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Despite international protests, the apartheid and oppression policy of the Israeli Government against the Palestinian people continues undeterred in violation of human and international law. At the ITB the Israeli Ministry of Tourism seeks to present a polished Israel-Image in an attempt to distract the international community from its colonial, occupation and settlement policies. Therefore, we kindly urge you to pay a visit to the Israeli Ministry of Tourism at the ITB to protest against this inhuman policy, since the Israeli tourism sector is part of the illegal Israeli settlement and occupation policy, since with each passing day more and more Palestinians are being confined behind a 700 km long separation wall and their freedom of travel and movement constricted and their land stolen, since Israel continues unobstructed the annexation of Palestinian land, the systematic expulsion of its original population and the destruction of their homes. Therefore:

NO to Israeli tourism propaganda!

Those who choose to spend their holidays in Israel should be aware of the fact, that with their decision to do so they provide support to Israeli occupation, apartheid and oppression in Palestine. We kindly urge you to support the global campaign Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel until Israel consistently acts in accordance with international law and ends its occupation, colonial and apartheid policy.

Dag-Hammerskjld-Platz (opposite to Masurenallee) (S-Bahn Messe Nord/ICC; U-Bahn Kaiserdamm, Theodor-Heuss-Platz; Bus: Messedamm/ ZOB/ICC, 104, 139, 218, 349, M49; Messegelnde/ICC: 104, 349)

For more informations go to V.i.S.d.P.: Doris Ghannam, Berlin


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