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Nozzles How can I prevent an error message when nozzles are too close together?

Intergraph CAS
Ray Delaforce

Have you ever had this annoying message?

The nozzle spacing is computed by the following: = Sqrt( ll + lc ) where ll - Arc length along the inside vessel surface in the long. direction. lc - Arc length along the inside vessel surface in the circ. direction If any interferences/violations are found, they will be noted below. Diameter Limit clash between : N2 and N1 . The Centerline Dist. is 10.00 while the sum of the limit Radii is 12.62

Is there any way out of this situation when I cannot move the nozzles further apart? The answer is: Yes. However, you may introduce other problems which you have to fix. Displaying the interference on the 3D screen This only works if you are working in one of the ASME codes. If you are not aware, it is possible to show the limits of reinforcement on your 3D screen. To see this, place your mouse cursor and press the right mouse button. You will get this drop down menu:

Let your mouse cursor hover over the item: Visibility and another menu is displayed:

If you look now at your 3D screen, you can clearly see the interference like this:

Interference means that the two nozzle are sharing the same piece of shell metal to reinforce the nozzles that the code does not allow. Changing the Diameter Limits If we could reduce the diameters of those circles representing the reinforcement diameter limits, we eliminate the error message such as displayed at the beginning of this article. There is a field in the nozzle dialogue screen that allows us to do just that. Here it is:

If you change the diameter limits for both nozzle, your model now shows that the nozzles no longer interfere:

Consider that the reinforcement is adequate When you reduce the diameter limit, you also reduce the amount of shell metal that is available to adequately reinforce the nozzles. So you should look carefully at the status line of the nozzle dialogue screen, here:

If the information turns red, it means you so not have enough metal to reinforce the nozzle. There are several ways you may be able to overcome this problem. You could increase the Schedule wall thickness of the nozzle, or perhaps add a reinforcing pad. None of these methods

may work, and you will be forced to select a thicker cylinder of head. You just have to try to solve the problem by trial and error.