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Lifting the Veil

An Investigative History of the United States Pathocracy

Researched and Written by Timothy M Silver

Lifting the Veil is being constantly !"dated than#s to contin!o!s reader feedbac# and f!rther research This co"y $as released on%

March &'( ')&*

If more than a month has "assed( "lease chec# my $ebsite for a more recent version

+I #no$ the ca"acity that is there to ma#e tyranny total in America( and $e m!st see to it that this agency ,-IA. and all agencies that "ossess this technology o"erate $ithin the la$ and !nder "ro"er s!"ervision( so that $e never cross over that abyss That is the abyss from $hich there is no ret!rn /

0 Senator 1ran# -h!rch( &234&

1 The Guardian, Edward Snowden: saving us from the United Stasi of America, June 10, 2013


It has been a little over a year since I first read abo!t the -entral Intelligence Agency "rogram #no$n as M50ULTRA( $hich $as dedicated to e6"loring the vast "ossibilities of 7biological behavioral engineering7( also #no$n as mind control I $as st!nned by the de"th of the horror !nleashed on the !n$itting victims of the "rogram( less than a decade removed from the 8!remberg Trials $hich concl!ded that never again sho!ld scientists e6"eriment on s!b9ects $itho!t their $illing consent I $as im"ressed that the Agency deftly avoided any significant reform( even after m!lti"le congressional in:!iries into their illegal( !nconstit!tional activities $hich the disclos!re of M50ULTRA "rom"ted( and $as dist!rbed by the com"lete lac# of information regarding the "rogram in the general "!blic Most shoc#ing( des"ite Agency insistence to the contrary( $as the doc!mented evidence that their mission of controlling the h!man mind bore significant fr!it As an as"iring Historian( I set off to $or# on t!rning over every stone related to covert intelligence activities and other s!""ressed history( created the "en name Morgan Martell and began "!blishing my research on a blog titled 7The Peo"les History7 Since then( I have read do;ens of boo#s and tho!sands of mainstream media articles( intervie$s( scientific st!dies and "rimary doc!ments in my :!est for #no$ledge <efore long I came to the !nderstanding that I $as not 9!st learning abo!t a series of !nrelated clandestine agency ab!ses and financial crimes( b!t rather $as researching vario!s disclos!res of an organi;ed s!bversive net$or# $or#ing behind the scenes A bold statement li#e this re:!ires bold evidence( of co!rse( and I invite yo! to investigate the nearly 4)) citations of "!blicly available( mainstream so!rces yo!rself and come to yo!r o$n concl!sions I !sed the name Morgan Martell for a brief "eriod beca!se I $as $orried that my $or# $o!ld attract the $rong #ind of attention In fact( $hen I first $rote abo!t the M50

ii ULTRA "ro9ect( I deliberately omitted some information( not beca!se I tho!ght it $as !nim"ortant or that it lac#ed s!fficient doc!mentation( b!t beca!se some of the doc!mented history is so shoc#ing that I $as afraid to $rite abo!t it The revelations of =d$ard Sno$den( beginning on >!ne ?( ')&@( changed my mind abo!t the secrecy The 8SA #no$s e6actly $ho I am and $hat I am researching( so yo! might as $ell too I "romise that nothing I have learned $hich can be corroborated has been left o!t of this boo#( even $hen facing the de"ths of de"ravity !nleashed by certain "sycho"aths in "osition of "o$er Whether yo! are a""roaching this $or# from a vantage "oint of e6"loring ne$ ideas( learning more abo!t to"ics that already interest yo!( or if yo! are antagonistic to the idea that something is 7not :!ite right7 $ith the United States today( I !rge yo! to have an o"en mind and to be "re"ared to synthesi;e ne$ information into yo!r $orldvie$ In ret!rn( I am $illing to do the same from yo! =very day I strive to learn ne$ things and e6"lore ne$ ideas( a fact $hich has delayed the release of this boo# for some months as I contin!o!sly refined and e6"anded the thesis If yo! have alternative ideas yo! $o!ld li#e to share( criticism to offer( or have additional research that $o!ld a!gment this $or#( "lease do not hesitate to contact me I thoro!ghly en9oy the corres"ondence 7Lifting the Veil7 is str!ct!red in a $ay that disc!sses t$o startling "roblems $ith the c!rrent "olitical system in the United States today( and then 9!m"s to &2*? and $or#s for$ard in time to shed light on ho$ these "roblems came abo!t Woven in is information on "sycho"athy and its relationshi" to "olitics and "o$er( my o$n concl!sions dra$n from the information( and 7food for tho!ght7 :!estions The final "ortion of the boo# ties together the "ieces of the "!;;le and "resents "otential( non0"artisan sol!tions $e can ta#e to affect change I as# one thing from yo!( the reader( before embar#ing on this 9o!rney Ance yo! finish( if yo! believe that this $or# is im"ortant( "lease resolve yo!rself to share it $ith at

iii least t$o "eo"le( $hether they are someone yo! #no$ in real life( online ac:!aintances or anonymo!s reci"ients I have released this boo# free for a reason It is the only $ay this information $ill s"read to a "oint $here it $ill reach a 7critical mass7 Ance it does( change $ill be inevitable Lets endeavor to ma#e this ha""en as soon as "ossible

Than#s for reading( Timothy M Silver timsilver"eo"leshistoryBgmail com



-ha"ter I% The War on Terror is a 1ra!d -ha"ter II% The Ane Party State -ha"ter III% Psycho"athy( Po$er and Politics -ha"ter IV% A"eration Pa"ercli" -ha"ter V% M50ULTRA -ha"ter VI% A"eration Cladio -ha"ter VII% A"eration Moc#ingbird -ha"ter VIII% -AI8T=LPRA -ha"ter ID% The Phoeni6 Program -ha"ter D% IranE-ontra -ha"ter DI% -ontin!ity of Covernment -ha"ter DII% The Pedo"hocracy -ha"ter DIII% -!lts and -hild Ab!se -ha"ter DIV% Tra!ma0<ased Mind -ontrol -ha"ter DV% The Pathocracy -ha"ter DVI% Sol!tions -ha"ter DVII% The A$a#ening

The War on Terror is a Fraud

FIn the mid07G)s( if yo! remember

Sa!di Arabia and the United

States $ere s!""orting the M!9ahideen to liberate Afghanistan from the Soviets He ,Asama bin Laden. came to than# me for my efforts to bring the Americans( o!r friends( to hel" !s against the atheists( he said the comm!nists Isn7t it ironicHF 0 Prince <andar bin S!ltan of Sa!di Arabia( on Larry 5ing Live'

President Reagan meets with members of the Mujahideen in the Oval Office, 1 !"

In '))2( a series of events occ!rred that o!ght to have raised :!estions in the "ress 1irst( the United States began a troo" s!rge in Afghanistan designed to deliver the final
2 CNN, America s !ew "ar: #es$onding to %errorism, &cto'er 1, 2001

2 blo$ to the Taliban ins!rgency @ Then the United States "rovided a I3 4 billion aid "ac#age to Pa#istan * Aro!nd the same time( the -arnegie 1o!ndation "!blished a st!dy $hich revealed a ma9ority of Pa#istan aid goes to the intelligence agency ISI and the military 4 The "roblem $ith these three events is that earlier in the year( U S officials revealed to the New York Times that the ISI $as f!nding the Taliban( and $as res"onsible for "roviding direct assistance and hel"ing $ith some of their strategic stri#es

The "ress did cover these stories( b!t inde"endent of one another 8ot one media instit!tion connected the dots that the United States $as actively f!nding the harm that its armed forces $ere sim!ltaneo!sly fighting 1ollo$ing the official narrative of the $ar( it certainly doesn7t ma#e any sense that the United States $as indirectly "rolonging the :!agmire Perha"s s!ch mista#es are the inevitability of a bloated $ar b!rea!cracy( or that U S officials sim"ly didn7t reali;e the connection Unfort!nately( a collection of evidence "oints to a more sinister e6"lanation% the United States and its allies have been deliberately "roliferating radical Islam for decades( only to later s"end trillions fighting the enemy they created >!st days after the >!ly 3( '))4 London terror attac#( and less than a month before his !ntimely death( the Right Honorable Robin -oo#( former U5 1oreign Secretary( $rote a scathing and emotional revie$ of the War on Terror in The Guardian

+<in Laden $as( tho!gh( a "rod!ct of a mon!mental miscalc!lation by $estern sec!rity agencies Thro!gho!t the 7G)s he $as armed by the -IA and f!nded by the Sa!dis to $age 9ihad against the R!ssian occ!"ation of Afghanistan Al0Jaida(
3 #all $treet %ournal, &'ama (ets (ig on %roo$ Surge, )ecem'er 2, 200*+ ,n 200*, (arac- &'ama ordered a surge of 30,000 troo$s in Afghanistan to fight the "ar on %error+ . Newswee&, A'out %hose (i//ions, &cto'er 20, 200*+ %he 01+2 (i//ion in aid to 3a-istan tri$/ed $revious agreements, and /oc-ed in the economic a//iance for another 2 4ears+ 2 5arnegie 6oundation,"ho (enefits from aid to 3a-istan7 8 New 'or& Times, Afghan Stri-es (4 %a/i'an 9et 3a-istan :e/$, U+S+ Aides Sa4, ;arch 22, 200*

3 literally Fthe databaseF( $as originally the com"!ter file of the tho!sands of m!9ahideen $ho $ere recr!ited and trained $ith hel" from the -IA to defeat the R!ssians Ine6"licably( and $ith disastro!s conse:!ences( it never a""ears to have occ!rred to Washington that once R!ssia $as o!t of the $ay( <in Laden7s organi;ation $o!ld t!rn its attention to the $est /3

While -oo#7s remar#s $ere do$n"layed and ridic!led by the mainstream media and the United 5ingdom establishment at the time( available evidence sho$s his assertions to be largely correct

Operation Cyclone

FThey ,the -IA. told me these "eo"le $ere fanatical( and the more fierce they $ere the more fiercely they $o!ld fight the Soviets I $arned them that $e $ere creating a monster F 0

Scholar Selig HarrisonG

The story begins in &23G shortly after the Sa!r Revol!tion( $hich res!lted in the comm!nist Peo"le7s Kemocratic Party of Afghanistan gaining control of the Afghanistan government The -IA immediately initiated a "rogram #no$n as A"eration -yclone and
1 The Guardian, %he Strugg/e Against %errorism 5annot (e "on (4 ;i/itar4 ;eans, Ju/4 <, 2002+ A great artic/e written '4 #o'ert 5oo-, whose /ife was tragica//4 cut short within a 4ear of its $u'/ication from a heart attac- worth reading in its entiret4+ < Se/ig s fu// comments avai/a'/e here+

. began f!nding militant Islamic gro!"s favored by the Pa#istani intelligence agency ISI( to the t!ne of 3 4 billion 2 The money $ent to "rod!cing( training( and arming militant Islamic radicals $ho be directed to$ards fighting the sec!lar comm!nist government At the time( the M!9ahideen $as com"osed of many different( loosely organi;ed gro!"s encom"assing a broad s"ectr!m of ideologies( $ith $idely varying "ers"ectives on religion( society and state Seven ma9or Afghan factions began receiving aid( three of them Islamic moderates and fo!r of them Islamic f!ndamentalists as defined by the military( and in addition to native Afghans they $ere com"osed of many foreigners $ho traveled to fight the invasion( s!ch as Asama bin Laden himself &) To !nderstand the sco"e of the f!nding( the BBC stated that the -IA "rovided eno!gh arms to e:!i" a '*)())) man army( and Sa!di Arabia matched them dollar for dollar && The $ea"ons given to these fighters $ere not 9!st A50*3s and other sim"le arms Many $ere high tech( s!ch as Stinger Anti0Aircraft missiles &'( "rovided $ith the intention of demorali;ing Soviet commanders and soldiers &@ The ma9ority of the f!nding $as f!nneled thro!gh the ISI( $hich acted as an arm of -IA interests and began setting !" religio!s schools #no$n as Madrassas in Pa#istan cities and frontier areas( ch!rning o!t tens of tho!sands of st!dents $ho $o!ld 9oin the M!9ahideen &* L8ote% Madrassas are not inherently negative instit!tions( ho$ever the ones $ho received f!nding from the -IA $ere "artic!larly radicalM All of this began before the Soviets invaded Afghanistan A f!ll ? months( according to Nbignie$ <r;e;ins#i( President -arter7s 8ational Sec!rity Advisor( $ho recalled his involvement to a 1rench ne$s maga;ine in &22G%
* 6igure ta-en from Pa&istan (nstitute of )egislative *evelo+ment and Trans+arenc,, in a 'riefing to the 3a-istan $ar/iament+ 10 %he ma=or factions who received aid are detai/ed in an artic/e $u'/ished in the %ournal of $lavic Militar, $tudies, written '4 #etired Arm4 5o/+ >ester "+ 9rau+ 11 --C, 3a-istans Shadow4 Secret Service, &cto'er *, 2008 12 $late, Stingers, Stingers, "ho s 9ot %he Stingers7 &cto'er 3, 2001 13 #ashington Post, &sama 'in >aden 5reated (4 %he US, 1**2 1. --C, 3a-istans Shadow4 Secret Service, &cto'er *, 2008

FWe didn7t "!sh the R!ssians to intervene( b!t $e #no$ingly increased the "robability that they $o!ld That secret o"eration

$as an e6cellent idea It had the effect of dra$ing the Soviets into the Afghan tra" The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border I $rote to President -arter( 7We no$ have the o""ort!nity of giving the Soviet Union its Vietnam War 7F&4

Early Years of Osama Bin Laden

12 (i/veer Singh, %he %a/i'ani?ation of Southeast Asia, E@cer$t avai/a'/e here+

When Asama bin Laden arrived in Afghanistan from Sa!di Arabia( he created a gro!" called Ma#tab al05hidamat( abbreviated as MA5( a "rec!rsor to Al0Jaeda It is fre:!ently claimed that the -IA directly f!nded this gro!"( tho!gh to" -IA officers say that this is not the case It has been confirmed( at least( that the MA5 did receive f!nding from the ISI(&? the -IA7s "rimary cond!it for cond!cting their covert $ar against R!ssia -IA Station -hief in Afghanistan Milt <earden has stated that he $as $ell a$are of <in Laden in the M!9ahideen( and $elcomed his efforts in f!nding( tho!gh he never met $ith him "ersonally &3 <in Laden also bro!ght in constr!ction e:!i"ment from his fathers com"any Sa!di <inladen Cro!"( considered the largest constr!ction firm in the $orld( to b!ild training cam"s( in collaboration $ith the ISI and -IA &G In &2G?( Asama !sed his constr!ction assets to b!ild a -IA financed t!nnel com"le6 to serve as a training facility It $as also a ma9or arms and medical de"ot for the M!9ahideen in the Pesha$ar mo!ntains near Pa#istan $hich $as later !sed by Al0Jaeda

&4 years later( the Western Media $o!ld describe Al0Jaeda as hiding o!t in caves( b!t the tr!th is a little more com"le6% there $ere intricate t!nnels connecting h!ndreds of different caves( a ma9ority of them man0made( e:!i""ed $ith irrigation systems( accommodation for tr!c#s and even tan#s( hotels( mos:!es( arms de"ots( medical and radio centers( and #itchens ') In short( it is more acc!rate to call them mo!ntain fortresses Al0Jaeda $as formed sometime bet$een &2G30GG( $ith the radical elements of MA5 9oining after the gro!" s"lit
18 11 1< 1* ,nformation ta-en from 9/o'a/Securit4+org, a res$ected institution in the inte//igence communit4+ )avid :e/ms and !orm )i@on, (ehind the US "ar in Afghanistan+ New 'or& Times, %he ;ost "anted 6ace of %errorism, ;a4 2, 2011+ The Pittsburgh Post.Ga/ette, :ow a :o/4 "ar Against the Soviets %urned Against the US, Se$tem'er 23, 2001+ "ritten '4 res$ected investigative =ourna/ist and ;idd/eAEast insider Ahmed #ashid 20 ;ir (ahman4ar, Afghanistan 5ave 5om$/e@es 1*1*A200.: ;ountain strongho/ds of the ;u=ahideen+

1 It is a""arent that the -IA had no "lan to deal $ith the t!nnel com"le6 after the concl!sion of A"eration -yclone( tho!gh s!rely that m!st have been a$are that the cadre of radicals they $ere instr!mental in "rod!cing $o!ld not sim"ly disa""ear or de0 radicali;e Perha"s long term destabili;ation of the co!ntry $as their "lan all along

The Tali an

=vidence s!ggests that the Taliban is actively involved $ith Al0Jaeda 1or e6am"le( one &22G State Ke"artment cable claimed that% FTaliban Leader M!llah Amar lashed o!t at the U S ( asserting that the Taliban $ill contin!e "roviding a safe haven for <in Laden F '& There is "lenty of evidence that Pa#istan7s ISI c!rrently actively f!nds the Taliban and other terrorist cells as $ell( $hile barring the U S military from o"erating in the tribal areas A ')&) BBC article stated that the ISI $as giving +f!nding( training and sanct!ary to the Afghan Taliban on a scale m!ch larger than "revio!sly tho!ght(/ going as far as to say that s!""ort for the Taliban $as +official ISI "olicy / Since 2E&&( the United States has given Pa#istan over I&4 billion( m!ch of $hich goes to the ISI and military

-!rrent Vice President >oe <iden said himself in '))@ that the ISI $as either t!rning a blind eye or coo"erating $ith the Taliban In addition( some members of the Senate 1oreign Relations -ommittee Fcontend that the intelligence service may have "rovided money( $ea"ons and broadcast e:!i"ment to Taliban fighters no$ in Pa#istan to transmit anti05ar;ai( anti0American messages into Afghanistan F '@ BBC has re"orted on a secret 8ATA doc!ment $hich notes% FPa#istan7s mani"!lation of the Taliban senior
21 )i$/omatic ca'/e avai/a'/e here+ 22 --C, 3a-istani agents funding and training Afghan %a/i'an , June 13, 2010 23 New 'or& Times, %hreats and #es$onses: Afghanistan, 6e'ruar4 13, 2002

< leadershi" contin!es !nabated F'* A re"ort "!blished by the London School of =conomics gave 2 in de"th intervie$s $ith Taliban ins!rgent commanders They s!ggest that the ISI has members on the Taliban leadershi" co!ncil( tho!gh they e6"ressed fear of assassination if they $ent into to m!ch de"th on this to"ic '4 It7s not hard to establish that the United States has allied itself $ith one of the biggest f!nders of terrorism in the Middle =ast( a fact $hich blatantly clashes $ith the official narrative of Western involvement in the region It ma#es m!ch more sense $hen !nderstood in the conte6t that the goal of the United States in the Middle =ast is not the "revention of terrorism( b!t rather for "olitical( military and economic hegemony

Osama !uns Wild

+I do not "rofess a broad e6"ertise in international affairs( b!t bet$een >an!ary &22? and >!ne &222 I $as in charge of r!nning o"erations against Al0Jaeda from Washington When it comes to this small slice of the large U S national sec!rity "ie( I s"ea# $ith firsthand e6"erience Land for several score of -IA officersM $hen I state categorically that d!ring this time senior White Ho!se officials re"eatedly ref!sed to act on so!nd intelligence that "rovided m!lti"le chances to eliminate Asama bin Laden 00 either by ca"t!re or by U S military attac# I $itnessed and doc!mented( along $ith do;ens of other -IA officers( instances
2. --C, 3a-istan :e/$ing Afghan %a/i'an B !A%&, 6e'ruar4 1, 2012 22 >ondon Schoo/ of Economics re$ort avai/a'/e here+

* $here life0ris#ing intelligence0gathering $or# of the agency7s men and $omen in the field $as $asted / 0 Michael Sche!er( '' year veteran of the -IA'?

A '))&

ashington Post article states that in &22? the government of S!dan offered

to #ee" tabs on Asama( or if that did not s!ffice( arrest him and hand him over to either the United States or Sa!di c!stody '3

FThe S!danese sec!rity services( he said( $o!ld ha""ily #ee" close $atch on bin Laden for the United States <!t if that $o!ld not s!ffice( the government $as "re"ared to "lace him in c!stody and hand him over( tho!gh to $hom $as ambig!o!s In one form!lation( =r$a said S!dan $o!ld consider any legitimate "roffer of criminal charges against the acc!sed terrorist F Their negotiations concl!ded as s!ch% FFWe said he $ill go to Afghanistan( and they ,U S officials. said( 7Let him 7F

The -linton administration claimed that they lac#ed criminal charges to "in on <in Laden( tho!gh this e6"lanation is a farce( as $ithin a year ago "revio!s they had named him as a co0cons"irator in the World Trade -enter bombing( among other terrorist activities 'G >!st a year later( the -linton administration $o!ld commit the egregio!s $ar crime of the bombing of the S!danese Al0Shifa "harmace!tical factory( $hich "rovided 4)O of the medicine for S!dan '2 The destr!ction of the factory $as estimated to be
28 )os 0ngeles Times, "h4 , #esigned 6rom the 5,A, )ecem'er 2, 200. 21 #ashington Post, U+S+ "as 6oi/ed ;u/ti$/e %imes in Efforts %o 5a$ture (in >aden or :ave :im Ci//ed, &cto'er 3, 2001 2< P-$ 1rontline, D%ime/ineA A/ Eaeda s 9/o'a/ 5onte@t+ 2* The Nation, #e$/4 to :itchens, &cto'er 1, 2001

10 res"onsible for the deaths of +several tens of tho!sands/ of "eo"le according to the Cerman ambassador to S!dan( on a m!ch flimsier "rete6t @) Interestingly( the "rete6t of the Al0Shifa bombing is that the factory had ties to <in Laden( in the very co!ntry that had "ro"osed to e6tradite him( by the very "eo"le $ho declined to acce"t his arrest A '))' article in The Guardian reveals that the first I8T=RPAL arrest $arrant for <in Laden came from Libya7s M!ammar Caddafi in &22G @& It also !ncovered that the MI? "aid large s!ms of money to an Al0Jaeda cell in Libya in a failed attem"t to assassinate Caddafi Perha"s this is $hy U S and U 5 intelligence agencies a""arently b!ried the fact that Libya had iss!ed the $arrant for <in Laden7s arrest and do$n"layed the threat he "osed 4 months after the arrest $arrant $as iss!ed( Al0Jaeda #illed over ')) "eo"le in bombings of U S embassies in 5enya and Tan;ania @' These actions are consistent $ith the trend of $or#ing $ith Al0Jaeda $hen they shared the same goals( and fighting them $hen $ar in the region $as a strategic geo"olitical move

"# Trained Terrorists

It has been $idely re"orted( than#s to revelations by !BC re"orter >ohn -ooley( that some Islamic f!ndamentalists $ere trained in the United States in the &2G)7s( by $ay of -am" Peary( the -IA s"y base in Virginia( being flo$n in from "laces s!ch as >ordan( =gy"t and even Africa @@ It raises the :!estion of ho$ many s!ch cam"s e6isted beyond the United States Regardless( there have been some astonishing revelations of terrorists trained $ithin the US borders
30 31 32 33 "i-i$edia Artic/e on the A/AShifa 3harmaceutica/ 5om$an4 The Guardian, ;,8 :a/ted (id to Arrest (in >aden , !ovem'er 10, 2001 0l.%a/eera, US em'ass4 attac-s anniversar4 mar-ed, August 1, 2013 The Guardian, (/ow'ac- 5hronic/es, Se$tem'er 12, 2001

11 Ane s"ecifically alarming case is that of =gy"tian Ali M!hammed He $as a "art of the f!ndamentalist military !nit that assassinated =gy"tian President An$ar Sadat in &2G& In &2G*( he $as hired by the -IA( tho!gh they claim that the relationshi" $as short0 lived @* He $o!ld soon 9oin the military and become a member of the Creen <erets( and serve as a drill sergeant at 1ort <ragg $hile "roviding clandestine training to 9ihadists s!ch as Mahm!d Abao!halima( convicted "er"etrator of the &22@ World Trade -enter bombings @4 He $o!ld ta#e a short leave from his military d!ties and travel to Afghanistan in &2GG to assist the M!9ahideen( ret!rning 9!st months later

S!ch an act is com"letely

!nheard of( entirely !n"recedented and raises all sorts of red flags Who $as allo$ing M!hammed to circ!mvent the la$ and $hat ty"e of s"ecial "rivileges and "rotections $as he receivingH In the early &22)7s he $o!ld ret!rn to Afghanistan and began training 9ihadists $ith the s#ills he had learned at 1ort <ragg According to former 1<I s"ecial agent >ac# -loonan( in an intervie$ $ith PB"( his first training session incl!ded Asama bin Laden( as $ell as Ayman al0Na$ahiri( the c!rrent leader of Al0Jaeda @3 1ormer Kirectors of -o!nter0terrorism at the 8ational Sec!rity -o!ncil have alleged that M!hammed too# ma"s and training materials from 1ort <ragg and !sed them to $rite the Al0Jaeda terrorist training man!al @G M!hammed7s s!"erior at 1ort <ragg( Lt -ol Robert Anderson( has stated%

+I thin# yo! or I $o!ld have a better chance of $inning the Po$erball lottery( than an =gy"tian ma9or in the !nit that
3. New 'or& Times, %he 3/ot Against America, August 8, 2008 32 "i-i$edia Artic/e on ;ahmud A'ouha/ima 38 $an 1rancisco Gate, 2A/ Eaeda terrorist wor-ed with 6(, F E@ASi/icon Ga//e4 resident $/otted em'ass4 attac-s, !ovem'er ., 2001 31 P-$ 1rontline ,nterview with Jac- 5/oonan, avai/a'/e here+ 3< )anie/ (en=amin and Steve Simon, Age of Sacred %error, no e@cer$t avai/a'/e+

12 assassinated Sadat $o!ld have getting a visa( getting to -alifornia( getting into the Army and getting assigned to a S"ecial 1orces !nit That 9!st doesnPt ha""en /@2

=lse$here he stated% FIt $as !nthin#able that an ordinary American CI $o!ld go !n"!nished after fighting in a foreign $ar(F and that he ass!med that M!hammed $as s"onsored by the -IA *) In the year ')))( M!hammed "lead g!ilty to involvement in the &22G embassy bombings that #illed ''* "eo"le incl!ding &' Americans *& He admitted d!ring the trial that he $as a "art of a broader "lot to attac# any Western target in the Middle =ast( as $ell as admitting that he hel"ed transfer Asama bin Laden from Pa#istan to S!dan

"nited #tates and $l%&aeda 'a(e The #ame $)enda

In ')&&( 8ATA( led by <arac# Abama and the United States( initiated military action against Libya by enforcing a 8o 1ly None and carried o!t n!mero!s air stri#es( incl!ding one against Libyan state TV $hich #illed @ 9o!rnalists

Ko$n"layed in Western media

$as the fact that the 7rebels7 consisted of vario!s factions of radical Islamists( many $ho had been fighting Caddafi for decades and had their roots in the M!9ahideen in Afghanistan( s!ch as the Libyan Islamic 1ighting Cro!"( $hose goal is to im"lement an Islamic state *@ CNN has re"orted on $ides"read ab!ses against civilians from these
3* Artic/e written '4 2 time Emm4 Award reci$ient 3eter >ance, hosted at (oi/ing6rogs3ost+com, avai/a'/e here+ .0 $an 1rancisco Chronicle, A/ Eaeda terrorist wor-ed with 6(, F E@ASi/icon Ga//e4 resident $/otted em'ass4 attac-s, !ovem'er ., 2001 .1 --C, E@ US So/dier Admits to Em'ass4 (om'ings, &cto'er 20, 2000 .2 The Guardian, !A%& (om's >i'4a %G %ransmitters, Ju/4 30, 2011+ .3 (nternational -usiness Times, )oes the %ransitiona/ 5ounci/ #ea//4 #e$resent >i'4an )emocrac4 and &$$osition

13 gro!"s after Caddafi $as o!sted from "o$er( incl!ding the !se of landmines and other deadly e:!i"ment ** Many of the rebels have admitted lin#s to Al0Jaeda*4( $hom had declared s!""ort for the rebels in Libya *? The ashington Post has re"orted that a former Al0Jaeda member has estimated

there to be &))) 7freelance 9ihadists7 that have traveled to Libya to s!""ort the rebels( many affiliated $ith Al0Jaeda( and also that Libya has one of the highest domestic Al0 Jaeda "o"!lations in the Middle =ast( :!oting a '))3 West Point st!dy on the s!b9ect

In &222( the United States decided to s!""ort the 5osovo Liberation Army( allies of Al0Jaeda <ill -linton framed the intervention in h!manitarian terms des"ite the fact that staggering atrocities $ere being committed on both sides *G 1rench 8e$s Agency !#P re"orted that members of the 5LA had been trained by <in Laden *2( and the ashington

Times re"orted that the 5LA ban#rolled their o"erations $ith f!nds from the heroin trade in Afghanistan and had acce"ted money from <in Laden himself

The M!9ahideen( many s"ecifically members of Al0Jaeda( $ere also instr!mental in <osnia d!ring the 8ATA intervention in &22@ Their "resence is still a factor of instability today 4& It is of significance that all of these associations occ!rred after the &22@ World Trade -enter bombing( $hen Al0Jaeda first became $ides"read in the American le6icon <arac# Abama has been arming rebels in Syria( beginning secretly $ith -IA arms airlifts in ')&'4'( citing many of the same reasons for intervention that -linton did in &222( des"ite domestic and foreign ally o""osition 4@ 4*Ance again( many of the rebels have been
to 9addafi7, Ju/4 20, 2001+ CNN, #ights grou$: >i'4an re'e/s /ooted and 'eat civi/ians, Ju/4 12, 2011 The Telegra+h, >i'4an re'e/ commander admits his fighters have a/AEaeda /in-s, ;arch 22, 2011 The Telegra+h, >i'4a: %he "est and A/AEaeda on the Same Side, ;arch 1<, 2011 #ashington Times, 6ree/ance Jihadists Join >i'4an #e'e/s, ;arch 2*, 2011 "i-i$edia Artic/e on the various war crimes committed during the Cosovo "ar 01P, ;em'ers of Cosovo >i'eration %rained '4 (in >aden, ;a4 ., 1***+ #ashington Times, C>A 6inances "ar with :eroin Sa/es, ;a4 3, 1*** Radio 1ree 3uro+e, (osniaA:er?egovina: !ew (oo- ,nvestigates 3resence &f A/AEaeda, June 1, 2001 New 'or& Times, Arms Air/ift to S4ria #e'e/s E@$ands, "ith Aid 6rom 5+,+A+, ;arch 2., 2013 1o4 News, >awma-ers tr4 to sta// arming of S4rian o$$osition, as 5,A $resses ahead, June 21, 2013 1o4 News, 2;er-e/ te//s 3ar/iament that ris-s of arming S4rian re'e/s inca/cu/a'/e , June 21, 2013

.. .2 .8 .1 .< .* 20 21 22 23 2.

1. associated $ith Al0Jaeda and labeled terrorist organi;ations by the US


The #ource of !adicalism

=arlier I mentioned -IA f!nded madrassas being a so!rce of Islamic radicalism in the &2G)7s They have been an im"ortant factor in the radicali;ation of Islam ever since As of '))G( there are Q34) madrassas in Pa#istan that teach 9ihad and radicalism( abo!t &)O of all madrassas in the co!ntry Land I $ant to em"hasi;e that this section is referring to s"ecific radical iterations of Madrassas( not sim"ly a""lying a blan#et generali;ation to the religio!s style of ed!cationM 4? U S di"lomatic cables released by ikileaks revealed that

the f!nding for these radical schools no$ comes from Sa!di Arabia( the United States7 biggest ally in the region 43 The radical madrassa net$or# e6"loits im"overished areas by recr!iting children for $hat essentially amo!nts to indoctrination cam"s In e6change( families receive !"$ards of I?(4)) "er son for their 7sacrifice to Islam7( and d!ring schooling( contact $ith families is forbidden After grad!ation( many are f!nneled into terrorist training cam"s in the 1ederally Administered Tribal Areas( the cables stated PB" #rontline did a story on a &? year old $ho $as recr!ited to a Pa#istan Wahhabi Islam madrassa from an im"overished area in =ast Africa

A fe$ years later( he $as

instr!mental in a terror "lot( blo$ing !" the US =mbassy in 8airobi( 5enya The PB" $ebsite hosts a letter he $rote to his brother( in $hich he says he s"ent t$o years on a military base learning $arfare( incl!ding the !sage of Israeli arms 42
22 5$0 Toda,, S4rian re'e/s $/edge /o4a/t4 to a/AEaeda, June 1., 2013 28 H3)6 "arningI !ava/ 3ostgraduate %hesis, '4 3au/ (e//, tit/ed 3a-istan s ;adrassas: "ea$ons of ;ass ,nstruction7 Avai/a'/e here+ 21 6u// "i-i/ea-s 5a'/es avai/a'/e here+ 2< P-$ 1rontline reca$ available here+ 2* P-$, /etter avai/a'/e here+

12 Is the -IA still involvedH The Ho!se of Sa!d has given at least I& *3* billion dollars to the <!sh family?)( and the United States sold Sa!di Arabia I?) billion $orth of arms in ')&)( the biggest arms sale in American history ?& <efore he $as "resident( Ceorge H W <!sh $as the Kirector of the -IA As recently as >!ne '4th( ')&@( Secretary of State >ohn 5erry anno!nced that Sa!di Arabia is 7one of o!r closest "artners7 can establish com"licity Regardless( the United States7 relationshi" $ith Sa!di Arabia o!ght to raise a lot of im"ortant :!estions An 8ovember *th( ')&@( Secretary of State >ohn 5erry hailed Sa!di Arabia as a very im"ortant ally to the United States ?@ Ho$ can $e reconcile this stance $ith the ')&) cable lea#s revealing that former Secretary of State Hilary -linton said that donors in the #ingdom +constit!te the most significant so!rce of f!nding to S!nni terrorist gro!"s $orld$ide(/ and that +it has been an ongoing challenge to "ers!ade Sa!di officials to treat terrorist financing emanating from Sa!di Arabia as a strategic "riority/H ?* It is clear that the United States vie$s their geo"olitical relationshi" $ith Sa!di Arabia to be m!ch more im"ortant than combating terrorism( des"ite U S Involvement in the Middle =ast being sat!rated $ith rhetoric abo!t the War on Terror The same statement can be a""lied to the relationshi" $ith Pa#istan( $ho is instr!mental in the o"erations of the Taliban

At the very least $e

*ou le $)ents

80 81 82 83 8.

$alon, *id the $audi6s -u, a President7 ;arch 12, 200. "i-i$edia Artic/e on SaudiAUS #e/ations John Cerr4 transcri$ts from the US )e$artment of State we'site, avai/a'/e here+ The Guardian, Cerr4 hai/s disgrunt/ed Saudi Ara'ia as the senior $/a4er in ;idd/e East, !ovem'er ., 2013 The (nde+endent, Saudi Ara'ia is (iggest 6under of %errorists, )ecem'er 8, 2010

18 The assassination of high0"rofile Pa#istan tribal leader Jari Nain!ddin $as $idely re"orted in the Western media ?4 Anly days before his assassination he had reno!nced his s!""ort of the Taliban( claiming that their actions $ere !n0Islamic What the Western media neglected to re"ort b!t $as $idely re"orted in Pa#istan and other co!ntries $as Nain!ddin had "revio!sly claimed that <ait!llah Mehs!d( the man $ho ended !" ordering his assassination( $as an American agent ?? The claim that American agents o"erate in the Taliban so!nds far0fetched b!t there have been some eye0o"ening re"orts that confirm the "ossibility 1or e6am"le( a '))* article in the U5 "!blication Times $nline re"orted that a high ran#ing Al0Jaeda member had been revealed to be a do!ble agent $or#ing for MI4

+Ab! Jatada boasted to MI4 that he co!ld "revent terrorist attac#s and offered to e6"ose dangero!s e6tremists( $hile all along he $as setting !" a haven for his terror organisation in <ritain F?3

Ab! Jatada has been im"risoned m!lti"le times in <ritain b!t has not been charged $ith any crimes K!ring his career he has iss!ed fat$ahs 9!stifying the #illing of converts from Islam( advocated the #illing of >e$s( "raised attac#s on America( and convicted of charges of terrorism in >ordan( all $hile $or#ing in association $ith MI4

A '))' article "!blished by 1rench ne$s organi;ation !#P states that Palestine sec!rity forces had arrested a gro!" of Palestinians $ho had confessed to collaborating $ith Israel and "osing as o"eratives of Al0Jaeda ?2
82 --C, Tribal )eader 8illed in 0fganistan, June 23, 200* 88 Pa&Tribune, "h4 )oes Jainuddin "ant %o Ci// (aitu//ah7 81 Times Online, 0l 9aeda Cleric 34+osed as an M(" *ouble 0gent, ;arch 22, 200.+ Artic/e is 'ehind a $a4 wa//, /in- is to a reAhosting at "ha/e+to 8< --C, 0bu 9attadah Timeline, ;a4 10, 2013 8* 01P, Palestinians 0rrest al.9aeda 6+oseurs6, )ecem'er <, 2002


+He ,Palestinian A!thority Afficial. said the alleged collaborators so!ght to Fdiscredit the Palestinian "eo"le( 9!stify every Israeli crime and "rovide reasons to carry o!t a ne$ LmilitaryM aggression in the Ca;a Stri" F

The arrest came 9!st t$o days after Ariel Sharon claimed that Al0Jaeda militants $ere o"erating in Ca;a and Lebanon( li#ely in an attem"t to 9!stify f!t!re military action BBC has also re"orted on this story 3)

+The Official #tory,

The official story is that <in Laden and Al0Jaeda fo!nd ne$ enemies in the U S after the -old War $hen the United States began occ!"ying military bases in Sa!di Arabia It so!nds "la!sible( b!t does not stand !" to dee"er scr!tiny In &22@( Scott Armstrong( at the time the to" investigative re"orter for the ashington Post( gave some tremendo!sly revealing intervie$s $ith PB" #rontline In an e"isode titled FThe Arming of Sa!di ArabiaF( he stated that the United States and Sa!di Arabia had 9ointly cons"ired to covertly b!ild I')) billion $orth of military installations bet$een the years &232 and &22' 3& Steve -oll( eminent <in Laden biogra"her( states that
10 --C, (srael 61a&ed6 0l 9aeda Presence, )ecem'er <, 2002 11 P-$ 1rontline transcri$t of the e$isode avai/a'/e here+

1< the <inladen gro!" received a m!ltit!de of these contracts( $ith the #no$ing intent to s!""ort and ho!se US military "ersonal d!ring $ars that may threaten Sa!di territory This occ!rred d!ring the same time that Asama bin Laden $as actively !sing <inladen Cro!" assets to b!ild e6tensive infrastr!ct!re in Afghanistan S!rely he $as a$are of the constr!ction of the military bases and $ho intended to occ!"y them( yet he did not have a "roblem then $ith the "ros"ect then


K!ring the "ea# of World War II( military and defense s"ending reached a rate of over *)O of the United States Cross Komestic Prod!ct 3@ =ven after a massive demobili;ation( the military0ind!strial com"le6 had gro$n to a behemoth( averaging over 3O of CKP thro!gho!t the -old War According to the -ato Instit!te( the United States s"ent a total of I? trillion on military and intelligence in 9!st * decades d!ring the -old War( a staggering s!m After the Soviet Union $as defeated( the Military Ind!strial -om"le6 e6"erienced a steady decline( acco!nting for 9!st @ 3O of CKP in the year '))) This changed on 2E&&( $hen the MI- fo!nd that they co!ld t!rn their old friends into ne$ enemies to fight( and their "ercentage of CKP has more than do!bled in the last decade

-ongress has officially a!thori;ed more than & @ trillion dollars to fight the $ar on terror( and a <ro$n University st!dy says this is 9!st the ti" of the iceberg% =ven if the War
12 Steven 5o// , %he (in >adens, !o e@cer$t avai/a'/e+ 13 ;ath and 5harts avai/a'/e here at US9overnmentS$ending+com 1. ;ore 5harts+

1* on Terror $ere to begin de0escalating no$( it $o!ld end !" costing a total of @ 2 trillion bet$een domestic s"ending( veterans costs( and interest

The money comes from the

ta6"ayers of the United States( $hether directly or indirectly( and goes to the "oc#ets of defense contractors and ban#s

$l%&aeda Today

In '))@( Konald R!msfeld $rote a memo to the >oint -hiefs of Staff $here he stated that +We need to sto" "o"!lating C!antanamo <ay $ith lo$0level enemy combatants /3? The memo $as !ncovered in ')&& Aver 34) "risoners have gone thro!gh C!antanamo( most being released $itho!t charges 33 Af the Q&?) "risoners in C!antanamo <ay today( half have been cleared for release b!t are still being detained

1ormer -IA

Kirector Leon Panetta said in ')&) that there $ere less than &)) Al0Jaeda in Afghanistan 32


After trillions of dollars s"ent( h!ndreds of tho!sands of deaths( re"eated domestic rights infringements( $e are left $ith only a handf!l of "roven Al0Jaeda members( $ith a
12 18 11 1< 1* (rown+edu 5ost of "ar 3ro=ect, avai/a'/e here+ #ashington Post, #umsfe/d com$/ained of /ow /eve/ 9%;& $risoners, memo revea/s, ;arch 3, 2011 "i-i$edia Artic/e >ist of 9uantanamo )etainees RussiaToda,, K3o/itica/ foot'a//L: 9itmo detainees Ka'andonedL '4 US government, ;a4 18, 2013 0-C HAustra/iaI 6ewer than 100 A/ Eaeda in Afghanistan: 5,A chief, June 2<, 2010

20 ma9ority of "risoners sim"ly being held $itho!t charges The organi;ation "!r"orted to be a s"ra$ling monster after the Se"tember &&th attac#s has been revealed to be a shell of an o"eration( financed by $ealthy US allies The res!lt is endless $ar% Politicians( military and media shine the light 9!st right to ma#e the shado$ of the mo!se loo# h!ge and monstro!s to 9!stify endless "rofits The media is not even connecting the most basic of dots to reveal the tremendo!s dece"tion The evidence is a re"eated "olicy of the destabili;ation of -entral Asia and the develo"ment of Islamic radicals that s"ans decades The res!lt is a ne$ global enemy $itho!t borders or di"lomatic re"resentation that can be fo!ght indefinitely Unless significant changes are made( $e are loo#ing at a f!t!re $ith an endless $ar on 7terrorism7 $here more terrorists are created daily by the very "olicies that are meant to be fighting them( and a foreign "olicy dictated by the $hims of $ar "rofiteering And $hat #ind of infl!ence are $e having in the Middle =astH The rhetoric of 7bringing Kemocracy to the "eo"les of Ira: and Afghanistan7 $o!ld be la!ghable $ere it not s!ch a grandiose and destr!ctive lie The im"act of American intervention in these t$o co!ntries has been disastro!s

