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Compiled By: Afri ka Bambaataa, Mali ka Saphi re
And King Mar k Luv

Infinity Lesson One: Basic Moorish Study .................................................................................... 1
Infinity Lesson Two: Prophecies and Hadiths of NDA ............................................................... 16
Infinity Lesson Three: Moorish Science Adept Questionary....................................................... 42
Infinity Lesson Four: Islamism World's First Creed Elihu's Lesson 5 (1973) ............................ 45
InIinity Lesson Five: SwiIt AngELs Elihu`s Lesson 18 .............................................................. 47
InIinity Lesson Six: Elihu`s Adept Lesson #231 (2nd Edition) ................................................... 53
InIinity Lesson Seven: Elihu`s Adept Lesson #240 ..................................................................... 55
InIinity Lesson Eight: Elihu`s Adept Lesson #258 ...................................................................... 57
InIinity Lesson Nine: Elihu`s Adept Lesson #259 ....................................................................... 60
Infinity Lesson Ten: 101 Koran Questionary ............................................................................... 63
Infinity Lesson Eleven: A look at Moorish Muslims Their Architecture and Influences in Indian
Country ......................................................................................................................................... 69
Infinity Lesson Twelve: A message to all members of Sultanates of Murakush ........................ 81
Infinity Lesson Thirteen: An Indigenous Peoples History 101.................................................... 82
Infinity Lesson Fourteen: Black Native American History ......................................................... 84
Infinity Lesson Fifteen: What was you called before 1492? ....................................................... 89
Infinity Lesson Sixteen: Benjamin Banna Ka ............................................................................ 103
Infinity Lesson Seventeen: The Zodiac Constitution ................................................................. 132
Infinity Lesson Eighteen: A Look at the Term Resident ........................................................... 139
Infinity Lesson Nineteen: Basics of Drafting a Suite ................................................................ 143

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"If I could just get you all thinking again, you would save yourselves."
-Noble Drew Ali
These archaeological finds, are of the ancient natural people in South West Amexem /
Central Africa / South America. These lands are all anciently, Old Central Amexem, or
anthropologically referred to as 'Old Mex' (Olmec). World Historians and Anthropologists are
aware that the land masses (the continents) were all connected. What is known as Africa today,
in the east is ancient Tamari. What is known as North, Central, and South America were
modernly called Africa.
31. What is the modern name for the Moabites? Moroccans

32. Where is the Moroccan Empire? Northwest Amexem

33. What is the modern name for Amexem? Africa

(Above from the '101 Questions for Moorish Americans' by Noble Drew Ali)
Some European Social Engineers (and reconstructors of history) have exercised their Demo-
intent to distort history and disclaim many of these ancient artifacts; denying their relationships
to the Original Ancient Meso-Americans. Attempts have been made to misrepresent these stone
heads and other artifacts, scripts, and instruments as being unrelated to the true forebearers
being the (now mis-named) natural people, branded as negroes, blacks, and coloreds, etc. These
artifacts do not relate to an alleged other people` - and stand on their own evidentiary merit.
Truth needs no apology. A few misled Asiatics amongst our own continue to support the
separation tactics initiated by Europeans, and propagate teachings that separate their brother
Moors of Old Amexem (Old Mex / Olmecs) from the peoples known as Asiatics/Africans
today. The Mayans, the Incas, and the Aztecs of Ancient Central Amexem / Africa / America
are anthropologically known as the Nauhautian (mixed) Moors. They too, are descendants from
Ancient Moabites / Africans / Asiatics.
Other compromised divisionists seek to create divisions amongst their own people.
Nevertheless, true world History, and knowledge of pre-Columbian historical evidence
consistently proves their claims to be void of validity or truth. Sincere and studious research
counters and shows contradictions in their Eurocentric claims, and counter to their failures to
acknowledge the Ancient Asiatic / Africans / Moabite / Canaanite Progenitors. These same
disclaimers admit, on the other hand, that the so-called Canaanites / Africans are the Mothers
and Fathers of Civilization. Note the Clear Contradiction!
. .

Ancient Cosmology Temple Ruins at Palenque
These ruins (and others) at Piedras Negras, Yaxchilan, Tikal, etc., and the Ancient People
and builders of these Complexes, long predate the later Mayans known today.
Moors in America
The word Moor comes from the Latin word Maures and the Greek adjective Mauros, meaning
dar k or black (denoting skin color) Circa 46BC. See: The Oxford English Dictionary (New
York, Oxford University Press, 1977, p. `846.) The term Moor is also used as a transitive verb
(to moor a ship).

See: Webster`s New World Dictionary (Third College Edition, 1988), p.881.
The word Admiral comes from the Arabic word Ameri, meaning commander (Moorish
navigator). See: The Rudder and Sextant (Second Revision March 1st 1989), p.6. The root
Ami r is Amer, meaning American! See: Webster`s New World Dictionary (Third College
Edition, 1988), p.44. The word American means a native of America; originally applied to the
aboriginals, or copper-colored race, found here by the Europeans; but not applied to the
descendants of Europeans born in America.

See: Noah Webster`s Original 1828 ed., of American Dictionary of the English Language. The
term American, etymologically is; Commander Loves Riches. Amir Commander (Arabic
word), Amor. Love (French word), Rica: Rich (Spanish word)
Ci rca 480 A. D., The Monastic Brotherhood (Catholic Moors from Morocco) landed on
present day Connecticut (North America), near the coast of Long Island Sound. The
inscription found on granite outcrops in Cockaponset Forest, CN., and the inscription on Haj
Minmoun Rock located in Figuig toward the east of Morocco, confirms the voyage.

See: Moroccan daily Newspaper (Le Matin D Sahara Et Du Magred, September 16, 1995). For
more info contact The Permanent Mission for Morocco in New York. New York.

Ci rca 700-800 A. D., Several Muslim Schools in North America; Valley of Fire (Nevada), Mesa
Verde (Colorado), Mimbres Valley (New Mexico) and Tipper Canoe (Indiana). North African
Arabic and Old Kufic Arabic scripts are engraved on rocks, test, diagram, charts including
writing, reading, arithmetic, religion, history, geography, mathematics, astronomy and sea
navigation. For more info, contact: Dr. Bar ry Fell, at Harvard University.

Ci rca 1492 A. D., On Monday October 21, 1492, Christopher Columbus admits in his papers,
while sailing near Cuba, he saw a mosque on top of a beautiful mountain. The ruins of
mosques and minerats with inscriptions of Quranic verses have been found in Cuba, Mexico,

Texas and Nevada. The dress of the Indian (Moorish) woman long veils the men
'Breedclothes painted in the style of Moorish draperies in Grenada and Trinidad.

See: Precolumbian Muslims in the Americas by Dr. Yousef Mroueh
The descendants of these North American Moors are the present day I roquois, Algonquin,
Anasazi, Hohokam, Olmec, Apache, Arawak, Ari kana, Chavin, Cherokee, Cree, Hupa,
Hopi, Makkah, Mohawak, Naca, Zulu, Zuni. These words also, derive from Arabic and
Islamic root origins.

See: Precolumbian Muslims in the America by Dr. Yousef Mroueh.
The word I NDI AN is I NDI A like the I NK it means, Black Pigment.

See: Websters New World Dictionarv (Third College Edition, 1988), p.686
The status of the descendants of the Moorish Inhabitants of Spain and Portugal on American
soil is FREE WHITE PERSONS (natural men and women). This status does not apply to the
Caucasian Race, Aryan Race, or Indo-European Races under the Naturalization Act (Amended
by Act. July 14, 1879), I Stat.103,c.3

See: Black`s Law Dictionary (Fourth Ed. P. 797)
Ci rca 711 A. D., The Moors that ruled Moslem Spain and Portugal for centuries were black or
dark skinned people.

See: Golden Age of the Moors, Edited by Ivan Van Sertima, pgqe 337.
Ci rca 1503-1517 A. D., An estimated 3,000 Aborigina-American (Moors) were captured from
the eastern seaboard of Terra Nova (North America) some of their names are Ali, Melchor,
Miguel, Manne, Juan, Pedro, Antonio and Juan-Amarco. A record of that account can be found
in the Slave Books of Seville, Valencia, Catalina Spain. They were classified as Negro (Negro
means Dead) and Black (dirty and evil).

See: African and Native American by Jack D. Forbes, page 24.
Ci rca 1676 A. D., The Europeans that arrived in New England (North America) described the
Aboriginal-Americans (Moors) to be BLACK AS GYPSIES (E-GYPTIANS).
Ci rca 1763 A. D., On October 7, 1763, King George R., of Great Britain's, Treaty with the
Indigenous People (Indians) regarding land acquisitions and demarcation lines in America. The
FOUR Colonies distinct and separate governments are called Quebec, East Florida, West
Florida and Grenada.

See: Washitaw de Duglahmoundyah Empire, Newspaper, December 1998, Front Page.
Ci rca 1774 A. D., The five pointed green star in the center of a field of red is the Moorish flag
was the alleged cherry tree that General George Washington, chopped down.

See: Moorish Civic Relations Concepts, Volume 14, Page 37.
Ci rca 1774 A. D., On October 20, 1774, British-American subjects of the British Empire form
the First United Stated of America perpetual Constitutions in the Thirteen Colonies called, 'The
Articles oI Association recognized Moors as Moors not Negroes or Black-A-Moors.

See: Journals of the Continental Congress, 7578.
Ci rca 1774 A. D., Noah Webster and his associates branded the Moors Black-a-Moor, Moor
was dropped and replaced with the customary term Nigger, Negroe, Colored or black. The use
of the word Nigger or Negroe represents the spiritually dead people and not the Nigritian
People. Black-A-Moor, n. [For black Moor] A black man or woman, esp. an African negro; any
very dark-complexion person.

See: New Century Dictionary of the English Language 1927.
Ci rca 1775 A. D., The first President of the Untied States of America under the Articles of
Confederation was John Hanson, alleged Black-A-Moor, a Maryland Shanwnee Native
American patriot who fought in the American Revolution.

See: Nuwabic Moors Newspaper, August 7, 1991.
A Moorish-Mason by the name of Ben Bey Emmanuel Mu Ali a/k/a Benjamin Bannaker, was
the architect who designed the streets of Washington, D.C., with Masonic codes and
astrological glyphs.

See: Americas Oldest Secret the Talisman, U.S. Mysterious Street Lines of Washington, D. C.
by the Signature of the I nvisible Brotherhood. The autobiography of Benjamin Bannaker.
Ci rca 1787 A. D., Assisted by England, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Germany,
Finland and Sweden the United States of America ended their war with the Moors (Moroccan
Empire) and signed the Treaty of Peace and Friendship with the Emperor Mohammed III
(Moorish-Mason). The aforementioned treaty is the longest unbroken treaty in the history of the
United States.

See: U.S. Moroccan Relations, by Robert G. Neuman, Former U.S. Ambassador to Morocco

Ci rca 1789 A. D., On December 1, 1789. The Ninth President of the United States George
Washington apologizes to his Masonic Brother Emperor Mohammed III, for not sending the
regular advices (tribute: a payment by one ruler or nation to another as acknowledgment of
submission or price of protection, excessive tax). Also, President Washington asked the
Emperor to recognize their newly formed government. The Moroccan Empire (Moors) were the
first nation to recognize the thirteen colonies as a sovereign nation. Allegedly the Emperor
agreed to their recognition because 25 Moors were members of the first Continental Congress.

See: The Writing of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Source 17451799,
Editor John C. Fitzpatrick, Volume 30, pages 474476.
Ci rca 1790 A. D., On Wednesday, January 20, 1790, A petition was presented to the House of
Representatives from the Sundry (numerous) Free Moors, Subjects to the Prince under the
Emperor of Morocco in Alliance with the United States of America. The Sundry Free Moors
Act states that all Free Moors may be tried under the same Laws as the Citizens of (South
Carolina) and NOT under the Negro Act.

See: South Carolina Department of Archives and History: SC House of Representatives
Journal, 178990, p. xxii, 353 364, 373374: In Re. Sundry Free Moors.
Ci rca 1857 A. D., The DRED SCOTT Case from the United States Supreme Court; holds that
Africans [Moors] imported [captured in an undeclared war of enslavement]. Into this country
[Territory of the United States and Several States] and SOLD as [perpetual} Slaves, were not
included nor intended to be included under the word 'Citizen in the Constitution, whether
emancipated or not, and remained without rights or privileges except such as those which the
government might grant them.

See: Dred Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. (How.) 393, 15L Ed., 691, Blacks Law Dictionary 6th,
Edition, Page 495.
The reason why Moors/Africans, cannot be U.S. Citizens because the Moroccan Empire has a
business arrangement with the British Empire [European Corporate Contract Citizens Caucasian
Men]. The United States is a foreignEuropean corporation conducting trade and commerce in
foreign lands.

See: In Re Merrians Estate, 36 N.Y. 479, Affirmed in U.S. v. Perkins 163 U.S. 625.
The Hidden History of the Moorish People with the United States of America is recorded on the
back of a Federal Reserve Note. There are two seals on the back of the $1.00, Federal Reserve
Note (U.S. Currency) on the left side is the Great Seal of the Moorish Empire and on the right is
the Seal of the United States. There are over THIRTY THREE (33) passwords on the $1.00
(Note). The INDIGENOUS SOVEREIGN PEOPLE (Moors) were snaked (betrayed) by some
of the European Colonial State Citizens who enslaved the Moors and branded them nigger,
negroe, black, colored, afro, hispanic, west indian, etc., In order to conceal their true identify.

See: Annointed News Journal, June 1998, Page 23. America is the code word for Africa d
Morocco is in Africa.

See: AmeRI CA decoded is AfRI CA and MoRoCo decoded is aMeRi Ca.
Ci rca 1913 A. D., Knowledge of our Moorish Heritage would have been lost if it was not for the
Moorish-Mason, our illustrious Brother Noble Drew Ali, who founded the Moorish Science
Temple, in Newark, New Jersey (1913). For the unconscious de-nationalized Moors i.e.,
negroes, blacks and coloreds, Moorish represents our Nationality. Science represents our
Ancestors Spiritual Arts maintained in Esoteric Free Masonry, and the Temple represents our
Body the dwelling place of the Creator of the Universe. Also, Noble Drew Ali, is responsible
for the Moorish flag flying once again on American (Moroccan) soil in 1913. The State of
Morocco was not allowed to fly the Moorish flag until 1956 A.D., after their independence from
Circa 1933 A.D., The city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, recognize the Moors domiciling in
America and their Moorish Titles: El, Bey, Ali, AL, Dey, ect.

See: House Resolution No. 75 Legislative Journal (Philadelphia) May 4, 1973, page 5759.

Prior to Ci rca 46 BC., the Ancient Moors were referred to by their National names like
Washitaw, Almoravides, Almohades, Moabites, Canaanites, Yisraelites, etc. See: Circle
Seven Holy Koran.

The copper colour American Hebrews (Yisraelites) kept the Passover called the Green-Corn

See: History of the American Indians by James Adair (1775) page 80, 101. The Ancient Ones
or Mound/Pyramid Builders of North America (over 150 unearthed some Egyptian styled are up
and down the Mississippi River) according to the U.S. Bureau of Ethnology was built by
copper-hued skin (Asiatics/Moors). See: U.S. Bureau of Ethnology. 12th Annual Report, 1980

The Aboriginal Americans or Mound Builders of North America built ceremonial mounds that
date as far back as 5,400 years ago. The oldest mound in North America to date is found in
Watson brake Louisiana, 32 km South-West of Monroe.

See: 'Japan Times Newspaper`, September 20, 1997, reported by Joe W. Sanders.

Ci rca 500 B. C., The above photo is a stone head of copper colored Aboriginal Americans, from
the Hopewell Mounds in Ohio, North America. Photo Source: Journal of the Moorish
Paradigm by Hakim Bey.

Ci rca 1848 A. D., On June 6, 1848, a Supreme Court Decision read by Theo H. McCaleb
(Judge) Declared that the United States DOES NOT own the land of The Ancient Ones
(Uaxashaktun) Mound Builders of North America (more than 1,000, 000 square miles of land)
Also, the Court declared the lawful land owners are the heirs of Henry Turner (Washitaw-

See: Case No. 191, U.S. Supreme Court, United States vs. Heirs of Henry Turner
Ci rca 1993 A. D., The present day Empress Her Highness Verdiacee Tiara Washitaw Bey, she
is the living heir of the Ancient Ones (Empire of Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah); they are
recognized by the United Nations as the oldest people in the world.

Excerpts from: ~Are You in Denial of Your Ancestry? and ~Still in Denial of Your
Ancestry? By R. V. Bey
I t is no longer a question as to whether those who have been branded negroes, coloreds,
blacks, etc., are descendants of Moors. Upon reading the Bull I nter Caetera, and the 'North
American Exploration, (Irom Columbia`s Encyclopedia) one can Iigure out why this truth has
been suppressed from the natural Peoples of the Earth. Upon further review, one can also
clearly see that our struggle is within the principles of Law, and not within the farce called
racism. Yes, the symptoms of racism and slavery are there, however it has no nickel in the dime
in regards to the solution, and the earthly salvation of you or your children.
I f we stand, we stand as ONE. If we stand, we stand on the rules of engagement laid out by
our ancestors to preserve our posterity. These same rules are embodied spiritually in most
written National and International documents, which upon pondering, we find they were written
as a message` to us, to assist in our awakening. Such as the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights 1959, and the Declaration oI the Rights oI the Child 1948. It`s almost as iI the
International community was reaching out again, since it appeared we didn`t wake up in 1948,
maybe we would wake up in 1959, if they addressed concerns involving human law through the
children. That didn`t exactly work either, at that time. Besides, Drew Ali came in 1913, and
made wonderful strides regarding Nationality and birthrights, jurisdiction and Law. However, if
we don't claim our Status as Natural People, we will remain consciously, yet unconscioulsy,
fictitious chattel property, and claimed as such through the 14th, 15th amendment Negro Acts,
which is the point and purpose of creating them, to claim a people who don't make claims
themselves, as property with privileges, but not with rights. There is a difference between a
'privilege' and a 'right'. If you don't claim yourself and your children, they are devoured!
Mothers, if you are in proper person status, your children are in that sames status by default,
because the condition of the child is based upon the condition of the MOTHER.
I t seems our biggest culprits are ourselves. It is good then, that Drew's work is, as he stated,
for ~the young and yet unborn, as they are the ones who will assist to preserve mother earth,
and uplift fallen humanity. It is not that the solution regarding Law, Writs, or written
documents, is not availed to us. The problem is we don`t utilize the written information, and we
don`t enIorce it. Mainly because we don`t study them, most haven`t even read them. Yet they

were left for us, they pertain to us, and they do preserve our RIGHTS OF BIRTH. Hopefully
information provided on this site, which is only a portion of the information now readily
available worldwide, will help us to move in unison toward meeting the ends of the struggle we
so proudly say we are in, yet we don`t seem to be able to claim, or recognize the resolve.
We al ready have the biggest weapon there is - The TRUT H. II it didn`t seem to matter
before, it matters NOW. For those of you who say nay, you are probably the very ones who
claim you are spiritual, and say you have the spirit of the ancestors with you, and probably go
through the rituals pointing out the truth that we manifest our own realities. If this is you, you
must recognize your own contradiction. You may also want to take into consideration the
population we have, and the population of our people across the globe, who are waiting for us
(the Mothers and Fathers oI Civilization) to 'wake-up, and get this house (earth) in order. As
far as concerns about bloodshed, if we pay close attention, we recognize there is already much
degradation and bloodshed, across the entire planet. So don`t worry that there may be bloodshed
-- there already is.
We cannot continue to be ar rogant, self righteous, while all along are acquiescing and blindly
" believe " Law is not meant for us; when in fact we are the Law. We either authored, or
authorized the information that others are crookedly, dishonestly using to suppress us. That is
what makes it such a travesty.
You may ask then, How are they doing that? It is simple; they are making false claims, and
putting it in writing, (which is a spell, as in spelling). They are making false claims that we
don`t rebut. Maybe it is because we think we can't spell. The irony to that is, if we continue to
let our children be erroneously educated, and purposely dumbed down, we can`t have much
expectation to change their ability to spell can we? The fact that we have been mis-educated
is unfortunately no excuse, even if we want to use it as an excuse, because ~Ignorance of the
Law is no excuse " -- a statement which is very real. It is a sad scenario, and a lack of our
willingness to take responsibility, when we recognize we taught the world math, how to spell, to
read, and, we taught Law, we taught the 7 Liberal Arts. Yet, we don't know that Law is
eloquently reserved for us, expressed, implied, verbal and written, as in the " Book of Law" .
Many of us use ignorance of the law as an excuse and add insult to the injury when we say
Law is the 'so-called white man`s Law. It is not! What he is exercising upon us is "color-of-
law", a semblance of that which is real. Thus, it doesn't matter what he is doing, what matters is
what we are doing for us, and consequently for the World. Besides, all along the so-called
'white-man is taking a verbal and written Oath to the principles of Law our ancestors left to
preserve our Rights, and the perpetual Rights of our progeny. They are universal principles,
which apply to all natural people. If anyone takes the Oath, and then steps outside of it, the
Divine Constitutional Principles, then he has absolutely no JURISDICTION over you. And
there is remedy (See Title 18). Don`t think he doesn`t know that. What he does know is, he can
continue to take the Oath, and break the Law, break the Oath, because we don`t know the
difference. Without him taking the Oath, he has no authority of Law, although he portends to.
Suddenly, or rather hopefully, if not already known, the issue of jurisdiction becomes a very
real issue -- doesn't it?

We ought to be ashamed to allow anyone to make a mockery over that which our ancestors
preserved for us. This is why we must unite, and we will, but it appears not until we have had a
great deal more pain. To ask one to study well` is an overstatement at this point. By studying a
little, we can find answers. The information exist, however it is cloaked, meaning you must
seek and you shall find, and you must have 'keys', key words, key phrases--knowledge. (My
people suffer for a lack of knowledge, as stated in the scriptures by Yeshuah (Jesus). Bits of
information act as keys upon which you can study, research and unveil the truth, even in an
attempt to disprove it, one finds they affirm it to be so. We all know that truth is the light that
shines and sets us free. At the very least, a knowledgeable and conscious people certainly
cannot be enslaved by lies, unless willfully. So we speak to those who really want to be free,
and at the very least want their children to be free. If that is not the desire and intent, then they
need not talk about, complain, or say they are in a struggle to fix the abuses and mis-uses
bestowed upon us all, as they continue to identify the problem and the solution incorrectly. If
we know the root causes, then we can exercise the cure. Correction cannot come about without
accurate knowledge of the problem. If this describes you, it is necessary for you to know you
are not in "the struggle". You are however steeped in emotions and how you "feel" about it, thus
you may be struggling to come to terms with the truth. You are spinning your wheels, being led
to think you have made some victory, but have not, as is evidenced by the condition we are in,
which by the way has gotten worse, as evidenced by the condition of your life, and the life of
those around you, even those who " thought they had it all together " . Save those who do.
We are the Mothers and Fathers of Civilization across the planet, we are World History. I
will prove this with a few easy questions in the test that follows at the end of this Article. The
answers prove we have been written out of history, yet only because the ones who have taught
us, and, who we allow to continue to teach us and our children, have decided by the stroke of
the pen, to write us out of that which they put before us to learn from. This happened after they
burned the books, reconstructed the history, and would punish us if we were caught reading;
thus we did know how to read.
"1he Pen is Mightier than the Sword" another profound statement. Veiled behind it, is the
sword, which is translated into the written word, and the spell-ing is caste.
Excerpt from: " Are You in Denial Of Your Ancestry?"
Let's look at information that came from an encyclopedia regarding World History,
regarding Moors. This information is in reference to Charlemagne (known as "Charles the
Hammer"), and Alphonso the 1st thru 6th. There were actually 12 generations of
Alphonso`s. I have only researched herewith, 5 or 6 generations of them fighting Moors to
gain power and rule over the land, and the people. Notice the dates are as far back as
600`s, 700`s. In fact by doing the math wherein the Moors Civilized Spain in 832, and
reigned for over 700 years, it brings you to 1500`s, or so, and to Christopher Columbus`
voyage, nearing the 1500`s.

Charles Martel- (mar tel) [O.FR. = Charles the Hammer], 688? 741, Frankish ruler,
natural son of Pepin of Heristal and grandfather of Charlamagne. After the death of his father
(714) he became mayor of the palace in Austrasia and Neustria, having previously crushed all
opposition. He extended his rule to Burgundy, Aquitaine, and Provence. Having subjugated
many of the German tribes across the Rhine, he encouraged the activities of St. Boniface and
other missionaries among them. Charles Martel halted the Moslem invasion of Europe by his
victory over the Moors of Spain in the battle of Tours or Poitiers (732), one of the decisive
battles of the world`s history. Although he never assumed the title of king, he divided the
Frankish lands, like a king, between his sons Pepin the Short and Carloman.

Author`s Note: If this is one of the most important battles in WORLD HISTORY, Why
haven`t we learned oI it in schools? Any person, particularly Scholars, clearly know about this
battle with the Moors, they don't mention it, nor do they come back from their studies and call
us Moors, as we rightfully and historically are by heritage.
Moors: nomadic people of the northern shores of Africa, the original inhabitants of Mauretania.
They mixed with successive conquerors and are now a dar k-skinned race chiefly of Berber and
Arab blood. In the 8th cent. They were converted to Islam and became Moslems.

Author`s Note: this indicates that Arabs and Berbers are Moors and Moors are associated with
the creed of Islam and Moslems. Islam is a way of life, not a religion. I Self Law Am Master.
711-Under Tarik they crossed into Spain in 711 and without difficulty overran the crumbling
Visigothic kingdom of Roderick.

Author`s Note: indicates these same dark-skinned (melanated) people are in fact the Moors of
Spain. The Visigoths are Christian Crusaders.
732- They spread beyond the Pyrenees into France where they were turned back at Tours by
Charles Martel (732).

Author`s Note: Once again, the 'Battle oI Tours is mentioned, the most decisive world battle
fought between the Moors and the Christian Crusaders.

756- In 756 Abdur-Rahman I, established the Omayyad dynasty at Cordoba. The emirate
became under Adur-r-Rahman III the Caliphate of Cordoba. The court there grew in wealth,
splendor, and culture. The regent Al Mansur in the late 10th cent. waged bitter warfare with the
Christians of N. Spain, where, from the beginning, the Mohammedan conquest had met with
its only opposition. The cities of the south, Toledo, Cordoba, and Seville, speedily became
centers of the new culture and were famed for their universities and architectural treasures. (See
Moslem Art and Architecture)

Author`s Note: indicates: 1. The Moors taught high civilization principles and established the
well-known best universities ie. Cordoba and 2. Christians (Christiandom, then a political term,

later turned to a religious order), were and still are, the only opposition of Moors. With the
exception of brief periods, there was, however, no strong central government; the power was
split up among dissenting local leaders and factions.

Author`s Note: indicates the Moors fought with each other for ruling power. .1031- The
caliphate fell in 1031, and the Almoravides in 1086 took over Mohammedan Spain, which was
throughout the whole period closely connected in rule with Morocco.

Author`s Note: indicates an Empire was in place and Moors continued to fight with each other.
Almoravides are Moors. 1174- Almoravid control slowly declined and by 1174 was
supplanted by the Almohades. These successive waves of invasion had brought into Spain
thousands of skilled artisans and industrious farmers who contributed largely to the intermittent
prosperity of the country. They were killed or expelled in large numbers (to the great loss of
Spain) in the Christian reconquest, which began with the recovery of Toledo (1085) by Alfonso
VI, king of Leon and Castile.

Author`s Note: indicates the fall of the Moors. Almoravides and Almorahades are both Moors
who fought each other for political control. Almoravides- Almoravids, Berber Moslem
dynasty that ruled Morocco and Moslem Spain in the 11th and 12
century. Its real founder was
Abdullah Ibn Yasin, who by force of arms converted some Saharan tribes to his own reformed
religion and then advanced on Morocco. After his death (1059), Yusuf Ibn Tashuffin and his
brother Abu Bakr came to power. Marrakesh was founded in 1062 and was the center of a
powerful empire. Yusuf was called by the Moors in Spain to help stem Christian reconquest.
Ysuuf entered Andalusia and defeated (1086) Alfonso VI of Castile. Later he subdued the local
Moslem rulers and governed Moslem Spain with N. Morocco (Abu Bakr had S. Morocco). The
Almoravides were rough and puritanical, contemptuous of the luxurious Moslem culture in
Spain Their rule was never entirely stable and in the 12th cent. Was attacked by the Almohades,
who finally (by 1174) won both Morocco and Moslem Spain.
Almohades- Berber Moslem dynasty that ruled Morocco and Spain in the 12th and 13th cent.
It had its origins in the puritanical sect founded by Mohammed Ibn Tumart, who (c.1120),
stirred up the tribes of the Atlas to purify Islam and oust the Almoravides. His successors, Abu-
L-Mumin, Yusuf II, and Yakub I, succeeded in conquering Morocco and Moslem Spain, and by
1174 the Almohades had completely displaced the Almoravides. With time the Almohades lost
some of their fierce purifying seal; Yakub had a rich court and was the patron of Averroes.
Yakub defeated (1195) Alfonso VII of Castile in the battle of Alarcos, but in 1212 the
Almohade army was defeated and Almohade power in Spain was destroyed by the victory of
the Spanish and Portuguese at Navas de Tolosa. In Morocco they also lost power, there to the
Merenide dynasty who took Marrakesh in 1269.

Author`s Note: The above shows that Moors fought against Moors. Both the Almoravides and
the Almohades are described as being of Berber Moslem dynasties. The definition of Moor is
those who are Berber and Arab with an Islamic and Moslem creed. Take note read the lines of
all the other political names of the for anyone to say they don't know who Moors are would be

an out an out untruth. Lots of information has been burned, yet with that, one can still find
reference to Moors being in the most decisive world battle, as well as many other historiacl
events, which by the way, still go on today. Moors are sleep, ye tthey exist in body on the
planet. The purpose was that they would forget who they are, and fail to recognzie they are the
aboriginal, indigneous inhabitant of this earth, the amothers and fatehrs of civilziation on this
planet, and forget what that means, what to do to preserve themselves and their progeny.
Alphonso Led The Reconquest

Now let`s look at who 'Alphonso and his people were, you will find this most interesting. The
first define will show that the Moors were in strife as a result of fighting. Alphono's family
spent at least 6 generations conquering the Moors. The lands, castles, estates, etc., of which hey
conquered were obviously the Moors. This also led to the Magna Charta Codes of 1200, and the
reason we have Landlords. This is why no one ever owns thei r property. (unless they have an
Allodial Title) Moors are the Title holders. The Titles are El, Bey, Dey, Al, and Ali. Translated
as the 5 civilized so-called Indian tribes during the battles on the Western Frontier, here in
North America.
Alfonso I (Alfoso the Catholic), 693?-757, Spanish king of Austurias (739-57). He was the son-
in-law of Pelayo. Strife among the Moors facilitated his conquest in parts of Galicia, Leon,
and Santander. AIter his Iather`s death (1114), his mother, Countess Theressa, ruled the county
of Portugal with the help of Fernadno Perez, until in 1128 young Alfonso, allying himself with
discontented nobles, took power and drove her into Leon with the still-faithful Perez (Alfonso
did not in spite of the popular legend, put her in chains at Guimarais) Beginning a little more
than a quasi independent guerrilla chief, Alfonso spent his life in almost ceaseless fighting
against the kings of Leon and Castile and against the Moors to increase his prestige and his
ter ritories. In 1139 he defeated the Moors in the battle of Ourique (fought not at Ourique but
at some undetermined place).
Alfonso I I (Alfonso the Chaste), 759?-842, Spanish king of Austurias (739-842), grandson of
Alfonso I. He continued the struggle against the Moors and established his residence at
Oviedo, which his father, Fruela I, had founded. His alliance with Charlemagne and Emperor
Louis I met opposition among his nobles. Alfonso II built the first church on the site of Santiago
De Compostel. His reign was spent in struggles with the Church and his brothers and sisters.
His measures against the Church holdings and the bishops led to this excommunication (1210).
Though he was himself most unwar-like, Portugeuese soldiers took part in the battle of Navas
de Tolosa and pushed conquest against the Moors.
Alfonso I I I (Alfonso the Great) 838?- 910?. Spanish king of Austurias (866-909), The kingdom
was consolidated in his reign, though after his forced abdication it was divided among his sons.
Alfonso V (Alfonso the Noble), 994?-1027, Spanish king of Asturias and Leon (999-1027).
While he was still a minor, the Moors under Al-Mansur were defeated. Alfonso gave Leon its

fuero {charter} and was killed in the siege of Viseu. Alfonso VI, 1030-1109, Spanish king of
Leon (1065- 1109) and Castile (1072-1109). He inherited Leon from his father Ferdinand I.
Defeated by his brother, Sancho II of Castile, he fled to the court of Al-Mamum, Moorish ruler
of Toledo. AIter Sancho`s assassination (1072) he succeeded to the throne of Castile and took
Galicia from his brother Garcia (1073), thus becoming the most powerful Christian ruler in
Spain. He raided Moslem territory and penetrated as far as Tarifa. After the conquest of
strategic Toledo (1085), he took many other cities and reached the line of the Tagus. Aroused
by his advance Abbad III (see Abbadides) and his Moslem allies called to their aid the
Almoravide Yusuf Ibn Tashuffin, who defeated Alfonso in 1086 and again in 1108, when
AlIonso`s only son was killed in battle. AlIonso`s reign gave a tremendous impulse to the
reconquest of Spain and was also notable for the exploits of the Cid. His court at Toledo
became the center of cultural relations between Moslem and Christian Spain, while French
influence also grew strong through his many French followers. At this time the Cluniac reform
was introduced into Spain. Alfonso was succeeded by his daughter Urraca.

Author`s Note: The references to the Alfonso I thru Alphonso VI shows that they spent
lifetimes fighting the Moors for the purposes of converting them and taking over their land and
resources. It also shows that even though Moors may have fought each other, they would often
come together to fight the Christian Crusaders when called to each others aid.

1212- The great Christian victory (1212) of Navas de Tolosa prepared the way for the
downfall of the Moslems.

Author`s Note: continued fall of the Moors, noted here as Moslems fighting Christians.

1236-Cordoba fell to Ferdinand II of Castile in 1236. The wars went on, and one by one the
Moorish strongholds fell, until only Granada remained in their hands.

Author`s Note: indicates that Granada was the last Moorish stronghold. And after it fell the
Treaty of Granada gave Columbus the authority to travel West to this North American continent
and conquer the Paradise, the Algonquian Civilizations here in the Americas, North, South and
Central. This is when Moors by name were called 'Blacks, hence the names Black, Negro,
Colored have been made part of history and the connection to the name Moor was ended, and
the descendants took on the slave brands, just as they did in Spain, prior to coming here when
they conquered and called them Morescos or Moriscos and then called them Spaniards.

