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Reply (2): No.

Footnote 31 indicates that safety devices need not be provided by the vessel Manufacturer, but overpressure protection shall be provided prior to placing the vessel in service. Applicable jurisdictional requirements should be reviewed to determine limitations which may be different or more restrictive than the Code rules referenced in Question (1).

Interpretation: VIII-78-130 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1, UG-10 Date Issued: October 10, 1978 File: BC78-574 Question: Is it permissible to use carbon steel pipe for pressure parts on a Section VIII, Division 1 pressure Vessel under the following conditions: (1) the pipe is ordered to SA-53 Grade B specifications; (2) the Material Test Report for the pipe indicates that it complies with both API 5L and ASTM A-53 Grade B specifications; (3) the markings on the pipe itself are in accordance with API 5L specifications only? Reply: Yes, provided the pipe is not manufactured with filler metal added and UG-10 is complied with.

Interpretation: VIII-78-131 Subject: Section VIII, Division 1, UG-84, UHA-5 1, and UHT-6 Date Issued: October 12, 1978 File: BC78-578 Question: Are the following assumptions correct with regard to the requirements for qualifying a welding procedure for Type 304 stainless steel where the design of the vessel is below -20F but not lower than -325F? (1) Impact test shall be made with the notch in the weld metal. The heat affected zone need not be checked. (2) Acceptance criterion is 0.015 in. minimum lateral expansion. Measured values shall be recorded. (3) Energy absorption values (ft-lbs or joules) may be recorded for "information," but that is not mandatory requirement. (4) Filler metal shall be the same E-Number that will be used in production, such as, measurement of lateral expansion of an E309 (less than 0.10% C) deposit would not qualify for an E308 deposit. Reply: The following answers are in the numerical order described in the question. (1) Correct. See UHA-51(b)(5) and UG-84. (2) Correct. See UG-84(c)(4)(b) and UHT-6. (3) Correct. (4) Incorrect. E309 and E308 are both of A-No. 8 Weld Metal Analysis per QW-441 of Section IX. See UHA-51(b)(5)(a)(1).