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Updated Feb.13, 2014 Most of these scholarships are found online. If no website is provided, write your name at the top and circle the scholarship(s) you are interested in. Leave this paper on Ms. Newmans desk at the front office. Your scholarship applications will be ready to be picked up in a few days. !"ndicates new entries. #$!"ndicates Local $ounty %cholarships. #&%!indicates for #&% students only 1. Hispanic Scholarship Fund- 'eadlines vary (wards scholarships ran)in) from *+,,,,. to *-,.,,. /e0uirements are you must be of &ispanic herita)e1 be a 2.%. $iti3en or permanent resident1 minimum 4., 56( and must have applied for federal financial aid(7(7%(). (pplications at ene Haas Machine !echnolo"# Scholarships- 'eadline!will remain open until funds are e8hausted. (ward amount *+,,,,.,, to *-,.,,.,, 9pen to )raduatin) hi)h school senior who are pursuin) a career in the field of machinin) or machine tool technolo)y. (pply at http:;;www.smeef.or);scholarships;pa)e;)ene!haas!machine!technolo)y!scholarships Music Scholarship Auditions $ Mount St% Mar#&s Colle"eAudition 'ate No( )*th+ ,an Fe/ 0st + Mar% -1th #oice, 6iano, 5uitar, 9r)an and 9rchestral "nstruments. (udition /e0uirements are fill out an application form with a short description of your musical back)round, on!site audition;interview with music faculty. 6erformance of two compositions representin) different periods of music % Complete online application at raduate!bac"elor!pro rams/music.aspu #r contact $"erese Fassnac"t, C"airperson of t"e %usic &epartment at 310!'(4!42)(. Phi 'elta 2appa 3uena(entura Chapter Future 4ducator Scholarship * &eadline Februar+ 1,, 2014 -uenaventura C"apter of .&/ will award two 0(00. 1c"olars"ip. $"e awardee2s application will t"en be forwarded on to .&/ International for consideration for more awards. 9pen to seniors who plan to pursue careers in public education. (pplicant does not need to be affiliated with 6'< to apply for this scholarship. (pplication available at http:;;www.pdkintl.or);pro)rams! resources;scholarships!awards; and click on =6rospective >ducator %cholarship application form? (lso available in the $areer $enter. Ronald Rea"an Presidential Foundation Scholars Pro"ram * &eadline Februar+ 1,, 2014 9pen to #entura $ounty seniors only. (pplicant must demonstrate outstandin) leadership, character, communication skills, academic achievement and commitment to #entura $ounty. @e a citi3en of 2nited %tates with a minimum 56( of 4., A B.,. (pply at http:;;www.rea)anfoundation.or);/>(5(N!%$&9L(/%&"6! 6/95/(M.asp8 3uic5 Achie(ers Scholarship Pro"ram $ &eadline Februar+ 2,, 2014 3wards up to02(,000. .er +ear 9pen to seniors and current under)raduates, who plan to enroll at B yr. colle)e or university, maCorin) in a field of study that focuses on en)ineerin), technolo)y, desi)n or business, with an interest in the automotive industry. 7or more information and to apply visit Charlotte Mousel Scholarship $ &eadline %arc" 1, 2014 4ocal club award ! 0(00. 5raduatin) seniors who demonstrate their ability to think constructively on matters affectin) our )overnment. $onsideration is )iven to student accomplishments, academically as well as in community,school, and political activities. %ubmit a +,,, word essay based on the topic ?Dhat the $onstitution Means to Me?. Eranscript and senior photo is re0uired. Dinners from local club will move on to state and compete for first place award of *+,.,,. 9r second place of *+,,,,. (pplication in $areer $enter . Sons of Ital# 6estern Foundation $ &eadline %arc" 1, 2014 Ewo scholarship cate)ories: (cademic (wards for hi)h school seniors "talian Lan)ua)e %tudy 5rants in "taly for hi)h school seniors for the summer of -,+B /e0uirements for both scholarships applicant M2%E @> wholly or partially of "talian descent and must be enrolled in a Erade %chool, $olle)e, 2niversity or $ommunity $olle)e for the 7all of -,+B. (pplications online at www.sonsofitalyca.or) and in the $areer $enter.