1487- Milaga was taken (1487) after a long siege by the forces of Ferdinand and Isabella, and
in 1492 Granada was recovered. Many of the Moors had accepted Christianity; these, called
Mudejares, were now joined by new converts, the Moriscos. They were allowed to stay in
Spain, but were kept under close surveillance.

Author`s Note: Moors were forced to convert to Christianity, edicts were put out by Queen
Isabella of which one was that they were not to wear Moorish Garb, etc. Moors were and still

are known in Spain as the Moriscos, those who converted to Christianity out of force, the
mighty melanated dark-skinned people who fellthe great Fall of Humanity.

1568- They were persecuted by Philip II, revolted in 1568, and in the Inquisition were
virtually exterminated. In 1609 the remaining Moriscos were expelled. Thus the glory of the
Moorish civilization in Spain trailed out. Its contributions to Western Europe and especially to
Spain were well-nigh incalculable in art and architecture medicine and science and learning.

Author`s Note: As you can see again, the Moriscos were the Moors. This above paragraph
indicates the persecution and extermination of the Moors in the eastern hemisphere (holocaust).
Many status quo scholars have written this as a complete extermination when in fact it was not.
This is intentional for the scholars to write this to make the descendants think they are in fact
not descendants, to make them think there are no more Moors, and that is exactly what has
occurred. The descendants are still today, lost for their identity. This holocaust they are
speaking of happened in the eastern part of the globe. However, Moors were in all corners of
the earth and the descendants have not been virtually exterminated. They have been fruitful and
have multiplied. This is why studying is so important. The Moors that they labeled indians
when they came here did not just vanish off the earth. Some survive today, intact with full
melanation in their skin. Some were murdered over the years, other were amalgamated into fair
skin, and amalgamation is how they will return as they are aboriginal and indigenous to this
land. They are you!

King Alfred Plan -"SiIent Weapons For a Quiet War"

In reference to the extermination or holocaust, it is important to know that this is not without
possibility today. I would think that when the people of this land realize how they are still
enslaved, they may, because of their emotionalism, resort to the usual gatherings of marches
and protest, a typical signature of revolt for change. I however, urge that they do not turn to
these emotional activities that are absent of fact and not founded in proper civics, as there is a
plan Ior control oI such activities. That plan is called the 'King AlIred Plan, 'Rex 84 . It has
been in effect for a long time, documented in 1947 and is coined the 'Silent Weapons Ior a
Quiet War. The homeland Security Act is an extension of that plan. Do not resort to marching
in the streets against these inequities. Do resort to nationalizing yourself and your country.
Much like Castro did when he nationalized Cuba. This is why the American demos/democracy
don`t like Castro. They are more than aware that you are bound to this continent by heritage.
The King Alfred Plan is a presidential executive order #11490, that began its written
instructions approximately 1947.
The following are excerpts from that plan:
Memo: National Security Council : ...The Minority has adopted an almost military posture to
gain its objective, which are not clear to most Americans. It is expected, therefore, that, when
those objectives are denied the Minority, racial war must be considered inevitable. When that
Emergency comes we must expect the total involvement of all 22 million members of the

Minority, men, women and children, for once this project is launched, its goal its to terminate,
once and for all, the Minority threat to the whole of the American society, and, indeed, the Free
Chairman, National Security Council
Preliminary Memo: Department of Interior.... Under King Alfred, the nation has been
divided into 10 Regions (see accompanying map) In case of Emergency, Minority members will
be evacuated from the cities by federalized national guard units, local and state police and, if
necessary by units of the regular Armed Forces, using public and military transportation, and
detained in nearby military installations until a further course of action has been decided.
Preliminary Memo: Department of Defense: ....There will be many cities where the
Minority will be able to put into the street a superior number of people with a desperate and
dangerous will. He will be a formidable enemy, for he is bound to the Continent by heritage
and knows that political asylum will not be available to him in other countries. The greatest
concentration of the Minority is in the Deep South, the Eastern seaboard, the Great Lakes region
and the West Coast.
The operative question to ask is: Are You a Minority? People who are not a Minority,
don`t think with Minority minds, and upon discovering that Minority is a legal
terminology for those who cannot think for themselves or handle thei r own affai rs, they
wouldn`t allow their rights and their children`s rights to be abridged.
Nobody likes ignorancenot even you. I urge that you do not confuse religious creeds and
belief or solace systems, cultural philosophies or blind faith, with Nationality which is
bloodline, pedigree, consanguine issues. The names negro, colored, black, indian, latino, white,
indicate people who are ignorant of their true historical, lawful, contributions to society and it
indicates persons who are property of the European slaveholders, a compromised people,
subordinate to European psychology a bureaucratic slave.
It is certainly time, now, to reconsider your social and political position!
Here is the undertone of what is happening today: TRUT H AND F ACTS


-+6-+-&7 1(//#+ &*#8 :)#:'(5-(/ 0+9 '09-&'/ #6 +90

The Moorish Americans Are a True Nation of People

I forgive you of everything that you did before I came; now you are responsible for
your deeds now. Moors are not held accountable for the oaths taken and deeds done
while they were in a coma and without knowledge of self. But now The Holy Prophet
has come, returning to them their free National Name and Old Time Religion, they are as
responsible as all other true Citizens.

The Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali told the Moors, ~I brought you everything it takes
to save a nation, now take it and save yourself. Look at the saving powers owned by
all other nations of the Earth, e.g. Free National Name, Flag, Emblem, Constitution,
Land, Family Heritage, etc. Now look amongst ,everything He brought us and find
yours like other nations have; Now take the things that are yours and save yourselves.

By you being born here doesnt make you a citizen. Negroes, Blacks and Colored
People are names given to slaves during the time of slavery. Those born under the powers
oI the 14th and 15th Amendments are not true Citizens but are declared 'Persons
(Commercial property) under the assumable jurisdiction of U. S. Congress. The word
'Persons as used in these Amendments do not legally translate into Men and Women.

Moors, be yourself. To be your self is to be Moorish American, a true nation of People,
bearing your one free national name.

Moors, study yourself. The Moorish must study self to know self and know self in order
to be yourself.

A beggar nation cannot attain to its highest degree of spi rituality. A prosperous
nation must be economically sound.

I mitate I, The Prophet. Moorish Leaders, live a life of love, so that you will be loved
as I the Prophet is loved.

This is the uniting of Asia. 'This reIers to The Moorish Divine and National
Movement in North America.

I n the year 2,000 the Moors will come into thei r own.

One day, when seven bridges cross in the sky, there will be Red Fezzes and Turbans
for as far as the eyes can see. In 1924 when The Prophet stated this prophecy there
were no bridges crossing in America. Today, the Los Angeles freeways and expressways
form seven bridges of highways overlapping each other above ground.


I had to go around my elbow to get to my thumb to get what I wanted established in
this government. He wanted to establish The Divine and National Movement in North
America to save His People from the wrath (NBC) of Allah. And The Holy Prophet had
to go through the fire (the United States assumable laws of jurisdiction) in order to
prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemy.

The only way out of the fi re is through the fi re. The only way out of slavery is through
the very laws that enslaved you.

A Moorish leader is not to get up to speak under the influence of liquor, or any
harmful motive that will seek to break up the families of men.

I come to set you free from that state of mental slavery that I found you in. The
Moors were enslaved by reducing their mentality to that of Negroes, Blacks and Colored
People. As a man thinketh, so is he.

You are from Missouri. I have got to show you. By 1928 the Moors have endured such
a mental beat-down here in the west until they did not believe they are a nation of people
so Drew Ali went to the Pan-American Conference in Havana, Cuba and declared them
as a clean and pure Nation before the United States and other National and Tribal
Delegates in attendance.

Moors, you sleep too much. Wake up and see the seven bridges crossing in the sky.
Can you see you are a People?

Wake up Moors and don`t go to sleep any more. The Moors have been so Dumb-down
until they have become mentally complacent with a Slave psychic.

We need to have warehouses because one day the Europeans are going to let you

The times that have been, won`t be no more.

I f I were you, I would get ready before you are made to do so. I f you are ready, stay
ready; if you are not ready, get ready.

Some of you Moors are going to throw away your name, j ust for a morsel of bread.

About America and the Europeans

Before the European came here, the bananas were large, and the grapes were four-
in-hand. It took two men with hand-sticks to car ry one bunch of grapes.

The Moors were living up and down the Mississippi River before the European man
came here (To Northwest Amexem [Africa], later to be named America.

The Europeans went to the Moroccan government, and asked for permission to
come over here (to Northwest Amexem) to develop this land. They were given a 50
year mandate to do so. Then the Europeans went to an old Shei k and asked him to
give them some people to help them to develop this land. The Shei k told them to:
~Take those Moors, because they are not going to do anything. It was the officials
e.g. Sheiks, Caliphs, and Sultans of the various governments of the Moorish Empire (All
Kingdoms, Countries, tribes and Nations of Northwestern and Southwestern shores of
Africa) who permitted the Arab Slavers to capture and sell Moorish Nationals to the

The European is going to have to pay our people off for the wor k that they did in
slavery, and pay off in compounded interest.

One day, the Europeans are going to lock the food up in warehouses, put soldiers
around them to guard them, and you will go anywhere he says to get something to

One day you will go to the store, and there will be soldiers there with guns with
bayonets on them, and they will not let you enter. They will order you to move on.

One day the European is going to let you down. You are going to have to put up a 90
day supply of food to last you until your brothers come to your rescue from the

The Holy Prophet told the Moors, 'Children, you are at home, and the European is
3,000 miles from home, and he is going to have to take some water. (The Moorish
are indigenous to America, by inheritance and birthrights. Our Forefathers civilized this
continent 10,000 years before the Europeans discovered millions of us already using it.
When the Moorish reclaim this land the European must return to Europe, the land our
Ancient Ones set aside for them.

One day, you are going to smell the Europeans before you see them, in boxcars,
going back to Europe.
The European will not be able to remove all the wealth from the land. After he goes
back to Europe, mountains of gold will be revealed to the Moors.


When the Europeans go back to Europe, the climate will go back to what it used to

I li ke good peas and beans. I am going to save 8% of the Europeans, because they
are good farmers.

I f the European be j ust, they would have an Asiatic Vice-President, and if they had
an Asiatic President, they would have a European Vice-President.

I am going to stop the European from thinking, and start you (The Moors) to
thinking for your own good.

One day your biggest trouble won`t be getting with European women, it will be
fighting them off.

Get a good European education and I can use you. Education is for Citizens to
enhance their prosperity. Training is for property.

The Holy Prophet while speaking would jump up in the air and laugh and say, ~Rome,
2000 years ago, you got me, but I got you today!

I am going to leave the European here, j ust long enough to teach you how to run a
government. Today, the Moorish have been trained and well educated into every aspect
of National, State and Municipal Governments. Moors need only to be themselves in
order to form a more perfect government and be recognized by the nations of the Earth.

Watch the newspapers and listen to the ratio, I am going to make the European tell
the truth.

The European asks the Holy Prophet 'Will we be saved this time? The only way you
(European) can be saved this last time will be through the help of the Moors.

The Europeans were not going to give up until He looked death in the face.

Children, when you get on top, treat the European nice.

The European is our fellow man.

They (The Europeans) will seek peace, but none shall be found. The warlike nature of
Europeans seeks peace through war but peace cannot be found by those means.


I am going to stop the Europeans from thinking. I f two or three of them get together
on something, they will go back, and tear it up.

I f you want European Grand Shei ks, I can give them to you. The Holy Prophet got
tired of the Moors always running to the Europeans and accepting their verifications over
His lessons of freedom and salvation.

In 1929 there was a European man, his wife and daughter outside the meeting of the 2nd
Annual National Convention that asked Bro. Kirkman-Bey, 'Where is that little man that
used to be around? Bro. C. Kirkman-Bey let them know that He was no longer with us.
These Europeans started crying. They were looking for the Holy Prophet. That man was
able to save his money during the bank crash, because he obeyed the Holy Prophet, and
took his money out of the bank.

I have got the Romans in the palm of my hand.

One day, the United States will not be able to do any business, unless they do it
through the Asiatic.

I am going to make the European enforce my law. The duty of a Prophet is to save
nations from the wrath of Allah. The Holy Prophet brought the Moorish their Nationality
and their Divine Creed so they can be law abiding. And He is going to make the
Europeans enforce these National and Divine laws.

Holy I nstructions to the Moorish

Let all old business stay as it is, and all new business, do it in your free national

Let your good deeds out number your bad deeds, and when you pass away, you
won`t have anything to wor ry about.

My good Moors are going to live.

We, the Moors, have the blood of every nation flowing through our veins, thereby
bringing about a cross spirit.

The Italians have our blood (The blood of the Moors) mixed in thei r veins, that is
why they are so mean.

I didn`t tell anyone where I was born or who my parents were, because I didnt
want people to make a shrine out of the place or make over my parents li ke was
done with Joseph and Mary.

We (The Moors) are a hard-head, stiff-neck, mean set of people that have never done
anything except at the point of a sword.

You tore up everything that was brought to you, but I brought you something that
you can`t tear up. It will tear you up. The Moorish Americans have torn up the 'One
Temple into hundreds oI conIused sects, the salvation oI their 2nd and 3rd generations
and their rightful place in the affairs of men but they could not tear up their free national
name or their Divine and National Movement.

The same truth that will draw you will drive you.

I brought you something that you can shout about.

Children, you are j ust plain rich.

Let all old business stay as it is, and all new business, do it in your free national

I t will take you 50 years to find out what I brought you, and if you are not careful,
50 years after I am gone, you won`t know that I have been here.

Children, one day, you are going to love me.

The biggest fool is the educated fool. Property can only be trained and never educated.
The slave mentality misnomered as ,Negroes, Blacks and Colored People is that oI an
educated fool.

Moors should learn Spanish as a second language.

Don`t even carry a pocket knife. During the Prophet`s time, Moors still under mental
slavery were arming themselves with small hand-carry weapons but no free national

I f it were not for that little piece of red flannel, we would not get into so much
trouble. A Moor`s tongue is what gets him in so much trouble. He talks more than he

The only thing that hurts a duck is his bill. Talking too much.

A good Moorish leader must study his Holy Koran and Divine Constitution and By-
laws. These holy and divine laws are for the guidance and protection of a pure nation of
people. A good Moorish Leader realizes finite mind cannot comprehend those things
infinite so they must study in order to lead a right.

The Holy Prophet pointed His Iinger and said, 'My sheep know the sound of my
voice; a stranger will not follow.

I have come j ust before the fi re. When the fi re comes I will be your water and if you
do not get behind me you will not make it through.

I am going to let the fire touch some of you old Moors shirt-tails.

I am going to let the fi re scorch some of my good Moors.

One day, you are going to look for the good Moors, and you wont be able to find

Stay out of the alley with your turbans and fezzes on. During those days many
Moorish would put on their headdress of freedom (turbans and fezzes) on their heads but
had Negro thought-patterns in their heads. They would frequent bars, dives and alleyways
as though they had brimmed hats and caps on their heads.

Car ry your fez to the temple. To keep the public from knowing of their doings
unbecoming of a Free Person, The Holy Prophet called out this executive order. It is to
stand until the Moorish know how to act like a redeemed People.

The only thing that would surprise me is if a Moor would do right.

Drew Ali`s Warnings and Prophecies

For the various lynchings and murders that were committed in the South; the South
is going to have to pay off, and pay off in blood.

I f you have people in the South, get them out, because that is where destruction is
going to start.

The times that have been, won`t be no more.

Every word that I speak is spi rit and you (Moors) had better heed.

Look around, and where you see peopl e; one day, wild animals will be roaming
down the streets.

When the fi re comes, I will be the water.

What are all these Moors doing here? There are only going to be a handful saved. I
can count them on my fingers, and have fingers left over.

I have ai rplanes, zeppelins, and apparatus. I am going to take my good Moors up in
an apparatus on an incline until it`s all over with.

Don`t endanger your life with a fool.

One day, they are going to tear down all the churches and take the bells and melt
them down, and make bullets to fight with.

One day, every wheel of industry is going to stop, and when they start up again, it
will be in the Asiatics favor.

When destruction comes, I am going to leave enough fine buildings, so that my good
Moors will be able to enjoy them.

One day, some of you old Moors are going to be so hungry that you are going to bite
into your own flesh, and blood will skeet out, and you are going to get angry with
yourself, because you didn`t put up enough food.

The Moors were once a sea-faring people and fed the world, the time is going to
come, when we will go back and feed the world again.

I placed a ball on Babylon, and it is rolling down, and anyone that gets in the way, is
going to be ground to powder.

I am going to repeat myself.

Things are going back to the horse and buggy days.

I have detectives everywhere.

When I raise my floodgate, it`s going to take 16 secretaries to write down the names.
When the time is ripe, about the year 2000, the eyes of the Moors will open and see what
The Holy Prophet has brought to them.

I am due in the East right now. I am going to have to go and straighten out the East,
and then I will end up in the West. This (The West) will be the easiest. You will be
able to lie down and sleep, and wake up in peace. This will be, j ust a breakfast fight.
By the time you eat breakfast, it will all be over with.

I was given a high name over there (In Mecca) but you cannot use it over here. Be
good Moors and I will hand it down to you. He arrived in Arabia as an 'Angel
(Moslem) from Egypt. There (In the Holy City of Mecca) He, Timothy Drew, was given
the Holy Attribute through the Head of the Holy City, Sultan Abdul Aziz Ibu Suad, a
direct descendant oI Hagar who named him: 'El Haj j Sharif Abdul Ali.

One day, blood is going to flow in the streets up to a horse`s brow.

One day, bombs are going to fall so that they won`t miss a spot as wide as my shoe.
You are going to need a basement to hide in.

I have the world in a j ug, and the stopper in my hand. I have the Asiatic, and I have
the European. I have the silver and I have the gold.

One day, people are going to be so hungry that the only way that you will be able to
turn them away, will be at the point of a gun.

I have mended the broken wi res, and have connected them with the higher powers.

How many of you can do something? (Work magic). Some of the Moors stood up.
The Prophet pointed His finger at them and said, ~I am going to kill you all. (When a
Prophet speaks, that is a message Irom Allah. The Holy Prophet Mohammed said, 'The
sorcerer will not enter Paradise.)

There are going to be new Moors that are going to come in with thei r eyes wide
open, seeing and knowing, that are going to take you old Moors, seat you in the
back, and car ry out my law.

I can throw out a spi rit that would make the Moors want to fight, and then throw
out another spi rit that would bring them back to peace.

The climate is going to change. The cold weather will be in the South, and the warm
weather will be in the North.

I brought you your nationality, your religion, and title to your vast estate. What do
you want me to do; kill you?

I am going to burn up sin, both root and branch.

Money will be burnt in the streets, and we won`t be able to buy much; and when I
put my spi rit in the streets, you won`t be able to sell your car for 25 cents.

Allah alone guides the destiny of this Divine and National Movement.

The Moors once ruled the world; now get ready to rule it again. But this time it`s
going to be done under Love, Truth, Peace, F reedom and Justice.

One day, all of the property is going back to the government.

I would li ke to save half of the people, but I am going to try to save a fourth of the
people. There is j ust going to be a handful saved. I can count them on my fingers,
and have fingers left over.

Before the End of Time, I am going to lower down the evil spi rits, and let them

I f someone assaults you, flee from him. I f you cannot flee from him, turn around,
and drop the world on him.

We are going to be taxed to death. (See: Prophet`s Warnings Today)

I f you are not careful, your own brothers will try to put you in slavery. Some
Moorish Brothers attempted this immediately after The Holy Prophet left His body.
OIIicials begin by mixing Membership registrations with ,Nationalization Ceremonies.
Note: Noble Drew Ali never 'Nationalized any man, woman or child. These recycled
Western Masonic Rituals alone mislead the public to think Moorish American was not a
Nationality but a membership in a religious cult and the Moorish Science Temple itself
was assumed to be their Religion. This self-enslavement practice set off mass confusion
and division within the ranks of the Moors that would last over seven decades.

At the end of time, those that will be in the apparatus will be able to look down on
earth, see people that you know, fleeing for thei r life.

You are going to be saved but in a conflict that cannot be told in words.

I could tell you some things that would turn your brain to water.

I am going to save you all, if I have got to kill you all.

I f I cannot teach you here, I will teach you on the soul-plane.

I have come, and taken away all the excuses.

I f you don`t leave here right with me this time, you won`t make it back here in
human form.

Atlantis is going to arise again.

About Moorish Men and Women

One day, women are going to be chasing men li ke a hound running a rabbit.

The Holy Prophet told the Moors to try to live close together.

The Moors are the off-springs of Kings and Queens.

The thi rd and fourth generation will see the good of my wor k.

One day, there are going to be so few people, that when you see an old Moor, you
will run up to him, and kiss him all on top of his head.

There will be so few men, that a child will go to the store, and return home, and tell
his mother, ~Mother, I saw a man.

I have got two wives. One day, you will be able to have two, or as many as you can

One day, you are going to look out into the streets, and the streets are going to be
filled with men with turbans and fezzes, and the highways are going to be blocked.

The Moors are a dangerous people. I am not going to wake you all up at once. I f I
do, I won`t be able to do anything with you myself.

When you get mar ried, go before your Grand Shei k, and let him perform the
ceremony. Some of the Moors did not obey The Holy Prophet`s order, so He told the
Moors, go downtown, and buy your wives (Get a Marriage License) from the
Europeans. Moors did not comprehend their free national status brought by The Holy
Prophet. They simply did not believe in the capacity of their own People. Noble Drew
Ali knew every nation has their marriage laws and customs for their citizens. A free
national Being does not need sanctioning from a former slave master or another
government to marry. Only 14th Amendment Persons seek ,Downtown OKs Ior them to

Money does not make the man, and clothes do not make the man. I t is character and
free national standards that make the man. ,Nation is the root word in ,national and
,nationality. To be a man with power, he must have free National Standards and
principles. These kinds of power only exist within the constitution of his; own free
national government.

I f you try to tell what a man is by looking at him, you are burnt up from the start.

I f your brother wants something, give it to him so that he won`t sin.

One day, there are going to be so many women, a man is going to have to run for his
life. Today (2007) there are nearly eleven million 'Single Moms among the Moorish
people in the Corporate United States.

Children, sow good seeds.

I f you have a wife, and she does not belong to the Temple, instead of giving her one
apple, give her two. The duty of a husband is to educate his wife upon the straightway to
Allah. Allah is love. The apple is symbolic of educational contributions. The Holy
Prophet is saying love her twice as much by educating her with truth, peace, freedom and

Don`t put the European on your brother.

I f your Brother does something wrong to you, don`t call him a ,nigger. Call him a
di rty Moor.

Use kind words towards your wife.

Cats are evil spi rits, and if you knew what a black cat was, you would not want one

Don`t keep dogs in your house, because if you inhale one of its hai rs, it could cut
your throat.

I am not going to wake up all the Asiatics at once, because they may tear up

I f my own mother is not right, I am not going to let her get by.

Pray that you don`t have to make your flight in the winter time.

I f you put your hand to the gospel plow, and turn loose, it would be better, if you
never took Holt.

You can wal k down the street by yourself now, but one day, you won`t be able to do

One day, you will see a $20.00 bill in the street, and would not bend over to pick it

The Moors watchdog is not a dog, but an elephant.

I have come for the children, and the unborn generations.

The only one that wor ks all the time is a coolie.

Brothers dont mar k your fez, it shows you are free. Be the (plain) Truth li ke me,
your Prophet. The fez is the infinite Headdress of the African God-Man. Neither he nor
it can be limited, enslaved or bound. Marking the fez makes it finite, territorial and

Sisters wrap your turbans in the colors of the rainbow. Turbans can be any color
found in the rainbow. Sisters should not wear black turbans because she is a Giver of life.

Moors look your best.

Experiences during the Prophet`s Life on Earth

When I was born, it turned black dar k in the day-time. The people put thei r hoes
down, and came out of the fields.

The Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali showed some Moors one night, a spot in Chicago,
Illinois, where a Moabite Queen ruled from. Her name was Queen Netha, and she waged
war against five Pharaohs. At that spot, the Holy Prophet dug down into the ground, and
dug up a metal bar with foreign writing on it.

I f you have a dream and you forget what you dreamed, to remember it, place your
forehead face down on your pillow, and you will remember it.

I f you dream of me, it is li ke seeing me for true, because the devil cannot steal my

At a meeting where the Holy Prophet was present, He saw 10 Arabians, 5 Turks, 2
Chinese and 1 Japanese join the Moorish Science Temple of America. The Secretary
asked the Holy Prophet, 'Prophet, these people have their nationality, what should I put
on their Nationality Card? 'The Moors were the fi rst people, and all other people
that use our name were adopted into our tribe. Give all members a Tribal Name of
the Moorish to let them know they have rejoined the Founders of the Human Family. The
MST of A do not have the power to issue nationality or change man from the descendant
nature of his Forefathers but here everyone must proclaim their free national name as we
are teaching our people their nationality.

I got here just in time. The Prophet said the Europeans were looking for Him with
airplanes and with dread-naughts. When the Holy Prophet returned to The United States
He was asked, 'Where are those books that you have? The Holy Prophet just smiled,
but He told the Moors that He had the book in His head. When the Holy Prophet dictated
the Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America to the printer, He did it from
memory. The printer was amazed.

Take a good look at me, so that you will know me when you see me. When you see
me, don`t speak to me unless I speak to you first.

Some dirty Moors paid hit men to kill the Holy Prophet. When the hit men went to the
temple, where the Holy Prophet was teaching, they opened the door and found the
temple building full of soldiers. The hit men went back to the people that hired them and
told them, 'Don`t you pay us to do anything to any oI those Moorish Americans.
(During the life of the Holy Prophet, there were many members of the National Guard,
both officers and enlisted men that were members of the Moorish Science Temple of
America in Chicago, Illinois.

The Holy Prophet gave a party for the Moors. The Prophet had everything fixed up
nicely. He even had pool tables for their enjoyment. The Moors were happy and the Holy
Prophet said, ~I am happy, when my Moors are happy. But some unconscious
Asiatics tried to break up the party. When they tried, some of the Moors, who were
members of the National Guard, went to the Armory, and came back to the party with
army tanks, trucks and guns. When the Asiatics saw this, they took off with such fright
that some of them ran into buildings, and knocked themselves out. The word got out,
'Don`t mess with Prophet Noble Drew Ali, because He is connected with the

The Holy Prophet told the Moors before the bank crash in 1929, ~If you have money in
the bank, get it out. ~Put your money in the post office. Those that obeyed the Holy
Prophet saved their money. Those that did not lost their money.

Wake up you sleepy headed Moors. I am going to take you up above the sun, moon
and stars, around the throne of the Mighty Allah. The Holy Prophet took the Moors
up above the blue ethers, around the throne oI Allah. An elder brother stated, 'Moors,
your Prophet is truly a Prophet.

I have fixed everything; I have stopped up every rat hole.

Members in the temple sat and watched as a dirty Moor, full of rage, went after the Holy
Prophet a knife. The Moors just looked and would not protect their Leader. After
avoiding the assailants aggressions The Holy Prophet turned, faced him suddenly and
as quick as a thought, He cast out the spirit of anger from the Moor. The would-be
assassin became meek as a lamb and apologized for his wrong doing. The Prophet said

'I know you did not know and I forgive you son. AIter the event, the Holy Prophet
told the Moors, ~I have got a good mind to leave you. Then the Moors got down on
their knees, and begged the Holy Prophet not to leave them. About that time a man
suddenly appeared between the members and The Holy prophet. He was dressed in
Turkish Garb and by the mysterious way he came he had to be an Angel. He never looked
at Drew Ali but told the Moors, 'II you harm a hair oI His head, we will come and
destroy you all. The Moors have yet to learn how to protect their Holy prophet on Earth
as He is in Heaven.

I took the cover off all the secret organizations. This statement alone proves Drew Ali
was not a Freemason (See: Author`s Commentary).

I n two weeks, I am going down South. When I get down there, the Ku Klux Klan is
going to stop me. At fi rst, it is going to look li ke they are against me. Then they are
going to lead me to where I am going.

Children, if you want to come up to see me, you can. Simply be yourself, the Logos
Circle Seven and meditate beyond the Blue Ether Plane. There Man, Spirit Man, can visit
the Prophets of all times and climes.

The Holy Prophet in U. S. Cities and Other Countries

Chicago, I llinois is going to be our new Mecca.

Chicago is doomed and Detroit must go down for what they have done to I, your
Prophet. During His Divine Ministry, the Holy Prophet was unduly arrested in both
Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois.

One day, grass is going to grow up in Detroit. One day the famous industries will leave
Detroit and grass would reclaim those sites.

The Holy Prophet asked the Moors in Detroit, Michigan, ~How would you like to have
your own Mayor and Chief of Police? The Moors said, 'Yes. The Moors were
blessed to have an Asiatic Mayor and Chief of Police in that same city.

There is going to be an earthquake that will split the United States in two.

I f my Principles of Love, Truth, Peace, F reedom and Justice are car ried out, the
United States will be the richest and most prosperous country on the earth. I f not,
the worst is yet to come.

When the Moors ruled Spain, we had street lights in Seville, Spain 400 years before
they had them anywhere else in Europe.

While I am tal king to you Moors, my spi rit is over in I ndia with them, and those old
sisters are j umping this high, (as high as He was holding His hand) because of my
coming to them.

Money will be burnt in the streets, and we won`t be able to buy much; and when I
put my spi rit in the streets, you won`t be able to sell your car for 25 cents.

All nations will turn against the United States one day.

One day, the United States will not be able to do any business, unless they do it
through the Asiatics.

Moors that were in the Temple during the lifetime of the Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali
said that when the Holy Prophet came to town, you would have to go to the temple early
to get a seat, and you could not get a seat in the front row, because the foreign Moslems
would be sitting in the front row to see and hear the Holy Prophet.

Chicago is going to be your new Mecca.

The Holy Prophet and Bro. Kirkman-Bey had gone to school together. The Holy
Prophet asked C. Kirkman-Bey, 'Can you speak high German? Bro. C. Kirkman-Bey
replied, 'Yes, but I am a little rusty. The Holy Prophet reached into a trunk, pulled out
a book, and dusted it off with a feather duster, and handed it to Bro. Kirkman-Bey, and he
read from it. The Holy Prophet was satisfied, and told him that He had to go down to
Cuba, and He wanted him to go with Him. Bro. Kirkman-Bey told the Prophet that he
had a wife and children. The Holy Prophet let him know that they would be provided
for. The Holy Prophet took Bro. C. Kirkman-Bey to the Pan American Conference in
Cuba in 1928.

In 1928 The Holy Prophet and Bro. Kirkman-Bey went to Havana, Cuba for the Pan
American Conference. The Holy Prophet and His Cabinet of Moorish Officials attended
the Conference to represent, for the first time, the Moorish Americans as a clean and pure
Nation of People. It should be noted He and the Moorish Vanguard did not go to this
Conference of Nations as members of a religious organization (MST of A). There was an
Indian Chief representing the American Indians. The nations of North, South, Central
America and some Atlantic Islands were present. Secretary of State Hughes of the United
States represented the United States at this conference. Bro. C. Kirkman-Bey, who spoke
92 different languages, was the interpreter for the Holy Prophet at this conference. Bro.
Isaac Cook-Bey said that when the Holy Prophet and Bro. C. Kirkman-Beys ship was
tied up at the dock, the Cuban army was standing on the dock, and Bro. Kirkman-Bey
announced the presence of El Haj j Sharif Abdul Ali and said something to them in
Spanish which caused the army to stand at attention. It was then he and the Holy Prophet
came down the ramp of the ship. Kirkman Bey addressed the conference in both Spanish
and Arabic, and when the Secretary of State of the United States heard Bro. Kirkman-Bey

speak, he said, ,Thats a dangerous man. The United States had lost its Sovereign
Power in 1871 and subsequent 50-year Mandate for this land had expired in 1921. At this
conference, the mandate for this land was returned to the Moorish, original indigenous
owners of the land, through Prophet Noble Drew Ali. The Prophet reportedly showed
the mandate to His officials in the Adept Chamber.

The Prophet Lineages of Noble Drew Ali

I remember when I was on the soul-plane. I remember when I was Noah. Noah was
a carpenter and he built the Ar k. When the flood came, men swam out to the Ar k,
and knocked on the door, and said, ~Noah, Noah, let us in, and I told them, ~The
door is locked, and an angel came, and took the key away.

People left the Garden of Eden, and died by the thousands, but it was the Moors
that were able to traverse the desert, and go into other parts of the world to inhabit.

Those that were with me 2,000 years ago are with me today, and those that were
against me 2,000 years ago, are
against me today. Drew Ali often
told the Moors when He appeared on
Earth as Yehoshua (Yehoshua).

Children, your hai r is not kinky. I t
is wooly li ke your Brother Jesus.

~1ust as 1ohn was to 1esus in those
days, Marcus Garvey is to me
today. You should have taken heed
to every word he said. I am j ust
getting back f rom pulling my
brother (Marcus M. Garvey) from
the lion`s den (U. S. P. in Atlanta)
and he has gone on.

What you do not know can build
another world.

When the wild beast roamed the
earth in large numbers, and you
could hear the large bi rds flapping
thei r wings at a long distance, it
was the Moors that took the sword
and went out and splayed the beast
so that civilization could come in.

~Before one jot or title of my word fails to come to pass, heaven and earth will pass

One of Drew Ali`s Divine Ministers told of a time when he had set up a meeting of
Christian preachers to council with the Holy Prophet to see whether these preachers
would follow the Holy Prophet. The Preachers and Pastors were assembled and the
Divine Minister was addressing them before the Holy Prophet came to the meeting. One
oI the preachers said: 'iI He (Noble Drew Ali) could do what Moses could, I would
Iollow Him. The Holy Prophet was not present in the room when this statement was
made, and the meeting place was on the third floor of the building that they were in.
When the Prophet arrived at the meeting, He told the preacher, 'I can do what Moses
did, but if I came wal king into the meeting with a lion on a chain, you would j ump
out of the window and kill yourself.

Asiatic Preachers and Masons will be the last to come home. They will fight me
tooth and claw but cannot win.

I was Mohammed. Mohammed defeated the Roman Empi re. When I conquered
Rome, we went in with the sword. You could hear the swords swinging. I cut the
head of Rome off; pulled down the flags; sent letters to the other European
governments, and asked them was I right. They said, ~Yes, Mohammed, you are
right. 1ust let us have a place to live. The Holy Prophet said, ~I went into Rome
with 72,000 men. When I ran out of men, I reached down, and picked up a hand full
of sand, I threw it up in the ai r, and when it came down, there were soldiers seated
on camels.

