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iPad mini

Packed with step-by-step tutorials! Get more out of your amazing Apple tablet



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The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 2

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini


to the complete guide to the iPad mini

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e think the iPad mini is Apples best iPad to date. It may not be the largest, fastest, or most powerful but its the lightest, most portable, and nicest iPad weve ever held. Niceness is hard thing to benchmark test, which is perhaps why you dont read about it in many reviews. But its clearly important, which is why Apple sells so many. The iPad mini is ludicrously thin and light (only 308 grams), which makes it perfect for carrying around all day. The 7.9in display is fantastic for reading books, watching movies, or playing games. And its super slinky frame ensures that its easy to hold for extended periods (which the 10-hour solid battery life happily provide). Its hard to determine all the choices and balances Apple has made. But you get the feeling that its made the right ones. And with its lower price point you get the feeling that this is the best iPad for the price too. Apples going to have a runaway success with the iPad mini, and if youre lucky enough to own one youll find this guide to using an iPad mini a great companion. Weve been using iPads for a while now, and have had plenty of time to get to know their myriad of intricacies, and hidden features. They iPad mini is a surprisingly powerful piece of kit. We hope you enjoy using it as much we do. Mark Hattersley, Editor in chief

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The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 3

Contents: The Complete Guide to the iPad mini




4 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini


The complete guide

6 Everything iPad mini
Everything you ever needed, or wanted, to know about Apples latest iPad device

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Setting up your new iPad Syncing without wires Set up iCloud Using iTunes Match


14 Inside the new iPad mini We take a new iPad mini apart to see whats on the inside



18 Speed testing the new iPad Discover just how fast the new iPad mini is compared to other iOS devices

20 Get to know 4G LTE Activate the next-wave of mobile internet on the iPad mini

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The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 5

Feature: Getting to know the iPad mini

iPad mini
iPad mini gives you all of an iPad at half the size

Getting to know the

By Dan Frakes

he iPad mini is a strong contender for Apples best product yet. In terms of design the iPad mini is a fairly easy concept to understand: its an iPad but smaller, much lighter, and with a compelling asking price starting at just 269. Whats not to love? But dont think the iPad mini is a stripped back model. Despite its diminutive stature, the iPad minis internal components are reminiscent of the iPad 2 model that on sale. Externally, however, the iPad mini has a lot in common with the latest generation of iPhone and iPod touch. Like the iPhone 5 the first thing that hits you about the iPad mini is how incredibly thin and light it is. The bezel between the screen and edge of device is also much smaller on the iPad mini. You can hold it with one hand: either by grasping both sides of the iPad mini like an iPhone, or by clasping one side. Unlike the iPad, which is very much a two-handed or rest-on-lap affair, the light weight ensures that it can be held in the one hand. Aside from the thinner styling and smaller bezel the iPad mini is remarkably similar to the full-sized iPad. It runs the same iOS interface, all the same apps, and has the same button layout. This article is designed to get you up and running with using the iPad mini.

The rst thing that hits you is how light it is

6 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Get to know your way around the iPad mini

Headphone jack This is a standard 3.5mm audio jack found on most devices (including the iPod and iPhone).

7.9in display The iPad mini has a 7.9in display with 1024 x 768 pixels at the same 4:3 aspect ratio as every other iPad that precedes it. It runs the same iPad interface, and apps, but everything is just a little bit smaller.

FaceTime camera This camera on the front works with FaceTime video chat so other people can see your face.

Multi-Touch interface Unlike a laptop, the iPad mini lacks a physical keyboard, instead you interact with the device by tapping and swiping the display.

Home screen The Home screen contains app icons, and folders. Tap an icon to launch an app, while tapping folders reveals the apps contained inside. Swiping left and right on the Home screen displays different sets of apps and folders (which you can organise yourself ).

Home button The only physical button on the front of the iPad mini is this one. Press it to return to the Home screen at any time.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 7

Feature: Getting to know the iPad mini

Get to know your way around the iPad mini

iSight camera This 5-megapixel camera can shoot high-definition video and still images.

Side switch This switch is used by default to lock the rotation (so the iPad stays in horizontal or vertical mode). You can also switch its function in Settings to act as a mute switch for the iPads volume, if you prefer.

Sleep/Wake button Press this button to lock your iPad minis screen. (The iPad will still receive emails and play music, but the screen itself will be off ). If its already locked, you can press this button and slide a finger across the screen to wake it up.

Volume buttons These side buttons adjust the iPads volume setting.

Sim card slot The iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular) uses a nano-SIM card, which can be inserted and removed using the SIM card tool or a paperclip. The iPad mini can connect to regular 3G networks or the new 4G/LTE networks.

Speaker Youll find the two speaker grills on the bottom of the iPad. Lightning Connector The iPad uses Apples Lightning dock connector to hook up to your computer and other accessories.

8 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Get to know your symbols

Status symbols let you know whats going on with the iPad mini

ike a Macs menu bar, the top of the new iPad minis screen displays a number of status icons shorthand for various settings and connections. The icons that tell you what phone, Internet or other connection your device is making are visible in the upper left-hand corner, while icons in charge of the devices other functions appear on the right. With the help of this handy guide, you can learn what each symbol means.

Signal strength These bars reflect the network and voice signal in your area. They fluctuate between one bar (little to no service) and five (strongest reception). Wi-Fi strength Youll see this fan-shaped symbol if youre connected to a nearby Wi-Fi network. The stronger the local signal is, the larger the array ofbars youll see. Bluetooth Turn on Bluetooth, and youll see this icon. By default, the symbol is gray, but if you make a Bluetooth connection, it will turn blue. VPN If you are connected to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), this icon will appear. Airplane mode If you turn on Airplane mode in Settings, your phone will turn off all Internet and Bluetooth connections, and youll see this icon. While in Airplane mode, you can still use Wi-Fi. Processing icon When your iPad mini is trying to make a network connection, it says: Searching in the upper-left corner. This circle appears if its syncing something over your network, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Battery status In the upperright corner of your iPad mini is the battery status icon, which shows how much charge your iPad mini battery has. If your battery is charging, youll see a small lightning bolt. Location services When an application such as Maps is using location services on your iPad mini, this purple pointer will appear to the left of the battery icon. Play button If youre playing an audio track in iTunes, this triangle will appear to the left of the battery icon in the menu bar. If your music is paused, no icon will appear. Alarm clock When you have an alarm set in the Clock app, this small clock appears to the right of the time in the iPad mini menu bar. Lock When your iPad mini is locked, this lock icon appears on the top of your tablets screen, replacing the time. Orientation lock You can lock your iPad mini display in Portrait mode by double-clicking the Home button and scrolling to the left in the multitasking bar.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 9

Feature: Getting to know the iPad mini

Get to know your gestures

Discover how to interact with the iPad mini with these finger gestures

lthough Apple has designed the iPad mini (and the iPhone, iPod touch) to be simple to learn, sometimes you may want a primer on the basics. Heres a detailed breakdown of all the major Multi-Touch gestures, navigation options, Home screen tips and tricks and multitasking features youll need to master your iOS device.

If youve never before owned a Multi-Touch device from Apple, you may be unfamiliar with crazy phrases like pinch-to-zoom and the difference between flick and swipe. Have no fear: While some of these gestures may have odd names, theyre easy enough to pick up.

Gestures and techniques

Tap: As clicking is to a desktop computer, so is tapping to an iOS device. Tapping is the most common and basic gesture.

Double-tap: Tap an object twice in succession to eect a double-tap. Double-taps are primarily used for zooming in or out on text.

Tap, hold, and drag: For some functions, such as highlighting text, copying and pasting or deleting and moving apps, youll need to tap and hold down on the screen. When you do this on a piece of text, it will highlight in blue, and editing handles vertical lines with blue dots will appear on either side of the highlighted area. You can tap, hold and, while holding down, drag your nger to increase or decrease the selection.

Flick and swipe: Swiping is one of your primary navigational tools. You use a left or right swipe to move through app pages on your Home screen or images in the Photos app; you use an up or down swipe to read text in Safari, iBooks, Newsstand or elsewhere. Its one of the easiest gestures to learn.

Pinch: To zoom in or to open something, place your thumb and index nger, pinched together, on screen and spread them apart. To zoom out, do the reverse.

Rotate: You can even rotate some elements with two or more ngers. Just place two ngers on the screen and make a circular gesture, clockwise or counterclockwise.

10 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Get to know the Home screen

Discover how to navigate and customise your iPad minis main screen

ow that youve taken your first step into the iOS world with Multi-Touch gestures, its time to learn how to navigate your new iPad mini. Well go over where your apps are stored, how to organise them, search for them anddelete them.

When you first turn on your device, youre brought to the Home screen. Here, youll see an assortment of icons grouped into rows, and several more icons grouped in the silver Dock along the bottom of the screen. The Homescreen is where your apps live, and where you can launch them. The Dock. The grey translucent bar along the bottom of your Home screen is called the Dock. If youve tried swiping between app pages, youll notice the icons in the Dock dont change from one app page to the next; this is because the Dock is for the most frequently used apps (up to six apps).

The Home screen

Swipe right on your Home screen to reach Spotlight. (If youre on the first Home screen page, pressing your Home button also summons the Spotlight screen.) To search, just type your query in the text box at the top. Open and close an app. To open an app, all you have to do is tap its icon. Once its open, you can return to the Home screen at any time by pressing the Home button. Rearrange and delete apps. To rearrange the order of your icons, tap and hold any icon on the Home screen. After a few seconds, all your app icons, including the one youre holding, will start to wiggle, and a small black X will pop up in each icons top-left corner. Once they do this, you can rearrange any apps on the Home screen, or even drag them into or out of the Dock. If youve installed a third-party app you dont want any more, you can tap the X to delete it (you cant delete the apps that came pre-installed on your device). When youre finished, press the Home button, and your icons will stop wiggling and stay in their new location. Use folders. A folder is a group of apps, represented by a single icon, on your Home screen. To create a folder, start by tapping and holding any app icon to enter Edit mode; after the icons begin to wiggle, drag an app on top of another app. When you release the app, youll create a folder, which will open and display both apps. The multitasking bar. Switch between apps by bringing up the multitasking bar and quickly double-press the Home button; a bar below the Dock will rise up with the apps most recently run. To switch to a different app, tap its icon. Multitasking shortcuts. Swipe right on the multitasking bar for further controls: rotation lock, adjust brightness, control music, adjust volume, and access the Music app.