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California Stra7/err# Scholarships $ &eadline %arc" 1, 2014 %cholarships available e8clusively for children of strawberry farmworkers. %cholarships are available for full!time enrollment at a colle)e, university, community colle)e, or accredited trade school. (wards start at *B,,. (nd can be renewed annually. Ehe scholarship amount is based on merit. (pplication online at;scholarships SCA Scholarship Pro"ram $ &eadline %arc" 5, 2014 /e0uirements: must be resident within the %$(5 re)ion, open to Cuniors and seniors with minimum 4., 56(. %elected applicant must be available for a two!week internship with a local plannin) a)ency, council of )overnments durin) %ummer -,+B. 7or more information and to apply visit http:;;;opportunities;6a)es;%cholarship6ro)ram.asp8 8entura Count# Professional Firefi"hters& Association $ Shane 2il"ore Memorial Scholarship &eadline * %arc" 14, 2014 2 3wards of 02000. $"is sc"olars"ip is to "onor 1"ane2s memor+ and t"e selfless act of "eroism "e performed so t"at ot"ers ma+ live. 9pen to any #entura $ounty resident aspirin) to become a firefi)hter. Must be a )raduatin) senior who attends any two or four year accredited colle)e or university ,vocational school or accredited fire academy in the 2nited %tates an may select any course of study. (pplications in $areer $enter or at www.vcpfa.or) Italian Catholic Federation $ &eadline %arc" 1(, 2014 Ehis is open to students who achieve 56( at least 4.- and are /oman $atholic and of "talian 'escent1 or have a parent, )uardian, or )randparent that are /oman $atholic who are a member of the "$7 and student must also be /oman $atholic but not of "talian 'escent. (pplicant will be Cud)ed on %cholastic (chievement, 7inancial needs, Leadership role, >8tracurricular (ctivities and $haritable efforts. (pply online at www.icf.or) Ca/rillo Ci(ic Clu/s of California+ Inc% $ &eadline %arc" 1(, 2014 (pplicant must be of 6ortu)uese descent who enroll in a community colle)e, colle)e, trade school or university. Must have maintained a 4.. 56(. (pplication in $areer $enter 8eterans for Peace Scholarship Contest $ &eadline is %arc" 24, 2014 (ward *.,,. 9pen to hi)h school seniors in #entura $ounty who plan to continue their education by attendin) a university, community colle)e, technical or trade school. Drite an essay or poem, or create a poster or create a son) onto $' format. (ll entries should be based on the #76 statements of purpose which is available in the $areer $enter. 8entura Count# Chapter98CC: 3lac5s in o(ernment $ &eadline %arc" 22,2014 5raduatin) senior with a -.F. 56(. Must be applyin) to an accredited 2.%. colle)e or university for 7all -,+B. (pplicant must submit an essay, official transcripts, two letters of recommendation and senior photo. (pplication in $areer $enter 8entura Count# ;oun" Farmers < Ranchers Colle"e Scholarship $ &eadline %arc" 2,, 2014 %tudent with aspirations of havin) a career in #entura $ounty a)riculture. (pplications will be reviewd by the @oard of 'irectors of the #entura $ounty Youn) 7armers G /anchers. Ehe winners will be chosen based on the stren)th of their applications. ( -., word essay and two references are re0uired. (pplication in $areer $enter. Oden=a Mar5in" roup Sprin" Scholarship- &eadline!%arc" 30, 2104 (ward *.,,. Eo be eli)ible student must be between the a)es of +H and -., submit answers to the essay 0uestion found on the application pa)e, have at least one full year of post!secondary studies remainin) at the time of the award. ($urrent &i)h %chool %tudents are also eli)ible.) &ave a 56( of -.. or )reater. (pplication online at http:;;scholarship);scholarshipIoden3aImarketin)I)roupIscholarshipIJK4+.php AH4PA Famil# Scholarship $ &eadline %arc" 31, 2014 Must be a 2.%. citi3en, be of 5reek descent or related to a member of the 9rder of (&>6( or the 'au)hters of 6enelope, live in #entura $ounty. (pplication in $areer $enter