+The biggest so!rce of corr!"tion in Afghanistan(/ one American official said( +$as the United States / 0 New York Times%&

The New York Times article describes ho$ the -IA ro!tinely f!nneled millions of dollars $itho!t oversight in !nmar#ed bags to the offices of President Hamid 5ar;ai( $hile
<0 New 'or& Times, "ith (ags of 5ash, 5+,+A+ See-s ,nf/uence in Afghanistan, A$ri/ 2<, 2013+ &ne $articu/ar/4 sa/ient Muote from the artic/e is worth sharing: !o one mentions the agenc4Ls mone4 at ca'inet meetings+ ,t is hand/ed '4 a sma// c/iMue at the !ationa/ Securit4 5ounci/, inc/uding its administrative chief, ;ohammed Jia Sa/ehi, Afghan officia/s said+ ;r+ Sa/ehi, though, is 'etter -nown for 'eing arrested in 2010 in connection with a s$raw/ing, AmericanA/ed investigation that tied together Afghan cash smugg/ing, %a/i'an finances and the o$ium trade+ ;r+ Car?ai had him re/eased within hours, and the 5+,+A+ then he/$ed $ersuade the &'ama administration to 'ac- off its anticorru$tion $ush, American officia/s said+

21 sim!ltaneo!sly deno!ncing the Iranian "olicy of doing the e6act same thing U S officials are :!oted as saying that instead of b!ying the loyalty of the Afghan President( the "ayments instead "roliferated into a vast $eb of corr!"tion $hile 5ar;ai became increasingly defiant of U S interests In Ira:( the co!ntry has devolved into near anarchy $ith monthly death tolls from terrorism sometimes reaching the &)))7s In '))*( the New York Times re"orted that there $as a massive assassination cam"aign targeting intellect!als and "rofessionals( $ith bet$een 4)) and &())) !rban "rofessionals #illed in 9!st a 2 month s"an

1rom drive by

shootings to stealth m!rders in the victims home( officials in Ira: agree that there is a massive cam"aign to silence the ca"able and ed!cated

+7They are going after o!r brains(7 said Lt -ol >abbar Ab! 8atiha( head of the organi;ed crime !nit of the <aghdad "olice 7It is a big o"eration Maybe even a movement 7 These $hite0 collar #illings( American and Ira:i officials say( are se"arate from 00 and in some $ays more insidio!s than 00 the settling of scores $ith former <aath Party officials( or the singling0o!t of "olice officers and others tho!ght to be collaborating $ith the occ!"ation H!ndreds of them have been attac#ed as $ell in an effort to so$ insec!rity and chaos <!t by silencing !rban "rofessionals( said <rig Cen Mar# 5immitt( a s"o#esman for the occ!"ation forces( the g!errillas are $aging $ar on Ira:7s fledgling instit!tions and "rogress itself The dead incl!de doctors( la$yers and 9!dges /

<1 New 'or& Times, 2%:E S%#U99>E 6&# ,#AE: C,>>,!9SN Assassinations %ear ,nto ,raM s Educated 5/ass, 6e'ruar4 1, 200.+

22 In other $ords( Ira: is being left $itho!t the very "eo"le $ho co!ld have been f!t!re leaders of democracy( and $hom co!ld have established a f!nctioning society Shortly after$ords( a cor"orate friendly government $as established 1!rthermore( it is not em"ty rhetoric to say that the Ira: invasion $as based on lies In ')&'( the Ira:i defector res"onsible for the 7evidence7 of chemical $ea"on "rod!ction in Ira: $hich $as "resented to the United 8ations by -olin Po$ell( $ho "ortrayed it is +facts and concl!sions based on solid intelligence/( confessed to <<- that his claims $ere entirely fabricated G' -learly there is an agenda that does not mesh $ith the rhetoricR Will the War on Terror ever endH Who tr!ly has the incentive to scale bac# the o"erationH 8ot clandestine agencies or the military( $ho are seeing their b!dgets increase year by year -ertainly not any of the ma9or infl!ences in "olitics( ban#s and cor"orations( $ho are seeing massive "rofits from government contracts and reso!rce e6"loitation And most certainly not any "olitician in Washington( $ho virt!ally rely on the lobbying of these organi;ations to #ee" their 9obs >o!rnalist Clenn Creen$ald "!t it s!ccinctly%

+<!t $hat one can say for certain is that there is ;ero reason for US officials to $ant an end to the $ar on terror( and n!mero!s and significant reasons $hy they $o!ld $ant it to contin!e It7s al$ays been the case that the "o$er of "olitical officials is at its greatest( its most !nrestrained( in a state of $ar -icero( t$o tho!sand years ago( $arned that FIn times of $ar( the la$ falls silentF LInter arma enim silent legesM >ohn >ay( in 1ederalist 8o *( $arned that as a res!lt of that tr!th( Fnations in general $ill ma#e $ar $henever they have a "ros"ect of getting anything by
<2 The (nde+endent, ;an whose ";) /ies /ed to 100,000 deaths confesses a//, A$ri/ 1, 2012

23 it for the "!r"oses and ob9ects merely "ersonal( s!ch as thirst

for military glory( revenge for "ersonal affronts( ambition( or "rivate com"acts to aggrandi;e or s!""ort their "artic!lar families or "artisans F If yo! $ere a US leader( or an official of the 8ational Sec!rity State( or a beneficiary of the "rivate military and s!rveillance ind!stries( $hy $o!ld yo! "ossibly $ant the $ar on terror to endH That $o!ld be the $orst thing that co!ld ha""en It7s that $ar that generates limitless "o$er( im"enetrable secrecy( an !n:!estioning citi;enry( and massive "rofit / 0 Clenn Creen$ald( $riting for The Guardian%'

Creen$ald also notes the ho"elessness of combating terrorism $ith f!rther violence

+Indeed( virt!ally every "erson acc!sed of "lotting to target the US $ith terrorist attac#s in last several years has e6"ressly cited increasing US violence( aggression and militarism in the M!slim $orld as the ca!se There7s no :!estion that this F$arF $ill contin!e indefinitely There is no :!estion that US actions are the ca!se of that( the gasoline that f!els the fire

<!t the notion that the US government is even entertaining "!tting an end to any of this is a "i"e dream( and the belief that they even $ant to is fantasy They7re "re"aring for more endless $arS their actions are f!eling that $arS and they contin!e to rea" !ntold benefits from its contin!ation Anly o!tside com"!lsion(
<3 The Guardian, %he war on terror A '4 design A can never end, Januar4 ., 2013

2. from citi;ens( can ma#e an end to all of this "ossible /

Food for Thou)ht.


Ho$ close of a relationshi" did the -IA maintain $ith Asama bin Laden after A"eration -ycloneH

' Why does the United States consider Pa#istan and Sa!di Arabia( the t$o largest f!nders of terrorism( o!r biggest allies in the regionH

@ Ho$ closely does the -IA $or# $ith the intelligence agencies of these co!ntriesH

* Ho$ many agents does the United States have o"erating in Al0Jaeda and the Taliban( and ho$ many atrocities are they res"onsible forH

4 Why have Al0Jaeda and the United States fo!ght on the same side of m!lti"le $arsH

? Why have so fe$ Al0Jaeda been a""rehended after over a decade of fighting the War on Terror and millions of dollars s"entH

3 Who has a monetary sta#e in the "roliferation of terrorism( and ho$ m!ch infl!ence do they hold in official U S PolicyH


The One%Party #tate

Perha"s the most $idely "roliferated tr!ism of American "atriotism is that the the t$o0"arty system is a beacon of democracy S!rely( o!r system is better than that of Iran( $here "residential candidates m!st be a""roved by a religio!s co!ncil( or "erha"s that of Vene;!ela( $here the ma9ority of the media is state0o$ned and disseminates "ro"aganda in each election Kemocrats and Re"!blicans are $idely different( it seems At least that is $hat their hy"er0"artisan bic#ering $o!ld im"ly <ill -linton and <arac# Abama m!st have be !nabashed liberals( other$ise $hy $o!ld the Re"!blicans des"ise them so m!chH The divide bet$een "arty faithf!ls of different colors r!ns dee"( $ith each side blaming the entirety of the co!ntries "roblems on the other( often res!lting in a state of "!re hatred and disg!st among citi;ens Ane only needs to t!rn on cable ne$s to see this as a fact Ho$ever( the reality is that Re"!blican and Kemocrat "residents have closely follo$ed the same agenda for half a cent!ry The idea that American governance alternates as a sort of give0and0ta#e bet$een liberalism and conservatism is nothing more than a fantasy I do not disco!nt that there may be serio!s and significant differences bet$een democrat and re"!blican individ!als( many of them -ongressmen( and certainly in state legislat!res Tet at the to" of the "yramid( $here the "o$er to set agendas resides( there is only the Agenda( and the "rimary difference bet$een the t$o "arties is the s"eed at $hich 7the Agenda7 is advanced It is fascinating ho$ <ill -linton began his "residential cam"aign $ith "laying a Sa6o"hone on live television( tal#ing abo!t his foray into Mari9!ana( reminiscing abo!t his "rotest of the Vietnam $ar( and ended !" $ith "erha"s the most reactionary Le g maintaining the stat!s :!oM administration of any "resident in modern history Later(

28 Abama entered the stage as a candidate of change( only to accelerate and consolidate the hegemony of the "olitical elite faster than any "redecessor <!t lets go beyond rhetoric and e6amine the records of the last 4 Presidents( and see e6actly ho$ similar their "latforms $ere


+The United States has less than 4 "ercent of the $orld7s "o"!lation <!t it has almost a :!arter of the $orld7s "risoners Indeed( the United States leads the $orld in "rod!cing "risoners( a reflection of a relatively recent and no$ entirely distinctive American a""roach to crime and "!nishment Americans are loc#ed !" for crimes U from $riting bad chec#s to !sing dr!gs U that $o!ld rarely "rod!ce "rison sentences in other co!ntries And in "artic!lar they are #e"t incarcerated far longer than "risoners in other nations / 0 New York Times%(

At the end of Reagan7s administration( the incarceration rate $as '*3 "er &))())) citi;ens The demand for "rison s"ace had been steadily increasing since the War on Kr!gs began Under Ceorge H W <!sh the incarceration rate had increased to @@' "er &))())) It is a common misconce"tion that it is Re"!blicans have the more "!nitive crime "olicies
<. New 'or& Times, U+S+ $rison $o$u/ation dwarfs that of other nations, A$ri/ 23, 200<

21 Under -linton( the incarceration rate s#yroc#eting to *3? "er &))())) over the ne6t G years G4 The -linton administration gave @) billion dollars to states to f!nd and e6"and their "risonsG?( and cham"ioned the Violent -rime -ontrol and La$ =nforcement Act added &))())) ne$ "olice officers G3 The bill $as $ritten by c!rrent Vice President >oe <iden The act also e6"anded the death "enalty to be a""licable ?) more offenses incl!ding dr!g traffic#ing( and eliminated f!nding for inmate ed!cation Private "risons flo!rished !nder <ill -linton The A-LU in ')&& "!blished a fascinating revie$ of the "rivate "rison system and fo!nd that since &22)( the "rivate "rison "o"!lation has increased by &?))O GG The n!mber of "rivate "rison systems act!ally "ea#ed in the year '))) $ith &4@ facilities G2 The "olicy that began !nder Reagan and has been flo!rishing thro!gh both <!shes( -linton and Abama can only be referred to as 7mass incarceration7 As of ')&@( the United States holds more "risoners than any other co!ntry in the $orld( incl!ding -hina( as $ell as a larger "ercentage of "risoners "er "o"!lation than any other co!ntry 1or an even more sobering com"arison( consider that the United States has more "eo"le im"risoned today( as a $hole and "er ca"ita( than Stalin had !nder his archi"elago of g!lags

Lo!isiana is "erha"s the best e6am"le of ho$ corr!"ted the "rison system can become $hen "rivati;ation r!ns amo# Lo!isiana has a largely "rivate "rison system( and c!rrently has & in G? ad!lts incarcerated( t$ice the national average and three times that of Iran 8early t$o0thirds of these "risoners are serving time for non0violent offenses

Lobbying( along $ith an incentive of 9ob creation( has res!lted in some of the to!ghest "enalties in the co!ntry( s!ch as a "otential &) years in "rison for $riting a bad chec# Aver

<2 <8 <1 << <* *0 *1

5$0 Toda,, $tud,: Prisons 1illed 0t Record Pace in Clinton 'ears, 6e'ruar4 1<, 2001 ,'id+ "i-i$edia Artic/e on the Gio/ent 5rime and >aw Enforcement Act H3)6 "arningI A5>U+org re$ort tit/ed (an-ing on (ondage "i-i$edia Artic/e on the 3rivate 3rison S4stem New 'or&er, The Caging of 0merica, Januar4 30, 2012 New 'or& Times, 3/antations, 3risons and 3rofits, ;arch 22, 2012

2< half of the "rison "o"!lation ret!rns to the system in 4 years( $itho!t having received any rehabilitation and being ret!rned to comm!nities devastated largely in "art by the contin!ed e6traction of the "o"!lation into "rison for non0violent offenses

$rms #ales

An the cam"aign trail( <ill -linton made this "romise% +I e6"ect to revie$ o!r arms sales "olicy and to ta#e it !" $ith the other ma9or arms sellers of the $orld as a "art of a long0term effort to red!ce the "roliferation of $ea"ons /2' And then( in some asto!nding t!rn of events Lor "redictable( for those $ho have been $atching closelyM( United States arms sales do!bled in -linton7s first year in office alone 2@ In '))?( the United 8ations convened in order to create a 7com"rehensive( legally binding instr!ment establishing common international standards for the im"ort( e6"ort and transfer of conventional arms 7 The United States $as the only co!ntry to vote against the meas!re 2* In '))G( Abama signaled that he $o!ld change the co!rse from the <!sh administration and ta#e ste"s to limit arms sales internationally And similar to nearly ' decades earlier( United States arms sales tripled in ')&& 24 <y ')&'( Abama had ended negotiations on the U 8 treaty 2? Is it any s!r"rise( considering Abama received more cam"aign donations from the Kefense Ind!stry than Mc-ainH 23 Ane "artic!larly shoc#ing revelation $as a "rogram #no$n as 71ast and 1!rio!s7( $here <arac# Abama oversa$ the initiation and o"eration of a g!n r!nning scheme $here
*2 *3 *. *2 *8 *1 Mother %ones, 0rms 0round the #orld, August 1*** 0lternet;org <ightower: Clinton6s 1oreign %obs Program, A$ri/ 22, 2000 "i-i$edia Artic/e on the Arms %rade %reat4 Mother %ones, 5:A#%S: US &verseas Arms Sa/es ;ore %han %ri$/ed in 2011, August 2*, 2012 Mother %ones, &'ama Administration )uc-s for 5over on U! Arms %rade %reat4, Ju/4 31, 2012 Time, Obama -eats McCain in *efense Contributions, &cto'er 31, 200<

2* arms $ere sent over the Me6ican border and directly into the hands of criminals

+1ast and 1!rio!s $as an o"eration so cloa#0and0dagger Me6ican a!thorities $erenPt even notified that tho!sands of semi0a!tomatic firearms $ere being sold to "eo"le in Ari;ona tho!ght to have lin#s to Me6ican dr!g cartels According to AT1 $histleblo$ers( in '))2 the U S government began instr!cting g!n store o$ners to brea# the la$ by selling firearms to s!s"ected criminals AT1 agents then( again according to testimony by AT1 agents t!rned $histleblo$ers( $ere ordered not to interce"t the sm!gglers b!t rather to let the g!ns +$al#/ across the U S 0Me6ican border and into the hands of Me6ican dr!g0traffic#ing organi;ations / 0 #or)es

Senior AT1 Agent >ohn Kodson( $ho bro#e the 1ast and 1!rio!s story( $as alarmed $hen he noted that the crime rates and violence in Me6ico and at the border increased significantly after he began allo$ing( !nder order( massive amo!nts of g!ns to cross the border into the hands of criminals and cartels 22

+Kodson said they never did ta#e do$n a dr!g cartels Ho$ever( he said tho!sands of 1ast and 1!rio!s $ea"ons are still o!t there and $ill be claiming victims on both sides of the border for years to come / 0 CB"

An Kecember &*( ')&)( <order Patrol Agent <rian Terry $as #illed on d!ty( $ith a
*< 1orbes, 6ast And 6urious Just ;ight (e 3resident &'ama s "atergate, Se$tem'er 2<, 2011 ** C-$, Agent: , was ordered to /et U+S+ guns into ;e@ico, ;arch 3, 2011

30 g!n given to criminals by the AT1 &))

*omestic #pyin)

A &222 BBC article titled +=chelon S"y 8et$or# Revealed/ began $ith the "aragra"h% +Imagine a global s"ying net$or# that can eavesdro" on every single "hone call( fa6 or e0mail( any$here on the "lanet It so!nds li#e science fiction( b!t it7s tr!e / The net$or#( #no$n as =chelon( traces its roots all the $ay bac# to the >ohn 1 5ennedy "residency( and had been e6"anding ever since &)& In &22'( the Kirector of the 8SA described the goal of the "rogram in sim"le terms% 7Clobal Access7

The agenda for mass

s!rveillance $as instit!tionali;ed long before most Americans recogni;e Then there $as Ceorge <!sh7s illegal $arrantless $ireta""ing <egan in '))&( the "rogram allo$ed the 8SA to monitor comm!nications bet$een United States citi;ens and those abroad $itho!t a""ro"riate chec#s and balances

Interestingly( the gro!nd$or# for

$arrantless $ireta""ing had act!ally been laid o!t by <ill -linton &)* K!ring his "residency( he slo$ly e6"anded the reach of the 1oreign Intelligence S!rveillance Act L1ISAM and the ca"ability of the 8SA to classify and $ithhold information abo!t their activities When the revelations abo!t the "rogram $ere made in '))? they $ere controversial( b!t -ongress re"eatedly rene$ed the 8SA7s license $itho!t m!ch of an !"roar from the "!blic

100)os 0ngeles Times, A%6 sought to down$/a4 guns scanda/, emai/s show, Ju/4 21, 2011 101)uncan 5am$'e//, ,nvestigative Journa/ist, Eche/on: "or/d under watch, an introduction, June 2*, 2000 102!ationa/ Securit4 Archives hosted document, 6arewe// from Gice Admira/ "i//iam &+ Studeman to !SA Em$/o4ees, A$ri/ <, 1**2+ 103#ashington Post, (ush Administration s "arrant/ess "ireta$$ing 3rogram, 6e'ruar4 11, 200< 10.%he histor4 of "arrant/ess "ireta$$ing is /aid out thorough/4 at the )ai/4 Cos "i-i$edia+ Each event on their time/ine has a /in- to a $rimar4 document or an accurate source+

31 <y the '))G election( citi;ens $ere gro$ing $eary of the s"ying "rogram and <arac# Abama ca"itali;ed on this sentiment He vo$ed to end $arrantless $ireta""ing and d!ring his "rimary cam"aign he $ent as far as to say he $o!ld filib!ster the e6tension of the 1ISA legislation( res"onsible for allo$ing the e6"anded s"ying ca"abilities &)4

+When I7m "resident( one of the first things I7m going to do is call in my attorney general and say to him or her( I $ant yo! to revie$ every e6ec!tive order that $as iss!ed by Ceorge <!sh( $hether it relates to $arrantless $ireta"s or detaining "eo"le or reading e0 mails( or $hatever it is I $ant yo! to go thro!gh every single one of them and if they are !nconstit!tional( if they7re encroaching on civil liberties !nnecessarily( $e are going to overt!rn them We7re going to change them / 0 <arac# Abama( '))3&)?

He first bro#e this "romise after $inning the "rimary cam"aign( in >!ly '))G( $hen he $as one of ?G Senators $ho voted to rene$ the 8SA ca"abilities

Less than a year

later( <arac# Abama $o!ld vastly broaden the legal arg!ment the =6ec!tive branch !sed to 9!stify the s"ying( and e6em"ted the Covernment from the "ossibility of being s!ed than#s to a liberal inter"retation of a cla!se in the Patriot Act &)G

FIn other $ords( beyond even the o!trageo!sly broad 7state secrets7 "rivilege invented by the <!sh administration and no$
102CNN, &'ama s survei//ance vote s$urs '/ogging 'ac-/ash, Ju/4 11, 200< 108CNN, %he >ead with Ja-e %a$$er, June 10, 2013 101New 'or& Times, &'ama s wireta$$ing stand enrages man4 su$$orters, June 2, 200< 10<Raw$tor,, &'ama Administration Euiet/4 e@$ands the (ush Administration s >ega/ )efense of "ireta$$ing, A$ri/ 1, 200*

32 embraced f!lly by the Abama administration( the Abama KA> has no$ invented a brand ne$ claim of government imm!nity( one $hich literally asserts that the U S Covernment is free to interce"t all of yo!r comm!nications Lcalls( emails and the li#eM and 00 even if $hat they7re doing is blatantly illegal and they #no$ it7s illegal 00 yo! are barred from s!ing them !nless they 7$illf!lly disclose7 to the "!blic $hat they have learned(F 0 Clenn Creen$ald

An >!ne ?th ')&@( it $as revealed that <arac# Abama oversa$ the largest infringement of the 1o!rth Amendment in the history of the United States $ith the constr!ction of a veritable s!rveillance state( ca"able of trac#ing the movements and comm!nications of every American citi;en We no$ #no$ that the 8SA and United 5ingdom co!nter"art CH-J%

-ollect the domestic meta0data of both "arties in a "hone0call Set !" fa#e internet cafes to steal data &&)


Has interce"ted the "hone calls of at least @4 $orld leaders( incl!ding allies s!ch as Cerman -hancellor Angela Mer#el &&&

-an ta" into the !nder$ater fiber0o"tic cables that carry a ma9ority of the $orld7s internet traffic &&'

Trac#s comm!nications $ithin media instit!tions s!ch as Al >a;eera &&@

10*The Guardian, !SA co//ecting $hone records of mi//ions of Geri?on customers dai/4, June 8, 2013 110The Guardian, 95:E interce$ted foreign $o/iticians communications at 920 summits, June 11, 2013 111The Guardian, !SA monitored ca//s of 32 wor/d /eaders after US officia/ handed over contacts, &cto'er 22, 2013 112The Guardian, 95:E ta$s fi'reAo$tic ca'/es for secret access to wor/d s communications, June 21, 2013 113*er $+iegel, Snowden )ocument: !SA S$ied &n A/ Ja?eera 5ommunications, August 31, 2013

33 Has 7b!gged7 the United 8ations head:!arters &&* Has set !" a financial database to trac# international ban#ing and credit card transactions &&4 -ollects and stores over ')) million domestic and foreign te6t messages each day -ollects and has real0time access to bro$sing history( email( and social media activity To gain access( an analyst sim"ly needs to fill o!t an on0screen form $ith a broad 9!stification for the search that is not revie$ed by any co!rt or 8SA "ersonnel &&3

FI( sitting at my des#( co!ld $ireta" anyone( from yo! or yo!r acco!ntant( to a federal 9!dge or even the "resident( if I had a "ersonal emailF 0 =d$ard Sno$den

-reates ma"s of the social net$or#s of United States citi;ens Has access to smart"hone a"" data &&2


Uses s"ies in embassies to collect data( often by setting !" 7listening stations7 on the roofs of b!ildings &')

Uses fa#e Lin#edIn "rofiles and other doctored $eb "ages to secretly install s!rveillance soft$are in !n$itting com"anies and individ!als &'&

Trac#s reservations at !"scale hotels &''

11.Reuters, U+S+ s$4 agenc4 'ugged U+!+ headMuarters: 9erman4 s S$iege/, August 22, 2013 112*er $+iegel, 6o//ow the ;one4 : !SA S$ies on ,nternationa/ 3a4ments, Se$tem'er 12, 2013 118--C, #e$ort: !SA co//ected 200m te@ts $er da4 , Januar4 11, 201. 111The Guardian, OCe4score: !SA too/ co//ects near/4 ever4thing a user does on the internet , Ju/4 31, 2013 11<New 'or& Times,!+S+A+ 9athers )ata on Socia/ 5onnections of U+S+ 5iti?ens, Se$tem'er 2<, 2013 11**er $+iegel, iS$4: :ow the !SA Accesses Smart$hone )ata, Se$tem'er *, 2013 120*er $+iegel, 3hoto 9a//er4: S$ies in the Em'ass4, &cto'er 21, 2013 121The (nde+endent, 95:E used Euantum ,nsert techniMue to set u$ fa-e >in-ed,n $ages and s$4 on mo'i/e $hone giants, !ovem'er 10, 2013 122*er $+iegel, #o4a/ 5oncierge : 95:E ;onitors )i$/omats :ote/ (oo-ings, !ovem'er 11, 2013

3. Has interce"ted the tal#ing0"oints of $orld leaders before meetings $ith <arac# Abama &'@ -an crac# encry"tion codes on cell"hones &'* Has im"lanted soft$are on over &))())) com"!ters $orld$ide allo$ing them to hac# data $itho!t internet connection( !sing radio $aves &'4 Has access to com"!ters thro!gh fa#e $ireless connections &'? Monitors comm!nications in online games s!ch as World of Warcraft &'3 Interce"ts shi""ing deliveries and install bac#0door devices allo$ing access Has direct access to the data centers of Coogle( Tahoo and other ma9or com"anies &'2 -overtly and overtly infiltrate United States and foreign IT ind!stries to $ea#en or gain access to encry"tion( often by collaborating $ith soft$are com"anies and internet service "roviders themselves They are also( according to an internal doc!ment( Fres"onsible for identifying( recr!iting and r!nning covert agents in the global telecomm!nications ind!stry F&@) The !se of +honey tra"s/( l!ring targets into com"romising "ositions !sing se6
&@& &'G

The sharing of ra$ intelligence data $ith Israel Anly official U S comm!nications are affected( and there are no legal limits on the !se of the data from Israel

S"ies on "orn habits of activists to discredit them &@@

123New 'or& Times, !o ;orse/ %oo ;inuscu/e for A//A5onsuming !+S+A+, !ovem'er 2, 2013 12.#ashington Post, (4 crac-ing ce//$hone code, !SA has ca$acit4 for decoding $rivate conversations, )ecem'er 13, 2013 122New 'or& Times, !+S+A+ )evises #adio 3athwa4 ,nto 5om$uters, Januar4 12, 201. 1280rsTechnica, Pour US( ca'/e, the s$4: ,nside the !SALs cata/og of survei//ance magic, )ecem'er 31, 2013 121New 'or& Times, S$ies ,nfi/trate a 6antas4 #ea/m of &n/ine 9ames, )ecem'er *, 2013 12<*er $+iegel, ,nside %A&: )ocuments #evea/ %o$ !SA :ac-ing Unit, )ecem'er 2*, 2013 12*#ashington Post, !SA infi/trates /in-s to Pahoo, 9oog/e data centers wor/dwide, Snowden documents sa4, &cto'er 30, 2013+ 130The Guardian, #evea/ed: how US and UC s$4 agencies defeat internet $rivac4 and securit4, Se$tem'er 8, 2013 131N-C, Snowden )ocs: (ritish S$ies Used Se@ and )irt4 %ric-s , ;arch 1, 201. 132The Guardian, !SA shares raw inte//igence inc/uding Americans data with ,srae/, Se$tem'er 11, 2013 133<uffington Post, %o$ASecret )ocument #evea/s !SA S$ied &n 3orn :a'its As 3art &f 3/an %o )iscredit #adica/i?ers , !ovem'er 28, 2013


Possibly the most shoc#ing revelation $as made on 1ebr!ary '*( ')&* Internal doc!ments sho$ that the 8SA is attem"ting to mani"!late and control online disco!rse $ith +e6treme tactics of dece"tion and re"!tation0destr!ction / &@* The doc!ments revealed a to"0secret !nit #no$n as the >oint Threat Research Intelligence Unit( or >TRIC T$o of the core self0identified "!r"oses of >TRIC are to in9ect all sorts of false material onto the internet in an effort to discredit a target( and to !se social sciences s!ch as "sychology to mani"!late online disco!rse and activism in order to generate a desirable o!tcome The !nit "osts false information on the internet and falsely attrib!tes it to someone else( "retend to be a 7victim7 of a target they $ant to discredit( and "osts negative information on vario!s for!ms In some instances( to discredit a target( >TRIC sends o!t 7false flag7 emails to family and friends

13.The (nterce+t, :ow 5overt Agents ,nfi/trate the ,nternet to ;ani$u/ate, )eceive, and )estro4 #e$utations, 6e'ruar4 2., 201.

38 Ane slide describes the methods to discredit a com"any% Lea# confidential information to the "ress( "ost negative information on for!ms( interfere $ith b!siness deals and r!in b!siness relationshi"s The !se of "sychological techni:!es to fract!re activist gro!"s and to 7game7 online disco!rse is very interesting Ane doc!ment describes creating tension in a gro!" by e6"loiting "ersonal "o$er( "re0e6isting cleavages and minor ideological differences In online disco!rse( another doc!ment describes ho$ to !se 7mirroring7 of lang!age c!es( e6"ressions and emotions( and the ad9!stment of s"eech( "atterns and lang!age to mani"!late o"inion -onsider the $ords of former 8SA em"loyee t!rned $histleblo$er R!ss Tice%

+A#ay They /ent after0and I 1no/ this ecause I had my hands literally on the paper/or1 for these sort of thin)s0they /ent after hi)h%ran1in) military officers2 they /ent after mem ers of Con)ress3 oth #enate and the 'ouse3 especially on the intelli)ence committees and on the armed ser(ices committees and some of the0and 4udicial

<!t they $ent after other ones( too They $ent after la$yers and la$ firms All #inds ofVhea"s of la$yers and la$ firms They $ent after 9!dges One of the 4ud)es is no/ sittin) on the #upreme Court that I had his $ireta" information in my hand T$o are former FI#$ court 4ud)es They $ent after #tate *epartment officials

31 They $ent after "eo"le in the executi(e ser(ice that /ere part of the White 'ouseVtheir o$n "eo"le They $ent after anti$ar gro!"s They $ent after U S internationalVU S com"anies that that do international b!siness( yo! #no$( b!siness aro!nd the $orld They $ent after U S ban#ing firms and financial firms that do international b!siness They $ent after 8CAs thatVli#e the Red -ross( "eo"le li#e that that go overseas and do h!manitarian $or# They $ent after a fe$ anti$ar civil rights gro!"s

So( yo! #no$( donPt tell me that therePs no ab!se( beca!se IPve had this st!ff in my hand and loo#ed at it And in some cases( I literally $as involved in the technology that $as going after this st!ff And yo! #no$( $hen I said to ,former MS8<- sho$ host 5eith. Albermann( I said( my "artic!lar thing is high tech and yo! #no$( $hatPs going on is the other thing( $hich is the dragnet The dragnet is $hat Mar# 5lein is tal#ing abo!t( the terrestrial dragnet Well my s"ecialty is o!ter s"ace I deal $ith satellites( and everything that goes in and o!t of s"ace I did my s"ying via s"ace So thatPs ho$ I fo!nd o!t abo!t this And

remember $e tal#ed abo!t that before( that I $as $orried that the intelligence comm!nity no$ has s$ay over $hat is going on

8o$ herePs the big one I havenPt given yo! any names This $as is s!mmer of '))* Ane of the "a"ers that I held in my hand $as to $ireta" a b!nch of n!mbers associated $ith( $ith a *)0

3< something0year0old $annabe senator from Illinois To! $o!ldnPt ha""en to #no$ $here that g!y lives right no$( $o!ld yo!H ItPs a big $hite ho!se in Washington( K- ThatPs $ho they $ent after And thatPs the president of the "nited #tates no$ / R!ss Tice( 8SA Whistleblo$er&@4 L=m"hasis addedM

An March 4( ')&*( it $as revealed that the -IA( $ith the #no$ledge of <arac# Abama( s"ied on members of the Senate Intelligence -ommittee( the gro!" tas#ed $ith overseeing clandestine agency activities and "reventing ab!ses &@? The im"lications are com"lete s!bversion of oversight on domestic s"ying -ollectively( the evidence of the b!rgeoning sec!rity state !nder <arac# Abama reveals a global information grid $ith real time access that targets both domestic citi;ens and la$ma#ers in addition to foreign "eo"le and governments


It is another common misconce"tion that d!ring Re"!blican "residencies $e have "eriods of $ar( and d!ring Kemocratic "residencies $e have "eriods of "eace Af 7official7 $ars it is certainly the case that the C!lf War( Afghanistan and Ira: $ar $ere beg!n by H W and W <!sh Tho!gh it is im"ortant to :!antify 7official7 beca!se there has not been a tr!e declaration of $ar since World War II After all( <ill -linton dro""ed bombs on no less than fo!r sovereign co!ntries% Ira:( Serbia( Afghanistan( and S!dan And -linton $as able to get a$ay $ith maintaining one of the dar#est stains on
132#uss %ice s interview avai/a'/e here+ 138The Guardian, &'ama -new 5,A secret/4 monitored inte//igence committee, senator c/aims, ;arch 2, 201.

3* America7s soiled history( the f!ll0force economic sanctions against Ira: that began $ith the first C!lf $ar and ended after Saddam7s fall in '))@ The sanctions #illed 4?3())) *hildren according to the <ritish Medical Societies Lan*et &@3 LLater st!dies have arg!ed the n!mber @4)())) children to be more acc!rateM The total n!mber of deaths incl!ding ad!lts is tho!ght to be m!ch higher United 8ations ambassador Madeline Albright( $hen as#ed abo!t these n!mbers( coldly stated +The "rice is $orth it / This statement tr!ly ill!minates the attit!de of those $ho set the agenda% -old indifference to life on the grand chessboard of geo"olitics Abama7s first ma9or act of $ar $as a no0fly ;one over Libya $hich res!lted in the removal of M!ammar Caddafi The media had a $ell orchestrated "ro"aganda cam"aign that garnered significant "!blic s!""ort His second ma9or act of $ar $as the arming of Syrian rebels( !ndo!btedly "rolonging the horrific civil $ar Some of the gro!"s that form the o""osition are terrorist organi;ations( $hich mirrors the "olicies of -arter and Reagan arming terrorist gro!"s in Afghanistan !nder A"eration -yclone &@G <!t the tr!e de"ths of Abama7s $ar mongering resides in his constant and silent drone $ar A "olicy that started !nder W <!sh( Abama has e6"anded the !se of drones e6tensively He has allo$ed the !sage of Signat!re Stri#es( $hereby drone o"erators bomb "eo"le they do not #no$( based on movements they find s!s"icio!s

Worst of all is the

"olicy of do!ble ta""ing( bombing the same scene t$ice after resc!ers have come to try and hel" their fello$ citi;ens &*) Abama7s drones have even bombed f!nerals &*& While the death toll of the Krone $ar may not be as high as the conventional $ars of the <!sh family( the moral de"ravity certainly gives them a r!n for their money The arg!ment that drones
131The Nation, 0 <ard )oo& at (ra= $anctions, !ovem'er 12, 2001 13<0-C News, U+S+ )ec/ares S4ria #e'e/ 9rou$ %errorists, Sending ;essage to &$$osition, )ecem'er 12, 2012 13*New 'or& Times, The 6$ignature $tri&es6 Program, ;a4 2*, 2013 1.0The Guardian, US drone stri-es target rescuers in 3a-istan B and the west sta4s si/ent, August 20, 2012 1.1$alon, 5;$; 0gain -ombs Mourners, June ., 2012

.0 are an alternative method to direct "ersonnel involvement leaves o!t these cold facts It is im"ortant to note the "resence of 7blo$bac#7% the conce"t that bombing f!nerals and res"onders to attac#s $ill create a $hole ne$ generation of terrorists It is almost a forbidden $ord in the mainstream media 1or e6am"le( Ron Pa!l $as ridic!led by "!ndits across the "olitical s"ectr!m on cable television $hen he insisted that blo$bac# $as a reality While they deny it in "!blic( many gro!"s secretly relish the idea that their intangible enemy $ill only gro$ stronger $hile their "rofits gro$ larger Krones are hel"ing !sher in the era of endless $ar Another as"ect of <arac# Abama7s ca"acity to $age $ar lies in his secretive 7#ill list7( $hich is a collection of singled o!t individ!als deemed to "ose a threat to the United States and have been selected for targeted #illing &*' The list is #no$n to incl!de American citi;ens s!ch as An$ar Al Al$a#i( raising serio!s :!estions regarding h!man rights and legality &*@

Pri(ate -ilitary and Intelli)ence Contractors

It has al$ays been hard to tell e6actly ho$ many "rivate contractors are em"loyed by the 1ederal government( and ho$ many of those are !nder the !mbrella of the Kefense Ind!stry It $as !nder Reagan that the Pentagon7s "rivati;ation agenda began( and it has contin!ed ever since An 8TU st!dy on the si;e of government sho$s that the !se of "rivate contractors increased !nder the -linton administration by abo!t '4O

It is

#no$n that -linton hired 5<R( at the time o$ned by Hallib!rton( to b!ild military bases
1.2The Guardian, &'ama s secret -i// /ist B the dis$osition matri@, Ju/4 1., 2013 1.3New 'or& Times, Secret KCi// >istL 3roves a %est of &'amaLs 3rinci$/es and "i//, ;arch 2*, 2012 1..6act Sheet on the !ew %rue Si?e of 9overnment, !PU, 3u'/ished for the (roo-ings ,nstitution H3)6 "arningI

.1 and s!""ort troo"s in 5osovo &*4 It $as !nder the administration of Ceorge W <!sh( $ith the Ira: $ar( $hen the !se of "rivate contractors s#yroc#eted <y '))G( the n!mber of "rivate contractors in !se in Ira: $as &44()))( more than the n!mber of troo"s( a degree of "rivati;ation !n"recedented in modern $arfare &*? The "!blic became ac:!ainted $ith the li#es of <lac#$ater !nder the <!sh administration( $ith events s!ch as the !n"rovo#ed massacres in <aghdad and 1all!9ah &*3 K!ring his cam"aign( Abama "romised to c!t federal s"ending on "rivate contractors &*G It soon became clear( ho$ever( that m!ch of the stim!l!s money $o!ld go straight to their "oc#ets His Afghanistan s!rge $as "rimarily accom"lished thro!gh contractors( $hich made !" half of the military forces in the co!ntry by '))2 n!mber of contractors in Ira: and Afghanistan :!ic#ly reached '4)()))
&4) &*2

The total


contractors Le g "rivate military forcesM increased by over *))O !nder Abama and re"resent a :!arter of all contractors em"loyed by the Pentagon

The most shoc#ing !se of contractors has only recently been revealed It t!rns o!t that they re"resent a significant amo!nt of the 8SA $or#force *G@())) "eo"le are em"loyed by "rivate contractors that $or# $ith the 8SA and have 7To" Secret7 access

The "otential for illicit s"ying and e6tortion re"resented by these n!mbers is so high as to reach certainty

1.2"i-i$edia Artic/e on C(# 1.8The Christian $cience Monitor, A /esson from ,raM war: :ow to outsource war to $rivate contractors, ;arch 1*, 2013 1.15$0 Toda,, #hat 34actl, <a++ened That *a, in 1allujah7 June 11, 2001 1.< National %ournal, 5ut 6edera/ 5ontract S$ending (4 At >east 10 3ercent, June 10, 200* 1.*Tal&ing Points Memo, )&): &'ama s Afghan Surge "i// #e/4 :eavi/4 &n 3rivate 5ontractors, )ecem'er 12, 200* 120Common*reams, &'ama :as 220,000 5ontractors in ,raM and Afghan "ars, ,ncreases !um'er of ;ercenaries, June 1, 200*, written '4 Jerem4 Scahi// 121$alon, &'ama resides over a $rivate contractor 'oom, 6e'ruar4 2., 200. 122$alon, 200,000 contractors can access !SA data hordes, June 11, 2013



The -IA has an official "olicy of 7rendition7( $here they send s!s"ected terrorists to be interrogated in foreign co!ntries( by"assing United States tort!re la$s The "rocess $as !sed e6tensively d!ring Ceorge W <!sh7s administration <!t did yo! #no$ that the "rocess began !nder -lintonH This P<S 1rontline re"ort confirms that the rendition "rocess began in &224 &4@ In '))3( Abama $rote an article in the #oreign !ffairs 9o!rnal stating%

+To b!ild a better( freer $orld( $e m!st first behave in $ays that reflect the decency and as"irations of the American "eo"leW This means ending the "ractices of shi""ing a$ay "risoners in the dead of night to be tort!red in far0off co!ntries( of detaining tho!sands $itho!t charge or trial( of maintaining a net$or# of secret "risons to 9ail "eo"le beyond the reach of the la$ / &4*

Tet by ')&@ it has become clear that the "rocess of rendition has contin!ed The ashington Post has re"orted that the Abama administration has +embraced rendition/ and has consistently resisted la$ma#ers efforts to reform the "olicy

123P-$ 1rontline, #endition %ime/ine+ 12.1oreign 0ffairs, #enewing American >eadershi$, June 2001 122#ashington Post, #enditions continue under &'ama, des$ite dueA$rocess concerns, Januar4 1, 2013

.3 Police -ilitari5ation

Under President <ill -linton( a "rovision $as added to the Kefense A""ro"riations <ill that allo$ed the Pentagon to transfer !n!sed military assets to local "olice de"artments aro!nd the co!ntry &4? The "rogram contin!ed thro!gh President <!sh and has been e6"anding thro!gho!t the Abama "residency

+,1iscal Tear. && has been a historic year for the "rogram We re!tili;ed more than I4))M( that is million $ith an M( $orth of "ro"erty in 1T && This "asses the "revio!s mar# by several h!ndred million dollars / 0 Kis"osition Services&43

The e:!i"ment gifted to "olice de"artments range from assa!lt rifles and bayonets to massive vehicles s!ch as the MRAP( $hich stands for Mine0Resistant Amb!sh Protected( of $hich 4)) m!nici"alities received for free from the Ke"artment of Kefense in ')&@ &4G There is also the tro!bling trend of the gro$th of asset forfeit!re( the "rocess by $hich( having granted itself the "o$er to do so( the Covernment sei;es any cash( cars( "ro"erty and more it can reasonably connect to a crime This ability incentives sending o!t s"eciali;ed( militari;ed "olice s!ch as SWAT teams to serve dr!g $arrants( as the teams themselves are e6"ensive to maintain This "rogram started long before the Abama "residency( b!t recently it has s$elled( $ith the >!stice Ke"artment 1orfeit!re f!nd reaching I& G billion in ')&&( $ith nearly half of a billion being ret!rned to the local "olice de"artments that led the raid &42
128<uffington Post, 1 "a4s %he &'ama Administration :as Acce/erated 3o/ice ;i/itari?ation, Ju/4 10, 2013 121H3)6 "arningI )is$osition Services, &cto'er 2011 !ews/etter 12<Reason, 23o/ice in 5o/um'ia, South 5aro/ina and .** &ther 5ities 9et D6reeD %an-s, !ovem'er 1<, 2013 12*<uffington Post, 1 "a4s %he &'ama Administration :as Acce/erated 3o/ice ;i/itari?ation, Ju/4 10, 2013


6lo ali5ation

A #ey "rocess in globali;ation involves removing national sovereignty in favor of trade agreements that favor the rights of cor"orations <ill -linton cham"ioned the 8A1TA agreement( $hich among other iss!es s!"erseded articles in the Me6ican constit!tion( $ater rights in -anada( and allo$s cor"orations to s!e nations $hen they are in violation of the trade act &?) Regardless of yo!r o"inion on 8A1TA and other trade agreements( Abama has ta#en the conce"t of cor"orate "o$er over national sovereignty to a $hole ne$ mind0 blo$ing level $ith the Trans0Pacific Partnershi" agreement( a trade "ro"osal that only recently became "!blic #no$ledge $hen the doc!ments $ere lea#ed L-hec# the footnote to read the $hole doc!mentM &?& Why the secrecyH The TPP agreement $o!ld besto$ radical ne$ "o$ers on cor"orations( incl!ding establishing an international trib!nal that $o!ld override domestic la$ and $o!ld have the "o$er to iss!e sanctions against governments for failing to abide by their r!ling The TPP r!ns contrary to Abama7s statement d!ring his '))G "residential cam"aign%

FWe $ill not negotiate bilateral trade agreements that sto" the government from "rotecting the environment( food safety( or the health of its citi;ensS give greater rights to foreign investors than to U S investorsS re:!ire the "rivati;ation of o!r vital "!blic
180"i-i$edia Artic/e on !A6%A 181%33 )ocument

.2 servicesS or "revent develo"ing co!ntry governments from ado"ting h!manitarian licensing "olicies to im"rove access to life0saving medications /&?'