Search in Spotlight

Edit apps Tap and hold on an app icon to enter Edit mode to be able to rearrange your apps, add them to folders and delete them from your device

Tasking apps Double press the Home button to pull up your devices multitasking bar

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 11

Feature: Getting to know the iPad mini

Under the hood of the iPad mini

The technology that makes up the iPad minis remarkable power
134.7 mm
7.2 mm

Twin cameras
The iPad mini boasts two cameras, one on the rear called iSight and one on the front called FaceTime HD. The iSight camera takes 5MP snaps with a f/2.4 aperture and a five-element lens for pretty good shots; FaceTime HD takes 1.2MP shots. Both can also record 1080p highdefinition video. Apple incorporates autofocus, backside illumination, and face detection to improve shots. It also using the iPad minis Location Services feature to geotag photos so you know where they were taken. When taking pictures or video you can tap anywhere on the screen to focus on a person or object in shot.

200 mm

Weight: 308 g (312 g for Wi-Fi + Cellular model)

The Dual A5 Processor

The iPad mini uses the 1GHz dual A5 processor and 512MB RAM, which puts it on a par performance-wise with the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. This means that the iPad mini can run all the games and apps that the iPad 2 can, and our speed testing (page 18) shows it provides amazing performance for such a small device.

Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity

There are two iPad mini devices on sale. One with 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4GHz and 5GHz); and one that also has Cellular. The Cellular model can use GSM/EDGE, UMTS, HSPA+ and the new DC-HSDPA (which is the fastest 3G connection) and LTE (which is the new 4G option). The LTE now works in the UK and new service provider (EE) has 4G/LTE SIM cards available.

Tasking apps Double press the Home button to pull up your devices multitasking bar

Tasking apps Double press the Home button to pull up your devices multitasking bar

12 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

The iPad mini specifications

Apple iPad mini
iPAD mini WIFI Dimensions Weight Price 200 mm x 134.7 mm x 7.2 mm 308 g 269 (16GB); 349 (32GB); 429 (64GB) 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4GHz and 5GHz); Bluetooth 4.0 7.9-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with IPS technology ;1024-by-768 resolution at 163 pixels per inch (ppi) 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 32nm; 512MB RAM FaceTime HD Camera: 1.2MP photos, 720p HD video; iSight Camera: 5MP photos, Hybrid IR filter, f/2.4 aperture; 1080p video recording; Face Detection, Video stabilization, Backside illumination, Tap to focus 16.3-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery offering around 10 hours of life Lightning dock connector port; 3.5-mm stereo headphone minijack; built-in speaker; microphone Three-axis gyro; accelerometer; ambient light sensor Wi-fi triangulation; digital compass Formats: HE-AAC (V1 and V2), AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), protected AAC (from iTunes Store), MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, and 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX+), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV. Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound passthrough with Digital AV Adapter (sold separately) Formats: H.264 video up to 1080p, 30 frames per second, Main Profile level 3.1 with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats; MPEG-4 video, up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple Profile with AACLC audio up to 160 Kbps per channel, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats; Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) up to 35 Mbps, 1,280 by 720 pixels, 30 frames per second, audio in ulaw Lightning to USB cable, 10W USB power adapter, Documentation Operating temperature: 0 to 35C. Maximum operating altitude: 3,000m iPAD mini WIFI & Cellular 200 mm x 134.7 mm x 7.2 mm 312 g 369 (16GB); 449 (32GB); 529 (64GB) GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz) LTE (Bands 4 and 17); 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4GHz and 5GHz); Bluetooth 4.0 7.9-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with IPS technology ;1024-by-768 resolution at 163 pixels per inch (ppi) 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 32nm; 512MB RAM FaceTime HD Camera: 1.2MP photos, 720p HD video; iSight Camera: 5MP photos, Hybrid IR filter, f/2.4 aperture; 1080p video recording; Face Detection, Video stabilization, Backside illumination, Tap to focus 16.3-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery offering around 10 hours of life (9 hours on Cellular data network) Lightning dock connector port; 3.5-mm stereo headphone minijack; built-in speaker; microphone; nano-SIM card tray Three-axis gyro; accelerometer; ambient light sensor Wi-fi triangulation; cellular network triangulation; assisted GPS; digital compass Formats: HE-AAC (V1 and V2), AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), protected AAC (from iTunes Store), MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, and 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX+), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV. Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound passthrough with Digital AV Adapter (sold separately) Formats: H.264 video up to 1080p, 30 frames per second, Main Profile level 3.1 with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats; MPEG-4 video, up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple Profile with AACLC audio up to 160 Kbps per channel, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats; Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) up to 35 Mbps, 1,280 by 720 pixels, 30 frames per second, audio in ulaw Lightning to USB cable, 10W USB power adapter, Documentation Operating temperature: 0 to 35C. Maximum operating altitude: 3,000m






Input/output Sensors Location

Audio playback

Video playback

Comes with

Environmental requirements

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 13

Feature: Inside the iPad mini

Inside the iPad mini

Inside Apples smallest iPad Apples smallest screws, and more! By

he iPad mini is a technological marvel. Apple has managed to take all the incredible power of the iPad, and crammed it into a smaller, lighter frame. Apple has incredibly high standards of manufacturing, and this teardown (courtesy of our friends at reveals all the inside components. While we know a lot of what to expect from the iPad mini, there are a few surprises along the way. Apple has taken much of its manufacturing to new levels, with thinner and smaller components, and tiny screws. Theres also far more glue holding everything together than wed like, and like many of Apples recent products its going be hard to repair. Apple is typically reticent about releasing too much information about its products, but unlike most products viewing beneath the surface doesnt ruin the experience. The iPad mini is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. Lets take a look

Tech specs
What do you get when you cram an iPad into a smaller and lighter frame? 7.9in 1024 x 768 pixel (163 ppi) multi-touch display Dual-core A5 processor 5 megapixel rear-facing and 1.2 megapixel front-facing cameras Bluetooth 4.0 Lightning connector 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

1: iOpener
No, its not an iPad Halloween costume; its the iOpener! Thanks to our trusty iOpener, a microwave, and half an hours worth of time, the adhesive is warmed to the perfect temperature for us to free the glass/digitizer assembly to the spooky tune of our iFixit guitar picks.

2: Guitar picks
The iPad Mini continues Apples repair-impeding practice of keeping iPads together with copious amounts of adhesive. We use guitar picks to open the device.

3: Screws up
After dispatching two hidden screws and two exposed screws with our 54 Bit Driver Kit, we are able to lift the LCD. Pulling up the display reveals a large metal plate, held in with no fewer than 16 screws.

14 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

5: Display away
and the culprit is found. Insulating tape holds the display to the rear case and protects the Lightning connector cable. With the tape peeled up, we remove the display assembly and can turn our attention to the interior.

4: The first tasty component

Our first exposed IC is one weve seen before, in the iPhone 5. In fact, you might say weve got a pretty close relationship with the Murata 339S0171 Wi-Fi module. With plastic opening tool in hand, we disconnect the display connector, but theres still something holding the LCD in

6: Display
The ICs controlling the 1024x768 display unit:

Samsung W1235

S6TNMR1X01 Display Driver

Silicon Mitus SM4031

DA1232 SMCP043, Display PMIC

416R 8227

7: Samsung inside
HDU 2YC 34
Though the markings on the back of the LCD dont turn up much information, the Samsung display driver IC reveals that Apple once again went with Samsung in its display manufacturing. Apple has reportedly been working to move away from Samsung as a primary supplier, so its somewhat surprising to see a Samsung LCD inside. With that said, Apple often relies on multiple suppliers for a single component, meaning theres quite likely other LCD manufacturers lurking inside other iPad Minis.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 15

Feature: Inside the iPad mini

9: The Battery
A close-up of the battery connector exposes the numbers 8211564-04 C 3312.

8: Plastic card
Fortunately, the iPad Mini inherited the connector-fastened battery from its larger sibling, not the soldered-in battery found in the iPod Touch. A plastic card makes a nice tool to pry the battery up from the rear panel, but its still a very difficult task to break through all of the adhesive securing it to the rear case without puncturing the cells.

10: The Digitizer

Next off is the digitizer. Hiding on the connector are a couple of Broadcom touch controller ICs marked BCM5976C0KUB6G. This chip looks familiar we saw them in the MacBook Air.

11: Double speakers

The folks at Amazon doubted, but we can confirm the Mini does indeed sport stereo speakers. In this one regard, the Mini outdoes the still-mono Retina iPad. The reduction of connector size (30-pin to Lightning) has left just enough space to squeeze a second speaker into the device, allowing for sound quality that is anything but mini.

12: The A5 chipset

The A5 processor has 512 MB RAM, just like the processor in the latest iPod Touch. How do we know? The package markings E4064P3PM-8D-5 indicate the A5 has two 2 Gb, LP DDR2 RAM dies inside, according to Chipworks. These die photos from Chipworks shows the inner workings of the A5. Care to see the die in all its gory glory? Check out the high-res version.

16 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

13: Logic board

The top side of the logic board houses all of the ICs:

Hynix H2JTDG8UD2MBR 16 GB NAND Flash Apple 343S0593-A5 Apple 338S1116 Cirrus Logic Audio Codec Fairchild PCHPS FDMC 6676BZ Fairchild BC7BE F0MC 6683
On the reverse of the board is an Apple 338S1077, aka Cirrus Logic Class D Amplifier (thanks Chipworks!)

14: Snap happy

Strong adhesive continues to slow our advance, so another hit with the heat gun is prescribed to pry the headphone jack and front facing camera assembly out of the rear case. The iPad Mini does well in the camera department. While most hardware specs closely match the aging iPad 2, its cameras match those found in the the Retina iPad. Its front-facing FaceTime HD camera delivers 1.2 MP photos, and the rear-facing iSight camera delivers 5 MP resolution and HD video.

15: This is the end

iPad Mini Repairability: 2 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair).

The LCD and glass are not fused together

and can be replaced independently.

The battery is not soldered to the logic

board or other components.

Teeny-tiny screws can be easily misplaced if

youre not careful.

Copious amounts of adhesive hold many

components in place: front glass, logic board, battery, front camera, back camera, ribbon cables.

The Lightning connector is soldered to the

logic board, so dont bend its pins.

