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Alisha Reeve MUSE 376 Choral Methods Citation Directing the Choral Music Program Chapter 3: Promoting and

d Recruiting for Choral Success Kenneth H. Phillips 2004 This chapter includes information that is extremely important for a future Music Educator. It lists ways to help get the school involved. This includes not only students, who are obviously and integral part of a choral program, but also other teachers and administrators. Through their support it is possible to build the program and even receiving additional funding for the program. They can also be extremely important from an advocacy standpoint when a program is in danger of being cut. Beyond the support system that other educators can provide, it can be very important to promote the program to get students more involved. This might be in the form of concerts for the student body, volunteering to sing the National Anthem at sporting events, or simple advertising. Recruiting is a very important step when building a program. For many this is especially true of boys. It will be useful to have a resource to look back on for ways to help get students more involved in the program. The idea of creating a newsletter is also an interesting one. Ive never come across that before, but I feel that it is a great idea. Through the use of a newsletter it would be easy to keep the school and community informed of choral events and information about the program. It could even be used to advertise other musical events in the area that might be of interest to the students or community members.