I am the fifth and last Prophet, and I am five times more powerful than I was
before. We, as a people, were buried five times deeper in sinful ways than any nation
enslaved before us. The Holy Prophet was ordained by the great God to be five times
greater and more powerful than the Prophets before. Mohammed was the seal of the
Prophets to bring the tenants of Islam. Yet, every major Prophet is the last Prophet to be
raised from amongst those of his especial nation to be redeemed. Some Asiatic Muslims
have interpreted this 'SEAL oI The Prophets into the Moorish being unworthy oI
Allah`s Love and Mercy. After enduring the worst system of Chattel Slavery ever
imposed upon a people and sanctioned by the religions of the Earth. Having been
denationalized and stripped of Divine Creed some think the Moorish to remain the
rejected corner stone of the Human family. The Moorish have earned the divine right and
is most deserving of a Holy Prophet. No Messenger would be apt enough to save us.
Surely Allah knows what men know not.

I can do what Yehoshua did, but you (The Moors) are not in the condition that those
people were in.

I f I tell you that I am going to do a thing, I have done it al ready.


Your Forefathers are the Founders of the straight and narrow; the worlds first
religious creed and salvation. To this day it is called Islam.

Islam is that Old Time Religion.

Before the end of time, every knee will bow to Islam.

Don`t wor ry about how you are going to be saved. I t will be done in a conflict that
cannot be told in words.

Allah alone is perfect.

Some of my best Moors are still in the church.

Moslems are not made, they are born. A Moslem is made with the Will of Allah who
made them. A Moslem is with or without a garb of flesh.

Anytime a Moslem goes into a church for any reason; it ceases to be church, and it is
a temple.

Don`t throw away your Bibles, because I am going to use them to condemn the

Woe upon the man that calls himself a Jew.

One day, there is going to be a holy war.

You (Moors) don`t recognize Islam because it is yours.

Your religion is Islamism, something you live every day.

The Moorish Science Temple

The Holy Prophet warned: ~When you miss the reading of my laws, you have missed
my part of the meeting.

The MST of As membership is going to dwindle down to a handful, but keep the
doors open, and I will drive the Asiatics in. When I drive the Asiatics in, its going
to take 10 secretaries, j ust to write the names down.

One day, men are going to be running so fast that thei r coat-tails will be standing
straight out. You will be able to shoot dice on thei r coat-tails. They are going to be
running to get into the Temple. The last ones to make it into the Temple will be the
preachers, and the Europeans are going to be beating them over the head, driving
them in.

Woe upon the one that scatters my flock.

During the First Annual National Convention in 1928, one of the Grand Governors of a
State failed to appear at the Convention. The Prophet sent a telegram to the Grand
Governor informing him, that if he did not attend the Convention, the Holy Prophet was
going to have the 'G-Men (United States Government Agents) arrest him.

Your Nationality Card is going to change on you in your pocket. The Moorish will
get a greater understanding of their One Free National Name as time goes on. They will
realize membership and national status, though similar in structure, are worlds apart.

If you have money and dont give it to me to uplift our people I am going to get it

Dont let any of those foreign Moslems get up in your rostrum. These Moslems, who
once enslaved their African Mothers and Fathers while holding the Great Quran behind
their backs, are not strong enough to free the Moorish or lead them to paradise.

An elder Moor said he was walking down the street in Chicago, Illinois, and an Arabian
came out of a store, and asked him to come into the store. He went with him. The
Arabian pointed to a picture of Noble Drew Ali and asked him, 'Do you know who this
is? The elder Moor stated, 'That is my Prophet. The Holy Prophet said, ~All right,
son. The store was full of Arabians, and the elder Moor said that all of them had
Identification Cards for membership in the Moorish Science Temple of America.

You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink. I am going to lead
some of you Moors all the way up to salvation, and you are going to turn around
and go the other way.

At the First Convention in 1928, Prophet Noble Drew Ali said, ~The garment that I
have on represents power and if you obey my voice, you will have power with me. I
am going to free you, though its hard, because of your mixture, which brings about
many different spi rits. When you fail to hear my voice, you are lost. I t is against the
law to stand up in any audience intoxicated. The leader is not to stay out all night,
giving earnings away to someone else. You who are heads of Temples, it is easy for
you to destroy the influence of the Temple; now lace up your shoes, and get right.
~You stop figuring out your way, how your salvation shall come, just follow me. You

can say one thing Moors, you have made a start for the kingdom. I f you want
success, you must follow the Prophet. ~Husbands take care of your wives, and
families. Wives keep your homes and children clean. ~I have done more than you
think. I want you to help me by your good deeds of living at home, and abroad. I t is
through your good, not with your lips, trying to be the front seat in everything,
always standing in my face. Moors, be careful of your steps, leaders of Temples
must be careful how they wal k. They must be an example. I am not asleep; it will
take you Moors a long time to find out what I did today. When you all go home,
dont start no stuff, for I will be right there listening at you. ~This is no social
organization; it is a divine and national movement. By you being born here dont
make you a citizen (one must proclaim his nationality before his Government to be
recognized as a citizen). Look what I have on, now this was handed to me by the
government. It represents the royal prince. (The Holy Prophet wore a mantle of
power.) ~I have mended the broken wires, and have connected them with the higher

The Holy Prophet was at a meeting speaking at the temple in Detroit, Michigan. An
Asiatic got up while The Prophet was speaking and said, 'II that man is a prophet, I
would be willing to give up my liIe. This angered some oI the Moors that heard it. Some
of the Moors started moving up on this man with their hands in their pockets, and they
were going to cut him to death, but the Holy Prophet held up His hand, and said,
~Children, did you hear that. It is too bad. After the Holy Prophet spoke those
words, this Asiatic fell back into his seat, and slumped down. When the Moors carried
him out of the building, he was dead.

The Grand Shei k of a Temple should go to the Temple, hang the Charter on the
wall, say the Moorish-American prayer, when it is time for the meeting to open, and
if no one comes to the meeting after he sits and waits for one and a half hours, then
take the Charter down off the wall and go home.

There is but one Allah, one Prophet of the Temple, and one Moorish Science Temple
of America. As there is but one Allah, there is just one Prophet of the temple and he
came to save one Moorish American Nation.

When you take care of Temple business go in numbers of two, three, five and seven.

Moorish Leaders, don`t burden my Moors. Moorish Leaders are to lead Moors to
uprightness, freedom and independence. Anything short of truth is a burden.

When children start crying in a meeting, take them out of the meeting.

Do not bring children to an adept meeting or in the building wher e an Adept
meeting is taking place.

If you go to Adept Meeting, don`t tell anyone who does not go, what happened at the

Try to have your temples in buildings, where the meetings are on the second floor.
Your services can be better secured and held without inter ruptions of trafficking

The Holy Prophet Speaks On Health

The Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali used to heal people, and people came to Him for
counsel. An elder Moor said that when he was in Baltimore, Maryland the Holy Prophet
was healing people. The elder Moor went to the head of the stairs, and told the people,
'The Prophet is tired. He has been healing people all day long. Go home.

This food here is, j ust European poison.

People are going to be dying li ke hogs with the cholera, and the doctors wont know
what is wrong with them. The only thing that is going to save them is my remedies.

If you steal my money, it`s going to burn up in your pocket.

My remedies will cure you of anything that you weren`t born with.

One day, some of you Moors are going to be wal king around with skippers (those
are maggots) falling out of you, praying to die, and won`t be able to die.

Boil your drinking water. This warning was given in 1924. Today, the water pockets
and air of the earth has been contaminated by the European Rulers. Drinking water is as
The Holy Prophet prophesied.

There is going to be famine in the land. Today in The United States and other parts of
Africa there is a man-made A.I.D.S. Epidemic claiming millions of lives annually. This
and other diseases were unheard oI and unIoreseen during the prophet`s time.

Boys, why don`t you be like I, your Prophet? I don`t drink, and I don`t smoke, but if
you do, don`t stop it all at once. If you do, you may hurt something. During the
Prophet`s time many Moors, Iresh out oI slavery, had became addicted to poisonous
smoking and drinking. There is a corrected mental process to follow when breaking away
from these physical addictions or one may cause harm to self and others. Nonetheless,
one must 'Stop in order to imitate the Holy Prophet`s healthy and holistic way oI liIe.

Don`t drink and come to the temple, and sit down next to people with liquor on your

I f you have to drink, go into your room. Harness your weakness to yourself and
conquer it to gain strength.

You say that you want some pure meat to eat; no one is going to kill a camel for you
to eat over here.

An elder sister went to the Holy Prophet because she had been sick. The Holy Prophet
listened to her and said, ~Sister, you are going to get well. I want you to go to the
Temple, if you have got to crawl.

Prophet`s Warnings Today
~We Are Going To Be Taxed To Death

Today, the average hard working American has become so accustomed to paying 'Taxes until
they coined the phrase 'The only things certain in liIe is death and taxes. Yet less than 100
Years Ago, When Noble Drew Ali warned 'We are going to be taxed to death None oI
These Accepted ex post facto Taxes Existed:

Accounts Receivable Tax Service Charge Taxes
Building Permit Tax Social Security Tax
CDL License Tax Road usage Taxes
Cigarette Tax Sales Tax
Corporate Income Tax Recreational Vehicle Tax
Dog License Tax School Tax
Federal Income Tax State Income Tax
Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
Fishing License Tax Telephone Federal Excise Tax
Food License Tax Telephone State and Local Tax
Fuel Permit Tax Telephone Usage Charge Tax
Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon) Utility Taxes
Hunting License Tax Vehicle License Registration Tax
Inheritance Tax Vehicle Sales Tax
Interest Expense Watercraft Registration Tax
Inventory Tax Well Permit Tax
Liquor Tax Workers Compensation Tax
Luxury Taxes Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
Marriage License Tax Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes
Medicare Tax Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
Property Tax Telephone Recurring and Non-Recurring Charges Tax
Real Estate Tax

1863 marked the first time the United States filed bankruptcy resulting from a total national
debt of $2,682,593,027.00. This introduced the 1863 Taxation on Income to finance the Civil
War but actually began an unlimited range of unlawful direct taxes and the now Iamous 'IRS-
1040 FORMS. Ironically, The United States had no national debt prior to this event. This
National Debt also vented the re-institutionalization of Slavery under the 14th Amendment and
citizens ,Strawman. By 1871 the UNITED STATES HAD lost her Sovereignty and had
returned to its colonial Corporate Status. Today, for what was once the most prosperous nation
in the world but have over taxed its citizens, has now turned every nation against it ... just as
prophesied by Noble Drew Ali. Still do not believe he is a Prophet? Continue to watch his

PROOF Who Our Prophet Is Not and What He Did Not Say
(A Brief Addendum by the Author)

Like most Readers of the day, the author was not physically manifested during the actual life
time of The Holy Prophet. Yet, any Kemetian Adept, Theologian or Historian of the Human
Family would clearly surmise that most of the public opinions of Drew Ali derived from those
who saw no need to protect the sanctity and Divinity of his Prophethood. He was an Angel of
Allah to say the least. He came in due time. But His Holiness has been obscured due to standard
doubts of His People. There have been slanderous remarks, loose talk and unsubstantiated
western Islamic philosophies about the authenticity of Noble Drew Alis ordination to the
station of Prophet. This Author is compelled to add this commentary to the above Moorish
Hadiths of Noble Drew Ali. Some of the 'Oral Statements spoken down by some oI the Elder
Moors, have been omitted as unsubstantiated social hearsay because their comments did not
balance with the sacred preparations, status or duties required in the linage of Minor and Major
Prophets in the Holy Likeness of Drew Ali. The following three subjects are examples which
have lead to much of this confusion:

What Did The Holy Prophet Not Say About:

PORK: It was reported 'A Sister said that 'someone in Cleveland, Ohio said: 'The Prophet
condones the eating of pork. This great Islamic dietary injustice do not balance with The Holy
Prophet who had earned the name oI 'Faithful (being declared a 'Moslem) and given the
Islamic attribute oI 'El Haj j Sharif Abdul Ali upon completion oI his Hajj in The Holy City
of Mecca in 1912. Why does my Prophet have to be the only one, in all the history of
prophetdom, to make swine kosher enough to eat?? Would a Moslem Leader ever say 'Moors it
is alright to eat pork? No! He did not say that. It does not balance. THINK MOORS! THINK!

FREEMASONRY: Noble Drew Ali was not a Mason. During His life time The Holy Prophet
named all His stations and not once did He say He was a Mason. Examine his life: He was born
Timothy Drew on January 8th, 1886 and left the United States at the age of sixteen. A man must
be at least 21 years of age to join any Masonic Lodge. Drew was too young to be made a Mason
before He left these shores. He spent the next ten years in Egypt learning the same duties of a
Prophet as Abraham, Solomon, Yehoshua and Mohammed before him. Upon passing all the

tests and completing his Adept education, Timothy Drew made his pilgrimage to Mecca where
He received further authorization to teach old Islam in the West. By the time he returned to
America, at the age of 27, He was a Iully conscious 'Moslem (One who is the Will of Allah).
He was then too wise to become a Freemason and too high with infinite wisdom to lower his
will to the human knowledge of a Most Worshipful Master. Not only that but He had to become
a Moslem BEFORE being accepted into the Holy City of Mecca. Had he not been divinely
prepared to make the required Hajj, he may have made it in the gate but certainly would have
not come out without carrying his body in a bag and head in a sack! Besides, what, pray tell,
could any Negro-Colored-Christianized Mason possibly teach a Free National Man? Why
would He submit to a mankind when He is an Angel of the Most High God? Again, no balance.

'I Am A CITIZEN OF THE USA: Drew Ali never declared his people into this hoax oI
western citizenry. First and Ioremost a US ,Citizen or ,Person is property and subject to the
jurisdiction of Corporate USA. The Moorish Americans cannot be a Sovereign, free,
independent nation of people while under the yoke and laws of the very people who
(OOPSIES!) accidentally enslaved them Ior 400 years. More directly, they cannot be 'A Citizen
oI The USA. Secondly, true Ireedom is Sovereign and in the memory oI national
consciousness. and not in the power of the captors. The Holy Prophet said 'His nationality is
Moorish American and our nationality is Moorish Americans. He often referred our
nationality as our one free national name. A mans nationality is his true identity and proper
status. Nationality is through the descendant nature oI ones IoreIathers and has nothing to do
with his religious affiliation. You are either born Moorish American or to one of the other
nationalities in the Human Family. Now, exactly what part oI 'Moorish American do you read
,United States Citizens? He also said: 'Just because you were born here do not make you a
citizen. Do you hear USA in any other Iree national name e. g. 'Chinese, 'German or
'Ghanaian? Why would our Prophet be the first of the prophets to return his People back into
the iron hand oppression of former slave masters where he had found them? In fact it was the
Congressional ratification of assumable jurisdiction held in the 14th & 15th Amendments which
re-enslaved the freed Moors that prompted Allah to raise Him from amongst us. If making 14th
Amendment Citizens of the Moorish Americans was in order, Drew Ali would have never
warned his People 'There is no redemption in these Amendments for my people. Further,
there would have been no need for 40 million Moors praying for the coming of Noble Drew Ali
had they been freed by being made true citizens of the USA. Besides, when did Drew Ali ever
work for the United States Department of Immigrations with the authority to issue USA
Citizenship Papers? Why would He teach the Moorish to be themselves only to return them
back into the ironhanded oppression, Jim-Crowism, Segregations and racism they suffered
before he came? And would that have saved his people and fulfilled his duty as a Prophet? Hell,
if this was in any ways true, Drew Ali could have stayed beyond the blue ethers because his
coming would not have made a difference. There again is just no balance. This is why He said
'I f I could j ust get you Moors to thinking, you woul d save your selves.


-+6-+-&7 1(//#+ &')((8 3##)-/' /5-(+5( 09(:& ;,(/&-#+0)7

From: Elihu`s Lesson # 25 (1972)

Q. What is the Science of the Moorish People?

A. The Science of the Moorish People is a Power that exerts itself for the individual at the will
of its user.

Q. When is the Power active?

A. When the Moor is fully conscious of himself.

Q. What do knowledge of History and the Reliance upon Allah do for a Moor?

A. The knowledge of History and the Reliance upon Allah supply a Moor with strength that he
may act in the cause of Justice.

Q. What is this called?

A. This is called functioning on all points.

Q. How many degrees does each point represent?

A. Each point represents 72 degrees and is functioning with maximum efficiency.

Q. Why do we Moors Love the Earth?

A. We love the Earth because it is our home. It is our home as long as our bodies remain in its
present form. We know the futility of trying to escape our environment.

Q. What is our Science?

A. Our Science is a living Manifestation.

Q. Name some of the fields throughout the world that have been influenced by the

A. To name a few we have: Navigation, Medicine, Agriculture, Philosophy, Mathematics,
Textiles and Architecture.

Q. Are Food, Shelter and Clothing the main j ewels in Moorish life?

A. No, these are the last of twelve.

Q. What are the Twelve Crown Jewels of Life?

A. Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Food,
Shelter and Clothing.

Q. What did Prophet Noble Drew Ali say concerning the West?

A. 'The West must be made to pay their debt to the Moors.

Q. What are the inherent factors in a Moor`s Nature?

A. Love oI Allah, SelI and Iellow man and all oI Allah`s creatures, Trustworthiness and fidelity
in all affairs. Peace always first and foremost, Freedom and expression in all constituted and
righteous acts, Equality to promote the Noble qualities of mankind.

Q. What is the symbol of Islam?

A. The Olive Tree.

Q. What is the Emblem of Islam?

A. The Crescent Moon and Star.

Q. What is the Grand National Seal of the Moorish People?

A. The Logos Circle Seven. The Circle is the perfect symbol, Seven is the Perfect number and
Allah is the perfect word. Our National Seal is a single expression of how the Moorish are

Q. What is the Scripture of Islam?

A. The Holy Koran and all books that contain Truth for the guidance of man.

Q. What is the Moorish National?

A. The Morning Star. The Star of Solomon: the African God Man.

Q. What does the Morning Star Symbolize?

A. It symbolizes 'The Great God in Man, as above so below, and 'The Spirit oI a nation, both
in moral rectitude and physical achievement.

Q. When did this banner come into Orbit?

A. The Banner sprang into Orbit after the Circumnavigation of Africa by the Moors; (Over 100
thousand years ago).

Q. What type of Star is the Morning Star?

A. The Morning Star is a Five pointed (open) Star.

Q. What does the singleness of the Star Represent?

A. It represents the oneness of Hue-Man-ity, which precludes the Grand idea of Monotheism.

Q. What are the points of the Star called?

A. Pentagrams!

Q. What are the Pentagrams?

A. They are an expression of the Science that breeds into the thought of Ancient Moors Mind.

Q. What do these Pentagrams describe?

A. They describe Man`s every phase oI liIe in a single expression! For this cause, the inIinite
line of the circle also transcribes the never-ending openness of our pentagram.

Q. When did the Moorish Flag change from pure white to Red?

A. When it reached the rate of atmosphere.

-+6-+-&7 1(//#+ 6#,)8 -/103-/3 *#)19</ 6-)/& 5)((9 (1-',</ 1(//#+
% =>?@AB

This Diagram Expresses The World's First Creed, Man's Only True Pathway To Return To
HimselI As God, Called 'Islamism by The Last Prophet To Sit In The Eastern Chair OI
Ancient Kemet,, Prior To its Transliterations From Africa Into The Four Major Nations
Depicted Here, Became Man`s Only Beacon Light. The Only True Straightway To The Great
God Is Through The Divine Self. The Highest Principle Of Ma`at Commands ' Will Serve No
god Outside Of The Self. All Other God-Roads And High Ideals Of Man Only Subject The
Worshipper To Manifestations Of Slavery.

Islamism Marks The Origin OI 'Universal Harmony And Peace For LiIe. It Is A Thought
Activity Commonly Called Heaven` Paradise` Or Islam.` Peace Is The Thought-Activity And
Breaths The Only Natural Breath Of Life For Man. Islamism Is The Active Name Of The
World's Very First Religious Creed And Has Been Returned To The New Moorish American
Nation In The Form Of God-In-Man. More In-Depth Studies Will Reveal Islamism As The
Ancient Kemetian Mystery System Or 'SEAUTON GNOTHI (Man Know Thy SelI)." It Was
Formed As The World`s First Religious Creed For The Salvation OI Mankind On Earth, It Has
Been Returned From The Ancient ForeIathers OI Today`s Moorish Americans Through Their
Avatar, El Hajj Sharif Abdul Ali. This Is Their True Way Of Life And Predates The Great
Earthquake (Often Misnomer As 'The Flood) And The Divine Civilization OI Atlantis And
Lamuria. 'This Old Time Religion Is The One Creed OI Amexem Has Been Mastered Into
The Above Quadrant Of Sacred Schools. Islamism Is Revealed 'In the Creation And Fall Of
Man By Drew Ali And Is More Commonly Portrayed In The Parables OI 'Issa And Isha Or
Adam And Eve.` All Other Religions Existing In The World Today Are But Portions and
Variations From The Bountiful Table Of Islamism.

Peacefully Submitted,
From 'Elihu`s Lesson #5
(Lewisburg Moorish Preparation Center 1973)
Dr. Elihu N Pleasant-Bey, Swift Angel #1

ltFltlTY lFSS0t FlvF. SwlFT At6FlS FllHu'S lFSS0t 18
(Revised 1977 2010)

What Is An AngEl?
Have you ever ask yourself why nearly all Africans, born in the modern Americas, have
physiological tribulations equating themselves as Gods, Angels and Prophets? Instead it is
considered normal for most of them to serve various European-made gods, symbols and other
graven images found outside of themselves. Of all the Kemetian metaphysical titles, words, and
phrases describing a unity oI divinity and matter the 'Angel ranks high among those most
misunderstood and misused. Like the words God, Prophet, Messenger, Sheik and Adept the
station oI an ,Angel is usually translated through caged thought patterns oI the west. This
limited comprehension was forced into a new profundity in the Black Age of the West African
Moors during their era of U. S. Constitutional Slavery (from 1779 to 1865) coupled with their
militarily diagnosed subsequent 145 years of Post Traumatic Mental Slavery. The European
miseducation of subjugated Asiatics, joined with the built-in etymological weakness in their
bastard language, created a comfort zone of doubt, ignorance and self-hatred. It was not until
the advent of Prophet Noble Drew Ali, born Timothy Drew, January 8, 1886 in the state of NC,
when the truth was finally revealed about these noble African titles.

Man`s First Use of Wings

The Ancient Lamurians and then Kemetians were the first Gods in human flesh. The
heart or center of all God-Men is the consciousness of the Self and The Great God. These first
Men used the wings of various fowl deities to depict or symbolize their own transmutations
between divinity and matter. They would often draw wings on various manifests to still their
rate of thought and power of flight transmission. The ancients, being more God than flesh,
would often delve into the constitution of other thinking things, humans, birds and beast. This
gave rise to the graphs, statues and monuments as part human and part animal e.g. The Sphinx
etc. During the reign oI Constantines Istanbul (Constantinople) came the Iirst European to use
wings to portray their deceased men as still having greater government powers to control fear in
the hoi poloi. These wings often symbolized men in a heaven beyond the sky after death on
earth. In more modern days Europeans used wings on paleskinned infants to illustrate lovers,
good deeds and gifts. To this day most superstitious pagans have set aside economic-based
holidays of these celebrations ranging from flying Cupids, Tooth Fairies to a Fat Guy with
Keyhole Powers and Eight Flying Reindeers. The people of China apply wings to serpents and
dragons while many Native Americans attach bird feathers to headdress, spears and horses. All
these uses of the wings illustrates a manifest moving too fast for the carnal eye to comprehend
or the mind can believe. Rarely are these European beliefs attributed to their gross
misconceptions of ancient Kemetic teachings demonstrating all life is thought activity from The
Great God in and among us. But then again it is in the nature of the paleskin race, the only
people without a center and no alter fires, to not identify the essence of all life is in realms

The Divine Origin of Angels

38 - What is an AngEl? An AngEl is a thought of Allah manifested in human flesh.

Of all the 99 Divine Attributes of the Great God, He is the force that Creates (El) and to
Govern (Bey) that which has been created are the most encompassing of them all. Most of the
Holy creations oI Allah either begin or end with 'El (pronounced like the letter 'L, not 'eel)
e.g. MichaEL, NathaniEL, SamuEL, El Salvador, El Cid, GabriEL and our topic-matter AngEL.
The 'El alone attaches the name to the Creator in some Iorm or another. For example 'AngEl
means God`s Messenger and the name 'Nathaniel means 'God`s GiIt etc. This is why the
most popular Tribal Names among the Moorish Peoples are 'El and 'Bey. There are many
forms of Angels yet they all come from the same celestial source. Rain, Sun, Death, Love,
Truth and Justice, Cherubim and Seraphim are among the many angels about us every day but
are seldom associated with our divinity. All true Angels come as thoughts from the Great God.
Like all thoughts of Allah, Angels are not measured by time but by infinite reason. Like all true
Creations Angels also think and have a will. However the common bound uniting all Angels is
they are duty-bound and their wills are never strong enough to go against the ordinances of the
universal Creator, Allah.

Pay attention; All ANGELS (In human flesh) are MESSENGERS only. Angels are not
Administrators, managers nor officials. They do not make decisions about anything, any place
nor any being. Angels do not make determinations from where their holy instructions derive.
They are never biased, prejudice or judgmental. The interest of an Angel is only in the direction
of the message they are sent to carry.

The best way to compare the qualities of an Angel is to study the divine constitution of
rain. Rain is a stage of water which carries within it life giving properties (H2O) the essence of
healing, growth and nutrition. Yet when the condition commands for the rain to fall, it falls.
Rain does not question the command to go down nor does it determine where it is to descend;
whether it falls upon the forest, sea or desert. Rain does not make decisions because it is an
Angel and its message is to 'Iall.

The foundations of angels were initiated in Egypt (Kemet). The ancient Kemetians of
Africa held steadfast to the universal blueprint of Cycle Ages which illustrates the creation, fall
and rise of perfected man as God. But Spirit-Man, as a perfect seed from the heart of Allah, was
but one oI the seven thoughts oI The Great God which carnal man collectively calls ,The
Elohim. Now all creatures think and every creature are possessed of a will and in its measure,
has the power to choose. And in their native planes all creatures are supplied with nourishment
from the ethers of their especial plane. The power of the will rest well within the consciousness
of God and Man as one. This is why, although man was among the five creatures that fell, (with
protoplast and earth and plant and beast), he could never die while in the grave of carnal
evolution. While in human form the will of man gained strength in carnal desires and he lost
sight of himself as God. In science, every Spirit-Man is an angel but he must learn how to
master his will to live as God again. This is why an Angel is a thought of Allah manifested in
human flesh.

Noble Drew Ali Is an AngEl

40 - What is our Prophet to us? He is an AngEl of Allah sent to bring us the everlasting
gospel of Allah.

Holy Prophets are the most prayed for of all saviors during the history of every nation while it
was suffering slavery. Yet rarely are any of the Major or Minor Prophets expected by the
wretched, accepted by the nationals they are born into or lifted up before the nations of the
earth. The Holy Illustrious Prophet, Noble Drew Ali is the last major Prophet in these days yet
even he is not an exception to this doubtful and sinful illusion of mankind. Few of his native
brothers and sisters understand Drew Ali is an AngEl of Allah. He was ordained by the Great
God Allah, in due time, to redeem his people from their sinful ways of being Negroes, Blacks,
Colored People etc. He brought the everlasting gospel (Unchanging Truth) of their Nationality
and Divine Creed. The question arise: But where did Noble Drew Ali, named Timothy Drew in
the State of North Carolina on January 8, 1886, as a young 16 year old Negro boy arrive
unescorted in Kemet to get these Saving Powers?

39 - What are AngE Ls used for? To car ry messages to the four corners of the world, to all

41-What is the everlasting gospel? I t is a saving power that comes from Allah through our
ancient Fathers by His Prophet.

Noble Drew Ali received his ordination from the Great God of his ancient forefathers. A
prophet was prophesied to be born under the western skies at the change of the era from the
cycle age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius. Although born among his people and disguised as
a Negro boy, He received his education to be a Prophet while in the Ancient Kemetian Adept
Schools, known today as Egypt. True history will reveal his education in Kemet conforms to the
synchronicity of every prophet before Drew Ali e.g. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Lot, Moses,
Buddha, Confucius, Jesus and Mohammed. Every Prophet sent between Adam and the great Ali
each either went to Kemet to receive their Title of Prophet or an Angel of Allah (Kemetian
Adept Master) was sent to bring the education of Prophetdom to that especial Being; e.g. It took
The AngEl (Gabriel) 23 years to teach the Everlasting Gospel to Mohammed Ibin Abdullah
before He was able to transliterate Islamism from Kemetian (Aramic) into His Native Arabic.
Upon completion of his African Studies, taught by this Angel of Allah, it was then that Prophet
Mohammed stated 'I have perIected (Transliterated) Ior you this day your religion (Saving
Power) and it is called Islam. AIter 10 years in passing the required tests oI SelI Mastery in
Kemetian Studies Timothy Drew, now 'ShariI Abdul Ali leIt Egypt and sojourned into the
Holy City of Mecca in Saudi Arabia where naturally he was recognized as the Western born
awaited Kemetian Adept Prophet. Ali received the highest support and allegiances from his
kindred, a direct descendant of Hagar, Sultan Abdul Aziz Ibu Suad.

60 - Who is guarding the holy city of Mecca today to keep the unbelievers away? AngE Ls.

61 - What is the modern name for those AngE Ls? Asiatics

62 - What is the shade of thei r skin? Olive.

The Sultan`s allegiances with Egypt, Morocco Great Britain and the United States lead to
giving ShariI Abdul Ali the title oI 'El Hajj Ior completing the same journey as their Prophet
Mohammed. As 'Noble Drew Ali the Last Prophet would later tell his Moors about his 'High
Name: 'I was given a high name over there (I n Mecca) but you cannot use it over here.
Be good Moors and I will hand it down to you. In 1912 the newly recognized Prophet, El
Hajj Sharif Abdul Ali, was thereby endorsed by the head of the Islamic World, Sultan Saud, as
an Angel of Allah sent to carry the messages of Truth to the United States and all Nations. Prior
to this event the teachings of Islam and the Great Quran of Mohammed had been forbidden
upon the shores of the USA.

63-Are the Moorish Americans any relations to those Angels? Yes, we all have the same
Fathers and Mothers.

What Is A Swift Angel?

All Swift Angels (SA`s) are descendants of the ancient Moabites and are Messengers of
The Great God Allah through His Holy Prophet, Noble Drew Ali. These Moorish American
Men and Women are dedicated Citizens of Moorish America. Swift AngELs are well educated
in the sciences of perpetual life and the mysteries of death. Upon assignment from their
government their wills become the chief distributors for any of their Principles (love, truth,
peace, freedom or justice). Swift Angels are the return of the Chief Protectors of 'Islamism the
World`s First Religious Creed. Security is what gives value to all manifests. All Swift AngELs
give their nation divine value because the peace of society depends upon justice through their
faithfulness. In the semblance of the Angels of rain and Allah`s Angels of death, Swift Angels
too just deliver the message they are assigned to fulfill. They are the same thoughts of Allah as
Ninjas are to the Nation of Japan. Swift Angels are thoughts of Allah manifested in the flesh yet
they are more God than flesh because their thoughts are raised to infinite wisdom. These Angels
see all things from the power of their holy instructions. They obey the commands and
ordinances of Allah, the Prophets and the government in which they live. Yet Angels do not
alter the voice or silence of their command. The Actions of a Swift Angel are soundless,
timeless and in accord with the harmonies of life. All SA`s are not necessarily Divine Ministers
or Sheiks. It must be remembered; Noble Drew Ali introduced these internationally recognized
stations and titles to the sleepy MSTA Membership fresh out of slavery. It would take three to
four generations later before they could see the good of this great work. His members were to
inspire to becoming 'better Citizens oI their (own) government in which they can live in order
for these national Titles to become realized. Divine Ministers are Missionaries, Builders and
Administrators Ior their Moorish American National Government (MANG). As Ior 'Sheiks
worldwide, for over five millenniums all Sheiks are ambassadors, Attaches, diplomats and
National Representatives of their especial nation, country or Kingdom. No one can become a
official Sheik as a mere member of a religious/civic Non-Governmental Organization.
Organizations are a never nation. But one nation can own millions of organizations. When The
Holy Prophet introduced these fortunes of a Nation to the Moorish, as Members, it was for their
education and practice in what to do when they become greater. In essence, not being
recognized as a Nation means the station of Sheik will not be honored by the nations of the
earth. As for Swift Angels their wills are dedicated solely to the obedience of their Government.
The qualifications of a SA are to be ready to submit their will into the deific Will and be a Chief
Protector of the MANG through the Last Prophet, Noble Drew Ali.

The Sacred Genealogy of Swift AngE Ls

(Our History in the Western Hemisphere)

Drew Ali became the first Swift Angel because of the brief amount of time (10 years) it
took to master the self and become a Kemetian Adept Master with no prior education in any
land. Ali was ordained by the Great God of His ancient Forefathers and later prepared by the
Sacred Brotherhood of Kemetian Adepts to be five times greater than the five Prophets before
him. His new era message marks the end of man`s finite duration called time and fulfilling to

the fruition man`s Circled Seven. The last message charts the final leg of perfection in every
man`s journey of the race and must be delivered to all men in every nation on earth. He later
anointed Divine Minister Rufus German Bey of Baltimore as his Swift Angel. The Prophet
placed a red Iez upon his head and told German Bey 'Now you are Iree. Don`t forget the
Prophet`s Prayer and tell my Moors the truth. 45 years later, in June oI 1974, Dr. R. German
Bey anointed Divine Minister NathaniEL Pleasant-Bey as Swift AngEl #1. This sacred
genealogy which began in Kemet lasted about another 35 years (2009-2010). In these modern
days the Grand Anointing to a Band of Swift Angels enlightened the western skies. Dr. Elihu N
Pleasant-Bey, Grand National Chairman, Swift AngEl #1, through this sacred family tree alone
has the power to anoint Swift Angels. This empowerment can and will be handed to other
Moorish in due time. Meanwhile as a matter of National Security, the totality of these new
names and numbers can only be known by the Executive Rulers and Grand Body of the
MANG. SAs are always set at the ready Ior they do not select the time oI deployment, as a
matter of defense of the Gospel. 68 - What people represent the Higher Self? The AngE Ls
who protect the Holy City of Mecca. Swift AngELs are the Chief Protectors of Moorish
America, their divine citizenry and Theocratic Government.

Love Divine,

Dr. Elihu N Pleasant-Bey, Swift AngEl #1

-+6-+-&7 1(//#+ /-C8 FllHu'S A0FPT lFSS0t #231 (2t0 F0lTl0t)


(UNI TY is: All are in harmony of the one, agreement, unison, unanimity and oneness.
These holy instructions of UNI T Y are the perpetual teachings and sole premeditated
bonds between Man and His Creator. Right UNI T Y is when the Will of Man and the Will
of the Great God are one. UNI T Y is witnessing the living oneness of the universal
harmonies of life. UNI T Y is eternal oneness of what the Life of Man is truly spent to

1. The gifts (Plural meaning many / Rewards, Endowments, Presents, Contributions: Aids
without debt, obligation or expected return) of the understanding (Knowledge,
Comprehension, Insight, Perception, Conception) are the treasures (Resources, riches,
assets, stored wealth) of Allah (Love, Universal Harmonies, Spirit, Husband Man, The
Great God) and He appointed [F rom the Heart of Allah let man learn wisdom]
(Covenant, agreed, fixed, prearranged, allotted) to everyone (Spirit with soul, souls
made manifest, Thinking Things with Wills) his portion (share, quantity, lot, quota), in
what measure (amount, degree) seemeth (give the impression, appear, look as if) good
(moral, worthy, satisfactory) unto Himself (Human knowledge, carnal self).

