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Turn up Set in Ring up Look forward Give away Drop out Cut out Do for Get at #ut out

$and on %eep back %nock up Let down Look up #art fro & white e!ephant & c!ose fisted an & bone of contention & hair breadth escape & rainy day & cat and dogs !ife To be at !ogger heads &t daggers drawn & wet b!anket To s e!! a rat To !ead by the nose T throw dust in one*s eyes To carry the day & b!essing in disguise To turn the corner Lay up with To !et the cat out of the bag

Back up Wear off Rub up Look up Catch at Turn fro Dea! in Take off Run down #ut off $o!d over Live up to Lay in Live by Make up #art with & wi!d goose chase & dark horse & fair weather friend & !aughing stock &n app!e of discord & cry in the wi!derness & hard nut to crack & thorn in the f!ash &t a stone*s throw To p!ay havoc To pay a !ip service to &n open secret Turn over a new !eaf To hit the nai! on the head With a grain of sa!t $ush oney #u!! wires

Turn down Takes off Live on Make out Drop off Cut down Dea! with "a!! away Run at $and over $o!d out %nock off Let out Look after Make out #ass off & f!y in the oint ent & aiden speech 'n fu!! swing & right hand an & (ack of a!! traders & s!ip of the tongue )nder c!oud &t cross purpose To swa!!ow the bait To weather the stor To be at a !oss Beat about the bush Tide over To ho!d water To worship the rising sun %ick up a row & bott!eneck

1. A broken reed 2. A storm in the tea-cup 3. A wild goose chase 4. In the teeth of 5. B the sweat of ones brow !. A dark horse ". A red rag to the bull #. A turn coat $. A fish out of water 1%. In apple pie order 11. &n the horns of a dilemma 12. 'heek b (owl 13. )ue and cr 14. Break through 15. A white elephant 1!. A red letter da

1". 1#. 1$. 2%. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 2!. 2". 2#. 2$. 3%. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 3!. 3". 3#. 3$. 4%. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 4!. 4". 4#. 4$. 5%. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 5!. 5". 5#. 5$.

After one*s own heart )and in glo+e with A stumbling block A close sha+e &nce in a blue moon ,i- blessing A bone of contention Abo+e board A bolt from the blue A fair-weather friend A hard pill to swallow A round pig in a s.uare hole At one*s beck and call )erculean task In full swing. &n the an+il &ut at elbows /lesh and blood A brain wa+e 0.uare deal A .ueer fish A blind alle A birds e e +iew 'all a spade a spade 'ome off with colours 'urr fa+our )it below the belt )a+e an a-e to grind 1eep bod and soul together 2ook daggers at 3ut out of countenance 3la with fire 3a off old score 3la ones trump card1$ 4ec 5un to seed 5un rampant 5est on ones laurels 0tick to the point 0how the white feather 2ick the dust 6o be in the doldrums 6o be taken up with Be in the soup

!%. !1. !2. !3. !4. !5. !!. !". !#. !$. "%. "1. "2. "3. "4. "5. "!. "". "#. "$. #%. #1. #2. #3. #4. #5. #!. #". ##. #$. $%. $1. $2. $3. $4. $5. $!. $". $#. $$. 1%%. 1%1. 1%2.

6ake b the storm 6o bring down the house Be on tenterhooks Be at ones wits end Blow ones own trumpet 6o die in harness 6o steer clear of 2% 4ec Be in the same boat /ace the music 3a through the nose 6urn a deaf ear to 3ut the cart before the horse 6ake the bull b the horns 2et the cat out of the bag /eather ones nest /ish in troubled water 'ast pearls before the swine Burn the candle at both ends 7nd in smoke 5ead between the lines 7at the humble pie 21 4ec /ights sh of 7at ones words 8et into hot water 6urn to account 6o beat about the bush 3la ducks and drakes 0tick to ones guns 9in laurels Beggar description 3oke ones nose 2ose ones head ,ake head against 2ead b the nose ,ake ones heart bleed Burn ones fingers 0how a clean pair of heels22 4e ,ake a clean breast ,eet one half wa ,ind ones own business Be worth ones salt 9ash dirt linen in public 0hed crocodile tears

1%3. 1%4. 1%5. 1%!. 1%". 1%#. 1%$. 11%. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. 11!. 11". 11#. 11$. 12%. 121. 122. 123. 124. 125. 12!. 12". 12#. 12$. 13%. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 13!. 13". 13#. 13$. 14%. 141. 142. 143. 144.