Hidden screws mean youll need to be very

diligent when trying to remove internal components.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 17

Feature: Speed testing the iPad mini

Small strength Despite its tiny and light frame, the iPad mini is as powerful as the iPad 2

Speed Testing the iPad mini

Call it an iPad 2.5or 3.5? Dan Frakes nds out

f the many rumours swirling around prior to the iPad minis announcement, the most common pegged the mini as being simply a smaller version of the iPad 2. But the mini is actually somewhere between the iPad 2 and the current full-size iPad. The mini uses the same dual-core A5 processor, at the same clock speed, as the iPad 2; includes the same 512MB of RAM; and sports a display with the same resolution, 1024 by 768 pixels. But the mini has the same 1.2-megapixel FaceTime HD (720p-capable) front camera and 5-megapixel (1080p-capable) back camera as the fourth-generation iPad. The mini also matches the newest full-size iPad when it comes to wireless capabilities, oering Bluetooth 4.0, improved 5GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi performance thanks to channel bonding, and optional LTE wireless data. The iPad mini uses the same LTE chip found in the fourth-generation iPad, so its compatible with more carriers compared to the third-generation iPad. Including the 4G plan that EE is now selling in the UK. Of course, the iPad mini also uses Apples new Lightning connector instead of the older 30-pin connector. Thanks to its iPad 2-matching processor, graphics capabilities, and screen resolution, the iPad mini should oer performance on par with that of the iPad

18 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

2. Indeed, in our benchmarks testing, the iPad mini performed identically to the iPad 2 in every test except for our Web page-load test, where the iPad mini bested the iPad 2 by roughly 40 percent likely because of the aforementioned 5GHz Wi-Fi enhancements in the mini. Our real-world testing echoed these ndings, as the iPad mini felt much like an iPad 2 when playing games and watching videos. With one exception, I experienced no stuttering or slowdowns, even when playing graphics-heavy games, and even when mirroring the iPads screen to an Apple TV using AirPlay. The exception was Real Racing 2 HD, but only when hosting a multiplayer game in Party Play mode, where the iPad was mirroring to an Apple TV both the screen and the screens of other players. In this test, the on-TV images stuttered at times, though the game was still quite playable. In fact, on a few high-end games, the iPad mini like the iPad 2 before it at times performed as well as the third-generation iPad in terms of maintaining smooth graphics, because the third-generation Retina model has to push four times as many pixels. (The fourth-generation iPad, with its much better processor and graphics capabilities, outperforms the iPad mini pretty much everywhere.) The iPad mini also never got uncomfortably hot during heavy use . Thanks to its enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities, the iPad mini oers noticeably better performance than the iPad 2 when loading webpages or streaming video at least if youre connected to a 5GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi network. However, as with the iPad 2, the iPad minis 512MB of RAM means that youll experience more Safari-tab reloads than with a recent full-size iPad. In terms of battery life, Apple says the iPad mini can last as long on a full charge as the standard iPad: up to 10 hours of Wi-Fi Web surng, watching video, or listening to music; or up to 9 hours of Web surng over a cellular-data connection. In our standard battery test, which involves looping a full-screen video at specic volume and screen-brightness levels, the iPad mini lasted 9 hours and twelve minutes, compared to 9 hours and 21 minutes for the fourthgeneration iPad.

We experienced no stuttering or slowdowns

iPad mini vs earlier iPad models and iPhone 5

GeekBench Page Load


Sun Spider


GLBenchmark GLBenchmark Battery test Egypt Offscreen Egypt Onscreen 86.7 183.7 126 86.7 147.3 14 51 26.7 14 28.7 9:12 9:21 10:03 11.31 8:21

iPad mini iPad 4 iPad 3 iPad 2 iPhone 5

756 1764 759 760 1623

6.7 7.1 10.4 11.1 8.2

1.44 0.84 1.43 1.44 0.92

3.6 3.7 2.1 1.8 3.6

Best results in are shown in bold. Larger numbers are better in all tests but Wi-Fi Page Load and SunSpider. GeekBench and GLBench scores are from iOS benchmarking apps. GLBench scores are in frames per second. Sunspider is a web-based JavaScript test, with results reported in seconds. All devices tested running iOS 6.0.1. iPad battery is larger and more powerful than that of iPhone 5.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 19

Feature: Faster browsing with 4G LTE

Faster browsing with

Discover how to access the next generation of mobile internet By Karen Haslam & David Price
ne of the disappointments about the third-gen iPad launch from a British perspective was 4G: a heavily hyped fast-internet facility that was no use to UK buyers, since the infrastructure isnt in place. (This was such a disappointment, in fact, that Apple was obliged to stop advertising its cellular-equipped iPad 3 model as 4G entirely.) The iPad mini is also equipped with the facility to use 4G internet (in fact a technically different facility, as is explained below), but this time things are looking up for UK buyers, since Everything Everywhere is offering a 4G service in this country. Heres how to get 4G internet connectivity with your iPad mini, and answers to (hopefully) all your questions about 4G and the iPad mini. What is 4G all about? Its the fourthgeneration mobile internet network, which basically allows you to get faster, and more reliable, web access on your tablet than youre used to at the moment. And its just been switched on, as part of the new EE (formerly Everything Everywhere) service. EE uses 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology which has a theoretical speed of 100Mbps (megabits per second). EE told us Average 4G download speeds are likely to be between 8 and 10 megabits a second (Mbit/s), with possible instances of up to 40 Mbit/s. Typical upload speeds are between 5-6Mbit/s, with possible instances of up to 15Mbit/s. Typical 4G latency is only 60-70 milliseconds (ms), while 3G latency is typically 100-125ms. You can really appreciate the difference if youre flicking through webpages or playing online action games. Who the heck is EE? Its a new network in the UK being formed out of Orange and T-Mobile. EE is a new brand which will operate alongside Orange and T-Mobile they will remain as brands and retailers in their own right. They will all use the EE network and therefore smartphones will display EE instead of Orange or T-Mobile by Christmas. All existing Orange and T-Mobile stores will also be rebranded to EE and will serve customers of all three brands. Do I need an EE SIM? Yes, youll need to get a new Nano-SIM (thats the new smaller type introduced with the iPhone 5) and insert it into your iPad

You should expect a typical speed of between 8-12 Mbps

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Speedier browsing 4G LTE technology enables much faster browsing and lower latency which makes viewing web pages, and streaming video, more enjoyable

mini Wi-Fi and Cellular model (it goes without saying that youll need the iPad mini with Cellular model). Youll need a separate Nano-SIM to the one used in your phone, and youll need to take out a contract with each one. Will I get it where I live? The initial rollout will see a total of 16 cities 4G-equipped by the end of 2012. Heres the list: Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle, Sheffield and Southampton. Beyond this EE said it will reach 70 percent of the UK by the end of 2013 and 98 percent by the end of 2014. The EE website ( coverage-checker) has a coverage checker that you can use Will I get it where I live? As we expected, EE is charging a premium for its new service, and iPhone 5 owners looking to use 4G will have to pay considerably more than 3G contract owners, as well as take out a 12 or 24 month contract with EE. The plans are organised by data usage from 21 per month (on a 12 month contract) for 500MB. The monthly charges are: 500MB - 21 1GB - 26 3GB - 31 5GB - 36 What happens if I break the limit? EE has announced that if you go over your data plan you stop getting Cellular data. They do not intend to charge you for exceeding the data plan (which is a good thing because the extra charges tend to be quite high). Which plan should I get? Your milage will vary depending on how much you use your iPad mini, what type of content you download, and Bear in mind that 4G internet is fast, which means youre using more data more quickly. We find that 1GB is generally enough for one months worth of general web browsing, and email. If you start adding iTunes Match and streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix or Lovefilm then perhaps go up to 3GB; or 5GB.

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Feature: Best iPad mini accessories

20 great iPad mini accessories

The iPad mini is a miniature marvel. The following accessories will enhance its looks and its entertainment credentials By Rosemary Hattersley

hen Apple unveiled the iPad mini, there was a sense that it was acknowledging the success of e-book readers such as the Kindle and Nook and attempting to muscle in on the portable, lightweight e-reader market. Being Apple, the design, build and feature set of the iPad mini are superior to those, admittedly less expensive, devices. And the demand for the tablet has been exceptional. However, its still early days in terms of accessories: there are plenty of cases that will t your 7.9in screen iPad, but so far only a handful of directly compatible docks. Blame the introduction of Lightning the superior but completely new design of Apple connector. Even so, with Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a straightforward connector, youll be able to hook up your beautiful new iPad mini to almost anything.

JBL OnBeat Venue

Company: JBL URL: Price: 199 The introduction of the Lightning connector meant audio specialists needed to come up with a new set of docking stations. The JBL OnBeat Venue contains a pair of full-range speakers and has its own digital-to-audio connector. A wireless speaker, it uses Bluetooth to connect to other devices and can work with up to eight at a time, making for a potentially mind-boggling number of iTunes tracks from which to choose. A free MusicFlow app creates customised playlists, adjust EQ settings and more.

Griffin Cinema Seat case

Company: Griffin URL: Price: 29.99 The iPad mini may be a little smaller than the regular iPad, but its even better suited to being taken out and about on your travels. Its 7.9in screen is plenty large enough for leisurely viewing, so why not keep the kids entertained on a lengthy car journey by treating them to a film? The Griffin Cinema case holds your iPad mini tight and has adjustable straps on the back that secure it to the back of a car headrest.

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Beats by Dre Solo HD

Company: Beats Audio URL: Price: 169 With a full 16GB or 32GB of internal storage, the iPad mini can serve up plenty of music, games and video for your delectation. Some decent headphones will help you enjoy it all to the fullest. Fashionistas have a choice of Beats by Dre headphones to choose from. These Solo HD On-Ear cans come in a choice of vibrant colours, while the 269 wireless version comes in more understated maroon or black.

SmartCover Product (RED)

Company: Apple URL: Price: 35 The iPad mini is a nicely-built piece of kit, but that doesnt mean you want to risk scratching the little beauty. Apples SmartCover offers some protection, though since its essentially a flap, we also suggest investing in a case. Two magnets and a clever clamp make the SmartCover easy to attach and remove, while ensuring it doesnt slip off. Another set of magnets clamps it to the iPad minis screen. Opening and closing the Smart Cover wakes up and puts the device to sleep. It also folds into a triangle to form a stand.

Libratone Zipp speaker

Company: Libratone URL: Price: 330 The Libratone Zipp speaker offers 360-degree sound from a single unit. As well as being Apple AirPlay-compatible, the Zipp is able to access music from any iDevice without the need for a Wi-Fi connection thanks to Libratones PlayDirect technology. As well as this muted grey it comes in eye-catching raspberry. As its name suggests, other colours can be bought and zipped on (theres a choice of eight shades).

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Feature: Best iPad mini accessories

Apple TV
Company: Apple URL: Price: 99 The Apple TV is a fantastic piece of kit. The tiny box enables you to buy, download and offers the simplest way to stream content from iTunes, including movies, and to play it on the largest screen in the house. Apple TV offers support for Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr and more (but no UK catch-up TV services). You can stream and play music, podcasts, videos and photos from a Mac or PC, or directly from your iPad.

Quiksilver iPad mini case

Company: Quiksilver URL: Price: 14.95 Most iPad mini cases weve seen so far have been portfolio-style designs that disguise your tablet as a book. Quiksilvers neoprene case is padded and has a zip at the top, making it eminently suitable for less careful iPad mini owners or for stashing your beloved tablet in a gym bag or suitcase. Its also noticeably lighter than some of the fancy cases that double as stands.