2. Hath He endowed (gifted, provided) thee (your soul) with wisdom (understanding,
insight, prudence, judgment, perception)? Hath He (The Great God, Higher Self,
Consciousness) enlightened thy mind (actions of the soul, thoughts) with the knowledge
(information, facts, data, education, experience) of truth (that which is immutable,
unchallengeable, absolute, and indisputable)? Communicate Converse, exchange
words, correspond, interconnect) it to the ignorant, (the uninformed, unaware) for their
instruction; communicate it to the wise, for thine own improvement (self cultivation,

3. True wisdom is less presuming than folly (foolishness, ignorance, silliness). The wise
man doubteth often, and changeth his mind; the fool is obstinate (stubborn, determined,
adamant), and doubteth not; he knoweth all things, but his own ignorance.

4. The pride of emptiness is an abomination (disgrace, hateful, atrocity); and to talk much,
is the foolishness of folly; nevertheless, it is the part of wisdom to hear with patience
their impertinence, and to pity their absurdity (meaninglessness, illogicality,

5. Yet be not puffed up in thine own conceit, neither boast of superior understanding; the
clearest human knowledge (carnal nature, Beliefs, perhaps, maybe) is but blindness and

6. The wise man feeleth his imperfections, (Human nature, body of desires, weakness,
insufficiencies) and is humbled; he laboreth in vain for his own approbation (approval,
admiration, esteem) but the fool peepeth in the shadow stream of his own mind, and is
pleased with the pebbles (ego, self-image, human frailties, mundane nature, carnal
character, ordinary and what the thoughtless thinks), which he seeth at the bottom; he
bringeth them up and showeth them as pearls and with the applause of his brethren
delighteth himself (Self-Inflated ego).

7. He boasteth of attainments (achievements, realizations, accomplishments; There are no
attainments in being NBC or Nationless) in things that are of no worth; but where it is a
shame to be ignorant, there he hath no understanding.

8. Even in the path of wisdom (all other nations of the Human Family), he toileth after
folly (remaining in Organizations, NGOs, Chattels of Citizens); and shame and
disappointment are the reward of his labor.

9. But the wise man cultivates his mind with knowledge; the improvement of the arts is his
delight, and their utility to the public crowneth with honor.

10. Nevertheless, the attainment of virtue he accounteth as the highest learning; and the
science of happiness (The soul`s research and examination oI contentment, satisIaction
and peace) is the study of his life.

From the Professor: Elihu`s Adept Lesson #231

When man speaks of uniting with his brothers he must fi rst speak from the gifts of
the understanding where the resur rection of He and Allah resides as a fact. Only when
Man knows this sacred covenant in UNI T Y can he be the AngEl of oneness which he has
been created to bring. UNI T Y must come from the heart of man to the heart of Allah.
Only then will it be attainable. The Holy bond of Unity is the final victory over the self.
Thy Soil Is thine Own, Let It Not Want Cultivation.

-+6-+-&7 1(//#+ /(.(+. FllHu'S A0FPT lFSS0t #240


The (Master, Oneness, Foremost, a definite)
Social (communal, public, group, collective, common, societal, community)
Duties (responsibilities, task, sense of obligation, job, due, what one must do)

1. When thou considereth (Think, Contemplate, deem, reflect on) thy wants (requests,
wishes, desires), when thou beholdeth (observe, watch consider, view, regard) thy
imperfections (lacking, inadequate, insuffiencies, limitations, flaws, faults,
unsatisfactory, weaknesses), acknowledge his goodness recognize Allah`s integrity,
concede Allah`s kindness, admit Allah`s righteousness, salute Allah`s decency), O (Now
wisdom Speaking from the heart of Allah) son of humanity (product of humankind,
people, civilization, charity), who honored thee with humanity, endowed thee with
speech (language, words, communication, talking, native tongue, discourse,
vocalizations), and placed thee in society (citizens, culture, social order, humanity,
people, the public) to receive and confer (bestow, grant, give, award) reciprocal helps
(equal assistance, the same aid, joint facilitation, shared support) and mutual obligations
(joint commitments, communal responsibilities, reciprocated duties),

protection from inj uries (Parental security from harm, community Mufti from wrongs),
thy enjoyments of the comforts (protected rest, secured relief, safe wellbeing, ease0
and the pleasures of life; happy development, joys of progress, contentment of growing)

All these thou oweth to the assistance of others and couldst not enjoy but in the
bands of society.

2. It is thy duty, therefore, to be a friend (companion, ally, supporter, helper to humanity) to
mankind, as it is thy interest (concern, important, consequential, advantage, benefit, gain,
profit, rewarding) that man should be friendly to thee.

3. As the rose breatheth sweetness from its own nature, so the heart of a benevolent
man produceth good wor ks. (All men and women who`s Will has joined with the deiIic
Will, are conscious of their perfected state as Gods and by divine Holy Nature are
Creators of goodness, peace and happiness).

4. He (Perfected Man) enjoyeth the ease and tranquility of his own breast, and rejoiceth in
the happiness and prosperity of his neighbor (Those who, like himself as God manifested
in human Iorm, are also striving to work out their liIe`s sum).

5. He openeth not his ear unto slander (Carnal man too often make the mistake of
reacting to the noises listened to by the human ear rather that counteracting, deciphering
or measuring with discretion what the Inner {Spiritual} Ear has heard. Now the God-Man
has two ears. (1) The human, earthly or Outer Ear which, like antennas, can only listen to
whatever frequency has been blown into them by the winds; yet has no power of
discretions. And (2) The Inner Ear or Spiritual Ear always functions with prudence,
responsibility and freedom. The equilibrium of the Inner Ear is balanced by its
performing, processing, judging, measuring and understanding. In science when these
Iunctions are exercised at maximum eIIiciency are called 'Hearing. When the conscious
hears they first perceives, heeds, examines and gathers the sounds into comprehensive
mode of growth, unfoldment and understanding before allowing The Inner Ear to open.
The Inner Ear feeds from the breast of Love Divine into the heart of man. When we truly
hear our ear is open to righteousness. This is why the Holy prophet instructs the Moors to
'Openeth NOT their Inner Ear unto slander or other things that harms because it is in
conflict to man divine unfoldment), the faults and the failings of men give a pain to his

6. His desire is to do good, and he researcheth out the occasions thereof; in removing the
oppression of another, he relieveth himself.

7. From the largeness of his mind, he comprehendeth in his wishes the happiness of all men;
and from the generosity of his heart, he endeavoreth to promote it.

Noble Drew Ali on Camel / East to West; Bringing Us Everything
Fi rst Created 01-06-2011 in Honor of NDA 125th Bi rthday

By Dr. Elihu N Pleasant-Bey, GNC, Swift Angel #1

ltFltlTY lFSS0t Fl6HT. FllHu'S A0FPT lFSS0t #258

HOL Y (From the Infinite) I NSTRUCTI ONS F ROM T HE PROPHE T (Angel of Allah)

MAST ER The science oI 'MASTER comes in three degrees oI Authority:

1) The Spi rit, The Great God Allah
2) Plane of Soul: Prophets, Angels and Adepts
3) Plane of carnal manifest: Highly skilled, Owner, Original Model, Guide, Head, Leader
or Administrator


SERVANT (Faithful, Moslem, Citizen, Public or Civil attendant, Government Server, obedient,
a devotee, The spirit of a Servant is made equal as that of a Master in the service of Allah)

There is a harmony in every purpose and this purpose is fully realized when the force
from a MASTER`s Will is united by the powers from the Will of a SERVANT.

1. Repine (complain, fretful, dissatisfied, find fault, criticize, nitpick) not, O (Spirit,
Godman) man (thought of Allah, planted in a soil of soul, now in a body of desires), at
the state of servitude (being ruled, dominated or restricted); it is the appointment of
Allah (choice, planned, prior arrangement, employment, promotion), and hath many
advantages (Being worthy, hired, trusted, crafty; it removeth thee from cares and
solicitudes in life (Concerns, Responsibilities, attentiveness, protectorate).

2. The honor (integrity, credit, admiration, reputation, nobility, pride, distinction) of a
servant is his fidelity (loyalty, faithfulness, reliability, trustworthiness, dependability,
commitment, conformity); his highest vi rtues (Honesty, assets, value, worth, benefit,
uprightness) are submission and obedience (compliance and agreement, assent and
respect, surrender and duty).

3. Be patient (tolerant, enduring, serene, uncomplaining), therefore, under the reproofs
(reprimands, admonitions, criticisms, accusations) of thy master; and when he rebuketh
(censure, give a talking to, a scolding) thee, answer not again. The silence of thy
resignation (acceptance, acknowledgement and acquiescence without defiance) shall not
be forgotten.

4. Be studious of his interests (serious of his pursuits, reflective of his importance,
intellectual involving his affairs, diligent about his business and meticulous about his
concerns; be diligent in his affai rs (industrious in his relationships, conscientious in his
dealings, attentive in his associations, thorough in his interactions and painstaking in his

employments), and faithful to the trust (true to the faith, accurate to the reliance,
authentic to the dependence and exact to the expectations), which he reposeth (assigned
with trust, reclined in tranquility, rest assured) in thee.

5. Thy time and thy labor belong unto him (Remember you have been appointed, by
Allah, to be a servant at this time and in this life span; your time and work must be
applicable in the Master`s honor). Defraud him not thereof (Do not deceive, cheat, con,
trick or take advantage of, swindle), for he payeth thee for them.

6. And thou who art a master, be just to thy servant if thou expecteth from him fidelity;
and reasonable in thy commands if thou expecteth ready obedience.

7. The spi rit of a man is in him; severity and rigour may create fear, but can never
command love.

8. Mix kindness with reproof, and reason with authority (Purpose with power, Cause
with ability, Explanation with mandate); so shall thy admonitions take place in his heart,
and his duty (responsibility, obligation, function) shall become his pleasure.

9. He shall serve thee faithfully from the motive of gratitude (methods of thanks, ways of
appreciation); he shall obey thee cheerfully from the principle of love (The Great God
within); and fail thou not, in return, to give his diligence and fidelity their proper reward.

Dear Students: This chapter, as are the especial chapters XX through XLVIII, is The Holy
Prophet`s Direct Instructions to his people Ior the character building to the Government upon
which their clean and pure nation can live. The Moorish Peoples must raise their thoughts from
human knowledge to infinite wisdom. During the time of slavery and from the pains of forced
domestication the Moorish have learned to repine against authority.

The traumatized and finite mind of a slave cannot comprehend the infinite warnings, holy
instructions and Divine Constitution from The Great God Allah through His Prophet.
A slave is one who is forced to obey the dictates of the slave master. Slaves do not have the
freedom of choice. The subjugated, through all the laboring of his life, will never attain to the
position to become a slave master. But through the divinity of our government a Servant can
become the Master, Children can become parents and a wife can take care of the duties of a
husband`s household.

The mind of a slave and the mind of a servant are as unlike as prison and freedom. Dear
Students go beneath the surface of HOLY INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE PROPHET:
MASTER AND SERVANT and you will see why we have a Theocratic form of Government.
Notice the divine and natural harmony in constitutions of: Master and Servant, Husband and
Wife, Parent and Children, Government and Citizens. The love of a Servant is truly shown
through the freedom they enjoy within the peaceful service to their just government.

The Moorish Americans are ordained to be a Master (sovereign) Nation; It is an appointment of
Allah. Now they must submit and recognize themselves as servants (Moslems) of The Great
God before they can take their place in the affairs of men and lead the nations of the earth to

Thru: Dr. Elihu N Pleasant-Bey, Instructor

-+6-+-&7 1(//#+ +-+(8 FllHu'S A0FPT lFSS0t #255



(A Judge in a Lower Misdemeanor Court; Child Support, Pretrial Hearings, Minor law Officer,
Judiciary with limited powers: Governors, Mayors, Councilmen, Justice of the Peace, County or
State Representatives, Congressmen, Senators)


Subj ect

(A vassal placed under authority or law, Citizens, Hoi Poloi, Under the Jurisdiction or control of
a ruler or law, a legal resident governed by law, obligated to obey ordinances)

1. O thou, the favorite of Heaven (An infinite state of mind, Thoughts from the Higher Self
MHK, 12:8-9), whom the sons of men (free National Beings), thy equals (those who
Allah made to work out their liIe`s sum) have agreed to raise to sovereign power (Free
and Self sustaining) and set (accepted, elected, acknowledged, fixed, appointed, arranged,
agreed to) as a ruler (Divine Ministers, Sheiks, Chairman, Mufti et al) over themselves;
consider the ends and importance of their trust (faith, confidence, depend on, rely,
responsibility, care), far more than the dignity and height of thy station (position, status,
post, place, rank).

2. Thou art clothed in purple (royalty, majestic, crowned, nobility), and seated on a throne
(Chair, office of power; the crown of majesty investeth thy temples (Where things are
made of thought, shrine, sanctuary), the scepter of power is placed in thy hand (actions
of the soul, the mind); but not for thyself were these ensigns given; not meant for thine
own, but the good of thy kingdom (Moorish America, Government, family, community).

3. The glory of a king is the welfare of his people (the happiness, wellbeing, interest, good,
and security of his nation); his power and dominion rest on the hearts of his subjects.

4. The mind of a great prince is exalted with the grandeur (greatness, dignity, stateliness)
of his situation; he evolveth (develop, grow, produce, advance) high things, and
searcheth for business (trade, commerce, industry, partnership, agreements, interest)
worthy of his power.

5. He calleth together the wise men (Prophets, Ministers and Magistrates) of his kingdom;
he consulteth among them with freedom (autonomy, liberty, sovereignty, without

restrictions, self sustaining, openness), and heareth the opinions (views, judgments,
beliefs, attitudes) of them all.

6. He looketh among his people with discernment (sensitivity, judgments, awareness); he
discovereth the abilities (skills, capability, talents, gifts, powers, faculty) of men, and
employeth them according to their merits (qualities, virtues, accomplishments).
7. His magistrates are just, his ministers are wise, and the favorite of his bosom deceiveth
him not.

8. He smileth on the arts, and they flourish; the sciences improve beneath the culture
(refinements, national tradition, inherit background, cultivation) of his hand.

9. With the learned and ingenious he delighteth himself; he kindleth in their breasts
emulation; and the glory of his kingdom is exalted by thei r labors (the worth of the
Moorish American Government is realized by the love and initiatives from the Citizens).

10. The spi rit of the merchant who extendeth his commerce, the skill of the farmer who
enricheth his lands, the ingenuity of the artists, the improvements of the scholar; all
these he honoreth with his favor, or rewardeth with his bounty.

11. He planteth new colonies, he buildeth strong ships, he openeth rivers for
convenience, he formeth harbors for safety, his people abound in riches, and the
strength of his kingdom increaseth. (These, [10-11] are j ust a few bricks necessary in
building a clean and pure nation)

12. He frameth his statutes with equity and wisdom; his subj ects enjoy the fruits of thei r
labor in security; and thei r happiness consists of the observance of the law.

13. He foundeth his j udgments on the principle of mercy, but in the punishment of
offenders, he is strict and impartial (This is the course of justice and maintains the
peace in a society).

14. His ears are open to the complaints of his subjects; he restraineth the hands of thei r
oppressors (the protections held within the sovereignty of a free National Constitution
and its government), and he delivereth them from their tyranny.

15. His people, therefore, look up to him as a father, with reverence and love; they consider
him as the guardian of all they enjoy.

16. Their affection unto him begetteth in his breast a love of the public; the security of their
happiness is the object of his care.

17. No murmurs against him (hatred, slander, spiteful remarks, deformation of character,
planting negative seeds in weak minds, creating doubtful thoughts, Satan going to and
fro) arise in their hearts; the machinations (plans, set-up, devising of secret, cunning of
schemes to do harm) of his enemies endanger not the state.

18. His subj ects are faithful, and fi rm in his cause; they stand in his defense, as a wall of
brass; the army of a tyrant flieth before them, as chaff before the wind.

19. Security and peace bless the dwelling of his people; and glory and strength encircle his
throne forever.

-+6-+-&7 1(//#+ &(+8 >D> $#)0+ ;,(/&-#+0)7

Moorish American Prayer

ALLAH the father of the Universe, the Father of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.
ALLAH is my Protector, my Guide, and my Salvation by night and by day, through His Holy
Prophet, Drew Ali. (Amen).

Koran Questions for Moorish Children

1. Who made you? ALLAH

2. Who is ALLAH? ALLAH is the Father of the Universe.

3. Can we see Him? No.

4. Where is the nearest place we can meet Him? In the heart.

5. Who is Noble Drew Ali? He is ALLAH's Prophet.

6. What is a Prophet? A Prophet is a Thought of ALLAH manifested in the flesh.

7. What is the duty of a Prophet? To save nations from the wrath of ALLAH.

8. Who is the founder of the Moorish Science Temple of America? Noble Drew Ali.

9. What year was the Moorish Science Temple of America founded? 1913 A.D.

10. Where? Newark, New Jersey.

11. Where was Noble Drew Ali born? In the State of North Carolina, 1886.

12. What is his nationality? Moorish-American.

13. What is your nationality? Moorish-American.

14. Why are we Moorish-Americans? We are Moorish-Americans because we are
descendants of Moroccans and born in America.

15. For what purpose was the Moorish Science Temple of America Founded? For the
uplifting of fallen humanity.

16. How did the Prophet begin to uplift the Moorish American? By teaching them to be

17. What is our religion? Islamism

18. Is that a new, or is that the old time religion? Old time religion.

19. What kind of a flag is the Moorish? It is a red flag with a five pointed green star in the

20. What do the five points represent? Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

21. How old is our flag? It is over 50,000 years old.

22. Which is our Holy Day? Friday.

23. Why? Because Friday is the day on which man was formed in flesh, and it was on a
Friday when He departed out of flesh.

24. Who was Jesus? He was a Prophet of Allah.

25. Where was he born? In Bethlehem, of Judah, in the House of David.

26. Who were His Father and Mother? Joseph and Mary.

27. Will you give in brief the line (genealogy) through which Jesus came? Some of the Great
Fathers through which Jesus came are: Abraham, Boaz by Ruth, Jesse, King David,
Solomon, Hezekiah and Joseph by Mary.

28. Why did ALLAH send Jesus to this earth? To save the Israelites from the iron-hand
oppression of the pale-skin nations of Europe, who were governing a portion of Palestine
at that time

29. How long has that been? About two thousand years ago.

30. What was the nationality of Ruth? Ruth was a Moabitess.

31. What is the modern name for Moabites? Moroccans.

32. Where is the Moroccan Empire? Northwest Amexem.

33. What is the modern name for Amexem? Africa.

34. What is the title given to our ruler in Morocco? Sultan.

35. Where do we get the name Jesus? From the East.

36. What does the name Jesus mean? Jesus means Justice.

37. Did the Angel give to the Child that was called Jesus a Holy name? Yes, but it cannot be
used by those who are slaves to sin.

38. What is an Angel? An angel is a thought of ALLAH manifested in human flesh.

39. What are Angels used for? To carry messages to the four corners of the world, to all

40. What is our Prophet to us? He is an angel of ALLAH who was sent to bring us the
Everlasting Gospel of ALLAH.

41. What is the Everlasting Gospel? It is a Saving Power that comes from ALLAH through
our Ancient Fathers, by His Prophet.

42. What is the Covenant of the Great GOD-ALLAH? Honor thy Father and thy Mother, that
thy days may be long upon the Earth land which the Lord thy GOD-ALLAH hath given

43. At what age did Jesus begin to preach? At age twelve.

44. Where did he teach? India, Africa and Europe.

45. How long did he teach? Eighteen years.

46. What did Jesus say that would make you free? TRUTH.

47. What is TRUTH? TRUTH is Aught.

48. What is Aught? Aught is ALLAH.

49. Can TRUTH change? TRUTH cannot change, or pass away.

50. What other name do we give to TRUTH? HOLY BREATH.

51. What have you to say about HOLY BREATH? All we can say is it is Great. It is good. It
was, it is, and evermore to be. AMEN.

52. At what place on earth was the physical part of MAN formed? In the Garden of Eden.

53. Where is the Garden of Eden? In the land of Canaan, in the City of Mecca.

54. What is the modern name for the Garden of Eden? MECCA.

55. What is the name of the first physical man? His name cannot be used, only by Executive
Rulers of the A.C. of the M.S.T. of A.

56. What are the words of A.C. of the M.S.T. of A.? Adept Chamber of the Moorish Science
Temple of America (3rd Heaven).

57. Who were Adam and Eve? They are the mothers and fathers of the human family.
Asiatics and Moslems.

58. Where did they go? They went into Asia.

59. What is the modern name given to the children? Asiatics.

60. Who is guarding the Holy City of MECCA today to keep unbelievers away? Angels.

61. What is the modern name for these Angels? Asiatics.

62. What is the shade of their skin? Olive.

63. Are the Moorish Americans any relation to those Angels? Yes, we all have the same
father and mother.

64. Give five names that are given to the descendants of Adam and Eve: Lucifer, Satan,
Devil, Dragon and Beast.

65. What is the Devil sometimes called? The Lower-self.

66. How many selves are there? Two.

67. Name them: Higher-self and Lower-self.

68. What people represent the Higher-self? The Angels who protect the Holy City of

69. What people represent the Lower-self? Those who were cast out of the Holy City, and
those who accept their teachings.

70. What is the Higher-self? The Higher-self is the Mother of virtues and the harmonies of
life, and breeds Justice, Mercy, Love and Right.

71. Can the Higher-self pass away? No.

72. Why? Because it is ALLAH in MAN.

73. What does the Lower-self breed? Hatred, Slander, Lewdness, Murders, Theft, and
everything that harms.

74. What did the Higher-self say to the Lower-self at one time when He met Satan? "Where
are you going Satan?"

75. What was the answer that the Lower-self gave to the Higher-self? "I am going to and fro
the earth seeking whom I may devour."

76. Has he finished his task of devouring? Yes.

77. When was His time declared out? When He nailed Jesus to the cross.

78. What were the last words Jesus uttered? It is finished.

79. What did He have reference to? He had reference to the end of Satan.

80. Did Jesus say that He would return to conquer Him? Yes.

81. What is the first name of the person into whom Jesus was first reincarnated? Prophet
MOHAMMED, the Conqueror.

82. Was Satan to be bound then? Satan was bound in part.

83. When was the head of Satan taken off? 1453 (Byzantine).

84. By whom? By Mohammed.

85. Name some of the marks that were put upon the MOORS of Northwest, by the European
nations in 1774? Negro, Black, Colored and Ethiopian.

86. Negro, a name given to a river in West Africa by MOORS, because it contained black

87. What is meant by the word Black? Black according to science means death.

88. What does the word colored mean? Colored means anything that has been painted,
stained, varnished or dyed.

89. What does Ethiopian mean? Ethiopia means something divided.

90. Can a man be a Negro, Black, Colored or Ethiopian? No.

91. Why? Because man is made in the Image and after the likeness of God, ALLAH.

92. What title does Satan give Himself? God.

93. Will you define the word White? White means Purity, Purity means God, and God means
the Ruler of the Land.

94. To whom do we refer at times, as being the GREAT GOD? ALLAH.

95. Is the Devil made in the Image and Likeness of ALLAH? No, he is the shadow of our
lower-selves and will pass away.

96. Who made the Devil? Elohim.

97. Who is Elohim? Elohim is the Seven Creative Spirits that created everything that ever
was, is, and evermore to be.

98. What is Elohim sometimes called? The SEVEN EYES of ALLAH.

99. How many days are in the Circle? Seven days.

100. How many days are in a creation? Seven days.

101. According to Science, how many days are in a year? Seven days.

-+6-+-&7 1(//#+ (1(.(+8 0 1##$ 0& 3##)-/' 3,/1-3/ &'(-)
0)5'-&(5&,)( 0+9 -+61,(+5(/ -+ -+9-0+ 5#,+&)7

The feigned moral indignity expressed by the ilk of highly paid, well placed public
(Provocateurs).need commentators over the installation oI a mosque at the 9/11 Ground Zero
site, tends to conIound researchers like me. Mosques` (at least to my mind) are a grand
testament to the ultimate in Moorish/Muslim Architecture. Beyond that, it is an apt reminder of
the great body of Muslim-Moorish influences once pre-existing in the Hemispheric Aboriginal
Indian Country of the places we now know to be the Americas.

I must admit to wondering what had gotten the Catholic Majesties in such a twisted bunch that
it created an absolute blind rage and hatred of the Saracens that they would dare to chase them
into the realm of unknown lands (and apparently past the sheer edge of the square world-a
belief in vogue in their era) in order to vanquish them forever?

What`s more, the Catholic Majesties with the blessing oI his Papal Highness and the Holy See,
sealed the Iate oI the Saracens and their descendants to a condition oI 'authorized Perpetual
Slavery Iorever, with a vow to vanquish their 'Kingdoms, Duchies, counties, principalities
(etc., etc.) wherever they exist and promptly set their sights on the takeover oI the Americas.

So it is the Pope and the Catholic Majesties themselves that gives us our first clue of the
location of the extended Kingdoms oI the Saracens as they descended upon the America`s with
their Armada bearing Men of the Cloth, Sacristy Conversion Kits and Expedition of Heavily-
armed Conquistadors at the ready to kill all Saracens resistant to forceful conversion to

The Dum Diversas granted Hernando De Soto and others 'Apostolic Authority |on behalI oI
the Kings oI Spain and Portugal|; ('We grant you by these present documents, with our
Apostolic Authority, full and free permission to invade, search out, capture and subjugate the
Saracens and pagans and any other unbelievers and enemies of Christ wherever they may be, as
well as their kingdoms, duchies, counties, principalities, and other property ...} And to
reduce their persons into perpetual slavery).

Note: Apostolic, means relating to the Pope.thereIore stating Papal Authority.

Anyway, Hernando de Soto (and others) did come here into the interior Indian Country of the
extended kingdom of Saracens and left numerous descriptions of his travails and very surprising
narratives describing Indian settlements with Moorish Architecture, use of Moorish Mats,
Moorish Darts, and Moorish Cloaks. He also wrote extensively about Indian Chiefs wearing
'Almaizars like 'Moors. A later Trail oI Tears description oI Black Indians recalled the
'Negro Indians on horseback wearing 'Almaizars Moorish Wraps, giving them an 'Arab

In 'Carolina, we Iound evidence oI numerous Indian Settlements repurposed into Plantations,
the name oI one was 'Sarazins ('Sarazens'). The aboriginal name of the Indian Settlement was
Saracens (at the point oI contact with the Lord`s Proprietors). Even iI the place was named by
Whites as claimed by Euro-His-Story, it is telling in either case that the Black Indian inhabitants
(prior to Colonial Settlement) were decreed 'Saracens. Further removing doubt, Ethnologists
reIerred to the Aborigines as 'Ishmaelites.

Seafaring Moorish ~Mariners of Aboriginal Indian Country

Seafaring ancient Moroccans, Tunisians, Algerians, Turks and Canary Islanders were
Marine travelers to the Americas. Their ventures actually started hundreds of years earlier by
Moorish, Carthaginian and Phoenician Ancestors.

U.S. Ethnologist and First Director of the Smithsonian Institution, J.W. Powell documented in
his early 1880s Report, an unusual Iind in Queen Weetamoor`s Rhode Island Province, a Burial
Mound containing what he described as an ancient 'Native in Carthaginian Armor. A very
detailed description of both the Native and the Armor was filed in the report, which included
'leather straps consistent with 'maronquinerie (or leatherware).

Due to the complex early Maritime claims upon the waterways, the 18th Century found
Americans already functioning under working International Treaties with Morocco, Algiers,
Tunisia, and Tripoli. George Washington and President Thomas Jefferson maintained the
Barbary States Treaties (Maritime Treaties) with the same Moorish countries. The status of the
Treaties was reported in each Presidential State of the Union Address until 1830, which
coincidently overlaps with the removal of the Indians from their Native Settlements to areas
west of the Mississippi (along with their Black Tribal Citizens and Free Persons of Color-whom
as we are reminded were neither considered Slaves, nor subject to U.S. or State or 'Negro
Laws (as conIirmed by the South Carolina Legislature in 1790). However, the Iorced Indian
removals (along with their Ethnic Black Tribal Citizens and Free Persons of Color) resulted in
cutoff communications between Maritime Nations and citizens situated in Sovereign Colonies
and Black Indian Settlements.

Historic Moorish/ Muslim I nfluences in the Aboriginal I ndian Country

The name 'Moors has always referred to several historic and modern populations of Berbers,
Black Africans and Africans of Arab descent from Northern Africa, Muslim Iberians and West
Africans from Mali and Niger, who had been absorbed into the Almoravid dynasty, some of
whom came to conquer and occupy the Iberian Peninsula for nearly 800 years. At that time they
were Muslims (or followers of Islam), although earlier people had followed other religions.
They called the territory Al Andalus, comprising most of what is now Spain and Portugal.

Almoravid Dynasty

The Almoravids were a Berber Muslim Dynasty that ruled Morocco and Muslim Spain in the
11th and 12th centuries. They may have originated in what is now Mauritania. Their founder
was Abd Allah ibn Yasin, who by military force converted a number of Saharan tribes to his
own reformed religion and then advance on Morocco. After his death c. 1059, Yusuf ibn
Tashfin and his brother Abu Bakr came to power. Marrakech was founded (c. 1062) and was
the center of a power empire. Called by the Moors in Spain to help stem Christian reconquest,
Yusef entered Andalusia and defeated (c.1086) Alfonso VI of Castile. He later subdued the
local Muslim rulers and governed Muslim Spain and N. Morocco (Abu Baker ruled over S
Morocco). The dynasty also pushed south, destroying the ancient state of Ghana. In the 12th
century they were attacked by the Almohads, who finally (by 1174) won both Morocco and
Muslim Spain.

The Moors` rule stretched at times as Iar as modern-day Mauretania, West African countries,
and the Senegal River. Parts of Mauretania covered northern portions of modern Morocco and
much of north western and central Algeria during the classical period. The people of the region
were noted in classical literature as the Mauri.

The term Mauri, or variations, was later used by European traders and explorers of the 16th to
18th centuries to designate ethnic Berber and Arab groups speaking the Hassaniya Arabic
dialect. In modern Iberia, the term is applied to people of Moroccan ethnicity.

The root of the word appears as; mouro, moro, moir, mor and maur. The root has taken on a
variety oI meanings, including 'Moreno Irom Latin. It can also mean 'Black Person or
'Mulatto. Moor came to have a broader meaning, applied to both Moros and Moriscos of
Granada. Early ethnologists called Islamic Blacks in the Americas, 'Mohammedans. Guanches
from the Canary Islands were descended from Berbers and Anthropologists confirm finding
ancient markings from inhabitants in the Canary Islands bearing the letters (Z)(A)(N)(A)(T)(A),
a direct reIerence to Berbers oI Moorish Origin. What`s more, Colonies oI these Canarians were
also found among the tribes of pre-colonial (and Colonial era) 'Carolina in what is now the


Saracens, refers to Muslim/Moors. In fact the name figures prominently in the ancient Biblical
story of Isaac and Ishmael, the sons of Abraham. The children of Abraham and his Jewish wife
Sarah are descended from Isaac. Further, the children of Abraham and Hagar, the Egyptian
Slave are descended Irom Ishmael and are empty oI, or 'without a genetic DNA contribution
from Sarah (Genesis 16, 21:121)

ThereIore, the Muslim descendants oI Ishmael are those empty oI Sara or 'without Sara (born
'outside oI Sara) and were reIerred to as 'Saracens'. Some text reIer to them as Hagarenes.
Despite Egyptian ancestry this population are considered to be Arabs.

It seems that since they were born oI a 'Slave their enemies decided that descendants oI
Ishmael should be 'perpetual Slaves throughout every generation and wherever they lived
(even after removing to faraway lands), although they were Blessed by God to be a mighty
Nation, children of the desert, proficient with a bow.

Remembering An Aboriginal Moorish-Indian Queen

The next story centers upon the ancient settlement of a Black Indian Queen killed by beheading
in 1674 as a preemptive act of aggression and example to others by the militarized settlers of
Natick, Massachusetts in the opening salvo of King Philips War. Although Queen Weetamoor`s
ancient Burial Mounds were in existence at contact, the great Mound treasure was not
discovered until later. Her story appears out of sequence due to its strategic geographical
situation as an Atlantic settlement of Indian-Moors.

Moors Dominate The Atlantic -Hassanimisco: Queen Weetamoor`s Settlement

Queen Weetamoor`s Country was Aquetneck (the Aboriginal name oI Rhode Island).
She was ruler of Atlantic Coastal Black Indian Tribes and a kinsmen of Massasoit and King
Phillip of the Narragansett and Wampanoag Nations. The Queen was'Squaw Sachem oI
Pocasset at Fall River (extent territory to Massachusetts). Weetamoor was also related to
Tuspaquin, known as 'the Black Sachem'or Black ChieI.

These were the Indian groups that welcomed the first Pilgrims in the Americas upon the word
oI Tisquantum or 'Squanto.

Hassani-Morisco: Moroccan Muslim/ Moors- Weetamoor`s People

Weetamoor`s Tribal Town called Hassanimisco, was a compound word which seems to have
contained two important elements specific to Morocco; the first being a similarity to the name
derived Irom the spoken language oI Morocco known as 'Hassaniyya. The second element
being the word 'Morisco, the name given to Indigenous Moors in ancient times converted
forcefully by the Spanish to Christianity.

Alternate names are: Hasanya and Hassani. The Classification is Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, Central,
South and Arabic. The alternate Hassani, plus Morisco would produce Hassanimorisco, literally
meaning Hassani speaking Moroccan Muslim/Moors. In short, they were a special group of
Saracens escaping conversion and established Colonies in the Aboriginal Indian Country.
Queen Weetamoor`s chosen Colony name gives great clues as to the era oI their escape and
settlement (11th or 12th century).

They were Subjects of the Kings of Morocco. Further their tribal families would also settle
Carolina and the interior.

Moors of Carolina

Besides Hassanimisco, large Moorish Native communities are known to have existed in
Delaware. A city known as Cheswold, Delaware was composed of Moorish Natives with
known connections to the Lenni-Lenape and Nanticoke Nations of Delmarva.

Extensive Moorish Colonies, Indian-Moor Communities and Creole Settlements among many
other Tribal Nations existed in North and South Carolina (including Turks, Guanches and other
'allies captured by many Indian Census Reports, Treaties and historical documents
(particularly among the Nations of the 5 Civilized Tribes). These nearly indescribable persons
were subsequently categorized as 'Iree persons oI color, 'Iree blacks, 'Mulattos and
'Negro among the Tribes.

