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For GATE & PSU Preparation 1. Mechanical Engineering (Objective Type) - Kumar DS (SK Kataria & Sons) 2.

Mechanical Engineering (Objective Type) - Dr. R. K. Bansal 3. Mechanical Engineering Objective Type Questions - Om Prakash Gupta (Jain Brothers) 4. Mechanical Engineering For Competitions (Conventional) - R.K.Jain (Khanna Publishers) 5. Mechanical Objectives Question Bank G.K.Publishers 6. Objectives in Mechanical Engineering - RS Khurmi & JK Gupta 7. GATE Books - Made Easy Publications 8. Mechanical Engineering (Objective) - R.K.Rajput 9. Mechanical Engineering (Objective) D. Handa 10. Mechanical Engineering (Objective) S.K.Hajra Chowdary Subject-wise Recommended Books:-

Strength of Materials Mechanics of Solids by Popov (very good) Mechanics of Materials by Beer and Johnston Strength of Materials by Sadhu Singh Strength of Materials by Rammurtham (good) Strength of Materials by R.S.Khurmi Strength of Materials by K.L.Kumar Mechanics of Materials by Timoshenko (good) Machine Design Introduction To Machine Design by V.B .Bhandari (good) Design of Machine Elements by R.S.Khurmi, J.K.Gupta Design of Machine Elements by J.E.Shigley (very good) Design of Machine Elements by Schaum Series Design of Machine Elements by P C Sharma and Agrawal Machine Design by Pandya & Shah Mechanical Analysis and Design by Arthur.H.Burr, John B.Cheathen Machine Design by R.K.Jain Machine Design by Dr.Rajendra Karwa Machine Design by D.K.Agarwall Engineering Mechanics Mechanics for Engineers (Statics and Dynamics) by Beer and Johnston (good) Engineering Mechanics by I. H. Shames (very good) Engineering Mechanics by R.S.Khurmi Engineering Mechanics by N.Srinivasulu Engineering Mechanics (Statics And Dynamics) by L.Singer Engineering Mechanics by A.K.Tayal

Theory of Machines Theory of Mechanisms & Machines by Dr.Jagdish Lal (good) Theory of Machines by R.S.Khurmi, J.k.Gupta Theory of Machines by S.S.Rattan (very good) Theory of Machines by Sadhu Singh Theory of Machines and Mechanisms by P.L.Ballaney Mechanisms and Machine Theory by Ashok G.Ambekar Mechanical Vibration Mechanical Vibrations by Grover (very good) Fluid Mechanics Fluid Mechanics by K. L .Kumar Fluid Mechanics by R. K. Bansal (very good) Fluid Mechanics by Modi and Seth (good) Fluid Mechanics by K. Z. Schaffer Fluid Mechanics by A.K.Jain Fluid Mechanics by D S Kumar Fluid Mechanics by John F. Douglus/Janusz M Gasiorek /John A Swaffrela Hydraulic Machines by Jagadish Lal (good) Turbo Machinary by R. Yadav (good) Thermal Sciences Engineering Thermodynamics by P. K. Nag (very good) Thermodynamics by Mathur, Mehta and Tiwary Thermodynamics by R.K.Rajput Thermodynamics by Turner Boles Thermal Engineering by K.L.Yadav Thermal Engineering by R.S.Khurmi Power Plant Engineering P K Nag (good) Power Plant Engineering by R.Yadav Gas turbines by Yaya Gas Turbine and Propulsive Systems by P.R. Khajuria & S.P. Dubey Internal Combustion Engines by V. Ganeshan (good) Internal Combustion Engines by P.C.Ballaney Internal Combustion Engines by M. L. Mathur, R. P. Sharma (very good) Referigeration and Air Conditioning by C. P. Arora (very good) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by Arora & Domkundwar (good) Refrigeration and Psychrometric Tables by Birla Publications Heat Transfer by Yunus A. Cengel (very good) Heat Transfer by Holman J. P. (very good) Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer by R. C. Sachdeva (good) Heat Transfer by D S Kumar Heat transfer by R Yadav Heat and Mass transfer by Arora and Domkundwar

Heat Transfer by SK Sukhdev Material Science Material Science and Engineering by V. Raghavan (very good) Material Science by WD Callister, Material Science by IP Singh Production and Manufacturing Science Manufacturing Technology by P. N. Rao (good) Manufacturing Science by Ghosh and Mallik (very good for numerical) Production Technology by P.C.Sharma (Vol-1 and Vol-2) (good for numerical) Manufacturing Science by Serope Kalpakjian and Steven R.Schmid - (very good for theory) Powder Metallurgy by G.E.Dieter Production Technology by G.R.Nagpal Metal Forming Processes by G.R.Nagpal Manufacturing Science by De Garmo. Work Shop Technology by Hajra Chaudhari Materials and Processing in Manufacturing by Digramo black Kotiser Principles of metal casting by Ricard W Heine/Carl R Loper/Philip C Rosenthal Production Technology by T.Venkateswarlu Production Technology by Pakirappa Production Technology by R.K.Jain Welding Processes and Technology by Dr.R.S.Parmar Production Technology R.K.Jain, S.C.Gupta Foundry Technology by O.P.Khanna Production Engineering Sciences by P.C.Pandey, C.K.Singh Production and Operation Management by S.N.Chary Computer Oriented Numerical Methods by Amitabha Ghosh, Ashok Kumar Malik Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering by O. P. Khanna (very good) Industrial Engineering by Banga & Sharma Industrial Engineering by Buffa & Sarin (good) Inventory Management and Operation Research by Heera Gutpa Industrial Engineering Estimating and Costing by M.Gopalaiah Production and Operation Management by S.N.Chary Statistical Quality Control by Eugene.L.Grant, R.S.Leavenworth Quality Planning and Analysis by J.M.Juran, M.Gryna Engineering Metrology by R.K.Jain Operations Research Operations Research an Introduction by Hamdy A Taha (very good) Operation Research by H. D. Sharma (good) Operation Research by R. K. Gupta Operations Research by Kanti Swarup Operations Research by Prem Kumar, Gupta,D.S.Hira

Operations Research by S.D.Sharma Engineering Mathematics Higher Engineering Mathematics by Dr. B. S. Grewal (very good) Advance Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig (very good) Advance Engineering Mathematics by Dr. HK Dass