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Veerbhadra sarveshwari sadhana

VeerbhadraTantram is collection of various secret sadhana in itself, there are so many secrets related to the sadhana given in this secret scripture which are easy and authentic. Once upon a time this scripture used to be big literature in content but many parts of this scripture lost their existence time while. Anyway, in this scripture many sadhana related to various gods and goddesses are mentioned including rituals on Maaran, Vashikaran, Aakarshana, Mohan, arya siddhim etc. The sadhana presented here is big gem of this scripture. This is sarveshwari sadhana. Mantra of this sadhana is swayam siddha or active this way possibility to attain success becomes more. !ith that there is another special characteristic is that person is free to choose their sadhana order and can have the desired result. This way, in tantra field, this sadhana is very important and secret. To accomplish this sadhana, sadhak should select the place where no disturbance occurs during sadhana time. "adhak should start this prayog on Tuesday night. #osary should be rudraksha and cloth and aasana should be #ed. $irection should be north. "adhak can use this mantra in following way. $escription given in regard of mantra is this way% &ust by remembering this mantra solution of the troubles could be gain related to bhoot, rakshas, 'evil spirits( daakini, yogini. !henever such auspicious troubles are marked, one should chant this mantra ) times. *or this prayoga, one should remember this mantra. As this mantra is swayam siddha, for this particular there is no need of any process to accomplish this. One can directly take the mantra in use. +f this mantra is chanted for one thousand times, person gets extreme memory power and becomes brilliant. +f this mantra is chanted ,-,--- times one gets power to know everything means past and future incident could be seen. +f one does this mantra chanting for ,,--,--- times in the form of anusthan one can have power of khechari or bhoochari means 'flying in the sky or walking power for longer distance(. "adhak can himself select the prayog and schedule could be arranged accordingly that these much of mantra chanting would be done in these much days. "arveshwari Mantra % OM .AM T. T. T. "/+M 0.AAM T.AM T. T. T. .#A. .#A1M .#A1M .#/+M "./+M ".OM "./+M ".AM .#A1M .#A1M "./+M .#//23 "MAAM $.MAAM "T#//M "A#V/".!A#+ .1M 4.AT "!AA.AA T.+" +" T+V#A MA2T#A "O "A$.A !+T. */A# +2 ./A#T ".O15$ 2OT ATT/M4T T.+" MA2T#A "A$.A2A. %

Bhairav darshan sadhana

5ord 6heirav is considered the most 7uickly appeased by this "adhana and fulfils the concept of the "adhak. There are plenty more "adhanas and rituals for having a divine glimpse '$arshan( of one8s 5ord, though this is the best "adhana for it. $uring this "adhana one wins the good will of the 5ord for the whole life. The lord then protects the "adhak from all dangers and whenever the person is within the problem lord rushes to his rescue.

Mantra: Om .raam .reem .room .ah. "haam "heem "hoom "hah. hraam hreem hroom hrah. 3hraam 3hreem 3hroom 3hrah. 6hraam 6hreem 6hroom 6hrah. 6hrom 6hrom 6hrom 6hrom lom lom lom lom. "hrom "hrom "hrom "hrom &rom &rom &rom &rom. .um .um .um .um .um .um .um .um 4hat "arvam To #aksha #aksha #aksha #aksha 6heirav 2aath 2aath .um 4hat.

Deh siddhi sadhana

*or this sadhnaa one should gets up at early morning and take bath. After bathing he should offer water as divine offering to the sun and gets his blessings for success. Then in your sadhnaa room be seated on white altar and in front of you on wooden slab spread white cloth on the left side of picture put supari in the form of 5ord 3anesha. After that make two heaps of rice in front of it then lit a lamp '$eepak( of cow9s ghee on the heap of your left side, there must be as much place that a copper bowl with half liter water can be placed there and on right side place oil lamp'$eepak(. !hen all this done then in front of 3anpati :i put copper bowl and in it make a circle with raktchandan and in that circle write ;.roum< and then placed 4arad "hivling and #udrakshh on it. After this you need to do 3anpati 4oo:an, "hivling 4oo:an with panchopchaar procedure or as per your capacity and then enchant ,, rosary. *urther while speaking OM ',, times( take water from that copper bowl 'in which 3anga :al is already mixed( with the help of small tea spoon and offer that water on "hivling while speaking $ivya $eh "idhi Mantra. 0arry on this procedure for ,= days and it will take :ust an hour. #emember you have to do 1panshu &ap and that water which you offer to "hivling, use that water during your bath on next day. $ivya $eh "idhi Mantra> OM .#O1M .#//23 #//23 &OOM "A. $/. "+$$.+M "A. &OOM #//23 .#//23 .#O1M OM After ,= days place "hivling at your poo:an place and rudraksh at aali or $urga Temple with some alms. After this you need to enchant this mantra ?, times daily, so to achieve success in sadhnaas firstly get rid of your short>comings as it is only with healthy body we can make our aasan capacity as much solid and durable as we want.

