences e$ceed ",? of scheduled class meetings for the semester may receive a grade of @FB for the course. 'tudents have the responsibility to confer with their instructors regarding all absences or intended absences. 4f sudden departure from the campus (for an emergency or e$traordinary reason) prevents a student from communicating with each of his or her instructors, the student is e$pected to notify the =ffice of 'tudent 'ervices/+udicial 2ffairs within 6: hours. &lass e$cuses are issued for legitimate reasons (medical, funerals%immediate family members only, official university business/activities, etc.) by the =ffice of 'tudent 'ervices/+udicial

2ffairs. =fficial written documentation may be required. Notes from relatives, friends, etc., are not accepted as @officialB documentation for absences. The =ffice of 'tudent 'ervices/+udicial 2ffairs will determine if an absence is legitimate and if an e$cuse will be issued. 'tudents who become ill are encouraged to report to the 'tudent Lealth &enter located in the 'partan 'tation for @minorB medical treatment. 2 current N'. 45 card must be presented prior to treatment. *ritten verification of illness issued by the Lealth &enter should be carried to the =ffice of 'tudent 'ervices/+udicial 2ffairs, and an official .niversity e$cuse should be obtained. 'tudents residing in on%campus housing facilities are governed by the same policies and procedures as non%residential students insofar as class attendance and class e$cuses are concerned. CLASSROOM POLICIES0 'tudents are e$pected to have 0+ll .1&(+, a(9 all +l+0/%&(30 9+B30+, /<%(+9 &-- during class. Thus, there should be no ringing phones, talking on the phone, checking messages, and te$t messaging during class. *ithout advance permission, it is unethical to tape, videotape and/or photograph classmates, the professor, and/or class activities. 'tudents who do so and those who post such to social networking sites are disruptive to the classroom environment and will be referred to The =ffice of 'tudent 'ervices/+udicial 2ffairs. 5uring an e$am, the e$am, answer sheet, and writing instrument are the only items allowed on the studentMs desk. 4f a student looks at a cell phone or electronic device during an e$am, it will result in an e$am score of >ero. 'tudents are e$pected to attend all classes. 4t is necessary for you come to class consistently, be well prepared and participate actively. 2bsence from ",? or more classes may result in a grade of @FG. Nou will be counted as tardy if you arrive to class after the roll is taken. C&!3(2 /& 0la,, la/+ /1%++ /3!+, '3ll D+ 0&<(/+9 a, &(+ aD,+(0+ I/ 3, /1+ ,/<9+(/H, %+,.&(,3D3l3/* /& 3(-&%! /1+ 3(,/%<0/&% &- 13,A1+% .%+,+(0+ 3- 1+A,1+ 3, (&/ .%+,+(/ '1+( /1+ %&ll 3, /aC+( T13, !<,/ D+ 9&(+ a/ /1+ +(9 &- /1+ 0la,, -&% '1301 /1+ ,/<9+(/ 3, %+I<+,/3(2 /& D+ !a%C+9 la/+" a, &..&,+9 /& aD,+(/ Cla3!, &- .%+,+(0+ '3ll (&/ D+ 1&(&%+9 &( a la/+% 9a/+ INCOMPLETE GRADE POLICY: 'tudents are e$pected to complete all course requirements by the end of the semester. 2 grade of @4B may be assigned when the student has maintained a passing average and good attendance but due to e$tenuating circumstances, is unable to complete the course requirements. The decision to give an @4B is made by the instructor. &onsideration will be given based on the quantity of the unfinished work. 1enerally, at least 97? of the course requirements must have been satisfactorily completed. 4f the incomplete work is substantial, the instructor may determine that the student needs to repeat the course, even if the student is currently passing. 4t is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements to make up the @4B grade. The instructor will set a time limit, usually no later that midterm of the ne$t semester, for the removal of the @4.B 2fter a one (#) year time period, the @4B grade will automatically change to an @A.B No student will be allowed to graduate with an @4B on the record.