Moors As Guides I n The Aboriginal I ndian Country
Hernando De Soto in Ancient Carolina

Hernando de Soto made several very curious remarks during his travels. He lamented in one
discussion about his Moors being the ancestors of the Indians. The other observation being that
aIter the loss oI Moors Irom his Expedition, De Soto`s team seems to have become vulnerable,
unstable and directionally confused.

Hernando De Soto also recorded numerous items in ancient 'Carolina and Alabama bearing
Moorish influences, such as those documented in their original narratives, confirmed by a
Scholarly recounting in 'DeSoto Chronicles, The Expedition oI Hernando de Soto to North
America in 1539-1543 by Lawrence A. Clayton, Vernon James Knight, Jr., and Edward C.
Moore, Editors, Pages 304-305 XVII; 'The Army Leave CoIachiqui In Two Divisions;
'Besides these kinds oI arrowheads made oI copper, such as those they put on darts in Spain,
there were others with harpoons, also made of copper, and in the form of small chisels, lances,
and Moorish darts, which looked as iI they had been made in Castilla.

De Soto remarked upon his Expedition leaving three African Ancestored People with the
Aboriginal Indians between Guaxule, Chiaha, and Xuala; 2 were Negroes and the third was a
Moor Irom Barbary, 'a Berber'. |Moor From Barbary, Page 315 XX|.

A Iourth person leIt with the Tribe at (Coosa, Creek Nation) was a 'Negro named Robles.

I ndian -Moor Colonies
Ancient Carolina Moorish/ Muslim Settlements

1526-Lucas Vsquez de Aylln Expedition

In 1526 an expedition led by Lucas Vsquez de Aylln founded San Miguel de Guadalupe on
the coast at Winyah Bay. San Miguel de Guadalupe is modern day Georgetown County, South

Carolina. The Santee River (stream) flows through here. The North and South Confluence of
the River can also be found in this county.

Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon`s Spanish-Moor colony is reIerenced as a 'Iailed colony in
European History recounts because it did not result in an American Pilgrim Colony. Rather, de
Ayllon`s Colony evolved as an integrated Native American-Moor Colony.

History: It is noted that in the 1520s the Chicora met Spanish explorer Allyon near Pawley`s
Island. Tribal members were spread out in Clarendon, Florence, Georgetown, Horry, Marion
and Williamsburg counties. In 1743, the Colonial Government forced nearly all the remaining
Indians to move to the Catawba Community. Tribal Leaders met at Cherawtown.

In light of the Colonial Government`s attempt to concentrate area Natives into one vicinity an
amalgamation Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon`s Spanish-Moors, the Winyuh, Pee Dee, Waccamaw,
Santee, Chicora and Catawba was therefore created.

U.S. Geological Survey Records

San Miguel De Guadelup (historical)-ID# 1232466 Class-Populated Place, County-
Georgetown, State-SC, Latitude-331941N, Longitude-0791539W, Map-Georgetown South.
Winyah Bay Entrance-ID#1251481, Class-Channel, County-Georgetown, State- SC, Latitude-
331154N, Longitude-0790856W, Map-Santee Point.

Citation: Quattlebaum, Paul. The Land Called Chicora. Gainesville, Florida: University of
Florida Press, 1956. P. 126.

1566-Pedro Menndez de Avils Expedition

In 1566, another Spaniard under Pedro Menndez de Avils, founded a settlement in South
Carolina comprised of some 800+ Spaniards and their families, including Spanish Moors. He
named the settlement 'Santa Elena. (Menendez de Aivles` nephew, noted to have been a
'Mandingo settled St. Augustine, Florida.)

Muslim/ Moorish I nfluences In Carolina

South Carolina Historical Society Records in the Carologue, Spring 1993 Edition carried a story
entitled, 'Muslim Slaves, Abducted Moors, AIrican Jews, Misnamed Turks and an Asiatic
Greek Lady. Some Examples of Non-European Diversity in South Carolina Prior to 1861 by
James W. Hagy. The South Carolina Historical Society also kept documentation on the 'Free
Moors oI South Carolina, which was recorded in the Journal oI the South Carolina House oI

Official Documentation Confi rming I nhabitation of F ree Moors in Carolina
(Extract from the Journal of the House of Representatives, 1789-1790)

'South Carolina had signiIicant ethnic diversity during colonial times. It was home to Free
Moors and Turks. While fighting in Defense of their country, the Moors were captured with
their wives by a King of Africa. They were claimed by a Captain Clark who was to deliver them
to an Ambassador of Morrocco, then living in England, to return them to their own country.
Instead he brought them to America, where he sold them into slavery.

'They petitioned the South Carolina Legislature and the petition stated; That as free born
subjects of a Prince now in Alliance with these United States; that they may not be considered
as subject to a Law of this State (now in force) called the negro law.

They were freed by the South Carolina Legislature; Report That they have Considered the same
and are of opinion that no Law of this State can in its Construction or Operation apply to them,
and that persons who were Subjects of the Emperor of Morocco being Free in this State are not
triable by the Law for the better Ordering and Governing of Negroes and other Slaves.

'Resolved that this House do agree with the Report. They were Iree persons oI color.
[From The State Records of South Carolina Journals of the
CHRISTINE M. ALLEN, Assistant Editor
Published for the South Carolina Department of Archives and History
by the University of South Carolina Press
Columbia, SC]. South Carolina Historical Society.

Ophi r of Solomon: Intriguing Landmar ks-I ndian Settlements
And Repurposed Plantations in Carolina

Ophir Plantation-Locate, along the Santee, St. John`s Parish, Berkeley County (in present day
Pinopolis). Earliest documented date of existence, 1685. A house was erected on the site in
1810. The site currently lies submerged under Lake Moultrie. Plantation lands were originally
located near present-day Pinopolis. Ophir is yet another casualty of the Santee Cooper
Hydroelectric and Navigation Project. This project displaced many families and communities,
including historic homes, Indian Mounds, Burial Places, Cemeteries and Archaeological
opportunities were lost as the area was flooded. Despite the fact that Thomas Porcher
maintained Native American Slaves here from the point of initial contact, along with the
presence and predominance of Indian Burial Mounds, the Ophir Graveyard was classified as

Ophi r Plantation-331740N 0800528W Chicora Map.
Ophi r Canal (historical) Berkeley Chicora unknown 33.294N 80.091W

Note: Only 3 instances of use of the word appears in the Aboriginal Indian Country. All were
associated purely with Indian Nations (2 Cherokee Settlements in North and South Carolina, as
well of 1 Northern California Indian Settlements.

Ophi r I ndian Mounds (Indian)
Ophi r Plantation Cemetery (Black)
Ophi r Plantation-

{Citation: Ophir Plantation; Manuscripts Department Library of the University of North
PORCHER FAMILY PAPERS Inventory Abstract: Records, 1799-1862, of a Charleston
District, S.C., plantation}.

Negro Bay 1234351 Swamp Berkeley SC 331742N 0801321W Cross

Feature ID: 1234351 Name: Negro Bay Class: Swamp Citation: U.S. Department of the
Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, 1:62,500-scale topographic maps; various edition dates.
Represents new or changed names from published editions. Map name and year of publication
follow (if known): Chicora/1921 Entry Date: 01-May-1993 Elevation(ft/m): 92/28

Black Tom Bay 1246906 Swamp Berkeley SC 330854N 0800537W Moncks Corner
Note: The name Monck comes from, George Monck, the Duke of Albemarle (1608-1670) one
oI the original Lords Proprietor;

Moorfield Plantation-Location-Chicora, Berkeley, SC
Moorfield Swamp-Location, Chicora, Berkeley, SC.
USGS Location:
Moorfield Swamp (historical) 1234340 Swamp Berkeley SC 331846N 0800639W Chicora.
Moorfield Plantation Cemetery (Black).
Black Mingo Swamp (names translates to 'Black King Swamp' or "Black ChieI Swamp").

I ndian field (Plantation Cemetery identified as Black).

I ndian Field Methodist Campground: National Register of Historic Places #73001707, added
1973. Also known as Indian Fields. About 4 mi. NE of St. George on SC 73. Period of
Significance-1825-1849. Indian Field Cemetery ClassiIied as 'Black.

Pooshee Plantation-Location, Chicora, St. Johns Berkeley Parish, Berkeley County
(submerged under Lake Moultrie). Plantation lands were originally located near present-day
Bonneau. Plantation houses built in 1716, 1804 and a western wing added in 1852. Origin of
Name: Native American. Earliest documented date of existence 1705. Land grant to Pierre de
St. Julien de Malacare. Number of acres, 4000. Primary crop, Santee long cotton.

Pooshee Plantation (historical) 1234600 Locale Berkeley SC 331901N 0800049W Chicora 75
- 01-MAY-1993. Has separate Cemeteries on ClassiIed 'White and the other 'Black. Native
Americans classed as Black.

San Miguel De Guadelup (historical)-ID# 1232466, Populated Place, Georgetown, SC,
331941N, 0791539W, Georgetown South.

Old Santee Plantation-Location, Santee River, St. Stephen`s Parish, Berkeley County.

Cur riboo Plantation-Location, Berkeley County.

Peru Plantation-Location, St. Stephens Parish, Berkeley County. Portions on Black River,
Georgetown County.

Old Peru-ID#1234356, Populated Place, Berkeley, SC, 332514N 0795912W, Saint Stephen.

Sarazen Plantation-Location, Cooper River, Berkeley County (Submerged under Lake
Moultrie). Other Names: Sarizins. House built in 1826.

Egypt Plantation-Location, St. James Santee Parish, Berkeley County.

Cote Bas Plantation-Location, Cooper River, Moncks Corner, St. John`s Berkeley County
(located off Bushy Park Road between the Back River and the Cooper River.)

Mexico Plantation-Location, Santee River, St. John`s Berkeley and St. Stephen`s Parish,
Berkeley County (bordering the old Santee Canal). Primary crop, Sea island cotton.
Mexico-ID#1231539, Populated Place, York, SC, 345617N 0810017W Rock Hill West.
Mexico Cemetery-ID#1224463, Cemetery, Berkeley, SC, 332643N, 0800636W, Pineville.

Chachan Plantation-Location, Western branch of the Cooper River, Old Cordesville, Berkeley
County ( off SC 44 Doctor Evans Road) on Chachan Road. Other Names: North Chacham.
Earliest documented dated of existence, 1760. House built 1760. Primary crop, Rice.
Chachan Plantation Cemetery SC Berkeley cemetery 331003N 0795750W Cordesville
Note: linguistically similar to the name of an ancient Peruvian Chimu Settlement, at Chanchan.

Sal kehatchie River 1250734 Stream Hampton SC 324731N 0805247W Cummings.

Combahee River: Named for the Combahee Indians who formerly lived on this stream.
Description: Heads at the junction of the Salkehatchie River and Little Salkehatchie Rivers,
flows SE to the Coosaw River 17.7 km (11 mi) northeast of Beaufort. Citation

Note: The Combahee River was also called ~The 1ordan River.


*Citation: Jordan River, Combiheh River,Combeheh River ; Salley, Alexander S., Jr., editor.
Narratives of Early Carolina, 1650-1708. New York, New York: Charles Scribners Sons, 1911.
*Citation: Salkehatchie River; U.S. Board on Geographic Names decisions, either decisions

Hilton Documents Moorish Architecture I n Early Carolina

Hilton, in the 1700s described enormous structures typical of Moorish Architecture left in
Carolina. Hilton Head Island, Beaufort County, South Carolina.

Moorish/ Muslim Mexico, Pacific States and the American Southwest

Further west, when the Padres began bringing Black Mexican Aboriginals to settle the Missions
they brought with them Indios, Coyotes, Mulatos, Black Mexicans and Moriscos with names
like Amezquita (meaning 'To Mosque), to settle the CaliIornia Missions Irom Baja, San
Diego, San Luis Rey near Oceanside, San Juan Capistrano, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San
Buenaventura, San Luis Obispo, Santa Margarita, San Miguel, San Jose, Sonoma, Santa Clara,
Solano, as well as San Francisco (in Alta California).

As the Padres set up the Mission systems from Loreto, Baja to San Francisco and even into
Arizona, they documented the various descriptions and racial classifications of these settlers,
which were (at the outset) Indios, Coyotes (Coyotl), Negro, Quebrado 'Broken Black Color.,
Mulato, even Chino (Black with Asian features), Mestiza, Mestizo, people descended from
mixed Black Ancestors (for instance Olmec, Mixtec, etc.), and espaol.

Even though the settling of the Missions represents a pivotal period of early Spanish/Mexican
settlement of the Pacific West, we are no less awed by the fact that the most ancient prehistoric
remains of an even earlier population of Black Aboriginals has been confirmed by modern
forensic archaeological studies.


Tenochtitln is the original name of Mexico it was founded in 1325 on an islet in the western
part oI lake Texcoco de Mora, which translates literally into 'Our Coco people oI Moors.
Nearby Mazatlan de los Mulattos it seems, was literally 'the Birthplace oI the Mulattos.

The Olmec mated with the Coyoatl or Coyoacan and produced a generation called Coyotes. The
'Coyotes Iigured prominently in the settler class oI emigrating with the
Padres in an effort to help establish settlements in their North America holdings, which were
needed to fend off Russian encroachment of the Pacific West. It is clear that Coyotes had some
type of African Ancestry.

In the old text, 'The Wild Tribes oI Mexico'-Physical Features in Northern Mexico, p. 619;
"The Tlascaltecs in 1568 wore cotton-cloth mantles painted in various fine colors. The
Inhabitants of Cholula, according to Cortes dressed better than the Tlascaltecs; the better class
wearing over their clothes a garment resembling the Moorish cloak, yet somewhat different, as
that of the Cholula.

In the same book under 'Dress in Michoacan, p. 622-623), the following description of a
Turban appears; '"on the head a small red cloth arranged like a Turban, Irom which are pendent
scarlet feathers, similar to those used by the ancient Aztec warriors."

Esteban, the Moor Discovered New Mexico

1536-The most Iamous Moor in the hemisphere proper was Esteban de Dorantes ('a Black
Arab, a Native oI Azemmour, Morocco), a survivor oI the Narvaez Expedition to La Florida,
who discovered what was (New Spain) and is now Southern New Mexico. He returned to
Culiacan, Mexico with stories of having seen the Seven Cities of Cibola (Seven Cities of Gold).
He was an 'eslavo ladino ' oI Andres Dorantes oI Bejar del Castanar, Salamanca.
Eslavo Ladino, means a Slave and converted Christian.

Esteban, as he was now known, accompanied Dorantes. King Charles V of Spain granted him
authority to settle all of La Florida, a territory that stretched from the southern tip of the Florida
peninsula westward to the 'Rio de las Palmas, which is today`s Soto de la Marina River in the
state of Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Esteban (also, Estebanico) began his ascent into the Aboriginal Indian Country as one of only
four survivors of the 600 members of the Narvaez Expedition in 1527-1528 to colonize La

Esteban`s survival oI the Expedition and subsequent discovery oI New Mexico is nothing short
of miraculous and should be shouted from the rooftops and shared by other Moors.

According to Cabeza de Vaca, 'we enjoyed a great deal of authority and dignity among [the
Indians], and to maintain this we spoke very little to them. The black man always spoke to
them, ascertaining which way to go and.all the other things we wanted to know.
Note: |'Black Arab.Native oI Azamor by Kitty Morse, Saudi Aramco World, Volume 53,
Number 2, March/April 2002|.| Al Zemmouri`s town is a Berber word Ior 'wild olive tree.

In 1539 Esteban`s purpose during this mission was to lead De Niza Irom the Island oI Malhado
(near the Bay of Galveston) to Cibola. Their personalities clashed, as De Niza did not relish the
freedom the Moor felt in the Aboriginal Indian Country, nor the pleasant reception he received
Irom the Indians. Esteban rode ahead oI the Spaniard and 'disappears within the conIines of
the Zuni Pueblo. De Niza does not reach Zuni but is met by Indians who notiIy him oI 'the
death oI Esteban.

European His-Story accounts contend that the New Mexico Indians killed Esteban (for various
reasons) although his death was never observed, even those reporting it merely speculated that
he had been killed and that is what they told the Spaniards. Did Esteban the Moor slip away as
did De Soto`s Moors?

Coincidently, but apparently unrelated to Esteban the Moor, killed in their Pueblo (according to
European His-Story);

1. There is an actual 'Cibola County (not a rumor);
2. The Acoma Pueblo is oIIicially San Esteban del Rey de Acoma (literally, 'Saint Stephen the
King oI Acoma')
3. They too have an El Morro National Monument (the Moor National Monument), and
4. Participate in an ancient Annual Feast honoring San Estevan.

Numerous Structures, including Missions of Moorish Architecture were described, painted and
ultimately photographed as a testament to their style, influence and rightful place in this
hemisphere bearing Colonies, Settlements and Communities inhabited by the subjects of the
Kings of Morocco in this hemisphere. To banish this type of Architectural style is an arrogant
insult to their memory, as well as the remnant of their host Nations.

The foregoing are but a mere sampling of my various works presented for your edification.

Angela Molette (Tuscaloosa Ohoyo) Black Warrior Woman

-+6-+-&7 1(//#+ &*(1.(8 0 3(//0E( &# 011 3(3"()/ #6
/,1&0+0&(/ #6 3,)0$,/'

Sultanates of Murakush

A message to all members of Sultanates of Murakush
In the United States, the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution makes all treaties
that have been ratified under the authority of the United States and customary international law,
...the "Supreme Law of the Land" (U.S. VI Cl. 2) and, as such, the law of the land is
binding on the federal government as well as on state and local governments. According to the
Supreme Court of the United States, the treaty power authorizes Congress to legislate under the
Necessary and Proper Clause in areas beyond those specifically conferred on Congress
(Missouri v. Holland, 252 U.S. 416 (1920)).
The standard treaties and conventions leave the issue of implementation to each state, i.e. there
is no general rule in international law that treaties have direct effect in municipal law, but some
states, by virtue of their membership of supranational bodies, allow the direteryt incorporation
of rights or enact legislation to honor their international commitments. Hence, citizens in those
states can invoke the jurisdiction of local courts to enforce rights granted under international
law wherever there is incorporation
Foreign national
According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security a foreign national is defined simply
as, "An individual who is a citizen of any country other than the United States."[1] The
Brookhaven National Laboratory, under direction from the U.S. Department of Energy, further
explains that, from the perspective of the United States, a foreign national is, "A person who
was born outside the jurisdiction of the United States, is a citizen of a foreign country, and has
not become a naturalized U.S. citizen under U.S. law. This includes Legal Permanent Residents
(also known as Permanent Resident Aliens)."[2] This definition presumably also applies to
anyone who has successfully renounced his or her U.S. citizenship.
An alien (foreign national) who has been granted the status of permanent resident status is
treated as a citizen of the state where the alien is domiciled
Visit Sultanates of Murakush at:

-+6-+-&7 1(//#+ &'-)&((+8 0+ -+9-E(+#,/ :(#:1(/ '-/&#)7 >D>

'Faith-Based' Social Services

July/August 2001 Viewpoint
For Native Americans, It Was A Trail Of Tears

"Faith-based" social services is not an original idea with President George W. Bush or the
current Christian right. It is a concept that has been tried before, and it eventually proved to be a
disaster for all concerned for the federal government, for the churches and for the population it
was intended to serve.

In 1869 President Ulysses S. Grant began turning over the full responsibility for the
administration of Indian agencies to American churches and missionary bodies, whose assumed
honesty and charitable motives were expected to give them success in achieving pacification
and assimilation of the tribes. Within three years, Indian agencies had been apportioned among
the Presbyterians, Methodists, Catholics, Lutherans, Quakers, Congregationalists, Dutch
Reformed, Baptists, Episcopalians and other denominations. Missionaries filled federal offices
as Indian agents and were in full charge of education and other activities on the reservation.
On the whole, it was a disaster for most of the tribes of Native Americans. Some of the agents
lived up to the expectations and acquitted themselves honorably. Others proved to be corrupt
and incompetent. On numerous reservations, the missionary agents were fanatically determined
to "Christianize" (in their own denomination) their wards and destroy everything they
considered heathenish.

Acting as bigoted dictators and backed by Army troops, they tyrannized Native Americans with
orders that banned their ceremonies, their dances, the telling of legends and myths and all other
manifestations of Native religion and culture. Those who resisted, particularly medicine men
and tribal leaders, were treated with stern measures, ranging from harassment and the
withholding of rations to imprisonment, banishment or death.

During this same period, the Bureau of Indian Affairs made a number of attempts to suppress
Native American religion with a series of departmental regulations. This was a direct violation
of the Free Exercise Clause of the Constitution and, without a doubt, one of the greatest
violations of human rights committed against a native population.

Enthusiastic missionaries bent on the destruction of what they saw as a pagan religion, as well
as reformers who saw assimilation as the only way to solve the "Indian problem," zealously
implemented repressive government regulations. Children were forcibly taken from their
parents and sent off to schools, often far distances from their reservations. When tribal leaders
objected, they were held back by troops or thrown in jail without due process. In effect, all
Native religious practices were banned.

The policy of entrusting reservations to the churches eventually failed because of the Native
Americans' resistance, a growing public concern about Native rights and the treatment by the
missionaries. Different denominations also began fighting among themselves over the
distribution of supplies and the real or imagined favoring of rivals. In addition, some
denominations were unable to continue financial support of their missions.

In Washington, officials began to see that many of the church and missionary agents were no
improvement over government agents prior to Grant's administration, so officials in the
administration of Rutherford B. Hayes killed the policy, without addressing the constitutional

Although the practice was discontinued in the l890s, some 27 Christian denominations became
established among a number of tribes, particularly those whose culture was in a state of
disintegration. This, however, did not end the assault on Native religion, culture or institutions.
The era of missionary control set the patterns for the treatment of Native Americans for the next
50 years. The U.S. government did everything in its power to break down and destroy
"Indianness" including the Native American religion. This policy was not reversed until 1934
under Commissioner of Indian Affairs John Collier.

The Indian Reorganization Act of 1934, also known as the Wheeler-Howard Act, inaugurated a
sweeping change of policy in Native American affairs. Often referred to as the "Indian New
Deal" it marked a change in the policy of enforced assimilation of the previous 50 years.
Freedom of religion, the goal of so many European immigrants, was finally extended to the
Native Americans, giving back to them the rights that were denied for over a half century by a
government in cooperation with churches.

This short history lesson makes clear several points. In the first place, the federal government
has a constitutional obligation to "promote the general welfare," and it must not turn over its
responsibilities to other organizations. Second, the Constitution forbids government to become
involved in religious activities.

Most churches have a clear missionary mandate. They see social services as secondary to that
function or even as a means to implement that role. Government funding also puts "faith-based"
programs in competition for state and federal grant monies. We must not assume that churches
would be any more competent than existing, social service agencies.

Chief Joseph reportedly said: "Do not send us churches; they will teach us to fight about God."
Today we may paraphrase him, "Do not send us faith-based social services; they will teach us to
fight about God and federal dollars."

John M. Sullivan is professor emeritus of sociology at Limestone College in Gaffney, S.C.

-+6-+-&7 1(//#+ 6#,)&((+8 "105$ +0&-.( 03()-50+ '-/&#)7

Historical falsification and manipulation has been successful in painting a false picture of
the origination of the so-called 'Black in America being on the slave ships. The his-story
books and his-storytellers (historians) have suppressed the existence of African descendants in
American prior to the slave trade. Most Euro-Americans and American Indians will deny and
even laugh at the notion of Africans being the original Native Americans. It was once said that,
'People laugh at what they do not understand thinking that they are demonstration their
superiority rather than their latent idiocy; in other words they think their laughter is a sign oI
wisdom rather than ignorance. After the laughter is done the facts are still sitting there on the
table staring them in the face.

Over 65% of the Melanin Rich (Black) population on the planet is said to be Black
(Moorish) Native Americans. How is it that in his-story they always mention the fact that Euro-
Americans and American Indians mixed, and that the Euro-Americans mixed with the Moors
(Blacks), but they purposely never mentions the origin of the American Indian? How is it that
an entire race of peoples (American Indians) lineage has not been traced to its origin? The
truth that you discover in the realms of our-story renders the lies in his-story incomplete and
inaccurate. In order to investigate the true origin of the American Indian you must begin with
the Ancient Olmecs. The Olmecs were the first to inhabit what is currently known as Central
and South America, and was domiciled in this area from 1500 B. C. to about 300 A. D. The
Olmecs were responsible for the first Step Pyramid erected in the Americas. In the book entitled
They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence I n Ancient America by Ivan Van
Sertima it states verbatim:

"1he very first American Pyramid or Stepped 1emple appears at La Jenta, the site colossal
Negroid Heads and the steel on which is carved the Mediterranean type figure with bread
and turned up shoes."

The Olmecs are of the Negroid persuasion and hail out of Ancient Uganda (Northeast
Central Africa). Their arrival preceded the Continental Drift which occurred thousands of years
ago. Often in schools teachers show the students the way the Continents fit together like a
puzzle, and explain that the continents were at one point, one landmass. In this era the Negroid
was able to roam Ireely and establish settlements and trade throughout the 'world. These
wooly-haired dark skinned people were the original inhabitants of the Americas.

The obvious question rises as to how the Negroid arrived in America. There were two
ways that the Melanin Man arrived in the Americas. The first of which was mentioned earlier in
regards to the Olmecs (Negroid) walked to America (when it was one mass of land connected to
Africa. The second way Afrikans arrived in the Americas was by ship. This was the case of
Abu Bakari I I oI Mali, AIrica. In the times beIore the invention oI the sail 'AIrican
navigators learned the routes of currents and tides of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The
Guinea Cur rent and the Canary Cur rents are the two main currents that flow from Africa to

America. The Canary Current flows southward form the African coast to Cape Blanc or Cape
Verde depending on the season. And the Guinea Current flows eastward from the Guinea
Coast, which cycles out and to the sea joining the South Equatorial Current. In efforts to escape
from the racism and strict opposition of Muhammadism to African Culture, and denial of truth,
Abu Bakari II left the kingdom of Mali. In efforts to link to his family Abu Bakari II set off on a
trek to the Americas. The Malian empire was vast spanning from Morocco, Libya, and Tunis.
Bakari set sail to America with half of his riches and history of his Empire after making his
brother Mansa 'Kan Kan Musa king beIore departing in 1311 A.D. Using the Ancient AIrican
practice of the talking drum was utilized to communicate with his fleet, Abu Bakari arrived in
precisely six cycles after the disappearance of Quetzalcoatl by way of the sea from among the
Toltecs in 999 A.D., therefore his was mistakenly thought to be Quetzalcoatl by the Aztecs. The
rain god and wind god aspects of Quetzalcoatl fit with the black skin of Bakari. In the Aztec
culture a cycle denotes 52 years of the Gregorian calendar. After the departure of his brother
Mansa Musa left to find Abu Bakari never to return again.

The worship of black gods was a common occurrence in Pre-Columbian art and culture, as
illustrated in the book They Came Before Columbus, which states:

"1here may be some stylistic distortion in the Aegroid Head from the Mandingo contact
period in plate 6 (bottom row). The chin huts out with an exaggerated and primitive.
Strangely enough, it was regarded by the American I ndians as a sacred face. I f was
venerated later by the Aztecs, simply because it was black, as their god Tezcatlipoca. Black
gods and gods with Negroid features (for the word black is sometimes used to describe
Aegroid features; for others it's sometimes just a ceremonial color) may be found among the
American I ndians. Another black god is the god of jewelers, Naualpilli. The Negroid features
of this god were sculpted in green stone by the Mexicans, while his kinky hair was cast in
pure gold. There is also the god of traveling merchant, of whom we shall later speak, Ek-
Chu-Ah, who enters Mayan mythology in the wake of Mandingo."

There are a lot of commonalities shared by the Mandingo Malians and the medieval
Mexicans; for instance, the plumed serpent motif of ancient Mexico and the feathered serpent of
mediaeval Mali. The Dasiri of Bombara is the Malian equivalent of Quetzalcoatl of Mexican
lore. Dasiri (protector of the village whose sacred animal is the snake) is of the Mandingo from
which Abu Bakari II was a member; both the feast of Dasiri and the Quetzalcoatl Ceremony
take place in the beginning of the year.

Archeologists have discovered that the colossal bay salt heads were crafted by the
Olmecs (Negroid). Originally discovered in 1836 A.D. and rediscovered in 1938 A.D. by Dr.
Matthew Sterling outside the city of Tres Zapotes in the jungles of the Gulf of Mexico. These
humongous statues astounded the Archeologist and continue to be the center of fascination for
many today. The size and skill displayed in conjunction with the obvious African features of the
20 ton, 7-8 foot statues was truly baffling to the Archeologist. Even more confusing was the
fact that ancient people without the use of modern technology or the wheel were able to move
this gigantic stone. The boulders were moved from the bottom of Mount Tuxtla where it was

taken over a thirty feet deep gorge to the site of these monuments today. Could it be that these
ancients new the same knowledge used by the ancient Egyptians in the engineering of the great
Pyramids in Giza and the Nubia? You better believe it!

As stated previously the original inhabitants of the Americas were Negroid and also the
dynasties that ruled Egypt prior to the Hyksos Dynasty were Negroid as well. Even the
headgear worn by the Olmec statues appears to be the same headwear worn by the Egyptian
Nubian army in the period of the Pharaoh Rameses, and the first 1000 years B.C. Additional
evidence can be found on the walls of Mount Alban where engravings of the dancers or death
figures, which show a striking resemblance to the Sphinx of Egypt and also the deity Ra in bird

The name Olmecs (meaning 'people of the rubber land) was given by their descendants
the Aztec. This name was given because the Olmec uprooted rubber trees (called Cau-Uchu
meaning 'weeping wood by Olmecs) and planted them in the Americas. The Negroid later
becoming known as the Olmec, and when the Europeans came to the Americas they witnessed
natives playing with large rubber balls extracted form the rubber trees. Prior to the Columbian
era the cultivation of rubber fluid was customary during the Olmecian period.

While these facts are clear and the evidence of Africans being the first inhabitants of the
Americas is known in some intellectual circles, archeologist keep the secrets of history under
lock and key buried away from the public. These truths would undo centuries of
deprogramming of the Melanin Rich occupants of America, while stealing their historical
global achievements and claiming all of their worldly and intellectual possessions by brute
force and trickery. That is why they laugh when you state that the Negroid was the original
occupant of the Americas. Because their acknowledgement of that means that you fall into the
indigenous category and fall out of the jurisdiction of the corporation (government) that
conquered the lands oI your people. What`s worse is that they will no longer own you as chattel
(property) and you become autonomous, sovereign or self-governing. And quite frankly after
they have reprogrammed you and raped, tortured, and killed your ancestors they fear what you
may do iI you are 'Iree Irom his hold (he Iears you are like him and will seek to destroy him).
Our peaceful nature as a people is what he is not taking into consideration. If the shoe was on
the other foot he would not be satisfied until every black soul was buried six feet under the dirt.
The Melanin Man wants freedom and harmony and not to fulfill some sick fantasy of world
control that is passed down from generation to generation which you see today in the world
society by the Illuminati and their minions.

It is for this reason that his-storytellers (historians) will tell you that the origin of the
Olmec is not certain. They will even say that they may have been Chinese immigrants that
crossed the Bering Strait. They known that those colossal monuments that still sit there today
share the gene traits (large lips and nose) of the African (Ugandan) and will even say they were
Negroid like because of jagged and faulty tools (despite fine details on the headgear and eyes),
they will say anything except the obvious truth staring at them in those statues, because of what
it will mean Ior the 'history they craIted. The AIrican Man was not introduced to America

during the slave trade, for they were always here as natives (Native Americans). As the Olmecs
we built the bay salt head statues and as the Washitaw Mound Builders we built huge
monumental mounds in America to mark our presence. During slavery times you had free
blacks also called Ireemen that are properly reIerred to as Mu`urs (Moors). They were the
product of the Negroid link in the Americas, and some became indentured servants.

Upon the arrival oI the European these Mu`urs were enslaved. They had established
prosperous communities with schools, government, agricultural centers, social systems, and
granaries established. This bring in the question of the origins of the American Indian also
called the Red Man, and where the fit in the picture.

The American Indian (Red Man) is a product of the mixture of two races the Negroid
(Olmec) and the Mongoloid (Chinese). It is also a contested fact that the original people of Asia
are of African descent. They can be found in the first Chinese dynasty (Shang Dynasty). During
the 4
century a Buddhist monk named Hsu Shen lead some of these descendants to the shore
of what is now known as California. Hsu Shen and his followers set sail and arrived on
American shore in 459 A.D. They lived amongst the Olmecs (pure blood, Negroid) and gave
rise to what is known today as the American Indian (full blood, Red Man). The Olmecs gave
them the area known as South America then called Amexem, which stems from the word
Hexian which stems from Hsu Shen of Ho Shen which incidentally is the name of Mexico. The
Northern Olmecian region became known as Atlan. Since they were seen as part of the same
family link their children were permitted to mix in with the Olmecs. This mixture resulted in the
creation of what in known as the American Indian. The epicanthic fold in the eyes of the
original American Indians is a result in the Ieature Ialsely called 'slanted eyes. This epicanthic
fold is a trait original to the Mongoloid genetics. The American Indian also inherited the shovel
teeth and hollow strait hair from the Mongoloid gene.

The American Indian (product of Negroid and Mongoloid mixing) is today referred to
accurately as full blood. Those that are paler than normal are a result of the years of European
occupation and they are called mixed blood. They purposely tied into our genetic vine to
infiltrate and control us from within. They married in to the tribes to disrupt the structure of it.
When Europeans saw that most North American Tribes were rule by a gynecocracy or
matrilineal government, which is a government ruled by women, they falsely thought that a
society governed by women was weak. The European view of the women was that they were
weak, spoiled creatures that need protection, and this was a wrong image to project on the
American Tribes. Nations like the Iroquois, Washitaw, Hopi, Navaho Crow, Pomo, Kiowa and
Turok were ruled by women. The Native Americans acknowledged that strong women build a
strong nation. The European Christian influenced outlook on the creation of woman coming
Irom man`s rib made it impossible Ior them to understand how any people could surrender their
power to a woman. When they saw women ruling over governments when they arrived the
Europeans sought to change this structure. This infiltration was seen in a project where
Cherokee young men were sent to Europe to learn the British ways of life. These young men
were then returned to the Cherokee nation which included North Carolina, Mississippi, and

Georgia, to establish male dominance amongst their people and eradicate the traditional
governmental structure.

While some genuine meaningful relationships were established between Europeans and
Native Americans, in many cases these unions were arranged as gestures of peace. It was
common Ior a ChieI to give his daughter`s hand in marriage as a sign oI harmony and goodwill,
a way to welcome into the family. The natives were very selfless and giving during the
European Colonization.