Mophie juice pack powerstation

Company: Mophie URL: Price: 70 It can sometimes seem like a full-time job ensuring your gadgets are charged up ready for us. The mophie juice pack powerstation brick offers an electronic lifeline by being able to charge your iPad or other iOS device while also powering up its own 400mAh battery. Once primed, it can be used for off-mains to replenish your gadgets as and when required.

iLuv Folio CEO case

Company: iLuv URL: Price: 49 Business executives will appreciate the attention to detail of the iLuv CEO Folio case: it has slipcover pockets for business cards and bank cards as well as a clip for a pen or digital stylus. The iPad mini is protected within the zip-up case, which also functions as a stand for viewing video clips or showing presentations.

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QDOS Libris
Company: QDOS URL: Price: 35 This QDOS folio case for the iPad mini is fashioned from imitation leather and has an elasticated strap that holds its front flap in place with the tablet is not in use. The Libris stand can be adjusted to the most comfortable viewing angle. When the iPad is in landscape mode theres a second, broader stand that gives the tablet stability.

Company: Bang & Olufsen URL: Price: 949 Minimalists are likely to fall headlong for these ultra-thin speakers, which can either be wall-mounted or sit tidily and unobtrusively on a shelf. These custom-made wireless speakers support Apple AirPlay and can serve up delectable selections from your iTunes collection. The Bang & Olufsen speakers have a 5in woofer and a 3/4in tweeter and a Class D amplifier. The BeoPLAY A8 comes with a specially made Lightning connector, ensuring compatibilty to the iPad mini and iPhone 5. The setup even functions as an iPad docking station as well as a luxurious entertainment centre. Could there be a more sophisticated way of recharging your iPad?

Apple Wireless Keyboard Maroo te-kuiti stylus

Company: Maroo URL: Price: 12.99 For digital doodling or serious artistry on your iPad, you need the accuracy of a stylus. There are plenty of stylii around to choose from; Maroos is perhaps the prettiest example and is distinctive enough not to get lost in your stationery drawer. Company: Apple URL: Price: 57 Probably the most sophisticated keyboard youll ever use, the Apple Wireless Keyboard runs off a pair of AA batteries and connects to your iPad mini using Bluetooth. This niftily extends the iPad into a productive device on which you can speedily tap out documents.

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Feature: Best iPad mini accessories

Lightning SD Card Reader

Company: Apple URL: Price: 25 With no USB port or native card reader, getting photos on to your iPad mini for viewing or as a camera backup can be a challenge. This 25 Lightning connector SD Card Reader neatly solves it. Place the memory card in the slot, attach the device to your iPad and your photos will quickly transfer to the tablet and pop up in the Photos app which automatically launches.

Cygnett Lavish folio case

Company: Cygnett URL: Price: 30 This smart folio case snaps securely around your iPad mini, offering it plenty of protection. The cover also functions as a tablet stand, propping up the tablet in a choice of angles.

Griffin Zitron folio case

Company: Griffin URL: Price: 29.99 Griffin offers one of the most extensive ranges of iPad mini cases around. The folio case design alone comes in a choice of solid colours, this vibrant zigzag Zitron design, a black and ecru Mustachio option and a multicoloured Wise Eyes owl design. The front of the case folds in half to double as a stand for more comfortable viewing.

HP Photosmart Premium
Company: HP URL: Price: 179 The HP Photosmart Premium is a printer that works directlty with your iPad. It features AirPrint technology which means all you have to do is connect the printer to the same wireless network as your tablet. Its huge touchscreen display makes it easy to select the right shot to print and to make simple edits.

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Blue Microphones Spark Digital

Company: Blue Microphones URL: Price: 199 Irrespective of whether youre a webcast aficionado or you simply like to chat over Skype with your friends, a quality microphone will help the conversation flow. Given its 1950s looks, we envisage bequiffed crooners pouring out their heart and the Spark Digital picking up ever cracked nuance and recording it for posterity in GarageBand. The condenser microphone has a dedicated iPad connector as well as USB. Though it doesnt have a Lightning connector, the Spark Digital is certified compatible with Apples adapter - something youll almost certainly need to invest in anyway given the number of devices that use the older 30-pin connection.

PURE Jongo S340B

Company: PURE URL: Price: 149 There are several advantages to choosing a wireless speaker system. Avoiding the issue of whether your iPad fits a specific dock is a major one, while being able to site the speaker anywhere in the room and not have to worry about cables is another. Jongo speakers work with any iOS device and with PUREs media streamers and WiFi enabled DAB radios. The S340B has an upward-firing subwoofer that creates room-filling sound. Adding more speakers allows you to stream music to several rooms at once. Each Jongo speaker can be used for up to 10 hours between charges, can also be used via Bluetooth and can be controlled via PUREsConnect apps to access internet radio and Mac and PC music collections.

Belkin @TV Plus

Company: Belkin URL: Price: 149

This unassuming black box is the key to enjoying live TV on your iPad. It works over Wi-Fi and has a dedicated app that acts as an onscreen remote control. Belkin builds in the SurfSwipe electronic programme guide. Better yet, the same settop box can bounce content to up to eight devices at once, including other iOS devices, Android tablets and the Sony PlayStation 3. Connectors for each are included in the box. Even better news is that you can record TV shows to your iPad using the @TV Plus, so you need never again miss an episode of Strictly Come Dancing or Downton Abbey. As with all such gadgets, a solid broadband connection is needed to get the best from the @TV Plus.

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Feature: 30 great iPad mini apps

30 great iPad apps

Top App Store picks for the iPad mini by Rosemary Hattersley

heres one aspect of the iPad mini that critics have seized on: its lack of a Retina screen. Nonetheless, the 275,000 apps that are compatible with Apples baby tablet play awlessly and look pretty good too. When you rst up the iPad mini for the rst time, Apple suggests a selection of apps that will help you get the most of it. Here, we look at some of these as well as other screen-tastic titles youre sure to enjoy. Since the mini is the perfect portable e-book reader, weve included some literary suggestions too.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Price: 1.99 Combining classic Angry Birds catapult-based gameplay with a Star Wars scene-scape that sees the eponymous fowls dressed as Jedi and the pigs the Empire, Rovio has created a compelling mash-up with a familiar narrative. The red bird now brandishes a lightsaber, while the Han Solo bird can fire laser bolts in mid-flight. There are even interesting ways to combine powers in the face of attack from the pigs in their laser turrets.

iBooks 3
Price: Free A real appeal of the iPad mini is that its 7.9in screen and light, compact proportions make it ideal as an e-book reader. Older iPads soon got heavy, but weve had no trouble reading whole books on the mini. Publications bought through iTunes or downloaded from elsewhere appear in your iBooks. With the latest update you can enjoy animated books and song books as well as crisp text and images. A must-have app.

Infinity Blade 2
Price: 4.99 The game that Apple used to showcase what the iPad 2 could do looks every bit as good on the iPad mini. You must fight your way through the God Kings lair in one-on-one battles with the God Kings henchmen. Swordfighting prowess in the form of timely swipes across the screen or heavier blades than your foes will help you defeat them. Infinity Blade 2 is visually stunning and offers great gameplay. A great iPad mini tech demonstration app.

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Sketchbook Pro
Price: 2.99 Youll definitely want to arm yourself with a digital stylus to get the most from this powerful drawing app. With 60 brushes to play with, the ability to adjust opacity on a perlevel basis, useful blending tools and support for up to 18 independent layers on its 1024x768-pixel canvas, your imagination can be given full rein. Pinch and zoom when you need to work on minute details. Theres a free version if you dont need the full professional toolbox.

Price: 2.99 The camera on the iPad mini is impressive, shooting 1080p HD video that you can then edit in iMovie. Thanks to its built-in image stabilisation you can capture rocksolid footage from which iMovie can cherrypick the best parts and stitch it into a cohesive narrative. As well as a range of snipping and editing tools, theres cross-support for the GarageBand music app which allows audio tracks to be imported. It even makes movie trailers for you.

100 Greatest Hits

Price: 8.99 While Rovio is busy bringing 70s and 80s classic film plots into its wildly successful Angry Birds app, retro gamers have their own treat in store. These classic games were originally written for the ZX Spectrum and the Atari console. Now you can relive the early days of computer gaming and sink battleships and play space invaders all over again. Expansion packs let you supplement the 25 games initially supplied with the 8-bit classics of your choice.

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Feature: 30 great iPad mini apps

Mass Effect Infiltrator

Price: 4.99 The iOS companion piece to megaselling PC and console space RPG Mass Effect is one the first new apps to come with Retina support as standard. The game itself is a stripped-down, arcadey take on its more nuanced and complex source material, but its a fun 3D shooter nonetheless, and a brilliant showcase for the systems power. In a similar vein, the Dead Space app, from the same publisher and developer also has Retina support.

Solar Walk - Saturn

Price: 1.99 The fascinating interactive galactic map app makes great use of the graphics processing ability of the iPad. The app shows planets in 3D. Rotate Saturn and youll be able to see each of its suns, other planets that are nearby and how its orbit relates to the Suns. Having whetted your appetite with the Saturn app, astronomers will want to check out Vitos other Solar Walk apps, which showcase asteroid belts and more.

Explore Shakespeare
Price: 5.99 The iPad mini lends itself perfectly to bookish pursuits, so Cambridge University Press launch of its first two Shakespeare study guides is timely. Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet scholars are encouraged to read along with the scripts or watch a performance, explore the plays themes and get to know the characters. Interactive activities can be tailored to the level at which youre studying and whether youre due to perform the Scottish play.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Price: Free The scripting, dialogue, guest appearances and unerring knack for satirising the famous - The Simpsons appeals on many levels, but the characters remain at its heart. In Tapped Out you must rebuild Springfield after Homer manages to destroy his home town. Rewards include hanging out at the Duff Brewery, playing endless pranks and, of course, doughnuts. A deservedly popular free game.

Labyrinth 2 HD
Price: 5.49 Labyrinth 2s core concept is as old as the hills you tilt the playing surface to guide a marble through a maze dotted with obstacles and pitfalls. However, developer Illusion Labs has breathed new life into it on the iPad by upping the challenge and broadening the scope. Its added multiplayer, incorporated a vast array of off-thewall new elements and included a full-featured level editor allowing you to create your own stages.

Photoshop Express
Price: Free Adobes alternative to iPhoto isnt quite as slick and accessible as Apples editing suite, but is a solid package nonetheless, offering a range of tools, filters and special effects with which to touch-up your snaps. Redeye removal, colour balancing, cropping and Facebook sharing are all supported, but not all of the features come as part of the free version. In-app purchasing lets you unlock Photoshop Express premium features.