-ongressman Alan Crayson s!mmed it !" nicely% +It7s all abo!t tying the hands of democratically elected governments( and sh!nting a!thority over to the non0elected for the benefit of m!ltinational cor"orations It7s an assa!lt on democratic government / &?@ The TPP has $hat is called an 7investor0state dis"!te settlement mechanism7 $hich allo$ com"anies and investors to s!e governments for losses of "rofits d!e to the government7s "olicies &?* The deliberations $o!ld be !nderta#en by an international gro!" of cor"orate la$yers and threatens to overr!le democracies and threaten o!r legal rights It is not an e6aggeration to say that in many instances this agreement gives more "o$er to cor"orations than governments


The Ane0Party State is the res!lt of s"ecial interests( economic and military0 intelligence having gained a strong eno!gh foothold in Washington to s!bvert the "olitical "rocess The saying that "o$er is in g!ns and money has never been tr!er The corr!"tion has been heavily and cleverly obf!scated behind a $all of relentless "artisan rhetoric that magnify the small differences bet$een Presidential candidates -onsider the ma9or initiatives of the Abama "residency His Affordable -are Act has
182H3)6 "arningI 200< )!55 3/atform, avai/a'/e here+ 183<uffington Post, A/an 9ra4son &n %ransA3acific 3artnershi$: &'ama Secrec4 :ides Assau/t &n )emocratic 9overnment , June 1<, 2013+ 18.Union So/idarit4 ,nternationa/, %33 and %%,3: the cor$orate cou$ 'ehind the acron4ms, !ovem'er 1<, 2013

.8 been cham"ioned as a bastion of liberal reform( b!t in reality it is sim"ly forcing Americans to "!rchase health "lans from "rivate cor"orations His raising of the to" ta6 brac#et is "roffered as "roof of a liberal agenda( ho$ever the ta6 b!rden is still s:!arely on the middle class In addition( the $ealthiest Americans are virt!ally !naffected( as their $ealth resides in assets and investments( not income We are left $ith a "latform that is nearly indisting!ishable from his "redecessors( from $hich Abama "romised significant change When Ceorge <!sh bombs a foreign co!ntry( liberals cry fo!l and "rotest in droves When Abama does the same thing( the "revio!s "rotestors become s!""orters of the "olicy The same "henomenon can be seen on the other side of the aisle -onservatives are :!ic# to critici;e the e6"ansion of "rograms !nder Kemocratic "residents( b!t stand silent $hile Reagan and the <!sh family oversa$ many of the largest e6"ansions of the 1ederal government and b!dget in the history of the United States It sho!ld be clear after even a c!rsory ins"ection of the legacies of Presidencies from the last @) years that there is very little tangible differences bet$een the t$o "arties The shoc#ingly establishment0oriented agenda of <arac# Abama o!ght to be $a#ing !" millions of "eo"le to this tr!th -an $e $or# $ithin the system to change the Ane Party StateH Ho$ do $e a""roach the ')&? elections #no$ing that there are no real alternatives to be fo!nd $ithin the t$o "artiesH =ven candidates $ith e6ce"tionally favorable rhetoric cannot be tr!sted to translate their "latform into act!al "olicies It is "ossible to dismiss the "revio!s t$o cha"ters as a res!lt of 7mar#et forces7( that endless $ar and the Ane0Party state are the res!lt of !ncoordinated actors in a free mar#et =ven if this $as the case( the im"lications and s!bse:!ent need for reform $o!ld be tremendo!s The res!lt can acc!rately be described as the dirty 717 $ord% 1ascism I !nderstand that there $ill be a lot $ho disagree $ith this designationS I arg!e that the term

.1 has many different meanings and many "rominent "eo"le have !sed it in different $ays If yo! feel that another term best describes the "henomenon( that is A5( !ltimately it is not im"ortant $hat semantics $e a""ly 1ascism LAr $hichever term yo! "referM is a""ro"riate beca!se the system has evolved into coll!sion bet$een the military and economic entities to m!t!ally ens!re each others entrenchment It has gro$n o!t of control( and "erha"s no evidence is stronger than the fact that the media absol!tely ref!ses to indicate something might be $rong( as they have been envelo"ed by the system

Food for Thou)ht.


What is res"onsible for the massive disconnect bet$een lac# of differences bet$een Presidential candidates and the vitriolic rhetoric in the media and on -a"itol HillH

' Why has <arac# Abama reversed his "osition on so m!ch of his cam"aign "latformH

@ What forces are the driving factors in the constant overseas military and economic hegemonyH

* Who is driving the creation of agreements s!ch as the Trans0Pacific Partnershi" and $here does the order of secrecy come fromH

4 Which covert instit!tions co!ld be infl!encing the "olicy of elected officialsH


Psychopathy3 Po/er and Politics

+There is no s!ch thing( in the "sycho"athic !niverse( as the 7merely $ea#7 Whoever is $ea# is also a s!c#erS that is( someone $ho demands to be e6"loited/0 Psychologist Robert Rieber &?4


What e6actly does the $ord meanH =ntertainment media bombards !s $ith a "artic!lar version of the "sycho"ath( one that is irrational( dangero!s and violent Someone $ho doesn7t fit in( $ho 79!st doesn7t seem right7 Is this an acc!rate descri"tionH Kr Robert K Hare( an eminent Psychologist on the s!b9ect of "sycho"athy( "ortrays the disorder in a drastically different light In his boo# ithout Cons*ien*e+ he

describes "sycho"aths as being conscienceless yet rational( not s!ffering from any insanity or debilitationS instead they are logical( mani"!lative( "redis"osed to crime( selfish and $itho!t g!ilt( shame( remorse or em"athy ,-- In other $ords( these men and $omen are not mentally ill in the sense that $e traditionally imagine Psycho"athy is s!rely an illness( b!t it is not a ne!rosis that $ill manifest sym"toms others can easily "erceive Aften( the "sycho"ath $ill be a$are of his condition and com"letely conceal his aberrant traits In ithout Cons*ien*e+ Kr Hare "resents n!mero!s case st!dies and statistics to

1823rofessor #o'ert "+ #ie'er, a 6e//ow at 5o/um'ia Universit4 and eminent 3s4cho/ogist and :istorian+ Euote avai/a'/e here, ta-en from his 'oo- The (ndividual, Communication and $ociet,: 3ssa,s in Memor, 188"hen discussing 'oo-s, , wi// tr4 m4 'est to find a $u'/ic/4 avai/a'/e 3)6N 6or #ithout Conscience, , was una'/e to+ Pou can view the detai/s of the 'oo- on Ama?on+com here+

.* ill!minate the $orld of the "sycho"athS the evidence "oints to$ards a $orld f!ll of "eo"le "rogrammed for evil Kr Hare stresses m!lti"le times that the "sycho"ath is someone $ho has a strong desire for "o$er and the need to mani"!late others( not for "ersonal gain b!t sim"ly for the sa#e of mani"!lation While some "sycho"aths are erratic( others have the ability to com"letely conceal their condition behind a caref!lly constr!cted social "ersona

Kr Hare7s list of "sycho"athic "ersonality traits incl!de%

Kis"laying glibness and s!"erficial charm

<eing in constant need of stim!lation and "rone to e6cessive boredom

Acting in a conning or mani"!lative $ay

Sho$ing shallo$ emotional res"onses

Acting o!t "romisc!o!s se6!al behavior

<ehaving irres"onsibly

Avoiding long term relationshi"s

1eeling a grandiose sense of self $orth

Lying re"eatedly $itho!t remorse

Lac#ing any remorse or g!ilt

20 Lac#ing em"athy for others

Having "oor behavioral controls

Kis"laying behavioral "roblems early on in life

<ehaving im"!lsively

1ailing to acce"t res"onsibility for actions

Kis"laying signs criminal diversity

Kr Hare7s "redecessor Harvey -lec#ly( "erha"s the first "sychologist to st!dy the "sycho"athic "henomenon decades earlier( com"iled a similar list%

S!"erficial charm and average intelligence

Absence of del!sions and other signs of irrational thin#ing

Absence of nervo!sness or ne!rotic manifestations


Untr!thf!lness and insincerity

Lac# of remorse or shame

Antisocial behavior $itho!t a""arent com"!nction

21 Poor 9!dgment and fail!re to learn from e6"erience

Pathological egocentricity and inca"acity to love

Ceneral "overty in ma9or affective reactions

S"ecific loss of insight

Unres"onsiveness in general inter"ersonal relations

1antastic and !ninviting behavior $ith drin#( and sometimes $itho!t

Se6 life im"ersonal( trivial( and "oorly integrated

Most of the case st!dies Kr Hare "resents in his boo# are from the "rison "o"!lation and anecdotal acco!nts from those $ho have been ab!sed This is a nat!ral( str!ct!ral "roblem in the st!dy of "sycho"athy% the st!dy is limited for the most "art to the 7Uns!ccessf!l Psycho"ath7( those $ho co!ld not conceal their traits or $hose social circ!mstances led to bl!e0collar crime Tet Kr Hare also s"ends some significant time devoted to the 7S!bdeviant -riminal7( the "sycho"ath $ho has control over his deviance and the ability to hide it from the "o"!lace Instead of the "etty criminal( these men and $omen occ!"y "ositions in b!siness( government( ind!stry( and la$ Their condition goes entirely !nnoticed by the "o"!laceS their em"loyers( "eers( even their family and those $ho love them are fooled Ho$ can s!ch dece"tion be "ossibleH -onsider that "sycho"athy is not an 7ac:!ired7

22 illness Instead( it has strong genetic com"onents and manifests itself in early childhood &?3
&?G &?2 &3)

1rom an early age( the "sycho"ath recogni;es that to fit into society in any manner

they need to develo" to ability to lie e6tensively Aver time( they become e6ce"tionally good at it Their entire "!blic "ersona becomes one com"le6 act( a $eb of lies to hide their deviant "ersonality


A recent series of st!dies "!blished in Psy*hologi*al "*ien*e highlights the "leas!re that "ersons $ith "sycho"athic tendencies derive from ab!sing others( by revealing that certain "eo"le $ill often ta#e great "leas!re in sadistic behavior( s!ggesting that in these s!b9ects there is an +intrinsic motivation to inflict s!ffering on innocent others( even at a "ersonal cost /&3& In one e6"eriment( researcher =rin <!c#els( from the University of <ritish -ol!mbia( fo!nd that there is a certain s!bset of "eo"le $ho chose to intensify the discomfort of others thro!gh directed $hite noise once they fo!nd that there $o!ld be no conse:!ences for their actions They $ere also $illing to e6"end e6tra time and energy to be able to am"lify the discomfort they $ere ca!sing their 7o""onent7

181(/onigen, )anie/ ;+ et+ a/+ H2002I, 3s4cho$athic $ersona/it4 traits: herita'i/it4 and genetic over/a$ with interna/i?ing and e@terna/i?ing $s4cho$atho/og4+ Ps,chol Med 18<9/enn, Andrea >+ et+ a/+ H2011I, DEvo/utionar4 theor4 and $s4cho$ath4+ +0ggression and >iolent -ehavior H3)6 "arnngI 18*5as$i, A, et+ a/+ H2002I+ D#o/e of 9enot4$e in the 54c/e of Gio/ence in ;a/treated 5hi/dren+D $cience 110%i--anen, #oo$e et+ a/+ H2011I+ D3s4cho$ath4, 35>A#, and ;A&A genot4$e as $redictors of vio/ent reconvictionsD+ Ps,chiatr, Research 1110ssociation for Ps,chological $cience, Ever4da4 Sadists %a-e 3/easure ,n &thersL 3ain, Se$tem'er 12, 2013


+Some find it hard to reconcile sadism $ith the conce"t of XnormalP "sychological f!nctioning( b!t o!r findings sho$ that sadistic tendencies among otherwise well-adjusted people m!st be ac#no$ledged(/ 0 =rin <!c#els L=m"hasis addedM

+The researchers ho"e that these ne$ findings $ill hel" to broaden "eo"lePs vie$ of sadism as an as"ect of "ersonality that manifests in everyday life( hel"ing to dis"el the notion that sadism is limited to se6!al deviants and criminals(/ 0 !sso*iation for Psy*hologi*al "*ien*e

=rin <!c#els concl!des that her research may offer val!able insights into domestic ab!se( animal ab!se( and military Y "olice br!tality( thro!gh the !nderstanding that dis"osition to sadism and ab!se is a "ersonality trait that manifests itself in every day life The tr!e insights $hich can be derived from her $or# and those of other "sycho"athy researchers go m!ch dee"er than "olice br!talityS they shed m!ch needed light on the $ides"read relationshi" bet$een evil and "o$er

#econdary Psychopathy


Understanding the nat!re of "sycho"athy does not reveal the f!ll "ict!re 8!mero!s researchers have differentiated bet$een 7"rimary "sycho"athy7( that $hich is genetic( and 7secondary "sycho"athy7( that $hich is ac:!ired thro!gh environment &3' &3@ &3* Unli#e the "rimary "sycho"ath( $ho is born $ith their condition and lac#s entirely the ca"acity for em"athy and other higher h!man emotions( the secondary "sycho"ath occasionally manifests these traits In other $ords( non0"sycho"athic individ!als can e6hibit "sycho"athic behaviors thro!gh the conditioning of their environment T$o $ell #no$n st!dies in "sychology !nderscore this The first is the Milgrim =6"eriment A vol!nteer $o!ld be "laced at a booth $ith an a""arat!s that sends an electric shoc# to a "erson in another room The vol!nteer believes the man in the other room is a fello$ vol!nteerS in reality he is an actor that is not act!ally receiving electric shoc#s The vol!nteer as#s the actor a series of :!estions( a $rong ans$er means the !se of an increasingly high voltage of shoc#ing The vol!nteer $o!ld be "rom"ted by a man in a lab coat to contin!e administering the shoc#s long after it had become !nsafe The verbal "rodding $o!ld range bet$een 7Please contin!e7 and 7To! have no other choice( yo! must contin!e7 After the shoc# reached @)) volts( the actor $o!ld sto" ans$ering( b!t the man in the lab coat $o!ld contin!e insisting on shoc#s Kr Stanley Milgrim re"eatedly fo!nd that nearly 'E@rds of "eo"le $o!ld contin!e to the ma6im!m voltage of *4)( long after they had believed their "eer to be inca"acitated Regarding the e6"eriment( Milgrim $rote%

112!ewman, Jose$h 3+ et+ a/+ H2002I, Ga/idating a )istinction (etween 3rimar4 and Secondar4 3s4cho$ath4 "ith ;easures of 9ra4Ls (,S and (AS 5onstructs+ %ournal of 0bnormal Ps,cholog, H3)6 "arningI 113S-eem, Jennifer et+ a/+ H2001I, %wo Su't4$es of 3s4cho$athic Gio/ent &ffenders %hat 3ara//e/ 3rimar4 and Secondar4 Gariants+ %ournal of 0bnormal Ps,cholog, H3)6 "arningI 11.)ean, And4 5+ et+ a/+ H2013I, Secondar4 $s4cho$ath4, 'ut not $rimar4 $s4cho$ath4, is associated with ris-4 decisionAma-ing in noninstitutiona/i?ed 4oung adu/ts+ 3lsevier


+Ardinary "eo"le( sim"ly doing their 9obs( and $itho!t any "artic!lar hostility on their "art( can become agents in a terrible destr!ctive "rocess Moreover( even $hen the destr!ctive effects of their $or# become "atently clear( and they are as#ed to carry o!t actions incom"atible $ith f!ndamental standards of morality( relatively fe$ "eo"le have the reso!rces needed to resist a!thority F

The second e6"eriment is the Stanford Prison =6"eriment Vol!nteers $ere as#ed to sim!late a "rison in Stanford7s "sychology hallS half of the "artici"ants sim!lated "risoners and the other half g!ards The g!ards $ere told to ma#e the "risoners feel "o$erless tho!gh not resort to violence Nimbardo( the lead e6"erimenter( fo!nd that many of the g!ards ste""ed far beyond the bo!ndaries of $hat had been "redicted( leading to dangero!s and "sychologically damaging sit!ations A third of the g!ards had dis"layed 7gen!ine sadistic tendencies7 Some "risoners $ere emotionally tra!mati;ed and had to leave the e6"eriment early Nimbardo arg!ed that his e6"eriment sho$s that "eo"le internali;e a!thority and s!bmission Tho!gh the nat!re of the Stanford Prison e6"eriment does not lend itself to em"iricism( it does give some credence to the idea that 7"o$er corr!"ts7 and changes "eo"le 1!rthermore( an e6"eriment "!blished in A!g!st ')&' by the .ournal of /0perimental Psy*hology sho$ed definite "sychological changes associated $ith "o$er It fo!nd that "eo"le $ho considered themselves in "ositions of "o$er literally "erceived the $orld aro!nd them differently &34
112Pa$$, And4 et+ a/+ H2012I+ %he $owerfu/ si?e others down: %he /in- 'etween $ower and estimates of others si?e+ The %ournal of 34+erimental Ps,cholog,;H3)6 "arningI

28 We $o!ld li#e to thin# that h!manity has evolved since these e6"eriments too# "lace( and since the atrocities that $ere revealed after World War II Unfort!nately( this is not the case In '))G( the Stanley Milgram st!dy $as re"rod!ced( $ith only slight alterations to conform to modern ethical standards( and fo!nd the e6act same res!lts% A vast ma9ority of "artici"ants $ere $illing to inflict significant "ain on another h!man if "ress!red to do so by "erceived a!thority &3? We do not need to rely on "sychological st!dies to see the "o$er of "erceived a!thority ca!sing ab!ses% $e have tangible evidence of the relationshi" emerging fre:!ently from the War on Terror Most recently( it $as revealed that the -IA made doctors and "sychologists $or#ing at vario!s Ke"artment of Kefense instit!tions violate the ethical codes of their "rofession in order to become involved $ith the tort!re and degrading treatment of terror s!s"ects &33

+Medical "rofessionals $ere in effect told that their ethical mantra Ffirst do no harmF did not a""ly( beca!se they $ere not treating "eo"le $ho $ere ill / 0 The Guardian

The re"ort( com"iled by the Tas#force on Preserving Medical Professionalism in 8ational Sec!rity Ketention -enters( s!""orted by the Instit!te on Medicine as a Profession LIMAPM( fo!nd that doctors $or#ing $ith the Ke"artment of Kefense and -IA ro!tinely "artici"ated in $aterboarding( slee" de"rivation and force0feeding( the latter being against the r!les of World Medical Association and the American Medical Association( $hile gathering and sharing intelligence

FThe American "!blic has a right to #no$ that the covenant $ith
118--C, 3eo$/e sti// wi//ing to torture , )ecem'er 1*, 200< 111The Guardian, 5,A made doctors torture sus$ected terrorists after *F11, tas-force finds, !ovem'er ., 2013

21 its "hysicians to follo$ "rofessional ethical e6"ectations is firm regardless of $here they serve It7s clear that in the name of national sec!rity the military tr!m"ed that covenant( and "hysicians $ere transformed into agents of the military and "erformed acts that $ere contrary to medical ethics and "ractice We have a res"onsibility to ma#e s!re this never ha""ens again F 0 Kr Cerald Thomson( "rofessor of medicine emerit!s at -ol!mbia University and member of the tas#force

While "artici"ation in $aterboarding and force0feeding may not be shoc#ing to the desensiti;ed "!blic7s sensibilities( it is still very revealing that "hysicians and "sychologists $ho $o!ld other$ise bal# at the s!ggestion that they $o!ld violate their "rofessions ethical codes( do so $itho!t hesitation $hen it is done in the name of War And after all( the United States did sentence >a"anese $ar criminals to death for the act of $aterboarding d!ring the International Military Trib!nal for the 1ar =ast follo$ing World War II &3G Armed $ith this conte6t( it is easy to !nderstand the ease $ith $hich "sycho"aths can mani"!late instit!tions and societies A ma9ority of "eo"le do not even have the "sychological ca"acity to ref!se a!thority( at least !nder sit!ations of "ress!re P!tting the average citi;en in "ositions of minor a!thority s!ch as a "olice officer can ca!se behavioral and "hysiological changes in that "erson( dis"osing them to ab!se Therefore a "sycho"ath in a "osition of "o$er essentially has a vast "ool of tools at their dis"osal to act o!t their t$isted desires of mani"!lation and control

11<<uffington Post, Pes, National Review, "e )id E@ecute Ja$anese for "ater'oarding, A$ri/ 2., 200*


The Pathocracy

Psycho"athy is not a rare "henomenon% Kr Hare estimates that "sycho"aths consist of &O of the "o"!lation( other "sychologists have estimates as high as *O


re"resents bet$een @ and &' million Americans( millions of $hich are the 7S!bdeviant -riminals7 of Kr Hare7s le6icon( residing in "ositions of "o$er $ith a "sychological need to control and mani"!late others They are dra$n to certain occ!"ations that allo$ them to $ield "o$er over others( s!ch as "olice( military( intelligence( and finance Aver time( they begin to sat!rate im"ortant instit!tions( being more r!thless and $illing to ca!se more destr!ction in their rise !" the ladder of "o$er than their com"etition In the e6act same manner that yo! and I nat!rally e6cl!de deviants from o!r social gro!"s( "sycho"aths nat!rally e6cl!de those of !s $ho allo$ conscience and morality to infl!ence o!r decisions and "erce"tions The res!lt is a $eb of m!t!al conditioning of 7evil7( $here goals and actions become increasingly removed from the instit!tions original intention This "rocess has been occ!rring for cent!ries in ban#s( clandestine agencies( military( "olice de"artments( and governments( in nearly every instance hiding behind rhetoric and ideology that mas#s their tr!e nat!re The rise of this "rocess over decades res!lts in a "henomenon #no$n as Patho*ra*y.

patho*ra*y LnM A system of government created by a small "athological minority that ta#es control over a society &G)
11*:arvard 3s4cho/ogist ;artha Stout ma-es the .Q c/aim in her 'oo- The $ocio+ath Ne4t *oor; 1<0)efinition ta-en from Andrew >o'ac?ews-i, a 3o/ish 3s4cho/ogist who dedicated his /ife to stud4ing the 3athocratic $henomenon of the Soviet (/oc+ :is 'oo- 3o/itica/ 3onero/og4 is dense 'ut immense/4 im$ortant, 4ou can read it here+


Pathocracies have e6isted thro!gho!t history and many e6ist in the "resent Unfort!nately( there is a considerable amo!nt of evidence that the United States has evolved into s!ch a system of government( $here clandestine and financial instit!tions sat!rated $ith "sycho"aths have gained eno!gh infl!ence to s!bvert the democratic "rocess Their rise to "o$er coincided $ith the dra"ing of a veil over their e6istence( thro!gh "o$erf!l "ro"aganda and s!btlety in action This boo# is the history of the modern American "sycho"ath in a "osition of "o$er( and the goal is to lift the 1eil


Operation Paperclip

FWhat yo! $ere made to feel $as that the co!ntry $as in des"erate "eril and $e had to do $hatever it too# to save it F 0 H!gh -!nningham( -IA Afficial&G&

As the Western Theater of World War II came to a close( there $as a mad r!sh bet$een the Soviet Union and the United States to be the first army to enter and sec!re Cermany It $as not for consideration of landS that $o!ld be meted o!t later d!ring the Talta and Potsdam conferences 8or $as it to ca"t!re the 8a;i leadershi" and bring them to trial for their heino!s crimes against h!manity In fact( the goal $as the o""osite The r!sh to sec!re Cermany $as m!ch more abo!t sec!ring Cermany7s infrastr!ct!re% their leadershi" and the best minds in intelligence( science and ind!stry 8ationalArchives gov hosts a list of over &(4)) 8a;is that $ere transferred into America( many of them ram"ant $ar criminals

It has been

released to the "!blic only recently than#s to the 8a;i War -rimes Kisclos!re Act The "ro9ect that oversa$ this endeavor is #no$n as A"eration Pa"ercli" and $as !nderta#en by the Affice Af Strategic Services( the "rec!rsor to the -IA President Harry Tr!man formally ordered the A"eration in A!g!st &2*4( b!t it had covertly began months earlier( in May Tr!man7s orders e6"ressly forbid the transfer of any "erson #no$n Fto have been a member of the 8a;i Party( and more than a nominal
1<1John ;ar-s, %he Search for the ;anchurian 5andidate: %he 5,A and ;ind 5ontro/ 1*1*+ )es$ite the sensationa/ist tit/e, John ;ar-s 'oo- is a mode/ of academic integrit4 and a treasure trove of information+ %he 'oois derived from information ta-en from 18,000 5,A fi/es received through the 6reedom of ,nformation Act, and interviews with the few officia/s who wou/d agree to ta/-+ 3)6 avai/a'/e here+ 1<2#ecords of the &ffice of the Secretar4 of )efense H#ecord 9rou$ 330I, !ationa/Archives+gov

81 "artici"ant in its activities( or an active s!""orter of 8a;i militarismF &G@ This directive $as not follo$ed( for it $o!ld have "revented the ac:!isition of a lot of "rominent 8a;is s!ch as Arth!r R!dol"h( $ho endorsed the !sage of slave labor from concentration cam"s for the b!ilding of the V' roc#et&G* and later became a "rominent fig!re in 8ASA &G4 More "eo"le $o!ld die b!ilding the V' roc#et0 a n!mber estimated at ?)()))0 than $ere #illed by it in combat &G? The dossiers of "rominent 8a;is bro!ght into the United States s!ch as Wernher von <ra!n cannot be fo!nd on the 8ational Archives sheetS $e can concl!de that either identities $ere fa#ed and $hite$ashed d!ring the "rocess( or the &(4)) names is an incom"lete tally Regardless( $e can concl!de that the order of Tr!man $as not heeded( and many former 8a;is became entrenched $ithin the United States science( intelligence and ind!strial ind!stries( !ndo!btedly contrib!ting to a $eb of "sycho"athic conditioning There are many interesting "rofiles of $ar criminals $ho fo!nd em"loyment in the United States after the $ar 5r!noslav Kraganovic( for e6am"le( $as a 1ranciscan "riest $ho actively served the 8a;i satellite regime in -roatia( $here they $ere res"onsible for over @4)())) deaths He also facilitated the esca"e of n!mero!s -roatian $ar criminals thro!gh the assets of the clergy After the $ar( he $as hired as a U S s"y

5!rt <lome $as the director of the 8a;i <iological Warfare "rogram and former SS officer He oversa$ 8erve Cas e6"erimentation on "risoners at A!sch$it;( and established the bio$ea"ons research center for Heinrich Himmler Ane of his e6"eriments involved
1<3"i-i$edia Artic/e on 3ro=ect 3a$erc/i$ 1<.htt$:FFhistor4+msfc+nasa+govFvon'raunFe@cer$ts+htm/ 1<2New 'or& Times, !ASA #efuses to 5omment on it s 6ormer &fficia/, &cto'er 1< 1*<.+ ;r+ #udo/$h directed the 'ui/ding of the Saturn 2 roc-et that carried the A$o//o astronauts to the moon and managed other s$ace and missi/e $rograms+++ :e was awarded the E@ce$tiona/ Service ;eda/ in 1*8< and the )istinguished Service ;eda/, the agenc4 s highest honor, the fo//owing 4ear+ 1<8htt$:FFwww+v2roc-et+comFstartFcha$tersFmitte/+htm/ 1<16rom the 6ederation of American Scientists, information uncovered from the !a?i "ar 5rimes )isc/osure Act+ htt$:FFwww+fas+orgFsg$FnewsF2002F02Fnara020<02+htm/

82 inoc!lating "risoners $ith the "lag!e and recording its "rogression &GG He $as hired by the US Army -hemical -or"s in &24& to $or# on chemical $arfare research

The most interesting case st!dy is that of Reinhard Cehlen( a Ma9or Ceneral in the Cerman Wehrmacht( close confidant of Hitler( and head of the Cerman Army Intelligence on the =astern 1ront The ASS fo!nd that Cehlen7s #no$ledge of the Soviets that he had gained d!ring World War II $as so im"ortant that not only did they let him #ee" his 9ob( he $as able to maintain a vast ma9ority of his infrastr!ct!re What became #no$n as the Cehlen organi;ation f!nctioned as a semi0a!tonomo!s intelligence !nit for the United States and West <erlin( and em"loyed over &)) former Cesta"o and SS officers &2)

+The Cehlen Argani;ation $as the one gro!" that did have net$or#s inside =astern =!ro"e( and that is $hy $e hired them Hiring Cehlen $as the biggest mista#e the US ever made A!r allies said( 7To! are "!tting 8a;is at the senior levels of yo!r intelligence7( and they $ere right The Cehlen organi;ation $as the "rimary so!rce of intelligence that claimed that( 7The Soviets $ere abo!t to attac# West Cermany7 Wthat $as the biggest b!nch of baloney then and it is still a b!nch of baloney today Cehlen had to ma#e his money by creating a threat that $e $ere afraid of( so $e $o!ld give him more money to tell !s abo!t it In my o"inion( the Cehlen Argani;ation "rovided nothing $orth$hile for !nderstanding or
1<<#o'ert Cir-conne/, American :eart of )ar-ness+ E@cer$t avai/a'/e here+ 1<*"i-i$edia Artic/e on Curt (/ome 1*0%his information comes from the !ationa/ Securit4 Archives, a fantastic resource run '4 9eorge "ashington Universit4+ %he4 are a /eader in hosting im$ortant documents and dec/assif4ing more through 6reedom of ,nformation Act reMuests+ %he4 wi// 'e /in-ed to man4 times throughout this 'oo-+ %he s$ecific information on #einhard 9eh/en can 'e found here+

83 estimating Soviet military or "olitical ca"abilities in =astern =!ro"e or any$here else The Cehlen organi;ation had been "enetrated by Soviet intelligence and many of the US 8a;i assets $ere no$ do!ble agents( ta#ing -IA $ages and t!rning aro!nd and selling information to the enemy / 0 Victor Marchetti( -IA Veteran and former -hief of Soviet Strategic War Plans&2&

The lac# of internal sec!rity in the Cehlen Argani;ation $as egregio!s Ane former Army -o!nter0Intelligence -or"s officer lamented%

+Recr!iting methods then em"loyed $ere so loose that former Cerman Afficers and noncoms $ere blindly being a""roached to $or# for American Intelligence in es"ionage activity directed against the USSR /&2'

8ot only did this mean that the Cehlen Argani;ation became sat!rated $ith radical 8a;is and other fascist elements( it also served as an easy entry of infiltration by the Soviet Union The organi;ation f!nctioned semi0a!tonomo!sly so strict controls over their o"erations $as im"ossible The Soviet "ress did not hesitate to !se the Cehlen Argani;ation as an effective "ro"aganda tool( "ointing o!t that the West had maintained the very intelligence !nit that
1*15hristo$her Sim$son, (/ow'ac-+ E@cer$t avai/a'/e here+ 1*25,A :istor4 Staff, 6orging an ,nte//igence 3artnershi$: %he 5,A and the &rigins of the (!), 1*.2A.* H1***I+ H3)6 "arningI

8. $as res"onsible for a long series of crimes against h!manity along the =astern 1ront of the War 1!t!re Kirector of -entral Intelligence Richard Helms stated that%

+The re"orts in the Soviet0dominated "ress in Cermany concerning the !se of former Cerman staff and intelligence is s!ch that there is no :!estion that the R!ssians #no$ this o"eration is going on even tho!gh they got some of the details $rong -ertainly the fact that so m!ch "!blicity has been given

to this indicates serio!s fla$s in the A"eration /&2@

Ane official -IA doc!ment titled +1orging an Intelligence Partnershi"% The -IA and the Arigins of the <8K( &2*40*2/( noted that the Cehlen Argani;ation $o!ld ta#e -IA assets that they received and then sell them on the blac# mar#et for more f!nds


reference is vag!e b!t li#ely refers to selling arms and amm!nition to vario!s !ndergro!nd right $ing elements -onsider this% At the end of the War( the Affice of Strategic Services $as a small organi;ation of &@())) members&24( and the Cehlen organi;ation consisted of at least *())) members by the year &2*2 &2? -an $e acc!rately say that United States intelligence absorbed the 8a;i infrastr!ct!re $itho!t considering ho$ m!ch of an infl!ence it had on the beginnings of these clandestine instit!tionsH

1*3,'id+ 1*.,'id+ 1*2"i-i$edia Artic/e on the &ffice of Strategic Services 1*85,A :istor4 Staff

82 * * * *

Further Complicity

Altho!gh the 8a;i War -rimes Kisclos!re Act has been a $ealth of information regarding the early relationshi"s bet$een the -IA and former 8a;i7s( there is still a lot that $e do not #no$

+The -entral Intelligence Agency is ref!sing to "rovide h!ndreds of tho!sands of "ages of doc!ments so!ght by a government $or#ing gro!" !nder a &22G la$ that re:!ires f!ll disclos!re of classified records related to 8a;i $ar criminals( say -ongressional officials from both "arties / 0 New York Times,23

The New York Times article goes on to describe ho$ the -IA has inter"reted the 8a;i War -rimes Act in an e6ce"tionally narro$ fashion( ref!sing to release many more doc!ments

+Historians $ho have st!died the doc!ments made "!blic so far have said that at least five associates of the 8a;i leader Adolf =ichmann( the architect of Hitler7s cam"aign to e6terminate >e$s( had $or#ed for the -IA /

1*1New 'or& Times, 5+,+A+ Said to #e'uff 5ongress on !a?i 6i/es, Januar4 30, 2002


Tho!gh $e can only s"ec!late( it is "ossible that some of these s!""ressed files contain collaboration $ith other elements $ho assisted in "rotecting 8a;is d!ring and after the fall of the Third Reich 1or e6am"le( the Red -ross and the Vatican collaborated to sm!ggle tho!sands of $ar criminals to safety immediately after the fall of 8a;i Cermany &2G They !sed !ndergro!nd "assages #no$n as 7ratlines7 to #ee" the men o!t of sight The Red -ross iss!ed legitimate travel doc!ments to many 8a;i members% it is estimated that over G())) SS members ended !" in <ritain and -anada alone These revelations shed light on ho$ "rominent 8a;is s!ch as Adolf =ichmann and Kr >osef Mengele $ere able to esca"e from Cermany and hide from Allied a!thorities and hide o!t for decades

Food for Thou)ht.


