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Hannah Rhoades Rhythmic Drumming Equipment: Stability Balls, Drum Sticks, Laundry Baskets, Music, Projector Carrie Busey

Gymnasium This unit began the week of January 27th, classes modify/progress due to alternate attendance for music and PE classes. The lesson is in collaboration with the music department and their incorporation of a drumming unit. Lesson 4: Feb 10th, 11th, 12th Period 9:40-10:20 2nd NASPE/ISBE (For All) 19.c.1 20.A.1b 21.A.1a 21.A.2a 5 minute set up Students will pick up their basket, sticks, and balls when their row is called After grabbing equipment, they will return to their poly spot Activity 1 (10 min) Drumming Activity Activity 2 (10 min) Stability Ball Exercise Activity 3 (10 min) Drumming Activity 5 minute clean up

10:25-11:05 5th

1, 4, 5

12:45-1:25 4th

Students will sit in the listening position taught in music class

Students will review rhythms learned in music, then follow the teacher in a song routine The drumming activity will incorporate a variety of rhythms and exercise/jump ing movements

Students will now follow the teacher in 4 different stability ball exercises

Students will Students will follow the pick up the teacher in poly spots and another song their own routine equipment to the side of the gymnasium After the song, they will split into groups and follow the leader in a different song After putting up their equipment, they can line up to leave for their homeroom

Crunch Balance Push Up Bouncing with Control

1:30-2:07 3rd

Objectives: Students will be able to treat equipment and others respectfully. Students will be able to follow and repeat rhythms taught. Students will be able to attempt each exercise activity. Cues: Ready and listening position Safety: Students will sit out if found hitting other people with sticks The teacher will review from class to class which songs have the most appropriate rhythm for drumming. The beat must be very apparent and consistent in order for students to drum properly. This lesson was created by collaborating and sharing instructional resources with the music department. After finding that students are enthusiastic about drumming, and all ability levels are able to participate (some with the assistance of an aid) a rhythmic drumming unit was created for a fun fitness version of the music unit. In order for it to be successful, however, the teacher must review with colleagues on proper phrasing and explanation in order to not confuse classes, as well as review and revise these terms and applications when found necessary.