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Denotation & Connotation Denotation: is the strict dictionary meaning of a word Connotation: is the emotional and imaginative association

surrounding a word Example: You may live in a house, but we live in a home. Both words essentially mean a dwelling place Aside from the denotation most people associate such things as comfort, love, security, or privacy with a home but not necessarily with a house Exercise 1 She/ e wal!ed into the room "oes the word wal! have a positive, neutral, or negative feeling# $hat does it tell you about the way the person came into the room#

%hree volunteers to wal! into the room as if they are& 'ate for class appy about something (ot interested in class Exercise 2 )*amine the connotation of words related to street in the chart below (ame +ositive Boulevard Avenue ,reeway (eutral -oad -oute Access road (egative Alley "irt road %rail

"escription $hat you would see here

Exercise 3 Individual Word Exercises with Connotation: $rite whether each word in the pair is positive, neutral, or negative. %hen write what word associations come to mind with each word. .. refreshing/////chilly 0. plain///////natural 1. cac!le///////giggle 2. s!inny//////////slender 3. smile///////////smir! Exercise 4 Poem pplication: Apply what you !now about connotation and denotation to the following poems. Answer the 4uestions that follow each one. 5See Attached6 Exercise ! Individual Practice: 7n your own fill in the chart below based on the above practices. (ame "escription +ositive man8s best friend (eutral dog (egative mutt

$hat would you see#

+oetry/ "enotation 9 :onnotation/ andout ;<