Photoshop Express offers a great range of tools, filters and special effects

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iTunes U
Price: Free We know plenty of people who use iTunes all the time but didnt know about this excellent app. iTunes U is the iOS entertainment centres educational alter ego. Packed with lectures and informative videos, its a treasure trove for those who love learning. Some units take the form of debates. Follow courses from Harvard, Oxford, The Open University, TED and other luminaries - and all for free.

Price: 6.99 Does what it says on the tin. iStopMotion is a rather brilliant little package that lets you create your own stop-motion animation on your iPad. Once youve set up your scene, you can trigger a time lapse photo sequence which takes an image every few seconds, giving you time to move objects around and create a complete movie. Its well put together, easy to use and, with added Retina support.

Wind in the Willows

Price: 4.99 The iPad mini appeals to all ages - as does this classic tale of Toad, Ratty, Mole and their exploits along the riverbank. Now, however, you can help Toads erratic driving, dress him up, make the weasels dance and sing and get Mole to come out of hibernation by smoking him out. This muchloved tale is likely to be a popular interactive addition to bookshelves regardless of age.

iGrand Piano
Price: free If youve ever had a yearning to play the piano, this is a good starting point. The basic version of this likable app is free and lets you change tempo, octave ad (its 13.99 for the full version and you can add nine more pianos for 6.99). iGrand Piano allows you to get a feel for tickling the ivories on two instruments (and pay to unlock more). Beethoven and Mozart pieces showcase its possibilities. You can record what you play too.

Price: 6.99 Apples own iOS word processor app includes strong text editing and formatting tools and lets you embed images and a variety of Incredibooth charts and tables in your docuPrice: 69p ments. Support for iCloud means Just the thing for a wild night on files you create on the Mac version the town, Incredibooth lets you of Pages appear in simplified snap strips of photobooth-style im- form on your iPad. The minis ages with friends, offering a range small screen means the onscreen of wacky filters and backdrops to keyboard can be fiddly for typing up the fun factor. The results are whole documents, so consider often hilarious - and easily shared. using a Bluetooth one for comfort.

iTunes U is a treasure trove for those who love learning

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Feature: 30 great iPad mini apps

Price: 2.99 Ever fancied yourself as the next Brian Eno or Well, GarageBand is the app for you. Either plug in one of your own instruments or use the virtual keyboards, drumkits and guitars included, and record your own mini-masterpiece. Its as complex and sophisticated as you want it to be. Learn the basics by recording a jingle or looping some beats. Expert musicians will be able to work on an epic multi-track symphony.

Barefoot World Atlas

Price: 5.49 This fantastic new kids app is an iPad-only interactive atlas that colourfully immerses youngsters in the myriad wonders of planet Earth. Its a great way of engaging children in geography, detailing different wildlife, the worlds great cities, geological features and weather systems. Theres spoken narration as well as written text, vibrant photography, lovely illustrations and a massive library of sound effects and music.

Price: 2.99 The iOS6 version of Apples photo-editing suite impresses even without the famous Retina screen of the iPad 3 and 4. Even on the minis smaller screen, editing images is easy in iPhoto. its extensive toolset includes a blemish remover, exposure and colour cast adjustments, red-eye removal, straighten, crop and tag options. An Info button calls up details of what each tool does. Almost magically, similar photos are recognised and can be called up for editing at a double-tap prompt.

Flipboard serves up the latest news and features that interest you

Price: free Twitter feeds can take hours to scroll through and bulletins tell you too little. Flipboard serves up the news and features that interest you by presenting a tiled story view that you can flick through and then jump to the items that appeal. Just choose topics or publications you like when setting up your account. Add Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other accounts if you wish. The result is a glossy, engaging digital publication thats always up to date and filled with news and gossip you actually want to hear.

Touchgrind BMX
Price: 2.99 This is a great example of a game that could only work on a touchscreen device. This ingenious creation sees you pulling off impressive BMX stunts by manipulating your bike in real time using the multi-touch display. Its an ambitious concept but work beautifully in practise, offering some of the purest fun of any App Store game. Your inner show-off will appreciate the option to record your most outrageous BMX tricks for posterity and share them with friends.

Price: 2.99 (app only) Graphic novel fans have their own treasury in the form of Comic Zeal. This dedicated bookstore serves up the very best examples of the genre, from superstar authors such as Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman to emerging talent. Clicking Get More Comics button downloads titles youve bought through iTunes and stashed off-device.

32 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Price: Free One of the apps Apple suggests you install when you first set up your iPad mini, Podcasts serves up broadcasts from major radio stations to respected institutions. Expect MIT lectures, comedic diversion and news bulletins. The best podcasts can be found in the top 200 chart. Theres also a genre and keyword search. Podcasts created in GarageBand can also be called up. Controversially, any previously downloaded podcasts will only play in the Podcasts app in iOS6.

Ashphalt 7: Heat
Price: Free This slick racer from iOS specialists Gameloft runs Real Racing 2 pretty close for pole position as the best motorsport game on the App Store. The Retina-friendly visuals are up there with the very best on the system, the customisable tilt steering controls are intuitive and smooth, and there are some fun online multiplayer modes that let you duke it out with friends. Theres heaps of content to work with too (you can pay to access some content early). Start your engines.

Evernote 5
Price: Free Evernote is one of the very best productivity apps available for iOS devices. Its just the app you need if you like to braindump on the go. Places, people, photos, voice memos, lists, web links and more can be easily saved, collated and tagged, then subsequently searched and shared by email or to a social network. Evernote syncs everything to any and all devices on which its installed. It offers an excellent way to stay organised and reduce your paper trail.

Evernote offers an excellent way to stay organised

Fotopedia Heritage
Price: Free Armchair travellers will devour this beautiful photo app, which shows off some of the most incredible cities and landscapes on Earth. Details about locations are minimal, but we love the way you can easily find places on Fotopedias map and discover where else is camera-worthy in the vicinity. Its also refreshing to be able to enjoy the locations for their own sake, rather than have them rated by others. You can, though, share the best shots via Facebook and Twitter. A photographic delight.

Art Authority
Price: 2.99 The worlds best art gallery distilled into your iPad. Art Authority features thousands of masterpieces from the greatest artists the world has ever seen, including Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Edvard Munch all searchable by name or movement. On top of that, theres expert commentary, interactive timelines and a neat feature that searches for similar works in a gallery near your location. Even on the iPad minis 7.9in screen, theres plenty of visual mastery to savour.

iPad & iPhone User

Price: Free (2.49 per issue) The iPad mini is the ideal size for reading. Gen up on the very latest iPad-related news and reviews as well as all things Apple by installing the digital version of iPad & iPhone User. The magazine includes handy tutorials to help you get the most from your iPad mini. Comes with a free issue to download and read.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 33

Whenever you pick up a copy of iPad & iPhone User, you can be sure that youre getting the sharpest possible insight into the world of Apples gadgets. Every issue is packed with reviews of the latest apps and how they work, the best new gadgets and the smartest advice for getting the most from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Tutorial: PC-free setup

Setting up your iPad mini for the first time

Get your iPad mini up and running without a PC or Mac
YOUVE FINALLY GOT YOUR HANDS ON THE BRAND KIT LIST: new iPad mini and now its time to get it set up and iPad mini ready for use. The excitement of buying a iPad used to Wi-Fi or Cellular connection be tempered by the fact that to get your device up and running you were rst required to plug your tablet into a Time required: 5 mins computer. Whether you stood in line for two weeks to get Difficulty: Beginner your hands on one, or pre-ordered for it to be delivered to your house, the rush of delight was often held in check by the necessity to wait until iTunes told you that your shiny new tablet was ready. Ever since iOS 5.1 your new iPad no longer needs to be physically connected to a computer rst in order for it to work. As you might expect from Apple, the process is simple and quick; about the most technically dicult part is inserting the nano-SIM card into your new iPad mini (if you have a Wi-Fi + Cellular model). However, in typical Apple style theres a SIM tray pin included in the box to make this task even easier. Well assume that you have all the boring stu like tablet price plan sorted out and have un-boxed and inserted the SIM card into your iPad mini. From here on in its no more than a ve-minute process. Wire-free setup is a breeze and all you have to do is follow the simple steps here to make sure that you and your tablet are ready to go as quickly as possible. After that, theres a whole world of calling, texting, tweeting, internet browsing and taking photos, as well as all the apps to enjoy.

36 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Mobile strength The signal indicators let you know if you have a mobile signal and are connected successfully to your wireless network.

Battery Life All important battery life is displayed here. You can display this as a percentage for greater accuracy in Settings.

Tap to start Once youve gone through all the setup steps its just one tap to get started. Tap Start Using iPad and youre done.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 37

Tutorial: PC-free setup

STEP BY STEP GUIDE: Set up your iPad mini for the first time

1 Pick your language The first screen lets

you choose what language to use on your iPad. Tap on the language you want and a blue tick will appear next to it. Now tap the blue arrow.

2 Connect to Wi-Fi If you have a wireless network at home or at work, you can connect to it here. Tap on the wireless network name, if you dont just use your mobile connection.

3 Location tracking If you want your new iPad and apps to know where you are handy for mapping and social media tools, enable it by taping Enable Location Services and then Next.

4 Back up Its a good idea to back up the content on your iPad. You can either do this wirelessly to iCloud (recommended) or whenever you connect an iPad mini to a computer.

38 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

5 Find my iPad Apple has a really neat service

called Find my iPad which enables you to locate lost or missing iOS devices with either other iOS devices (such as an iPhone), or using the iCloud website. Select whether to use it and click Next.

Another neat feature on the iPad mini is Siri. This is a personal voice assistant that responds to your spoken commands. To do this it sends your voice to Apples server, so Apple asks permission to use Siri first.

6 Siri speaks


Many early iPad mini devices were shipped with iOS 6, with an update already ready. When you first use the iPad you are likely to be faced with this window. Click Details, connect to a power source and click Update to get the latest version of the operating system.

7 Diagnostics

Decide whether you want Apple to be able to take diagnostic information from the iPad, such as what you have installed, what you are using, and where you are. Click Next.