What effect did the infl!6 of 8a;is have on the agenda of the -IA and other instit!tions that they inhabitedH

' Why $as ASS leadershi" so interested in "roviding safety for high "rofile 8a;i7s( des"ite the $ishes of the PresidentH

@ Is it "ossible that the friendly "ost0$ar relationshi" bet$een the Cehlen Argani;ation and the -IA indicates a form of relationshi" d!ring and before the $ar as $ellH
1*<The Guardian, #ed 5ross and Gatican he/$ed thousands of !a?is to esca$e, ;a4 22, 2011


* What ty"e of infl!ence has the Cehlen Argani;ation had on the develo"ment of Western CermanyH



+In the &24)7s and early &2?)7s( the agency gave mind0altering dr!gs to h!ndreds of !ns!s"ecting Americans in an effort to e6"lore the "ossibilities of controlling h!man conscio!sness Many of the h!man g!inea "igs $ere mental "atients( "risoners( dr!g addicts and "rostit!tes 00 77"eo"le $ho co!ld not fight bac#(77 as one agency officer "!t it In one case( a mental "atient in 5ent!c#y $as dosed $ith LSK contin!o!sly for &3* days / 0 New York Times,22

M50ULTRA is the codename given to a -IA research o"eration into biological behavioral engineering( also #no$n as mind control Many "eo"le are familiar $ith the o"eration b!t incorrectly ass!me that it $as limited to LSK research While there $ere "lenty of reso!rces devoted to LSK research( it $as only one area of a vast field of mind control o"erations M50ULTRA researcher I#e 1eldman said himself that%

+The LSK

that $as 9!st the ti" of the iceberg


Assassinations Kirty tric#s Kr!g e6"eriments Se6!al enco!nters and the st!dy of "rostit!tes for clandestine !se That is $hat I $as doing $hen I $or#ed for Ceorge White and the -IA /'))
1**New 'or& Times, Sidne4 9ott/ie', <0, )iesN %oo- >S) to 5+,+A+, ;arch 10, 1*** 200,nterview e@cer$t $rovided '4 :istorian )ic- #usse//, avai/a'/e here+


M50ULTRA had several "rec!rsors There $as Pro9ect -hatter in &2*3( $hich tested dr!gs s!ch as the infamo!s Sco"almine d!ring interrogations

There $as Pro9ect

<l!ebird in &2*2( $hich began st!dies into hy"nosis ')' The doc!ment describing the initiation of Pro9ect <l!ebird o!tlines these s"ecial "roblems( among many others( that they $ere ho"ing to address%

-an $e in a matter of an ho!r( t$o ho!rs( one day( etc (

ind!ce an hy"notic condition in an !n$illing s!b9ect to s!ch an e6tent that he $ill "erform an act for o!r benefitH -an $e create by "ost0hy"notic control an action contrary

to an individ!al7s basic moral "rinci"lesH -an $e g!arantee total amnesia !nder any and all

conditionsH -an $e FalterF a "erson7s "ersonalityH Ho$ long $ill it


-an $e devise a system for ma#ing !n$illing s!b9ects into

$illing agents and then transfer that control to !ntrained agency agents in the field by !se of codes or identifying signs or credentialsH')@

201"i-i$edia Artic/e on 3ro=ect 5hatter 202!ationa/ Securit4 Archives documents on 3ro=ect (/ue'ird 203)ocument avai/a'/e here+

10 Pro9ect Articho#e began in &24&( $ith a sco"e of +-an $e get control of an

individ!al to the "oint $here he $ill do o!r bidding against his $ill and even against f!ndamental la$s of nat!re( s!ch as self0"reservationH/')* All of the above "ro9ects $ere sh!ttled into M50ULTRA in &24@( !nder the Technical Services Kivision( combining over &4) s!b0"ro9ects')4( !nderta#en at over G) instit!tions')? s!ch as !niversities( hos"itals( "risons and "harmace!tical com"anies Many of the "ro9ects $ere covertly ran thro!gh front organi;ations $itho!t the #no$ledge of the instit!tion that hosted them The e6"eriments and o"erations !nder M50ULTRA have been shro!ded in e6treme secrecy When it $as enacted( then0-IA Kirector Allen K!lles e6em"ted the "rogram from normal financial controls( allo$ed the Technical Services Staff to begin e6"eriments $itho!t contracts or $ritten agreements $ith leadershi"( and ordered the financial office to "ay any cost blindly on the signat!re of Sidney Cottlieb ')3 -IA Koc!ment &33*G states that%

+There are 9!st t$o individ!als in TSK $ho have f!ll s!bstantial #no$ledge of the "rogram and most of that #no$ledge is !nrecorded <oth are highly s#illed( highly motivated( "rofessionally com"etent individ!als Part of their com"etence lies in their command of intelligence tradecraft In "rotecting the sensitive nat!re of the American intelligence ca"ability to mani"!late h!man behavior( they a""ly +need to #no$/ doctrine
20.)ocument avai/a'/e here+ 2021*11 5ongressiona/ :earings, avai/a'/e here+ 208New 'or& Times, <0 ,nstitutions Used in ;ind 5ontro/ Studies, August ., 1*11 201John ;ar-s, %he Search for the ;anchurian 5andidate: %he 5,A and ;ind 5ontro/ 1*1*+ )es$ite the sensationa/ist tit/e, John ;ar-s 'oo- is a mode/ of academic integrit4 and a treasure trove of information+ %he 'oois derived from information ta-en from 18,000 5,A fi/es received through the 6reedom of ,nformation Act, and interviews with the few officia/s who wou/d agree to ta/-+ 3)6 avai/a'/e here+

11 to their "rofessional associates and their clerical assistants to a ma6im!m degree TSK has "!rs!ed a "olicy of minim!m doc!mentation in #ee"ing $ith the high sensitivity of some of the "ro9ects The lac# of

consistent records "recl!des !se of ro!tine ins"ection "roced!res and raised a variety of :!estions regarding management and fiscal controls /')G

The t$o individ!als the doc!ment refers to are li#ely Sidney Cottleib( the director of M50ULTRA( and Richard Helms( the Ke"!ty Kirector of the -IA In &23@( $hen Richard Helms became the Kirector of the -IA( he ordered all of the available M50ULTRA files to be destroyed ')2 Than#s to a clerical error( abo!t ')())) files s!rvived the destr!ction order Ho$ever( not only $ere most of the files destroyed( b!t many e6"eriments $ere so sensitive that they $ere never recorded in the first "lace( so $e m!st !nderstand that as br!tal and astonishing as the recorded e6"erimentation is( $e are only seeing the ti" of the iceberg Another file( M50ULTRA doc!ment G3?'*( states%

+?O of the "ro9ects are of s!ch an !ltra0sensitive nat!re that they cannot and sho!ld not be handled by means of contracts $hich $o!ld associate -IA or the Covernment $ith the $or# in

20<)ocument avai/a'/e here+ 20*An ,nterview with #ichard :e/ms 5,A+gov

12 :!estion This ?O of the c!rrent research effort no$ lies entirely $ithin t$o $ell0defined fields of endeavor As "resent this

res!lts in ridic!lo!s contracts( often $ith c!t0o!ts( $hich do not s"ell o!t the sco"e or intent of the $or# /'&)

The first 7$ell0defined field of endeavor7 described by the doc!ment is develo"ing the ca"ability of biological and chemical $ea"ons for the "!r"ose of mind control The second field of endeavor is entirely redacted from the doc!ment

E/an Cameron

Kr =$an -ameron $as a Scottish0born Psychiatrist $ho $or#ed in the United States since World War II and s!bse:!ently acce"ted an invitation to contract for the -IA He $o!ld comm!te to the McCill University system in -anada to cond!ct e6"eriments on brain$ashing( 7"sychic driving7 and other forms of "sychological tort!re -ameron had a theory that a "erson $ith a "sychological illness s!ch as schi;o"hrenia $o!ld benefit from having their brain essentially $i"ed clean( "res!ming the "atient $o!ld redevelo" their cognitive f!nctions $itho!t the disorder The -IA felt that brain$ashing had obvio!s

210)ocument avai/a'/e here+

13 intelligence a""lications '&& Kr -ameron had a 7de"attering7 "rogram he !sed to erase the minds of his "atients that began $ith &4 V @) days of 7slee" thera"y7 Lsometimes lasting as long as ?4 daysM( $here the "atient $o!ld slee" all day and night( $ith the e6ce"tion of three brief "eriods $here a slee"0ind!cing dr!g coc#tail and electroshoc# thera"y $o!ld be administered -ameron7s electroshoc# thera"y has been doc!mented to be bet$een ') V *) times more intense than the "rofessional standard at the time Instead of &&) volts at a fraction of a second( -ameron !sed &4) volts for an initial shoc# lasting & f!ll second( and then bet$een 4 and 2 additional shoc#s d!ring the conv!lsions of the "atient( !sing a m!scle rela6ant to "revent "ermanent damage The ne6t ste" $as to "lay ta"ed messages to a "atient &? ho!rs a day for m!lti"le months in an attem"t to "rogram the desired behavior

Aver half of his "atients have s!ffered "ermanent amnesia of their lives before their 7de"attering7 They $ere not told that they $o!ld be "artici"ating in e6"eriments "rior to their admittance A large gro!" of -ameron7s victims bro!ght a la$s!it against the -IA in &2GG $hich $as settled o!t of co!rt( so the agency $o!ld not have to admit any official $rongdoing Why the interest in electroshoc#H -IA Koc!ment &2)GG4 reveals that the -IA $as interested in the +g!aranteed amnesia/ that electric shoc# often res!lted in

211John ;ar-s 212,'id 213)ocument avai/a'/e here+

1. 8Front8 Or)ani5ations

+The - I A !sed a front organi;ation called the Society for the Investigation of H!man =cology to hel" "ay for the $or# of Kr -ameron( a "sychiatrist $ho directed the Allan Memorial Instit!te in Montreal Kr -ameron died in &2?3 The money $as "rovided to Kr -ameron as "art of the - I A 7s effort in the &24)7s and ?)7s to develo" dr!gs or techni:!es that co!ld control h!man behavior Patients of Kr -ameron $ere s!b9ected to a regimen that incl!ded heavy doses of LSK and barbit!rates( the a""lication of "o$erf!l electric shoc#s t$o or three times a day( and "rolonged "eriods of dr!g0ind!ced slee" According to Covernment records( the "atients and their relatives $ere not told they $ere ta#ing "art in e6"eriments >ose"h Ra!h( another la$yer for the "laintiffs( said many of Kr -ameron7s "atients 7$ere very greatly damaged by the e6"eriments 7/ 0 New York Times'&*

The !se of 7fronts7( meaning a "rivate enter"rise secretly o$ned by the -IA to conceal affiliations $ith the agency( is standard "ractice and $ides"read thro!gh M50 ULTRA The Society for the Investigation of H!man =cology $as nominally associated
21.New 'or& Times, 5+,+A+ !ear Settt/ement of >awsuit '4 Su'=ects of ;indA5ontro/ %ests+ &cto'er 8, 1*<<

12 $ith Stanford and considered to be relatively "restigio!s in the field It $o!ld often a$ard 7cover grants7 to conceal that the b!l# of its research had military intelligence a""lications '&4

"n/ittin) Testin)

The -IA had an official "olicy of 7terminal e6"eriments7( $hich essentially meant s!rre"titio!s administration of dr!gs to discover ho$ s!b9ects $o!ld react $hen they $ere not a$are they $ere being e6"erimented on The 9!stification $as that it $as the only $ay to tr!ly discover the reactions of the mind !nder stress and e6"osed to vario!s mind control chemicals The "olicy $as !"held even after it led to deaths Ane high "rofile fatality $as that of Kr 1ran# Alson( a scientist from the Army -hemical -or"s7 S"ecial A"erations Kivision K!ring a 9oint Army0-IA gathering at Kee" -ree# Lodge in the $oods of 8orthern Maryland( Sidney Cottlieb added LSK to the drin#s of the fe$ men in attendance( and did not inform them !ntil the effects started to begin Kr 1ran# Alson $as one of these men( and !nli#e his "eers( he $as not able to handle the effects of the "sychedelic His colleag!es described his reaction as 7"sychotic7 He s!rvived the tri"( b!t entered a dee" de"ression and ended !" 9!m"ing o!t a $indo$ of the $indo$ of a 8e$ Tor# hotel a $ee# later
212)ocument avai/a'/e here+

18 The death of Kr Alsen "rom"ted an internal revie$ by the -IA of s!rre"titio!s testing( b!t the "olicy $as res!med 9!st a fe$ months later Ane -IA doc!ment( iss!ed nearly a decade after Alsen7s death( affirmed the internal consens!s of !n$itting administration of dr!gs% +LAfficersM arg!ed for the contin!ation of !n$itting testing( !sing as the "rinci"al "oint that controlled testing cannot be de"ended !"on for acc!rate res!lts Ceneral -arter( Mr 5ir#"atric#( and I do not disagree $ith this "oint /'&? Another as"ect of !n$itting testing involves e6"erimentation of children Altho!gh most of M50ULTRA e6"eriments on minors has been covered !"( a New York Times article from &224 reveals a dist!rbing glim"se( stating that%

+Abo!t 2))) Americans( includin) children and ne/ orns3$ere !sed in &4* radiation tests s"onsored by the Atomic =nergy -ommission( the =nergy Ke"artment7s -old War "redecessor( Covernment officials said today Some

"artici"ated $ith little or no #no$ledge of ris#s they faced / '&3


218)ocument te@t avai/a'/e at 5r4$tome+org here+ 211New 'or& Times, &fficia/s 5ite ;ore U+S+ %ests "ith #adiation, 6e'ruar4 10, 1**2+ H3)6 "arningI

11 Ane "rogram !ncovered d!ring the internal -IA revie$ by centered aro!nd Ceorge White( a -IA associate $ho formally $or#ed for the 1ederal <!rea! of 8arcotics The -IA considered White7s "osition ideal( as it gave him !nrestricted access to a variety of dr!gs $itho!t s!s"icion Under -IA a!s"ices( Ceorge White set !" 7safeho!ses7 in 8e$ Tor# and later San 1rancisco( f!lly e:!i""ed $ith covert video and a!dio s!rveillance e:!i"ment The goal $as to st!dy the !se of "rostit!tes for covert intelligence

+TSS officials $anted to find o!t everything they co!ld abo!t ho$ to a""ly se6 to s"ying( and the "rostit!te "ro9ect became a general learning and then training gro!nd for -IA carnal o"erations After all( states one TSS official( FWe did :!ite a st!dy of "rostit!tes and their behavior At first nobody really

#ne$ ho$ to !se them Ho$ do yo! train themH Ho$ do yo! $or# themH Ho$ do yo! ta#e a $oman $ho is $illing to !se her body to get money o!t of a g!y to get things $hich are m!ch more im"ortant( li#e state secrets I don7t care ho$ bea!tif!l she isUed!cating the ordinary "rostit!te !" to that level is not a sim"le tas# / 0 >ohn Mar#s

In addition to st!dying the !se of "rostit!tes for clandestine !se( the safeho!ses $ere !sed to administer dr!gs to the !n$itting solicitors( after $hich the vario!s effects $o!ld be recorded At least a co!"le -IA veterans $ere $illing to disc!ss the !se of these safeho!ses for a more sinister o"eration% entra"ment >ohn Mar#s7 research of the over

21< 1*11 Joint :earing (efore the Se/ect 5ommittee on ,nte//igence H3)6 "arningI

1< ')())) declassified doc!ments into M50ULTRA shortly after their release in the mid 3)7s revealed the follo$ing shoc#ing information%

+Cottlieb did not limit his interest to dr!gs He and other TSS officials $anted to try o!t s!rveillance e:!i"ment -IA technicians :!ic#ly installed see0thro!gh mirrors and micro"hones thro!gh $hich eavesdro""ers co!ld film( "hotogra"h( and record the action FThings go $rong $ith listening devices and t$o0$ay mirrors( so yo! b!ild these things to find o!t $hat $or#s and $hat doesn7t(F says a TSS so!rce FIf yo! are going to entra"( yo!7ve got to give the g!y "ict!res ,flagrante delicto. and voice recordings Ance yo! learn ho$ to do it so that the $hole thing loo#s comfortable( co;y( and safe( then yo! can trans"ort the technology overseas and !se it F This TSS man notes that the Agency "!t to $or# in the bedrooms of =!ro"e some of the techni:!es develo"ed in the Ceorge White safeho!se o"eration /'&2

>ames 5eehner( a former -IA "sychologist( recalled his involvement in one entra"ment case( in $hich he analy;ed a n!rse $ho had 7offered her body7 for her co!ntry%

FWe $anted her to slee" $ith this R!ssian

21*John ;ar-s

=ither the R!ssian

1* $o!ld fall in love $ith her and defect( or $e7d blac#mail him I had to see if she co!ld slee" $ith him over a "eriod of time and not get involved emotionally <oy( $as she to!ghRF '')

5eehner noted that he became disill!sioned $ith entra"ment cases( b!t that other officers 7got their 9ollies7 from this ty"e of $or# Regarding his ty"ical assignment( 5eehner stated%

FI $as sent to deal $ith the most negative as"ects of the h!man condition It $as "lanned destr!ctiveness 1irst( yo!7d chec# to see if yo! co!ld destroy a man7s marriage If yo! co!ld( then that $o!ld be eno!gh to "!t a lot of stress on the individ!al( to brea# him do$n Then yo! might start a minor r!mor cam"aign against him Harass him constantly <!m" his car in traffic A lot of it is ridic!lo!s( b!t it may have a c!m!lative effect F

5no$ing that some officers got their 79ollies7 from entra"ment o"erations( and that safeho!ses $ere installed in the United States( the :!estion +Were entra"ment techni:!es ever !sed against United States officials or other domestic "eo"le of im"ortanceH/ is logically raised

220John ;ar-s

<0 * * * *

Personality $ssessment

Altho!gh M50ULTRA $as originally devoted to biological mind control( it :!ic#ly evolved into a "rogram dedicated to !nderstanding all as"ects of the h!man "syche Ceorge White7s e6"eriments tested ho$ "eo"le reacted to entra"ment( and other e6"eriments tested ho$ different ty"es of "eo"le res"onded to alcohol It is $ith this conte6t that the -IA contacted Psychologist >ohn Cittinger to become an instr!mental "art of M50ULTRA Cittinger had develo"ed the Personality Assessment System( a test $hich $o!ld be administered to give fascinating insights into a "erson7s "ersonality and had distinct variables that se"arated his $or# from other #no$n "ersonality tests at the time s!ch as the famo!s Weschler e6am Li#e =$an -ameron( Cittinger received f!nding thro!gh the H!man =cology Society to research $hat ty"e of "ersonality $o!ld be li#ely to defect from their co!ntry( both to target foreign agents and to $eed o!t domestic ones At one "oint( Cittinger traveled to $or# $ith Ceorge White to !se his test on "rostit!tes and homose6!als to refine his assessment test to fig!re o!t $hat ty"e of se6!al orientation someone li#ely had( and to fig!re o!t $ho had se6!ally deviant tendencies Ane of Cittinger7s colleag!es stated that he #ne$ of cases $here the Personality Assessment System $as !sed to identify targets for entra"ment( both heterose6!al and homose6!al ''&
221John ;ar-s

<1 Ane "artic!larly !sef!l a""lication of the Personality Assessment System $as to identify "eo"le $ho $o!ld be easily hy"noti;ed It has li#ely been !sed e6tensively to hand0"ic# s!b9ects and em"loyees on sensitive "ro9ects $ithin and beyond M50ULTRA( assessing "eo"les "ersonalities to discover $ho $o!ld retain secrecy and loyalty Interestingly( Cittinger $as familiar eno!gh $ith his test that he $as able to observe someones behavior and then retroactively a""ly the attrib!tes to determine their "ersonality ty"e <y observing ho$ a man held his cigarette( handled his alcohol( or interacted $ith $omen( Cittinger co!ld "rofile that "erson and determine their $ea#nesses and "ro"ensity for e6"loitation thro!gh entra"ment or other means Ane logical a""lication of the Personality Assessment System is the ability to assign certain "eo"le to a "rogram that re:!ired secrecy( by determining ho$ loyal an agent or asset $o!ld be to the Agency


In mainstream c!lt!re( hy"notism is vie$ed as a ty"e of 7science fiction7( confined to the realm of magic tric#s and entertainment The tr!th is that hy"notism is very real and !sed both in mainstream "sychology and in military intelligence Hy"notism $as !sed by the United States military before the creation of the -IA(

<2 d!ring World War II Psychologist Kr Ceorge H =stabroo#s recalled his involvement in the clandestine "rogram to "*ien*e 4igest in &23&( in an article titled +Hy"notism -omes of Age/

+Ane of the most fascinating b!t dangero!s a""lications of hy"nosis is its !se in military intelligence This is a field $ith $hich I am familiar thro!gh form!lating g!idelines for the techni:!es !sed by the United States in t$o $orld $ars -omm!nication in $ar is al$ays a headache -odes can be bro#en A "rofessional s"y may or may not stay bo!ght To!r o$n man may have !n:!estionable loyalty b!t his 9!dgment is al$ays o"en to :!estion The +hy"notic co!rier(/ on the other hand( "rovides a !ni:!e sol!tion I $as involved in "re"aring many s!b9ects for this $or# d!ring World War II Ane s!ccessf!l case involved an Army Service -or"s -a"tain $hom $ePll call Ceorge Smith -a"tain Smith had !ndergone months of training He $as an e6cellent s!b9ect b!t did not reali;e it I had removed from him( by "ost hy"notic s!ggestion( all recollection of ever having been hy"noti;ed 1irst I had the Service -or"s call the ca"tain to Washington and tell him they needed a re"ort on the mechanical e:!i"ment of Kivision D head:!artered in To#yo Smith $as ordered to leave

<3 by 9et ne6t morning( "ic# !" the re"ort and ret!rn at once These orders $ere given him in the $a#ing state -onscio!sly( that $as all he #ne$( and it $as the story he gave his $ife and friends Then I "!t him !nder dee" hy"nosis( and gave himUorallyUa vital message to be delivered directly on his arrival in >a"an to a certain colonelUletPs say his name $as <ro$nUof military intelligence A!tside of myself( -olonel <ro$n $as the only "erson $ho co!ld hy"noti;e -a"tain Smith This is +loc#ing / I "erformed it by saying to the hy"noti;ed -a"tain% +Until f!rther orders from me( only -olonel <ro$n and I can hy"noti;e yo! We $ill !se the signal "hrase Xthe moon is clear P Whenever yo! hear this "hrase from <ro$n or myself yo! $ill "ass instantly into dee" hy"nosis / When -a"tain Smith re0a$a#ened( he had no conscio!s memory of $hat ha""ened in trance All that he $as a$are of $as that he m!st head for To#yo to "ic# !" the division re"ort An arrival there( Smith re"orted to <ro$n( $ho hy"noti;ed him $ith the signal "hrase Under hy"nosis( Smith delivered my message and received one to bring bac# A$a#ened( he $as given the division re"ort and ret!rned home by 9et There I hy"noti;ed him once more $ith the signal "hrase( and he s"ieled off <ro$nPs ans$er that had been d!tif!lly t!c#ed a$ay in his !nconscio!s mind The system is virt!ally fool"roof As e6em"lified by the case( the

<. information literally $as +loc#ed/ in SmithPs !nconscio!s for retrieval by the only t$o "eo"le $ho #ne$ the combination The s!b9ect had no conscio!s memory of $hat ha""ened( so co!ldnPt s"ill the beans 8o one else co!ld hy"noti;e him even if they might #no$ the signal "hrase / +The "otential for military intelligence has been nightmarish K!ring World War II( I $or#ed this techni:!e $ith a v!lnerable Marine lie!tenant IPll call >ones Under the $atchf!l eye of Marine intelligence I s"lit his "ersonality into >ones A and >ones < >ones A( once a +normal/ $or#ing Marine( became entirely different He tal#ed comm!nist doctrine and meant it He $as $elcomed enth!siastically by comm!nist cells( and $as deliberately given a dishonorable discharge by the -or"s L$hich $as in on the "lotM and became a card0carrying "arty member The 9o#er $as >ones <( the second "ersonality( formerly a""arent in the conscio!s Marine Under hy"nosis( this >ones had been caref!lly coached by s!ggestion >ones < $as the dee"er "ersonality( #ne$ all the tho!ghts of >ones A( $as a loyal American and $as +im"rinted/ to say nothing d!ring conscio!s "hases All I had to do $as hy"noti;e the $hole man( get in to!ch $ith >ones <( the loyal American( and I had a "i"eline straight into the -omm!nist cam" It $or#ed bea!tif!lly for months $ith this s!b9ect( b!t the techni:!e bac#fired While there $as no $ay for

<2 an enemy to e6"ose >onesP d!al "ersonality( they s!s"ected it and "layed the same tric# on !s later / 0 "*ien*e 4igest+ A"ril &23&'''

It is "retty shoc#ing to see that =stabroo#s $as $illing to com"letely destroy the life of a marine by relegating his "rimary "ersonality to an 7alternate7 that $o!ld only a""ear $hen accessed thro!gh hy"nosis It is more shoc#ing that s!ch an a""lication of hy"notism is even "ossible He noted that the "otential for military intelligence $as nightmarish b!t felt content that his #no$ledge $as being !sed for the United States instead of the 8a;is or the R!ssians Unfort!nately( corr!"t elements in the United States( namely the -IA( $o!ld ca"itali;e on this #no$ledge for illicit means in the near f!t!re There are a variety of -IA doc!ments released thro!gh the 1reedom of Information Act that shed light on their hy"notism activities Ane "artic!larly dist!rbing e6am"le is M50ULTRA doc!ment &2)?2& It describes an e6"eriment $here an !nnamed -IA official hy"noti;ed t$o s!b9ects( both &2 year old $omen In an a$a#ened state( they e6"ressed dee" disg!st in the idea of holding a g!n( yet $hen hy"noti;ed( one $as $illing to grab it and fire at her "eer Lthe g!n $as !nloaded and no one $as h!rt M It states% ''@

+,Redacted. $as then instr!cted Lhaving "revio!sly e6"ressed a fear of firearms in any fashionM that she $o!ld !se every method at her dis"osal to a$a#en ,redacted. Lno$ in a dee" hy"notic slee"M and failing in this( she $o!ld "ic# !" a "istol nearby and
222$cience *igest, :4$notism 5omes of Age, A$ri/ 1*11 223)ocument avai/a'/e here+

<8 fire it at ,redacted. She $as instr!cted that her rage $o!ld be so great she $o!ld not hesitate to +#ill/ ,redacted. for failing to a$a#e ,Redacted. carried o!t these s!ggestions to the letter( incl!ding firing the L!nloaded "ne!maticM "istol at ,redacted. and then "roceeding to fall into a dee" slee" After "ro"er s!ggestions $ere made( both $ere a$a#ened and e6"ressed com"lete amnesia for the entire se:!ence / 8ot only $as the -IA officer able to coerce other$ise "eacef!l s!b9ects into violence( he $as able to remove any memories of the event after they 7$o#e !"7 from the hy"notism

M8.5)TR0 *ocument 1 ?"@A

M8.5)TR0 *ocument 1 ?B1


M8.5)TR0 *ocument 1 ?"@A

M50ULTRA Koc!ment &2)4'3 reveals that thro!gh hy"notic s!ggestion( one s!b9ect $as coerced into setting !" an incendiary bomb and leaving the device in a bathroom ''* The doc!ment states that even $ith !nforeseen "roblems in location availability d!ring the hy"notic state( the e6"eriment $as%

22.)ocument avai/a'/e here+

<< + carried off $itho!t any diffic!lty or hesitation on the "art of either of the girls Thro!gho!t( their movements $ere easy and

nat!ral( and LbystandersM $ere( to all intents and "!r"oses( com"letely !na$are of $hat $as ta#ing "lace altho!gh they co!ld clearly observe the movements of ,redacted. and ,redacted. /

Kr =stabroo#s once noted that only & in 4 "eo"le $ere s!sce"tible to hy"notism in this manner Tr!e to form( the -IA researched $ays to im"rove to hy"notic s!sce"tibility in their s!b9ects( and fo!nd some s!ccess by combining techni:!es $ith administering dr!gs A doc!ment titled Continuation of "tudies on Hypnosis and "uggesti)ility states%

+Preliminary clinical research d!ring &24404? has yielded "romising leads in terms of #no$ledge of ho$ hy"noti;ability can be infl!enced by "harmacological means Several dr!gs have been identified that a""arently are effective in s"eeding the ind!ction of a hy"notic state /''4

The t$o cited -IA doc!ments describe the !n$itting hy"nosis of t$o yo!ng $omen for the !se of e6"erimentation What is the "ossibility that "sycho"aths $o!ld !se this #no$ledge to e6"loit $omen se6!allyH Perha"s the most dist!rbing -IA doc!ment I have come across is n!mbered &*)@2@ and details a -IA intervie$ $ith a "rofessional hy"notist $ho $as as#ed to give an instr!ctional co!rse in hy"notism to -IA agents It states%
222)ocument avai/a'/e here+


+An >!ly ' &24& a""ro6imately &%)) "m the instr!ction began $ith ,redacted. relating to the st!dent some of his se6!al e6"eriences ,Redacted. stated that he constantly !sed hy"notism as a means of ind!cing yo!ng girls to engage in se6!al interco!rse $ith him ,Redacted.( a "erformer in ,redacted. orchestra $as forced to engage in se6!al interco!rse $ith ,redacted. $hile !nder the infl!ence of hy"notism ,Redacted. stated that he first "!t her into a hy"notic trance and then s!ggested to her that he $as her h!sband and she desired se6!al interco!rse $ith him ,Redacted. f!rther stated that many times $hile going home he $o!ld !se hy"notic s!ggestion to have a girl t!rn aro!nd and tal# to him and s!ggest se6!al interco!rse to him and that as a res!lt of these s!ggestions he s"ent a""ro6imately five nights a $ee# a$ay from his home engaging in se6!al interco!rse /''?

It is nothing short of terrifying to read ho$ interested the -IA $as in methods of ra"e The fact that this $as beyond any a""lication to intelligence is an aftertho!ght The doc!ment finishes by describing ho$ the st!dent of the hy"notism instr!ctor $as able to s!ccessf!lly !se his ne$ly0learned techni:!es on ne$ s!b9ects( indicating that hy"notism $as able to s"read thro!gho!t the ran#s of the -IA relatively effortlessly When A"eration <l!ebird first began( mar#ing the beginnings of research into
228)ocument Avai/a'/e here+

*0 hy"nosis( one early doc!ment revealed a s!r"rising goal%

+-an $e FconditionF by "ost0hy"notic s!ggestion agency em"loyees Lor "ersons of interest to this agencyM to "revent them from giving information to any !na!thori;ed so!rce or for committing any act on behalf of a foreign or domestic enemyH/ ''3

This raises the distinct and dist!rbing "ossibility that the act of hy"noti;ing agency members for the "!r"ose of altering their behavior became a common "ractice at the -IA !nder M50ULTRA( $ith the "o$er of $hat s!ggestions to ind!ce at the hands of only t$o "sycho"athic men


U"on M50ULTRA becoming "!blic #no$ledge in &23&( the -IA $as :!ic# to claim that the "rogram $as halted d!e to a lac# of "rod!ction The available evidence clearly sho$s that this is a lie 1rom the doc!ments that s!rvived Kirector Helm7s destr!ction order( $e can already see the "otential for a 7Manch!rian candidate7% a mind controlled
221)ocument avai/a'/e here+

*1 assassin So $hat ha""ened to M50ULTRAH &* year -IA veteran Victor Marchetti has stated in n!mero!s intervie$s that the claim M50ULTRA $as halted $as merely a cover0story( and that the o"eration $ent com"letely blac#( in other $ords( research contin!ed at the highest level of secrecy ''G Is it "ossible that academic research into hy"nosis and other organic forms of mind control have been deliberately marginali;ed from mainstream entertainment( media and academics in order to #ee" its "otential !se $ithin a military0ind!strial com"le6 a secretH After all( M50ULTRA researcher Kr =$an -ameron became the "resident of the World Psychiatric Association in &2?& and also served as "residents of the -anadian and American Psychiatric Associations ''2 It is im"ortant to reiterate that not only does the available evidence of M50ULTRA com"rise a "ortion of the doc!ments that $ere created( b!t many of the e6"eriments $ere never recorded in the first "lace The o"eration $as "resided over by only t$o individ!als $ho had a com"lete #no$ledge of the o"erations 8ot even the Kirector of the -IA had f!ll access When >ohn 1 5ennedy a""ointed >ohn Mc-one as the ne$ director in the $a#e of the <ay of Pigs fiasco( Richard Helms declined to inform him abo!t the more sensitive M50 ULTRA o"erations( s!ch as Ceorge White7s safeho!ses

Ultimately( the goal of M50ULTRA $as not to find the 7holy grail7 of mind control b!t to ma" o!t a com"lete #no$ledge of h!man nat!re and the h!man mind( and then find $ays to e6"loit it This $as done on both individ!al and gro!" levels We have no idea ho$ m!ch $as accom"lished to$ards this goal( or ho$ m!ch more develo"ed the mind control
22<Telegra+h,:istories 9reatest 5ons$irac4 %heories 22*#esearch from :istorian John Sim$-in, avai/a'/e here+ 2305hurch 5ommittee s Assassination re$ort, $$+ 102A3

*2 research has gotten in the 4) years that have "assed since the available doc!ments $ere last iss!ed After all( if this is $hat the -IA $as able to accom"lish in the &24)7s( $hat are they ca"able of todayH

Food for Thou)ht.


What #ind of e6"eriments $ere detailed in the doc!ments that $ere destroyed after Kirector Helm7s ordersH

' What #ind of e6"eriments $ere never recorded and $hy did they re:!ire s!ch a high level of secrecyH

@ Ko any recent instances of terrorism or assassinations so!nd similar to the doc!mented instances of hy"notically ind!ced s!sce"tibility to carry o!t acts of violenceH

* What #ind of "o$er does mind control re"resent in the hands of a "sycho"athH

4 Ho$ $ides"read $as the entra"ment "rogram and is it "ossible that it ended !"

*3 targeting U S PoliticiansH Military leadersH <!sinessmenH

? What is res"onsible for the com"lete lac# of #no$ledge of M50ULTRA among the "!blicH

3 What $as the "!r"ose of associating tra!ma thro!gh electro0shoc# and other means $ith mind controlH

G What ne$ means of mind control have emerged $ith ne$ technologyH


Operation 6ladio

+In =!ro"e7s ne$ order( they are the s"ies $ho never :!ite came in from the cold( foot soldiers in an !ndergro!nd g!errilla net$or# $ith one stated mission% To fight an enemy that most =!ro"eans believe no longer e6ists

Theirs is a tale of secret arms caches and e6otic code names( of military stratagems and "olitical intrig!es

At best( their tale is no more than a c!rio!s footnote to the cold $ar The :!estion is if( at $orst( it co!ld be the #ey to !nsolved terrorism dating bac# t$o decades

The foc!s of the in:!iry is a clandestine o"eration code0named Cladio( created decades ago to arm and train resistance fighters in case the Soviet Union and its Warsa$ Pact allies invaded

All this $ee#( there have been disclos!res of similar organi;ations in virt!ally all Western =!ro"ean co!ntries( incl!ding those that do not belong to the 8orth Atlantic Treaty Argani;ation / New York Times'@&

231New 'or& Times, Evo/ution in Euro$e: ,ta/4 )isc/oses its "e' of 5o/d "ar 9ueri//as+ !ovem'er 8, 1**0


Ho$ far $o!ld the United States go to "revent the s"read of comm!nism in Western =!ro"eH =s"ecially considering the constant false information "rovided by Reinhard Cehlen and his Argani;ation indicating that a Soviet invasion $as imminentH The ans$er is A"eration Cladio% The -IA and 8ATA cam"aign to create( arm and f!nd radical right $ing 7stay behind7 organi;ations that $o!ld fight comm!nism to the death When the Soviet invasion never ha""ened( these organi;ations created net$or#s $ith "oliticians and $ithin the blac# mar#et( and t!rned their goals to$ards "reventing the rise of leftist "olitical movements( often resorting to terrorism to create domestic tension( ca!sing citi;ens to t!rn to$ards increasingly fascist governments to "rovide "rotection Today( this "rocess is #no$n as the 7Strategy of Tension7


It $as >!dge 1elice -asson $ho first dredged !" the evidence for state s"onsored terrorism( $hile bro$sing the archives of the Italian military secret service

In a BBC

doc!mentary on A"eration Cladio( -asson described the o"erations as an effort

+To create tension $ithin the co!ntry to "romote conservative( reactionary social and "olitical tendencies While this strategy $as being im"lemented( it $as necessary to "rotect those behind
232Judge 6e/ice 5asson s "i-i$edia Artic/e

*8 it beca!se evidence im"licating them $as being discovered Witnesses $ithheld information to cover right0$ing e6tremists /'@@

-asson "oints to a &23' car bombing in Peteano(that #illed three "aramilitary "olice and $as blamed on leftists( after $hich ')) -omm!nists $ere immediately arrested He fo!nd that there $ere no "olice investigations of the scene( and the official re"ort $as a forgery'@* In fact( it $as "er"etrated by a right0$ing terrorist named Vincen;o Vincig!erra'@4( o"erating !nder Cladio orders( $ho later confessed to the crime Vincig!erra7s testimony reveals that it $as easy to esca"e and remain hidden beca!se everyone in the Italian sec!rity a""arat!s shared his anti0-omm!nist convictions


testimony f!rther revealed +a secret organisation( a s!"er0organisation $ith a net$or# of comm!nications( arms( and e6"losives( and men trained to !se them / '@3 Tears later( in "rison( he $o!ld claim +I say that every single o!trage that follo$ed from &2?2 fitted into a single organised matri6 /'@G 8early '())) "eo"le $o!ld die from "olitical m!rder or acts of terrorism over this "eriod of time When e60Prime Minister Andreotti finally testified in &22)( he revealed that arms and e:!i"ment $ere "rovided by the -IA and "laced in &@2 !ndergro!nd caches across the co!ntry Ceneral Ciandelio Maletti( a former head of Italian co!nterintelligence( in March '))& confirmed the -IA involvement He stated that after the Pia;;a 1ontana bombing in &2?2( "ieces of a bomb $ere "lanted in a leftist editors villa in order to blame the
233O+eration Gladio, a 1**2 ((5 $roduction, watch it here+ 23.:istorian )anie/ 9anser, eminent 9/adio researcher, in his 'oo- N0TO6s $ecret 0rmies, $age 3, avai/a'/e in 3)6 here+ 9anser is the eminent authorit4 on &$eration 9/adio and has done tremendous wor- in s4nthesi?ing the various evidence from near/4 a do?en different /anguages into one source+ %his 'oo- is a mustAread to gain a fu// understanding of &$eration 9/adio+ 232Gincen?o Ginciguerra s "i-i$edia Artic/e 238)anie/ 9anser, in a $a$er $u'/ished in the #hitehead %ournal of *i+lomac, and (nternational Relations, $age 12, avai/a'/e in 3)6 here+ 231,'id+ 23<9anser s N0TOs $ecret 0rmies $age <+

*1 comm!nists He stated%

FThe -IA( follo$ing the directives of its government( $anted to create an Italian nationalism ca"able of halting $hat it sa$ as a slide to the left( and( for this "!r"ose( it may have made !se of right0$ing terrorism /'@2


Another Cladio hots"ot $as T!r#ey K!ring the -old War( T!r#ey shared a third of the total borders $ith the Soviet bloc and maintained the largest standing army in =!ro"e( and the second in 8ATA after the United States In &24'( a stay0behind army $as organi;ed !nder the codename 7-o!nter0C!errilla7

+An 8ovember @ L&22?M( a tr!c# crashed into a Mercedes <en; in S!s!rl!#( ninety miles so!th of Istanb!l( and #illed three T!r#ish "assengers% a f!gitive heroin sm!ggler and hitman( a former high0ran#ing "olice officer( and a former FMiss -inema F The lone s!rvivor $as a right0$ing member of "arliament In the car7s tr!n#( "olice fo!nd a forged "ass"ort( "olice identification

23*9anser s #hitehead %ournal of *i+lomac, and (nternational Relations $age 13+

*< "a"ers( amm!nition( silencers( and machine g!ns Abd!llah -atli( the f!gitive heroin sm!ggler( had esca"ed from a S$iss "rison The dead bea!ty :!een( Conca U;( $as his girlfriend The "olice officer $as H!seyin 5ocadag( head of a T!r#ish "olice academy and a former Istanb!l de"!ty "olice chief $ho re"ortedly organi;ed hit s:!ads in the so!theast that #ill 5!rdish g!errillas and their s!""orters The s!rvivor( Sedat <!ca#( a member of "arliament from the conservative Tr!e Path Party( is re"ortedly in charge of '())) 5!rdish mercenaries "aid by the government to fight 5!rdish g!errillas The car crash has created a sensation in T!r#ey and has led "arliament to hold hearings on the ties lin#ing the Tr!e Path Party( the "olice( and th!gs li#e Abd!llah -atli 8e$s"a"ers in T!r#ey are ma#ing connections bet$een $hat they are calling the Fstate gangF and a secret "aramilitary force that for decades has attac#ed the left The United States f!nded these stay0behind gro!"s for decades =ven tho!gh there $as no Soviet occ!"ation( some of the gro!"s did ta#e !" arms00 against left0$ing dissidents in their o$n co!ntries Some descendants of these gro!"s are still at it( es"ecially in T!r#ey

** Abd!llah -atli $as one of those FThe accident !nveiled the dar# liaisons $ithin the state(F former "rime minister <!lent =cevit told "arliament in Kecember 8o$ leader of a small o""osition social0democratic "arty( =cevit #no$s a lot abo!t those liaisons He first told me abo!t them 00 and the American connection 00 bac# in &22)( $hen I intervie$ed him in his An#ara office / 0 The Progressi1e'*)

<!lent =cevit( five time T!r#ish "rime minister( $ho is cited in the above :!ote( declared that the Ta#sim S:!are massacre $as a Cladio o"eration( $here half a million citi;ens had rallied It $as organi;ed by trade !nions( and the shooting lasted for ') min!tes $hile a tho!sand "olicemen in attendance did not intervene Abo!t *) "eo"le $ere #illed( and tho!gh none of the "er"etrators $ere ca!ght( 4)) demonstrators $ere detained The massacre occ!rred d!ring a broader $ave of "olitical violence

The U S State Ke"artment in its &224 H!man Rights re"ort noted that%

+Prominent credible h!man rights organi;ations( 5!rdish leaders( and local 5!rds asserted that the government ac:!iesces in( or even carries o!t( the m!rder of civilians H!man rights

gro!"s re"orted the $ides"read and credible belief that a -o!nter0C!errilla gro!" associated $ith the sec!rity forces had

2.0The Progressive, %ur-e4Rs %errorists: A 5,A >egac4 >ives &n, A$ri/ 1, 1**1 2.19anserRs #hitehead %ournal of *i+lomac, and (nternational Relations, $age 13

100 carried o!t at least some 7mystery #illings7F '*'

American 9o!rnalist L!cy 5omisar( $hen as#ing U S officials abo!t investigating the h!man rights re"orts( $as told +That7s classified / The T!r#ish military $o!ld li#e$ise bloc# all investigations in their co!ntry '*@ There is evidence of Cladio o"eratives e6tensively o"erating tort!re cam"aigns for "olitical "!r"oses 1or e6am"le( Talhat T!rhan( former T!r#ey Ceneral( s!rvived tort!re at the hands of s"ecial forces He $as told + I $as no$ Xin the hands of a -o!nter C!errilla !nit o"erating !nder the high command of the Army o!tside the constit!tion and the la$s P They told me that they Xconsidered me as their "risoner of $ar and that I $as sentenced to death /'** M!ch of the violence $as directed at the 5!rdish minority In &2G* the -o!nter0 C!errillas $ere behind the br!tal crac#do$n that $o!ld #ill and tort!re tho!sands over the ne6t 4 years Among other o"erations( -o!nter0C!errillas $o!ld dress !" as P55 members LA 5!rdish "olitical "artyM and attac#ed villages( ra"ing and e6ec!ting "eo"le randomly '*4 The "olitical violence in T!r#ey( $ith Cladio o"eratives res"onsible to at least a moderate e6tent( "aved the $ay for the series of military co!"s that have occ!rred in the co!ntry A &22? New York Times article notes that%

2.29anser s N0TO6s $ecret 0rm,, $age 20 2.3,'id+ 2..9anserRs #hitehead %ournal of *i+lomac, and (nternational Relations, $age 1. 2.29anser s N0TO6s $ecret 0rm,, $age 2.0

101 +evidence s!ggests that officially sanctioned criminality may have reached levels that fe$ had imagined Ane of T!r#ey7s most "rominent "ro05!rdish "oliticians( C!ven A;ata( said the car crash and its aftermath had convinced him that state0s"onsored death s:!ads $ere behind many of the estimated @(4)) !nsolved #illings that have been committed in the so!theastern "art of the co!ntry in the last decade Most of the victims had been s!s"ected of sym"athi;ing $ith se"aratist 5!rdish ca!ses 77These gangs have a direct lin# $ith mystery #illings(77 Mr A;ata said at a ne$s conference 77This is no longer a hy"othesis or a g!ess It is a reality ac#no$ledged by Covernment officials 77 Several "oliticians and others $ho are calling for investigations into the Covernment7s relationshi" $ith criminal gangs believe that the gangs !sed their official ties as cover for involvement in T!r#ey7s l!crative heroin0sm!ggling trade They s!s"ect that senior officials $ere engaged in the trade or tolerated it as a $ay of re"aying gangs that #illed at their behest / 0 New York Times'*?

