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Ethnic Studies Quarter 3 Spring 2014

Race and Ideology Presented in Disney Media Analysis for Parents

Project: Create accessible media (a Video, PowerPoint Presentation, or Website) to help adults teach children about race in media (specifically Disney) The project must include: 1. What do children learn? Explain the messages & values Critical analyze of what children learn about race/racism as each are portrayed by characters in Disney movie(s) 2. What must adults (parents and caregivers) do? Explain 2-3 actions that adults must do in order to help children understand the stereotypes, ideology, and messages, so that viewers do not simply accept the characters as true representations for groups of people 3. Oral Presentation the information during class! Vocabulary Terms: Prejudice Ignorantly judging based on preconceptions Pre-judging someone without knowledge or evidence or not based on reason o Ex. She has a prejudice towards all teenaged mothers, because she assumes they slept around to get pregnant, singe that's what happened to her sister. Stereotype Widely held oversimplified idea or classifying about groups of people based on race, gender, religion, creed, ethnicity, etc. and then believing all people who belong to that group are the same o Ex: Homeless people are not educated. Discrimination unfair and or in-equal treatment because of a difference judgment and poor treatment based on half truths, misinformation, stereotypes, etc. Ideology The study of ideas The expectations and standards that are characteristics of a specific group o Ex. Middle-class Americans believe that success means having a mother and father, who are not divorced, a nice house, two children, and a dog.

o Ex. Americans ideology about education is that everyone must attend to the best universities.