8 Register and finish The final step is to

decide if you want to Register the iPad mini with Apple. There are no forms to fill out, just click On (or Off ) and tap Next to start using the iPad mini

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 39

Tutorial: Wireless sync

Syncing your iPad mini wirelessly to iTunes

Completely cut the cord between your iPad mini and computer
SYNCING AN iPAD AND ITUNES USED TO MEAN THAT you had to plug your tablet into your Mac or PC and either KIT LIST: iPad sit and watch the progress bar or leave it and pop back Wireless network whenever you thought it might be ready. Happily, there is iTunes now a better solution to syncing your iPad mini. Time required: 10 mins Now you can keep your new iPad and iTunes account Difficulty: Easy on your PC or Mac completely in tune wirelessly. No more hunting around for that white cable. Never again will you have to scrabble around under your desk to try to plug the USB cable into your PC. Wireless syncing works when both your iPad mini and computer are connected to the same wireless network and when your tablet is connected to a power source. Youll have to keep your computer on and running iTunes, too. This means that you can leave your iPad mini charging overnight and wake up to a fully synced tablet and iTunes. The more content youve purchased the longer it will take, but wireless sync covers everything: applications, music, bookmarks, books, contacts calendars, movies, photos, notes, documents and ringtones are all synced wirelessly over your network. When your iPad mini is connected to a power source and on the Wi-Fi network, it shows up just as it would, were it plugged into your computer through a USB cable. This means you can change settings and other options wirelessly, too. Somewhat ironically, you have to plug your iPad mini into your computer to enable wireless syncing, but after that, its all wire free.

40 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

iTunes Wi-Fi Sync The iTunes Wi-Fi Sync options are found inside the General tab of the Settings.

Last Sync Keep an eye on when the last sync took place as the more and more data there is to sync, the longer it will take.

Sync Now To force the wireless sync simply tap on Sync Now. Make sure that iTunes is open on your computer and connected to Wi-Fi.

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Tutorial: Wireless sync

STEP BY STEP GUIDE: Wirelessly syncing your iPad mini

1 Connect your iPad mini The first step of setting up a wireless sync is to connect your iPad mini
to your computer using the Lightning cable and open iTunes. Now click on iPad mini in the sidebar.

2 Start Wireless Sync

In iTunes, click on the Summary tab and under the Options section, tick the box next to Sync with this iPad over Wi-Fi. Now click Apply in the iTunes window.

3 Connect to Wi-Fi

Make sure your new iPad is connected by going to Settings and tapping on Network then Wi-Fi. Select your wireless network and enter the passwords as necessary.

4 Sync wirelessly To ensure that your wireless sync is set up, disconnect your new iPad from your computer and plug it in to a power source. Open the Settings app and tap on iTunes Wi-Fi Sync.

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Wired first

5 Sync apps With the iPad 6 Sync new apps

mini showing in iTunes, click on the Apps tab. Here you can choose which apps to sync to the iPad. You can sort them by kind, name, category, date and size.

If youd like all new apps that you buy to automatically sync to your device, simply check the option Automatically sync new apps.

If you have loads ofapps, music, photos and videos to sync to your iPad mini, its best to do it over USB before going fully wireless. This makes any later syncs much smaller and faster. Once youve got all your stuff synced up, the incremental additions will besmoother.

7 Sync music

If you have a large music collection you may find that your iPad mini gets filled up pretty fast. Click on the Music tab to choose which playlists to add.

8 Wireless speeds Its worth noting that the speed of your sync can be affected by other traffic on the network. So, if you can, avoid running a sync when youre surfing the web.

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Tutorial: Setting up iCloud

Setting up and configuring iCloud

Get everything in sync and stored safely online with iCloud
iCLOUD REPLACES THE MOBILEME SERVICE THAT KIT LIST: Apple used to oer. This new and improved service is iPad completely free and helps you to keep all your data in Apple ID Wi-Fi connection sync and backed up with ease. iCloud stores all your music, photos, documents and apps securely and Time required: 10 mins allowsyou to automatically download them whenever Difficulty: Beginner and wherever you are. The best thing about the iCloud service is theres no syncing required everything just happens automatically. Buy an app on your iPad mini, for example, and its automatically sent to your iPhone. Similarly, if you download a new album on your iPhone, its ready and waiting for you on your iPad mini. It works seamlessly and invisibly in the background. Its not just for music and apps though, as iCloud ensures that your email, contacts and calendars are all kept up to date, too. It doesnt matter which of your devices the change is made on, every single one will simply update itself to match when the change is made. You get 5GB of free storage, but as apps, books, music and TV shows dont count towards this space, its a generous allowance. If you need more space you can buy it. You can also back up your new iPad to iCloud for an added level of protection. No matter what happens, your data will be safe. iCloud also includes Photo Stream that immediately pushes any pictures you take on your new iPad to your Mac. Theres a lot more to iCloud and its sure to be greatly expanded in the future. Well show you how to set it up here.

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iCloud settings Toggle the switches to choose what to sync with iCloud. You can pick and choose what to have managed by iCloud.

Documents in the Cloud Store all the documents you make on your iPhone securely in the iCloud. Photo Stream Enable Photo Stream for really easy photo sharing on your Mac, iPhone, Apple TV or iPod touch.

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Tutorial: Setting up iCloud

STEP BY STEP GUIDE: Setting up iCloud

1 Get an Apple ID

If you dont already have an Apple ID then youll need to create a new one. Tap on Settings then select iCloud. From here, tap on Create a Free Apple ID.

2 New ID First enter your birthday and click Next, now choose your name and email address. You can use an existing email address or get a new one for free. Next, choose a password and location information.

3 iCloud settings Click OK to Allow iCloud to Sync The Location of Your iPad. This will help with services such as Find My iPad.

4 Find My iPad

Should you lose your tablet, the Find My iPad function of iCloud will be invaluable. Make sure its turned on and youll be able to locate your phone any time, anywhere.

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5 Storage capacity To see how much of your

5GB data allowance you are using simply tap on Storage and Backup. Here youll see how much is left for your docuents, photos and settings.

If 5GB isnt enough storage, you can buy more iCloud space. Its available in 10GB, 20GB and 50GB portions and costs 14, 28 and 70 per year respectively.

6 Get more space

Photo Stream

If you want to share your pictures easily, turn on the Photo Stream part of iCloud. This lets you share up to 1,000 photos between an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Apple TV and your Mac. As soon as you take a picture with your iPhone, its put in your Photo Stream.

7 Documents & Data You can let your iPad

apps use the iCloud service to store any documents and data saved on them. Simply toggle the option to on in Documents & Data.

8 iCloud Backup You can use your iCloud storage space as a backup location for all your data. Beware: this will eat up your data allowance and only works when connected to Wi-Fi.

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Tutorial: iTunes Match

Listen to all your music using iTunes Match

Stream every song you have in any iTunes with iTunes Match
ONE OF THE BIGGEST TECH TRENDS OF THE LAST year or so is the shift to cloud computing, where you save data, and then access it, from a remote server rather than on your own machine. Naturally, Apple has put this to excellent use in iTunes, allowing users to store their entire music library in the cloud and access it from any device without using up memory. Apples service, called iTunes Match, scans your music library and either matches the track with a high quality version from the iTunes Store or, if it doesnt have the track in its database, uploads your version to cloud. Once complete, you can stream your tracks from any device (providing you have an active internet connection) without having to download them to that device. If you do want a hard copy of a song on one of your machines, Match also lets you download it from the cloud free of charge. The best part? You can store up to 25,000 tracks, transforming your humble iPad mini into a serious music archive. Whats more, you can access your songs from up to 10 dierent iTunesenabled devices. The full service doesnt come for free it will set you back 21.99 a year (although a free version is available, but it only streams songs that youve purchased from the Apple Store). However, as our tutorial will demonstrate its easy to set up, easy to use and very versatile. If you have a lot of music iTunes Match is a great service to invest in.

iTunes Match iPad Music tracks Time required: 5 mins Difficulty: Beginner

48 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Playing tracks Just tap a cloud-stored track to play it, as you normally would in iTunes. Be warned, itll only play if you have an internet connection.

Search your music You can search your iTunes Match library as normal. Just type the name of a track or artist into the window bottom right.
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Tutorial: iTunes Match


1 Getting started

First things first, you need to sign up to the Match service. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC desktop and hit the iTunes Match link under the Store tab in the left hand menu.

2 Matching tracks iTunes Match will then automatically cycle through your music library, either matching tracks with those in its central database or uploading any it doesnt recognise to Apples servers.

3 Access tracks

To listen to your library from your iPad, open Setting > Music. Now toggle the iTunes Match switch to On. Hey presto, youre good to go.

4 First sync The first sync takes a few minutes and will remove any tracks stored on the iPad mini (although they will be available to stream once its ready).

50 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Multiple devices

5 Playing Once the service is ready, you can play any track from any of your iTunes collections. When you play the track it will also be downloaded and cached into memory so you can play it offline.

6 Downloading playlists You no longer

download individual songs, but you can download whole albums or playlists by tapping the iCloud button at the bottom of the list of tracks.

You can use iTunes Match on up to 10 different devices per account. To link a device, make sure your signed in to your Apple ID. If its an iOS device, go to Settings > Music > iTunes Match, and if its a computer just hit the iTunes Match tab in your iTunes menu panel.

7 Storage space

iTunes Match manages local storage of tracks depending on how much space you have. Use General > Storage to view how much space Music is taking up compared to other apps.

8 Show all music You can view just the tracks

stored on the iPad mini by going to Music, and tapping Show All Music. With it set Off you can see the songs that you can play.

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Tutorial: Download books and apps

Downloading apps to your new iPad

Grab all the best apps for your new iPad mini with ease
ONE OF THE THINGS THAT MAKES THE iPAD experience so fantastic is the range of apps that are available for it. From the mundane productivity apps that help you work more eciently to the fun stu like games, the iPad mini has more than enough to keep anybody entertained. The App Store is a major success story for Apple and the developers that make apps for it with billions of dollars paid out over the years. Its not just apps that Apple has turned its hand to either; games are now a major part of the iOS iPad world and the iPad mini is a great entertainment device. The fantastically light design of on the new iPad means that its great for entertainment on the go. You can pack dozens of games and take them anywhere. The App Store is, as you might expect from Apple, beautifully designed and getting content from it is supremely simple. All that stands between you and millions of useful apps and games is a few taps on an iPad minis screen. Being able to get apps that enhance your new iPad or games to keep you entertained, wherever you are at any time, day or night, is amazing. There are restrictions that stop you from downloading the bigger apps over your mobile data connection, so you may need to be on a wireless network for some. Lets discover how to download apps onto your iPad mini.

iPad mini Apple ID Internet connection Time required: 5 mins Difficulty: Beginner

52 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Quick categories You can quickly view popular categories such as Games and Education, or tap More for a detailed list of app types. Search apps Tap on the magnifying glass to access the Search function to find exactly the right app youre after.

Apple suggestions Apple suggests lists of apps to try out, such as this New & Noteworthy list. You can slide the list left to view more apps.

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Tutorial: Download apps

STEP BY STEP GUIDE: Downloading apps

1 App Store To get started buying and downloading all the very best and latest apps, simply tap on the App Store icon on the home screen of your iPad mini.

2 Store front The first time you open the App Store it will prompt you to download a selection of Apple Apps. You can also find this list at the bottom of the Featured list.