Maya shakti sadhana

+n every above mentioned situation, this process acts as bliss. The sadhana should be started from any *riday of dark moon days ' rishna paksha( and should be done till next *riday. Time would be midnight. 0loths and asana should used red in color. $irection for mantra chanting would be west. "iddhasana or va:raasana could be taken to practice. !ash the land with water and clean and prepare downward triangle with kum kum. @antra should be same as given below. +n between of the same, /stablishment of clay vessel should be done in which fire could remain burn. After yantra preparation poo:an of sadgurudev and lord ganapati should be done. After poo:an one will have water in the palm and will do sankalpa and viniyog A dhyan mantra should be receited ) times. Viniyoga> A"@ MA@A MA2T#A"@ 4A#A6#AM. #+".+. T#+".T14 0..A2$A. 4A#AA".A T+ $/VATA 41". A# 6//&AM MA@A +5A AM 41#2 MA@A 4#A@O3 "+$$.A@A#T./ &A4/ V+2+@O3A.BB Meditation mantra 'dhyan(> TAA4+00..>2+5AM ".A#>0.AA4>.A"TAM "A#VAA$.+ AAM ".@AM> #AT.AA$.+#1$.AAM B 2AMAAM+ #1$#AVA"A2/2A 5O AM "A#VAA2 "A5O AAMA4+ MO.A@AMT+M BB After dhyan mantra poo:an of goddess should be done with red colored rice and red :awa flowers. 3oogal dhoop and lamp of oil should be ligh. Offer khir in naivedhya 'bhoga(. And establish fruit of dhatura one triangles C corner. $o pranayam with hrim bee: for ?, times, after that mixing guggal, lohbaan give offerings 'aahuti( in the fire vessel established in middle of yantra with "ukari Mudra. This way, give offering while chanting the mantra for ?,D times. And after :aap again chant dhyana mantra for ) times. 4lace kheer in leaf dish at some far human place. OM .#//M 6.OO. .#//M 6.1VA. .#//M "VA. .#//M ".+VA2$.#+ @13M/ V+2+V+".TA0.+TAM "A#V/".AM $#1".TA@O .#A$A@A"@A 6AA5AM #+412AAM 2+$#AM V+VA".AM A#OT+ MA.AAMAA@/ MAM 4A#+#A ". 2+T@AM .#//M "VA. .#//M 6.1VA. .#//M 6.OO. OM "!A.A % % The process schedule should continue till next *riday daily. After that whenever you want to go for some important work chant mantra for ) time and puff in your palm and turn hands on whole your body. @ou your self will be amaEed to see the impact.

Pratyangira maha mantra

"ri Maha 4ratyangira $evi is a powerful $evi who is said to have destroyed "arabheswara8s arrogance. "arabheswara is a ugra avatar of "iva. "he is also known as 2arasimhika F in alisahasranama "totramG % "he who is the *erocious .alf .uman .alf 5ion of 0ourage. +t is said that when 2arashimhika shake her 5ion8s Mane, she throws the stars into disarray. "he is enveloped as bliss in the letter H shamH. "ri 4ratyangira $evi is also associated with "ri 0akra. "he is considered to be a powerful repellent of the influences generated by witch>craft. +n "ri 0akra worship, she protects the devotees against all odds and guides himIher along the right path. +n some image she is shown as dark complexion, terrible in aspect, having a lion8s face with reddened eyes and riding a lion or wearing black garments, she wears garland of human skullsJ her hair strands on end, and she holds a trident, a serpent in the form of a noose, a hand>drum and a skull in her four hands. "he is also associates with 6hairava, and she has a variant form viE Atharvana>6hadra> ali. 4ratyangira devi she also has another name atarvana bhadrakali cause she is the guardian of our atarvana vedam the vedam which holds the secrets of mantras tantras yantras from good to evil, her character is straight forward you do mistake no forgiveness straight away punishment only, she only got one temple in whole world which is located in india in mid of six cemetary and no archanai or abishegam is performed in this temple only homam is done on a no moon nights, she is also very called the most fierced one of all her themain ingrident for the homam is dried chillies,and also she is asectritive deitie no one talks about her in the past only bramins doing yagams and homams and big temple prayers call upon her for protection and normally you don8t ask her anything she knows what todo automatically,if your a true devotee she is most wonder full mother you can have but only she knows cause she is mahashakthi, there is also a contraverse she could be lord narashimha8s wife narashimee another form of maha lakshimi, These are the temples of Maa 4ratyangira $evi ,(Ayyavadi'Aivar 4adi( near umbakonam '"outh +ndia(. .ere $eity is lion faced with ,K hands. ?(Vedian /nthal a small village near Manamadurai'"outh +ndia( .ere she is five faced and seated on a lotus. C(+n the corridor of the arumariamman Temple'0hennai( =( A private Temple in "olinga 2allur'0hennai( 3ive below is 4ratyangira maha mantra. HOM .#//M ".AM 6.A ".A &VAA5A &+.V/@ 4#AT@A23+#/@ ".AM .#//M.1M 4.ATT OM .#//M $.1M 1TT.+".TA 41#1".+ +M "!A6.+".+ 6.A@AM M/@"AM14A"T+T.AM @AT.+ ".A @AM A".A @AM VAA T.A22 M/@ 6.A3A!AT.+ "AM@A"AM@A "!A.A $.1M .#+M OMH