A$SENCE FROM E@AMINATIONS0 4f a student misses an e$amination because of an emergency, he/she should notify the instructor and take the e$am within 6: hours after the e$amination was scheduled. The highest grade that can be earned on a make%up e$am is @&.B There will (&/ be any @make%upB qui>>es. 'tudents will not be allowed to @make upB assignments completed during class. A$SENCE FROM FINAL E@AMINATIONS0 4f a student misses a final e$amination because of an emergency, he/she must notify the instructor within 6: hours after the e$amination was scheduled. 3$cuses for missing a final e$am are issued by the =ffice of 'tudent 'ervices/+udicial 2ffairs only with the consent of the instructor. 'uch e$cuses are given in E@TREME EMERGENCIES, and official, written documentation E.'T be presented before an e$cuse is issued. The highest grade that can be earned on a make%up e$am is @&.B Aailure to follow the procedure outlined for absence from final e$aminations will result in a grade of @FB for the e$amination, and a final grade will be computed and given for the course. FINAL E@AM: The final e$am will be given as scheduled in the .niversity /egistration Kooklet. D& (&/ +F.+0/ /& /aC+ /1+ -3(al a/ a(* &/1+% /3!+. &heck the schedule now to prevent conflicts with work, departures, etc. E@TRA CREDIT0 3$tra credit assignments may be given at the discretion of the instructor. The instructor has the right to refuse to accept e$tra credit assignments from students who have been disruptive, disrespectful, and/or dishonest at any time during the course of the semester. The instructor has the right to revoke any e$tra credit submitted by students who at some point during the semester demonstrate disruptiveness, disrespect, and/or dishonesty. LATE AND MISSED ASSIGNMENTS0 'tudents will (&/ be allowed to make up qui>>es and in class activities/assignments. 'tudents are required to submit all assignments at the beginning of the class. 2ny assignment turned in late will receive a penalty of 7 points for each day it is late. 4f it is not turned in before the ne$t class meeting, 3/ '3ll (&/ D+ a00+./+9. The late policy also applies to assignments that you forget to submit or accidentally find still in your possession. 4f arrangements are made with the instructor to submit an assignment by the due date via email or any way other than in person, the student must contact the instructor within "6 hours to confirm the assignment was received. 4f not, the late penalty will be in effect. This may result in the student earning >ero points. .pon return to university, the student must meet with the instructor (office) and submit a hard copy. There is no @make%upB for any assignment/activity missed during class.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY STANDARDS CONDUCT0 !lagiarism, cheating, and interruptions or disruption of teaching, including unauthori>ed taping, photographing, and posting to social networks, will result in consequences in accordance with the student handbook 6http0// ACADEMIC HONESTY0 !lagiarism and cheating will result in consequences in accordance with the 'tudent Landbook. http0// E-MAIL POLICY &heck your N'. email on a regular basis for important information from the university, instructors, and department chairs. /eport any problems with your email account to the =ffice of 4nformation Technology Lelp 5esk at :"-%:89:. *hen sending messages, use your N'. e%mail account and include the course title (e.g., !sy "#,%,7) in your sub ect heading. !lease include your name in your message and use correct spelling and grammar. .rgent messages to 5r. &ooley%5oles also need to be accompanied by an office phone message (:"-%;6-;). Nou !<,/ have a face to face conversation with the professor prior to missing any class in which points will be earned (e.g., e$ams, assignments). 4f you cannot meet with the instructor during her office hours, you may have a phone conversation with the instructor during her office hours. 2n email alone will (&/ serve as an e$cuse when class is missed and there are points to be earned. $LACK$OARD INSTRUCTIONS 1o to http0// &lick on $la0CD&a%9 and then L&23(. Nour l&23( ID is first initial followed by a period, your middle initial, followed by a period, and your last name (e$ample0 m.a.smith) and your 3(3/3al .a,,'&%9 is capital ' and your seven digit student identification number and O (e$ample0 ';:9876-O). 4f you have used Klackboard before in another class and have already changed your password, your password is the one you chose. 4f not, change your password on your first visit to Klackboard. AMERICANS WITH DISA$ILITIES ACT 6ADA8 STATEMENT I( a00&%9a(0+ '3/1 S+0/3&( 50# &- /1+ R+1aD3l3/a/3&( A0/ &- 1975 a(9 /1+ A!+%30a(, '3/1 D3,aD3l3/3+, A0/ 6ADA8 &- 1990" 3- *&< 1aB+ a 93,aD3l3/* &% /13(C *&< 1aB+ a 93,aD3l3/*" '+ a,C /1a/ *&< .l+a,+ 0&(/a0/ /1+ D3,aD3l3/* S+%B30+, 6SSDS8 &--30+ L&0a/3&(: C&(/a0/ P+%,&(: T+l+.1&(+: E!a3l: S/<9+(/ S+%B30+, $<3l93(2 S<3/+ 110" R&&! 110D Ma%3a( S1+.1+%9 > C&&%93(a/&%" D3,aD3l3/* S+%B30+, 757A425-201# !,1+.1+%9;(,< +9<

