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Sonic Bloom

Giving Birth to New Ideas

Sonic Bloom was a speaker series focused on

innovative new ideas and a shifting consciousness of metamorphosis and ideas for a brighter future. It allowed students, professors, and others to present on topics that they care about and are passionate about, instead of forcing a mandatory speech that they may not care much about. It inspired audience members, got them out of their chairs, and opened their minds to art, science, spirituality, environmental sustainability, social justice, and collaborative efforts.

Hella Fly Colorful Informative Flowy Indicates

H.U.S.T.L.E. Encourages deep speculative thought.

Presenters (In Order)

Ben Zimmerman: The Explorer Within Dave Shaw: Regenerative Community Design Juan Hernandez: Environmental Arts and Creative

Pursuits Christine King: Imagining Justice: What a Humane Justice System Could Look Like Dada Nabhaniilananda: The Beautiful Revolution: How we can use our creative gifts to help transform the world Gabi Kirk: Common Resources for the Common Good: Fighting against Bottled Water and Natural Resource Privatization in Water Consumption Ty Shepard: Perception and Well-Being David Shugar: Healing through Sacred Geometry Logan Griffin: Awakening Humanity Through the Healing and and Self Empowerment of the Individual

Why Sonic Bloom?

When I went on Sierra Institute last summer, a 10 day

backpacking trip deep into the heart of the Sierras, we all embarked on a solo for two full days, and before leaving, chose trail names. My trail name is Sonic Bloom, or Bloom for short, which later became my Playa name (Burning Man)

Sonic Bloom, as opposed to Sonic Boom, inspires the image of a sonic, quick and massive awakening. Blooming is seasonal, so its not a one time thing, but its something that is transformative and beautiful. I feel like this is what the world needs right now, and where were inevitably heading. My dream and vision is that the next generation will be called, instead of the baby boomers, the Baby Bloomers, children of the survivors of the apocalypse, future leaders of the new world.

Sonic Bloom acts as a kick-off event for a

Consciousness Library for the Brain Mind and Consciousness Society, a collection of recordings of individuals from different disciplines and backgrounds speaking about a variety of pertinent, often controversial issues.
Additionally, the event provides the platform

to introduce the Student Experiential Learning Center at UCSC, a group interested in cultivating more experiential and active participatory learning on campus, which includes events just like Sonic Bloom.

According to my e-mail history, this project started April

23rd, and ended May 31st, meaning the whole process took about a month and a week to plan, set up, and manifest. The turn out was amazing, about 40 people for the first night and 50-60 for the second, with incredible feedback. People expressed that they were inspired, moved, motivated, and stoked on life, meaning we did our job. A lot of connections were made, and one of the speakers, Dada, hopes to create a class next year at UCSC on meditation, tantra and mysticism. I truly believe that we brought a positive impact to the UCSC community, sharing the light of passionate inspiring and motivated people with those in attendance. We also had a sweet afterparty.

Thank you!
Youre all so awesome.