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Grade Level: ENG4U Time Frame: 75 minutes Curricular Expectations: Reading and Literature Studies - Reading for meaning

1.3, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8 - Reading with fluency 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 Writing Developing and Organizing Content 1.1, 1.2, - Applying knowledge and convention 3.2 SWBAT: Students will be completing a quiz which is a review of chapters 8-14 and the will be able to choose a final assignment. Preparing for Class:

Week 3: Day 2 - Quiz 2 and Assignment Outline Unit: Brave New World (Dystopian Novel Study)

30 Copies of Brave New World: Quiz 2 Chapters 8-14 30 Copies of the Assignment outlines, rubric, and checklist 30 Entrance and exit cards
Materials for Class: pencils, chalk/dry erase marker and board, lined paper, computer(s), projector and screen, cards

Hook/Introduction: (5 Minutes) Students will come into class and fill out an entrance card. They will answer: What have you learned, found fascinating, or have been appalled by in chapters 8-14 in Brave New World? Lesson: 1. (30 minutes) Students will work to complete quiz. 2. (20 minutes) Students will review, with the teacher, the assignment outlines, rubric and checklist 3. (10 minutes) View, as a class, other illustrations created for the Brave New World. Discuss as a class a couple of things that one might pull from each image. As well, discuss what topics and/or ethical issues they might be reading about in the following chapters. 4. (5 minutes) Students will complete an exit card answering the questions: What is your initial choice of assignment? Why? *Extension: Prior to completing exit cards, time permitting, class can be given time to work on their glossary of terms for chapter 11-14. Again this is done as a class, so everyone has the same definition to the words. Bridge: This lesson will bridge into a lesson on Death and Chaos found in chapters 15-16. Homework: Students must hand in a written proposal for their Comparative Critical Essay topic tomorrow. (1 paragraph) *Topic will be approved or disapproved of by the teacher the following class.