Hanuman Gada mantra

.anuman gada astra mantra, hanuman gives power, courage, physical strength, removes all difficulties, this is a very powerful astra of god hanuman, keep idol of hanuman, sit in north direction, and light a lamp of oil, offer fruits if possible. OM .AM T.A. 4.AM ".AM 3AA$A@/ 41".TA@/ 2AMA.A

Aghorastra mantra
OM .//M "4.1# 4.1# 4#A"4.1# 4#A"4.1# 3.O# 3.O#ATA#AT21#14 0.AT 0.AT 4#A0.AT 4#A0.AT A. A. VAM VAM 6A2$. 3.AATA@ 3.AATA@ .1M 4.ATT Aghor astra mantra for security, chant ,?,--,--- for siddhi.

Sudarshan chakra mantra

*rom ,-K ancient sciences, there are still some sciences about which common people do not know anything. "uch one of the science which had remained famous was fight science 'yuddh vi:nana(. 1nder this category of the science teaching used to be given to the person by developing one9s power and ability for self and other9s protection. !ith that teachings related to weapons were also be used to given which act as helper in power development. 1nder this science it had also been used to taught that how to use energy which is there in land and air to generate power and fight. This was the science which spread during 6uddha era with which new innovations took place and various knowledge of martial art came in touch with different countries. !ith this, we get idea that our ancient sages must have special knowledge of bio and physic sciences. !hen this science was merged with tantra side then various processes came to know which were meant to win the fights. Many prayoga came in ront like "einya "tambhan, "einya Maaran, #aa:ya Mohini, #a:a Vashikaran etc. with these, most important processes which came forward were astr sadhana. in our scriptures it is mentioned that in fight various astra were brought to use, we find mention of various astra like agni, paavakaa, varun, naag, aghor, bramha etc. all these astra could be gain with sadhana today even. To accomplish sadhana of various god goddess and to gain astra from them such incidents are found in our scriptures. This way sudarshan chakra belongs to god Vishnu. Astra related sadhana are very hard and rigorous and may take several years for sadhak. 6ut there are small ritual too exists related to these astra. 6y accomplishing which god and goddess send their astra to sadhana for their protection being pleased. 6ut such rare processes are hard to get, somewhere mantra could be found mentioned but processes are hard to find. This sadhana could be started on any auspicious day. +n the night time after having bath sadhak should wear white cloth and sit on white aasan. And with rudraksh rosary one should chant mantra. sadhak should complete ,---- mantra in ) days maximum, sadhak can make selection of the days according to their capacity but no. of mantra chanting should remain same daily. +f one wishes, sadhak can also complete all mantra in , day. OM "1$A#".A2 0.A #AA@ ".//3.#A AA3A0.0.. MAM "A#VAT#A #A ".A@ #A ".A@ "!A.A After mantra chanting sadhak should wear the rosary and when it is eclipse 'solarIlunar( one should chant ,, rosary of the same mantra and should offer ,--K aahuti with the same mantra of honey in the fire. +t is great boon that sadhak can have glimpse of sudarshan chakra at that time. "adhak should bow down to it and pray for the protection. After that sudarshan chakra will remain in invisible form near sadhak and in every way it save from dangers ad enemies. /nemies no more can harm in any way to sadhak.

