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The Cowrie Market will be hosting the first showing of THE RED TEPEE this coming Sunday the

16th of March. The Red Tepee is a Community Arts Project. It is an installation housing the art work of 90 women artists. The art is created by women ranging from 13 - 73 years old. The artists are from all over Australia and one from Canada. But the idea was born in Torquay, including 29 local artists from the Surf Coast Shire and Geelong region. The Red Tepee is literally an 18 foot Red canvas Tepee, within which the inner liner composes of 90 depictions from women of all ages reflecting on their relationship to their 'Womb'. The art work is sewn together to form the inner lining of the tepee in an insightful expression of the many faces of a woman, including motherhood & menstruation. The Red Tepee celebrates a womans feminine qualities. It also informs womans health by offering expressions of harder, less romanticised experiences women traverse in a non-confrontational form. Wild Moves will be performing a traditional African dance Celebrating Puberty as part of the launch of the Red Tepee between 1 2pm, with Jacqui Dreessen and drummers. Men and Women are invited to experience images of the feminine, not for her external form, but view art forms of her many different phases of life and meaningful expression from an internal perspective. The Red Tepee is representative of the Universal Womb. The Red Tepee is hosting 2 workshops at Zeally and Cliff - Creative Workshops in Torquay to celebrate International Womens Day on Saturday the 8th of March. 10- 12 noon YOUR DAUGHTER; YOURSELF - This is a gentle art therapy based workshop facilitated to be bonding & non-confrontational for daughters aged b/w 8 13yrs to share with their mothers & one another in a fun expressive day to indulge in connected communication without many words. 1pm - 3pm YOUR WOMB; YOUR ROOM - This workshop is for Women to reconnect with their feminine selves through a gentle meditation & journey into how one feels with their own inner world as a woman, using art therapy as a tool to explore ones own process.

The art is targeting ALL females. It is an exhibition space and will be a workshop space. The Red Tepee aims to give a voice to women about intimate subjects; including body awareness, social and mental health, menstruation and alike, using art therapy as a tool for self-reflection and understanding. The Red Tepee was initiated by InformEmotion and proudly supported by Surf Coast Small Community Grants in 2013. InformEmotion is a local business which uses the Creative Arts Therapy process to create understanding to inform personal meaning and thus empower the individual. For more information; to find out more about this project. Contact Michelle buggy for Bookings on 0417 168 070.

The Red Tepee events will be listed on the Website above... These include - Cowrie Market, Torquay 16th March 2014 - Figment Arts Festival, Geelong - 21st - 23rd March 2014 - Seven Sisters Mt Martha- 28th - 30th March 2014 - Ecotopia at Ecoss Warburton - 13th April 2014 - The Birth House - Red Tent Celebration - 24th & 25th May 2014

Warm Wishes, Michelle Buggy