3 Get apps Tap on an app to view more details about it. You can read a description, and also tap on Ratings & Reviews or Related to view similar apps. Tap the Install App button if you want to get it.

4 Enter password When installing an app for

the first time you need to enter your password. Tap okay and the app will start to install on the iPad mini.

54 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Another way to find great apps is to tap on Top Charts or Genius at the bottom. Genius looks at the apps youve downloaded and suggests similar apps.

5 Finding more apps

6 Purchased You can also view all past

purchases made on the iPad mini (or any other iOS device) by tapping Purchased. Tap the iCloud icon to install the app on your iPad mini.

Automatic downloads

If you own multiple iOS devices (an iPad mini and iPhone, for example) you might want to go to Settings > iTunes & App Stores and set Apps to On under Automatic Downloads. Now any app you download on one device will automatically appear on all your iOS devices.

7 Updates Sometimes new versions of apps are released (you will get notifications of these). Tap Updates and Update next to the new versions you want, or Update All to get all new apps versions.

8 Removing apps If you decide you no longer

want an app, tap and hold the Home button till the apps start to jiggle around, then tap the x icon next to each app, and choose Delete.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 55

Tutorial: Reading books

Reading books on your iPad mini

Discover how to read all the latest novels and classics
WITH ITS SMALL DISPLAY AND SUPER THIN FRAME the iPad mini makes it a fantastic book reader. Even though the display isnt as super-sharp as the full iPad, its still easy to read books and we think the smaller iPad mini is a more comfortable, and easy-tocarry book replacement. Like all Apples iOS products, the iPad mini runs Apples great iBooks app, which can be used to buy and read books. Because you can install apps you can also install other book reading options such as Amazons Kindle app, and other book readers like Kobo. The iBooks app itself is an app that you need to install separately, but you can find it on the App Store. Once youve got the iBooks app installed, you also get access to the iBooks Store: here youll be able to download thousands of classic titles for free, and buy all the latest blockbusters (these are often a lot cheaper than books youll find in bookshops). And reading on the iPad is a great experience. You can adjust the size and style of font, adjust the background colour, add bookmarks, make notes, look up the meaning of words you dont understand; all kinds of stuff that you cant do in a paper book. And if you have iCloud setup itll sync the page position of all your books, so you can start reading a book on an iPad mini, switch to reading on an iPhone, and go back to the iPad mini: without ever having to search for the right page. In this tutorial well download, and start reading books on the iPad mini.

iPad mini Apple ID Time required: 5 mins Difficulty: Beginner

56 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Back to the Library You can move back to the Library to choose another book with this button. The one to the right takes you to the book contents.

Book options You can adjust the style of the text, search for text, and add personal bookmarks with these three icons.

Reading books The text appears in the main window, tap the left and right sides of the screen (or flick your finger) to change pages.

Page indicator This shows you how far through the book you are. Note that the pages numbers change with the text size, and do not correspond to the printed edition.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini


Tutorial: Reading books

STEP BY STEP GUIDE: Reading books

1 Get iBooks The first thing youll need to do is download iBooks from the App Store. You can search for it, or look under the Apple Apps section at the bottom of the App Store homepage.

2 The Library Tap the iBooks app icon to open

it. iBooks will let you know that any books you have previously bought will now appear on the bookshelves in your Library. Tap OK.

3 To sync or not iBooks can sync bookmarks on different devices. Tap Sync if you also want to read books on any other iOS device. It uses the App Store login to match devices.

4 The Store

If this is the first time youve used iBooks youll need some books. Tap the Store button to view all the available books.

58 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

5 Downloading books

Buying books is very similar to apps. Tap the price and Buy Book to pay for it, or tap Sample to get the first few pages for free. Books then appear in the Library.

6 Start reading Tap on a book to start reading.

You can tap on the left or right side of the screen to turn pages, or slide your finger left and right to flick from one page to the next.

Making notes

You can highlight text and make notes in iBooks. Tap and hold to select a word, then move the Blue selection markers to select the text. Now tap Highlight to give it a coloured outline. You can also tap on the yellow Note icon to add your own thoughts on the text. If you tap on the Contents icon (the three dots in the top left) and Notes you can view all the notes you have created.

7 Change style Tap the screen once to bring

up the icons, and tap the aA icon in the top right. Here you can adjust screen brightness, text size, fonts and themes.

8 Looking up words Tap and hold a word to select it, and bring up the menu, now tap Define. The first time you do this you may have to download the dictionary from Apple.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 59

Tutorial: Newsstand

Read the latest digital magazines with Newsstand

Subscribe to your favourite magazines right from your iPad mini
IN THE DAYS BEFORE THE INTERNET, SUBSCRIBING to a magazine was a great way to keep up to date with the latest news about your favourite subjects. But the web has changed this for many and the lure of instant information has been hard to resist. How can you cope with the deluge of data available in a web browser? Its possible to spend all day reading garbage online and not learn a thing. Many people long to read in-depth articles, books (like this one), and classic magazines like Macworld all in a new digital form. Newsstand is designed to try and help bridge the gap between the print and online publishing worlds by combining the richness of published material with a highly convenient way of accessing that information wherever you happen to be, all from the comfort of your iPad (the best part is that you can also get the same content for your iPhone and iPod touch via the same app). You can choose to buy individual issues or subscribe for a set period of time. When you select the latter, new issues will appear automatically in your Newsstand without you even having to get up and pick up the mail. Newsstand isnt an exclusive feature of the new iPad mini. In fact, it can be used on any iOS device, even the earlier iPads, but the sheer portable of the new iPads screen makes reading magazines and newspapers that much more of a pleasant experience since it feels like youre looking at glossy print. So lets discover how to download and read magazines on the iPad.

iPad mini Internet connection iTunes account Time required: 5 mins Difficulty: Beginner

60 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Thumbnails Swipe left and right to navigate through the pages thumbnails. Tap on the one youre interested to go straight to it.

Help Feeling lost in your digital edition? The Help button will give you a quick rundown of the important gestures you need.

Bookmarking If theres a page youd like to refer back to in the future, bookmark it by tapping here.

Contents The content of the magazine is accessed from this button. Scroll up or down until you find the page you want.
The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 61

Tutorial: Newsstand


1 The Newsstand Find the Newsstand icon which is a specialised folder where all your magazines and newspapers are stored. Tap on it to reveal any available publications that you can read.

2 The Store

If this is the first time youve opened it, there should be nothing there, so tap on the Store button, to the right. This launches the App Store since the Newsstands store is a subset of it. Here you can download publications.

3 Search field Theres no obvious search field

to find what youre looking for so tap on one of the buttons at the bottom of the screen to get out of Newsstand and reveal the search field.

4 Results

Lets look for a magazine to purchase. Type Macworld in the search field and see what you come up with. Select Macworld UK Magazine from the results.

62 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

5 Preview

You can tap on its icon in the list to see a detailed description of what youre about to get. Macworlds price includes an issue of your choice to download.

6 Download


Select your magazine and itll download to your iPad. To get back to Newsstand, press the Home button once. Youll then see your new magazine waiting for you.

Magazines are organised in the Newsstand in the order in which they were purchased, with the latest ones appearing on the left. This can be changed, just like with regular apps: tap and hold on one of them and they all start to jiggle, then drag and drop them into the order that works best for you.

7 Issue selection

Following the Macworld example, you then get to choose your free issue. You can also purchase any other issue on an individual basis.

8 Enjoy

Once downloaded, you can then select your issue and swipe through the pages (left to right, not up and down). Tap once on the page to reveal a set of menus to help with navigation.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 63

Tutorial: Playing back videos

Watching films, TV shows, music videos and more

Getting to know the new Videos app
IF THERES ANY PROOF THAT WERE ALREADY living in the future, its the fact that we have lightweight mobile devices that can store and play hours of video. Think about it: only 30 years ago, people had VHS decks that seemed to weigh about the same as a small horse and had gigantic keys. And just remembering the televisions of that era is enough to bring some of us out in a cold sweat. Today, we have the iPad mini: a scant 308 grams of portable goodness that can play back 10 hours of video on its spectacular screen before it needs recharging. And thanks to the fabulous Videos app, you have a great way to enjoy content youve downloaded from the iTunes store. Now, its true that a few people have claimed that the iPad mini isnt as good as the iPhone 5 for video. Their argument is largely based on the fact that the iPad screen uses the 4:3 aspect ratio of older television sets, rather than the 16:9 widescreen found on the IiPhone 5. But this was a considered decision by Apple, and the dimensions were chosen as they are better for most content. Reading books is especially tough on widescreen tablets. This means widescreen movies are letterboxed by default (with black borders above and below), but the iPad minis screen is good enough to enable you to comfortably enjoy your favourite shows while curled up on the couch or winging your way by plane to a holiday destination. In this tutorial we show how Apple got mobile video right with its great new Videos app.

iPad with some videos synced Time required: 10 mins Difficulty: Beginner

64 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Chapters Movies are often split into Chapters. View them with this button.

Video playback To play a video tap on the main artwork, or tap on the Play button above.

Information Videos come with detailed information about Actors and a plot summary, as well as the original movie artwork.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 65

Tutorial: Playing back videos

STEP BY STEP GUIDE: Exploring the Videos app

1 Movie collection

The Videos app displays all your movies as artwork. Here we have just the one movie. Tap a movie to view the details.

2 Movie details

The Videos app will display the artwork, and lots of details about the movie. Tap the artwork or Play button to start playing.

3 Watching the video

You can watch video in either orientation. But its usually better to watch with the iPad mini turned sideways so you get more screen area.

4 Video controls If you tap the screen a number of controls appear. At the top is Slider bar that you can use to move through the video. At the bottom are Shuttle controls and a Volume Slider.

66 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Screen lock

5 Remove the borders 6 Play where left off

If you double-tap the display the video will zoom in to remove the borders at the top and bottom. You lose some of the sides of the screens, however, as this cut off text shows. If you leave the Videos app, then return, itll carry on playing from the same point you left. This is the default option, but you can change this by going to Settings > Video.

You know how it is when youre watching a truly great piece of television or a wonderful movie you simply dont want anything to distract you. You can stop one potential distraction on your iPad: once its in landscape mode, tap the Home button twice and swipe the Multitasking bar to the right. This brings up some quick-access controls. The screen lock button on the left, tap it to lock the screen rotation.

7 Getting videos You can buy or rent videos by tapping Store in the Videos app, or opening the iTunes Store app from the Home screen.

