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Group Facilitation: Reflection and Feedback A. What do you feel your group did really well?

Choose three things and provide some details around why you chose these. Assigning facilitation roles, honing in on individual strengths We chose different parts of the activity by what each person was comfortable with, this led to ease during the facilitation and clarity for our participants Making the connections to real-life action and how the tool is applicable Participants said they liked how this tool showed them the utility of the activity, especially in the context of local grassroots orgs working with intl aid agencies Keeping all/most participants engaged Positive feedback mentioned how we made vocal how every member should be actively participating (e.g. every participant writes a card, moves a card, adds something to the guidelines)

B. What would you change if you were to facilitate this session again? Choose three things and provide some details of what you would do differently. Ensure that the icebreaker was more personal and that it contributed to group cohesion Have the facilitators start off doing the icebreaker to give time for participants to think about how they will respond to the icebreaker prompt Give more time to the conclusion and wrapping up Modify the facilitation plan to fit the circumstances

C. At what points in your session did you feel that participants were most engaged and why? Rearranging the cards on the wall, because they could use problem-solving and find patterns which people generally enjoy The discussion at the end, because the questions given were good and thoughtprovoking

D. How well did your session address issues of power, privilege and marginalization? How could you rework the session to more effectively engage with power issues? People with dominant personalities were more inclined to join in the activities at the wall, so in the future we could allow people to come up in groups so everyone gets a chance to rearrange cards on the wall Invite people who havent spoken into the conversation (not by calling them out individually, but address the group as a whole)

E. How would you describe your teamwork in preparing and facilitating this exercise?

We collaborated to breakdown our preparation, outlining and delegating roles and assisting one another with detailing key concepts and preparing the materials necessary for the session. We all equitably shared responsibility and ensured that we were all on the same page in terms of approaching the exercise and carrying our objective. Due to the developed good rapport, we were more assertive and communicated more directly with one another

F. What is the most important feedback that you received that you will take with you and apply? Consistency in facilitator and participant sitting/standing positions; not clear on when the group should sit or stand, and people had difficulty hearing/seeing Keep the energy up the whole time, keep boring or slow-moving parts as short as possible No facilitators when doing the small group work