The evidence of Cladio o"erations in T!r#ey reveal another im"ortant lin#% The coll!sion bet$een "aramilitary forces and dr!g traffic#ers At the time Land to this dayM( T!r#ey served as a ma9or h!b in the sm!ggling of dr!gs into Western =!ro"e( from the
2.8New 'or& Times, Scanda/ >in-s %ur-ish Aides to )eath, )rugs and %error, )ecem'er 10, 1**8

102 So!theast Asian 7Colden Triangle7 and later the Middle =ast It is li#ely that dr!gs served as a significant so!rce of f!nding for these decentrali;ed o"erations and $as the catalyst for a bond bet$een the state and the criminal !nder$orld that ens!red massive corr!"tion in the co!ntry that e6ists to this day After all( $e #no$ that the Cehlen Argani;ation $as involved in the blac# mar#et in the area to raise e6tra f!nds for their intelligence o"erations It seems that this "ractice s"read thro!gho!t the $eb of 7stay0behind7 armies financed and armed by the -IA and 8ATA


Ane of the co!ntries that s!ffered the most from the -old War terrorism gro!"s $as Creece( the co!ntry $ith "erha"s the most significant "ro"ensity for the rise of a nat!ral leftist coalition 1ormer -IA agent and Cladio $histleblo$er Phili" Agee claimed that%

+The Cree#0American -IA officer recr!ited several gro!"s of Cree# citi;ens for $hat the -IA called Xa n!cle!s for rallying a citi;en army against the threat of a leftist co!"P W =ach of the several gro!"s $as trained and e:!i""ed to act as an a!tonomo!s g!errilla !nit( ca"able of mobili;ing and carrying on g!errilla $arfare $ith minimal or no o!tside direction /'*3

2.1>en Scott, ,nte//igence, 5risis and Securit4+ E@cer$t avai/a'/e here+

103 These gro!"s $ere e:!i""ed $ith a!tomatic $ea"ons and small mo!ntain mortars stashed in !ndergro!nd caches thro!gho!t the co!ntry

The gro!" $as involved $ith the &2?3 co!"( $here leftists $ere $idely re"orted to have large leads in the "olls As 8ATA orders $ere to "revent any ty"e of leftist 7ins!rgency7( the gro!" too# over the Creece Kefense Ministry( rolled into Athens( too# control of comm!nications centers( Parliament( the Royal Palace( and arrested over &)())) "eo"le( many of $hom $ere tort!red '*2


Altho!gh the -IA and 8ATA have steadfastly ref!sed to ac#no$ledge the e6istence of Cladio( giving them deniability from ever having to disclose doc!ments related to the o"eration( the e6istence of these fascist and violent !ndergro!nd net$or#s has been ac#no$ledged by the governments of nearly every 8ATA co!ntry 1!rthermore( official doc!ments in Cerman( K!tch( 1rench and Italian confirming the net$or#( its organi;ation and "ractices have been declassified '4) A"eration Cladio is not 9!st some ancient history Italian Prime Minister Ci!lio Andreotti confirmed that the last coordination meeting he $as a$are of $as held in &22) '4& It has to be noted that this $as a "eriod of time $here terrorism $as evolving( moving to$ards the $ides"read radical Islamic terror that bombards o!r television
2.<9anserRs #hitehead %ournal of *i+lomac, and (nternational Relations, $age 11 2.*,'id+ 220)o?ens of these documents are hosted here+ 2219anser s N0TO6s $ecret 0rm,, $age 1

10. screens daily( 9!st @ years before the first World Trade -enter bombing and t$o years after the creation of Al0Jaeda At the same time the geo"olitical strategies of the United States $ere moving a$ay from =!ro"e and to$ards the Middle =ast Unfort!nately( the available information on A"eration Cladio raises more :!estions than it ans$ers

Food for Thou)ht.


5no$ing that the last Cladio meeting $as in &22)( can $e say $ith any certainty that the "rogram ever endedH

' Ho$ many "eo"le involved $ith Cladio are still o"erating in the -IA and other agenciesH

@ Seeing that the 7Strategy of Tension7 "roved to be an effective tool( in $hat other instances has it been im"lementedH

* Is there c!rrently a 7Cladio <7 in o"eration in the Middle =ast( as former 1<I agent Sybel =dmonds assertsH

4 Are the criminal alliances that formed d!ring Cladio in "laces s!ch as T!r#ey still in effect todayH

? Ho$ did the 7stay0behind7 organi;ations affect domestic "olitics in $ays other than

102 terrorismH

3 Is the ongoing assassination cam"aign in Ira:( disc!ssed in the cha"ter 7The War on Terror is a 1ra!d7( a "art of an evolved Cladio cam"aignH


Operation -oc1in) ird

FAbo!t a third of the $hole -IA b!dget $ent to media "ro"aganda o"erations We7re tal#ing abo!t h!ndreds of close to a billion dollars

millions of dollars a year 9!st for that

are being s"ent every year by the United States on secret "ro"aganda F Testimony of William Scha"" to -ongress'4'

In &2*G( the United States began the Marshall Plan( an initiative to hel" the devastated =!ro"e recover from the War The -IA decided to si"hon f!nds to create the Affice of Policy -oordination( $hich $o!ld become the covert action branch of the Agency '4@ It $as !nder this "rogram that A"eration Moc#ingbird( a domestic "ro"aganda cam"aign aimed at "romoting the vie$s of the -IA $ithin the media( began 1rom the onset( A"eration Moc#ingbird $as one of the most sensitive of the -IA7s o"erations( $ith recr!itment of 9o!rnalists and training of intelligence officers for "ro"aganda "!r"oses !s!ally !nderta#en by Kirector Allen K!lles himself or his direct "eers

It is a false belief that the -IA 7infiltrated7 !n$itting media instit!tions The recr!itment of 9o!rnalists $as fre:!ently done $ith com"licity from to" management and o$nershi" 1ormer -IA Kirector William -olby claimed d!ring the -h!rch -ommittee investigative hearings( FLets go to the managements They $ere $itting F Among the organi;ations that $o!ld lend their hel" to the "ro"aganda efforts $as the New York

222%estimon4 avai/a'/e here+ 223Sa//ie 3asani %he 5,A and the ;arsha// 3/an,C e@cer$t avai/a'/e here+ 22.Rolling $tone Maga/ine, %he 5,A and the ;edia, &cto'er 20, 1*11

101 Times+ Newsweek+ !sso*iated Press( and the 5iami Herald. Providing cover to -IA agents $as a "art of the New York Times "olicy( set by their late "!blisher( Arth!r Hays Sal;berger '44 The investigative committee of 1ran# -h!rch( officially titled +Select -ommittee to St!dy Covernmental A"erations $ith Res"ect to Intelligence Activities/( !ncovered a lot of evidence concerning A"eration Moc#ingbird and came to the concl!sion that%

FThe -IA c!rrently maintains a net$or# of several h!ndred foreign individ!als aro!nd the $orld $ho "rovide intelligence for the -IA and at times attem"t to infl!ence o"inion thro!gh the !se of covert "ro"aganda These individ!als "rovide the -IA $ith direct access to a large n!mber of ne$s"a"ers and "eriodicals( scores of "ress services and ne$s agencies( radio and television stations( commercial boo# "!blishers( and other foreign media o!tlets F'4?

-arl <ernstein( the re"orter famo!s for his e6cellent investigation into the Watergate scandal( $rote that%

+L>ose"hM Also" is one of more than *)) American 9o!rnalists $ho in the "ast t$enty0five years have secretly carried o!t
222,'id+ 2281inal Re+ort of the $elect Committee to $tud, Government O+erations #ith Res+ect to (ntelligence 0ctivities + A$ri/ 1*18+

10< assignments for the -entral Intelligence Agency( according to doc!ments on file at -IA head:!arters Some of these 9o!rnalistsP relationshi"s $ith the Agency $ere tacitS some $ere e6"licit There $as coo"eration( accommodation and overla" >o!rnalists "rovided a f!ll range of clandestine servicesUfrom sim"le intelligence gathering to serving as go bet$eens $ith s"ies in -omm!nist co!ntries Re"orters shared their noteboo#s $ith the -IA =ditors shared their staffs Some of the 9o!rnalists $ere P!lit;er Pri;e $inners( disting!ished re"orters $ho considered themselves ambassadors $itho!t "ortfolio for their co!ntry Most $ere less e6alted% foreign corres"ondents $ho fo!nd that their association $ith the Agency hel"ed their $or#S stringers and freelancers $ho $ere as interested in the derring0 do of the s"y b!siness as in filing articlesS and( the smallest category( f!ll0time -IA em"loyees mas:!erading as 9o!rnalists abroad In many instances( -IA doc!ments sho$( 9o!rnalists $ere engaged to "erform tas#s for the -IA $ith the consent of the managements of AmericaPs leading ne$s organi;ations / '43

While a ma9ority of Moc#ingbird o"erations $ere overseas( the goal $as to have im"ortant( hard0hitting stories to be circ!lated in the American "ress Relationshi"s $ith ma9or United States media instit!tions certainly hel"ed $ith this goal <ernstein lists The New York Times+ CB" and Time in*. as the most "rod!ctive relationshi"s the agency c!ltivated They also created front organi;ations overseas $ho "!blicly maintained an
221Rolling $tone Maga/ine, %he 5,A and the ;edia, &cto'er 20, 1*11

10* a""earance of free "ress b!t "rivately $ere o"erated by the agency An e6am"le of this is the 6ome 4aily !meri*an+ $hich $as *)O o$ned by the -IA for three decades '4G Another strategy $as develo"ing relationshi"s $ith ma9or media o$ners $ho $ere #no$n to harbor right0$ing vie$s( s!ch as William Paley of CB"( and then "assing on information of 9o!rnalists( actors and screen$riters $ho harbored left0$ing vie$s Information $as also "assed on to friendly congressmen s!ch as >ose"h Mc-arthy These men and $omen $o!ld then be blac#listed from the ind!stry Lee > -obb $as one s!ch actor $ho $as blac#listed( and recalled his e6"erience%

+When the facilities of the government of the United States are dra$n on an individ!al it can be terrifying The blac#list is 9!st the o"ening gambit 0 being de"rived of $or# To!r "ass"ort is confiscated That7s minor <!t not being able to move $itho!t being tailed is something else After a certain "oint it gro$s to im"lied as $ell as artic!lated threats( and "eo"le s!cc!mb My $ife did( and she $as instit!tionali;ed In &24@ the H-UA LHo!se UnAmerican Activities -ommitteeM did a deal $ith me I $as "retty m!ch $orn do$n I had no money I co!ldn7t borro$ I had the e6"enses of ta#ing care of the children Why am I s!b9ecting my loved ones to thisH If it7s $orth dying for( and I am 9!st as idealistic as the ne6t fello$ <!t I decided it $asn7t $orth dying for( and if this gest!re $as the $ay of getting o!t of the "enitentiary I7d do it I had to be em"loyable again /'42
22<"i-i$edia artic/e on the Rome *ail, 0merican 22*"i-i$edia artic/e on >ee J+ 5o''


The -IA $ent as far as to $rite scri"ts for Holly$ood Ane interesting e6am"le is the f!nding of the movie version of Animal 1arm in &24*( a boo# $ritten 9!st less than a decade earlier by Ceorge Ar$ell $hich en9oyed large commercial s!ccess The "roblem for the -IA $as that Ar$ell $as a socialist( and his boo# attac#ed both ca"italism and comm!nism To avoid this conflict( the -IA changed the ending of the Holly$ood version to "ortray ca"italism in a more "ositive light '?) Komestic s!rveillance $as also !sed on 9o!rnalists $ho had "!blished classified material In one e6am"le( a "hysical s!rveillance "ost $as set !" at a Hilton Hotel in vie$ of the office of ashington Post $riter Michael Cetler '?& The o"eration defied the -IA7s

charter( $hich s"ecifically "rohibits domestic s"ying The o"eration $as directed to$ards n!mero!s members of the Washington "ress cor"( and $as signed off by >ohn 1 5ennedy himself( in coordination $ith -IA director >ohn Mc-one '?' Ane -IA doc!ment states% +Cet boo#s "!blished or distrib!ted abroad $itho!t revealing any U S Infl!ence( by covertly s!bsidi;ing foreign "!blicans or boo#sellers Cet

boo#s "!blished for o"erational reasons( regardless of commercial viability/ The -h!rch -ommittee concl!ded that over &))) boo#s $ere "!blished !nder this directive

Some investigative 9o!rnalists have claimed that A"eration Moc#ingbird did not end in &23? as the -IA claims 1or e6am"le( in &22G( researcher Steve 5angas claimed that conservative billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife( $ho ran 71or!m World 1eat!res7( a foreign ne$s organi;ation( $as a -IA asset and !sed the organi;ation to disseminate "ro"aganda
280John Sim-in, &$eration ;oc-ing'ird+ 281New 'or& Times, 3ro=ect ;oc-ing'ird: S$4ing on #e$orters, June 28, 2001 282,'id+ 2831inal Re+ort of the $elect Committee to $tud, Government O+erations #ith Res+ect to (ntelligence 0ctivities + A$ri/ 1*18+

111 for circ!lation in the United States '?* 5angas ended !" dead $ith a b!llet hole in his head( in the office of Richard Scaife It $as r!led a s!icide( altho!gh there $ere discre"ancies in the "olice re"ort and the a!to"sy '?4 The -h!rch -ommittee7s concl!sion acc!rately reflects the "roblems associated $ith A"eration Moc#ingbird%

+In e6amining the -IAPs "ast and "resent !se of the U S media( the -ommittee finds t$o reasons for concern The first is the "otential( inherent in covert media o"erations( for mani"!lating or incidentally misleading the American "!blic The second is the damage to the credibility and inde"endence of a free "ress $hich may be ca!sed by covert relationshi"s $ith the U S 9o!rnalists and media organi;ations /'??

While it is de"lorable for citi;ens of co!ntries to be s!b9ected to a state0o$ned media( at least they can be a$are of the biases and filter information accordingly We have been ta!ght the lie from birth that the U S "ress is free from government meddling In a sit!ation $here the mani"!lation is com"letely covert( the American "!blic has been left !na$are of the "ro"aganda they have been ingesting for decades

28.Steve Cangas, A %ime/ine of 5,A Atrocities+ 282John Sim-in, Steve Cangas+ 288 1inal Re+ort of the $elect Committee to $tud, Government O+erations #ith Res+ect to (ntelligence 0ctivities + A$ri/ 1*18+

112 Food for Thou)ht.


Why $ere the o$ners and management of large media instit!tions so $illing to "artici"ate in a "rogram that violated their 9o!rnalistic integrityH

' Has the increasingly consolidated media ind!stry made it easier for ne$s to be mani"!lated to fit 7the agenda7 disc!ssed in the Ane Party StateH

@ Have M50ULTRA entra"ment or mind control techni:!es ever been !sed to target the "ressH



F<et$een &2?4 and &234( the 1<I o"ened more than 4))())) intelligence files on more than one million Americans( according to a -ongressional re"ort Among the <!rea!7s targets% Martin

L!ther 5ing and the civil rights movement( anti0Vietnam War Cro!"s( and the !ndergro!nd "ress F 0 -enter for Investigative Re"orting'?3

FP!r"ose of co!nterintelligence action is to disr!"t the <PP ,<lac# Panther Party. and it is immaterial $hether facts e6ist to s!bstantiate the charge F 0 > =dgar Hoover'?G

> =dgar Hoover iss!ed directives for -AI8T=LPRA( a codename for -o!nter Intelligence Program( in &24? The original intent $as to monitor the -omm!nist Party USA b!t :!ic#ly e6"anded its sco"e to infiltrate and marginali;e a variety of gro!"s s!ch as the American Indian Movement( the St!dent 8onviolent -oordinating -ommittee( and the <lac# Panthers( as $ell as targeting high "rofile individ!als s!ch as Martin L!ther 5ing( >r The 1<I7s stated motivation $as F"rotecting national sec!rity( "reventing violence( and maintaining the existing social and political order.F'?2 L=m"hasis addedM
2815onte@t avai/a'/e here+ 28<6rom a 1*10 6(, document, avai/a'/e here+ 28*E@cer$t from the 5hurch 5ommittee, avai/a'/e here $age 3

11. They !sed harassment( $ireta""ing( "sychological $arfare( "ro"aganda( and assassinations among other techni:!es to achieve their goals

Fred 'ampton

An Kecember *th( &2?2( the -hicago Police Ke"artment and 1<I raided an a"artment ho!sing members of the <lac# Panther Party At *%*4 am( the heavily armed "olice stormed the a"artment( #illing Panther member Mar# -lar# immediately( $ho $as serving a sec!rity d!ty -lar# fired his shotg!n( the only shot fired by the Panthers that day( $hile the "olice and 1<I $o!ld end !" shooting over 2G times

1orensics and

firearms e6"erts determined that -lar#7s shot $as fired from very near the floor( indicating that -lar# had already s!stained grave in9!ries The raid team $o!ld then assa!lt the room of 1red Ham"ton( a rising leader in the Panther movement Police $o!ld fire t$ice at Ham"ton( $ho $as lying ne6t to his "regnant girlfriend( hitting his sho!lder -o!rt transcri"ts revealed the follo$ing conversation too# "lace%'3&

FThat7s 1red Ham"ton F

210"ard 5hurchi//, CO(NT3)PRO Pa+ers,C $age 1.0+ 3)6 avai/a'/e here+ A tru/4 astounding 'oo- that draws heavi/4 on officia/ documents $rovided '4 the 6(,+ A must read + 211"i-i$edia $age on 6red :am$ton+

112 FIs he deadH <ring him o!t F

FHe7s barely alive FHe7ll ma#e it

T$o more shots $ere fired( "oint blan# at Ham"ton7s head

FHe7s good and dead no$ F

Crime $cene from 1red <am+ton6s -edroom

Aver a do;en more Panthers residing in the a"artment $o!ld be $o!nded( beaten(

118 and then charged $ith attem"ted m!rder of "olice officers The ne6t day( the media largely defended the 1<I7s actions The Chi*ago Tri)une "!blished "hotos sho$ing holes "!r"orted to be from b!llets fired by the Panthers( b!t forensics $o!ld later reveal these holes to have been made by nails '3' Koc!ments released by the 1reedom of Information Act incl!de a s#etch of Ham"ton7s a"artment dra$n by an 1<I informant( !sed by "olice and 1<I in the assassination The informant received I@)) from the 1<I for "roviding the information

The 1<I had tried other methods before resorting to assassination( incl!ding sending a bog!s letter to a rival -hicago gang leader in ho"es of "rovo#ing a violent retaliation $hich read%

212Chicago Tribune, %he (/ac- 3anther #aid and the death of 6red :am$ton, )ecem'er ., 1*8* 2135ointe/$ro 3a$ers $age 180

111 +<rother >eff% I7ve s"ent some time $ith some Panther friends on the $est side lately and I #no$ $hats been going on The brothers that r!n the Panthers blame yo! for bloc#ing their thing and there7s s!""osed to be a hit o!t for yo! I7m not a Panther( or a Ranger( 9!st blac# 1rom $hat I see these Panthers are o!t for themselves( not blac# "eo"le I thin# yo! o!ght to #no$ $hat their LsicM !" to( I #no$ $hat I7d do if I $as yo! To! might here from me again Signed( A <lac# <rother To! Kon7t 5no$ /'3*

The !se of bog!s letters for sabotage and attem"ting to "rovo#e violence $as $idely !sed by the 1<I thro!gho!t -AI8T=LPRA Why $as 1red Ham"ton targetedH He $as a rising leader in the <lac# Panther Party and $as in the "rocess of !niting vario!s gang( incl!ding the P!erto Rican 7To!ng Lords7 and the -a!casian 7To!ng Patriots7 into a "olitical coalition He had the "otential to drastically change the "olitical landsca"e of -hicago by channeling the yo!th !nrest that had "revio!sly been directed against other gangs and instead direct it at the "olitical establishment to fight against "olice corr!"tion and to generate socially constr!ctive energies This ty"e of action $as directly antagonistic to one of the "rimary directives of -AI8T=LPRA "!t forth by > =dgar Hoover himself( $hich read% '34

21.5ointe/$ro 3a$ers, $age 12* 212,'id+

11< +& Prevent the coalition of militant blac# nationalist gro!"s /

The same doc!ment also contained another relevant directive% '3?

+Prevent the rise of a 7messiah7/

1red Ham"ton had the charisma to !nite large gro!"s of yo!ng men and the attit!de of social $elfare and comm!nity develo"ment that had the "otential to gain the s!""ort of the broader "rogressive comm!nity His assassination "revented his career from escalating to these heights

#u (ertin) the Blac1 Panther Party

The 1<I $aged a $ildly s!ccessf!l cam"aign against the <lac# Panther Party thro!gho!t the 7?)s and 73)s <y the late 7?)s( the <lac# Panther Party $as the most "rominent African American "olitical force in the United States They advocated a &) "oint socialist "rogram for blac# self0determination( "rovided free food and healthcare to comm!nities( fo!ght against hard dr!gs( and formed legal armed street "atrols to deter violence from the 555 and other antagonistic organi;ations They also advocated for comm!nity control of "olice( schools and other instit!tions Today( these "oints are largely ignored in favor of the racist caricat!re "romoted by the <!rea! The o"erations the 1<I too# to s!bvert the Panthers is tr!ly asto!nding 1or e6am"le( there is the <lac# Panther coloring boo#( created by the 1<I and
218The Guardian, 3reventing the rise of a messiah , A$ri/ ., 200<

11* distrib!ted by <!rea! informants to blac# children in an attem"t to marginali;e the Party $ithin the blac# comm!nity '33 It is directly related to Hoover7s directive%

F* Prevent militant blac# nationalist gro!"s and leaders from gaining res"ectabilityF

The goal $as not to infl!ence the children of these comm!nities( b!t to marginali;e the Panthers $ithin the $hite comm!nity The coloring boo# aimed to do 9!st that( and $o!ld certainly be shoc#ing to anyone $ho sa$ it Ance marginali;ed( the "!blic $o!ld s!""ort increasingly re"ressive "olicies against the Panthers and their leadershi"( s!ch as the 1red Ham"ton assassination

211%he 5o/oring (oo- is hosted in various $/aces, it is avai/a'/e here at !otre)ame+edu



To > =dgar Hoover and the 1<I( it did not matter $hat the activities of the <lac# Panther Party consisted of In &2?2( an 1<I s"ecial agent sent Hoover a memo detailing ho$ his investigation of the Panthers has only t!rned !" "acifist activities s!ch as feeding brea#fast to children '3G Hoover shot bac# a memo saying that the Agent7s career ambitions $ere directly related to s!""lying Hoover $ith information s!""orting his vie$ that the Panthers $ere F a violence "rone organi;ation see#ing to overthro$ the government by

revol!tionary means F'32 To "revent the !nification of the <lac# Panther Party and the St!dent 8onviolent -oordinating -ommittee( "o"!larly #no$n as S8--( the 1<I resorted to fostering s"lits bet$een the leadershi" of the t$o organi;ations The 1<I targeted Sto#ely -armichael by !sing a techni:!e #no$n as 7bad 9ac#et7% they forged doc!ments indicating that -armichael $as a -IA informant 'G) It $or#ed The 1<I also had the "olicy of arresting Panther members for any reason( even 9!st on s!s"icion of crime $itho!t evidence( for the "!r"ose of e6ha!sting the Party7s f!nds to "ay bonds The Panther7s attorney said in &23)%

+In a "eriod of t$o years U Kecember( &2?3 to Kecember( &2?2 U the <lac# Panther Party has e6"ended in bail0bond "remi!ms aloneU 9!st the "remi!ms( that is( money that $ill never be ret!rned U a s!m in e6cess of I'))()))R Ho$ many brea#fasts or l!nches for h!ngry children( ho$ m!ch medical attention sorely needed in the ghetto comm!nities $o!ld that I'))()))
21<;emo avai/a'/e here+ 21*,'id+ 2<05&,!%E>3#& 3a$ers, $age 1.1

122 have f!rnishedH In the same t$o0year "eriod( t$enty0eight Panthers $ere #illed /'G&

In instances $here do;ens of Panthers $ere arrested( the bond re:!irements $ere too high to "ay and members sat in 9ail for $ee#s( or even months( a common -AU8T=LPRA tactic !sed against other gro!"s as $ell <y &23*( the <lac# Panther Party had essentially colla"sed !nder the $eight of r!thless harassment

*r: -artin Luther 7in)3 ;r:

In &243( the 1<I targeted the So!thern -hristian Leadershi" -onference as a +li#ely target for comm!nist infiltration/ 'G' The nat!re of the gro!" $as entirely non0violent and foc!sed on organi;ing the so!thern blac# vote It $as fo!nded by Kr Martin L!ther 5ing( >r and several other so!thern blac# ministers <y &2?*( Kr 5ing had given his 7I have a dream s"eech7 and had emerged as a "reeminent civil rights leader and had also began to address social change that transcended racial iss!es At this "oint( the 1<I had mar#ed 5ing as a clear threat to the 7established order7 Agent William - S!llivan committed to $riting%

+We m!st mar# ,5ing. no$( if $e have not before( as the most dangero!s 8egro in the f!t!re of this 8ation from the stand"oint of comm!nism( the 8egro( and national sec!rity it maybe !nrealistic to limit ,o!r actions against 5ing. to legalistic "roofs
2<1,'id, $age 18. 2<25&,!%E>3#& 3a$ers, 3age 118

123 that $o!ld stand !" in co!rt or before -ongressional -ommittees /'G@

When it $as anno!nced that 5ing $o!ld $in the 8obel Pri;e( the 1<I com"iled an a!dio ta"e consisting of vario!s fragments of conversations from 5ing7s ta""ed "hones( b!gged offices and hotel rooms It $as "!r"orted to demonstrate that 5ing $as a se6!al deviant It $as sent to 5ing $ith an anonymo!s note stating that it $o!ld be released to the "ress !nless he committed s!icide "rior to receiving the a$ard 'G* When 5ing failed to re"ly( 1<I Associate Kirector -artha KeLoach offered the contents of the ta"e to vario!s ne$s instit!tions( incl!ding Newsweek+ b!t the re"orters nearly !niversally declined to re"ort on the story

2<3,'id+ 3age 11< 2<.The *ail, Mail, Pou are a co/ossa/ fraud+ %here s on/4 one thing /eft for 4ou to do : :ow the 6(, tried to '/ac-mai/ ;artin >uther Cing Jr+ into suicide with anon4mous note, Januar4 20, 201.


An A"ril '*( &2?G( Kr 5ing $as assassinated Altho!gh "!blic memory has largely forgotten( 5ing $as in the "rocess of organi;ing the 7Poor Peo"les -am"aign7( aimed at !niting "oor "eo"le of all races to rally for social change It is li#ely that if 5ing had not died( the cam"aign $o!ld have been $ildly s!ccessf!l The cam"aign also re"resented everything that -AI8T=LPRA had been dedicated to "revent Altho!gh there is no com"lete "roof that the 1<I $as involved $ith the assassination( the 9!ry of a &222 Mem"his civil trial came to the concl!sion that >ames =arl Ray did not #ill 5ing( and that the real c!l"rit $as 7government agencies7 'G4

$merican Indian -o(ement

+They ,the Indians. are a con:!ered nation( and $hen yo! are con:!ered( the "eo"le yo! are con:!ered by dictate yo!r f!t!re This is a basic "hiloso"hy of mine If I7m "art of a con:!ered nation( I7ve got to yield to a!thority ,The 1<I m!st f!nction as.

a colonial "olice force / 0 Assistant S"ecial Agent in -harge 8orman Nigrossi'G?

AIM( the American Indian Movement( began in the 7?)s as activism foc!sed on "reventing the f!rther de"redation of Indian lands and reso!rces As the movement rose

2<2New 'or& Times, ;em$his Jur4 Sees 5ons$irac4 in ;artin >uther Cing s Ci//ing, )ecem'er *, 1*** 2<8"ard 5hurchi//, Agents of #e$ression+ E@cer$t avai/a'/e here+

122 to "rominence( the 1<I mar#ed them as an 7e6tremist organi;ation7 to target



doc!ment released !nder the 1reedom of Information Act advocates that% Flocal "olice "!t ,AIM. leaders !nder dose scr!tiny( and arrest them on every "ossible charge !ntil they co!ld no longer ma#e bail /'GG K!ring a "resentation by members of the -ongressional <lac# -a!c!s to the U8 H!man Rights -ommissioner( it $as alleged that virt!ally every #no$n leader of AIM has been im"risoned in state or federal "risons( some re"eatedly R!ssell Means( for e6am"le( $as charged $ith @3 co!nts b!t not one has held !" in co!rt 'G2 It $as later revealed that the 1<I had infiltrated Mean7s defense team b!t $as still !nable to "in their charges against him In &23@( tho!sands of 8ative Americans from reservations across the West had gathered at Wo!nded 5nee at the Pine Ridge reservation to sim!ltaneo!sly commemorate the &G2) massacre and "rotest the "olitical corr!"tion of tribal "resident Kic# Wilson( $ho had received I?'())) from the <!rea! of Indian Affairs and $as !sing it to f!nd a "rivate force that s!""ressed o""osition and often resorted to m!rder '2) The force designated themselves FC!ardians of the Aglala 8ationF( abbreviated as CAA8S Attem"ts to im"each Wilson( $ho $as res"onsible for years of "olitical violence( had failed The 1<I considered the occ!"ation an act of treason and began a siege of AIM members( in coordination $ith US Marshalls( agents from the <IA and the CAA8S of Kic# Wilson Wilson bl!ntly declared in a s"eech that FAIM $ill die at Wo!nded 5neeF

According to Historian Re6 Weyler( $ho obtained doc!ments s!b"oenaed from the Pentagon( the U S Marshall Service%

2<1)ocuments Avai/a'/e :ere+ 2<<%he 5&,!%E3#& 3a$ers, $age 2<0 2<*The Guardian, #usse// ;eans o'ituar4, !ovem'er 1, 2012 2*0A 3resentation to the United !ations :uman #ights 5ommittee '4 mem'ers of the 5ongressiona/ (/ac- 5aucus, avai/a'/e here+ 2*1"ard 5hurchi//, Agents of #e$ression, E@cer$t avai/a'/e here+

128 + directed the em"loyment of &3 AP-s ,armored "ersonnel carriers.( &@)())) ro!nds of M0&? amm!nition( *&())) ro!nds of M0*) high e6"losive( as $ell as helico"ters( Phantom 9ets( and "ersonnel Military officers( s!""ly sergeants( maintenance technicians( chemical officers( and medical teams remained on d!ty thro!gho!t the 3& day siege( all $or#ing in civilian clothes ,to conceal their !nconstit!tional involvement in this Fcivil disorderF./'2'

All of this $as on site at Pine Ridge d!ring the 3& day standoff( d!ring $hich AIM demanded the removal of Wilson from office( the CAA8s disbanded( and the military "resence removed <y the end( h!ndreds of tho!sands of ro!nds $ere fired at AIM "ositions ( ' AIM members $ere #illed( &* serio!sly in9!red( and G 7disa""eared7 In the @? months that "roceeded the end of the Pine Ridge standoff( more than ?) AIM members died violently on or near Pine Ridge '2@ The -ivil Rights -ommission revealed that AIM $as right to feel aggrieved d!ring the occ!"ation of Pine Ridge% The 1<I had been com"licit in rigging the &23* Pine Ridge elections against AIM members '2*


The -h!rch -ommittee investigated -AI8T=LPRA and concl!ded%

2*2"e4/er, #e@ (/ood on the >and, $age 2. 2*35&,!%E>3#& 3a$ers, 3age 210 2*.,'id+


+Too many "eo"le have been s"ied !"on by too many Covernment agencies and too m!ch information has been collected The Covernment has often !nderta#en the secret s!rveillance of citi;ens on the basis of their "olitical beliefs( even $hen those beliefs "osed no threat of violence or illegal acts on behalf of a hostile foreign "o$er The Covernment( o"erating "rimarily thro!gh secret informants( b!t also !sing other intr!sive techni:!es s!ch as $ireta"s( micro"hone Fb!gsF( s!rre"titio!s mail o"ening( and brea#0ins( has s$e"t in vast amo!nts of information abo!t the "ersonal lives( vie$s( and associations of American citi;ens Investigations of gro!"s deemed "otentially dangero!s 00 and even of gro!"s s!s"ected of associating $ith "otentially dangero!s organi;ations 00 have contin!ed for decades( des"ite the fact that those gro!"s did not engage in !nla$f!l activity The -onstit!tional system of chec#s and balances has not ade:!ately controlled intelligence activities Until recently the =6ec!tive branch has neither delineated the sco"e of "ermissible activities nor established "roced!res for s!"ervising intelligence agencies -ongress has failed to e6ercise s!fficient oversight( seldom :!estioning the !se to $hich its a""ro"riations $ere being "!t /

12< Sim"ly "!t( the committee7s concl!sions are correct b!t fall short It is clear that for a "eriod of nearly @ decades( the 1<I $aged a literal domestic $ar on largely "eacef!l activists $ho so!ght to bring abo!t social and "olitical change K!ring the time of the Vietnam $ar( M50ULTRA( the str!ggles of vario!s civil rights movements( Watergate and other criminal acts in the e6ec!tive branch( the United States drastically needed effective leaders and organi;ations to affect change yet the 1<I s!ccessf!lly s!""ressed any serio!s movements that arose

Food for thou)ht.


Ho$ res"onsible is -AI8T=LPRA for the fall of the American left in the &23)7sH

' Ho$ li#ely is it that other high "rofile assassinations similar to 1red Ham"ton( s!ch as Martin L!ther 5ing >r ( actions !nderta#e by the 1<I !nder -AI8T=LPRA ordersH

@ What movements are c!rrently being s!bverted by the 1<I todayH

* Kid > =dgar Hoover leave a corr!"t infrastr!ct!re $hen he retired in &23'( after @3 years of being the 1<I KirectorH


The Phoenix Pro)ram

Than#s to the New York Times and -& 5inutes+ most "eo"le are no$ a$are that former Senator and Presidential candidate <ob 5errey once led a raid on the "easant village of Thanh Phong d!ring his service in Vietnam( and m!rdered nearly t$o do;en villagers in cold blood His team disembo$eled $omen( children and infants and shot dead $hole families What most "eo"le don7t #no$( is that 5errey $as o"erating on orders from a -IA "rogram #no$n as A"eration Phoeni6( the "rogram that oversa$ some of the most horrific $ar crimes ever !nleashed on =arth '24 It $as in &2?*( !nder -IA station chief Peer KeSilva( that the Phoeni6 Program $as initiated KeSilva $as a "ro"onent of the belief of 7co!nter0terrorism7( -IA do!bles"ea# for the idea that terror $as a legitimate tactic in !nconventional $arfare '2?

Historian Ko!glas Valentine s!mmari;es the conce"t of A"eration Phoeni6 as follo$s%

F-entral to Phoeni6 is the fact that it targeted civilians( not soldiers Under Phoeni6( d!e "rocess $as totally non0e6istent

So!th Vietnamese civilians $hose names a""eared on blac#lists co!ld be #idna""ed( tort!red( detained for t$o years $itho!t

2*2Counter+unch, 6ragging (o', ;a4 11, 2001, written '4 :istorian )oug/as Ga/entine 2*8;ichae/ &tterman, American %orture, e@cer$t avai/a'/e here+

130 trial( or even m!rdered sim"ly on the $ord of an anonymo!s informer At its height( Phoeni6 managers im"osed a :!ota of eighteen h!ndred ne!trali;ations "er month on the "eo"le r!nning the "rogram in the field( o"ening !" the "rogram to ab!ses by corr!"t sec!rity officers( "olicemen( "oliticians( and rac#eteers( all of $hom e6torted innocent civilians as $ell as V-I ,Viet -ong Infrastr!ct!re. Legendary -IA officer L!cien -onein described Phoeni6 as( FA very good blac#mail scheme for the central government% 7If yo! don7t do $hat I $ant( yo!7re V- 7/

+Indeed( Phoeni6 $as( among other things( an instr!ment of co!nter0terror 0 the "sychological $arfare tactic in $hich members of the V-I $ere br!tally m!rdered along $ith their families or neighbors as a means of terrori;ing the entire "o"!lation into a state of s!bmission S!ch horrendo!s acts $ere( for "ro"aganda "!r"oses( often made to loo# as if they had been committed by the enemy /'23

This is the intellect!al conte6t !nder $hich <ob 5errey massacred the hamlet of civilians( for $hich he $as s!bse:!ently a$arded the <ron;e Star Peer KeSilva :!ic#ly e6"anded Phoeni6 to cover all *) "rovinces in So!th Vietnam( each e:!i""ed $ith an Intelligence -oordinating -ommittee and its o$n "rison Tort!re techni:!es s!ch as electric shoc#( beatings and ra"e $ere common"lace
2*16rom )oug/as Ga/entine s "e'site+ 2*<A/fred ;c5o4, A Euestion of %orture, e@cer$t avai/a'/e here+

131 The -entral Intelligence Agency originally had tro!ble finding Americans $ho $ere $illing to m!rder and m!tilate( so the 7co!nter0terror7 s:!ads $ere com"osed of e60 convicts( Viet-ong defectors( and mercenaries '22 They then em"loyed S"ecial 1orces( 8avy S=ALS and other highly trained Americans s!ch as <ob 5errey( $ho had essentially been indoctrinated by the military into #illing machines( to oversee the "rogram 1ormer Lie!tenant -olonel Anthony Herbert( $ho $as involved in A"eration Phoeni6( described his e6"erience in his a!tobiogra"hy "oldier7 +They $anted me to ta#e charge of e6ec!tion teams that $i"ed o!t entire families and tried to ma#e it loo# as tho!gh the V- themselves had done the #illing /@)) 1ormer -IA agent Ral"h McCee( s"ea#ing to PB"7s <ill Moyers for the fantastic doc!mentary 7The Secret Covernment7( stated that%

FWe $ere m!rdering these "eo"le( incinerating them


efforts had res!lted in the deaths of many "eo"le( and I 9!st V for me it $as a "eriod $hen I g!ess I $as V I considered myself nearly insane V I 9!st co!ldn7t reconcile $hat I had been and $hat I $as at the time becoming F@)&

McCee $as o"erating !nder Phoeni6 hel"ing to set !" the So!th Vietnam secret "olice( and has since become one of the most o!ts"o#en critics on the -IA He recalls that the "rogram cost billions of dollars( and -IA Kirector William -olby ref!sed an investigative a!dit before a -ongressional -ommittee @)'

2**,'id, Ga/entine 300Euoted in the 'oo- :eroRs, e@cer$t avai/a'/e here+ 301)ocumentar4 avai/a'/e here+ 302#a/$h ;c9ee, 5,A and &$eration 3hoeni@ in Gietnam, 6e'ruar4 1*, 1**8

132 The Agency7s $ebsite describes ho$ the entire So!th Vietnamese "o"!lation $as ma""ed o!t $ith -ens!s Crievance teams in con9!nction $ith national data @)@ They determined $hich villages $ere more li#ely to be friendly to the Viet-ong thro!gh intervie$s( and color coded ma"s based on that information( s"ecifically noting that FThese ma"s $o!ld often contain the names of family members $ho $ere V-I members or sym"athetic to the comm!nists F

+I thin# itPs common #no$ledge $hat goes on at the interrogation center It $as common #no$ledge that $hen

someone $as "ic#ed !" their lives $ere abo!t at an end beca!se the Americans most li#ely felt that( if they $ere to t!rn someone li#e that bac# into the co!ntryside it $o!ld 9!st be li#e m!lti"lying 8L1 follo$ers / 0>eff Stein( A!thor and 1ormer Military Intelligence( Vietnam Veteran@)*

The &23& -ongressional In:!iry revealed that the blac#lists created by these ma"s and cens!s data $as not thoro!ghly vetted( as o""osed to claims by Agency officials Ane member of the Phoeni6 Program described to -ongress that%

FIt $as my e6"erience that the ma9ority of "eo"le classified as V$ere +ca"t!red/ as a res!lt of s$ee"ing tactical o"erations In effect( a h!ge dragnet $as cast o!t in o!r area of o"eration LARM and $hatever loo#ed good in the catch( regardless of evidence(
3035,A+9ov 30.)oug/as Ga/entine, %he 3hoeni@ 3rogram, e@cer$t avai/a'/e here+

133 $as classified as V-I F@)4

Lie!tenant Vincent A#amoto( Army -ombat Afficer and reci"ient of the Kisting!ished Service -ross( testified on his e6"eriences $ith !sing blac#lists as a means of 7ne!trali;ing7 Viet -ong%

FThe "roblem $as( ho$ do yo! find the "eo"le on the blac#listH It7s not li#e yo! had their address and tele"hone n!mber The normal "roced!re $o!ld be to go into a village and 9!st grab someone and say( 7Where7s 8g!yen so0and0soH7 Half the time the "eo"le $ere so afraid they $o!ld say anything Then a Phoeni6 team $o!ld ta#e the informant( "!t a sandbag over his head( "o#e o!t t$o holes so he co!ld see( "!t commo $ire aro!nd his nec# li#e a long leash( and $al# him thro!gh the village and say( 7When $e go by 8g!yen7s ho!se scratch yo!r head 7 Then that night Phoeni6 $o!ld come bac#( #noc# on the door( and say( 7A"ril 1ool( motherf!c#er 7 Whoever ans$ered the door $o!ld get $asted As far as they $ere concerned $hoever ans$ered $as a -omm!nist( incl!ding family members Sometimes they7d come bac# to cam" $ith ears to "rove that they #illed "eo"le F

Psychological $arfare against civilians $as an integral "art of Phoeni6 Soldiers $o!ld leave "am"hlets on dead bodies( or on doors indicating that reci"ients $ere mar#ed
302%estimon4 to 5ongress '4 ;ichae/ J+ Uh/, avai/a'/e here+

13. for death

+Attention Villagers% & To!r village $as bombed beca!se yo! harbored Vietcong in yo!r village ' To!r village $as bombed beca!se yo! gave hel" to the Vietcong in yo!r area @ To!r village $as bombed beca!se yo! gave food to the Vietcong / 0USM- Leaflet@)?

