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Prepared by: Noor Aidil Adzha Bin Abu Bakar Khalifuddin Bin Ellias Prepared for: Sir Azlan Ahmad Kamal

The game is a fast-moving one suitable for boys and girls of all ages to play together, in which a tackle is replaced by a tag. The game is fun, fast-paced and exciting, but because it is played on sand there are some differences to the conventional game of tag rugby. Rules of game was taken from Australia beach rugby association.


Size 4

Sand beach

Jersey only, t-shirt not allowed

Basic Rules
Size 4 of rugby ball 5 player each size, only 5 substitution allowed Two half, 5 minutes each half with 3 minutes interval No scrum and line-out The playing area must have the following measurements:

Total Length: 31 meters (including both team in-goal areas of 3 meters each) Total Width: 25 meters.

Try is worth 1 point, no goal kick after try. No shoes allowed Yellow card; 2 minutes expulsion from game Red card; boleh balik rumah terus Pink card; kiss and make up to encourage friendly tournament Penalties: All penalties shall be a tap and immediate pass (free pass) from the place of infringement.

Tackles: Full contact rugby is played. All tackles shall be below shoulder height. When the player carrying the ball is tackled by an opponent (whether taken to ground or not), and he is brought to a halt, he must release the ball within 3 seconds by passing it or leaving it to anybodys disposal. Failure to do so will result in his/her team losing possession and a tap and pass (free pass) penalty awarded to the opposition at the place of infringement.