4f a special accommodation is needed (e.g., e$am administration in 5isability 'ervices), the instructor must be notified the week prior to the needed accommodation.

UNIVERSITY ASSESSMENT STATEMENT 2s part of N'.Ms commitment to provide the environment and resources needed for success, students may be required to participate in a number of university%wide assessment activities. The activities may include tests, surveys, focus groups and interviews, and portfolio reviews. The primary purpose of the assessment activities is to determine the e$tent to which the universityMs programs and services maintain a high level of quality and meet the needs of students. 'tudents will not be identified in the analysis of results. .nless indicated otherwise by the instructor, results from .niversity assessment activities will not be computed in student grades. ACADEMIC SUPPORT SERVICES0 'tudents who are having difficulty are encouraged to seek e$tra help from the instructor. 4n addition, study groups are recommended. The 2&&3'' !rogram, located in ##: Kowser, offers a wealth of services such as tutoring and supplemental instruction. 4n addition, tutors are available in the !sychology 5epartment. ACADEMIC SUPPORT SERVICESA IMPORTANT RESOURCES: =ffice of Airst Near 3$perience ) 2&&3''0 +ames Kowser Kuilding, /m. ##:, :"-%:7,9 2ngela Kunch :"-%:::" /obin Earable :"-%"",# (Tutor 'ervices) 'heryl Leard :"-%";-: 3bonie &ampbell :"-%"#;7 (&omputer Cab) Es. Lerrmann :"-%"98# (&areer 2ssessment) *riting Cab, Eadison Lall (E. &otter ) 5. !erry), /m. ##", :"-%":-8 &ounseling &enter0 New 'tudent 'ervices &enter Es. C. Lobson, &oordinator 'ubstance 2buse 'ervices Es. <anessa +enkins, =utreach &oordinator New 'tudent 'ervices &enter Ers. K. Larris, 5irector 5isability 'ervices Es. E. 'hepherd New 'tudent 'ervices &enter Er. N. Eontgomery Er. +. Tallmadge :"-%:#9:"-%"6#, :"-%:,76 :"-%"6,; :"-%",#6 :"-%:68"

5isability 'ervices0

&areer 'ervices0

&ampus !olice ) 3scort 'ervice :"-%:#,"G emergency H :"-%;,,, Eental Lealth &risis Cine 8"9%C4A3 /3'!=N'3 8""%6-,, ('e$ual 2ssault 'upport 'ervices) N*&2 *omenMs 5omestic <iolence Lotline0 8"7%779, 'partan Lealth &enter 8"-%-,;, 'tudent 'upport 'ervices F :"-%:899 2udio/visual 'ervices (Er. =. 'mith) :"-% ":;:

2udio/visual (Kusiness/Er. Ealone) :"-%":7- (room 2%""; KEL) N'. 4nformation/=perator :"-%:8,, =ffice of 4nformation Technology Lelp 5esk :"-%:89: SUCCESS TIPS: !lease refer to numbers #%## under course requirements. 'tudy Labits0 !lease survey, question, read, recite, review and qui> 'tudents who receive a grade of @5B or lower at midterm are strongly encouraged to meet with the instructor and to utili>e 2&&3'' services. All .,*01&l&2* !a:&%, !<,/ +a%( a/ l+a,/ a JCG 3( /13, 0&<%,+ a(9 3( all .,*01&l&2* 0&<%,+,

C&<%,+ Cal+(9a%
SCHEDULE % Chapters: Introduction, 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14 T1+ 3(,/%<0/&% %+,+%B+, /1+ %321/ /& !aC+ 01a(2+, a, (+0+,,a%* T1+ ,01+9<l+ 9a/+, a%+ a %&<21 +,/3!a/+ a(9 a%+ 1321l* l3C+l* /& 01a(2+ :/", :/"" :/"6 :/"9 :/"; :/-# ;/;/7 ;/9 ;/#, ;/#" 4ntroduction 4ntroduction 4A25 Cla,, D+%+23,/%a/3&( 'tudy 'killsG 1raduate 'choolG 'yllabus Dui> &hapter #0 The 'cience of !sychology &hapter #0 The 'cience of !sychology &hapter #0 The 'cience of !sychology LaD&% Da* H&l39a* &hapter #0 The 'cience of !sychology &hapter #0 The 'cience of !sychology &hapter #0 The 'cience of !sychology &hapter "0 The Kiological !erspective

;/#6 ;/#9 ;/#; ;/"# ;/"6 ;/"8 ;/": #,/# #,/#,/7 #,/: #,/#,

&hapter "0 The Kiological !erspective 9A1#" La,/ 9a* /& a..l* -&% D+0+!D+% 2012 2%a9<a/3&( &hapter "0 The Kiological !erspective &hapter "0 The Kiological !erspective &hapter 60 &onsciousness%'leep, 5reams, Lypnosis, and 5rugs &hapter 60 &onsciousness%'leep, 5reams, Lypnosis, and 5rugs &hapter 60 &onsciousness%'leep, 5reams, Lypnosis, and 5rugs 9A27" NSU G%a9<a/+ K P%&-+,,3&(al S01&&l Da* &hapter 60 &onsciousness%'leep, 5reams, Lypnosis, and 5rugs EFa! I: C1a./+%, E I(/%&9<0/3&(" 1" 2" # &hapter :0 5evelopment 2cross the Cife 'pan &hapter :0 5evelopment 2cross the Cife 'pan &hapter :0 5evelopment 2cross the Cife 'pan &hapter :0 5evelopment 2cross the Cife 'pan 10A11" NSU Ca%++% Fa3%" 10:50-2:00 10A12" La,/ Da* /& D%&. Cla,,+, &hapter ;0 Eotivation and 3motion &hapter ;0 Eotivation and 3motion &hapter ;0 Eotivation and 3motion &hapter ;0 Eotivation and 3motion &hapter #,0 'e$uality and 1ender &hapter #,0 'e$uality and 1ender &hapter #,0 'e$uality and 1ender &hapter #,0 'e$uality and 1ender

#,/#" #,/#7 #,/#9 #,/#; #,/"" #,/"6 #,/"8 #,/"; #,/-#

##/" 11A5 ##/9 ##/; ##/#" ##/#6 ##/#8 ##/#;

&hapter #,0 'e$uality and 1ender EFa! II: C1 4" 9" 10 &hapter ##0 'tress and Lealth &hapter ##0 'tress and Lealth &hapter ##0 'tress and Lealth &hapter ##0 'tress and Lealth &hapter ##0 'tress and Lealth &hapter #60 !sychological 5isorders

Thanksgiving Kreak (##/"#%##/"7) ##/"8 ##/": ##/-, 12A5 &hapter #60 !sychological 5isorders &hapter #60 !sychological 5isorders &hapter #60 !sychological 5isorders EFa! III: C1a./+% 11" 1# 6F3(al EFa! Da*" 4:00-10:00 a ! 8

F3(al EFa!3(a/3&(: Wednesday, 12/5/12, 8:00-10:00a.m.