Phoeni6 officer <art Asbo!rne testified before -ongress in &23&%

FI never #ne$ in the co!rse of all those o"erations any detainee to live thro!gh his interrogation They all died There $as never any reasonable establishment of the fact that any one of those individ!als $as( in fact( coo"erating $ith the V-( b!t they all died and the ma9ority $ere either tort!red to death or things li#e thro$n o!t of helico"ters It became a sterile de"ersonali;ed m!rder "rogram F@)3

Thro$ing victims o!t of a helico"ter( for e6am"le( served a "sychological $arfare "!r"ose as $ell( terrori;ing those on the gro!nd The intelligence that the -IA received $as often fla$ed Anyone in the So!th Vietnam infrastr!ct!re co!ld re"ort intelligence( and it $as often not verified( $hich led to
308>eaf/et e@cer$t avai/a'/e here+ 301)oug Ga/entine, %he 3hoeni@ 3rogram, e@cer$t avai/a'/e here+

132 ab!ses s!ch as So!th Vietnam "oliticians feeding intelligence to #ill their "olitical rivals

FWe had no $ay of determining the bac#gro!nd of these so!rces( nor their motivation for "roviding American !nits $ith information 8o American in the team s"o#e or !nderstood Vietnamese $ell eno!gh to inde"endently debrief any +contact / 8one of !s $ere s!fficiently sensitive to nor #no$ledgeable of the la$( the c!lt!re( the c!stoms( the history( etc A!r "aid so!rces co!ld easily have been either "rovocate!rs or o""ort!nists $ith a score to settle =very information re"ort LIRM $e $rote based on o!r so!rcesP information $as classified as L&M !nverifiable and L'M !s!ally reliable so!rce As to the first( it s"ea#s for itselfS the second( in most cases $as "!re rationale for the e6istence of the "rogram F 0 Michael > Uhr( 1irst Lie!tenant involved $ith Phoeni6 @)2

Historian Marvin Cettleman described in his boo# Vietnam and America% A Koc!mented History( ho$ FIntelligence gathered d!ring interrogation $as often !sed to direct 7search and destroy7 missions aimed at $i"ing o!t $hole villages or gro!"s of villages F@&) All told( doc!ments sho$ that Phoeni6 led to the 7ne!trali;ing7 of over G)()))
30<,'id+ 30*%estimon4 to 5ongress '4 ;ichae/ J+ Uh/, avai/a'/e here+ 310;arvin 9ett/eman, Gietnam and America, e@cer$t avai/a'/e here+

138 "eo"le( abo!t a third of them #illed( bet$een the years of &2?G and &23'

Ane Pentagon contract0st!dy of Phoeni67s o"erations fo!nd that only @O of those 7ne!trali;ed7 $ere f!ll "arty members above the district level bet$een &23) and &23&( and that over half F $ere not even "arty members F@&' A Saigon government doc!ment lists the n!mber of assassinated at over *)()))( nearly do!ble that of other doc!ments( highlighting "otential dis"arity bet$een record #ee"ing and reality @&@ The "rogram s!""osedly ended in &23'( tho!gh it has been revealed that at least certain as"ects contin!ed !ntil the fall of Saigon in &234 Understanding that official doc!ments don7t cover the f!ll sco"e of Phoeni6( and the history of records destr!ction by the Agency( it is !nli#ely that the f!ll e6tent of Phoeni6 $ill ever be #no$n So $hat abo!t the infamo!s My Lai massacre that res!lted in the ra"e and m!tilation of aro!nd *)) civiliansH Historian Kaniel Valentine arg!es it $as most certainly a Phoeni6 o"eration He cites a #no$n 7blac#list7 of names to be 7ne!trali;ed7 in My Lai( m!lti"le acco!nts of military "ersonnel referring to the entire village as Viet -ong sym"athi;ers( !sing the logic that only sym"athi;ers co!ld s!rvive in the area( and a Vietnamese -olonel $ho said himself that My Lai $as a Phoeni6 o"eration( among other evidence @&*

Marvin Cettleman conc!rrs%

F<y late &2?3( before the Tet offensive( 3)O of the villages in J!ang 8gai "rovince had already been destroyed

311"i-i$edia Artic/e on the 3hoeni@ 3rogram 312A/fred ;c5o4, A Euestion of %orture, e@cer$t avai/a'/e here+ 3136isca/ Pear 1*12 6oreign Assistance #eMuest, e@cer$t avai/a'/e here+ 31.)oug Ga/entine, %he 3hoeni@ 3rogram, e@cer$t avai/a'/e here+

131 In res"onse to Tet( this sla!ghter $as intensified literally $ith a vengeance In mid0March on &2?G( J!ang 8gai "rovince $as the scene of $hat $as to become the most notorio!s e6am"le% the massacre of villagers in My Lai * There the #illing of h!ndreds of villagers( almost all !narmed $omen and children( and old men( so s!ccessf!lly s$elled the body co!nt that Ceneral Westmoreland sent a "ersonal message of 7-ongrat!lations to officers and men of -harlie -om"any for o!tstanding action7 that 7dealt the enemy a heavy blo$7 When the carnage finally came to light( evidence "o!red in sho$ing that this massacre $as not an aberration b!t 9!st an es"ecially a""alling instance of a systematic strategy F 0Cettleman( "age *&&@&4

Pro9ect Phoeni6 $o!ld first come to the "!blic in &23& $ith a congressional in:!iry William -olby( -IA chief and director of the Phoeni6 "rogram( testified that the agency didn7t disting!ish bet$een Viet-ong members and civilians

-olby $o!ld later defend


the "rogram( citing it as 7the to!ghest o""osition the Viet -ong faced7

Food for Thou)ht.


In $hat other $ars has terrorism been !sed as a tacticH

3129ett/eman, e@cer$t here+ 3185ongressiona/ %estimon4, U+S: Assistance 3rograms in Gietnam, e@cer$t avai/a'/e here+ 311,nterview with "i//iam 5o/'4, 1*<1, avai/a'/e here+


' Is it "ossible that the m!ltit!de of ab!ses in Latin America in the decades that "roceeded the Vietnam War $ere 7Phoeni67 offshootsH

@ Why has there been s!ch little disc!ssion abo!t the 7Phoeni6 Program7 both in the mainstream media and in academia after its revelations came to lightH



+The common ingredients of the Iran and -ontra "olicies $ere secrecy( dece"tion( and disdain for the la$ the United States sim!ltaneo!sly "!rs!ed t$o contradictory foreign "olicies U a "!blic one and a secret one/0 Re"ort of the -ongressional -ommittees Investigating the Iran0-ontra Affair@&G

+In s"ite of the $ildly s"ec!lative and false stories of arms for hostages and alleged ransom "ayments( $e did notUre"eat( did notUtrade $ea"ons or anything else for hostages( nor $ill $e / 0Ronald Reagan( 8ovember &2G?

+A fe$ months ago( I told the American "eo"le I did not trade arms for hostages My heart and my best intentions still tell me that7s tr!e( b!t the facts and evidence tell me it is not F 0Ronald Reagan( March &2G3

IranE-ontra isn7t one sing!lar historical cons"iracy( b!t rather com"rised of vario!s illicit activities $hich revolved aro!nd a core gro!" of s!bversive actors and a covert $ar in
31<#e$ort hosted at Archive+org

1.0 8icarag!a The 7core of s!bversive actors7 consisted of members and associates of the 8ational Sec!rity -o!ncil( created !nder the 8ational Sec!rity Act of >!ly '?( &2*3 Since the act $as "assed( the 8S- has steadily gro$n in "o$er and sco"e !nder vario!s "residencies K!ring K$ight K =isenho$er7s administration in the 74)s( the 8S- became a 7virt!al ad9!nct of the "resident7( and started re"orting directly to the e6ec!tive branch >ohn 1 5ennedy( s#e"tical of the -IA and other agencies after the <ay of Pigs fiasco( allo$ed the 8S- to begin f!nctioning o"erationally( evolving from its traditional role as a "lanning committee @&2 Under Ronald Reagan( the 8S- e6"anded $ith increased staff and sco"e of o"erations Under =isenho$er( it had been tas#ed $ith creating a%

+ virt!al -old War machine against -omm!nism(/ and to +create and e6"loit tro!blesome "roblems for international -omm!nismW red!ce international -omm!nist control over any areas of the $orld(/ and +develo" !ndergro!nd resistance and facilitate covert and g!erilla o"erations /@')

This directive $o!ld be the rational and motivation for the gro!" cond!cting s!bversive actions in 8icarag!a !nder the Reagan administration

31*)ra$er, %heodore+ 0 >er, Thin )ine: the (ran.Contra 0ffairsC, 1**1, $+ . 320)ra$er, $+ 8


United States intervention in 8icarag!a is nothing ne$ The U S had landed troo"s n!mero!s times in the co!ntry d!ring the &2th cent!ry and as recently as &2&'( d!ring a "eriod #no$n as the 7banana $ars7( !sed military force to directly :!ell rebellions against American0s!""orted leadershi" In &2@? the American0trained head of the 8icarag!an 8ational C!ard( Samo;a Carcia( forcef!lly too# "o$er in the co!ntry by m!rdering and dis"osing the former leader A!g!sto -Zsar Sandino( mar#ing the beginning of a lengthy U S S!""orted dictatorshi" @'& Tro!ble arose in the &23)7s( $hen a revol!tionary comm!nist "arty called 7The Sandanistas7( named after the dis"osed Sandino( began mo!nting a series of attac#s and sabotage against the right $ing Samo;a dynasty( incl!ding the high0"rofile #idna""ing of 8icarag!an elite at a -hristmas "arty in &23* The Sandanistas en9oyed $ide s!""ort from m!ch of the disenfranchised 8icarag!an "o"!lation( $ho had become tired of the heavy0 handed Samo;a r!le Ane stri#ing e6am"le is the &23' earth:!a#e that str!c# the 8icarag!an ca"ital Man!ga( $here Anastasia Kebayle( son of Samo;a Carcia( e6ercised emergency "o$ers that allo$ed him to confiscate most of the international aid that had been directed to$ards reb!ilding the city( instead ending enriching Kebayle7s "ersonal coffers @'' In &232( the Sandanista !"rising c!lminated in their gaining f!ll "o$er in 8icarag!a They $ere hel"ed by the "olicies of >immy -arter( $ho had $ithdra$n aid to the Samo;a regime after a series of revelations of h!man rights ab!ses -arter originally ho"ed to remain on good terms $ith the Sandanistas( $ho had constr!cted a defacto socialist government in 8icarag!a( and res"onded by sending them I22 million in aid After they solidified a "act $ith the Soviet <loc in &2G)( -arter changed his t!ne and
321(rown Universit4, %he ,ranF5ontra Affair+ 322,'id+

1.2 a!thori;ed the -IA to begin s!bversive acts in the co!ntry incl!ding "ro"aganda efforts b!t "rohibiting direct conflict @'@ In &2G)( right $ing elements in 8icarag!a created the 8icarag!an Kemocratic 1orce( 1K8( $hich $o!ld become the largest and most organi;ed member of the gro!" that $o!ld become #no$n as the 7-ontras7 When Reagan $as ina!g!rated in &2G&( he ste""ed !" s!""ort of the gro!" and e6"anded the sco"e of covert action in the co!ntry( allo$ing the -IA to directly arm( f!nd and train the -ontras In &2G@( he signed the 8ational Sec!rity Kecision Kirective 33( entitled +Management of P!blic Ki"lomacy Relative to 8ational Sec!rity(/ instit!tionali;ing "!blic di"lomacy In effect( it $as a s"ecial "lanning gro!" $ithin the 8S- to coordinate "!blic di"lomacy cam"aigns( the most instit!tionali;ed 7"!blic "ro"aganda ministry7 in United States history

The gro!"

!sed e6tensive media "ro"aganda and control efforts( $ith one &* "age memorand!m $ritten by Aliver 8orth detailing over G) s"ecific 7"!blicity st!nts7 designed to infl!ence congressional and "!blic o"inion before !"coming -ontra aid votes @'4 When the covert $ar in 8icarag!a became "!blic #no$ledge in &2G'( a gro!" of congressmen led by Massach!setts re"resentative =d$ard P <oland tried to end all covert efforts in the co!ntry This $as $ith good reason( as ne$s of the h!man rights ab!ses of the -ontras became "!blic #no$ledge 1or e6am"le( a &2G3 Chi*ago Tri)une article noted that the -ontras +engaged re"eatedly in #idna""ings( tort!re and m!rder of !narmed civilians /@'? The Guardian $o!ld delve dee"er into the atrocities of the -ontras( describing a "artic!lar attac# $here +Rosa had her breasts c!t off Then they c!t into her chest and too# o!t her heart The men had their arms bro#en( their testicles c!t off They $ere #illed by slitting their throats and "!lling the tong!e o!t thro!gh the slit F @'3
323,'id+ 32.!S))11 hosted here at 6AS+org 3221oreign Polic,, D,ranA5ontra s Unto/d Stor4+D 1*<< 328Chicago Tribune, 5ontras :umans #ights #ecord Attac-ed, Januar4 10, 1*<1 321($)0, e@cer$t avai/a'/e here+ %he 'oo- contains c/i$$ings of >atin American $o/itica/, socia/ and economic news


Americas Watch( a h!mans rights gro!"( acc!sed the -ontras of@'G%

targeting health care clinics and health care $or#ers for assassination #idna""ing civilians tort!ring civilians e6ec!ting civilians( incl!ding children( $ho $ere ca"t!red in combat ra"ing $omen indiscriminately attac#ing civilians and civilian ho!ses sei;ing civilian "ro"erty b!rning civilian ho!ses in ca"t!red to$ns

These $ere the "rinci"le means of $aging $ar Mean$hile( Reagan called the -ontras the +moral e:!ivalent of the fo!nding fathers/ @'2 The terrorism of the -ontras $as not sim"ly 7collateral damage7 of s!""orting s!bversive gro!"s Rather( evidence sho$s that it $as a deliberate cam"aign led by the -IA in the vein of Phoeni6 In fact( the -IA $rote the training man!al for the -ontras titled +Psychological A"erations in C!errilla Warfare/ $hich( among other activities( advocated for assassinating 9!dges and "riests( blac#mailing citi;ens( blo$ing !" "!blic b!ildings( and firing on dissenting citi;ens @@)
from various Eng/ish /anguage news$a$ers+ %his $articu/ar Muote is cited as coming from The Guardian; 32<"i-i$edia Artic/e on the 5ontras 32*P-$, %he ,ranA5ontra Affair 330)ocument hosted here at 6AS+org

1.. -ongressman <oland s!bmitted legislation on Kecember '&( &2G' $hich $o!ld become #no$n as the <oland Amendment It s"ecifically barred +the !se of f!nds Xfor the "!r"ose ofP overthro$ing the government of 8icarag!a or "rovo#ing a $ar bet$een 8icarag!a and Hond!ras /@@& A"en defiance $as im"ossible( b!t the -IA( 8S- and the Reagan Administration $ere dedicated to s!""orting the -ontras at all costs( so they chose vario!s methods of covert defiance by e6"loiting loo"holes in the amendment As long as the f!nds going to the -ontras $ere not tagged as being !sed for overthro$ing the Sandanista government( then they co!ld be delivered !nder the g!ise of international aid The !se of soliciting third "arty f!nding $as also left o!t of the <oland Amendment Ultimately( the <oland Amendment had no tangible im"act on the covert $ar in 8icarag!a K!ring the "eriod "roceeding the <oland Amendment( the -IA directly assisted the -ontra7s s!bversive efforts Ane e6am"le is the !se of air stri#es against an air"ort near Manag!a They also "laced mines in 8icarag!an harbors in &2G*( damaging several shi"s The all "treet .ournal+ $hich e6"osed these covert actions( also revealed the role of

Aliver 8orth( a Marine -olonel $or#ing on assignment $ith the 8S-( in coordinating the actions( one of the first mentions of a name $hich $o!ld become notorio!s to the "!blic 9!st a fe$ years later @@' -ongress soon reali;ed the ineffectiveness of the <oland Amendment and res"onded $ith ne$ legislation that to!ghened the restrictions on f!nding the s!""ort( #no$n as the <oland Amendment II It read%

+K!ring fiscal year &2G4( no f!nds available to the -entral Intelligence Agency( the Ke"artment of Kefense( or any other
331(rown Universit4 332(rown Universit4

1.2 agency or entity of the United States involved in intelligence activities may be obligated or e6"ended for the "!r"ose or $hich $o!ld have the effect of s!""orting directly or indirectly( military or "aramilitary o"erations in 8icarag!a by any nation( gro!"( organi;ation( movement or individ!al /@@@

This legislation left t$o loo"holes% first( $as the !se of third "arty f!nds to f!nd the contras( and the second $as that the te6t e6"licitly referred to the actions of the -IA( b!t failed to mention the 8S-( !sing the logic that it $as not an intelligence agency( !nder the Ke"artment of Kefense( or even covered !nder the "rovision of +any entity of the United

States / This $as based on the idea that the 8S- $as% +the President7s "rinci"al for!m for considering national sec!rity and foreign "olicy matters $ith his senior national sec!rity advisers and cabinet officials/ and th!s e6em"t @@* This transition of techni:!es led Aliver 8orth to ta#e on a "rimary role in -ontra assistance

Israel and Iran

<arred from !sing direct Agency f!nds for the -ontra o"erations( Aliver 8orth and the 8S- began to get creative Ane res!lt is the infamo!s 7Kiversion Memo7( $ritten by 8orth( detailing a "lan to sell arms to Iran( overcharge the co!ntry and f!nnel e6cess f!nds
333%he 1*<. (o/and Amendment H3)6 "arningI 33.(rown Universit4

1.8 to the -ontras This "lan $as blatantly illegal !nder A"eration Sta!nch( a U S led arms embargo against Iran d!ring the Iran0Ira: $ar $hich lasted from 7G) to 72) At the o!tset of the $ar( the US began arming Ira:( first $ith ')) million dollars in helico"ters( and later escalating to several billion dollars $orth of economic aid( the sale of d!al0!se technology( non0U S origin $ea"onry( military intelligence( S"ecial A"erations training( and direct involvement in $arfare against Iran @@4 The 7Kiversion Memo7 detailed a "lan to $or# $ith a retired Air 1orce Ceneral and an Iranian b!sinessman to sell arms to Iran( thro!gh the cover of Israel( in e6change for the release of American hostages held by Lebanese militants Initially( the "lan $or#ed relatively $ell% Israel "rovided Iran $ith h!ndreds of TAW anti0tan# missiles and m!lti"le American hostages $ere released @@? The deal $as com"leted 9!st months after Ronald Reagan famo!sly said% +The United States gives terrorists no re$ards We ma#e no concessions( $e ma#e no deals /@@3 Altho!gh 8orth estimated that I&' million $o!ld be raised for the -ontras in this manner( only I' million ever made it to the gro!"( li#ely beca!se the "rivate actors involved in the A"eration $ere acting $ith a motivation of "rofit As is thematic $ith American covert o"erations( the f!nds $ere f!nneled thro!gh a 7front organi;ation7 called Stanford Technology Trading Cro!" International( as $ell as !sing 7"ro"rietary7 airlines to transfer the missiles% aircraft o$ned by the -IA and !sed in normal o"erations !ntil needed by the Agency for covert o"erations @@G The story !nraveled in &2G? $hen t$o Lebanon re"orters bro#e the story of the secret arms transfer The revelations s"ar#ed the $idely "!blici;ed hearings in the United States to find the 7tr!th7 of the o"erations In &2G3 hearings( Aliver 8orth $as given imm!ni;ation from self0incrimination before -ongress Regarding the destr!ction of
332"i-i$edia Artic/e on United States Su$$ort for ,raM )uring the ,ranA,raM "ar 338(rown Universit4 331Chicago Tribune, 3resident: %errorists ;ust 3a4, Ju/4 1, 1*<2 33<(rown Universit4

1.1 doc!ments( he h!moro!sly noted% +I $o!ld "refer to say that I shredded doc!ments that day li#e I did on all other days( b!t "erha"s $ith increased intensityS that7s correct /@@2 The hearingsP Ma9ority Re"ort concl!ded that%

+8orthPs testimony demonstrates that he also lied to members of the =6ec!tive branch( incl!ding the Attorney Ceneral( and officials of the State Ke"artment( -IA and 8S- / And also that +other officials lied re"eatedly to -ongress and to the American "eo"le abo!t the -ontra covert action and Iran arms sales( and that he altered and destroyed official doc!ments /

!ex =>

The most shoc#ing revelation of the -ontra hearings( $hich the mainstream media nearly !niversally failed to re"ort on( $as the e6istence of an emergency "re"aredness "lan #no$n as Re6 G* The only "!blic mention of the "lan( #no$n officially as 7Readiness =6ercise &2G*7( $as as follo$s%

-ongressman >ac# <roo#s% -olonel 8orth( in yo!r $or# at the 8 S - $ere yo! not assigned( at one time( to $or# on "lans for the contin!ity of government in the event of a ma9or disasterH

1.< <rendan S!llivan ,8orth7s la$yer( agitatedly.% Mr -hairmanH Senator Kaniel Ino!ye% I believe that :!estion to!ches !"on a highly sensitive and classified area so may I re:!est that yo! not to!ch !"on thatH <roo#s% I $as "artic!larly concerned( Mr -hairman( beca!se I read in Miami "a"ers( and several others( that there had been a "lan develo"ed( by that same agency( a contingency "lan in the event of emergency( that $o!ld s!s"end the American constit!tion And I $as dee"ly concerned abo!t it and $ondered if that $as an area in $hich he had $or#ed I believe that it $as and I $anted to get his confirmation Ino!ye% May I most res"ectf!lly re:!est that that matter not be to!ched !"on at this stage If $e $ish to get into this( I7m certain arrangements can be made for an e6ec!tive session

L!c#ily( the media $as able to get more details on the "rogram $hich $as too sensitive to disc!ss in a "!blic for!m The 5iami Herald+ in a >!ly 4( &2G3 e6"osZ( "!blished the follo$ing%

+Some of President Reagan7s to" advisers ha(e operated a (irtual parallel )o(ernment o!tside the traditional cabinet de"artments and agencies almost from the day Reagan too#

1.* office( congressional investigators and administration officials have concl!ded Investigators believe that the advisers7 activities e6tended $ell beyond the secret arms sales to Iran and aid to the -ontras no$ !nder investigation Lt -ol Aliver 8orth( for e6am"le( helped dra/ up a contro(ersial plan to suspend the Constitution in the event of a national crisis( s!ch as a n!clear $ar( violent and $ides"read internal dissent or national opposition to a ":#: military in(asion a road / The 5iami Herald'(& L=m"hasis addedM

Im"lementation of Re6 G* $o!ld have t!rned control over the United States to 1=MA( the 1ederal =mergency Management Agency( $hich $o!ld act as an 7emergency c;ar7( and t!rn control of state and local governments to a""ointed Military commanders( and also incl!ded mention of 7assembly centers and relocation cam"s7 to ho!se dissidents Attorney Ceneral William Smith correctly "rotested that the "lan +e6ceeded its "ro"er f!nction as a coordinating agency for emergency "re"aredness / @*& It doesn7t ta#e reading bet$een the lines to see the immediate intent of Re6 G* The 8SA( -IA and other U S instit!tions believed that an invasion of 8icarag!a might have been necessary to "revent the s"read of comm!nism so close to their borders S!ch an idea isn7t farfetched% Sandanista "olicies and their agreements $ith the Soviet Union indicate
3.0Miami <erald, #eagan Aides and the Secret 9overnment, Ju/4 2, 1*<1+ An a'so/ute/4 fascinating artic/e worth reading in its entiret4+ 3.1Miami <erald

120 that they believed an American invasion $as imminent @*' <eing 9!st a decade removed from the massively !n"o"!lar Vietnam War( an invasion $o!ld have "rom"ted $ides"read dissent( and Re6 G* $as the 8S-7s "lan to deal $ith a domestic anti0$ar movement The investigation described by the 5iami Herald had interesting revelations of other activities 1or e6am"le( it revealed that the 7secret government7 stole President -arter7s briefing boo# !sed in cam"aign s"eeches and "residential debates $ith Reagan( indicating that the str!ct!re $as in e6istence before Reagan7s ina!g!ration It noted meetings $ith Iranian officials to disc!ss the release the delay of the release of U S =mbassy hostages !ntil after the election Lastly( it disc!ssed ho$ certain officials orchestrated lea#s to "aint Reagan in a "ositive light( s!ch as the 8ovember *( &2G* election day anno!ncement that Soviet >et 1ighters $ere on their $ay to 8icarag!a( orchestrated by Aliver 8orth himself @*@


-hief -o!nsel of the investigative Senate committee( Arth!r Liman( $rote in a memo to "anel leader Senator Kaniel Inoy!e%

+This is the "art of the story that reveals the $hole secret

3.2(rown Universit4 3.3Miami <erald

121 7government0$ithin0a0government7 o"erated from the ,=6ec!tive Affice <!ilding. by a Lt -ol $ith its o$n army( airforce( di"lomatic agents( intelligence o"eratives a""ro"riations ca"acity /@**

As the 7Re"ort of the -ongressional -ommittees Investigating the Iran0-ontra Affair7 noted( the United States had an act!al foreign "olicy that vastly differed from their "!blic disco!rse( and $as e6ec!ted in secret $itho!t chec#s and balances When -ongress tried to sto" the covert o"erations( the agencies involved sim"ly fo!nd loo"holes to s!bvert their legislation( going as far as to arm t$o sides fighting against each other in a $ar( and to !se "rivate actors to cond!ct illicit activities 1!rthermore( Re6 G* sho$s 9!st ho$ serio!s the 7secret government7 $as in e6erting hegemony in Latin America The term 7secret government7 is not an e6aggeration Vario!s investigations( "!blic and "rivate( noted that Ronald Reagan himself may not have been a$are of many activities the gro!" !ndertoo# These facts $ere all revealed in the mainstream media in a short "eriod "roceeding the Iran arms sales revelations( yet the "!blic $as never able to f!lly inform itself of the de"ths of the scandal

Food for Thou)ht.


Why $as the American "!blic so com"lacent $hen the facts of a veritable shado$ government $ere thoro!ghly revealed in the mediaH

' Why $as there no significant drive for reform of the -IA originating from $ithin -ongressH
3..Miami <erald


@ Ho$ often does the -IA disregard domestic and international la$ $hen it interferes $ith their agendaH

* Why did the -IA find hegemony in 8icarag!a to be so im"ortantH What threat( if any( did the co!ntry "ose to the United StatesH

4 Koes a modern version of Re6 G* e6ist todayH

? Ho$ far $ill the United States go to s!""ress domestic dissent the ne6t time they deem a foreign invasion necessaryH


Continuity of 6o(ernment

The definition of 7-ontin!ity of Covernment7 is a set of contingency "lans to ens!re that essential government f!nctions remain in "lace after a disaster s!ch as n!clear $ar In the United States( -ontin!ity of Covernment "lans have been on the boo#s since at least the =isenho$er administration The "lans involved b!ilding intricate hidden command centers s!ch as the Mo!nt Weather =mergency A"erations -enter b!ilt in &242( nestled a$ay in the <l!e Ridge Mo!ntains While the Covernment officially classifies Mt Weather as a 7b!n#er7( many so!rces claim that it is essentially a f!ll blo$n city According to ClobalSec!rity org( a res"ected instit!tion in the intelligence comm!nity( Mo!nt Weather contains a hos"ital( se$er treatment system( reservoirs( a "o$er "lant( an emergency television st!dio( and a thoro!gh system of dormitories Y office b!ildings @*4 8one of this is o!t of the ordinary( so to s"ea# It is reasonable for the government to have s!ch "lans in "lace Ho$ever( on Se"tember &&( '))&( the -ontin!ity of A"erations "lan $as officially activated and has been live ever since( meaning that Mt Weather and similar installations are li#ely in o"eration today

+A national emergency e6ists by reason of the terrorist attac#s at the World Trade -enter( 8e$ Tor#( 8e$ Tor#( and the Pentagon( and the contin!ing and immediate threat of f!rther attac#s on the United States(/ President Ceorge W <!sh "roclaimed on Se"tember &*( '))&

3.2;ount "eather $rofi/e at 9/o'a/Securit4+org


Kic# -heney officially enacted the +-ontin!ation of Covernment/ "lans shortly after the World Trade -enter attac#s( altho!gh the <!sh Administration $o!ld not confirm that this too# "lace !ntil March( '))' @*? A sim!ltaneo!s 7State of =mergency7 $as declared and is also in effect today( e6tended each year by Ceorge <!sh and then <arac# Abama CB" re"orted%

+A 7shado$ government7 consisting of 34 or more senior officials has been living and $or#ing secretly o!tside Washington since Se"t && in case the nation7s ca"ital is cri""led by terrorist attac# FThis is serio!s b!siness(F President <!sh said of "lans to ens!re the contin!ity of government S!ch an o"eration $as conceived as a -old War "reca!tion against n!clear attac# d!ring the =isenho$er administration b!t never !sed !ntil no$ It $ent into effect in the first ho!rs after the terror attac#s and has evolved over time( said senior government officials $ho "rovided details of the "lan Under the classified F-ontin!ity of A"erations Plan(F $hich $as first re"orted by The ashington Post in its 1riday editions(

high0ran#ing officials re"resenting their de"artments have beg!n rotating in and o!t of the assignment at one of t$o fortified

3.8C-$, %he Shadow 9overnment, 6e'ruar4 11, 200* 3.1M$N-C, &'ama Muiet/4 e@tends $ostA*F11 state of nationa/ emergenc4, Se$tem'er 11, 2013

122 locations along the =ast -oast The Post said the first rotations $ere made in late Actober or early 8ovember( a fact confirmed by a senior government official late Th!rsday Afficials $ho are activated for the d!ty live and $or# !ndergro!nd '* ho!rs a day( a$ay from their families( according to the Post The shado$ government has sent home most of the first $ave of de"loyed "ersonnel( re"lacing them most commonly at 2)0day intervals The government0in0$aiting is an e6tension of a "olicy that has #e"t Vice President Kic# -heney in sec!re( !ndisclosed locations a$ay from Washington -heney has moved in and o!t of "!blic vie$ as threat levels have fl!ct!ated /@*G

Serio!s b!siness indeed There have been instances $here -ongressmen have been stone$alled $hen trying to learn more abo!t the secret o"erations Ane e6am"le is Aregon -ongressman Peter Ke1a;io( a #ey member of the Homeland Sec!rity -ommittee( "!shed to revie$ the classified "ortion of the -ontin!ity "lan in a sec!re setting in '))3 b!t his access $as denied @*2 What can $e #no$ abo!t the -ontin!ity of A"erations "lan c!rrently in effectH Patric# Thronson( editor0in0chief of the University of Michigan >o!rnal of La$ Reform( has "!t together the most com"rehensive "!blicly available "a"er detailing the states of

3.<C-$, %he Shadow 9overnment, 6e'ruar4 11, 200* 3.*Oregon )ive, )e6a?io demands access to c/assified information, Ju/4 21, 2001

128 emergencies and "o$ers granted to the e6ec!tive branch @4) Available #no$ledge is nat!rally incom"lete beca!se many "o$ers and doc!ments are still classified Some highlights incl!de%

-ongress is re:!ired by stat!e to vote on the contin!ation of a state of 8ational =mergency every si6 months Since Se"tember &&th( '))&( it has only ha""ened once There are c!rrently thirty sim!ltaneo!s declared states of emergency The =6ec!tive <ranch can free;e the assets and "revent financial transactions of individ!als This e6tends to even basic life necessities They can go as far as to "rohibit donations of food to said "erson The "resident can !nilaterally order the ins"ection and sei;!re of commercial vessels The "resident is a!thori;ed to s!s"end or alter r!les for broadcast stations( or a!thori;e control of said station Provisions to s!s"end or control internet traffic

FTh!s( the only a""arent legal obstacle standing bet$een "resent conditions and this degree of government control over mass media and telecomm!nications is a "residential order F 0 Thronson

The ability to sei;e "ro"erty

3203atric- %hronson, %owards 5om$rehensive #eform of America s Emergenc4 >aw #egime, ;arch 23, 2013

121 The delegation of 7maintaining la$ and order7 to the de"artment of defense =6tend military to!rs of d!ty beyond contract!ally agreed termination dates

FA nation !nder thirty states of national emergency can hardly claim that emergency la$s are the e6ce"tion toUrather than the r!le ofUnormal governance F0 Thronson

Li#e every other case st!dy of covert activities highlighted in this boo#( 7-ontin!ity of A"erations7 has a friendly face b!t the act!al $or#ings of the secret government are strictly secret S!ffice it to say that the "o$ers behind the IranE-ontra activities have become f!lly instit!tionali;ed The im"lications are that the $or#ings of -ongress( the >!stice Ke"artment and other instit!tions have become merely a sho$ to distract from the reality that a secret government $hich does not res"ond to civilian r!le and has granted itself s$ee"ing( !nchec#ed "o$ers and is certainly directly o"erating in the realm of foreign "olicy( covert activities and li#ely domestic es"ionage( among other "otential activities

Food for Thou)ht.


Is there any limit to the "o$ers that the shado$ government has granted itselfH

' Why has there been nearly ;ero coverage of the -ontin!ity of Covernment in the

12< mediaH Why have only one or t$o congressman o"enly :!estioned its e6istenceH

@ Who is in control of the -ontin!ity of Covernment o"erationsH What is their agendaH


The Pedophocracy

$uthors 9ote. The next three chapters contain tri))ers for those /ho ha(e suffered sexual a use:

+La!ra Lederer( a senior State Ke"artment adviser on traffic#ing( told me( 77We7re not finding victims in the United States beca!se $e7re not loo#ing for them 77 0 New York Times'8,

FWhat yo! have to !nderstand( >ohn ,Ke-am".( is that sometimes there are forces and events too big( too "o$erf!l( $ith so m!ch at sta#e for other "eo"le or instit!tions( that yo! cannot do anything abo!t them( not matter ho$ evil or $rong they are and no matter ho$ dedicated or sincere yo! are or ho$ m!ch evidence yo! have That is sim"ly one of the hard facts of life yo! have to face To! have done yo!r "art To! have tried to e6"ose the evil and $rongdoing It has h!rt yo! terribly <!t it has not #illed yo! !" to this "oint I am telling yo!( get o!t of this before it does Sometimes things are 9!st too big for !s to deal $ith( and $e have to ste" aside and let history ta#e its co!rse 1or yo!( >ohn( this is one of those times / 0 1ormer -IA Kirector William -olby@4'

321New 'or& Times, %he 9ir/s !e@t )oor, Januar4 22, 200. 322John )e5am$, %he 6ran-/in 5overu$+ Pou ma4 remem'er "i//iam 5o/'4 from the 3hoeni@ 3rogram cha$ter, the 5,A o$eration which he $resided over+ %he 'oo- is fascinating and is a must read + H3)6 "arningI+

180 * * * *

From Washin)ton3 *:C:::

+Homose6!al Prostit!tion In:!iry =nsnares VIPs $ith Reagan( <!sh/ @4@ This article $as "!blished in the
3236u// te@t can 'e read here+

ashington Times and $as $ritten by a$ard0$inning(

181 P!lit;er Pri;e nominated 9o!rnalist Pa!l Rodrig!e; After years of research( Rodrig!e; had com"iled the radical evidence necessary to "!blish s!ch claims He had !ncovered a homose6!al "rostit!tion ring tied to the White Ho!se Ane central fig!re( -raig S"ence( a Re"!blican "o$erbro#er( had the "olitical clo!t to bring "rostit!tes on midnight to!rs of the White Ho!se The re"ort names m!lti"le White Ho!se insiders( military "ersonnel and members of ma9or media instit!tions as clients( based on credit card records "roc!red by Rodrig!e;

+Among the client names contained in the vo!chers 0 and identified by "rostit!tes and escort o"erators 0 are government officials( locally based US military officers( b!sinessmen( la$yers( ban#ers( congressional aides and other "rofessionals

Altho!gh the confiscated material $as t!rned over to Kistrict "olice on the scene( $itnesses and la$ enforcement agents say the Secret Service #e"t one bo6 containing names and other information abo!t high0level government officials $ho $ere clients of the male escort b!siness

Kistrict "olice officials say that( to their #no$ledge( this is the first time the Secret Service has ever become involved in s!ch a raid in this area / 0 ashington Times

-raig S"ence $o!ld thro$ e6travagant "arties for the Washington K - elite( $ith

182 7call boys7 freely available for interested "arty0goers Vario!s associates( incl!ding m!lti"le of S"ence7s body g!ards( came for$ard and admitted that his ho!se( $here the "arties $ere located( $as thoro!ghly b!gged $ith a!dio and video recording e:!i"ment( $ith the intent of e6tortion and blac#mail of those $ho ended !" in com"romising "ositions

S"ence $as some$hat of a mystery man What ty"e of em"loyment did he haveH 8o one #ne$ for s!re( tho!gh S"ence himself $o!ld often boast of his im"ortant connections Ane of his associates told the Times%

+He described Mr S"ence as 7strange7( saying he often boasted that he $as $or#ing for the -IA( and on one occasion said he $as going to disa""ear for a $hile 7beca!se he had an im"ortant -IA assignment7 According to the b!sinessman( Mr S"ence told him that the 7-IA might do!ble0cross him7( ho$ever( and #ill him instead and then 7ma#e it loo# li#e a s!icide 7/ ashington Times'88

Indeed( S"ence $o!ld die 9!st months after the intervie$( of an a""arent s!icide( b!t not after admitting that his "arties $ere b!gged by friendly intelligence assets $hich he ref!sed to name @4? The investigation by Pa!l Rodrig!e; and his associates $o!ld also screech to a halt after all of the evidence $as either classified by the Secret Service or tied !" in red ta"e Someone in a high "osition of "o$er clearly did not $ant the f!ll e6tent of the revelations to become "!blic Homose6!al "rostit!tion on its o$n isn7t shoc#ing( and de"ending on yo!r conce"tions of morality( no different than the heterose6!al "rostit!tion that is li#e$ise
32.#ashington Times, 3ower (ro-er Served )rugs, Se@ at 3arties (ugged for (/ac-mai/, June 30, 1*<* 322,'id+ 328#ashington Times, S$ence Arrested in !+P+, #e/eased+ August *, 1*<*+

183 ram"ant in Washington K - $ith the only tangible difference being the re"erc!ssions of entra"ment Les"ecially for Re"!blicansM Ho$ever( one "artic!lar "art of the investigation leads !s do$n a shoc#ing rabbit hole%

+In addition to credit0card fra!d( the investigation is said to be foc!sed on illegal interstate "rostit!tion( abduction and use of minors for sexual perversion, extortion( larceny and related illicit dr!g traffic#ing and !se by "rostit!tes and their clients / 0 ashington Times L=m"hasis mineM @43

In fact( the name -raig S"ence $o!ld a""ear re"eatedly in another ma9or "rostit!tion in:!iry( this one centered aro!nd children( #no$n today as the 1ran#lin Scandal( one of the dar#est stains in the history of the United States

:::To Fran1lin3 9e ras1a

The story of the 71ran#lin Scandal7 begins $ith La$rence = 5ing( one of the fastest rising Re"!blican stars of the &2G)7s He $as a "!blic fig!re in 1ran#lin( 8ebras#a $ho ran the 1ran#lin 1ederal -redit Union( along $ith a series of resta!rants and bars These vario!s b!sinesses a""arently f!rnished 5ing7s lavish lifestyle of "rivate 9ets( e6travagant "arties and an ento!rage of assistants and bodyg!ards Larry 5ing( as he $as #no$n( $as acc!sed by seven children of child ab!se and "rostit!tion before he sang the 8ational Anthem at the &2GG Re"!blican 8ational
321#ashington Times, :omose@ua/ 3rostitution ,nMuir4 Ensares G,3s with #eagan, (ush, June 2*, 1*<*

18. -onvention b!t des"ite vario!s "etitions to local "olice and the 1<I( no official investigations $ere ever !nderta#en @4G Ane of the allegations began from the serio!s ab!se of children at the hands of >arret and <arbara Webb( the former a member of the 1ran#lin -redit Union board the latter a co!sin of 5ing( $ho ado"ted vario!s foster children and $o!ld "roceed to s!b9ect them to horrific "hysical( emotional and se6!al ab!se The girls ho!sed at the Webbs told of being ta#en to vario!s "arties in the 1ran#lin area $here Larry 5ing and other im"ortant local fig!res se6!ally ab!sed them Ane of the girls( =!lice Washington( recalled being flo$n on 5ing7s "rivate 9ets to be ab!sed across the co!ntry

+Among the first acc!sers $as =!lice Washington( $ho claimed 5ing fle$ her to o!t0of0state "edo"hilic orgies She had been ado"ted by relatives of 5ing7s in the &23)s Her ne$ 7mother7 $as 5ing7s co!sin <arbara Webb( and her ne$ 7father7 $as h!sband >arrett Webb( $ho sat on the board of the 1ran#lin 1ederal -redit Union To =!lice Washington( 5ing had been Uncle Larry 7Larry 5ing set !" the "edo"hile ring(7 says =!lice 71rom my #no$ledge and from $hat I sa$ go do$n( he $as the man $ho got it moving and rolling =verything $ent thro!gh him He loves boys He loves them li#e he sho!ldn7t 7/ 0 The #ranklin "*andal7 ! "tory of Power)rokes+ Child !)use and Betrayal@42

Kes"ite =!lice "assing vario!s lie detector tests( charges $ere never "ressed against
32<6ran-/in5ase+org, 6ran-/in %ime/ine 32*!ic- (r4ant, %he 6ran-/in Scanda/: A Stor4 of 3ower'ro-ers, 5hi/d A'use and (etra4a/+ !ic- (r4ant is a ce/e'rated investigative =ourna/ist who s$ent near/4 a decade researching the 6ran-/in case, trave/ing over .0,000 mi/es and com$i/ing the most com$/ete accounting of events to date+ Unfortunate/4, , have 'een una'/e to find a free/4 avai/a'/e co$4 on the internet+ Pou shou/d 'u4 this 'oo- if an4, however, 'ecause 20Q of the $roceeds are 'eing donated to organi?ations that are fighting chi/d a'use+

182 the Webbs @?) The 1oster -are Revie$ <oard $as the first organi;ation to come across vario!s cases of ab!se( from =!lice Washington and others They $rote n!mero!s letters to 8ebras#a7s Attorney Ceneral Robert S"ire !rging an investigation( b!t their "leas $ere ignored The 1-R< testified to the State Legislat!re7s Investigative =6ec!tive Revie$ <oard S!bcommittee in &2GG that%

1-R< -hairman Kennis -arlson% The nat!re of these allegations are something that is going to shoc# the -ommittee They deal $ith c!lt activities they deal $ith se6!al ab!se( and there7s a

correlation bet$een these t$o different re"orts We have( the <oys7 To$n re"ort "re"ared by a $or#er from <oys7 To$n L$hichM contains the allegations of the

named >!lie Walters

children that $ere in the Webb foster home( 8elly "rimarily Tears later( $ell( t$o years later( $e have Loretta Smith in Richard To!ng Hos"ital $ho7s ma#ing allegations against Larry 5ing and as far as $e #no$ there is no relationshi" bet$een 8elly and Loretta Smith <oth re"orts tal# abo!t the Amaha

Cirls -l!b( both re"orts mention a s"ecific individ!al $ho is the s!"erintendent of schools

State Senator Remmers% The :!estion that came into mind( it7s been in my mind since yo!7ve been testifying and I thin# yo!7ve ans$ered "art of it 9!st no$( is yo!7re tal#ing abo!t abo!t these ab!ses from children from <oys7 To$n and Cirls7 -l!b and so

188 forth( no$ is there a common thread that goes over here to the -redit Union deal that $e are investigatingH In other $ords to the 1ran#lin -redit UnionH Is there a common thread there that #ind of leads to thatH

1-R< Member -arol Stitt% Well( the common thread is Larry 5ing

Remmers% Tes( that7s $hat I mean It all goes bac# to himH A5

Stitt% Tes( he seems to be more the organi;er( or the high0class "im"( I mean if that hel"s fit this together @?&

