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To, The Chief Secretary to the Govt. of Haryana, Chandigarh.

Subject: Complaint against IAS officer misusing of powers regarding. Sir, Kindly refer to the Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board Act clause 4.3 that Board worker or employee can not be a special invitee member of the Board then how and why Section Officer (Legal and Recovery) re designated as Secretary of the Board to record proceedings and became main functionaries of the Board? Hence National Khadi and Village Industries Board Employees Federation demands immediate reversion of SO (L & R) from the position of Secretary of the Board and take strict Departmental action against tainted IAS officer, who misuse his powers and Authorities, while working as Chief Executive of the Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board and all work done by SO (L&R) as Secretary became illegal, against the natural justice, administrative principles as well. Letter No. 49/107/96-5 IBT dated 24-9-1996 issued by the Commissioner and Secretary to Govt. of Haryana, Department of Industries attached here with for ready references. Sincerely yours,

Naresh Kadyan, Secretary General. Cc for Information and necessary action to: 1. The Secretary to the Govt. of India, Department of Personnel and Training, New Delhi.