It must be stressed that there have been many in our midst ( Native Americans, American
Indians) who are what is called 'mixed blood and it should be noted that this is not meant to be
a divisive lesson but one of unity and inclusion of the Melanin Man (Black) in his rightful place
in the history of the Americas. We must never treat any of our brothers and sisters any
differently, no matter how dark or light their skin may be. The right or Native Americans and
American Indians as indigenous people do not lie in our genealogy but rather in our dedication
to our culture and the maintenance of our traditions and lands.

-+6-+-&7 1(//#+ 6-6&((+8 *'0& *0/ 7#, 5011(9 "(6#)( >F?4G

Universal Zulu Nation & Universal Zulu Kemetic Moors Presents:
The Aboriginal Indigenous Conference of the Americas

Taj Tari k Bey of the
Moors Order of T HE Roundtable in Association with R. V. Bey Publications
Answers 51 Questions for The Universal Zulu Nation`s Aboriginal Indigenous Conference
What Were You Called Before 1492?

Contained herein are answers to the 51 questions, asked of the Universal Zulu Nation, in search
of answers. We attended the Conference in October 2008, and thought the questions were
worthy of answering, and publishing for the benefit of all who were interested.

The cover letter below was written by King Yoda, of the Universal Zulu Nation, as a call to all
Aboriginal and Indigenous People, to all Preachers, Imams, Rabbis, Teachers, Students, and
other Community Leaders, so-called` Religious Leaders and Community Activists.

The answers provided within, have been carefully researched by Taj Tarik Bey. Acceptance of
them is a matter of study to prove them right, or prove them wrong.

The Truth is the light; the light brings you to the dawning of your awareness; your awareness
sets you free. Many shall go to and fro in the earth, seeking knowledge and knowledge shall

Peace and Love Forever Moor, Sister Rahsmariah V. Bey, Publisher R.V. Bey Publications.

Letter from King Yoda` in reference to the purpose of the Conference:

NATIONAL BLACK THEATRE` IN HARLEM ON 10/9/08, 10/10/08 AND 10/11/08.




DAT E: 10/09/08 10/10/08 AND 10/11/08
TI ME: 6:00 PM - UNTIL


1. What were we called before 1492?

Answer: The natural people, who are the Founders of Civili:ation, and the Mothers and
Fathers of the Human Family, were called Moors / Muurs / Mu / Maure / Maurus / More /
Moorens / Moroccan / Al Moroccans, etc. These are some of the dialectical pronunciations,
according to varied languages, such as, Moorish Latin, Middle English, Germanic, French,
Greek, etc.

2. Who is the Original Man and Woman?

Answer: The Ancient Moabites / Muurs / Moors; the Asiatics- sometimes referred to as, Mu,
Lemurians; and in latter history, Canaanites / Africans.

3. Who is Man and who is Mankind (kind of Man)

Answer: Man is a name that designates the human species, (Hominidae) Woman and her
sons. Mankind is reference to modernman - the Hybrid / Ibrida (Amalgamated Moors),
known as, Paleolithic Man, Neanderthal, Troglodyte Niger, Engla-Man, Albion, or European.

4. Are We All Americans?

Answer: Assuming this question is directed to the dark olive Asiatic Aboriginals of the
Land, the response is that the Moors are the true possessors of the present Moroccan Empire,
which spans from Tamari (now called Africa), even across the great Atlantis; and includes,
Northwest, Central, and Southwest Amexem, and the Atlantis Islands. These geographical areas
are now called, America; North, Central, South, and the adjoining Islands.

5. Who is this man Amerigo Vespucci, that Europeans claim America was name after?

Answer: Amerigos Vespucius was a European of Italus (Italian) descent; and a neophyte
explorer who sailed from the Moorish city of Khadiz (Cadiz), to learn of the latitudinal and
longitudinal imaginary gridline used by the Moors for navigating the Earth. Particularly using
the Sextant to measure one heavenly body in relation to another, against the horizon, for
determining longitude and latitude positions while at sea or on the oceans.

6. What is this name Amexum that The Moors claim the Americas was called?

Answer: Amexem is the ancient name of the lands known as, Africa. Including North,
Central, and South America.

7. Who is Christopher Columbus and if he is the One who Discovered America, then
why was this continent not named after Him?

Answer: Chritofero Columbo was a European Inquisitionist and Sadist, whose actual
mission was theft and murder by genocide; initiated for Christendom, against the Aboriginal
Moabite / Moorish tribes of the Western Hemisphere. The continent was not named after
Columbo because he didn't discovery America. Ameru / America / Amexem already had its
name and it was already a highly cultured and thriving Civilization.

8. Who are the Native Americans?

Answer: Native American is another contemporary sociology term or disassociation
conquest-tag - an invented construct of European conquerors. It, like many other misnomers
and tags, is not a national identity of the Aboriginals, but is a political statusclass
designation, designed to expand upon social and political divisions, displacement, and
confusion amongst the Aboriginal Moors of the Americas.

9. Are We Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, White People?

Answer: No, we Asiatics are not Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Orange, Light-skinned black,
Purple, Plaid, or Green people, etc. The Human Family (collectively) is identified and known
bv Nationalities and pedigree names - not by crayon colors. This deep sign of mental
ignorance was promoted bv Inquisitionists to denationali:e the rightful Heirs and Inheritors of
the Land (America / Al Moroc). However, the Europeans were calling themselves Red Men
prior to the political adaptation of the political status, White Men in the 1854 63. This caste
adaptation was initiated by Horace Greeley, a newspaper tycoon from New York. He influenced
the transformation of the Whiggamore (Whigs) Partv into the Republican Partv, during the
establishment of the Knights of Columbus and Ku Klux Klan Oath of 1854 to 1863, in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Chicago, Illinois, United States of North America. It must be
further understood that the term, 'Free White People` is a social caste appellation in
Jurisprudence, and has nothing to do with complexion of skin.

10. What is the difference between Humans and Hue-mans?

Answer: Human is the specie, (Hominidae / Man). Hue-man is a sociological fad word,
used to designate, or refer to, the natural peoples of the planet, who naturally, and obviously
have, by nature, life-force melanin in their skin.

11. Who are the real Indians? The so called I ndians of the Americas or the I ndians
from I ndia?

Answer: Indian, as propagated by European conquerors of the western hemisphere, is a
myth. America is not India, and the Aboriginals are not Indians. However, Europeans have
called the Moors of the Western Hemisphere, Indians, because they (being influenced by

Christophero Columbo) thought they had first arrived at Hindustan, Asia, just below China.
The Aboriginal, Natural People and their culture were falsely designated as, Indian; although
the Europeans knew that we were not Indians. Sometimes the Europeans would designate the
Moors as, WestIndians.

12. Who are the real Latinos? The Spanish speaking Puerto Ricans, Dominicans,
Mexicans, Salvadorians, Brazilians, South Americans etc., or the Latinos from
Spain, Portugal, F rance, I taly, Germany etc.?

Answer: Latin is a language and not a people. Latino is another pseudo-identity construct
of European Sociologists. Designated for the purpose of promoting divisions among the natural
peoples. Puerto Ricans (Boringuen), Dominicans, Haitians, Mexicans, El Salvadorians,
Brazilians, and other true South Americans are all Moors descendants of the Ancient

13. What people stole all your nationalities and Bi rthrights?

Answer: The Dutch Master Colonists coined the tags and brands, Negro, Black, Colored,
etc., to break the linear history of the Aboriginal Moors of Northwest Africa / North America.
This is a mentalwarfare tactic, used to disconnect the natural people from the illustrious
history of their Fore-Fathers, and from the Land.

14. Who are The MOORS,(MUURS) and what is thei r History to so called Latinos,
Black, Native American People and The World?

Answer: Muur / Moor is the true consanguine pedigree of the natural people. The other
words, such as, Latinos, Blacks, Native Americans, etc., are misnomers, tags and brands;
having nothing to do with the true national names of the people of the earth. The Moors ruled
the world and the seven seas for over eleven hundred, ninetysix years straight, until falling
and being occupied bv the Dutch / European Inquisitionists and Colonists.

15. Where did the so called I ndians (Red Man and Woman come from?

Answer: The so-called Indians are mixed Moors, of Chinese and Moabite intermixing. Red
Man is a designation originating with Europeans, and was commonly used until the mid

16. Who are the Olmecs and what is thei r relationship to the Mayans, Aztecs and all

Answer: Olmecs, Mayans, and Aztecs, etc., are all Aboriginal and Indigenous natural
peoples of the Nahuatian (mixed) tribes of Ancient Moabites / Moors, who founded Mehicu
(Mexico). This is derived from the Old Moorish Latin word, mixticius which means 'to mix`.

17. Are all Humans from all-Nationalities, races all from Africa?

Answer: Africa is a modern name of Amexem. The Ancient Moabites are the Mothers and
Fathers of the Human Family. The expanded national descendants of the Ancient Ones are
therefore, obvious; whether thorough-blood or mixed. The Human Family origin is from the
Moabite Woman.

18. Why do these specific Africans called Zulus, Dogons, Kemetians (Egyptians) claim
Africa as thei r Throne but claim to come from Space li ke Mars and Si rus A and B?

Answer: The Ancient Natural Peoples of Amexem, inclusive of Kamaat, etc., are all of one
family (expanded). Travel in the extra-terrestrial planetary system is not new to Moors, nor is
space travel a modern technological discipline. It is Ancient among Ancients! We are the
owners and establishers of Civili:ation on the Earth Store-house of this Solar System. Much of
our knowledge and history was lost. But we were not always only on the Earth.

19. Who built all The Pyramids all over Earth?

Answer: Our Ancient Mothers and Father built the Pyramids all over the planet Earth.
Some of the Pyramids in Central America are older than the Pyramids in Kamaat. Pyramid
University, located in the Yucatan, Mehicu is over 24,000 years old, as an example.

20. Why all civilizations are based off of Kemet (Egypt)?

Answer: Most of the modern or contemporary Civilizations are based more or less upon
Ancient Sumer / Babylonia. Kamaat (mis-called Egypt) is modern and also derivative of Ancient
Sumer / Babylonia Cosmology Culture.

21. Who are the Egyptians, Atlantians, Lemurians and what do they all have to do with
Civilization today?

Answer: We are one and the same natural peoples, having expanded upon the face of the
planet, Earth. The variations of names has more to do with social / political jurisdictions,
involving geographical movements and locations, which were, and are, given names.

22. What is a Negro, Colored Man and Woman?

Answer: These names are brands and tags coined for ignominious social status in
societv. Thev are political Caste designations, and not national identities. Negro is an
Anthropoid / Ape. Colored is a legal term meaning, Artifice, fake, covered up, artificial, and

23. Is Latino a race and why do Latinos think they are not of Black or White People or
that they are Brown People or Spanish but not African or Moors?

Answer: Latin is not a race but is a languageoriginally, Moorish Latin. Black and
White, in Sociologv, are Caste terms. The Aboriginal and mixed Moors of Central America,
South America, and the adfoining Islands, were subfected to nom-de-guerre war strategies
and mental disassociation, by the European Conquistadors, just as the Aboriginal Moors of the
North were branded black, negro and colored. In the year, 1511, Phillip II, Emperor of Rome,
declared all that is Moorish shall be claimed by the Church! Thus, the language, Moorish
Latin, became falsely known as, Spanish. Truth be told, there is no such thing as Spanish being
a language. This documented Roman Catholic Church Edict / Bull of 1511 is also whv manv
of the American (Al Moroccan) descendants of Moors (mixed and others) were falsely called
Spanish. This nom-deguerre practice is an act of conquestnot of pedigree truth.

24. Were all Humans slaves to other Humans some time in History?

Answer: The word, Slave is modern in origin, having no ancient history on the planet. It is
derived from the word, Slovene and Slovak. This refers to the European members of the Serbo-
Croatian group of Slavonic peoples. However, contemporary Sociologists have layered the
natal identity word with social / political connotative meanings. The contemporary word,
slave has been placed retroactivelv in historv, and assigned to those held to forced servitude.
Yet, it must be noted that this word is not ancient!

25. Who are the Real Europeans and where did they come from?

Answer: Europeans are Paleolithic / modern man -Hvbrids or Androids. Their origin is
the Heterogeneous manifest of the Troglodvte Niger Anthropoid, cross-bred with the
Human specie. This perfected biological experimentation manifested as, The Paleolithic
Man (Pale-face), or Neanderthal.

26. Who fi rst started Religion and why is it needed today?

Answer: The Ancient Moabites founded the worlds first religion. The true etvmological
meaning of Religion is a studv of the Stars, and the workings of Nature The masses of the
world (miseducated by European conquerors) do not know of the original meaning of Religion.
Selfish and wicked rulers and High Priests have traditionally suppressed the truth, in order to
amass wealth, political power, and to subdue and conquer the world. These truths about
religion are held secret, and taught in Secret Societies of North America and the world. The
power of knowledge has been preserved for the Elite Caste, Industrialists, and Rulers of
Government. Another term for this Religious / Cosmo knowledge and Anthropological secrecy
is called, Masonry.

27. What is the oldest religious so called Holy Book on This planet and is it The Holy
Bible, the Glorious Qur'an, Vedas, the Book Coming Forth By Day or some other
older religious Book?

Answer: It must be understood that so-called religious Holv Books are all coded
Astrology Texts. They are, for the most part, mathematical calculations of Human evolution,
chronology and prophecy. Among the books mentioned in this question, 'The BookComing
Forth Bv Dav` is derived from even older Sumerian culture and texts. The Vedas are next,
displaying more openly, the philosophical and Astrological culture of the Ancient Ones. Much
of this manifested during the Maurvan Dvnastv in ancient Hindustan and Sumeria /
Babylonia. Yet, all of these Holy Books have a symbiotic relationship. The word, Holv is
derived from the Ancient Sanskrit word, halig, meaning He burns, The Sun, and The
Whole or Holistic.

28. What are Extrater restrials, Aliens, Space Creatures and what do they have to do
with Human Beings?

Answer: Much that is considered extra-terrestrial is actually not! All phenomena and
advanced things are just not exposed to the masses, nor admitted to by Inquisiti on Rulers.
Space travel is ancient. And interfacings with Beings from other planets are also ancient to
Moabites. We have never been alone nor static in this Solar System nor in this Galaxy.

29. What are UF Os and are they from Space or Subter ranean- Worlds within our

Answer: UF O means unidentified flying object. This simply implies that officials are not
admitting to the public, the truth of what is known of these interstellar Craft and Devonia.
These Crafts and Devonia are from the subterranean realms and from other planets and

30. Why do all Aboriginals I ndigenous People all have stories in thei r history dealing
with beings from other worlds?

Answer: Refer to answers to questions, 28 and 29.

31. Who is George Washington and was he the 1st President of The United States?

Answer: George Washington was an Englishman and was appointed as the ninth (9th)
President for the United States Republic of North America, in the year 1789.

32. Who is John Hanson and was he the 1st President of The United States?

Answer: John Hanson was elected the first (1st) President for the United States Republic of
North America, in the year 1781.

33. Was John Hanson a Moor?

Answer: Many have said that John Hanson was a thorough-blood Moor (Moabite / Muur).
Others have said that he was an Amalgamated Moor (European / Albion).

34. What does the I roquois Constitution have to do with the United States Constitution?

Answer: Keep in mind that the Irinakoiw (Iroquois) comprises a Confederation Body Politic
of Moorish Tribes of the Northwest Territories, comprised of the Noble Titles, (Ali, Bey, El,
Dey, and Al) of the Noble Moors. Irinakoiw is not a single Aboriginal Tribe, and means, The
Real Adders. Concerning the derivative, contemporarv Union, The Articles of Association; The
Articles of Confederation; The Declaration of Independence; and the Constitution for the
United States Republic of North America (1789) has its origin from Ancient Moorish
Constitution Principles, and derived from The Law of the Great Peace. This social / political
History and Law connection is also why the ancient Great Seal Pvramid is displaved upon the
back of the Dollar Bill. The Great Seal Pvramid is the Insignia of the Moorish Nation.- The
Moroccan Empire. In many of the Long Houses of the Irinakoiw, the Europeans were taught
Masonry, which is 'Scientific, Moral Government`.

35. What is the oldest Language on Earth?

Answer: The oldest language known on Earth is Classical Sanskrit (Samskrita) which
fostered the modern science of Descriptive Linguist ics or Etymology. The multiple Prakrit
dialects are found prevalent in the Ancient Maurian Dynasty of Old Perot (Hindustan),
including many geographical areas having Sumerian influence. These ancient natural peoples
are Moors.

36. Was so-called White people slaves fi rst to Black People (Moors) and when they
came fought for thei r F reedom did White people turn around and made slaves of all
the so-called Black people or all people and erase most of thei r story in History?

Answer: The Android / Hybrid Offspring, or 'Children of Yacub` - referred to modernly as,
Jacob, are (Paleolithic man /Europeans). Thev were later called, 'The Children of Israel`
because Yacubs name was changed to Israel, bv Muur-Lu-Akin-El, the last High Priest
Scientist of the Moabite Nation, Ancient Central Africa (Central Ameru / America). The Hvbrid
/ Android Children of Israel were decreed to be slaves of Babylonia Moroccan Empire for
three hundred, sixty years (360), from 836 A.M. to 1196 A.M., and absent of Isonomi Rights,
by Hammurabia Bey, the first Sultan of the Moorish Nation Moroccan Empire of Ancient
Central Africa / Central America. And this is the true historical basis of the Karmic breach
that is the origin or root of the hostile (so-called race-caste politics) of the modern day world.
These chronologies (dates) correspond to 1416 and 1776 C. C.Y. Therefore, it is without doubt
that the Moors must be told the truth of the Masonic History of themselves.

37. How did Europe or Europeans conquer the World?

Answer: Consider the preceding hidden history, and follow the war records of the world;
even up to the Major World War that was considered as the most influential event to propel the
Christian World into power. This is not to dispel or to diminish the Crusades or the latter
Battle at Granada. The battle in question was The Battle of Tours, near Portiere, France, in
the year 732. This pivotal battle (sometimes minimized in history) conjoined with apparent
divisions and power struggles raging among the ruling Moors, spurred the later successes of
Christendom against the Moslem Moors at Cordoba and Granada, Andalusia (Spain), in 1492.
This is why the year, 1492 is used by scholars the of the world, to mark the axis year between
Ancient History and Modern History - The Old World (The Moslem Moors), and The New
World (The Christian European Beginnings as a World Power).

38. What happen to all the Empi res li ke the Romans, The Moors, The Persians, The
Chinese, The Spaniards, The British etc., and how did they all Fall?

Answer: The interesting thing about repeated conquests and colonization among the human
family is that the ultimate outcome converges into blending and conjoined interests. Thus, the
varied shades of skin complexion, and a distortion of World History by way of deletions, name
brands, book burnings, and oppression of the defeated Moors. If one does not have a
reasonably well-rounded background study in World History, Law, and Linguistics, ignorance
sets in. Most of the failures of these former Empires can be traced to corruption, invasions,
conquests, and violations made against Natures Laws. This self-destructive anomaly
(inhumane activities) includes the debilitating practices of Idol-God worship, the suppression of
women, Dogmatism, Despotism, and Human Caste Systems.

39. What is a Race, and are there 5 Races or j ust the Human Race?

Answer: There is but one Race and that is the Human Race. The Human Race has
expanded into a multitude of Families, which are universally known as, Nations and
Nationalities. The 5 Race categories or sub-divisions were contemporarily constructed by
European Sociologists and Anthropologists for colonial caste system purposes. Yet all social
Scientists and Anthropologists are well aware of the fact that all of these so called races have
one human-race originThe Moabite Woman, who has been sociologicallv cast in modern
historv as, 'The African Woman`.

40. What is the New World Order and what was the Old World Order?

Answer: The New World Order is the unavoidable acceptance of, and ushering in of,
Right-Law, Moral Government and Isonomi Principles as were coded and embedded within
the Ancient-derived Constitution for governance of the United States of North America; having
its origin from Ancient Moabite / Moorish Cosmology Culture. The Old World Order refers to
the High Culture Principles of Moral Government, that fell into the hands of the Peregrinus,
conquering Christian Crusaders, and also, spurred by the destabilizing, and excruciating

destruction caused by Idol-God worship, the suppression of women, and humancaste
practices that delude to slaverv. Since these violations of Divine Law have not been properly
addressed and resolved, the fate of the present-dav fall of this corrupt and miscreant Social
Order is now in irreversible effect. What is considered Old is onlv being renewed or born

41. What are the 500 Nations of the Americas before Columbus?

Answer: The so-called 500 Nations in the Americas (North, Central and South) are
essentially the expressed and divided tribes of Aboriginal full-bloods, mixed and amalgamated
Moabites / Moors / Muurs of Ancient Amexem. These Aboriginal and Indigenous natural
peoples maintained a Matriarchal form of Government, and were misnamed as, Indians by
Christophero Columbo and other European explorers, who thought these geographical regions
were a part of the continent of Asia.

42. Who is King Juba and what is his relationship to the Americas?

Answer: Juba (Yubah) is a Chieftain or Sheik, known amongst the defeated Moors of
Northwest Africa, who have traditionally been referred to in history as, slaves in North
America. He was associated with the Good-spell svstem of mathematical rhvthmic song and
dance, used for transmitting messages of military and freedom planning strategies. Other
banned forms of communication were veiled within song and dance, and popularized during the
mid-1800. This clever system efficiently moved suppressed messages and information among
the people, and was later adopted into rhythmic song and dance church culture. Yubah has lost
its original form, and is now called, Gospel (Good-Spell). The Good Spells were called upon
invoked and poured out to counter the Bad-spells of the slave-makers propagated
Christian Dogma, inhumane treatment, and forced servitude. Yubah is also the name of the
long, open coat garb which was worn by the Muurs / Moors and other Yehudi and Moslems of
the Old World. The celebrative dance and activities that have relationship and origin with the
Natural Peoples of the Land (Americas) have been traditionallv called 'Yubali` which is often
known bv the mispronounced word, Jubilee.

43. Who discovered the Americas? Was it the Africans, Chinese, Vi kings, Columbus,
Amerigo Vespucci or was it always here with millions of People al ready living there?

Answer: The whole scenario and story of the great Columbian Discovery, etc., is a total
fraud and myth. Columbo never set foot on the mainland of Northwest Africa / North America.
He was deliberately diverted to the Atlantis Islands, by Pedro, the Moor, who was the captive
Amir Al (Admiral) and assigned to aid in navigating the Nino.

44. Do we Humans come from Apes, Fish, or The Adam and Eve or Eve then Adam or
is it all a Bullshit story and we all came from Extrater restrials so-called Aliens?

Answer: No. The Original Human has no origin from Anthropoids or Fish. 'Adam and
Eve` is a Cosmo-Prophesy Code for the first-born of the Hybrid Offspring from the 'Garden of
Eden` Ancient Central Africa / Central AmericaPyramid University at the Yucatan
Peninsula. Adam and Eve were not the first humans. Adam and Eve are the European /
Paleolithic genetic beginnings or 'Modern Man`, who also is known as, 'The Troglodvte
Niger, and the Cave Man. And yes, some of the scientific technology used in the 'Ibrida
Experiments` at 'Piedras Negras, Yaxchilan Scientific Complex`, was both terrestrial and

45. Who is Queen Califa where California gets its name from and what is her story to
the Americas?

Answer: Khalifah was a Moabitess / Matriarchthe Spiritual and Temporal Ruler and
LawGiver of the geographical Empire Territories now known as California and parts of
Nevada. California was named for her. The Royal Moorish ruler-ship title, her name relates to
Caliphal and Caliph. She also proved to be one of the most ardent Queen Warriors against
encroachment by Europeans into the Territories under her rule and protections. She is known
to have inflicted many costly victories over European Colonial armies.

46. What is a Straw-man versus a Natural Being?

Answer: It must be understood that there are two (2) types of person at Law. One is the
Natural Person which is the living, breathing, thinking, biological creation / being, born of
natural birth, by a living, breathing, thinking, biological, human Mother. The other Person is
a Corporation which is a Legal Fiction or Artifice created bv legal process, the pen, and
bv Law, on paper. This is a 'ManofStraw` or 'Strawman`. A Straw-man is also a weak or
imaginary opposition (as an argument or adversary) set up only to be easily refuted; being a
person set up to serve as a cover for usuallv questionable transactions. The 'Straw-man -
Person` is written in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

47. Why today all Americans are suffering?

Answer: The true Americans (Al Moroccans) have, and are, suffering for past Karma,
involving some results of miscalculated aspects of tampering with Nature and Natures Laws.
The present American state of affairs involves both a dissolution of the past Karmic Debt,
(Ibrida Experiments, Hammurabia Bevs Declaration of 12 generation servitude upon the
'Children of Israel (Yacub)`, adopting Idol-God Worship; the radical changes caused by the
New Age Awakening of the 'Primogeniture Heirs Apparent` (Moors), and the ensuing
confusion and hatred caused by a lack of knowledge, due to Inquisitionists past book
burnings, mis-education, sociological and political mis-concepts, Misprision, government
corruption, Constitutional treason by the monopoly ruling White Supremacv Network, and the

graduating collapse of the Color-of-Authoritv Color-of-Law Adhesion-Contract Fraud
practices, the fall of pseudo religion; and the accelerated rate and rise of knowledge and
intelligence among the once ignorant and suppressed natural peoples of the planet.

48. What is The Fall of America?

Answer: Refer to Retribution Justice and the answer given in question number 47.
However, America is not falling. America is the terrestrial Landbeing North, Central, South
America, and the adjoining IslandsLand of the Moors. 'The Great Fall` is properly, the
dissolution and collapse of the corrupt 'European Hegemonv of White Supremacv` and of their
debased dominance over the Moorish Empire. In other words, the Moors are being Redeemed
and are becoming aware of 'Truth` and of their 'Great Lost Estate` - End Game!

49. Who are The F reemasons and what is thei r History to All of The Americas?

Answer: Freemasonry is a Fraternal Order, which is world-wide, and is essentially an
institution which preserves key knowledge parts of true Human History, Anthropology,
Philosophy, Religion / Cosmology / Metaphysics, Mathematics, Science, Liberal Arts, World
History, Spiritual Geometry, Jurisprudence / Law, Moral Government, Astrology, Alchemy, and
the Potentate Powers of the Planet, Earth, etc. Freemasonry is 'Moorish Science` veiled and
held secret for the purpose of empowering the few, at the injury, enslavement, and promoted
ignorance of the masses. Knowledge is Power, and if the ignorant masses chance to encounter
Truth, thev will, indeed, become free! The suppressed Knights Templars, Knights Hospitalers,
and the Teutonic Knights, were founded during the Christian Crusades, including most of the
European Orders; and were blended into the Masonic Orders of North America during the mid-
1800s approximately 1859.

50. Who Rules Planet Earth today or is it really a secret?

Answer: Masons rule the Planet, Earth; now fronted by Patriarchal European Christian
Crusaders of the Church of Rome (Romans) which means, 'Red Men of the Rothschild` (Red
Shield) .

51. How do we eat to live? And who will survive the coming of Hell on earth from the
cleansing of Mother Nature a living God?

Answer: Go back to those knowledge and Culture Principles of your Ancient Fore-Mothers
and Fore-Fathers, and re-learn those disciplines and earth sciences that comprise Ancient
Moabite / Moorish Science and high Culture Cosmology. Within the context of your travels and
studies, you will re-learn the knowledge about the 'Salts of the Earth` vour own constitution
(makeup), and what natural foods are good for you, or bad for you. You will learn those
things necessary to live a healthy life, or, you may choose to cause injury by violating the body
with substances that harm. Within the studies of the oldest science on the planet, involving the
master studies of the Working of Nature, called Astrologv, vou will discover the food stuffs

that apply to your energy, thus you will take action as the original man (so-called Gods) of the
earth. The word, God is a contemporary word; is a Verb Transitive, being Germanic in origin;
arriving into language in the Medieval Period, about the 5th Century and should not be
artificially injected retroactively into Ancient History. The word, god, is an action word, and is
not, in its original form, a noun. Thus it is wise to take action as the original man of the earth
and remember that 'man is mind, and there never was a time when man was not`. Your
existence in the garb of flesh in the realm of earth, requires vou to partake in the fruits of the
earth for sustenance and maintenance of your body, your Temple, while in the physical form.
Mother Earth provides for you.

Peace, Prosperity, and Progress.
-Brother Taj Tarik Bey

Note from Universal Zulu Nation:

These are j ust some of the questions to be answered at This Great Aboriginal / Indigenous
Conference that you do not want to miss. So spread the word, and remember to bring
your questions to ask all the great panelists that will be speaking at this Great Event.
Bring out all your family and Teachers, Students, followers, etc., and let`s get down to
some real serious questions and answers. Let`s try to bring dignity and unity back to all of
our communities. The Lies must be destroyed, and Factology must Rise over so-called

-+6-+-&7 1(//#+ /-C&((+8 "(+H03-+ "0++0 $0

Banna Ka`s Family History

As one searches through the pages of Black History, seeking information on blacks who
made great contributions to our history, from time to time, one will stumble upon information
that does more than educate, but actually enlightens. The TRUE story of Benjamin Banna Ka
and his Family History will not only enlighten the reader, but will change our knowledge and
perspective on American History and the Foundation of the Federal Government forever.
SpeciIically this material provides a clear Ioundational knowledge oI the United States`
principal historical cities and their founding; Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

Benjamin Banna Ka`s grandmother`s name is given as Molly Walsh. Banna Ka`s
grandmother, Molly {Pronounced: MAHL-ee} Welsh has been said by many authors, who write
about the history of Benjamin Banna Ka, to be white, but we will find that this is incorrect and
that the authors who make this claim [that Molly Walsh Banna Ka was white] provide no
evidence. These authors make their guess work based only on the Iact that Banna Ka`s
grandmother was from the Welsh [Wales] province of Britain. History will show us that the
Black Moors of Islam had a tremendous impact in Wales and Great Britain during the time that
Banna Ka`s grandmother |Molly| would have been living there. Also the records oI Banna Ka`s
own almanac prove in words that Molly Walsh Banna Ka was a Black African, which at the
time proves she was of Moorish lineage. The importance of this history will demonstrate the
influence of the Moors in England and America and on the founding of the American

Molly Walsh was an indentured servant. After being relieved of her seven [7] year duty
of indentured service in the late 1600`s, Molly Walsh purchased a Iarm and later two so-called
slaves in the late 1600`s. Her Iarm was along the Patapsco River near Baltimore. One oI the so-
called slaves named Bannaka` was son oI a Moorish chieItain. Myboya was the name of the
other man that Molly aided to freedom. Molly after freeing both men married Bannaka. Their
Iirst child Mary` was born approximately 1700. The Bannaka`s had three more daughters.

Just as her mother had done, Mary Bannaka married a Black Man from Africa, whose
original name is unknown. He carried the name Robert. He was allegedly from Guinea and
arrived in America in 1730. He |Robert| took the Iamily surname 'Banna Ka. Benjamin Banna
Ka was born on Nov. 9, 1731 as a free black man. His name was later changed to Bannaker,
allegedly by Quaker school teachers. Benjamin`s Grandmother, Molly, had a huge inIluence on
his liIe. 'Using the Bible, Molly Banna Ka taught her daughter Mary's children to read.

Due to their knowledge of Astronomy, farming, irrigation, and herbology, life was good
to the Banna Ka family. Young Benjamin learned to play the flute and the violin, and when a
Quaker school was opened in Bannaky springs Benjamin attended it during the winter.


Benjamin took over the family farm at the age of 15. He devised an irrigation system of
ditches and little dams to control the water from the springs (known around as Bannaky
Springs) on the family farm. Their tobacco farm flourished even in times of drought.

At the age of 22, in 1753, he created the first wooden striking clock in America.
Benjamin Banna Ka had taken a watch apart to 'study its workings.` Banna Ka then carved
similar watch pieces out of wood to make, in 1752, a wooden clock. Due to its precision it
struck every hour, on the hour, and continued to do so nearly forty years. The clock brought
fame to young Banna Ka. Benjamin Banna Ka began a watch and clock repair business.
Although most authors say Benjamin Banna Ka got his first watch from a Josef Levi, there is no
historical record of a Josef Levi connected to the watch Banna Ka had in his possession, which
he used to design his wooden clock.

Benjamin`s clock later inIluenced a Iamous Marylander, the industrialist Joseph Ellicott,
to build a complex clock.

Banna Ka was taught mathematics and astronomy by his grandmother who learned it
Irom his grandIather Banna Ka. He became such an expert in the subjects that 'he successIully
predicted the solar eclipse that occurred on April 14, 1789, contradicting the forecasts of
prominent mathematicians and astronomers oI the day1. It is said that on many nights, he
would wrap himself in a great cloak and lie under a pear tree and meditate on the revolutions of
the heavenly bodies. He would remain there throughout the night and take to his bed at dawn.
As we shall see, this type of activity that Banna Ka participated in was based on His family
lineage and the information and knowledge that was passed down to him.


As reported in a newspaper called the Georgetown Weekly Ledger March 12, 1791, when
Banna Ka was 60 years old, he was appointed, by President George Washington, to a three-man
team oI surveyors headed by Major Andrew Ellicott, Joseph Ellicott`s cousin, to survey the
future District of Columbia.

1791 was a very good year for Benjamin Banna Ka. At the age of 60, he surveyed the
boundary for the Federal Territory in what is now Washington DC.

Benjamin Banna Ka: surveyed and laid out a 10-mile square area. When the architect
initially in charge of the project, Pierre L'Enfant was fired by George Washington due to his
alcoholism, poor intellect, and extreme temper, Washington contacted Banna Ka. What Banna
Ka did afterwards after it is revealed in this material will go down in history forever.

L`EnIant had been a Iriend oI the Iamous General LaIayette and the hiring oI the
Frenchman L`EnIant only occurred because oI his Iriendship with General LaIayette. Once his

bad habits` were discovered and seen as a detriment to the planning oI Washington D.C.
L`EnIant was dismissed. Contrary to popular theory Banna Ka did not work with L'EnIant.
Banna Ka returned home in April 1791. L'Enfant was appointed in March 1791 to a different
job and worked it until March 1792. They never met and Bannaker would never have seen
L'EnIant's plans. Benjamin Banna Ka was able to plan the City oI Washington` based on an
ancient astronomical science. The layout of Washington D. C. is and the City of Philadelphia is
a master universal clock that accurately demonstrates when the New Year of the Egyptians
occurred, and details an event called Pole ShiIt`. That same year he also calculated the
ephemeris2` Ior his almanacs - years 1792-1797. Pole Shift will be discussed later in this text.


In 1792 Benjamin Banna Ka wrote to Secretary of State of the United States Thomas
Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson, as Secretary of State at the time, was well respected nationally.
His activities and words also prove he was a white supremacist and slave owner. He
pronounced that Black people were mathematically inferior, in addition to several other
inferiorities. Benjamin Banna Ka sent a copy of his almanac along with a twelve page letter to
Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson reprimanding him on his character and perspective on
Black People. Banna Ka himself knew above all He himself was the witness of the foolishness
of the thought in Jefferson of the inferiority of Blacks, as Banna Ka, a Black Man, was
primarily responsible for designing the federal city that was the Ioundation oI the small white
Nation` called the United States oI America.

