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In meditation there is no room for coarse feelings.

The mind must be absolutely clean and purged of the acts of seeming love and showing hate. Both are evils. Only when the mind has been purged of them c an you meditate with confidence. At that point you will be glorified by the fruits of this divine exe rcise of meditation. Now I shall explain how to enter this domain of meditation this is my advice. MEDITATION When you have decided to meditate, the first important thing that has to be sett led is the seat (asana), i.e. the place where you choose to sit for meditation. Here on this seat you have to sit absolutely m otionless like a rock, with no movement of your body. You should not twitch your eyelids, move your lips, scratch your ears or nose, yawn or belch. You should be like a frozen body, absolutely motionless. It matters little in the beginning if thoughts continue to stream through your mind, rising and passing away. At this point you should simply avoid physical distractions such as moaning and sneezing. In an hours time you will feel your mind has started settling softly into a subtle state of thought and mood. Gradually you will experience your mind