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Topic: Steady state and Transient conduction and Fins.

1) A hollow sphere of pure iron contains a liquid chemical mixture which releases 30
KW of energy. The I.D and O.D of the sphere are 15cm and 30cm respectively. if the
outside temperature of the sphere is 40 ͦC. Then find out temperature at location 2.5
cm from the outer side of surface.
Take k=70 W/m K
2) A composite wall is composed of 1cm thick iron (k=60 W/mK). 4cm thick fiber glass
(k=0.04 W/mK) and 0.4 cm thick asbestos sheet (k=0.2 W/mK).
(A). find out the overall heat transfer coefficient (approximately)
(B). “thermal resistance of iron and asbestos are negligible as compared with
glass fiber” explain.

3) To determine thermal conductivity of hydrogen, a hollow with heating wire

concentric to the walls of the tube is often used. Essentially the gap between the wire
and wall is a hollow cylinder and the electric current passing through the wire acts as
a heat source.
Determine the thermal conductivity of glass by using the following data.
Ti=Wire temperature =167 C
To=Tube wall temperature=150 ͦC
I= current in the wire =0.5A
V=voltage drop over 30cm section of wire =3.6V.
ro=tube radius =0.125cm
ri=wire radius=0.0025cm.

4) An iron rod of length L=30cm diameter D=1cm and k=65W/mK is attached

horizontally to a large time at a temperature To=200oC. The rod is dissipating heat by
convection into ambient air at 20oC with a heat transfer coefficient of 15W/m2K
determine temperature of rod at 10 and 20 cm from the tank.
5) The handle of a saucepan, 30 mm long 2 cm diameter is subjected to
100oCtempereature during some cooking operation. The average unit surface
conductance over handle surface is 7.35W/m2Kin the kitchen air at 24oC. The cook is
likely to grasp the last 10 cm of the handle and hence the temperature in the region
should not exceed 38oC. The thermal conductivity of the handle material to
accomplish it and the handle may treat as a fin insulated at the tip.
6) In a large concrete slab, the temperature distribution across the thickness of 60cm,
heated from one side as measured by thermocouples approximately following the
Where T in oC and x in meters considering an area of 5m2 compute
a) Heat entering and leaving the slab in unit time
b) heat energy stored in unit time