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Works Cited

Vocabulary Source-n. Cite-v. Intellectual property-n.


works-n./pl. works cited-n. format-n./v

Objectives -Learn how to give credit to others intellectual property in an organized way. -Use examples to help you. -Practice

The goal is to be able to cite various sources of media that may be used in a paper or presentation by someone who is not the original creator. The task is to practice organizing the information included in a cited source properly. Practice examples will include citing quotes or information from written works (books, magazines, newspapers), images of artwork (paintings, drawings, photos), music (songs/albums) and what to do if the information comes from the internet.

Web Sites for Works Cited. There are so many resources to help you cite sources! (Modern Language Association (Explanation of MLA style format (online Works Cited maker)

Inform yourself 1. Go to 2. What does MLA stand for? Modern Language Association 3. Now go to 4. What does OWL stand for and which University hosts the website? OWL stands for On line Writing Lab, with the university of Purdue. In the ribbon at the top, click on Research and Citation, then on left side tabs, click on MLA Style, then click on MLA Overview and Work shop, then scroll down to Works Cited Page: Basic Format and click on that. Read through the document and answer the questions below. 5. Where should the works cited page be in a research or presentation? On a separate page at the end of your research paper. 6. How should you list authors names in a works cited? Authors names should be listed alphabetically by the authors last name.

7. How do you know which sources to include in a works cited? For every text that you use that is not your own, you must have a work cited for it. 8. What information should be included in a cited entry? Most of the citing that you will do will either be listed as sprint or web sources. You may have to do Film, Cd-Rom, or DVD. 9. How do you know when to use italics for a title or quotations when citing a source? If the text is a title or subtitle. 10. How should you list sources with an unknown author? You must alphabetize works with no known author by their title

11. Should you include page numbers in your Works Cited? You must have a page number on each of your pages. 12. What should you title your Works Cited? Label The Page with Works Cited

Find an example of each of the following types of media sources and write the example you find in the box provided under each. Book Example: Gleick, James. Chaos: Making a New Science. New York: Penguin, 1987. Poem or Short Story Example: Green, John. The Fault in our Stars.

CD-song or album Example: One Direction. Up All Night. Magazine/Journal Article Example: Heiskell, Andrew. Peoples Magazine.

Newspaper Article Example: Baker, Peter and Savage, Charlie. Obama to Place Some restraints on Government Surveillance. Video Example: Sullibreezy. Why I Hate School But Love Education||Spoken Word . An Entire Website Example: Karp, David. Tumblr.

Subject line in email should read: Your last name then WC