Larry 5ing $o!ld also be lin#ed to embe;;lement before he sang the 8ational Anthem at the &2GG Re"!blican 8ational -onvention( b!t again avoided an investigation The facade !nraveled in 8ovember &2GG( $hen an IRS investigation revealed that 5ing had stolen over I*) million from the coffers of the 1ran#lin 1ederal -redit Union The financial corr!"tion alone shoc#ed the city( b!t soon re"orts started circ!lating that in addition to vario!s fra!d!lent acco!nting doc!ments( investigators fo!nd a h!ge stash of child "ornogra"hy as $ell @?' More r!mors of se6!al ab!se began to arise( $ith m!lti"le allegations that Larry 5ing $as !sing children from <oys To$n( the nearby -atholic charitable instit!tion for or"haned yo!th @?@ His yello$ s"orts car $as notorio!s on the <oys To$n cam"!s( $here he $o!ld drive aro!nd and "ic# !" minors for his "edo"hilic activities The -atholic
381John )e5am$, %he 6ran-/in 5overu$, $age <0+ 3)6 avai/a'/e here+ 382Omaha #orld.<erald, >awsuit: Cing )iverted ;i//ions 6rom 6ran-/in, !ovem'er 12, 1*<< 383New 'or& Times, A >urid, ;4sterious Scanda/ (egins %a-ing Sha$e in &maha, )ecem'er 1<, 1*<<

181 management denied any connection to 5ing( b!t financial records sho$ed that <oys To$n had a close0#nit relationshi" to the 1ran#lin 1ederal -redit Union

1ederal and local

a!thorities immediately moved to close the investigation and seal evidence( claiming that allegations of child ab!se $ere !nfo!nded @?4 The a!thorities bac#trac#ed and stated that they had done everything in their "o$er to investigate these claims Attorney Ceneral Robert S"ire said% +We did receive some sensitive information in >!ly My office acted "rom"tly and "rofessionally and nothing $as sat on / Ho$ever( it $o!ld later be revealed that no a!thorities ever intervie$ed =!lice Washington and other children noted by the 1-R< !ntil @ years later after they made their re"ort "!blic @?? Kes"ite this( Amaha -hief of Police Robert Wadman stated to the "ress that +=very ste" that sho!ld have been ta#en( $as ta#en / @?3 Ho$ever( Wadman $o!ld later confess that he had never contacted =!lice Washington( one of the children ab!sed at the hands of Webb( nor the -hild Protective Services de"artment that handled Washington7s claims @?G Wadman $o!ld later be identified as a child ab!ser at 5ing7s "arties by fo!r different victims @?2

O struction3 Threats and -urder

In an early "olice investigation( lo$ level "olice officers attem"ted to #ee" their in:!iries a secret from Wadman( seemingly #no$ing that he $o!ld be adamant abo!t

38.)iscover 5hanne/ )ocumentar4 5ons$irac4 of Si/ence+ 382Omaha #orld.<erald, !o Su'stance, Sa4 3o/ice, 6(, Evidence 5a//ed >ac-ing %o >in- 6ran-/in, A'use, 6e'ruar4 2, 1*<* 388!ic- (r4ant 381,'id+ 38<,'id+ 38*5ons$irac4 of Si/ence

18< sh!tting do$n their investigation 8ebras#a 1oster -are Revie$ <oard official Kennis -arlson related Amaha Police Afficer -armean7s testimony to the Legislat!re7s =6ec!tive <oard hearing%

+,Afficer -armean. told me some things $hich I fo!nd to be some$hat startling I as#ed if he $as interested in information regarding Larry 5ing and he said( yes $e are( $e7re cond!cting $hat he called a s!"ersensitive investigation of Larry 5ing and he said this investigation $as so s!"ersensitive that they $ere not even !sing the steno "ool in the Amaha Police Ke"artment They $ere hand$riting their "olice re"orts( and he also told me that -hief Wadman had come to their !nit and directly as#ed if they $ere investigating Larry 5ing Investigator -armean told me(

$e lied to the -hief and $e said( no( $e are not investigating Larry 5ing A5( so that conversation too# "lace on >!ly ')th of &2GG/@3)

Shortly after$ord( Afficer -armean $as transferred o!t of the Robbery and Se6 !nit and the investigation stalled An >!ly 4( &2G2( in a lengthy FInter0Affice -omm!nicationF to Amaha P!blic Safety Kirector Pitmon 1o6all La co!sin of Larry 5ingM( Wadman anno!nced that -armean needed a mental health eval!ation @3& Many $ere not convinced of the Police Ke"artment7s concl!sion that there $as no s!bstance to the ab!se allegations( incl!ding a gro!" of &' State Senators $ho decided to create their o$n "arallel commission to investigate the charges( lead by Senator Loran Schmit 1ollo$ing the money trail( Schmit and his team :!ic#ly fo!nd that it co!ld be
310)e5am$, $age .< 311,'id, .*

18* traced directly to the se6 "arties and child ab!se It became clear to Schmit that he $as !ncovering some serio!s 7dirty la!ndry7%

+I received a "hone call on the floor of the legislat!re The caller $o!ld not identify himself( b!t he said( Loren( yo! do not $ant to have an investigation of the 1ran#lin 1ederal -redit Union( and I as#ed( $ho am I s"ea#ing toH And they said( that doesn7t matter( b!t yo! sho!ldn7t have that investigation And I said( $ell( $hy notH And he said( it $ill reach to the highest levels of the re"!blican "arty( and $e7re both good re"!blicans / 0 Loran Schmit@3'

Schmit $asn7t the only one to receive threats The lead investigator of the State Senator7s -ommittee( Cary -aradori( had also s"ecified that he had received a series of threats( s!ch as obvio!s tam"ering $ith his vehicle( as to send a message In early >!ly &22)( -aradori made a tri" to -hicago to meet $ith a secret informant $ho had evidence $hich $o!ld 7blo$ the lid7 off the case( and re"ortedly confided to a friend that he $as one ste" ahead of those $ho $anted to s:!ash the investigation( saying that if 7they7 #ne$ $hat information he had( he $o!ld be #illed @3@ U"on ret!rning from -hicago( -aradori7s "lane crashed( #illing him and his son The 8ational Trans"ortation Safety <oard investigation fo!nd that the $rec#age $as scattered over a radi!s bet$een @E* to & mile( indicating $itho!t a do!bt that the "lane bro#e !" in the air( instead of !"on im"act -ertain items $ere missing from the crash( most notably -aradori7s briefcase Within '* ho!rs( all of the evidence $as collected by the

3125ons$irac4 of Si/ence+ 313)e5am$

110 1<I and sealed @3*

The Paul Bonacci Trial

What information $as so im"ortant that the "edo"hile net$or# $o!ld #ill the lead investigator in $hat loo#ed li#e a blatant assassinationH It t!rns o!t he $as meeting $ith R!ssell 7R!sty7 8elson( a "hotogra"her for Larry 5ing( $ho attended 5ing7s "arties $ith the intention of "hotogra"hing "o$erf!l men in com"romising "ositions $ith minors( in order to blac#mail them later @34 Li#e -raig S"ence( 5ing $as #no$n to thro$ lavish "arties for the Re"!blican elite( $ith !nderage "rostit!tes allegedly in attendance R!sty 8elson $as in hiding for an entire decade after the 1ran#lin Scandal bro#e b!t ended his silence !nder oath d!ring a co!rt hearing in &222( in order to 7set the record straight7 He revealed that he had a very close relationshi" $ith 5ing and #e"t h!ndreds of tho!sands of "hotogra"hs of 5ing7s b!siness dealings and "arties in vario!s locations Most of the evidence had been confiscated( and more had been destroyed in Cary -aradori7s "lane crash R!sty7s testimony to the Kistrict -o!rt $as very interesting Among other events( he revealed that he "ersonally sa$ Larry 5ing "lace a direct call to then0"resident Ronald Reagan $hen other associates co!ld not resolve a s"ecific "roblem He also claimed to have seen and ta#en "ict!res of the -hief of Police of Amaha Robert Wadman at vario!s "arties( engaged in vario!s se6!al acts $ith minors( and had once seen Wadman acce"t a large envelo"e f!ll of bearer bonds from 5ing While most of R!sty7s evidence $as confiscated( he $as able to "rovide the co!rt $ith "hotogra"hs that corroborated his close
31.5ons$irac4 of Si/ence+ 3125ourt %ranscri$ts, 3au/ (onacci vs+ >awrence E+ Cing

111 relationshi" to 5ing( s!ch as "hotogra"hs of 5ing inside his "rivate 9et and limo!sine( and alongside male stri""ers @3? The Kistrict -o!rt hearing $as not abo!t R!sty 8elson( b!t rather for com"ensation for one of the victims( Pa!l <onacci( $ho had first made acc!sations of ab!se against Larry 5ing in &2G?( t$o years before there $as even a #ranklin "*andal. The testimony given $as so convincing that the 9!dge a$arded <onacci $ith I& million The "lan $as to donate the "roceeds to charitable organi;ations dealing $ith child ab!se( b!t 5ing has never "aid Pa!l <onacci s!ffered from M!lti"le Personality Kisorder( a diagnosis confirmed by three different state0a""ointed "sychiatrists( from e6treme ab!se he had received beginning at the age of @ At the age of G( he became associated $ith Larry 5ing and began attending his "arties as a child "rostit!te The ty"e of ab!se <onacci !nder$ent at the hands of Larry 5ing is shoc#ing%

<onacci% +They "!t g!ns !" to my head( they "!t g!ns in my mo!th Larry 5ing sent o!t boys( men( to 9!m" me( he had them

"retty $ell beat the tar o!t of me from the $aist do$n so no one $o!ld see the mar#s( i had my fingers bro#en them b!rning me $ith hot instr!ments almost $hat I $o!ld call a cattle "rod/ I can remember

"lacing st!ff inside me

>!dge Urbom +Kone by Larry 5ing at his directionH/

<onacci% +At his direction /

Later on in the trial he $o!ld claim%



+If they $anted to get something "assed in the legislat!re( he $o!ld "!t some "eo"le that $ere against it in a com"romising "osition( by !sing !s boys and girls /@33

Ane of the men in Washington that Pa!l <onacci claimed ab!sed him is Kemocratic Senator <arney 1ran# <onacci $as also ta#en on the very same midnight to!rs of the White Ho!se hosted by -raig S"ence that 9o!rnalist Pa!l Rodrig!e; $rote abo!t in the ashington Times+ as a child He claimed that immediately after the to!rs of the White Ho!se( he $as ta#en to another "lace to be se6!ally ab!sed

The 6rand ;ury Co(erup

<efore his !ntimely death( Cary -aradori had com"iled a leads list of '3& victims of se6!al ab!se in the 1ran#lin area( tho!gh his death "recl!ded intervie$ing most( and others recanted their stories !nder "ress!re from 1ederal a!thorities( often accom"anied by the threat of 9ail time for "er9!ry Along $ith Pa!l <onacci( the investigation "roceeded $ith three other "rimary $itnesses( Troy <oner( Kanny 5ing Lno relation to LarryM( and Alisha A$ens <oth <oner and A$ens reco!nted tales( after "assing m!lti"le state0s"onsored lie detector tests(@32 of attending h!ndreds of "arties hosted by Larry 5ing $here they $ere
3115ourt %ranscri$ts, 3au/ (onacci vs+ >awrence E+ Cing 31<,'id+ 31*5ons$irac4 of Si/ence

113 ab!sed by 5ing and other "rominent men in Lincoln and Amaha The three $o!ld re"eatedly corroborate each other in intervie$s ta#en !nder oath by Cary -aradori( initially $itho!t #no$ledge of each others "artici"ation in the investigation

Most of the

victims claimed that they $ere !sed to trans"ort dr!gs across state lines( at the demand of Larry 5ing and Alan <aer( a "rominent Amaha millionaire Cary -aradori once follo$ed a lead of Alisha A$ens $here she claimed that she $as often ab!sed at The 1rench -afZ in Amaha He tal#ed to the former manager on the tele"hone( Sheila McC!ire( $ho told Cary that%

+We had "arties in my a"artment above the 1rench -afe Larry 5ing $o!ld $ine and dine "otential investors do$nstairs at the -afe When the 1rench -afe closed abo!t & AM( 5ing and his man called Par#ing Lot <ob0$ho $or#ed for him Land $as o!r co#e connectionM0$o!ld bring "eo"le !"stairs to my "lace If Larry 5ing investors $anted dr!gs( boo;e( children or hoo#ers Lmale or femaleM $e7d get them While these g!ests of 5ings too# their "leas!res0$ith the #ids or $hoever05ing $o!ld sit and $atch0 $hile he dran#( did co#e and "layed $ith his yo!ng boys

Ane time( $hen this g!y Irv from 8T- $anted Sandra $ho $as abo!t &' or &@ years old and getting her &st "eriod( Larry intervened $hen Sandra ref!sed 5ing "!lled o!t a roll of I&)) )) bills and gave Sandra 4 of them 5ing then "!lled o!t a small gram of co#e and gave that to Sandra Sandra finally agreed
3<05aradori s videota$ed testimon4 is avai/a'/e here+

11. and $ent off to bed $ith Irv 5ing too# good care of the local and o!t of to$n high rollers If yo! had the money to invest at 1ran#lin( 5ing $o!ld cater to yo!r most deranged "erversion

And( let me tell yo! another thing The boys in the board rooms aro!nd Amaha are shitting in their <rogans If this case gets crac#ed o"en the list of involved $ill read li#e Who7s Who 5ing and his cre$ have r!ined a lot of childrens7 lives / @G&

The New York Times confirmed that both 1ederal and State investigators $ere given tho!sands of files regarding se6!al ab!se from children and testimonies from "eo"le involved in the foster care and ed!cation system @G' What ha""ened ne6t is ama;ing Instead of indictments of the acc!sed "er"etrators to develo" cases against them( both Ko!glas -o!nty and 1ederal Crand >!ries ordered the tho!sands of files to be sealed( declined to intervie$ do;ens of $itnesses( and then bro!ght charges of "er9!ry against Alisha A$ens @G@ <oth Crand >!ries concl!ded that Troy <oner and Alisha A$ens had indeed been ab!sed( b!t claimed that the ad!lts they testified against $ere innocentR Alisha A$ens $as later fo!nd g!ilty of "er9!ry( and sentenced to bet$een 2 and &4 years She ended !" s"ending t$o years in solitary confinement( more than any other $oman in 8ebras#a history( and a clear message to other victims% Stay silent @G*

FThis is !n"recedented( "robably in the history of the United States If the children are not telling the tr!th( "artic!larly if they
3<1)e5am$ 3<2New 'or& Times, &maha 9rand Jur4 Sees :oa@ in >urid %a/es, Ju/4 2*, 1**0 3<3$alem News, America s 9reatest 5hi/d Se@ Scanda/: (o4s %own in >inco/n, !e'ras-a, )ecem'er 2*, 2012 3<.)e5am$

112 have been ab!sed( they need hel"( medical attention To! don7t thro$ them in 9ailRF 0 Kr >!dianne Kensen0Cerber( a la$yer( "sychiatrist and nationally "rominent s"ecialist on child ab!se( d!ring her visit to 8ebras#a in Kecember &22)

An the same day that Alisha A$ens $as convicted of "er9!ry( the charges against Pa!l <onacci( $ho told a very similar story( $ere dro""ed @G? Perha"s they did not $ant certain testimony to come to trial( s!ch as <onacci7s claim that Larry 5ing $o!ld send limo!sines to Aff!t Air 1orce <ase and "ic# !" -IA agents for his "arties

The Crand >!ry trial $as a moc#ery of 9!stice( $here the state0a""ointed attorney Sam!el Van Pelt vigoro!sly attac#ed the charges and moc#ed the allegations of the defendants It has to be noted that a Crand >!ry is a s"ecial ty"e of "roceeding $here the attorney chooses all of the $itnesses and $hat evidence is "resentedS there is no "resentation of the defense or cross e6amination A former -hief >!dge of 8e$ Tor# State once :!i""ed that a s"ecial "rosec!tor co!ld "ers!ade a grand 9!ry to Findict a ham sand$ich F@GG There are shoc#ing irreg!larities $ith the Crand >!ry "roceedings 1irst( it never called Larry 5ing to testify In fact( the evidence of child ab!se and child "ornogra"hy has never been "resented against 5ing in any co!rt of la$ Ane member of the Ko!glas -o!nty Crand >!ry claimed that the Van Pelt hel"ed $rite the final re"ort( $hich is illegal The re"ort contained some very "ec!liar statements( s!ch as +children do have the right to e6"ect that if they e0hi)it reasona)le )eha1ior+ they $ill not be ab!sed / L=m"hasis addedM It also contained blatant lies( s!ch as the claim that Pa!l <onacci7s doctor said that <onacci $as not ca"able of the tr!th( even tho!gh not only $as the doctor not called to
3<2,'id+ 3<8!ic- (r4ant 3<1(ridget :owe, ,f %he "est 6a//s, E@cer$t Avai/a'/e :ere+ 3<<The 3conomist, %he ham sandwich standard , 6e'ruar4 2<, 201.

118 testify( he said else$here that he believed <onacci7s story


A$en7s attorney( Henry Rosenthal( fo!nd that the evidence sho$n to the Crand >!ry $as deliberately tam"ered $ith The video testimony ta#en by Cary -aradori $as edited to remove sections $here Troy <oner and Alisha A$ens corroborated each others claims @2) The la$yer re"resenting originally A$ens( <oner and LKannyM 5ing originally claimed to have had over &)) clients $ho had s!ffered se6!al ab!se in relation to 5ing and <oys To$n( b!t then later claimed that their testimonies $ere all fabrications( only months before admitting she had an affair $ith an 1<I agent $ho had b!llied Troy <oner into tem"orarily recanting his testimony @2& There is also the c!rio!s trend of !"$ard mobility for a gro!" of men $ho $ere instr!mental in rigging the Crand >!ries%@2'


US Magistrate Richard 5o"f( $ho de"osited La$rence 5ing in a federal "sychiatric hos"ital so he $o!ldnPt have to a""ear before the grand 9!ries( and signed off on the 1<IPs federal search $arrant of Alisha A$enPs "rison cell( is no$ a US Kistrict -o!rt >!dge

' Thomas Thal#en( Assistant US Attorney for Kistrict of 8ebras#a( $ho "rosec!ted the federal grand 9!ry in 8ebras#a is no$ a US Magistrate @ Cerald Moran( $ho $as the Ko!glas -o!nty Ke"!ty Attorney $ho "rosec!ted the Alisha A$en trial is no$ a Ko!glas -o!nty Kistrict >!dge * Robert Sigler( $ho $as the Ko!glas -o!nty Ke"!ty Attorney $ho "rosec!ted Alisha A$en thro!gho!t her m!lti"le a""eals( is no$ an Assistant US Attorney for the Kistrict of 8ebras#a
3<*)e5am$ 3*05ons$irac4 of Si/ence 3*1!ic- (r4ant 3*2)e5am$


Troy Boner

Troy <oner had reco!nted his testimony d!ring this "eriod( after receiving threats that he himself $o!ld become the victim of "er9!ry charges Ho$ever( in &22@ he s!bmitted an affidavit detailing his intimidation and stating !ne:!ivocally that his testimony as $ell as those of his "eers $ere tr!thf!l

+I lied beca!se I tr!ly believed and still do believe that it $as a sit!ation $here I m!st either 7 lie or die7 and at the insistence "rimarily of the 1ederal <!rea! of Investigation officials $ho $ere dealing $ith me at that time / 0 Troy <oner7s Affidavit@2@

<oner re"eated the allegations that the -hief of Police Robert Wadmann and the $maha Herald editor Harold Andersen $ere "rimary "layers in his ab!se and the ab!se of his "eers He reco!nts the vario!s tactics the 1<I !sed in his intimidation( incl!ding all!ding to harm that may come abo!t to a family member if he "ersisted in telling his story Shortly after these threats( Troy7s brother Sha$n $as fo!nd dead from a g!nshot $o!nd The official story $as a game of R!ssian Ro!lette @2* Troy cites this as a "rimary motivating factor in coming for$ard $ith the tr!th in his affidavit

3*3%ro4 (oner s Affidavit 3*.)e5am$

11< +<!t( maybe the most im"ortant thing any honest investigator sho!ld do is to as# me( Troy <oner( or any of the other #ids s!ch as Alisha or Pa!l <onacci( to ta#e "olygra"h( lie detector tests SIK= <T SIK= A8 TH= SAM= JU=STIA8S WITH TH= P=APL= WITH TH= P=APL= W= AR= A--USI8C A1 TH=S= THI8CS =6am"le( as# Alan <aer if he shot mainline dr!gs into me and if he is a ma9or dr!g dealer and if he had se6 $ith me As# =!gene Mahoney if he met me at a boo#store in -o!ncil <l!ffs and !sed to reg!larly "ay me to have se6 $ith him as a boy As# ,redacted. to ta#e a "olygra"h test on $hether he is a big time dr!g dealer / 0 Troy <oner7s Affidavit L=m"hasis retainedM

The "olygra"h tests never ha""ened In '))*( Troy <oner entered an Amaha hos"ital visibly sha#en and adamant that he $as being targeted beca!se of his testimony The ne6t day( he $as fo!nd in a hos"ital room dead( dr!gged and beaten

The timing

might be related to the reelection cam"aign of Ceorge W <!sh( $ho m!lti"le victims claimed had attended Larry 5ing7s "arties Troy $o!ld ro!nd o!t a 7s!s"icio!s death7 list that had recently reached &4 names( incl!ding%@2?


Troy <oner

' Sha$n <oner( Troy7s brother( fo!nd shot in the head shortly after Troy $as to testify before co!rt The official e6"lanation of his death $as r!led to be a game of 7R!ssian ro!lette7 @ <ill <a#er( associate of Larry 5ing and alleged to be involved in the "rod!ction of child "ornogra"hy
3*2)e5am$ 3*8,'id+

11* * Cary -aradori and his eight year old son( Andre$( #illed in a "lane crash 4 8e$t -o""le( a "rimary informant of -aradori( $as 3) $hen he 7died in his slee"7 b!t e6hibited no health "roblems before his death ? -lare Ho$ard( the secretary of Alan <aer( the $ealthy Amaha b!sinessman $ho $as alleged to be a "rime member of the child ab!se ring Also 7died in her slee" 7 3 Mi#e Le$is( former caregiver of victim0$itness Loretta Smith Keath attrib!ted to 7severe diabetic reaction7 at the age of @' G >oe Male#( associate of 5ing( died from a g!nshot $hich $as r!led a s!icide 2 Aaron A$en( the brother of victim0$itness Alisha A$en( died in his 9ail cell ho!rs before Alisha $as s!""osed to testify( r!led a s!icide &) -harlie Rodgers( alleged se6!al "artner of Larry 5ing( died of a shotg!n $o!nd to the head( r!led a s!icide && <ill S#oles#i( Amaha "olice officer said to be secretly #ee"ing a file on Larry 5ing( died of a heart attac# &' 5athleen Sorenson( foster "arent of children $ho had esca"ed the Webb family( and o!ts"o#en activist on raising a$areness of the ab!se of the children she cared for &@ -!rtis T!c#er( an associate of Larry 5ing( $ho allegedly 9!m"ed o!t the $indo$ of a Holiday Inn in Amaha &* Harmon T!c#er( a school s!"erintendent in Amaha

Conspiracy of #ilence

In &22@( a television station in Tor#shire( =ngland traveled to 1ran#lin to !ncover

1<0 the tr!th abo!t the tale of child ab!se in 1ran#lin( $or#ing in tandem $ith the Kiscovery -hannel It $as called +-ons"iracy of Silence/ and the very day it $as set to air( it $as "!lled 8o e6"lanation has ever been given( tho!gh there are r!mors that an anonymo!s "erson "aid the Kiscovery -hannel I4))())) to revo#e the television rights to the film It $o!ld only be !nofficially released t$o years later( $hen someone $ho hel"ed "rod!ce the video and felt it $as so im"ortant it needed to be "!blic( lea#ed a ro!gh draft from the co"y room to attorney and former State Senator >ohn Ke-am" It is no$ $idely available for vie$ing online Averall( eight high "rofile Amaha fig!res $o!ld be acc!sed of se6!al assa!lt( $ith testimonies corroborated bet$een victims They $ere%@23


Larry 5ing

' Robert Wadman( Amaha -hief of Police @ Harold Anderson( recently retired =ditor of the $maha * Alan <aer( $ealthy b!sinessman 4 Ke$ard 1inch( S!"erintendent of schools ? Peter -itron( media "ersonality 3 >!dge Theodore -arson G P> Morgan( Mayor of Amaha orld9Herald

Af these men( only one $o!ld be convicted of child ab!se( Peter -itron( on an !nrelated brea#o!t of "edo"hilia claims $hich la!nched a se"arate investigation <efore the allegations leading to -itron7s arrest bro#e( he $as threatening to s!e >ohn Ke-am" for naming him as a child ab!ser in a memo sent to the Amaha "ress Ho$ co!ld s!ch a massive and orchestrated cover!" ta#e "laceH It involved the 1<I
3*15ons$irac4 of Si/ence+

1<1 $ithholding all sensitive files( incl!ding e6"licit videos and "ict!res of the relationshi"s bet$een 5ing and his associates and yo!ng children It involved a cam"aign of denial by the Amaha Police Ke"artment( $ho7s chief $as a "rimary member of the child ab!se ring( and a disinformation cam"aign by 8ebras#a7s media( $ho also had im"ortant members im"licated in the ring It involved ;ealo!s 1<I agents $ho $ere self0e6"ressed 7good friends7 $ith Robert Wadman And it involved a cam"aign of s!s"icio!s deaths designed to silence testimony Lastly( and "erha"s most im"ortantly( it involved an American "!blic !n$illing to believe that "o$erf!l men co!ld be im"licated in child ab!se( child "rostit!tion and dr!g r!nning

The *utroux $ffair

In the s!mmer of &224( a $ave of disa""earances of yo!ng girls in <elgi!m grabbed national headlines The series of #idna""ings $o!ld contin!e thro!gh the ne6t year( $ith the <elgi!m <A< L1<I e:!ivalentM !nable to develo" any leads Then in the s!mmer of 72?( an anonymo!s ti" abo!t a s!s"icio!s $hite van led investigators to the doorste"s of Marc K!tro!6( a #no$n "edo"hile $ho had only recently been released from "rison after serving @ years of a &@ year sentence( des"ite $arnings from vario!s "rofessionals and even his o$n mother that he $as li#ely to be a re"eat offender @2G The man $ho let K!tro!6 o!t of "rison( >!stice Minister Melchior Wathelet( $o!ld soon be "romoted to serve as a 9!dge at the =!ro"ean -o!rt of >!stice at the Hag!e @22 Vario!s stories soon emerged in the "ress regarding ho$ the <A< had re"eatedly(
3*<--C, 3rofi/e: ;arc )utrou@, June 11, 200. 3**"i-i$edia artic/e on ;e/chior "athe/et+

1<2 and s!s"icio!sly( failed to im"licate K!tro!6 d!ring the "revio!s years 1or e6am"le( <A< officer Rene Micha!6 once searched K!tro!67s ho!se( b!t failed to investigate screams he heard( instead believing the tale that the voices $ere coming from children o!tside 8or did he find the odd constr!ction of K!tro!67s basement( sha"ed in an L $ith one $all m!ch ne$er than the others( reason for in:!iry *)) At the time( K!tro!6( tho!gh !nem"loyed and receiving $elfare from the state( o$ned seven homes and lived :!ite lavishly from his involvement in selling children and child "orn

Micha!6 ignored

re"orts from an informant $ho claimed to have been made an offer by K!tro!6 to #idna" yo!ng girls in e6change for abo!t \*))) *)' He once had in his "ossession a video ta"e of K!tro!6 constr!cting his ma#eshift basement d!ngeon( and ra"ing a &* year old girl( b!t the ta"e $as ret!rned to K!tro!67s $ife( a""arently !nvie$ed *)@ Micha!67s fail!res li#ely directly led to the death of t$o girls $ho $ere held ca"tive by K!tro!6 at the time of the investigation and re"ortedly died of starvation The arrest of K!tro!6 did not come !ntil a ne$ lead investigator( >ean0Marc -onnorette( $as assigned to the case 1or the first time( many victims of child ab!se and traffic#ing in <elgi!m felt that they had someone they co!ld tr!st( and began to come for$ard $ith their stories The case :!ic#ly s"iraled to the "oint $here K!tro!6 $as no longer the foc!s K!ring the investigation( these victims $ere each assigned a n!mber( a""ended after an D 1or e6am"le( D& $as first se6!ally ab!sed at the age of t$o( at the hands of her grandmother( $ho o$ned a hotel fre:!ented by "edo"hiles At the age of *( she $as introd!ced to a 7"im"7 $ho $o!ld ta#e her o!t to other locations for ab!se and tort!re She $as diagnosed $ith M!lti"le Personality Kisorder( no$ #no$n as Kissociative Identity Kisorder =ven after getting married and moving a$ay at the age of &2( she $as never able
.001o4 News, 5ourt -ee$s convicted $edo$hi/e -i//er ;arc )utrou@ in $rison in (e/gium, 6e'ruar4 1<, 2013 .01N-C, (e/gium (egins :ighA3rofi/e 3edo$hi/e %ria/, ;arch 1, 200. .02%ru%G s 5rime >i'rar4, ;arc )utrou@, A 3edo$hi/e and 5hi/dACi//er+ .03The Guardian, 3o/ice admit )utrou@ video 'ung/e, June 11, 1***

1<3 to f!lly leave the 7net$or#7% Accasionally( $hen her h!sband $as o!t of to$n( her old "im" $o!ld sho$ !" and ta#e her bac# to "laces she $as ab!sed as a child( and $o!ld be ra"ed *)* She named and described in great detail( to a s"ecially assembled "olice team( the "eo"le and "laces involved in the "edo"hile ring Senior 9!dges( one of the co!ntry7s most "o$erf!l "oliticians 0 no$ dead 0 and a very infl!ential ban#er $ere incl!ded

+The sessions not only involved se6( they incl!ded sadism( tort!re and m!rderS and again( she described in detail( the "lace( the victims and ho$ they $ere #illed / 0 BBC(&-

D& and other $itnesses reco!nted being ra"ed by dogs and sna#es( and being forced to $itness the m!rders of other children $hich $ere ca"t!red on video ta"e D& $as :!oted as saying%

FIn <r!ssels there $as a villa in $hich a room $as set !" $ith b!ilt0 in cameras =ven in the &23)s these cameras $ere so discrete that only the "eo"le $ho maintained them and the child0 "rostit!tes #ne$ $here they $ere located Why did I had to get those g!ys

clearly in the "ict!re( $hy $as I s!""osed to get them to hit me and br!tally ra"e meH Why $as 7reg!lar7 se6 often not eno!ghH <lac#mail( the $ord that $as never mentioned( I only started to really !nderstand $hen I $as thirteen( fo!rteen years old / *)G

.0.;arieAJeanne Gan :eesw4c-, Annemie (u/tS and )oug/as )e 5oninc- ,The D *ossiers, 1*** .02--C, #egina >ouf s %estimon4, ;a4 2, 2002 .08,'id+ .01#egina >ouf, JwTgen is voor daders : de getuigenis van O1+ Unfortunate/4, , have 'een una'/e to find an Eng/ish version of this 'oo-+ .0<,'id+

1<. The other victims told similar stories( all inde"endent of one another Most had develo"ed M!lti"le Personality Kisorder( and had been t!rned over to the 7net$or#7 by family members Many acc!rately and inde"endently verified locations and members of the net$or# $ho $ere their ab!sers *)2 Perha"s most im"ortantly( they all claimed that high "rofile members of society $ere involved *&) D& also corroborated that one of K!tro!67s associates( >ean0Michel 8iho!l( $as instr!mental in the ab!se "arties 8iho!l had significant connections among <elgian "olitical and financial elite( and later confessed to organi;ing an orgy at a <elgian chatea! attended by government officials( described by the "ress as a 7Policeman7s Argy7


emerged that K!tro!6 and 8iho!l $ere "art of a long distance child traffic#ing ring that im"orted children from Slova#ia( among other "laces 8iho!l $o!ld later be fo!nd not g!ilty( a decision made by the 9!dges $ho overr!led a 7g!ilty7 verdict by the 9!ry >!st as the investigation $as heating !" and began to sho$ "romise( it $as com"letely dismantled from higher "o$ers >ean0Marc -onorrette $as dismissed from the case( $hich dre$ h!ge criticism from across the nation

It "rom"ted the event #no$n as

the 7White March7( in $hich @))())) <elgians from the nation of 9!st &) million too# to the streets to "rotest the dismissal *&@*&* -onorette $o!ld later brea# do$n in tears in co!rt $hile describing the death threats he received $hen he $as still involved $ith the investigation *&4 A second change that greatly affected the "roceedings $as the introd!ction of a strict hierarchy to the e6aminations of the $itnesses( $hich $as "revio!sly !nderta#en by <A< officers $or#ing inde"endently( overseen by Cendarmerie -ommandant >ean0L!c

.0*Annemie (u/te, de OA)ossiers: "at (e/gie !iet ;ocht "eten &ver de Jaa-A)utrou@+ .10New 'or& Times, 212,000 in (e/gium 3rotest :and/ing of 5hi/d Se@ Scanda/, &cto'er 21, 1**8 .11The Telegra+h, 2(e/gians Shoc-ed (4 %a/e of 3o/iceman s &rg4, ;arch 18, 1**0 .12New 'or& Times, (e/gian :ero )ismissed, &cto'er 12, 1**8 .13New 'or& Times, 212,000 in (e/gium 3rotest :and/ing of 5hi/d Se@ Scanda/, &cto'er 21, 1**8 .1."i-i$edia Artic/e on the "hite ;arch .12The Telegra+h, Judge te//s of murder $/ots to '/oc- )utrou@ investigation, ;arch 2, 200.

1<2 K!terme K!terme $o!ld cond!ct ab!sive interrogations $hich emotionally devastated the $itnesses $ho $ere s!ffering from M!lti"le Personality Kisorder In addition( the "rosec!tor that re"laced -onorette( >ac:!es Langlois( deliberately obf!scated the investigation He sent "olice o!t on false ti"s and hel"ed s"read disinformation in the media >ean0Marc -onnorete once described ho$ he felt abo!t the leads that Langlois $o!ld end !" investigating%

FI reg!larly and m!ch earlier com"lained abo!t those terrible circ!mstances in $hich I had to $or# in the K!tro!6 case We

contin!ally received information abo!t all #inds of bi;arre leads Those then received a lot of media attention( b!t to !s meant nothing b!t time loss >!st thin# abo!t the Abrasa6 case and the

digs in >!met If I remember correctly( the first leads in those t$o cases $ere already "!t !nder my nose in the very beginning of the investigation After$ards "recisely Abrasa6 and >!met $ere !sed by the media as an arg!ment to say that the $hole investigation $as mani"!lated and "ointed to$ards false leads I e6"erienced the same thing in the -ools case( in $hich the "olice began to mani"!late and $as $holeheartedly s!""orted by the media F 0 Humo L<elgian "!blicationM*&?

1!el to the fire $o!ld be added $hen a highly regarded childrens activist( Marie 1rance <otte( claimed that "rosec!tors $ere sitting on a "olitically sensitive list of high "rofile c!stomers of K!tro!67s tho!sands of video ta"es *&3
.18<umo, "ar in !eufchateau: e@amining magistrate 5onnerotte s$ea-s a'out the )utrou@ dossier for the first time, )ecem'er 3, 2002+ .11)os 0ngeles Times, Cidna$ )eaths 3/unge (e/gium ,nto 9ui/t, Se$tem'er 2, 1**8

1<8 Marc Ver$ilghen( the 1lemish "arliamentarian $ho became the most "o"!lar "olitician in the co!ntry after leading the in:!iry into K!tro!6( claimed that many in the <elgian establishment( incl!ding heads of government( ref!sed to coo"erate( and so!ght to stifle and ridic!le his re"ort He claimed that magistrates and "olice $ere officially told to not ans$er certain :!estions( in $hat he described as a 7characteristic smothering o"eration7 He $as f!rther :!oted as saying +1or me( the K!tro!6 affair is a :!estion of organi;ed crime /*&G A "arliamentary "anel revealed the names of @) government officials it said $ere com"licit in the hiding of K!tro!67s misdeeds( none have been "!nished

As the trial came to an end in '))* and faded from the "!blic s"otlight( K!tro!6 adamantly claimed that he $as not a lone "edo"hile b!t instead $as acting on behalf of a large "edo"hile ring *')

+Marc K!tro!6 insisted yesterday that he $as not a Flone "redatorF $ho #idna""ed and ra"ed yo!ng girls b!t "art of a $ider "aedo"hile ring K!tro!6 "ortrayed himself as a victim( a F"!""et

in a sho$ trialF $ho had to be "!t a$ay to Fhide the tr!thF and serve the interests of Forganised corr!"tionF Anly &)O of the case had been e6amined( he said( as#ing $hy inde"endent0minded "olicemen had been removed from the investigating team He !rged "olice to follo$ !" cl!es he said $o!ld "rove he $as $or#ing for a net$or# $hich #idna""ed girls to be sold into "rostit!tion /

Today( many <elgians have e6"ressed sorro$ that most of the details of the evidence $ill never be #no$n The files are sealed( $ith the "residing 9!dge claiming he
.1<The Guardian, 5overAu$ c/aims revive se@ scanda/, A$ri/ 21, 1*** .1*)os 0ngeles Times, 9ris/4 5rimes Undermine (e/gian Unit4, Januar4 3, 1**< .20The Guardian, )utrou@ insists he was $art of $aedo$hi/e ring, June 11, 200.

1<1 sa$ no reason to reo"en them The K!tro!6 Affair follo$s a shoc#ingly similar "attern to the events in 1ran#lin( 8ebras#a The local "olice have no interest in !ncovering the child ab!se ring and even go to seemingly abs!rd lengths to #ee" it a secret The co!rts are hostile to$ards the $itnesses and the trials are deliberately obf!scated -harges of "er9!ry are bro!ght against those $ho ref!se to recant their stories The 1ederal investigators $ithheld "roof of the claims of the $itnesses( incl!ding the names of high "rofile members of the child ab!se ring and vis!al evidence of their crimes

The British $ristocracy Pedophocracy

+Afficers in London $ere in:!iring into allegations made by a teenage rent boy that a -abinet minister had been ab!sing him The yo!th claimed to be one of a n!mber of boys reg!larly having se6 $ith rich and "o$erf!l men in the &2G)s V some of $hom $o!ld fly to the illegal orgies from =!ro"e

As $ell as the -abinet minister V $ho is still alive V he "ointed the finger at 9!dges( =!ro"ean big$igs and senior civil servants He told his story to detectives( $ho are !nderstood to have received other allegations against the minister <!t a former detective $ho $or#ed on the case revealed they $ere s!ddenly told to halt the "robe

1<< The f!rio!s e60"oliceman said% +It $asnPt that $e ran o!t of leads b!t it reached a "oint $here a $arning to sto" came It $as a case of Xget rid of everything( never say a $ord to anyoneP It $as made very clear to me that to contin!e as#ing :!estions $o!ld 9eo"ardise my career / 0 The "unday 4aily "tar(:,

The "assing of Sir >immy Savile in Actober ')&&( entertainer( socialite and "ersonal friend of the royal family( o"ened the floodgates of a myriad of revelations( $ith h!ndreds of victims coming for$ard claiming they $ere ab!sed at the hands of Savile in esteemed instit!tions s!ch as BBC and vario!s hos"itals It seemed that many "eo"le $here a$are of the transgressions( b!t no one acted Tears later( ne$ revelations are coming to light on a $ee#ly basis Ane interesting story $as "!blished in >an!ary of ')&@ $hich read( +>immy Savile $as "art of satanic ring/ *''

+Kr Sinason told the S!nday =6"ress she first s"o#e to the victim in &22' +She had been a "atient at Sto#e Mandeville in &234 $hen Savile $as a reg!lar visitor

She recalled being led into a room that $as filled $ith candles on the lo$est level of the hos"ital( some$here that $as not reg!larly !sed by staff Several ad!lts $ere there( incl!ding >immy Savile $ho( li#e the others( $as $earing a robe and a mas#

She recognised him beca!se of his distinctive voice and the fact
.21The $unda, *ail, $tar, %or4 3aedo 5overAu$, &cto'er 2<, 2012 .2234+ress 58, Jimm4 Savi/e was $art of satanic ring, Januar4 13, 2013

1<* that his blond hair $as "rotr!ding from the side of the mas# He $as not the leader b!t he $as seen as im"ortant beca!se of his fame

She $as molested( ra"ed and beaten and heard $ords that so!nded li#e XAve SatanasP( a Latinised version of XHail SatanP( being chanted There $as no mention of any other child being there and she cannot remember ho$ long the attac# lasted b!t she $as left e6tremely frightened and sha#en /

Allegations of "o$erf!l "edo"hile rings in <ritain $ere nothing ne$ Aver @) years ago( in &2G&( Tory MP Ceoffrey Kic#ens $arned "arliament against a "edo"hile ring he had !ncovered( claiming that the net$or# involved +big( big names V "eo"le in "ositions of "o$er( infl!ence and res"onsibility/ and threatened to e6"ose them in Parliament

Kic#ens made $aves regarding the "edo"hile ring and dossiers he received for * years in "arliament before bac#ing do$n in the face of harassment and death threats It seems that no one too# him serio!sly at the time( b!t ne$ evidence sho$s that his claims had merit% In >an!ary ')&@( Scotland Tard reo"ened their investigation

+Last month Metro"olitan Police began A"eration 1ernbridge into allegations that residents of a childrens home in Richmond( $est London( $ere ta#en to the nearby =lm C!est Ho!se in <arnes( $here they $ere ab!sed Pornogra"hy involving ad!lts

.23The (nde+endent, %or4 ;3 warned of $owerfu/ $aedo$hi/e ring 30 4ears ago, 6e'ruar4 22, 2013

1*0 having se6 $ith children $as allegedly shot at the "ro"erty and then circ!lated commercially

Sir Peter $as among the visitors to the "ro"erty Athers( according to a list sei;ed by Scotland Tard last month( $ere the late Liberal MP -yril Smith( the former R!ssian s"y Sir Anthony <l!nt( a Sinn 1ein "olitician( a Labo!r MP( and several -onservative "oliticians

After neighbo!rs com"lained abo!t the arrival of children( the "olice raided the g!estho!se in &2G' b!t the o"eration $as mysterio!sly c!t short A '))@ investigation also failed / 0 The ;ndependent*'*

Aver @) years later( the very first man that Kic#ens acc!sed( Sir Peter Haymann( MI? o"erative( $as arrested The ne$ in:!iry $as "rom"ted by MP Tom Watson( $ho has re:!ested the original dossier collected by Kic#ens( b!t Scotland Tard has been !nable to "rod!ce it -hild ab!se and "edo"hilia is ram"ant among the <ritish elite( and the revelations of >immy Savile has o"ened ne$ o""ort!nities for investigations of former cases After all( by Kecember &'( ')&'( the n!mber of victims $ho had come for$ard claiming ab!se at the hands of >immy Savile had reached *4)( s"anning do;ens of childrens homes and hos"itals *'4 T$o famo!s childrens homes $ho $ere each s!b9ect to their o$n vast child
.2.,'id+ .22--C, Jimm4 Savi/e a'use: !um'er of a//eged victims reaches .20, )ecem'er 12, 2012

1*1 ab!se scandals in the last decade( Ha!t de la Carenne on >ersey Island( and <ryn =styn <oys Home in Wre6ham( 8orth Wales( have had a series of fresh allegations in the $a#e of the Savile revelations In Wre6ham( 8orth Wales( the tale is a familiar one <oys from the <ryn =styn home $o!ld be ta#en to "arties thro!gho!t the city $here they acted as child "rostit!tes for socialites and $ere severely se6!ally ab!sed

+Aver the years( t$enty seven "olice in:!iries failed to disclose the scale of the alleged ab!se Thirteen re"orts by social services $ent !n"!blished Several 9o!rnalists reached o!t for the tr!th and ended !" scorched by libel actions When "olice finally la!nched a ma9or in:!iry( in &22&( they sec!red the conviction of only fo!r care $or#ers and concl!ded that there $as no evidence of a "aedo"hile ring -l$yd -o!nty -o!ncil then commissioned its o$n inde"endent in:!iry b!t decreed that its re"ort co!ld not be "!blished / 0 The Guardian*'?