6o make a cats paw of 6o stand in good stead 6o beat the air 6o rip open old scores 6o be taken aback 6o keep abreast of 6o be within an ace of 6o take into account 6o take the ad+antage of23 4ec 6o make allowance 6o make amends for 6o swallow the bait 6o bear the brunt of 6o call in .uestion 6o carr the da 6hrow to the dogs 6o fall back upon 6o burr the hatchet 6o turn o+er a new leaf 6o lea+e no stone unturned 6o make light of 6o throw light upon 6o be at logger heads 6o gird up one*s lion 24 4ec 6o lea+e in the lurch 6o cut to the .uick 6o cut a sorr figure 6o cut the cake and ha+e it. 6o throw of the mask 6o keep the wolf from the door 6o pull ones leg :ull and +oid 6o set aside Bread and butter )obson*s choice Animal spirits At loose end 6o kick up a row 6o ha+e to man irons in the fire 2!4ec 6o catch someone napping 6he underdog A gift of the gab

IMPORTANT PHRASES 145. Be off 14!. Bear out 14". Beat off 14#. Black and blue 14$. Blind alle 15%. Branch off 151. Brach out 152. Bring forth 153. Bring about 154. Bu off 155. 'all off 15!. 'all up 2" 4ec 15". 'arr out 15#. 'arr through 15$. 'ast aside 1!%. 'ross the bar 1!1. 'ut down on 1!2. 'ut through 1!3. 4eal with 1!4. 4ie down 1!5. 4rop off 1!!. /all awa 1!". 8et awa with 1!#. 8o off 1!$. 8o out 1"%. )old o+er 1"1. 1eep off 1"2. 2a aside 1"3. 2i+e up to 1"4. 2ock out 1"5. ,ake awa with 1"!. ,ake out 1"". &n the blink 1"#. 3ass awa 1"$. 3ut the bite on 1#%. 5eflect on 1#1. 5un down 1#2. 0et down 1#3. 0et aside 1#4. 0et on 1#5. 0tand b 1#!. 6ake after2$ 4ec

1#". 1##. 1#$. 1$%.

1$1. 1$2. 1$3. 1$4. 1$5. 1$!. 1$". 1$#. 1$$. 2%%. 2%1. 2%2. 2%3. 2%4. 2%5. 2%!. 2%". 2%#. 2%$. 21%. 211. 212. 213. 214. 215. 21!. 21". 21#. 21$. 22%. 221. 222. 223. 224. 225. 22!. 22". 22#. 22$. 23%. 231. 232.

6ake to 6ell upon 6urn up 9ork out

to add insult to in(ur to blow one*s own trumpet to burn one*s finger to beat black and blue to cut a sorr figure to die in harness to end in smoke to go to the dogs to hang in the balance to hit the nail on the head to hold water3% 4ec to ha+e no stone unturned to li+e from hand to mouth to make up one*s mind to see e e to e e with put the cart before the horse to ha+e to man irons in the fire to read between the lines turn o+er a new leaf to take the bull b horns black and white laid up with a hard nut to crack a fool*s paradise to beat about the bush bur the hatchet capital punishment b hook or b crook eat humble pie314ec hit below the belt le+e in the lurch hush mone kick up a row to let the cat out of the bag on the spur of the moment pa on*e back in ones own coin put in cold storage. pull wires a sweet tooth a bottle neck a fair weather friend burn one*s boats 2(an.%!

233. 234. 235. 23!. 23". 23#. 23$. 24%. 241. 242. 243. 244. 245. 24!. 24". 24#. 24$. 25%. 251. 252. 253. 254. 255. 25!.

horse trading )obson*s choice count one*s chickens burn midnight oil; pick holes in another*s coat scot free smell a rat through thick and thin true to ones salt to turn the corner with a grain of salt to hang b thread to worship the rising sun a )erculean task a fish out of water a leap in the dark a thorn in one*s side to be at one*s beck and calls burn one*s finger cut and dried feather ones own nest fish in troubled water to gi+e oneself air to hang b thread

'dio s
A man of straw< a dead letter< a bed of roses at the ele+enth hour< at a stretch< an apple of discord< at home in< to look for< to put b < a red letter da < to burns one*s finger< a fish out of water< to face the music< to do a good turn< to back out< carr the da < b leaps and bounds< call to mind< bring to light< bosom friend< a bone of contention< b and large< an a-e to grind< all in all< after one*s own heart< a fair weather friend< beat about the bush< b hook or b crook< end in smoke< break the ice< in cold blood< once in a blue moon< smell a rat< through thick and thin< 6o make both ends meet< to be taken back< lea+e in the lurch< a rolling stone< read between the lines< take to task< to make a clean breast of < nip in the bud < to swallow the bait< to be at a loss< a broken reed< all in all < to get rid of < to look forward< at si-es and se+en < in hot water< beat about the bush< cut to the .uick < break the ice < a rain da < maiden speech< a fish out of water < a wild goose chase < a narrow escape < an open secret < at the ele+enth hour< bag and baggage< birds e e +iew < burn midnight oil < bosom friend < bur the hatchet< carr the da < cast a slur upon< cat and dog life< crocodile tears< cut a sorr figure< a drawn game < end in smoke < fall foul of < find fault with< for good < get rid of< go to the dog < hair breadth escape < heart and soul< rank and file < in teeth of < kith and kin< lead b the nose < lick the dust <null and +oid< off hand < on the e+e of < pa through the nose< o+er and abo+e < pros and cons < split hairs< take a fanc to< in a fi-< turn a deaf ear to