8 Purchased Any videos that you have purchased previously can be re-downloaded by tapping the Purchased tab.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 67

Tutorial: The Music app

Getting the most from your iPads Music app

Get to grips with the music app on your new iPad
THE MUSIC APP ON THE iPAD REPLACES THE iPOD app that used to be on all iPads and other iOS devices. As you might expect the Music app is where youll nd all your audio les. In it, youll nd all your iTunes songs, albums, playlists and more. One thing you no longer nd in it, however, is Podcasts, which now has its own separate app (available on the App Store). Although the name of the app has changed, the functionality hasnt altered all that much. If youve used the iPod app on a previous iOS device, youll probably not notice the changes theyre that subtle in implementation. One thing that has stayed the same is the exibility of the app, though it remains easy to use. Getting to your favourite music is easy with options to create your own playlists on the iPad or have the Music app create some for you with Genius Playlists. With album artwork you can use the coverow view to swipe through your albums by cover. As well as helping you manage all the music you own, theres also a quick link to the iTunes Store to let you get your hands on even more. And if you have iTunes Match you can stream and download all the tracks from all of your iTunes collections. So, whether you want to hear the same song over and over again, or shue your songs to add a bit of variety, or just have Genius go to work and create some creative playlists for those long journeys to and from work or in the gym, this tutorial will help you get to grips with the app.

New iPad Apple ID Music and podcasts Time required: 5 mins Difficulty: Beginner

68 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Now Playing Return quickly to the song that is currently playing in the Music app by tapping here.

Collections Tracks are sometimes organised into Playlists or Albums. Click on one of these to view the songs.

Store front You can quickly expand your music collection from within the Music app by going to the iTunes Store directly.

Toolbar The toolbar at the bottom of the app enables you to choose between different types of music collections.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 69

Tutorial: The Music app

STEP BY STEP GUIDE: Using the Music app

1 Genius Mixes You can make your own

personal playlists right on the iPad, or can have the iPad create Genius Playlists. You can also make playlists in iTunes and sync them.

2 Search songs Tap on Songs to see all your music in alphabetical order. Tap Shuffle to listen to all your songs at random. Search for a specific song or simply swipe up and down.

3 More audio Tap on More in the toolbar to

access the other content in the Music app. Audio books and podcasts are found here. Other content such as iTunes U can be found here, too.

4 Edit the playlists

If you dont like the playlists you can customise them. Simply tap on Playlists then new. Give it a name and you can start adding tracks to the playlist.

70 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini


5 Now playing When you tap on the Now

Playing button you can see album artwork, time remaining and access playback controls. Here you can set the repeat and shuffle options on or off.

6 Double-tap When in the Now Playing view

you can double-tap on the artwork image to get a full track listing. Swipe across the dots at the top torate the album.

Tap the album cover to the right of the shuffle controls. to view the album cover full screen. Flicking left and right moves between tracks, and tapping the screen again brings up a set of controls.

7 Music store

Adding music to your collection is easier than ever. Simply tap on Store and youll be taken directly to the iTunes Store. Check out the offers and Top Tens.

8 Music wherever

Even if your iPad is locked you can still control the music without having to launch the Music app. Double-click the home button to bring up playback controls.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 71

Tutorial: Camera

Take amazing photos with the Camera app

Capture great photographs and save them direct to your new iPad
THE IPAD MINI HAS AN TWIN SET OF CAMERAS. These arent quite as good as those on the iPad with Retina Display or iPhone 5, but they are capable of taking good shots and portraits. Like all other iOS devices the iPad mini has two cameras. A rear facing iSight camera (thats the one of the reverse side of the iPad mini) that is 5-megapixels; and a FaceTime camera (the one that points towards you) that is 1.2-megapixels. The quality of these doesnt quite compete with the iPhone 5, or some of the better digital cameras on the market, but remember the adage that the best camera is the one you have with you, the iPad mini can still take great shots if youre in a push and its the device youre using. Apple has updated the Camera app, making it much easier to take photos with this rather bulky device compared with a regular camera or even an iPhone. The Camera app uses Apple technology to get the best type of shot available, and there is built in face detection you can tap to focus in on specic parts of the image. This tutorial will guide you through the new Camera apps various options at your disposal. Follow this guide and youll be capturing great photographs in no time at all

New iPad Something to shoot Time required: 5 mins Difficulty: Beginner

72 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Take a shot This button stays on your right no matter which way youre holding the iPad, making it easy to take a shot at any time.

Still or video? Want to take a video instead of a still image? This slider is what you need to reach for.

The Camera Roll You dont need to access the Pictures app to see all the shots youve taken: tap on this button instead to view them.

Spin around This button lets you switch from the front to the back camera and back again. Note that the best lens is the rear one.
The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 73

Tutorial: Camera


1 To the right

Launch the Camera app. You may notice it looks quite different from the iPhone version. Rotate your iPad mini and check out that the record button stays on the right.

2 Focus You may spot white lines forming a hollow square appear from time to time. This is your cameras focus. Tap anywhere to manually tell the new iPad where to focus.

3 The grid Tap on the Options button, lower left of the interface and slide the Grid slider to On. Thin lines now appear to help you frame your shot based on the rule of thirds.

4 Take a shot When youre ready, take a shot by pressing on the big record button. If you prefer, you can also use the physical volume up button to take your photo.

74 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Slide the slider, lower right of the new iPad to the right to turn your stills camera into a camcorder. When you hit the record button, youll see a timer, top right.

5 Video

6 Roll call To see the photos youve taken, tap

on the button, lower left of the interface. This shows you the last shot you took. Swipe to the left to see others, one at a time.


You cant edit video, but you can trim your footage to get rid of unwanted seconds at the start and finish. To do this, tap on your video to reveal a mini timeline at the top. Drag its edges inward and tap on Trim to delete the parts you dont want.

7 Edit Tap on the Camera Roll button to see thumbnails of all your shots. You can also edit your photos with the Edit button, like rotating shots, cropping, or enhancing them.

8 Done You can also share your shots in various ways or delete a failed image. To get back to your camera and take more shots, tap on the blue Done button and youll be able to continue shooting.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 75

Tutorial: Editing photos

Using the iPad mini to edit your photographs

Edit photos on your iPad mini to make them even better
NOW THAT YOUVE TAKEN YOUR PICTURES AND, IF youre using iCloud, sent them to your Photo Stream, you might just want to leave them there. However, no matter how good a camera you possess, some judicious editing can always help to improve the nal result. You might want to make the colours and contrast really stand out, and sometimes a small crop is all thats needed to make a good picture a fantastic one. If youve taken a photo of friends and they all have the dreaded red-eye, youll want to get rid of that. Luckily, thanks to the power of the iPad mini, your tablet is a powerful image-editing tool as well as digital camera. The multi-touch display helps you to interact with pictures in a way that isnt possible on either a computer or a digital camera. The new iPad itself lets you make your pictures look better with a single tap. It can also help you with some of the usual pitfalls of photography. If you take a shot of people with the ash, then sometimes theyll have red-eye. To help you make your subjects look a little less like theyve been possessed by the devil you can remove it quickly and simply. As well as this, theres a crop tool that allows you to cut out the best bit of a photo and reframe your shot for a better result. If you want to take image editing further you can download any number of apps to help you do more with your pictures, too.

iPad mini Photos Time required: 2 mins Difficulty: Beginner

76 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

Save When youre done editing your images, all you have to do is tap on Save and all your changes will be confirmed.

Cancel If you decide you dont want the changes to be accepted, its simply a case of tapping Cancel.

Toolbar The editing options are displayed across the bottom of the images. Simply tap on them to access the options.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini 77

Tutorial: Editing photos

STEP BY STEP GUIDE: Editing photos on your iPad mini

1 Start editing Go to your images in the Photos app and then tap on the one that youd liketo begin editing. Simply tap on Edit to bring upthe iPads editing options.

2 Editing tools The new iPads editing tools are displayed across the bottom of the screen. You can rotate, enhance, remove red-eye and crop your image. Simply tap on one to get started.

3 Rotate your pictures If youve taken a picture at a funny angle, or just want to have some fun with a picture, you can rotate it. Tap on Rotate at the bottom left to spin your image.

4 Enhance your images The iPad has a

simple Enhance mode that improves the colour and contrast of your images automatically. Tap the magic wand icon to enhance your photos.

78 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini

If the image has been taken with a flash on the iPhone (or other camera) it can end up with nasty red-eye ruining your shot. Tap on the red-eye button and then on the infected eye.

5 Fix red-eye

6 Tap the eye Tap each of the eyes to remove

the red circle. When done, tap on Apply to save your changes. It might not always work perfectly, but its generally effective.

App Store

The built-in photos for editing photos are pretty good, but they are very basic. You can get more advanced image-editing tools from the App Store. Many of these are free or, at the very least, cheap.

7 Crop images To crop images tap on the Crop tool then drag in the corners of the grid to suit. You can move the crop box around until you find the best fit. Tap on Crop when youre done.

8 Constrain crop You dont have to use the standard crop box on your images. Tap on Constrain to see the various crop ratios you can select for your photos great help when printing.

The Complete Guide to the iPad mini


Steve Jobs and the

1927 Yankees
Sports and tech giants have a lot in common By Michael Gartenberg
ts pretty much a daily occurrence: I start the morning with my coee and ip through the news, and there are almost always several stories with a headline thats some variation of: What would Steve have done? This isnt Steves Apple. Steve Jobs would never have let [Maps, iOS6, iPad mini, etc.] ship. In short, pretty much everyone out there seems to know exactly what Steve Jobs would or would not have done had he faced almost any situation the company faces now. Forget that most of these opinionators never met Mr. Jobs, never knew him in any way, never shipped a product under his leadership. What does it matter what Steve Jobs might or might not have done? The question is meaningless. Theres a great dialogue in one of my favourite TV shows, Sports Night. The lead character is asked by a viewer, If the 1927 New York Yankees team played the 1998 New York Yankees team in the World Series, whod win?. He replies, Leonard, get a grip. The World Series, by tradition, is contested by two dierent teams made up of players that are alive at the same time. But if you want an answer to your question, my guess is that the 27 Yankees would be confounded by the jet airplanes ying overhead. The market is not the market of a year ago. The challenges Apple faces are not the challenges of a year ago. The result is that Apple today must not be the Apple of a year ago either. The question What would Steve have done? is, fundamentally, the wrong one. No one will ever know. Ive written in the past that Apples greatest challenge is to learn to ght legends. I also believe that Apple should not be asking what Steve Jobs would have done in a given situation. That, in my opinion, is almost surely a recipe for disaster: A company and management team that would always be second-guessing itself, living in the shadow of a leader who has become more myth than man, and constantly risking the danger of looking to the past instead of looking toward the future. One can debate the moves Apple has made in the last year or the design choices it made in products. But the only metric that will matter will be how well those products are received by consumers. If they are received well, then Im fairly certain Steve would indeed have approved.

What does it matter what Steve Jobs might or might not have done? The question is meaningless

80 The Complete Guide to the iPad mini