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Here are 10 signs youre in a rebound relationship.

1. You try to bump into your ex Have you ever innocently planned a date at a restaurant you used to frequent with your ex or took a romantic stroll past your exs workplace with your new partner? No matter how much you try to tell yourself its just a coincidence, could it be that you are secretly plannin to bump into your ex with your new partner in the hope of makin them a teeny bit jealous? !hile most of us have felt the ur e to show our ex what theyre missin , if makin your ex jealous is a main motivatin factor for your relationship, you are almost definitely on the rebound" 2. Its all about the competition #f you view movin on as a competition and are preoccupied with the idea of findin someone new, fallin in love and movin on to the next relationship milestone before your ex, then you are most likely on the rebound" !hile it can be hard to deal with your ex findin someone new while youre still hurtin and sin le, try to remember that movin on is not a competition you need to $win%" &top focusin on what your ex is up to and concentrate on your own life, takin thin s at your own pace" 3. You need an ego boost 'reakups can be pretty devastatin for your self(esteem, particularly if your relationship ended on a bad note, and this is one reason many people try to move on to somebody new quickly" However, its important to remember that your new datin partner is not just there to boost your e o" #f you have an inklin you are rushin into a new relationship to boost your low self(esteem, it may be time to take some time out from datin to work on your confidence alone" 4. They dont match up to your chec list !hile its perfectly fine )and can even be beneficial* to date a ainst your type, if you find that you are datin somebody who doesnt have any of the important character traits youd like your other half to have, it may be that you have fallen into the $anyone is better than no one% mindset in your desperation to et back on the datin scene" #f you are of the opinion that anyone will do, its safe to say you are in a rebound relationship" !. Theyre "ust li e your ex +n the other hand, maybe you are datin exactly accordin to your type, with that type bein your ex" #f you find others have been commentin on the similarity of your new partner to your ex or you find yourself fallin into the exact same relationship pattern you had with your previous partner, this may be a si n you are tryin to replace your ex" ,ather than rushin into an identical relationship )which clearly didnt work out the first time* take some time to think about what you really want and to properly et over your ex" #. Youre mo$ing too %ast or too slo& !hile there are no hard and fast rules about how quickly a relationship should move alon , if you find

yourself talkin about movin in to ether or thinkin of baby names after a couple of weeks, or if you still know next to nothin about your partner months down the line, you could be in a rebound relationship" -ryin to fast forward your relationship to the same sta e as your last one is a classic si n of a rebound relationship" .lternatively, retainin emotional distance after some time to ether could be a si n that you view your relationship as somethin temporary" '. You o$er(share !hen youre ettin to know someone new, it is natural to share stories about your past" However, if you find yourself over(sharin details about your ex, it could be a si n that you are not yet over them" !hile you may feel that you are just bein honest and open with your new partner, it should raise a red fla that your former partner is on your mind so much while you are spendin time with your new one" ). Youre constantly comparing !hile you may have refrained from actually talkin about your ex, if you find yourself mentally comparin your new partner with your ex all the time, this is another si n you are not over them" !hile it is ood to acknowled e the ways this relationship is better for you than your past one, it is important to appreciate each relationship and person in their own ri ht, rather than constantly holdin them up for comparison" *. You ne$er really healed How did you feel before you entered into this new relationship? #f you can honestly answer that you were in a happy and emotionally stable place prior to meetin your new partner then this is reat news" However, if you feel that you still had some unresolved emotions and hurt from your last relationship, it may be that you are usin this relationship to distract yourself so that you dont have to deal with these ne ative emotions" 10. You %eel unhappy &hen youre alone #f find yourself feelin down, lonely and confused when you are away from your partner, it may be a si n that you have not yet dealt with emotions from your last relationship" /any people rush into new relationships to distract themselves from ne ative feelin s arisin from a recent breakup0 however spendin time with someone new is only a temporary distraction and the feelin s are likely to still be there waitin for you to deal with them"