Agree to break out< bring up< call off< carr out< come to< cut short< draw up< fall back< fall out with< get through< to go through< off hand < make up < put out< turn in < make awa with< to do awa with< to consist of< to abide b <run down< attend on <on account for

+ , . / 0 1 2 3 +4 ++ +, ++. +/ +0 +1 +2 +3 ,4 ,+ ,, ,,. ,/ ,0 ,1 ,2 ,3 -4 -+ -, --. -/ -0 -1 -2 -3 .4 .+ ., ... ./ .0 .1 .2 .3 /4 /+

& white e!ephant & wi!d goose chase & f!y in the oint ent & c!ose fisted an & dark horse & aiden speech & bone of contention & fair weather friend 'n fu!! swing & hair breadth escape & !aughing stock & right hand an & rainy day &n app!e of discord & (ack of a!! trades & car and dogs !ife & cry in the wi!derness & s!ip of the tongue To be at !oggerheads & hard nut to crack )nder a c!oud &t daggers drawn & thorn in the f!esh &t cross purposes & wet b!anket &t a stones throw To swa!!ow the bait To s a!! a rat To p!ay havoc To weather the stor To !ead by the nose To pay a !ip service to To be at a !oss To throw dust in one*s eye &n open secret Beat about the bush To carry the day Tu over a new !eaf Tide over & b!essing in disguise & necessary evi! 5n the spur of the o ent "or good To face the usic 5ver head and ears %eep the wo!f fro the door Beneath one*s dignity & !abour of !ove To feather one*s nest & hearty ea! To stea! a arch upon

/, //. // /0 /1 /2 /3 04 0+ 0, 00. 0/ 00 01 02 03 14 1+ 1, 11. 1/ 10 11 12 13 24 2+ 2, 22.

To rest on one*s oars To cut to the 6uick To break the ice Leave in the !urch Bread and butter "ou! p!ay Tongue in the cheek To cry over sp!it i!k &t one*s wits end Burn one*s finger To face the usic To end in s oke To keep an eye on #!ay an underhand ga e &dd insu!t to in(ry 5n the anvi! See eye to eye with To grease the pa! Chi!d*s p!ay To the back bone To fish 'n troub!ed water To !augh in one*s s!eeve To have a finger in the pie To fa!! f!at To eat one*s words To be at sea To be i!! at ease 7u!! and void To pu!! a !ong face & fish out of water To eat a hu b!e pie &bove board
Between the devi! and the deep sea

2/ 20 21 22 23 34 3+ 3, 33. 3/ 30 31 32 33 +44 +4+ +4,

'n teeth of "oo!*s paradise "ro pi!!ar to post "or good Go with the strea 'n deep waters 'n the offing %eep abreast 7eck or nothing 5ff hand #!ain sai!ing Ru!e the roost Run riot To stea! the show Root and branch #andora*s bo8 To break down Carry through

+4+4. +4/ +40 +41 +42 +43 ++4 +++ ++, ++++. ++/ ++0 ++1 ++2 ++3 +,4 +,+ +,, +,+,. +,/ +,0 +,1 +,2 +,3 +-4 +-+ +-, +-+-. +-/ +-0 +-1 +-2 +-3 +.4 +.+ +., +.+.. +./ +.0 +.1 +.2 +.3 +/4 +/+ +/, +/-

Cast aside Cast down Cut down Co e by To fa!! through To go through %eep off To pu!! up To take down To work up To work out Break out Back up Die out Break up #ut down B!ow out Boi! over Bredge over Bring up Ca!! upon Carry on Get over Dea! with Do for "a!! out "a!! away To get at To get off Go back To goby To go on To ho!d out To keep back To !ay in Look after Look up Make up Make out Bear out B!ow over Break down Break into Break out Co e of Do away with Get on Get through Lay by Live on Give up

+/. +// +/0 +/1 +/2 +/3 +04 +0+ +0, +0+0. +0/ +00 +01 +02 +03 +14 +1+ +1, +1+1. +1/ +10 +11 +12 +13 +24 +2+ +2, +2+2. +2/ +20 +21 +22 +23 +34 +3+ +3, +3+3. +3/ +30 +31 +32 +33 ,44

#u!! down Run down Stand of Take after Turn up Back up Turn down Set in Wear off Take off Ring up Rub up Live on Look forward Look up Make out Give away Drop out Turn down Cut out Dea! in Dea! out Do for Get over Go on $and over $and on $o!d over To ho!d out %eep back Live upto %nock off %nock up Lay in Let out Let down Live by Look after Look up Look into Make out #art fro #ass into To pass off #u!! down Cut down C!ear up