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Clustering Solution for High Availability products Veritas Volume Manager, Verit as Cluster and Sun Cluster.

automatically provisions the resources automatically provisions the resources IT Automated End-to-End Infrastructure Provisioning,data center automation inclu des IT resources (such as servers, storage and networking), automates the server and storage provisioning, patching, compliance and configur ation management of heterogeneous databases and application servers.[13] automate server provisioning IT resources (such as servers, storage and networking) How to Automate IT Service Delivery Automation can be crucial to provisioning and orchestrating resources across the total environment, including any physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructu res dynamic data center is to automate 80 percent of existing requests so that they can be fulfilled with minimal staff intervention Automating such routine tasks as server provisioning and configuration managemen t can make the IT department as a whole entirely more productive. Moreover, remo ving the human element where it is unnecessary significantly increases user sati sfaction and speed of delivery. It also reduces risk because it decreases manual errors, heavy redundancies and painful time lags synonymous with e-mail-based a nd ticket-based systems. The efficiencies of having this type of integration, automation and management h ave led to the rise of Converged Infrastructure environments. This type of data center environment allows enterprises to get their applications up and running f aster, with easier manageability and less maintenance, and enables IT to more ra pidly adjust IT resources (such as servers, storage and networking) to meet fluc tuating and unpredictable business demand cloud-based and Converged Infrastructure environments