Thomas JeIIerson`s quote about the inIeriority oI Blacks is usually accurate in content as
given by most authors, but not in source and time frame [as given by most authors]. JeIIerson`s
quote on the inferiority of Blacks does not come from the year 1792 when he was Secretary of
State. It is a written quote from his "Notes on the State of Virginia" which was published in
1781 and 1782. Specifically the quotes on the alleged inferiority of Blacks can be found in a
section called Query 14` oI JeIIerson`s notes. Three main parts oI his quotes prove JeIIerson
was a complete white supremacist despite the fact that He knew a Black Man [Banna Ka] had
designed the Federal City because no one else had the mathematical and astronomical
knowledge to do so. Here they are,

Comparing them by their faculties of memory, reason, and imagination, it appears to me,
that in memory they are equal to the whites; in reason much inferior, as I think one could
scarcely be found capable of tracing and comprehending the investigations of Euclid; and that
in imagination they are dull, tasteless, and anomalous. It would be unfair to follow them to
Africa for this investigation. We will consider them here, on the same stage with the whites, and
where the facts are not apocryphal on which a judgment is to be formed.3

Jefferson in his own words calls Black People inferior in reason to white people. He
states that Black people are dull of imagination, tasteless, and anomalous.

The improvement of the blacks in body and mind, in the first instance of their mixture
with the whites, has been observed by everyone, and proves that their inferiority is not the
effect merely of their condition of life.4

Here Jefferson makes the suggestion that race mixing makes Blacks smarter people and
that it was not the condition of slavery that impacted the intellectual capacity of Black People.

To our reproach it must be said, that though for a century and a half we have had under
our eyes the races of black and of red men, they have never yet been viewed by us as subjects of
natural history. Advance it therefore as a suspicion only, that the blacks, whether originally a
distinct race, or made distinct by time and circumstances, are inferior to the whites in the
endowments both of body and mind5.

Jefferson sums up his sick thoughts by stating clearly that he believes his race [white
people] to be superior to Black People physically and mentally.

Historically there have been statements made by authors that Benjamin Banna Ka`s
Iamous letter to JeIIerson` was speciIically in response to these quotes Irom JeIIerson. This is
also not correct. Banna Ka's letter was sent in 1791, about 10 years after Jefferson wrote the
words that we previously citied. It is clear though that JeIIerson must have kept this white
supremacist` posture up publicly until the time that Banna Ka responded in 1791, reprimanding
him about his thoughts towards Black People.

Benjamin Banna Ka`s letter politely reIuted JeIIerson`s poor posture towards himselI and
other blacks and spoke on the responsibility of white Americans as a Christian Nation and those
seeking freedom of improving the conditions for Black people by abolishing slavery. The letter
has continued to remain an important document in Black History. The letter ended with;

'I suppose that your knowledge oI the situation oI my brethren, is too extensive to need a
recital here; neither shall I presume to prescribe methods by which they may be relieved,
otherwise than by recommending to you and all others, to wean yourselves from those narrow
prejudices which you have imbibed with respect to them, and as Job proposed to his friends,
put your soul in their souls' stead;'' thus shall your hearts be enlarged with kindness and
benevolence towards them; and thus shall you need neither the direction of myself or others, in
what manner to proceed herein`.

And now, Sir, although my sympathy and affection for my brethren hath caused my
enlargement thus far, I ardently hope, that your candor and generosity will plead with you in my
behalf, when I make known to you, that it was not originally my design; but having taken up my
pen in order to direct to you, as a present, a copy of an Almanac, which I have calculated for the
succeeding year, I was unexpectedly and unavoidably led thereto.

Benjamin Banna Ka published a treatise on bees, did a mathematical study on the
seventeen-year locust cycle, and became a pamphleteer for the anti-slavery movement.



Benjamin Banna Ka is among many people who have had their true histories distorted by
white historians oI American History. He was called the black sage`6 even by whites oI the
time. Benjamin Banna Ka`s inIluence on the building of the American Nation is tremendous.
He has been written off in history as a simple clock maker, and a man with a good memory,
however he was much more than that. Our watches prove this fact.

First we must make it as clear as possible that
Benjamin Banna Ka was black, and as he put it in his
own words oI the darkest and deepest dye.

In a letter to Thomas Jefferson Banna
Ka stated,

'Sir I freelv and Chearfullv acknowledge, that I
am of the African race, and, in that colour which is
natural to them of the deepest dye; and it is under a
Sense of the most profound gratitude to the Supreme
Ruler of the universe...`7

The only newspaper known to have mentioned
Banna Ka`s race was the George Town Weekly
Ledger, which called him an Ethiopian, whose
abilities as a surveyor and astronomer clearly prove
that Mr. JeIIerson`s conclusion that this race oI men
were void of mental endowments was without


Molly Walsh, Benjamin Banna Ka`s grandmother is said by most authors to have come
from the Wessex County province of Wales, thus she carried the name Welsh or Walsh from the
area that she lived in. Here is a map of Wales Great Britain and Ireland.

Wales [The Welsh Province] is situated to the South West of England. Our point in
highlighting this information is to show the geography of the area to support our claim made
that Molly Walsh Banna Ka was not white but black and a Black Moor or Muslim. Our first
proof comes directly from Benjamin Banna Ka`s own almanac, which was published in 1791 in
Philadelphia. The commentary is a biographical note about Banna Ka from the publisher. It

'BALTIMORE, August 20 1791

Benjamin Bannaker, a free black, is about fifty-nine years of age; he was born in
Baltimore County; his Iather was an AIrican, and his mother the oIIspring oI AIrican parents.9

I ndentured Servant

Molly Walsh is said to have been an indentured servant. The histories of most researchers
make the conclusion that Molly must have committed some violation of the law that created a
situation oI her having to work oII a debt to society in order to supplement punishment` Ior her
crime. History shows that the time period in the late 1600`s in the areas oI Wales and England

had great impact from the Black Moors of Islam. History also proves that Black People have an
ancient presence on this island [See David MacRitchie Ancient & Modern Britons Volume I &
II]. For authors to assume that Molly was white because she was from England is incorrect.

During the late 1600s the whites of England were not very advanced in their agricultural
abilities. Most of the population was still illiterate. Molly proved too be both advanced in
agricultural and herbal knowledge as well as a reader. It is interesting that she had no other
family with her that is mentioned in history, no mother, no father present, and no brothers or
sisters. None are mentioned.

The conflicts between the Moors and the white English during this time period and the
description oI Molly`s history prove clearly that she had to be a black woman. Her name was
Molly. Molly was not a common name in England or Europe during the 17th Century. The
name Molly is strikingly similar to the names oI the Black Moorish AIrican Kings Muley`.
This title meant Lord or Ruler`. White Italians today still use the word` as an insult by saying
you I`ing Muley. This disgust with that name is due to the powerIul Black Moorish AIrican
influence [in respect to the religion of Islam] that occurred throughout Europe. This was hated
by white European men and they admitted this in their own records. Molly and Muley are the
same word. Molly is also striking similar to Mali, an empire of the Black Moors of Islam in
Africa. Mali is the empire that the so-called Dogon are in and would have been in during this
time period. They were called Mandinke [Mandingo] and were Black Muslims. This is the area
where Molly`s husband was Irom whom she purchased, gave him his Ireedom by doing so, and
them married him. In fact, Molly and her daughter by her husband Banna Ka decided to
purchase another so-called slave from Africa so that Mary could have a husband from Africa.
This man was the father of Benjamin Bannaka So by investigating the facts we can see that
Molly had a special affection for Africa. Her name and the general activity of her life
demonstrates this, as well as her ability to read, and know agriculture, and herbology,.

The Moors in Wales and England

Author Nabil Matar in his book Islam in Great Britain 1558-1685 speaks of the impact of
the Black Moors on Great Britain in these words,

'The Turks and Moors of North Africa and the rest of the Ottoman [Muslim] dominions
were spreading alarm in England, Wales, and elsewhere in the British Isles, especially among
fishermen, sailors, traders, and the Levant Companvs representatives in Parliament. The
news about the Turks incursions wrote Sir Nicholas Slanning to Sir Francis Jane in September
1635, 'terrifies the countrv`. There was so much concern about the Turkish attacks and about
the fate of English captives that in December 1640, a committee for Algiers was appointed by
Parliament whose main task was to oversee the ransoming of English Captives.`10

We can see here the mention of the impact of the Moors [Black Muslims] and Turks
[Arabs] on Wales and England. Islam was having a great impact on all of Europe. Nabil Matar
verifies this by stating,


'To manv Britons, the Muslims, posed a danger to all of Christendom, from Greece to
England, and from Muscovv` to Ireland.`11

The impact of the Black Moorish and Ottoman Empires of the Muslims was so great that
Peace Treaties were established between The Black Moorish African Empire and Great Britain
in 1578, 1662, 1666, 1721, 1728, and 1751. These treaties were generally for the protection of
citizens of both empires, for trade, and for the payment of tribute to the Black Moorish African
Empire for protection of Great Britain from invasion, particularly from the Arabs [Turks].

African Moors attacked white European ships including those of England and Scotland
often in retaliation to attacks on Moorish and Turkish ships and the enslavement of Muslims in
Italy, Spain, Malta, and England12. This is documented in a book by Sir Godfrey Fisher called
Barbary Legend`.

*The true problem that existed for the whites in England was the large numbers of converts that
Islam was making in Europe. These converts were from the areas of England, Scotland, Ireland,
and Wales. History proves that the white Britons wrote about the large conversions themselves.

England and Wales were places oI poverty and disease due to Civil War in the 1640`s. In
history this activity in England was called the English Revolution. This revolution that took
place had the impact of the Black African Moors and Turks of Islam at the root of its cause. The
Muslims were winning the English citizens over as converts to Islam. Christopher Hill writes
about this revolution in his book 'The Century oI Revolution. Many oI the Black Moors who
were captured who were agriculturalists and herbalists were used as servants and made farms
for the Europeans who were not an agricultural society and who were suffering from disease.
Molly Walsh Banna Ka was one of these servants. With no record of a legitimate name or
lineage, it would make sense that Molly was a foreigner to the area. After the Treaties were
made in the 1660`s it would make sense that Molly as a Black Moor would be pardoned and
sent to America to work for the benefit of the British Crown for seven [7] years and then be
freed, as opposed to being returned to her homeland in Africa, which would have definitely
been the case if she had been found by or made contact with other Moors, who were ever
present in the area. The ascension of Muley Rashid to the throne in Morocco in 1666 and the
treaties made at that time and the presence of Muslims on the isles would have and did bring
attention to Black Moors [Muslims] who would have been captured by the white British. Great
Britain had become a subject Nation to the African Moorish Empire in the late 17th Century, so
Molly, as well as many other Moors who were former servants, was sent to America as a
business strategy by the British crown. Slavery in America would not become pervasive in
America [with slaves being brought from Africa] until the power of the Moorish Empire in
Africa was broken after the rule of powerful Black ruler Muley Ishmael [1728]. In fact, the mad
desire of the British to colonize America and the world with their false destructive Religious
doctrine was due to the powerIul aIIect oI Islam in England Irom the late 1500`s to the early


BENJAMI N BANNA K A: The Scientist!

Benjamin Banna Ka was the first scientist to record that other stars were like our Sun
with planets circling them. He placed this in his 1792 almanac. Here is the highlight of the text
that demonstrates Banna Ka`s knowledge oI the universe

'This Sun, with all its attendant planets, is but a verv little part of the grand machine of
the universe; every star though in appearance no bigger than the diamond that glitters upon a
ladvs ring, is reallv a vast globe, like the Sun in si:e and glorv, no less spacious, no less
luminous, than the radiant source of the day: So that every star is not barely a world, but the
center of a magnificent system; has a retinue of worlds, irradiated by its beams, and revolving
round its attractive influence, all of which are lost to our sight in unmeasurable wilds of

As author of Benjamin Banneker: Surveyor, Astronomer, Publisher, Patriot Charles
Cerami states,

Here Banneker was expressing almost matter-of-factly (and in words that are nearly
accurate to this day) the existence of extra-solar planets, a concept that only a few scientists
would touch on in the century after his death and that astronomy would turn to with fascination
only in the 20th century. 14

No white astronomer in the world until aIter Benjamin Banna Ka`s almanac was
published, neither Copernicus, nor Galileo, or any other white scholar had expressed definitive
thoughts on what lay beyond our solar system. They knew of the stars as distant bodies, but
they knew nothing about them being similar to Our Sun.

Benj amin Banna Ka also spoke of other life forms in the universe.

There were absolutely no white scientists even proposing such ideas scientifically. Banna
Ka`s thoughts on other liIe Iorms were at least two centuries ahead oI white scientists and
astronomers. This knowledge is interesting as again the Holy Quran was the only book
available that spoke of this subject that Banna Ka could easily get his hands on. George Sale
had made an English translation of the Holy Quran in 1734. This would have been available to
Banna Ka.

'And the Seven heavens and the earth and those beings in them declare His [Allah]
glory. And there is not a single thing except it glorifies Him in His praise, but many of you do
not understand their glorification.` Surah Bana Israel [17] The Offspring of Israel verse 44

'And of His signs is the creation of the Heavens and the Earth and what He has spread
forth in both of them of living beings. And He is all powerful to gather then together, when He
will.` Surah Al Shuraa [42] The Counsel verse 29

Banna Ka`s grandIather was deIinitely aware oI his cultural history and language. Banna
Ka [the grandfather] having an Arabic name and knowledge of astronomy and agriculture was
deIinitely a Muslim. All oI the pieces Iit explaining Benjamin Banna Ka`s brilliant insight and
mind only when this truth is added into the equation. The United States of America as a British
Colony and as an Independent Country had signed treaties not allowing them to enslave or
imprison Moors |Muslims|. This is why Banna Ka`s Iamily was Iree. It was also due to their
superior intelligence and participation in America`s Iounding as a nation. Because oI this
knowledge and practice of their Culture and history they were seen as free by right.

Benj amin Banna Ka: The I nnovative Farmer!

Benjamin Banna Ka knew and could predict the Weather
and eclipses. He knew farming and irrigation methods that
saved his crops, and was a pioneer scientist of nature.

Benjamin`s grandmother Molly was the pioneer oI the
family in farming. She lived alone in America before she got
married to grandfather Bannaka. Molly must have been a very
productive farmer, as she was able to purchase more land and
buy slaves so that she could free them. As a single woman, this meant that she had to have some
mental resources. These were a knowledge of agriculture and herbs. This knowledge was
enhanced by her marriage to Grandfather Bannaka and was passed down to Benjamin
Bannaka`s mother Mary.

Mary was spoken of as having knowledge of the properties and uses of herbs, which was
often of advantage to her neighbors. Her appearance was imposing, her complexion a copper
color...she had an ample growth of long black hair, which never became grey. Her grandsons,

the children of one of her daughters used to speak with admiration of her many good qualities
and her remarkable activity. They loved to relate that when she would run them down and
catch them without assistance`. This continued her practice when she was over seventy years oI

Benjamin`s grandIather Banna Ka was known to have the ability to predict the weather.

'Even more striking, aIter tobacco was selected as the crop oI choice was Bannaka`s
astonishing ability to foretell the weather. The neighboring farms came to look enviously at the
way this family always seemed to plant its heaviest crop when there was going to be fine
weather and to cut back when conditions turned out to be less favourable. It was said that
[Grandfather] Bannka foretold the direction of the prevailing winds long enough in advance to
locate his plantings with uncanny precision. He was inventive too; he devised a way of
channeling water from a small spring to part of their acreage, and this irrigation made the farm
flourish in a way that none of the surrounding properties could match16

Robert, Benjamin`s Iather and Mary his mother quadrupled the Iamily`s original

Benjamin Banna Ka`s mother proved to be a good source oI teaching and practical advice
Ior the young man. He placed her remedies Ior whopping Cough and her Recipes for Curing
Worms in Children` in his almanac.

The Sacred Science of the Ancient Moors!

The Sirius Star System played a major role in the history of Ancient Egypt. It was the
basis of the Ancient Egyptian Calendar. It is mentioned as the home of the resurrected etheric
souls in the Pyramid Texts, which are listed among the oldest written Egyptian Records. It [The
Sirius Star System] functions as a major part of esoteric [secret] science. The Religious
significance of Sirius is profound as it is mentioned in much of the Freemasonic histories and

histories and records of Secret Societies. In particular, the Amarna Dynasty of Egypt [18

Dynasty] is the point in history where Sirius finds its greatest significance in Egyptian history.
We can see the letters MAR in AMARna. A famous Pharaoh named Akhnaton, his father Yuya,
and son Tutankhamun are some of the most famous people of this dynasty. They are called the
Family of Amraan [Amarna] in the Holy Quran. They are the ancient ancestors of the Moors
and apart of the Ancient lineage of Israel [As-Ar = Osirus]18. In fact the Quran gives special
attention to the Star Sirius and beyond the records of the Dogon and Egypt it is the only text
that gives plurality to the Stars of the Sirius system. This is directly connected to Benjamin
Banna Ka and his commentary on the plural numbers that he gave to the Sirius Star System.

According to the Ancient Egyptian Calendar of the Amarna Dynasty and the records of
the Dogon left with French scientists in the 1930s, Sirius is at the Center of the Universe. As we
will prove later, Benjamin Banna Ka knew this and incorporated this truth into the building of
Washington D.C. and this knowledge was later incorporated into the design of Philadelphia.
Sirius was called the Dog Star. The Amarna Pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt based their
mummification procedures on the movements of the Earth and Sun in relation to the Sirius Star
System, and they are the only Egyptians that are recorded as carrying out this activity.

Benjamin Banna Ka, who knew that the Sirius System had more than one star according
to his almanac records, is connected to his ancestors in Africa [The Dogon & Egyptians-
Ancient Moors] by this knowledge. Charles Cerami has connected Banna Ka to the Dogon
because of his knowledge of the Sirius Star System. This is definitely a proper connection.
However, keeping in mind that whenever we are making an analysis on history that we must
place ourselves in the context of the historical period in order to make a proper analysis, then
the connection to the Dogon will be verified, but something else will too.

As we have stated the Holy Quran mentions the Star Sirius in a Surah [Chapter] called
The Star [Al Najm]. The star system is spoken of in the plural form and is given as the word Al
Shiraa. The long A` sound at the end oI the word is called a broken plural in the Arabic
Language. So Prophet Muhammad was aware in his recitation and record of the Quran to give
plurality to the Stars in the Sirius System. The Black Moors or Muslims many of whom were
black descendants oI Prophet Muhammad`s Iamily and descendants oI The Amarna Dynasty
lived throughout West AIrica where Benjamin Banna Ka`s grandIather was stolen Irom as a
slave and brought to America. The name Banna Ka is Arabic. Banna means to build or
construct`, and Ka` means one who is like something`. It also means spirit`. The Dogon live
in the area that was known during this time as Mali. Of course there are no known records that
speak of a tribe named Dogon. The Dogon Tribe did not originally call themselves Dogon`.

Their histories are presently stated by them as preserved by way of oral traditions. This
area was full of Black Moors who practiced the culture of Islam.

So here, we have made the basic connection of Sirius to Benjamin Banna Ka`s
grandfather Banna Ka, The Ancient Egyptians, and the Dogon, who would have definitely been
affected by the Holy Quran and Islam. The Black Moors of Islam serve as the link between the

Dogon and the Egyptian teachings on Sirius. Benjamin Banna Ka`s grandIather, who has an
Arabic name, and who as the son of a royal chieftain, would have been proficient in Quran(ic)
studies was undoubtedly the source oI Benjamin`s knowledge about Sirius. The Egyptians gave
this hieroglyphic as a sign of mental baptism and instruction into mastery.

Benjamin Banna Ka stated that Sirius was his Iavorite Star and his lucky star`.19 Charles
Cerami states that no other Africans other than the Dogon were known to have a special interest
in the Star called Sirius, however this is not true. The Black African Muslims [Moors] had great
interest in it. Prophet Muhammad even dealt with the 50,000 year Earth cycle and its 1000 year
cycle equivalent in the Orbit of Sirius B [Sirius B had an orbit around Sirius A equaling 50
Earth Years thus 1000 Sirius Years is 50,000 earth years]. This interest somehow found its way
into the building of Washington D.C. and Philadelphia and became the basis of the movement
for independence among the white Americans.

BENJAMIN BANNA KA & Secret Societies

Benjamin Banna Ka called the founding fathers frauds over the slavery question20. He
became very concerned about the condition of his people in the later part of his life as he began
to witness the activity of slavery. In his later life, He spoke out against this terrible behavior.
Banna Ka was a part of a Society that were not only against slavery but were a part of a secret
plan to end it.

Banna Ka and the Society of Friends [Rosicrucians]

The Quakers were the first white abolitionists of America. They had a special
organization called the :Society of Friends', which was a leading abolitionist group. The
Quaker Faith was based on the internalization of the Message of Christ as an individual and not
as a part of the Church, which they saw as corrupt and not loyal to the True Message of Jesus.
This sign with three parts pouring
forth from three sources is a sign of
the Sirius Star System that has three
stars Sirius A, B, and C. It is also
significant that this hieroglyphic is in
the form of an M, which is the
thirteenth [13th] letter in most all
languages, as 13 is the sacred number
of the 13th Constellation Sirius` and
the sacred number of Masonry and
Ancient Egyptian Mythological
Traditions in the history of Auset
[Isis], Asar [Osirus], and Heru


The Quaker movement was also not very popular amongst the racist American whites, as
the Quaker movement had grown out of the great Islamic influence in England from 1558 to the
late 1600`s. This Islamic inIluence is recorded in Nabil Matar`s book 'Islam in Great Britain
1558-185". Many of the white People in America worked progressively to keep Islam away
Irom their slaves. George Fox, Iounder oI the Quaker Iaith, was a leader that grew out oI this
religiously explosive period in Great Britain. William Penn, the white settler who was allowed
to settle in Philadelphia by our ancestors, was also a Quaker. During his lifetime George Fox,
the founder of the Quaker Faith, visited Barbados, Jamaica, America, Holland and Germany.
Fox was accompanied on his travels by William Penn and in 1661 he founded the American
Quaker Colony of Pennsylvania. Fox continued as a traveling preacher until his death in 1691.

Three years after his death, a committee of leading Quakers under the leadership of
William Penn, edited and published his journals. The Quakers have a special relationship with a
famous fraternal order called the Rosicrucians. The word Rosicrucian according to the
American Heritage dictionary means:

1. A member of an international organization, especially the Ancient Mystic Order
Rosae Crucis and the Rosicrucian Order, devoted to the study of ancient mystical,
philosophical, and religious doctrines and concerned with the application of these
doctrines to modern life.
2. A member of any of several secret organizations or orders of the 17th and 18th
centuries concerned with the study of religious mysticism and professing esoteric
religious beliefs.


From New Latin (Frater) Rosae Crucis, (Brother) of the Cross of the Rose, translation of
German Rosenkreutz, surname of the traditional founder of the society [Sir Christian
Rosenkreutz].21 Many have associated Christian Rosen Cruz with Sir Francis Bacon the Chief
Translator of the King James version of the bible also known as William Shakespeare22.

The mystical and philosophical doctrine of German Rosicrucianism produced the first
Rosicrucian group in America. The Chapter of Perfection was formed by scientist-theologian
Johann Jacob Zimmerman. Zimmerman joined other groups in accepting the invitation of
William Penn to migrate to Pennsylvania. However, just before the group sailed, Zimmerman
died. Their beliefs included a strong millennialism, and the group brought a hope for the
imminent return of Christ to earth with them when they came to America in 1694. Zimmerman's
role was assumed by Johannes Kelpius (1673-1708) who led the small band to Germantown
Creek23. This connection between William Penn, the Quaker, The Rosicrucians, Freemasonry,
and the subject of Benjamin Banna Ka is of importance because the founders of both the
Quaker faith, George Fox, and Rosicrucianism, Christian Rosen Cruz have a special connection
to Islam. Even if Sir Francis Bacon were the true Sir Christian Rosen Cruz, the Islamic
connection stands. The secrets of Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, the Quaker Faith, and the

subject of Benjamin Banna Ka are all tied to Islam, Prophet Muhammad, the Quran, and Black
People in America |Israeel|. The Ellicott`s, as Quakers, were members oI the Society oI
Friends, and Andrew Ellicott was a Rosicrucian.

Benj amin Banna Ka: The Design & Layout of
Washington D. C. & Philadelphia!

Major Andrew Ellicott24, a highly accomplished surveyor, was directed by Jefferson to
perform the survey of the District of Columbia. Ellicott and his assistant, Benjamin Bannaka25,
began work in the spring of 1791. The following year Washington asked Ellicott to finish
L'Enfant's plan for the city. In less than one month Ellicott found himself at odds with the
Commissioners and resigned Irom the project26. L`EnIant`s plans Ior the City never reached
Banna Ka in their original form. History proves that the second map, which has been attributed
to Ellicott, was very diIIerent Irom what L`EnIant had designed. Detailed comparisons have
been made between the two maps by the National Capital Planning Commission in 197027 and
the comparisons show changes in the angles of the avenues and the location of squares and
circles. This is very significant.

The change in the angles of the avenues has everything to do with what Benjamin Banna
Ka designed and laid out is Washington D.C. and why.


The Almanac`s oI Benjamin Banna Ka had emphasis on:

the meetings of Quakers [Rosicrucians]
the stars Spica, Arcturus, Regulus, and Sirius
The Fixed Stars of the Constellation belt
The establishment oI a Peace OIIice` Ior the Government oI the United States
Documentary Study oI the Yellow Iever` in Philadelphia
Herbal Remedies for the many ailments during the time
Prediction and Records of Eclipses
Charts and Maps of The Human body and its connection to the Zodiac
The Structure of the United States Court System

Our emphasis here is Banna Ka`s special attention to the stars Spica, Arcturus, Regulus,
and Sirius. The design of Washington D.C. and Philadelphia is based on these stars and the
Constellations that they are apart of. The significance of them is:

These stars map out the Ancient New Year of the Ancient Egyptians under the
Amarna Dynasty called the Family of Amraan in the Holy Quran. It is the oldest
and most accurate calendar on Earth. Prophet Muhammad in his record of the
Quran deals with Specific aspects of this calendar and a 50,000 year cycle. This

information is directly connected to information given by the Most Honorable
Elijah Muhammad in Message to the Blackman about the Tribe of Shabazz and
Pole Shift, showing a continuing connection in the transmission of specific
information that is pertinent to the next point

These stars also reveal the secret of the number 33 in Freemasonry as it pertains to
astronomy, the calendar, the human anatomy, and an event we have mentioned
called Pole ShiIt that is connected to the end oI the world traditions` in all

These stars also reveal the planning and design of America and the world`s two
most influential cities Washington D.C. and Philadelphia and the Ancient
knowledge of the Black Moors that is infused into their infrastructure

Lastly, it reveals the connection between Black People in America and the End oI
the World Concept in history`; |Black People in America are at the root oI the rise
oI the Earth`s most Ancient Nation|. It was in 1995 that the largest gathering in
history of Black Men in America took place in

Washington D.C.*, The Million Man March` where over 2 million Black Men
gathered in a movement that is a part of a universal plan to place the Black man on
top as the original ruler of the planet. It was in 1997 in *Philadelphia*, that we had
the gathering of the largest body of Black Women ever in the history of Black
America at the Million Woman`s March that was a sign that the Black woman was
being restored to Her position as the Original Mother of the Earth and the universe.

This is a view oI Arcturus, Spica, and Regulus Iorming the Divine triangle`:

The above map of the three significant stars Regulus [at the far right], Spica [bottom
left], and Arcturus [top left] are aligned exactly to three significant Earth points in
Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. The path of the Sun around the Center of the
universe [Sirius System] is also marked by the line from Regulus to Arcturus. The
Zodiacal path is seen in the line from Regulus to Spica. The angle in the triangle
above is significant to Free Masonry, as we will see later in this writing.

If one were to take a Protractor [Square], the tool of a Mason, and measure the acute
angle of this triangle, which is where the star Regulus is, they would get the measurement of
331/3 degrees. Regulus is Latin and means Little King`. In Philadelphia, it is City Hall that is
positioned at this point. City Hall contains all of the executive, legislative, and judicial
governmental offices for the city of Philadelphia and a special Zodiac at the Center of a Square.
The Zodiac is reversed, which we will see is of supreme importance to the concept of Pole Shift
and the End of the World Traditions in most Religions and Cultures.

Albert Pike spoke about Sirius and about a special
triangle that was a part of the esoteric secret of Masonry.
In his Book Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and
Accepted Scottish Rite pf Freemasonry Pike states about

'The Ancient Astronomers saw all the great
Symbols of Masonry on the Stars. Sirius still glitters in our
lodges as the Blazing Star28

Pike`s commentary is related somewhat to the
triangle surrounding Virgo previously noted. Pike calls
this triangle the universal emblem oI perIection`.

As we can see here Pike displays the symbol of 33
in the Pyramidal Triangle. What is the significance? Why
did Pike refer to this as a universal emblem of perfection?
Let`s make some other connections. Pike was a Brigadier

General for the Confederate Army of the South during the Civil War. He was in close contact
with the Cherokee who were also involved in an internal Civil war over the issue of slavery
inside oI their Nation. The Original name oI the Cherokee is Saragi`. As we can see Sa-Ra-gi
has the same root as Is-Ra eel, The S & R being the root consonants. The Cherokee in North
Carolina have been connected to Ancient Black Israel by way of ancient inscriptions found near
their reservations.

The Cherokee & Israel

The upper part of this diagram shows a silver shekel of the Second Revolt of Israel
against the Romans, 132 135 A.D., reading Simeon on the obverse (left) and Deliverance of
Israel on the reverse. Reported find sites for this and related coins are shown for Kentucky and
east Arkansas. Below the coins, is the Bat Creek stone from Tennessee, supposed by the
Smithsonian finders to be Cherokee, but recognized
by all Hebrew Scholars who have studied it as a
Hebrew Text of the first Century A. D. Dr. Robert
Stieglitz oI New York reads it as 'A Comet Ior the
Hebrews, with reIerence to Halley`s comet, which
hung over Jerusalem like a Ilaming sword in the year
69 A.D.`, during the first Revolt, begun in 68 under
Nero. The evidence suggests that Kentucky and
Tennessee became havens of refuge for persecuted
Hebrews after the various revolts against Syrian
Greek and Roman Oppression.29

Why were the Black Israelites coming to
America? The west had been the 'Secret Haven Ior
Black People all the way back to the 18th Dynasty
when Akhnaton (Moses) set up expeditions for the
first Israelites to come to Mexico. The Black
Israelites had spread all over America. History proves
that the Israelites under various names given to them
by Caucasians like; Carthaginians, Gaelic Celts, Iberians, Libyans, and even later Muslims
(They called themselves this) came into America. Most of these people were connected by
lineage and Spiritual Doctrine to The 18
Dynasty of Egypt and Yuya (Abraham). America
became a secret haven oI protection Irom the whites who had not discovered` the WEST yet.
The present Black People in America who are under the Ioreign names oI their Slave master`s
children are their ancestors. We were not all brought to America during the Trans-Atlantic slave
trade. We are Indigenous to America too.

Remember our connections between the Black Moors and Black Israel. These are
detailed in our Book, ReparationsWar the Truth about Black Israel God`s Holy Nation`.
Noble Drew Ali`s Iather, John Drew, was a member oI the Saragi |Cherokee| and was a Black

freedman. He was in close contact [by way of letters] with Pike until his Black and Red
regiment turned to support the North.

John Drew, Noble Drew Ali`s Iather seen in this letter during the
Civil War communicating with Brigadier General Albert Pike

John Drew although pictured as very light skinned in this picture was considered a Black
Freed man.

There is an account of Drew stated in a book called The Cherokee F reedmen: From
Emancipation to American Citizenship by Daniel F. Littlefield Jr. In speaking on the personal
life of the Cherokee and the Freedmen amongst them Littlefield records,
I n 1878 freedman John Drew, for instance, showed the best draft stallion at the I ndian
I nternational Fair held at Muskogee30

Noble Drew Ali started his organization called the Moorish Science Temple of America
in 1913. It was the first Moorish Islamic movement initiated after we lost the knowledge of our
Moorish Islamic History. It was called at the time the Canaanite Temple. In 1913, when Noble
Drew Ali reinitiated this knowledge, the Sirius Star System was in exactly 13 degrees of
Cancer. Cancer was in ancient times seen as the symbol Khepra31, the Dung Beetle with a disc.


Remember the symbolism of 13 in
Masonry and in connection to the Sirius Star
System [The 13
Constellation] and the
Founding of the American Nation. The Sun is
in 13 degrees of Cancer every July the 4th.

The seals of the Nation are based on the
number 13 and it all comes from this history
and Astronomical knowledge of Sirius, Black
Israel, the Original People of the planet and
universe. There are 13 steps to the pyramid.
There are 13 arrows and 13 olive leaves and
13 olives in the hand of the Eagle. E Pluribus
Unum is 13 letters and is Latin meaning Out
oI Many comes one`. There are 13 Stars above the head of the Eagle. There are 13 letters in
Annuit Coeptus, which is Latin Ior Favour My Undertaking`.

suggested that the worship of Khepera predates the worship of Ra, Khepera is considered a
form of Ra. It is said that Ra cam into being under the form of Khepera.

Khepera is called the father of the gods. He represents transformation from a state of inertness
into a state of active life. When the body is dead prayers are recited over it so that the soul
within could burst forth into a new realm of life. This resurrection is symbolized by Khepera.

The scarab beetle may have become a symbol of resurrection and transformation because it
starts out in life as an egg layed in a ball of dung. When the egg hatches the scarab is at first a
larva and then a nymph.
Finally the adult scarab emerges from his ball of dung fully winged. Joseph J. Adams

Notice the Sash of Noble Drew Ali, with pouch at the end. This same sash with a pouch at the
end is worn by a Native warrior to the left of an America soldier in Florida amongst the Moors
[Maroons] or Seminoles who were at War with the Americans. The Moors were known for
wearing this style of Clothing and it was connected to Orion and Sirius. See the diagram of
Orion and his Sash or belt. The Belt of Orion [3-Stars] points directly to the Sirius Star System

So what is the connection of all of this to Benjamin Banna Ka? Our point in showing the
previous pages is to show a uniform secret knowledge amongst various groups of Masons,
Moors, and Natives in American History. Benjamin Banna Ka designed Washington D.C. based
on the most Ancient Calendar of in the world. He laid out the avenue from The Capital Building
to the White House, which is called Pennsylvania Avenue to be exactly aligned with the stars
Regulus and Arcturus. This is the path that the sun takes in its course around the Center of the
Galaxy and universe [Sirius System]. Here is a diagram of the Washington D.C. and
Philadelphia layout as compared to the Stars.