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California 6ine rape ro7ers Foundation $ &eadline %arc" 31, 2014 Eo 0ualify for this scholarship )raduatin) student must plan on attendin) an 2niversity of $alifornia, $alifornia %tate 2niversity, or $alifornia $ommunity colle)e. 9pen to children of vineyard employees workin) in the -,+4 or -,+B wine )rape )rowin) season are eli)ible to apply% (pply at Ro/ert Miller Scholarship for 8iticulture and 4nolo"# $ &eadline %arc" 31, 2014 9pen to a $entral $oast )raduatin) senior who plans on attendin) (lan &ancock $ommunity $olle)e or $al 6oly, %an Luis 9bispo, maCorin) in viticulture or enolo)y. (pply at ,apanese American Citi=ens Lea"ue 8entura Count# Chapter $ &eadline 3pril 1, 2014 (ny (merican of Lapanese or part!Lapanese ancestry livin) or attendin) school in #entura $ounty may apply. #isit www.vcCacl.or) for more information and application. Peter Pasula Stud# Ha/its Scholarship! &eadline 3pril 1, 2014 (ward!*.,,. Eo be eli)ible you must be attendin) an accredited post!secondary institution by the fall -,+B. ( student can be enrolled at any level in any pro)ram that is two years in len)th or lon)er. %tudents must answer the essay 0uestion on the application form found online at http:;;www.mort)a) -*0>--*0. 8isionar# Scholarship Pro"ram $ &eadline 3pril 1, 2014 (ward *+,,,,. Eo *.,,,,. 9pen to Kth!+-th )rade hi)h school students, write a .,, word essay and submit a copy of your recent report card. (pply at www.(merican$olle)e7oundation.or) 6ood7or5 Institute C%4% 3ernhauer+ ,r% Scholarship Foundation $ &eadline 3pril 1, 2014 Ehis pro)ram is open to individuals interested in pursuin) or furtherin) a career in the architectural millwork industry. (ward is bases on achievement or merit basis as determined by transcripts and moral and leadership 0ualities. (pply at http:;;;education;foundation.asp Commander 6illiam ,% Coffe# Memorial Scholarship $ &eadline 3pril 10, 2014 3ward! 01,(00. %eniors who are 2% citi3ens and who are plannin) to pursue a de)ree in computer science, en)ineerin), math or related scientific and technical subCects at state colle)es and universities. $omplete application, essay, transcript. (vailable at www.aocmu)u.or) California Association for 3ilin"ual 4ducation 9CA34:8entura Count# Chapter $ &eadline 3pril 11 2014 9ffers a *.,, award to a full!time student at the community colle)e level who is pursuin) a career in bilin)ual education either at the elementary or secondary level. (pplicants must be enrolled in #entura, 98nard, or Moorpark $olle)e. 6reference is )iven to $(@> student members. Must demonstrate a serious commitment to academic and career e8cellence and demonstrated community service. (pplications in $areer $enter or at http:;;www.bilin)ualeducation.or); C#press Place Senior Li(in" ?Senior to Senior@ Le"ac# Scholarship $ &eadlin 3pril 11, 2014 $wo 02(00. 1c"olars"ips will be awarded (pplicant must be currently enrolled at #entura, @uena or 7oothill, )raduatin) senior who has applied for 7all -,+B admission to a colle)e or university with the intention of obtainin) a de)ree. Must have a 4.- 56( or better. Mualified applicants will be invited to an oral interview in May. (pplications in $areer $enter. Alpha 2appa Alpha Sororit#- &eadline 3pril 12, 2014 9pen to (frican (merican )raduatin) seniors, must be resident or attend school in #entura $ounty, minimum 56( of -.F., must plan to attend a -!yr community colle)e or a B!year colle)e;university. (pplication in the $areer $enter. 8entura 4ducation Support Professionals Association 84SPA $ &eadline (pm on 3pril 1(, 2014 %tudentss parent must be permanent #2%' classified employee. %ee application for re0uirements. (pplication in $areer $enter. 8entura Anified 4ducation Association Scholarship $ &eadline 3pril 1(, 2014 %tudents whose parents are members of this association are eli)ible to apply. %ee application for re0uirements. (pplication in $areer $enter% 0-th 'istrict P!A raduatin" Hi"h School Senior Continuin" 4ducation Scholarship $ &eadline 4/20/14 (wards 7our *.,,. %cholarships to seniors attendin) 6E(6E%( schools in #entura $ounty who have e8hibited outstandin) service and volunteerism to their school and community. (pplications available in $areer $enter. -*0> Student-8ie7 Scholarship Pro"ram- &eadline 3pril 20,2014 Ehis pro)ram is offerin) *+,,,,, worth of scholarships to seniors who plan to attend a four!year colle)e, community colle)e or career school. %imply lo) on to www.student! and complete a +.!-, minute application survey about colle)es in your area. Ehe scholarship will be awarded via a random drawin) of all completed applications. Dinner will be announced May +B, -,+B.

