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Grade Level: ENG4U Time Frame: 75 minutes Curricular Expectations: Reading and Literature Studies - Reading for meaning

1.3, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8 Writing Developing and Organizing Content 1.1, 1.2, - Applying knowledge and convention 3.2 SWBAT: Students will be near completion of their reflective essay and visual piece in class. Preparing for Class: Computer lab must be booked

Week 4: Day 2 Final Work Period Unit: Brave New World (Dystopian Novel Study)

Have the computer lab booked for the lab period

Materials for Class: Computers, rubrics and assignment outlines (must be present), *glossary charts Introduction: Students will, once again, go directly to the computer lab. Teacher: 1. Students must be near completion of their assignment as it is due the following day. 2. At the end of the class allow students to hand in assignments if they are complete. *Extension: 1. Have students compile their glossary charts and use at least four of the words from the charts in a poem, short story (half a page), or journal entry to show understanding of the terms chosen. Bridge: This lesson will bridge into the next where students will begin viewing the movie Brave New World and critically analyzing the movie vs their interpretation of the novel.