The angle at Regulus [White House and City Hall] is 33 1/3 degrees.

On the human body, it represents the angle of the three master glands of the brain the Pineal,
Pituitary, and Hypothalamus. They control the electric, magnetic, and etheric forces of the body
and generally all cellular repair, protein assimilation, and general all bodily functions.

Beginning every August 10th one can see the constellation formations of Bootes, Virgo and
Leo, with the three main stars Arcturus, Spica, and Regulus setting over the White House or Art
Museum in the Form of a Seven at the Western End of the Horizon.


On the Eastern End of the Horizon Sirius rises in the Second Week of August. This is the point
in the year when the path of the Sun and the Path of the Zodiac meet. This is the True New Year
measured at 365.25 days.

We are entering the Age of Aquarius, which simply means the Solar system and the Sun are in
the area of the Zodiac closest to the Constellation Aquarius


So every 51,840 years there has been a pole shift. This event occurs when the North Pole and
the South Pole switch. What is the evidence in the past that it has happened? Why is it
happening? And how was this information, if known transmitted down to Benjamin Banna Ka.

Remember Banna Ka's connections to The Quakers and Rosicrucians. William Penn a famous
Quaker and Rosicrucian Iounded a plan Ior the Province oI Pensilvania` |Philadelphia|. In his
plan Penn laid out [5] five city Squares.
These squares today are known as Washington Square, Rittenhouse Square, Logan Square,
Franklin Square, and Center [Penn] Square, which is the site of City Hall. Penn had purchased
the area Irom The Le Napi`s. The Le Napi`s were an ancient group of Black People. The word
Napi was really Nabi. Nabi has ancient origins in Egypt and means Lord`. Nabi` in Arabic
means Messenger oI God`. The Cultural System oI the LeNapi`s` had it`s point oI origination
in the west in Mexico with the return of the Black Family of Amraan [Black Israeel] to
America. This is the origin of Masonry in the Western Hemisphere. Penn laid out the Square
based on ancient astronomical science.

The Center Square location is located exactly where the water works facility was built in the
1800s and now the Zodiac is also located at the same location. This point represents the point
where the ecliptic of the Sun [motion the sunmakes around the center of the universe] and the
Ecliptic of the Zodiac meet.

In this age that we have just entered called Aquarius this point represents the time Pole Shift is
to occur. This information is secretly known by those who placed the Zodiac in a reversed
orientation. The only other places where we witness this reversed orientation of the Zodiac are
in Egypt at the Dendarah Temple, on the Tomb of Senmut, an early name for the Pharaoh
Akhnaton[ Moses], in Washington D.C. at the Mellon Fountain Zodiac, and in Philadelphia.

Noted researcher on the subject of Pole Shift, John White, speaks of the reverse Zodiac on the
tomb oI Senmut 'Not only do papyri tell oI this, a panel on the tomb of Senmut, the architect of
Queen Hatshepsut, shows it. The Celestial sphere with the signs of the Zodiac and other
Constellations of the southern sky are reversed in orientation.32

As we can see, the Dendarah Zodiac is reversed, showing the Zodiac to move in a clockwise
progression, although the revolutionary path and rotational path of the Earth move in a
counterclockwise direction.


The Zodiac in Philadelphia and Washington D.C. are the same. In Philadelphia, the present sight of
the Art Museum was formerly called FAIR MOUNT and was a truncated pyramidal mound built by the
Le-Nabi in the style of the step pyramid.

The only known surviving portraits of the Pyramidal/Mound come from the Thomas Birch collection
[1823] Report of the Watering Committee

Most of the portraits were created during the Construction of the Fairmount Waterworks in the
early 1800s. This site was aligned exactly with Center Square and is aligned celestially with the

movement of the Sun around the Ecliptic. This proves beyond doubt that Benjamin Banna Ka
and William Penn were influenced by the Le-Napi in the design of the key areas of Washington
D.C. and Philadelphia, as the Le-Napi were the builders of the pyramidal mounds in the
Philadelphia area`. Banna Ka`s desire to establish a Peace OIIice was clearly to protect the
Natives from the warring white Colonists, which shows he had a special affection for the
LeNapi who were the dominate group in the area of Maryland Delaware and Pennsylvania, and
the oldest Native National Community.

The Tomb of Senmut [Moses Akhenaton] features two distinct points that are relevant to this
study. The first is the reversed Zodiac, which we have discussed. The second is a map of the
stars of Sirius that is exactly like the Dogon diagrams given to the Germans who visited them in
the early 1900s and near exactly like the layout of Philadelphia and Washington D.C., with
emphasis on the main monuments representing the 3 stars of the Sirius System and 1 planet.

This diagram from the tomb of Senmut shows that the Amarna family of the 18
Dynasty knew
that Sirius had a plurality of Stars, as do the Dogon, and Banna ka.

The Center Star Sirius A, is surrounded by three symbolic bands. The Three objects
surrounding it form a Pyramid. The Dogon have a similar diagram


The diagram gives Sirius B twice thus five objects appear, however, there are four and they too
form a pyramid. The same is true for both of the cities Washington D. C. and Philadelphia.
There are four sites in both cities that match these two diagrams proving that there was a
transmission of knowledge about what author Robert Temple calls the Sirius Mystery. This
information was provided by Benjamin Banna Ka, The Le Napi [Black Amarna - Israel] , and
was given to the whites [Quakers - Rosicrucians].

Benjamin Banna Ka proves through his liIe`s work and through the connective histories
surrounding him and the design of both of these cities that Black people are on the rise to

These areas encompass the governing of the creation and enforcement of the Law, The
Commerce and symbolism of the Country, and the History and foundation of Independence as
established on July 4th, the Cosmic Day of Sirius Sun & Earth Alignment, representing the
resurrection of Ausar (Osiris) by way of Heru (Horus) the 1st Resurrected Son. It represents the
ancient Lineage oI God`s Nation, and the rising of the Sun in the West, which is expressed in
this symbolism and is a literal and symbolic event tied to the rise oI the Earth`s Oldest
Indigenous Nation, Black People in North America.


Honoring One of Our Founding Fathers

We give honor to Benjamin Banna Ka who through living his life purpose has reached the
golden state of immortality and we promise to carry on the work of peace and prosperity that He
lived to produce.

Ali Muhammad Philadelphia [15090 day 8 Month 12] July 25th 2005


-+6-+-&7 1(//#+ /(.(+&((+8 &'( 2#9-05 5#+/&-&,&-#+
By C.M. Bey, AA 222141/Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

If the lawmakers of the 50 Union States Society of North America, should attempt to ignore the
Moorish Law and birthrights of this constitution, it would be an act of supreme violation of
their own Magna Charta Code.

Prefaced by, Taj Tari k Bey

The Zodiac Constitution
Moorish Adepts, Moorish Scientists, Master Masons, Eastern Stars, Sheiks, Sheikesses,
Neophytes, Amanuesis Maters, and World Scholars, have studied and marveled, upon analyzing
the written Zodiac Constitution. This highly qualified document was penned by C. M. Bey a
, 33
, and 360 degree, Free Moorish Master Mason, Master Astrologer, PhD., LLD., and
Constitution Law Giver. This master work was copyrighted and registered in the Library of
Congress, Copyright Office, and with the Department of Justice, at Washington, D.C., United
States Republic of North America.
There are interesting and eIIective literary characteristics about C. M. Bey`s written
Zodiac Constitution, which go beyond the fact of its being clear, simple and direct. Moorish
Scholars will take note that it maintains the ancient Moabite/Moorish Scientific, metaphysical
and spiritual approach to the number seven [7] in harmony with the natural constitution of
Man`s make-up. Other learned intellectuals of the varied and advanced Gnostic schools of the
world, and of Government, no doubt, must appreciate its uncluttered directness and integrity
towards Justice.
The written Zodiac Constitution was not readily available to the masses, due to the nature
of limited access to Moorish Schools of learning, and the suppression of information practices
oI Union States Society politicians and other Secret Societies` policies oI clubism culture. This
anti-social practice is a part of the necessary socialization tools for maintaining veiled
economic, political, and bureaucratic servitude in the Americas particularly, in the North

Let us be qualified in our understanding that the Zodiac Constitution is not just the actual
written 7 Article document, as presented to you for reading, historical analysis and law study.
The general populace must have access to that consciousness involving the true history and
scientific foundation of Civilization and Culture on the Earth planet. Thusly, one immediately
and wisely recognizes what actually comprises the Zodiac Constitution and the elemental nature
of what inspired C. M. Bey to produce the inclusively complex scale of this compact and
evidentiary treatise on 'Right Law government.
What comprises The Zodiac Constitution is expressed and revealed in the first opening
paragraph of Article 1, as written by C. M. Bey. His literary works have come manifest by way
oI a knowledge oI the Zodiac or 'Workings oI Nature, the Moabite/Moorish Code Ior
Civilization, and the Sciences mentioned. And so, one can surmise that Astrology the twelve
Signs of the Zodiac; an expansion on The Code of Mathematic Scale, involving the numbers 0 1
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9; The Science of Geometry [G] and the Arabic Alphabet; comprise
Moabite/Moorish Science the Culture and foundation of Civilization on the planet Earth. A
logistical study of the Zodiac Constitution should generate years of research and recovery of
world Culture and true American History, for all who seek truth. Let us affirm our honor for our
ancient Mothers and Fathers. Embrace knowledge and shun ignorance. Help to uplift fallen
Hibu, Haqq, Salaam, Hurryatun, Adl, Islam, As Salaamu Alaikum, Vadi Makum,
- Taj Tarik Bey
- A Free Moor
- Son of a Widow
- M.D.N.M.
- M.S.T. of A.
- M.O.O. The R.
- G.S.N.A.M.A.
- Shechabee Territory
- Northwest Amexem

The Zodiac Constitution
By C.M. Bey, AA 222141/Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Article 1
The Twelve Signs of The Zodiac, The Code of Mathematics scaling from zero to nine (0 9),
and the Science of Geometry (G), comprise the Constitution of the Living Moorish Nation of
North America, reIerred to as; 'Negroes, who ruled the world and the Seven Seas by the 12
Signs of The Zodiac and the Science of Geometry (G), for eleven hundred and ninety-six years,
to the Amazon Dutch-German Catholic Priesthood Fathers of the Revolution of 1789, and the
Sisterhood Manga Charta, Emancipation Proclamation, Union Society of White Supremacy, in
1863 North America.
The Twelve Jurymen of the 50 Union States Society, and also the none judges of the Supreme
Court, were Iounded upon the Moorish Nation`s 12 Signs oI the zodiac Constitution and
Mathematics scaling from zero to nine (0 9). Thus without our Moorish Constitution, the
Manga Charta, Emancipation Proclamation, Union Society of the Myth of White Supremacy,
Definitely could have been found in 1863.
Article 2
Zodiac Constitution Bi rthrights
The Moorish American
(1he Bey's and El's)

Since the 12 Jurymen of the 50 Union States, Manga Charta document of White Supremacy and
the nine judges of their Supreme Court were founded upon our Moorish Zodiac 12 Signs,
Mathematical Constitution, the lawmakers have no jurisdiction over the Free Moors, the Bey`s
and El`s, in the inherited land oI the Moorish nation, namely: U.S.A., Canada, Central and
South America.

The Moorish American Nationality and their sir names, Bey and El, are their inherited
birthrights without a legal due process of the lawmakers of the Union Society, U.S.A. What our
Moorish forefathers were, we are today without a doubt or contradiction, namely, Moorish!

Article 3

Tax and Military Exemption for Moorish Americans
(The Beys and Els)


The Moors, referred to as Negroes, definitely can never become members and citizens of the
Union Society of the 48 States. Therefore they cannot be forced or drafted into the Union,
U.S.A. Army or Military service to fight for the Manga Charta Code of the White Supremacy
against themselves.

The lawmakers of the 48 States Union order cannot force the Moors, the Beys and Els, to pay
taxes because taxation without representation is a supreme violation of the Moorish Zodiac
Constitution birthright of Islam. When the Union lawmakers denounce their immortal Manga
Charta Code, and resort to the Moorish Zodiac Constitution, the Moors are compelled to pay
taxes because every one of the Nation will be equally represented by it. There is no room in the
Science of Masonry (The Zodiac), for mystic god religious worship, race, color, ignorance, war,
crime, slavery and human injustice.

Article 4

Adequate Employment and Protection for Moorish Americans

Every lawmaker, the heads of industry and business enterprise of the 50 State Union Order, are
obligated members and citizens of the Magna Charta Christian Church and Temple system of
Christ the King of Jews, meaning; jury over the wealth and culture of the living Moorish nation
of North America.

Therefore, by the Moorish Zodiac Constitution, the Moors, the Beys and Els, can demand
adequate employment, food, clothing, shelter, medical care, equal rights, respect and protection
from mob violence, rape and injustices, otherwise without being obligated to the union church
and religious system oI the order oI Christ, the 'White son idol God.

Article 5

I mmortal Mar riage License Code against the Zodiac Law of Nature

Truth cannot be altered and therefore needs no apology nor doctrine, because it is the supreme
mental doctor itself for the entire human family, woman and man.

1) Thus the truth is, the Sisterhood Christian Daughters of the American Revolution,
(D.A.R.), established the marriage license states right code to prevent Moorish men and
women from marrying into their Magna Charta society of White Supremacy.

2) Did you ever stop to think that women and men are already married by the Supreme Law
of Nature, and that a marriage license is an act of violation of the law of Nature? The
Nature Law Union between women and men spells love and the reproduction of a child
in which a marriage license plays no part in.

3) Definitely there cannot be any illegitimate children offspring from women and men,
because women is supreme gate of creation of both male and female children by the law
of nature, which spells I.S.L.A.M., or I, Self, Law, and Master, the Carpenter and the
Grand Architecture of the Human Family. 'Adam means the positive Iorces in woman
and sons responsible for evolution or the reproduction of children by the law of nature.
The Pope, Priests, the Preacher, and Judges of the Christian society definitely cannot
prove that their 'Adam and 'Eve had a marriage license. Did you ever stop to think
that the marriage license code is an act of selling women and men back to themselves?

The Union, Magna Charta marriage license code unfortunately and unconsciously caused the
'White women to be cut off from the human family (The Moorish Nation). In other words, the
'White women are supreme social slaves against their will and desire. This has caused them to
carry in their mind and heart a secret sorrow and anger, which causes their children to inherit a
tendency of crime, hatred, insanity and various other diseases.


Supreme Standard of the Zodiac Mar riage Law (Culture)

Here are the elements oI the Signs oI the Zodiac and women and men`s opposite signs
involving the first marriage of the Zodiac Law of Nature. No preacher and money and license
and neither religion is necessary in the standard zodiac marriage law.

In Harmony with Nature:

1. Aries is Fire and Libra is Air.
2. Taurus is Earth and Scorpio is Water.
3. Gemini is Air and Sagittarius is Fire.
4. Cancer is Water and Capricorn is Earth.
5. Leo is Fire and Aquarius is Air.
6. Virgo is Earth and Pisces is Water.

The 1863 Union Bible Story oI 'Eve and 'Adam were Iounded upon the Moorish Zodiac
twelve signs law, the negative and the positive forces of nature (female and male).

In Harmony with Nature:

1. Aries is Fire and Gemini is Air.
2. Leo is Fire and Libra is Air.
3. Sagittarius is Fire and Aquarius is Air.

Persons born under the opposite signs and the angle signs are in harmony with one another in
every manner. Thus firsthand knowledge of the sign under which you and your mate were born
will guide your destiny in peace, progress and happiness forever. Let us remember that this is

not a theory. The Zodiac is absolute universal standard of marriage and human guidance.
Woman and man will know their duty toward one another and their children without being
forced by the traditional code for the court room.

Article 6

The One and Only Universal Moral Law for Unity,
Peace and Economic and Social Progress.

The Moorish Zodiac Constitution is the only Universal Unchanged Moral Law for the Human
Family, for Unity, Human Equality, Respect, Peace and Economic and Social Progress.
ThereIore every Moor, the Beys and Els, must be guided by this constitution, and book 'Clock
oI Destiny, do that which is right by reason and have respect Ior the 'White Lawmakers and
citizens of the Magna Charta Union Society of the 50 States, in order to demand respect from

The 'White Peoples oI the Union are guided by their Magna Charta traditions and customs,
and the Moors are guided by the Zodiac Constitution Law. Never the less, their customs and
traditions, including themselves, must be respected by the Moors, without submitting
themselves to any of the Manga Charta customs. That which is termed the Christian Law is, a
rule of action recorded on paper and supported by authority and force. The Zodiac Law of
Nature, is recorded in the wisdom of women and men, and supported by moral intelligence, The
Greatest Law.

Knowledge of Zodiac Masonry as shown in this Moorish Constitution, and also in my book
'Clock oI Destiny Volume 1 and 2, will prevent a Moorish American, He or She, Irom
indulging in crime. They them would not have to appear in the court room to stand trial. Should
a Moorish American who has this Constitution and Book 1 and 2 indulge in crime, such as;
narcotics, robbery, forgery, prostitution, illegal whisky or alcohol, illegal schemes, gambling,
peace breaking, violence and disrespect for the law of the City, Country, State and Federal, they
then have incriminated themselves and therefore will be penalized. This constitution, card and
book definitely does not protect criminals. BEWARE.

The Clock of Destiny Moorish American Card of Identification and Constitution has been
registered in the Library of Congress and signed by author: C. M. Bey.

A Moorish American cannot be convicted on false accusation frame-up charges. The evidence
against a Moorish American Must be concrete proof beyond a shadow of doubt. The Moorish
Nation of 15,000,000 (1951) of U.S.A. shall not be destroyed for lack of truth and knowledge of
the Law and constitution of the Moors.

Article 7

The Moorish American Freedom and Legal in the Christian Union Court Room


In the Christian Union Court Room, the Moors cannot be forced to remove their Red Fez from
their heads, nor can they be forced to raise their hand and take Oath over the Christian Bible.
Neither can Moors, the Beys and Els, employ 'White or 'Negro lawyers to represent them.
The reason Ior this is that 'White People and their 'Negro slaves deIinitely cannot represent
free Moorish Americans.

The Negro is the property of the Union Slave Holders. The Moors must respect the court by
saying 'I aIIirm. Here the court has no jurisdiction over them, which automatically makes
them qualified to defend themselves by their Zodiac Constitution Law and their mathematical
number nine (9). The number nine (9) corresponds with the letter I, based on the nine months
Irom conception to birth, which makes you, yourselI, The Great 'I Am, the Iirst and the
highest law of self protection and self preservation in harmony with your Zodiac 12 signs
unchanged constitution Moral Law of 360 degrees squared by your number nine (9).

The Moorish Zodiac Constitution is reIerred to in Christian mythology as, 'The Holy Koran
or, 'Al Koran, meaning the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and the seven planets or Chronology
Zodiac Record of the Moorish Nation of the North Gate, North America. The name
'Mohammed, Prophet, Religion, God, Church, Temple, and Mosque, were established by the
Dutch-Anglo Saxon Priesthood Franciscan father of North who overthrew the Moorish Society
of Islam between 1789 and the Union of 1863.

The Moors, the Beys and Els, must never attempt to teach or lecture in the Christian
Institutions, namely, Church, Temple, Mosque, School, and Hall. This is a violation of the
Union Society States right Magna Charta Code of Mary and Christ. The truth of the Moorish
Zodiac Constitution Law and moral human principles definitely conflicts with the Christian
Union customs and Doctrine of the Magna Charta from every angle. Nor do not criticize the
'White people`s belieI in the religion of their son and women image. Nor do ever attempt to
inIluence the 'White people to accept the oral truth and principles oI your 12 signs Zodiac
Constitutional Law, because the Magna Charta is a Latin phrase meaning, Magnate Charta of
'White peoples economic and social attraction only, which had its beginning in the Colonies
of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois in 1848 and 1854.

If the lawmakers of the 50 Union States Society of North America, should attempt to ignore the
Moorish American`s Zodiac Law and birthrights of this constitution, it would be an act of
supreme violation of their own Magna Charta Code.

Wa Aliaikum As Salaam

-+6-+-&7 1(//#+ (-E'&((+8 0 1##$ 0& &'( &()3 )(/-9(+&
By: Garry: Webb: Bey January 09, 2009
Resident - One who has his residence in a place
Residence - A factual place of abode. Living in a particular locality. It requires only bodily
presence as an inhabitant of a place.
Abode - ones home; habitation; place of dwelling; or residence. Ordinarily: means domicile.
The term Resident is one of the most seminal concepts in the law, relating to status. This term is
used in most state laws in this country to identify the party subject to the statutes. Whether it be
the requirement to register a car and get a driver`s license or to pay taxes, the law imposes a lot
oI duties and responsibilities on this thing called a _Resident.
Before we explore what exactly is this thing, called a Resident, it should be abundantly clear
that the Resident is the object and subject of legislative authority.
As explained in my article 14th Amendment Citizenship Is Not True Citizenship, under the
original set up of the U.S., based on the principles espoused in The Declaration of
Independence, the people were sovereigns.
To understand the signiIicance oI sovereignty with respect to legislative authority, Ill quote
from the U.S. Supreme Court. In the case of Yick Wo v. Hopkins, the court stated:
"Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law; but
in our system, while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government,
sovereignty itself remains with the people, by whom and for whom all government exists and
So if sovereignty is not subject to law and the people are sovereign then the people, acting
within their sovereign rights, are not subject to the legislative authority. Notice that the statutes
dont say that the people oI this state are required to register their property, get licenses, or pay
taxes on the fruits of their labor.
As a further illustration of the people being the source of the legislative power, consider the
enacting clause, which all laws must have to be constitutionally valid, of New York state:
"1he enacting clause of all bills shall be "1he People of the State of Aew
York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows, " and no law shall
be enacted except by bill."
Thats right the legislature oI New York State gets their authority to legislate Irom _The
With this foundation we can begin to explore what this thing called a Resident is. A little
etymology is required. The term Resident can be broken down into two parts: _Res and _Ident

Res is a Latin word meaning thing. and Ident is the root oI the words _Identity and IdentiIy.
So the term Resident literally means a thing identiIied:.
The next question to be answered is: What is the nature and characteristics of this thing being
identified as such?
We already know that this thing being identified is not the sovereign and is subject to legislative
Lets go back to the deIinitions and see what clues we can Iind.
According to the legal definitions, residence is based on physical presence in a particular place.
However, before one jumps to the conclusion that by ones mere presence in a particular location
one automatically becomes the Resident subject to the statutes, remember that such conclusion
would be a contradiction of the rights inherent in the sovereign people. So there must be another
element present, that we have yet to take into account. For that missing element we must
examine the term _Domicile.
Domicile. That place where a man has his true, fixed, and permanent home and principle
establishment, and to which whenever he is absent he has the intention of returning.
There is, in the law, a concept called: Fiction of Law; a fiction of law is something known to be
false but assumed to be true. An assumption or supposition of law that something which is or
may be false is true, or that a state of facts exists which has never taken place.1
This is what the term domicile is based on fictions of law. The ideas of fixed and permanent
are fictions. Change being the only constant in the universe, there is nothing on the material
plane that is permanent.
One of the most basic ways for fictions to be presumed true are by way of contract.
In contract law there is such a thing called Situs or Forum Contractus. It means a place where a
contract is made a place that has jurisdiction over the contract. That contractual place can be
fixed and permanent.
Corporations are creatures of statute. They are not real. They exist on paper. They are
contemplations of law hence fictions. The location where they are created it fixed and is
indicated by an address. The corporation cannot move around. However, if a corporation sets up
operations in a state different from the one in which it was created, it becomes a foreign
corporation in that state and is subject to the rules of foreign entities in that state. In other
words, it has no inherent rights in that state.
Why am I using this example? And what does this have to do with the term Resident?
1Blacks Law Dictionary - 4th Ed. Pg. 751

Remember our definition states that residence requires only physical presence in a particular
So being a Resident implies being foreign to the place where the entity resides, based on where
it was created. If that is not clear at this point, let me provide an example, based on the
understanding of contract.
The 14th Amendment citizen has its origin and creation from the Federal Government. The seat
of the Federal Government is in Washington, D.C. This is where the federal legislative
authority and jurisdiction exists.
Under the definition oI Situs it states in part: ... the place where a thing is considered, for
example with reference to jurisdiction over it, or the right or power to tax it."
And under Forum Contractus it reads in part: ... the place where a contract is made,
considered as a place of jurisdiction."
Do you get it now? Still dont see how you contracted with the District oI Columbia? How
about Social Security?
Lets look at another aspect oI contract law Consensual Contract: A term derived from the
civil law, denoting a contract founded upon and completed by the mere consent of the
contracting parties, without any external formality or symbolic act to fix the obligation.:
Did you read Slavery Is Not Free? Read it again. Acceptance is consent. You dont even have
to sign anything. You want an example of signing something which places you contractually in
the District of Columbia?
Whenever you deal formally with the federal government, the form or application you are
required to fill out usually has a sworn statement at the end stipulating that the information you
provided is true and correct under penalties of perjury. Well there are two kinds of perjury
statements one Ior _within the United States and one Ior _without the United States.
Guess which perjury statement is used on the Form W-4? Guess which one is used on Form SS-
Accordingly, this puts you inside of the District of Columbia inside the exclusive jurisdiction
of the federal government. This is where you exist as a political entity. You are a foreigner in
the states of the Union. Therefore, you are a Resident a foreigner, with no rights in the states
of the Union. Thus as a Resident you have to be regulated as such and are required to follow all
codes, rules, regulations, and ordinances of the state. When one has no rights everything
becomes a privilege, and a tax must be paid for the privilege.
When you pay a tax in New York State, what is the form called? NYS Resident Tax Return.
Come out of her my People!
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

If you dont know your rights you dont have any!
Oh by the way, under the term Resident it states: "Also a tenant, who was obliged to reside on
his lords land, and not to depart from the same; called, also "homme levant et couchant,"
and in Aormandy, "resseant du fief."
Till next time.
Fez Associates, LLC.
Blacks Law Dictionary, 4th Edition - pgs. 20, 377, 572, 751, 783,1473, & 1558
Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356
NYS Constitution, Art.3 sec.13
U.S. Constitution, Art.1 sec.8 cl.17, Art.1 sec.10

-+6-+-&7 1(//#+ +-+(&((+8 "0/-5/ #6 9)06&-+E 0 /,-&(
W/ Sister Anaid El
Today`s class is the last oI a 10-week course, and is centered on drafting a suit, which
includes an 'InIorma Pauperis, and a 'CertiIicate oI Service.
The Colorable Courts coerce the people into paying them in order for the people to
exercise their rights. This is their way oI denying 'due process oI law, as one cannot be denied
their rights cased on whether or not they have 'money. ThereIore, an InIorma Pauperis` is
submitted to the Courts to that end.
A Certificate of Service shows that all involved in the suit have been served. One does
not have to utilize and pay a Sheriff to serve paperwork. They can use the United States Post
Master, via certified return receipt.
The following are some terms, law, and information to assist you in gaining the proper
concept(s) for a Suit.
'. Congress cannot authorize a trade or business within a State in order to tax it. License Tax
Cases, 72 U.S. 462, 18 L. Ed. 497, 5 Wall. 462, 2A. F. T. R. 2224 (1866)
'Loss oI First Amendment Freedoms, Ior even minimal periods of time, unquestionably
constitutes irreparable injury. El rod Vs Burns, 427 U.S. 347; 6 S. Ct. 2673; 49 L. Ed. 2d
The Zodiac Constitution, Article I
The twelve Signs of the Zodiac, The Code of Mathematics scaling from zero to nine (0-
9), and the Science of Geometry (G), comprise the Constitution of the Living Moorish Nation
oI North America, reIerred to As; 'Negroes, who ruled the world and the Seven Seas by the 12
Signs of The Zodiac and the Science of Geometry (D), for eleven hundred and ninety-six years,
to the Amazon Dutch-German Catholic Priesthood Fathers of the Revolution of 1789, and the
Sisterhood Magna Charta, Emancipation Proclamation, Union Society oI Albion (European`
erroneously called White) Supremacy, in 1863 North America.
The Twelve Jurymen of the 50 United States Society, and also the nine judges of the
Supreme Court, were Iounded upon the Moorish Nation`s 12 Signs oI the Zodiac Constitution
and Mathematics scaling from zero to nine (0-9). Thus without our Moorish Constitution, the
Magna Charta, Emancipation Proclamation, Union Society oI the Myth oI Albion (European`
erroneously called White) Supremacy, Definitely could have been found in 1863.
The Zodiac Constitution, Article I I Zodiac Constitution Bi rthright of the Moorish
American (the Beys and Els)
Since the 12 Jurymen of the 50 Union States Magna Charta document of Albion
(European` erroneously called White) Supremacy and the nine judges oI their Supreme Court
were founded upon our Moorish Zodiac 12 Signs, Mathematical Constitution, the lawmakers

have no jurisdiction over the Free Moors, the Beys and Els, in the inherited land of the Moorish
Nation, namely: United States for America, Canada, Central and South America.
The Moorish American Nationality and their sir names, Beys and Els, and their inherited
birthrights without a legal due process of the lawmakers if the Union Society, United States of
America what our Moorish forefathers were, we are today without a doubt or contradiction,
namely, Moorish!
United States Republic Constitution, Article VI
All debts contracted and engagements entered into, before the adoption of this
Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the
his Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance
thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States,
shall be the supreme law of the land; and the j udges in every state be bound thereby,
anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.
he Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several
state legislatures, and all executive and j udicial officers, both of the United States and of
the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no
religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the
United States.
United States Republic Constitution, Article I I I, Section I I
The judicial power shall extend to all cases, in law and equity, arising under this
Constitution, the laws of the United States, and treaties made, or which shall be made, under
their authority; --to all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls; --to all
cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction;--to controversies to which the United States shall
be a party; -to controversies between two or more states; --between a state and citizens of the
another state; --between citizens of different states; -- between citizens of the same state
claiming lands under grants of different states, and between a state, or the citizens thereof, and
foreign states, citizens or subjects.
In all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, and those in which
a state shall be party, the Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction. In all the other cases
before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact,
with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make.
The trial of all crimes, except in cases of impeachment, shall be by jury; and such trial
shall be held in the state where the said crimes shall have been committed; but when not
committed within any state, the trial shall be at such place or places as the Congress may by law
have directed.
The United States Republic Constitution, Article I, Section X, Clause I - No State
shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and

Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender
in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto law, or Law impairing, or grant
any title of Nobility.
United State Republic Constitution, Original 13
Article of the Bill of Rights, Section 12
The traffic in slaves with Africa is hereby forever prohibited on pain of death and
forfeiture of all the rights and property of persons engages therein; and the descendants of
Africans shall not be citizens.
Foreign Jurisdiction in Statues for Connecticut: Section 14 - 40: Operation of motor
vehicle owned by resident of foreign country. Any motor vehicle or trailer owned or operated
by a resident Ior a Ioreign country, which country adheres to the articles oI the 'International
Convention held in Paris, April 24
, 1926, or amendments thereto, relative to the operation of
motor vehicles, may be operated on the highways of this state without registration, provided
such nonresident operator`s license and provided such motor vehicle is legally registered in the
country of his residence and also bears an international registration.
United States Republic Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 17
To exercise legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten
miles square) as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become
the seat of the government of the United States, Requi res that all public offices must be
exercised ONL Y in the District of Columbia and not elsewhere, except as expressly
provided by law.
Unites States Republic Constitution, Article I, Section I X, Clause VI I I
No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: and no person holding any
office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any
present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign
state. See also Article VI of the Article of Confederation
Unites States Republic Constitution, Original Article XI I I of the Bill of Rights
If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of
nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept or retain any present,
pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign
power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of
holding office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.
The above affi rms that they cease to be a citizen of the United States therefore they
cannot hold any office in federal or states government; Anyone who become a member of
the B. A. R. associations headquarters is in the United Kingdom.

United States Republic Constitution, Article I V, Section I V
The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of
government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the
legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic
Protect every state from invasion by either other states of the federal government.
Any attempt to destroy rights, and especially through compelled participation in
European foreign j urisdiction (Union States), is an invasion in every sense of the word,
even though not a physical or military invasion
United States Republic Constitution, Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the
free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the
people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
United States Republic Constitution, Amendment I V
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects: against
unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon
probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be
searched, and the persons of things to be seized.
United States Republic Constitution, Amendment V
No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a
presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or
in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be
subject for the same offense to be put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any
criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property,
without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just
United States Republic Constitution, Amendment VI
In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial,
by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed,
which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature
and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have
compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel
for his defense.
United States Republic Constitution, Amendment VI I
In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the
right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise
reexamined in any court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

United States Republic Constitution, Amendment VI I I
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual
punishments inflicted.
United States Republic Constitution, Amendment I X
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or
disparage others retained by the people.
United States Republic Constitution, Amendment X
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to
the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.
The United States Department of Justice - Moorish Credentials: AA 222141 - Truth A - 1
- See Lesson Book 14
United Nations Declaration of Human Rights Article Fifteen (15)
United Nation Rights of I ndigenous Peoples Part 1, Article Four (4)
United Nations Rights of the Child, Principal Three (3)
Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13, Section 241 Conspi racy against rights
If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in
any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment
of any right or privilege secured to him by the constitution or laws of the United States, or
because of his so exercised the same; or
If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with
intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured
They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if
death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include
kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit
aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned
for any term of years or for life, or both, may be sentenced to death.
Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13, Section 242 Deprivation of rights under color-of-law
Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully
subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the
deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or
laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, penalties, on account of such
person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment
of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if
bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include
the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be

fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from
the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt
to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or
imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.
TI T L E 18 219 - Officers and employees acting as agents of foreign principals
TI T L E 18 247 - Damage to religious property; obstruction of persons in the free exercise
of religious beliefs
TI T L E 18 654 - Officer or employee of the United State converting property of another
TI T L E 18 872 - Extortion by officers or employees of the United States
TI T L E 18 873 - Blackmail
TI T L E 18 876 - mailing threatening communications
TI T L E 18 877 - Mailing threatening communications from foreign country
TI T L E 18 878 - Threats and extortion against foreign officials, official guests, or
internationally protected persons
TI T L E 18 880 - Receiving the proceeds of extortion
TI T L E 18 1581 - Peonage; obstructing enforcement
TI T L E 18 1583 - Enticement into slavery
TI T L E 18 1584 - Sale into involuntary servitude
TI T L E 18 1589 - Forced labor
TI T L E 18 1951 - Interference with commerce by threats or violence
TI T L E 18 1956 - Laundering of monetary
TI T L E 18 1957 - Engaging in monetary transactions in property derived from specified
unlawful activity
TI T L E 18 1959 - Violent crimes in aid of racketeering activity
Title 18, Part I, Chapter 115, Section 2381 Treason
Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to
their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of
treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined not less
than 10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Title 18, Part I, Chapter 115, Section 2382 Misprision of Treason
Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the
commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and
make known the same to the President or to some particular State, is guilty of misprision of
treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.