La,/ Da* /& D%&. a C&<%,+: F%39a*" 10A12 EF3/ EFa! &- W%3/3(2 C&!.+/+(0*: 6425-29508 La,/ Da* /& A..l* -&% D+0+!D+% 2012 G%a9<a/3&(: 9A1# C&!!+(0+!+(/: Sa/<%9a*" 12A4 JT1+ 3ll3/+%a/+ &- /1+ 21,/ 0+(/<%* '3ll (&/ D+ /1&,+ '1& 0a((&/ %+a9 a(9 '%3/+" D</ /1&,+ '1& 0a((&/ l+a%(" <(l+a%(" a(9 %+l+a%( G AlB3( T&--l+%

COURSE ENROLLMENT: Ky the end of week two, the instructor will draw a line through the names of students on the class roster that have not attended any classes, not completed any assignments, and not contacted the instructor. The instructor will submit the class roster to the department head for submission

to the =ffice of the /egistrar (=ffice of the !rovost, &ourse 3nrollment and 1rade verification !olicy, ",,;, p.#). F3(a(03al A39: 2fter a certain percentage of dropped courses, failed courses, and/or repeated courses, a student will no longer be eligible for government sponsored financial aid (e.g., loans, grants, scholarships). !lease consult with your N'. financial aid advisor.

EFa! I(,/%<0/3&(,
Nou must remove everything from your desktop. 2ll cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned offP 5o not look at electronic devices during the e$amP Cooking at an electronic device while the e$am is in progress will result in a >ero on your e$am. 5o not talk during the e$am. Talking results in a >ero. .se a Q" pencil to bubble in the answers on your scantron answer sheet. 5o not bend or put e$tra marks on your scantron answer sheet. 3$am 40 2lways use the Dl<+ side of the scantron answer sheet. 3$am 440 1reen side (reverse side of e$am #) *rite your name, date, course/section, and e$am number on your answer sheet. *hen turning in the e$am, do not crowd around the professor. =nly " or - students should be around the professor at any time when e$ams are being turned in. *hen you have completed your e$am, you may leave.

EF/%a C%+93/ P,* 210


#. =ral /eports Nou will be able to earn up to 7 points e$tra credit on e$am # and e$am " by giving oral reports on topics relevant to psychology. 3ach oral report is worth 7 points. Nou must cite your sources. The oral report is due prior to each e$am. 4f necessary, you may use note cards. !apers, pieces of paper, and books are (&/ allowed. I- *&< 'a3/ /&& la/+" *&< '3ll (&/ D+ aDl+ /& 23B+ a( &%al %+.&%/ .%3&% /& /1+ -3%,/ /'& +Fa!, +Fa!LL 3$amples0 5iscussion of critical thinking questions from each chapter in your te$t book (e.g., questions for further study) 5iscussion of information presented in various @bo$esB in your te$t book 5iscussion of the following from your te$t book0 classic studies in psychology, psychology in the news, current issues in psychology, applying psychology to everyday life 5iscussion of information and activities from (e.g., learn more, see more, hear more, and e$plore more) &urrent events relevant to psychology (television news and specials, papers, maga>ines, ournals, booksG cite sources, give dates) ". Cearning Nour Name 7 points can be earned by helping the professor learn your name by e$am 4. Nou must meet with the professor in her office (estimated 7 minutes) to earn the e$tra credit. Lave hints to help her remember your first name and your last name. 3$ample0 Ey name is +oy &ooley%5oles %%Ey first name begins with a +. 4tMs another word for happy. +ump for RRRRRP %%Ey last name is hyphenated. The first part begins with a &. Low do you feel if you stand in front of an air conditionerS The last syllable begins with C and rhymes with key. %%The second part of my last name begins with a 5G rhymes with molesG a brand name for a can of fruit