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Week 2: Day 5 Soma and Propaganda (Chapt.

. 11/12) Unit: Brave New World (Dystopian Novel Grade Level: ENG4U Study) Time Frame: 75 minutes Curricular Expectations: Reading and Literature Studies - Reading for meaning 1.3, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8 - Reading with fluency 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 Writing Developing and Organizing Content 1.1, 1.2, - Applying knowledge and convention 3.2 SWBAT: Students will be able to deconstruct societal norms (use of Soma) seen in the text, as well as, analyze, interpret and explain text based propaganda. Knowledge and Understanding: Students will gain an added understanding of the uses of soma and how propaganda is used within the text and within our own world. Communication: Students will express opinions, share ideas, and discuss reasons behind ethical moral dilemmas. Application: Students will use the knowledge they learn in this lesson to engage critically in inclass discussions. Preparing for Class: Prep the 52second Soma commercial 30 copies of Soma and Propaganda work sheet -On the board write: 1. Write your own poem using 3 of the following words: *Words will be chosen by students. 30 copies of Mustapha Monds Inner Conflict and Helmholtzs Reaction to Romeo and Juliet extension worksheet for homework. Materials for Class: pencils, projector+screen, chalk, lined paper, entrance cards

Hook/Introduction: (5 minutes) Students will be must jot down any thoughts or opinions they have of the Soma Ad they will be shown on the entrance card. The teacher will show the 52 second Soma Ad (*Ad may need to be shown twice). ** Have the students hold onto their entrance cards. Lesson: 1. (5 minutes) Teacher will discuss with the students: What was the ad selling? What did you like about it? What was the disclaimer? Why would these new flavours appeal to the population of London? * While discussion is occurring, teacher will hand out Soma and propaganda work sheet. 2. (5 minutes) Teacher directs students to write on the back of their entrance cards the uses of Soma that we have seen in the text so far. Teacher will then have students voice their points and keep a running tally on the board of what the students have pulled from the text. *If the teacher finds any points are missing, she/he will remind students of those uses. 3. (5 minutes) Direct students to jot down notes as class discusses the following classroom discussion questions. Ask: What are the dangers of consuming Soma? Is the over use of Soma fatal? What drugs are found in todays society that are similar to Soma? (This question is not on handout to avoid students later looking to use them personally)Why are

people directed away from consuming drugs in our society vs directed to take drugs in Brave New World? 4. (2 minutes) How does Soma make the population of London, in Brave New World, complacent? 5. (20 minutes) Students will be separated down the centre to debate the question: Do you think the Canadian government could use the legalization of marijuana as a tool to make Canadian society complacent? One half of the class has to debate reasons of how the Canadian government could use marijuana as a complacency tool and the other side will debate with reasons why the Canadian government will not be able to. Each side will be given 5 minutes to discuss within their groups reasons that would support their sides stance. *One student will be elected to be the time keeper allowing each side of the debate 2 minutes to raise their opinion. **One student from each side will be elected to be a scribe, for their side, to note their groups opinions raised in the debate. 6. (5 minutes) Wrap up debate by reiterating main points raised. Pull students from the thoughts of Soma as a complacency tool by raising the issue with propaganda. Ask: Now, we know how Soma can be used as a tool to reinforce social norms and how governments could potentially use drugs in our society, but how is propaganda used in the same way? There will be a quick review of what students already know of propaganda historically. *A slide show of historical propaganda images will be shown to the class. 7. (5 minutes) Ask: How does the issue of propaganda come about in the novel? Who writes his own propaganda? What are the implications of Helmholtz Watson writing his own propaganda style poem? 8. (10 minutes) Reveal poem activity to students. Have students pop corn out words that may be considered repulsive, or shunned, in Brave New World. *Example Mother or monogamy. Students will create a short poem using 3 of the words posted on the board. 9. (2 minutes) Whoever would like to share their poem with the class can do so. *Poems are to be turned in at the end of class. 10. (5 minutes) Ask: Why would your poem be considered propaganda? 11. Assign extension activity for homework, so that student can analyse Mustapha Monds Inner Conflict and Helmholtzs Reaction to Romeo and Juliet. Make sure students understand that their points and opinions that they outline in their extension activity will be used in the following class. Bridge: This class will bridge into the next to review: Mustapha Monds Inner Conflict, Helmholtzs Reaction to Romeo and Juliet, Love, Shakespeare, and Death.