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34. VTA * 35. VHS * 36. VC * 4F.

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AP6A- 8entura Count# Chapter of American Pu/lic 6or5s Association $ &eadline 3pril 2(, 2014 (vailable to seniors enterin) colle)e or university in an en)ineerin);public works related maCor from any hi)h school located within the #entura $hapter re)ion. Ehe selection of scholarships will be based on academic achievements of the student and e8pressed interest to pursue a career in a public works related field. (pplication and other re0uirements visit http:;; 3o#s < irls Clu/ 4mma N#len Scholarship Pro"ram * &eadline 3pril 2(, 2014 3ppro6imatel+ 20!(0 sc"olars"ips are provided amounts of t"e award var+ from as little as 0100. $o 01000. %tudent must have a -.. 56( or hi)her. Eranscript, letter of recommendation and personal essay re0uired alon) with the application. More information and application in $areer $enter. 8entura Hi"h School P!SA Scholarship * &eadline 3pril 2(, 2014 ) 3wards of 0(00. eac" 5raduatin) senior must show e8emplary volunteer work and service to #&% and community. Dho has accepted or intends to enroll as a full!time student in a four!year colle)e or university, two!year community colle)e or a vocational school. $omplete the application with essay and submit an ori)inal Letter of /ecommendation form a school or community member. (pplications in the $areer $enter. Mit=-2han-A-2han Chapter 3oo5 Scholarship $ &eadline 3pril (, 2014 2 3wards of 0(00 eac" (pplication, Letter of /ecommendation, -,, word essay about yourself. More information and application in $areer $enter. Find a La7 Scholarship- &eadline %a+ 1(, 2014 (ward!*.,,. Eo be eli)ible a student must be enrolled in full!time studies at colle)e, trades, or technical school by %eptember -,+B. Must currently reside in the 2.%. and intend on continuin) studies in the 2.%. $omplete the online form and short 0uestion at http:;;scholarship);scholarshipIfindIaIlawIscholarshipIJK-K.php 3% 'a(is Scholarship $ &eadline %a+ 2), 2014 7or more information and to apply, visit http:;;;scholarships.htm A//ott and Fenner Scholarship Pro"ram $ &eadline 7une 14, 2014 (ward up to *+,,,. %tudents need to submit an essay on the topic that appears on the scholarship pa)e at http:;;;scholarships.htm 3i" Sun Scholarship $ &eadline 7une 20, 2014 (ward!*.,,. (ll student athletes are eli)ible re)ardless of the sport they are en)a)ed in. Ehe student must be a hi)h school senior or be attendin) a post!secondary institute. 6lease visit website to learn how to apply at http:;; A4S 4n"ineers Scholarship * &eadline #ctober ), 2014 (ward !*.,,. %cholarship will be awarded on the basis of character, as determined by evaluatin) the essays that are submitted. (pply at www.aesen);scholarships.htm

Financial Aid Opportunities

7ederal %tudent (id "nfo 7ederal 7inancial (id (7(7%() $alifornia %tudent (id Military %cholarships >ducation @enefits for Military >d 7und %cholarship %earch $olle)e 7undin) 7inancial (id "nformation 6a)e (thletic %cholarships $alifornia $ommunity $olle)es (sian (merican G 6acific "slander Latino %tudent %cholarships www.ed.)ov www.fafsa.ed.)ov www.) www.edfund.or) www.colle)efundin).com www.finaid.or) www.ncaa.or) wwwicanaffordcolle) www.apiasf.or) www.trpi.or) www.latinocolle)edollars.or) www.hispanicfund.or) www.maldef.or)