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Setter (Spin) Gun nozzle Tip Replacement

Over time the Spin Gun nozzle tip will become worn and will need to be replaced, or perhaps a shard of stone has gotten lodge inside of it and you cannot get the debris out. In these situations you will need to replace the Nozzle tip. The nozzle tip is only the cone tip of the setter guns assembly. The nozzle tip is a tapered cone shape but there is a flat section located at the bottom of the cone where you can grip it to unscrew it from the Gun assembly.

Tool Needed: 1) Small Vice Grip Place the nose of your vice grip over the cone and all the way down onto the flat section, lock the vice grip and unscrew the nozzle tip from the gun assembly. Then simply screw the new nozzle tip on.

Revision Date / Version: 2/13/2014 - 3