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WVSU LESSON PLAN Teacher Candidate: Jesse Cornwell Date: 3/16/2012 School: Capitol High School Grade/Su !

ect: 12th Grade Ci"ics #esson Topic: Tort $e%or&: Good/'ad( INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES/ STUDENT OUTCOMES Students will e a le discuss what a tort is Students will e a le to discuss the pros and cons o% tort re%or& Students will e a le to su&&ari)e news articles and political cartoons Students will e a le to discuss *%ri"olous lawsuits+ WV CSOs SS,-,12,1,1: use a rational decision.&a/ing process as an acti"el0 in"ol"ed citi)en to e"aluate and participate in pu lic polic0 decisions SS,-,12,1,1: e2a&ine and anal0)e the rights3 pri"ileges3 responsi ilities and duties o% acti"e ci"ic participants, SS,-,12,1,4: e"aluate3 ta/e and de%end a position in"ol"ing a con%lict etween an indi"idual %reedo& and the co&&on good regarding speci%ic current issues 5ho&eland securit03 ci"il li erties3 hu&an rights3 race3 gender3 etc,6, NATIONAL STANDARDS 4.12 Content Standards 7, How can citi)ens ta/e part in ci"ic li%e( 16 72plain the relationship etween participation in the political process and the attain&ent o% indi"idual and collecti"e goals 26 e2plain what distinguishes participation in go"ern&ent and political li%e %ro& nonpolitical participation in ci"il societ0 and pri"ate li%e3 e,g,3 participating in a ca&paign to change laws regulating nursing ho&es as opposed to "olunteering to wor/ in a nursing ho&e THEMATIC STRANDS 106 Ci"ic 8deals and 9ractices: Students learned how the legal s0ste& wor/s and wh0 ta/ing part in the de&ocratic practice can help to change laws, MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK -"erall Ti&e :0 &inutes 51 class period6 Ti&e ;ra&e: 10. 1: &in: Teacher discussion/Student discussion : &in: 72plain the wor/ 1:.20 &in: Students wor/ on assign&ent $e&aining ti&e: Go through so&e o% the articles and get students opinion and e2planations on the articles and cartoons that were handed out, STRATEGIES Teacher led discussion, Student solo wor/, Student discussion/de ate/presentation DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION/ ADAPTATIONS/ INTERVENTIONS Teacher will use "arious st0les to get the in%or&ation across so that all students can %ollow along with the lesson, PROCEDURES Introdu t!on/ L"sson S"t Teacher will re"iew the in%or&ation a out torts to tie into the pre"ious lesson, Teacher will then discuss the %a&ous <cDonalds *Hot co%%ee+ case,

Bod# $ Tr%ns!t!ons Discuss tort re%or& in =est >irginia, Discuss wh0 or wh0 not it was needed, Go o"er the assign&ent and pass it out rando&i)ing etween 9olitical cartoons and ?rticles oth o% which deal with Tort re%or& C&osur" $ando&l0 pic/ students to discuss what the0 thought a out the article or cartoon and guide the& in &a/ing decisions a out tort re%or& ASSESSMENT Students will e graded on how well the0 research their su !ect and how well it is presented, D!%'nost! ?llow @uestions during the teacher led discussion, For(%t!)" Help students as the0 wor/ on their wor/sheets, -ne on one discussion on their opinions on the &atter Su((%t!)"* Go o"er the &aterial a%ter students are done %illing out the sheets, Ha"e students read out loud what the0 thought and ha"e the class discuss it MATERIALS Aewspaper article 9olitical cartoons =or/sheets E+TENTED ACTIVITIES I, Stud"nt F!n!s-"s E%r&# The lesson is wrapped up with teacher and studentBs discussion so there is no wa0 to %inish earl0 I, L"sson F!n!s-"s E%r&# =e part0 li/es itBs C44 I, T" -no&o'# F%!&s/Not A "ss!.&" 8% the lights go out then 8B& heading ho&e/ 8% the pencils stop wor/ing students should e a le to chew o%% the tips o% their %ingers and write in lood, POST0TEACHING R",&" t!ons 8 li/ed this lesson3 8 thought tort re%or& was oring ut once 8 engaged students and %orced the& to thin/ a out what the0 could to re%or& the situation the ideas reall0 sprang out o% the&,