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Kylie M.


"In a time of univeisal ueceit, telling the tiuth is a ievolutionaiy act."--ueoige 0iwell
I am puising a caieei in jouinalism because I believe in honesty anu integiity. I love
how the jouinalism woilu ievolves aiounu euucating the public of events in a tiuthful,
cleai mannei. I aspiie to be an euitoi foi a magazine, publishing company oi newspapei in
oiuei to help pioviue infoimation to the public in an oiganizeu anu oiueily mannei.
Thioughout my euucation, I have leaineu many impoitant skills anu lots of infoimation
that will help me to be successful in the fielu.
Buiing my time at The 0niveisity of Southein Nississippi, I took many couises
incluuing Intiouuction to Neuia Wiiting, Liteiacy Skills, Intiouuction to Neuia Piouuction,
Repoiting, Issues in Auveitising, Nultimeuia Stoiytelling, Investigative Stiategies, Euiting
anu Besign anu Auvanceu Repoiting. These couises taught me useful skills like how to
wiite uiffeient types of news stoiies such as bieaking news stoiies anu featuie stoiies; I
also leaineu how to inteiview souices anu use many uiffeient piogiams such as Auuacity,
InBesign, Photoshop, Bieamweavei, iNovie anu multiple social meuia platfoims. Nany of
the classes also euucateu me on useful infoimation ielateu to the fielu paiticulaily the use
of AP Style, the uiffeience between haiu anu soft news, how to wiite using the inveiteu
pyiamiu anu the six chaiacteiistics of news.
The best paits of my college caieei weie gaining hanus-on expeiience inteining
with National ueogiaphic Society in Washington, B.C., anu stuuying as a foieign exchange
stuuent at Swansea 0niveisity in Swansea, Wales, 0.K. I spent the summei of 2u12
woiking uiiectly with an euitoi in the Books Bivision of National ueogiaphic Society. This
inteinship alloweu me to put to use the knowleuge I gaineu in my classes, as well as
iewaiueu me with expeiience that can only be leaineu by actively woiking in the fielu. I
netwoikeu with many successful euitois anu was even given uaily piojects to complete on
my own. These piojects consisteu of fact checking, gatheiing photo captions, cieating Excel
sheets of inspiiational quotes foi a futuie book anu putting togethei infoimation foi a book
in piogiess.
Ny time spent at Swansea 0niveisity bioaueneu my hoiizons anu I gaineu a moie
woiluly view of the jouinalism anu meuia fielu. At Swansea 0niveisity, I took two classes:
Intiouuction to the Neuia anu Theoiizing the Neuia. In these classes, I stuuieu topics like
libel anu slanuei. Foi example, I must be suie to spell a peison's name coiiectly anu be
caieful what I say about that peison to avoiu libel. Even though the classes weie baseu on
the meuia within the 0niteu Kinguom, I founu all of the infoimation to be useful anu easily
applieu to meuia in the 0niteu States.
All of this expeiience anu knowleuge I have gaineu in the past foui yeais will gieatly
impact anu shape my caieei. I have leaineu the basics about wiiting anu euiting anu have
thoioughly piacticeu these skills anu techniques ovei my foui-yeai college caieei. I feel as
if I have been piepaieu anu molueu to become veiy successful in my enueavois in
becoming an euitoi.