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Name: Sergey Tkachenko Grade: 3rd

Date: 04/29/2013

Title: Humpty Dumpty / Compound Meter

Musical Focus: concepts/skills to emphasize

Playing instruments Form Singing Harmony Melody reating !hythm Mo"ement Materials: Humpty Dumpty worksheet and cutouts roseth !hythm Cards" Conversational Solfege Level 1 #ro$ector

Preparation: #$ %He%%o 3rd graders" see &' you recogn&(e th&s rhyme) *' you do" 'ee% 'ree to ch&me &n)+ ,!ec&te Humpty Dumpty2) Stand up and rock your .ody we&ght 'rom hee% to hee% to 'ee% compound meter ,//03) C%ap 1,ta11-" 2,ta1t&-" 3,t& t& t&- rhythms wh&%e sh&'t&ng we&ght hee%s Sequence: 2) Come gather around the smart.oard ,pro$ect Humpty Dumpty 2orksheet-) 3) +2h&ch rhythm&c patterns to you recogn&(e3+ 41,ta11-" 2,ta1t&-" 3,t& t& t&-5 4) S2 .e &nstructed to rock wh&%e c%app&ng rhythm o' Humpty Dumpty together) 6) Sp%&t c%ass &nto three sect&ons ,wr&te three d&''erent rhythm&c patterns on .oard" %a.e% 71C-) 7ss&gn one pattern to each sect&on) 8o through the rhyme &n t&me" each sect&on per'orm&ng the&r pattern on%y) /) Ment&on compound meter ,//09) Hand out Humpty Dumpty worksheet and cutouts 0) Say one part o' the rhyme at a t&me and put rhythm&c pattern cutouts &n order) *' ad:anced c%ass" go r&ght to the putt&ng &n order) 9) Share w&th ne&gh.or 10) Share w&th c%ass 11) roseth card act&:&ty on ta and t&) &rst us&ng s&mp%e compound meter cards us&ng rhythm&c patterns 1 ; 3 ,Card <=s 19" 19" 10" 20-" then us&ng any cards w&th rhythms &n correct arrangement 'rom Humpty Dumpty ,Card <=s 21" 39-" then any com.&nat&on o' cards us&ng the three d&''erent rhythm&c patterns ,Card <=s 34"39"36"3/"40-) 12) >n&nterrupted roseth card act&:&ty 13) +Head .ack to your r&sers and take out your recorders?+ 14) S2 .e &nstructed to toot Humpty Dumpty on the&r recorders on 8 16) 7'ter re:&ew&ng 81D on the recorder" S2 .e &nstructed to toot the rhythm o' Humpty Dumpty to the 'o%%ow&ng me%ody@

Mus&c 1)1)2)A)1 BCp%ore the e%ements o' mus&c through :er.a% and wr&tten responses to d&:erse aura% prompts and pr&nted scores) 1)1)6)A)1 *dent&'y the e%ements o' mus&c &n response to aura% prompts and pr&nted mus&c notat&ona% systems) 1)3)6)A)1 S&ng or p%ay mus&c 'rom comp%eC notat&on" us&ng notat&on systems &n tre.%e and .ass c%e'" m&Ced meter" and compound meter) 1)3)#)A)2 >se a :ar&ety o' mus&ca% &nstruments to create mus&c" a%one and/or w&th others" us&ng d&''erent .eats" tempos" dynam&cs" and &nterpretat&ons) 1)3)#)A)3 C%ap or s&ng songs w&th repet&t&:e phrases and rhythm&c patterns) 1)3)#)A)4 D&sten to" &m&tate" and &mpro:&se sounds" patterns" or songs)

Objectives: &earners 'ill(

)e a*le to +*eha"ioral,: s&ng" c%ap and p%ay recorder to :ar&ous rhythms &n compound meter) -nderstand +cogniti"e,: how compound meter &s notated us&ng e&ghth" Euarter" and dotted Euarter notes) .ncounter +e/periential,: p%ay&ng recorder &n compound meter) hange/add "alue +critical,: .u&%d/eCp%ore new concepts onto a we%%1known nursery rhyme)

Closing: 1Step to the rhythm o' Humpty Dumpty to your spots &n the %&ne" or the r&sers)

Assess ent:
0ritten 1n2ormal 1ndi"idual Per2ormance Group 3ther:

Notes/Extension: 17dd more roseth cards to the act&:&ty)