Bhramastra mantra
6rahmastra and 6rahmasirsha astra belongs to 6rahma, the 0reator lord in .indu religion 6rahmaastra% 4residing $eity% 6rahma, the 0reator !eapon8s /ffect% !ould destroy entire hosts at once. 0ould also counter most other astras. 6rahmasirsha astra% 4residing $eity% 6rahma, the 0reator !eapon8s /ffect% 0apable of killing devas. !as used by Ashwatthama on 4arikshit. power of the 6rahmasirsha is like this The 6rahmastra% As described in the sastra, a 6rahmastra is an astra, or celestial weapon created by 5ord 6rahma. +t is sometimes known as the 6rahma Astra 'astra referring to 8missile weapon8(. As described in a number of the 4uranas, 6rahmastra is considered to be the very deadliest of weapons. !hen a 6rahmastra is discharged, neither a counterattack nor a defense of any kind can stop it. The 6rahmastra never misses its mark and must be used with very specific intent against an enemy, whether an individual or army, as the target will face complete annihilation. 6rahmastra is said to be obtained by meditating on 5ord 6rahma, and can be used only once in a lifetime. The user would have to display immense amounts of mental concentration in order to get sanction to arm and use the weapon. "ince 6rahma is the 0reator in "anatana $harma, it is understood that 6rahmastra was created by him for the purpose of upholding $harma and "atya. According to sastra, the 6rahmastra is invoked by a key mantra that is bestowed upon the user when he is given the weapon. 6y properly chanting the mantra, the user can call upon the weapon and deploy it with annhiliative force against his adversary. One of the most powerful "adhanas of 5ord "hiva performed by 5ord rishna was 6rahmastra "adhana. 6y performing this "adhana one could overcome the most staunch enemy and adverse situations and emerge victorious in all challenges of life. !hat more the powerful Mantra of this "adhana is like an invincible shield that protects one from all dangers.

This "adhana can be tried on any Monday. +t should be tried in 6rahma Muhurat '= am to D am(. .ave a bath and wear yellow clothes. "it on a yellow mat facing the /ast. On the floor make a s7uare platform with sand. 4lace eleven mustard oil lamps around the platform. The wicks of all lamps must face the platform. !ith vermillion write Om 2amah "hivaaya on the platform. Offer rice grains, vermillion and a sweet made from milk on the @antra. 4ray to 5ord "hiva, ;O 5ord TrayambakL 4lease protect me from all dangers and perils.< !orship the "iddhi 4radayak rosary with flowers, rice grains and vermillion and wear it around your neck. Then chant this Mantra for fifteen minutes keeping your eyes constantly fixed on the @antra. OM .5O1M 35O1M .OOM 6#A.MAA"T#AA@A 4.AT After the Mantra chanting close your eyes and meditate for ten minutes without moving. +f tried with full faith and devotion the "adhana helps one overcome all problems and saves one from all dangers and enemies.

Shiv pashupatastra mantra

The 4ashupatastra in .indu mythology, is the irresistible and most destructive personal weapon of "iva discharged by the mind, the eyes, words, or a bow. 2ever to be used against lesser enemies or by lesser warriors, the 4ashupata is capable of destroying creation and van7uishing all beings.

The mantra for 4ashupati astra OM .A#A MA./".!A#A. ".OO5A 4AA2+ 4+2A $#+ ".+VA M/.A$/VA //".A2AA 2AMA. ".+VAA@A. 4A".14AT+

Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana !or "iches and !ame

Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana !or "iches and !ame

HThe "adhak who accomplishes this ritual becomes rich and powerful like 5ord +ndraLH +t is said in H#ig VedaH tha only through the good armas of past lives and grace of the 3uru can one obtain 6huvaneshwari "adhana. !hen 5ord #am was being crowned his 3uru Vashishtth said to him > H- #amL +n this world a poor man is treated with contempt even by relatives while a rich man is honoured even by strangers.H .e further stated > +n the world of "adhanas there is no more powerful "adhana for becoming prosperous than that of 3oddess 6huvaneshwari. 5ord #am did :ust that and his reign was called #amra:ya in which>there was prosperity and :oy everywhere. /ven 5ord rishna accomplished this "adhana and was able to found the wonderful city of $warka which was full of riches and wealth. 5ord "hiva has said that even a person who has been fated to be poor can become rich through. this wonderful "adhana. 6huvaneshwarl is the 3oddess who rules over the riches of the whole world and "he is worshipped even by the gods and @ogis.The sadhak gains respect and fame in the society and is honoured for his work. 6huvaneshwari "adhana is a key to success in life no matter which field one has chosen.
How #o $hant #his Mantra

The "adhana must be tried on a *ull Moon night between M pm and midnight. .ave a bath and wear yellow clothes. "it facing 2orth on a yellow seat. 0over a wooden seat with a yellow cloth. On a mound of rice gains place 6huvaneshwari @antra. Offer vermilion, rice gains and rose petals on the @antra. 5ight glee lamp and incense. Then chant ?, rounds of the following Mantra with a rosary. Mantra %&m Hreem Shreem '(eem Bhuvaneshwaryei )amah% $o this regularly for three days. $rop the @antra and rosary bundled, in a river or pond. Offer food and gifts to a girl below ten years in age. This is really a very effective "adhana that cannot fail even in the present age of aliyug.