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HUM16/ A31

Bustamante, Guianne Carlo B. 2010100616/ CE-1 Mapua Institute of Technology 2nd Qtr 2010-2011 December 9, 2010

Techno Theatro: Ang Mabuting Tao ng Parian

The show Ang Mabuting Tao ng Parian was held at the MIT gymnasium on Demcember 6 & 7, 2010 performed by the MIT Techno Theatro.

I watched the show eleven in the morning on December 7, 2010. The show is all about a girl who has a golden heart that shows great compassion and love for people but one day when her kindness was abused, a terrible misfortune happened and she endured lots of pain and suffering caused by it. Now, she must find a way to correct her mistake but ended up making it worst than it should be and the story ended with the girl suffering and being blessed by the three mandarins (souls who seeks revenge) to feel better and she must be good.

I like how the story speaks to me because it implicates how people treat other people just like in the story, men are treated like men but women are treated like women and equality is lacking in them. I didnt like the theme of the show, how comedy was combined with history and a moralistic point of view. It turns everything upside-down because you cant focus on the story itself because of the awkward stage presence. Even though the story is good and the acting was also good, I comment about how they present the story in an awful manner because I didnt like it that much. But good story though and nice crowd.