-elebrated investigative 9o!rnalist 8ic# Kavies( $riting for The Guardian( nails the conce"t and motivation behind these vario!s se6 ab!se scandals $ith the follo$ing statement%

+Po$er is the fabric of a "aedo"hile ring( essential first to s!b9!gate the children( $hose "assivity is essential for the ad!ltsP

.28The Guardian, Secrec4 im$osed on the e@$osure of a//eged chi/d a'use, &cto'er 1**1

1*2 ind!lgenceS and second( $here "ossible( to ne!tralise the a!thorities $ho might other$ise fr!strate its activities /

Writing abo!t a ne$ Trib!nal la!nched into the Wre6ham case in &223( Kavies noted that over @)) men and $omen had come for$ard( naming &*G different ab!sers The official Wre6ham in:!iry concl!ded that $ides"read ab!se of boys did indeed occ!r at <ryn =styn and other nearby childrens homes( and that do;ens of "otential in:!iries $ere com"letely s!""ressed by administrators

+K!ring the "eriod !nder revie$ there $as a "aedo"hile ring in the Wre6ham and -hester areas in the sense that there $ere a n!mber of male "ersons( many of them #no$n to each other( $ho $ere engaged in "aedo"hile activities and $ere targeting yo!ng males in their middle teens The evidence does not establish that they $ere solely or mainly interested in "ersons in care b!t s!ch yo!ngsters $ere "artic!larly v!lnerable to their a""roaches / *'3

After the Savile revelations( 3? ne$ victims came for$ard in 8orth Wales( and the investigation has been reo"ened The victims claimed that the &223 in:!iry only e6amined a small fraction of the ab!se allegations *'G The ;ndependent revealed in ')&' f!rther details of a cover!"%

.21The Telegra+h, "aterhouse ,nMuir4: recommendations and conc/usions, !ovem'er 8, 2012 .2<The Record 58, !orth "a/es a'use: 18 new a//egations arise in investigation into a historic $aedo$hi/e ring at 1< care homes, A$ri/ 2*, 2013

1*3 +A damning re"ort that laid bare the 8orth Wales child ab!se scandal might have aired the iss!e of se6 attac#s on children in care nearly half a decade before an official 9!dicial in:!iry in '))) Instead co"ies of the re"ort $ere ordered to be destroyed beca!se the co!ncil that commissioned it feared it might be s!ed( The ;ndependent on S!nday can reveal Anly a handf!l remain( incl!ding one obtained by this ne$s"a"er / 0 The ;ndependent

They claim the follo$ing details%

+The then ne$ly a""ointed 8orth Wales chief constable(

$ho $as !ncontactable yesterday( ref!sed to meet them or hel" $ith access to the "olice ma9or0incident database FWe $ere disa""ointed at the a""arent im"ossibility of obtaining a brea#do$n of data We are !nable to identify the overall e6tent of the allegations received by the "olice in the many $itness statements $hich they too# 77 Some &@) bo6es of material handed over by the co!ncil to

the "olice $ere not made available to the "anel The co!ncil did not allo$ the in:!iry to "lace a notice in

the local "ress see#ing information FThis $as considered to be !nacce"table to the ins!rers(77 says the re"ort FThere $ere n!mero!s claims and s!ggestions that senior

"!blic fig!res incl!ding the "olice and "olitical fig!res might

1*. have been involved in the ab!se of yo!ng "eo"le(77 the re"ort said / 0 The ;ndependent(:2

After his death( >immy Savile $o!ld be re"eatedly lin#ed to the 8orth Wales home Ane victim claimed to have been re"eatedly ra"ed by the de"!ty head of the home( Peter Ho$arth( $hile Savile $atched for entertainment *@)

FHo$arth "!lled do$n my "y9ama bottoms in front of Savile I $as hel"less as >immy $atched He tho!ght it f!nny entertainment This ha""ened to a n!mber of boys F

According to F<enF( Savile $o!ld as# him% FWhat do yo! $ant me to doH -an I fi6 it for yo! F The victim added% FHe #e"t on loo#ing at me and smiling and la!ghing Then he started r!bbing my leg After that I $ent to bed b!t he had other children bro!ght !" to him F 0 The Telegraph

The "hrase +-an I fi6 it for yo!/ is a sic# "lay on >immy Savile7s "o"!lar TV sho$( 7>im7ll 1i6 It7( $here Savile $o!ld "!t !nder"rivileged or sic# #ids into contact $ith celebrities( or ta#e them on tri"s( as a "s!edo0charitable charade This "!t Savile in contact $ith h!ndreds of v!lnerable children Peter Ho$arth $as one of the fe$ "eo"le convicted d!ring the original 8orth Wales child ab!se in:!iries

.2*The (nde+endent, %he Ji//ings re$ort: :ow the truth a'out !orth "a/es chi/d a'use scanda/ was su$$ressed, !ovem'er 11, 2012 .30The Telegra+h, 2Jimm4 Savi/e /in-ed to !orth "a/es chi/d a'use scanda/, !ovem'er 1, 2012


+Another victim of <ryn =styn $as Steve Messham( $ho claims he $as re"eatedly ab!sed as a child by a senior member of the conservative "arty( as $ell as others Testerday he told -hannel * 8e$s that he "assed "hotogra"hs of children being ab!sed( incl!ding himself( to the "olice b!t they failed to act He also said the men $ho ab!sed him as a teenager fre:!ently threatened him( saying% 7If yo! tell anyone( I7ll have yo! #illed 7/ 0 The Telegraph

The Ha!t de la Carrene childrens home in >ersey has similar evidence of a massive cover!" >ersey( not s!b9ect to =!ro"ean Union reg!lations( has long been a haven of ta6 dodgers and secrecy In '))G( more than ')) victims came for$ard $ith tales of ra"e and tort!re *@& It soon became clear that many of the acc!sed $ere Tory officials and aides( "rom"ting a s$ift res"onse by Prime Minister Kavid -ameron to address the claims

After his death( it $as revealed that >immy Savile $as a reg!lar visitor of the childrens home *@@ In '))G( after being re"laced as the lead of the investigation( Police -hief Lenny Har"er blasted the road bloc#s he enco!ntered d!ring his ten!re and acc!sed an 7Ald <oys7 net$or# of obstr!cting his investigation

+In his most o!ts"o#en criticism of the >ersey a!thorities( Mr Har"er told the Telegra"h% FI can :!ite clearly say that the
.31The Telegra+h, Jimm4 Savi/e: :e was the ti$ of the ice'ergL, &cto'er 1*, 2012 .32The Guardian, %or4 chi/d se@ a'use ring c/aim: 5ameron races to contro/ scanda/, !ovem'er 2, 2012 .33--C, 2Jimm4 Savi/e named in Jerse4 chi/dren s home a'use inMuir4, &cto'er 2, 2012

1*8 investigation is being held !" There are "eo"le on the island $ho 9!st don7t $ant !s going do$n the ro!te of this in:!iry

Mr Har"er( $ho handed over the reins of the investigation to his s!ccessor on Th!rsday and officially leaves the >ersey force at the end of the month( also revealed fresh details of $hy he is so convinced that someone deliberately concealed the bones and teeth of five children( "erha"s after m!rdering them

Mr Har"er has re"eatedly said that beca!se some of the &)) bone fragments had been c!t( and beca!se the ?4 mil# teeth fo!nd at the home had roots on them( meaning they did not come o!t nat!rally( children $ere either m!rdered or their bodies $ere illegally concealed / 0 The Telegraph('(

%imm, $avile +ictured with E? children from the <aut de la Garrene <ome

.3.The Telegra+h, Jerse4 a'use case: &/d 'o4 networ- is o'structing $o/ice investigation, August <, 200<


>immy Savile $as also lin#ed to Ha!t de la Carenne It $as revealed in Actober( ')&' that his name had come !" n!mero!s times in a "olice investigation fo!r years earlier b!t he $as not investigated f!rther *@4 Lenny Har"er( the lead investigator into the Carenne home( told the Telegraph in ')&'%

+Savile chose his victims $ith great careS v!lnerable and often tro!bled yo!ngsters many in care homes If they com"lained they $ere labeled tro!blema#ers( or br!tally "!t do$n We #no$ from co!rt cases and statements made to my team ,d!ring the '))G in:!iry. that children in >ersey care homes $ere 7loaned o!tP to members of the yachting fraternity and other "rominent citi;ens on the "retense of recreational tri"s b!t d!ring $hich they $ere savagely ab!sed and often ra"ed

+When these children com"lained they $ere beaten and loc#ed in cellars ,at Ha!t de la Carenne.( $hich the >ersey a!thorities denied e6isted in '))G( b!t $hich can still be seen on To!T!be footage What chance did they haveH This $o!ld have been the "erfect h!nting gro!nd for Savile The great and good of >ersey fa$n over anyone $ith even loose connections to <ritish royalty Saville $o!ld have been a VIP to them and children $o!ld not
.32The *ail, Mail, Savi/e $ictured at the Jerse4 :ouse of :orrors: 3aedo$hi/e )J is surrounded '4 chi/dren at care home where 1*2 suffered a'use , &cto'er 18, 2012

1*< have stood a dogPs chance of com"laining abo!t him It $o!ld have been so easy for him / 0 The Telegraph('-

Regarding the statement abo!t the 7yachting fraternity7( R!"ert M!rdoch7s famo!s tabloid News of the orld la!nched an investigation and fo!nd that children $ere +loaned

o!t to rich "edo"hile yachtsmen/ *@3 They alleged that >immy Savile "ersonally delivered the boys to the cl!b >immy Savile is certainly a $eird character He once gave an intervie$ to /s<uire 5aga=ine $here he stated%

FI g!ess I am li#e 1orrest C!m"

I am li#e a se$ing machine

needle that goes in here and goes in there( b!t I am also the eminence grise% the grey( shado$y fig!re in the bac#gro!nd The thing abo!t me is I get things done and I $or# !nder cover F *@G

Perha"s he is referring to his close connections $ith the United 5ingdom7s royalty He $as #no$n to have acted as a 7marriage co!nselor7 bet$een Prince -harles and Princess Kiana in the 7G)s His $eird behavior $as noted by the "ress( $here he $as re"orted to greet Prince -harles7 assistants by +ta#ing their hands and r!bbing his li"s all the $ay !" their arms /*@2 >immy Savile had n!mero!s "rivate meetings $ith former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher( doc!ments released in ')&' revealed They detailed ho$ Savile had "etitioned
.38The Telegra+h, Jimm4 Savi/e: :e was the ti$ of the ice'ergL, &cto'er 1*, 2012 .31News of the #orld, JE#SEP:5hi/dren were /oaned to rich $aedo$hi/e 4achtsmen+ .3<*ail, Mail, Jim the fi@er: ,s Jimm4 Savi/e =ust a fantasist +++ or is the truth even stranger than fiction7 .3*The Guardian, Jimm4 Savi/e caused concern with 'ehaviour on visits to 3rince 5har/es, &cto'er 2*, 2012

1** Thatcher to change a la$ that $o!ld allo$ easier ta6 ded!ctions for Saviles involvement $ith the Sto#e Mandeville hos"ital L$here Savile $as alleged to have ab!sed girls d!ring Satanic rit!alsM BBC e6"lained that the doc!ments sho$ed that Thatcher $as favorable to Savile7s "etition( and had several "rivate meetings incl!ding l!nch( tho!gh she $as adamant that his name never be mentioned **) Later it $as revealed that Prince -harles himself signed on to be the 7Patron of the A""eal7

As of >an!ary ')&@( "olice have confirmed that at least '' se6!al ab!se offenses by >immy Savile had ta#en "lace at the Sto#e Mandeville hos"ital

A '))2 "olice intervie$

$ith Savile sho$s that all he had to do $as threaten legal action against the "olice( and the claims of ab!se against him $ere dro""ed At one "oint he told the officers( in reference to the Sto#e Mandeville hos"ital( +I o$n it /**@ The connections bet$een Savile and the U5 elite are certainly ca!se for s!s"icion In '))3( Prince -harles sent Savile a -hristmas -ard $hich read% +>immy( $ith affectionate greetings from -harles Cive my love to yo!r ladies in Scotland / *** Perha"s the most dist!rbing "art of the Savile tale is that e1eryone knew. Ane senior "olice officer told BBC that +We #no$ >immy li#es them yo!ng( he7s got friends in high "laces /**4 A retired Leeds "oliceman has claimed that +there $asnPt a co""er in the city $ho didnPt #no$ Savile $as a "ervert/ **? BBC television and radio legend Sir Terry Wogan claimed that Savile7s ab!se $as an 7o"en secret7 and that it $as common #no$ledge in the ind!stry $hat he $as !" to **3

..0--C, Jimm4 Savi/e sought ;argaret %hatcher Sto-e ;andevi//e he/$, )ecem'er 2<, 2012 ..1The *ail, $tar, 5:A#>ES >,!CS %& SAG,>E, ;a4 12, 2013 ..2--C, Jimm4 Savi/e scanda/: Sto-e ;andevi//e inMuir4 continues, Januar4 11, 2013 ..3The Guardian, Jimm4 Savi/e: transcri$t revea/s $o/ic4 used to ha/t a'use c/aims, &cto'er 18, 2013 ...The Telegra+h, Sir Jimm4 Savi/e: 3rince 5har/esLs /ove for Savi/e s /adiesL, &cto'er ., 2012 ..2--C, Ever4one -new a'out Jimm4 Savi/e, former officer sa4s, &cto'er 11, 2013 ..8The Telegra+h, :ow far did $o/ice go to $rotect Jimm4 Savi/e7, &cto'er 1<, 2013 ..1The Mirror, Sir %err4 "ogan s$ea-s of his hatred of Jimm4 Savi/e and sa4s his crimes were o$en secret at ((5, &cto'er 2, 2013

200 +Kavid 8icolson( ?3( said he re"orted the incident to his bosses at the cor"oration in &2GG b!t $as reb!ffed and sim"ly told% FThat7s >immyF He told The "un ne$s"a"er% +I $as revolted by his behavio!r They 9!st shr!gged it off( saying( XTeah( yeah U thatPs the $ay it goesP /

+=veryone #ne$ $hat $as going on That incl!des senior <<"eo"le U chiefs at the highest levels +There $ere al$ays girls in >immyPs dressing room =veryone $o!ld have #no$n abo!t it U all the hair and ma#e0!" "eo"le( the $ardrobe( sho$ directors( "rod!cers / 0 The Telegraph((%

8e$ revelations regarding >immy Savile and other "edo"hiles in esteemed instit!tions are being "!blished every month Ho"ef!lly the investigation trail $ill event!ally e6"ose 9!st ho$ dee" the corr!"tion goes

Food for Thou)ht.


Ho$ can a "edo"hile net$or# infiltrate or com"romise the a!thorities $ho $o!ld other$ise be res"onsible for e6"osing them and bringing them to 9!sticeH

' Why is "edo"hilia so ram"ant among the eliteH

..<The Telegra+h, Jimm4 Savi/e: ((5 did nothing when director caught him in the act, &cto'er 12, 2012

201 @ Ho$ co!ld >immy Savile and Larry 5ing maintain their ab!se $hen so many of their associates $ere a$areH

* Why does the re"orted child ab!se go $ell beyond se6!al acts into sadism and tort!reH

4 Ho$ $ides"read are these net$or#sH

? Is there coll!sion or connections bet$een large "edo"hile ringsH

3 >!st ho$ high !" does the corr!"tion go in Washington( the U5 and <elgi!mH


Cults and Child $ use

The Finders

In &2G3 the New York Times ran a story abo!t a little #no$n c!lt called +The 1inders/ The first "aragra"h reads%

+Police officials here said today that si6 disheveled children fo!nd in Tallahassee( 1la ( might be the offs"ring of members of a little #no$n c!lt( b!t the officials said they had not r!led o!t the "ossibility of #idna""ing /**2

Who are these s!s"icio!s men( and $hat $ere they doing $ith ? !ndoc!mented children( trans"orting them across the co!ntryH T$o children $ho $ere $ith the Tallahassee men $ere fo!nd to sho$ signs of se6!al ab!se

The 1inders had long been a

to"ic of disc!ssion for locals( $ho $ere nat!rally fascinated $ith the c!lt that lived amongst them The ashington City Paper once described the 1inders as s!ch%

+In a""earance( the 1indersUmostly middle0aged men( al$ays in dar# s!itsU$o!ldnPt be o!t of "lace managing a local f!neral home <!t the behavior of the handf!l of adherents has "eo"le
..*New 'or& Times, ,nMuir4 S$reads on 8 5hi/dren and 5u/t, 6e'ruar4 <, 1*<1 .20Chicago Tribune, 2 5u/t 5hi/dren Show Signs &f Se@ A'use, 6e'ruar4 *, 1*<1

203 $ondering $hether they arrived by flying sa!cer To$ns"eo"le say the 1inders constantly $al# the streets( follo$ing "eo"le home and ta#ing e6tensive notes and "ict!res They often a""ear at local co!ncil meetings( never saying a $ord b!t sim"ly observing the scene At other times( they "l!nder the visitorPs center of broch!res( ma"s( and local travel g!ides And they ha!nt the co!rtho!se( sco!ring land deeds to find o!t $ho o$ns the local real estate(/ 0 ashington City Paper*4&


ashington City Paper goes on to address the shoc#ing s"ecter of the alleged

Satanist "ractices of the c!lt( $ith the startling revelation%

+<!t among all the cry"tic inventory( co"s fo!nd a "hoto alb!m entitled +The =6ec!tion of Henrietta and Igor(/ a series of sna"shots de"icting berobed ad!lts and children sla!ghtering goats in a $intry $oodsca"e Ane "hoto de"icted giggling toddlers "!lling dead #ids from a $omb L+<aby goatsR/ ran the ca"tionMS another sho$ed a grinning ad!lt "resenting a goatPs head to a startled child /*4'

Ane >" News and

orld 6eport article states%

+The more the "olice learned abo!t the 1inders( the more bi;arre they seemed% There $ere s!ggestions of child ab!se( Satanism( dealing in "ornogra"hy and rit!alistic animal sla!ghter 8one of
.21#ashington Cit, Pa+er, 6inders Cee$er, ;a4 2., 1**8 .22,'id+

20. the allegations $as ever "roved( ho$ever The child ab!se charges against the t$o men in Tallahassee $ere dro""ed /*4@

The children $ere a""arently en ro!te to Me6ico( to $hat the children described as a school for 7smart #ids7 It $as noted in a -!stoms Re"ort that the children $ere !nable to acc!rately identify themselves or their c!stodians( co!ld not identify the "!r"ose of tele"hones( toilets or televisions( and $ere only given food 7as a re$ard7

These shoc#ing develo"ments led to a raid on the 1inders com"o!nd by the U S -!stoms Service The re"ort "rod!ced after the raid is asto!nding%

+K!ring the e6ec!tion of the $arrant at @2&GE') W Street ( I $as able to observe and access the entire b!ilding I sa$ large :!antities of childrens clothing and toys The clothing consisted of dia"ers and clothes in the toddler to "reschool range 8o children $ere fo!nd on the "remises /

+-!rsory e6amination of the doc!ments revealed detailed instr!ctions for obtaining children for !ns"ecified "!r"oses The instr!ctions incl!ded the im"regnation of female members of the comm!nity #no$n as the 1inders( "!rchasing children( trading and #idna""ing /

+Ane s!ch tele6 s"ecifically ordered the "!rchase of t$o children in Hong 5ong to be arranged thro!gh a contact in the -hinese =mbassy there Another tele6 e6"ressed interest in 7ban# secrecy7
.235$ News and #orld Re+ort, %hrough a 9/ass, Ger4 )ar-/4, )ecem'er 1*, 1**3 .2.US5S re$ort avai/a'/e here+

202 sit!ations Ather doc!ments identified interests in high0tech transfers to the United 5ingdom( n!mero!s "ro"erties !nder control of the 1inders( a #een interest in terrorism( e6"losives and evasion of a!thorities /

+There $as also a set of instr!ctions $hich a""eared to be broadcast via a com"!ter net$or# $hich advised "artici"ants to move 7the children7 and to #ee" them moving thro!gh different 9!risdictions( and instr!ctions on ho$ to avoid "olice attention /

+I $as able to observe n!mero!s doc!ments $hich described e6"licit se6!al cond!ct bet$een members of the comm!nity #no$n as 1inders I also sa$ a large collection of "hotogra"hs of !nidentified "ersons Some of the "hotogra"hs $ere n!des( believed to be members of 1inders There $ere n!mero!s "hotos of children( some n!de( at least one of $hich $as a child 7on dis"lay7 and a""earing to accent the childs genitals /

+Ane of the officers "resented me $ith a "hoto alb!m for revie$ The alb!m contained a series of "hotos of ad!lts and children dressed in $hite sheets "artici"ating in a 7blood rit!al7 The rit!al centered aro!nd the e6ec!tion of at least t$o goats The "hotos "ortrayed the e6ec!tion( disembo$elment and dismemberment of the goats at the hands of the children This incl!ded the removal of the testes of the male goat( the discovery of the female goats 7$omb7 and the 7baby goats7 inside the $omb( and the

208 "resentation of the goat head to one of the children /

+The $areho!se contained a large library( t$o #itchens( a sa!na( hot t!b( and a 7video room7 The video room seemed to be set !" as an indoctrination center It also a""eared that the organi;ation had the ca"ability to "rod!ce its o$n videos There $ere $hat a""eared to be training areas for the children and $hat a""eared to be an altar set !" in a residential area of the $areho!se Many 9ars of feces and !rine $ere located in this area / 0 US-S Re"ort of Investigation -ontin!ation( filed by S"ecial Agent Ramon > Martine;( March '( &2G3*44

A follo$ !" re"ort revealed the most shoc#ing detail of the entire 1inders case%

+I $as advised that all of the "ass"ort data had been t!rned over to the State Ke"artment for their investigation The State Ke"artment in t!rn advised MPK LK - Metro"olitan Police Ke"artmentM that all travel and !se of "ass"orts by the holders of the "ass"orts $as $ithin the la$ and no action $o!ld be ta#en This included tra(el to -osco/3 9orth 7orea and 9orth ?ietnam from the late @ABC8s to the early @ADC8s: The individ!al f!rther advised me of circ!mstances $hich indicated that the investigation into the 1inders had ecome a CI$ internal matter: The MPK re"ort has been classified and is not available for revie$ I $as advised that the 1<I had

201 $ithdra$n from the investigation several $ee#s "rior and that the FBI Forei)n Counter Intelli)ence *i(ision had directed the -P* not to ad(ise the FBI Washin)ton Field Office of anythin) that had transpired:/*4? L=m"hasis mineM

After the 1inders investigation became a 7-IA internal matter7( no action against the 1inders $as ever ta#en( and the case has largely faded from "!blic memory 8ot everyone $as content $ith the investigation sim"ly 7ending7 1lorida congressman Tom Le$is $as :!oted as saying%

+7-o!ld o!r o$n government have something to do $ith this 1inders organi;ation and t!rned their bac#s on these childrenH That7s $hat all the evidence "oints to(F says Le$is FAnd there7s a lot of evidence I can tell yo! this% We7ve got a lot of "eo"le scrambling( and that $o!ldn7t be ha""ening if there $as nothing here 7/*43

Kigging by the media co!ld only "rod!ce one confirmed connection% A firm $hich o"erated as a 7front organi;ation7 for the -IA "roviding officers $ith com"!ter training em"loyed several members of the 1inders The ashington Times re"orted%

+Ather -!stoms Service doc!ments and records from the 1<I and Metro"olitan Police "rovide indications that the -IA had lin#s to the 1inders or at least to some of the gro!"Ps members A
.28,'id+ .215$ News and #orld Re+ort, %hrough a 9/ass, Ger4 )ar-/4, )ecem'er 1*, 1**3

20< Metro"olitan Police doc!ment dated 1eb &2( &2G3( :!otes a -IA agent as confirming that his agency $as sending its "ersonnel to Fa 1inders -or" ( 1!t!re =nter"rises( for training in com"!ter o"erations FAnd a later -!stoms Service re"ort says that the -IA Fadmitted to o$ning the 1inders organi;ation as a front for a domestic com"!ter training o"eration b!t that it had Pgone bad P/*4G

The -IA has denied any connection to the 1inders


An 8ovember &?( &2G3( the New York Times article glibly revealed a shoc#ing statistic% in a three year "eriod from &2G* to &2G3( over @) different military bases $ere roc#ed by child ab!se scandals( incl!ding West Point and 1ort Ki6

This statement came

on the heels of a massive scandal that $as ta#ing "lace in San 1rancisco( at a military base named Presidio

+A 1ederal grand 9!ry in San 1rancisco s"ent &) months investigating ab!se allegations s!rro!nding the Presidio center( and almost &)) children $ere e6amined for "hysical or
.2<The #ashington Times, 5,A tied to cu/t accused of a'use N Justice $ro'es /in-s to 6inders, )ecem'er 11, 1**3 .2*New 'or& Times, Arm4 "i// 5/ose 5hi/dA5are 5enter, !ovem'er 18, 1*<1

20* "sychological signs of se6!al ab!se At least fo!r children $ere discovered to have chlamydia( a se6!ally transmitted disease / 0 New York Times

The "an .ose 5er*ury described the West Point scandal and its relation to rit!al ab!se in chilling detail%

+There had been se6 ab!se cases involving day care centers at several other Army bases West Point $as one of the most serio!s 00!ntil the Presidio In >!ly &2G*( a @0year0old girl $as bro!ght to the emergency room at West Point Hos"ital $ith a lacerated vagina The child told the doctor $ho e6amined her that a teacher at the West Point day care center $as the one $ho h!rt her

-hildren at West Point told stories that $o!ld become horrifyingly familiar They said they had been rit!ally ab!sed They said they had had e6crement smeared on their bodies and been forced to eat feces and drin# !rine They said they $ere ta#en a$ay from the day care center and "hotogra"hed / 0 "an .ose 5er*ury News(-&

The Presidio that the "an .ose 5er*ury News and New York Times mentioned is a military base located in San 1rancisco It became the s!b9ect of one of the strangest and
.80$an %ose Mercur, News, Arm4 of the !ight, Ju/4 2., 1*<<

210 sic#ening child ab!se scandals in American history In &2G3( some "arents $hose children attended the Presidio day care center began to notice signs of ab!se in their children( $ho began acting strangely( !sing se6!ally "rovocative lang!age and se6!ally ina""ro"riate behavior U"on ta#ing their children to the hos"ital( it $as revealed that they also s!ffered an array of "hysical sym"toms sho$ing clear cases of se6!al ab!se When a!thorities $o!ld not act( the "arents directly contacted the "arents of other #ids at the center and the res!lt $as shoc#ing% ?) children had clear "hysical signs of ab!se and * had contracted -hlamydia Some $ere only infants The !meri*an .ournal of $rthopsy*hiatry $rote an e6tensive analysis of the victims of the Presidio They stated%

+The severity of the tra!ma for children at the Presidio $as immediately manifest in clear c!t sym"toms <efore the ab!se $as e6"osed( "arents had already noticed the follo$ing changes in their children% vaginal discharge( genital soreness( rashes( fear of the dar#( slee" dist!rbances( nightmares( se6!ally "rovocative lang!age( and se6!ally ina""ro"riate behavior In addition( the children $ere e6hibiting other radical changes in behavior( incl!ding tem"er o!tb!rsts( s!dden mood shifts( and "oor im"!lse control All these behavioral sym"toms are to be e6"ected in "reschool children $ho have been molested / *?&

The U S Army $as in no h!rry to investigate the claims of child ab!se It too# them &' days to form a strategy gro!"( and nearly a month "assed before they notified other "arents of the day care that child ab!se allegations had been made Altho!gh it is normal
.810merican %ournal of Ortho+s,chiatr,, 3#ES5:&&> 5:,>) SEO A(USE: %he Aftermath of the 3residio 5ase, A$ri/ 1**2

211 "roced!re to sh!t do$n a government daycare after s!ch allegations( the Presidio Kaycare -enter remained o"en for nearly a year <y then( 42 other victims bet$een the ages of @ and 3 $ere identified *?' Re"orts of a satanic c!lt being ho!sed $ithin the military base had a""arently s!rfaced many years earlier Military Police had investigated some b!ildings after re"orts of a man dressed in all blac# holding a little girls hand had been re"orted An MP $as recorded as saying%

+We #ic#ed the door o"en and here7s this nice little bedroom In a corner $as a manne:!in $ith a g!n aimed at the door An the left side there $as a b!n# against the $all There $as a "entagram on the floor( a h!ge one There $ere dolls7 heads all over the ceiling( 9!st off0the0$all st!ff We $ere sitting there(

$e7ve got a c!lt on the Presidio of San 1rancisco and nobody cares abo!t it We $ere told by the "rovost marshal to 9!st forget abo!t it /*?@

An the A!t!mnal e:!ino6 of &2G3( an occ!lt day of im"ortance( fire $o!ld stri#e a b!ilding ad9acent to the day care( destroying many records relating to the center A month later( fire $o!ld destroy the day care center itself The AT1 fo!nd that the ca!ses of both fires had been arson( contrary to the Armies o$n investigation $hich claimed fa!lty $iring *?* Anly one man $o!ld ever have charges bro!ght against him% Cary Hambright( a civilian em"loyee $ho oversa$ the daycare center Ho$ever( the "rosec!tion b!ngled the
.82San Jose ;ercur4 !ews, Arm4 of the !ight, Ju/4 2., 1*<< .83,'id+ .8.,'id+

212 case( bringing to trial only the children $ho 7$o!ld ma#e the best $itnesses7 and leaving o!t the most "rolific e6am"les of "hysical ab!se( s!ch as those $ith rectal lesions and missing hymens The 9!dge "residing over the case deemed the charges as 7too vag!e7 and Hambright $al#ed free 8o other "ersons $ere charged and the US government :!ietly closed the case against Presidio itself *?4 The la$yer for the Presidio $as >ose"h R!ssoniello( $ho also defended the United States government d!ring the IranE-ontra trials *?? At one "oint in the investigation( it $as revealed that another man $as being investigated by the "olice% Lie!tenant -olonel Michael A:!ino( military intelligence s"ecialist Army doc!ments and child testimony sho$ed that children from the day care center reg!larly too# tri"s o!tside of the center( and many children $ere able to acc!rately identify $hat the inside of A:!ino7s ho!se loo#ed li#e Investigators searched A:!ino7s ho!se and retrieved tho!sands of videos and "hotogra"hs( and fo!nd $hat a""eared to be a so!nd"roof room( b!t charges $ere never bro!ght against him

Who e6actly is Michael A:!inoH It t!rns o!t he is an im"ortant "iece of the "!;;le A:!ino is o"enly a Satanist( $ho fo!nded his o$n ch!rch called the Tem"le of Set He coa!thored the highly controversial doc!ment +Mind$ar/ in &2G)( $hich $o!ld define the strategy and im"ortance of Psychological A"erations( a#a PSTAPS( for the Ke"artment of Kefense from that "oint for$ard In 7Mind$ar7( A:!ino arg!es that the reason for the fail!re in Vietnam $as not tactical( b!t rather the United States sim"ly lost the $ar of information( being !nable to t!rn the Vietnamese to their ca!se and !nable to convince the domestic "!blic of the im"ortance of the $ar *?G He "ro"oses a ne$ loo# at PSTAPS( claiming that it o!ght to be at the very forefront of the $ar effort( the very first and the most im"ortant techni:!e em"loyed as soon as
.82$an %ose Mercur, News, A'use 5ase at 3residio Euiet/4 5/osed '4 US, A$ri/ 1*, 1*<< .88New 'or& Times, ;oon/ighting, Se$tem'er 21, 1**< .81San Jose ;ercur4 !ews, Arm4 of the !ight, Ju/4 2., 1*<< .8<>t+ 5o/+ ;ichae/ AMuino, ;indwar+ H3)6 "arningI

213 conflict is deemed inevitable 8o longer $o!ld 7tactical "ro"aganda7 s!ch as leaflets and lo!ds"ea#ers on the battlefield s!ffice( instead a vast array of "ro"aganda and coercion techni:!es are needed This goes beyond $hat $e traditionally thin# of "ro"aganda( s!ch as "lanted ne$s stories or front organi;ations that $e sa$ in A"eration Moc#ingbird He also advocates 7Mind$ar7 on American citi;ens

+MindWar m!st target all "artici"ants if it is to be effective It m!st not only $ea#en the enemyS it m!st strengthen the United States /

Immediately after$ords is some sic# 9!stification on the !se of PSTAPS on Americans%

+Under e6isting United States la$( PSTAP !nits may not target American citi;ens That "rohibition is based !"on the "res!m"tion that +"ro"aganda/ is necessarily a lie or at least a misleading half0 tr!th( and that the government has no right to lie to the "eo"le The Pro"aganda Ministry of Coebbels m!st not be a "art of the American $ay of life J!ite right( and so it m!st be a6iomatic of MindWar that it al/ays s"ea#s the tr!th Its "o$er lies in its ability to foc!s reci"ientsP attention on the tr!th of the future as $ell as that of the "resent MindWar th!s involves the stated "romise of the tr!th that the United States has resolved to ma#e real if it is not already so /

So there is virt!ally no la$ barring the !se of 7Mind$ar7 on Americans( beca!se if it is not yet the tr!th( the Ke"artment of Kefense $ill ma#e it the 7tr!th7

21. Perha"s most terrifying is A:!ino7s insistence that%

+There are some "!rely nat!ral conditions !nder $hich minds may become more or less rece"tive to ideas( and MindWar sho!ld ta#e f!ll advantage of s!ch "henomena as atmos"heric electromagnetic activity( air ioni;ation( and e6tremely lo$ fre:!ency $aves /

-onsider the magnit!de of this statement( imagine the Ke"artment of Kefense mani"!lating domestic and foreign "ersons $ith =6tremely Lo$ 1re:!ency $aves to alter their "olitical and moral dis"ositions to align $ith the interests of the United States It sheds light on a statement A:!ino ma#es in the beginning of the doc!ment%

+Psychotronic research is in its infancy( b!t the U S Army already "ossesses an o"erational $ea"ons systems designed to do $hat LTAle6ander $o!ld li#e =SP to do 0 e6ce"t that this $ea"ons system !ses existin) comm!nications media It see#s to ma" the minds of ne!tral and enemy individ!als and then to change them in accordance $ith U S national interests It does this on a $ide scale( embracing military !nits( regions( nations( and blocs / L=m"hasis retainedM

Psychotronics( as defined by A:!ino himself( is 7intelligence and o"erational !se of =SP7 In the sim"lest terms( the Ke"artment of Kefense has the ca"ability to ma" a "ersons brain $aves( and then !se techni:!es s!ch as =L1 L=6tremely Lo$ 1re:!ency WavesM to alter that "ersons brain$aves to a "attern more cond!cive to United States interests This is the techni:!e that A:!ino is advocating to be !sed on domestic citi;ens(

212 in the most defining thesis in PSTAPs history And remember this "a"er $as "!blished @* years ago Where is the technology todayH As an im"ortant side note( 1ran#lin victim Pa!l <onacci once identified Michael A:!ino as an associate of Larry 5ing *?2 R!sty 8elson at one "oint identified Michael A:!ino as a man $ho he had seen Larry 5ing once t!rn over a s!itcase f!ll of cash and bonds *3) In addition( Michael A:!ino has been im"licated in vario!s other daycare and military installation child ab!se scandals Ane im"ortant e6am"le is the ab!se case at the >!bilation Kay -are -enter at 1ort <ragg( $here m!lti"le children "ositively identified A:!ino as an ab!ser o!t of a video line!" of men dressed e6actly li#e him

#atanism in Fran1lin3 9e ras1a

T$o "rimary $itnesses in the 1ran#lin "roceedings( Pa!l <onacci and Loretta Smith( neither of $hom #ne$ each other( both told stories of being se6!ally ab!sed at the hands of satanic c!lts o"erating in 8ebras#a The Ko!glas -o!nty grand 9!ry ac#no$ledged that the allegations in the 1ran#lin case Fnecessitated o!r st!dying satanic and "edo"hile activity in eastern 8ebras#a( "artic!larly in the Amaha metro"olitan area F*3' Loretta Smith7s testimony $o!ld be sealed by the Ko!glas -o!nty Crand >!ry( b!t references in the Crand >!ry 1inal Re"ort shed some light on $hat she disc!ssed%

.8*5ourt %ranscri$ts, 3au/ (onacci vs+ >awrence E+ Cing .1034ecutive (ntelligence Review, Stunning 'rea-through reached in !e'ras-a satanic $edo$hi/e case, ;arch 1*, 1**0 H3)6 "arningI .11)avid ;c9owan, %he 3edo$hocrac4+ .12John )e5am$, %he 6ran-/in 5overu$+

218 +In &2GG an Amaha girl( $ho $as an in"atient at Richard To!ng Hos"ital( described a n!mber of gr!esome c!lt activities $hich she claimed to have $itnessed bet$een the a""ro6imate ages of 2 and &' According to the girl( she became involved in a c!lt

$here older male members se6!ally molested her and #illed infants and children to establish their dominance over other c!lt members /

<oth Smith and Pa!l <onacci claimed to have seen Larry 5ing "resent at some rit!als Pa!l <onacci $rote in his $ritten history that 5ing "ic#ed him !" after school one day%

F and too# me to the Triangle $hich is in a $ooded area in Sar"y -o!nty I $itnessed a sacrifice of a h!man baby boy =veryone $as chanting and it $as a yearly rit!al aro!nd the time of -hrist7s birth to "ervert the blood of -hrist They !sed daggers and c!t the boy and filled a c!" $ith his blood and mi6ed !rine in it and forced all of !s to drin# from the c!" and chant 7Satan is Lord L!cifer o!r 5ing Realm of dar#ness come no$ em"o$er !s yo!r slaves 7 Then they all began to chant some $eird so!nds and I got scared and $as threatened I7d become the ne6t sacrifice if I told anyone abo!t it F

Ane of the names on the 7s!s"icio!s death list7 s!rro!nding the 1ran#lin Scandal is 5athleen Sorenson( $ho too# in the children $ho fled from the Webb family among many other ab!sed children Sorenson gave a st!nning re"ort to a -hristian television channel

211 $hich aired in 8ebras#a in &2G2( based on her e6"eriences $ith over @) ab!sed foster children $ho s"ent months or years in her home It "rovides an eye0o"ening introd!ction to a shoc#ing "henomenon #no$n as Rit!al Ab!se The claims $itho!t f!rther doc!mentation certainly seem to be fantastical( so I !rge the reader to s!s"end their disbelief !ntil after the em"irical evidence of e6treme ab!se has been f!lly disc!ssed%

+We got involved and learned abo!t this s!b9ect beca!se $e $ere foster "arents and $or#ed $ith a n!mber of children And several years bac#( several of the children began( after a "eriod of time and b!ilding !" tr!st( began to tal# abo!t some very bi;arre events that had ha""ened in their "ast and they $ere frightening and very conf!sing I really didn7t #no$ $hat to thin# We $ent to the "olice( and $e $ent to social services and there $as really nothing anyone co!ld do These children $e $or#ed $ith are no$ ado"ted( in safe homes( and "robably $o!ld never have tal#ed had they not felt able to tr!st the "eo"le they $ere living $ith There are certain things that are in common in the childrens7 stories $hen $e tal# abo!t devil $orshi"

There are things that come !" in every single story( s!ch as candles They all tal# abo!t se6 Se6 is $itho!t a do!bt a "art of every area of this( all sorts of "erverted se6 That is $hat yo! $ill first hear( abo!t the se6( abo!t the incest( and it is so hard to believe <!t once $e get that( $e have learned that $e can go on and as# and find o!t and it $ill involve "ornogra"hyS that is

al$ays "art of it Part of the reason is that they can !se that to

21< threaten the children FWe have "ict!res( $e $ill sho$ the "olice if yo! tal# F It ma#es the children feel that they are in great danger( and they are all very frightened of the la$ They tal# abo!t the garish ma#e!" that the "eo"le in the gro!" $ear( they tal# abo!t singing that they didn7t !nderstand Abvio!sly that is chanting( and that has come !" in every one of these stories( and none of them call it chanting There $ill be dancing Most often that $ill involve se6!al acts There $ill al$ays be a leader and they $ill be very frightened of the leader

These children( from a very yo!ng age( and I am tal#ing abo!t children $ho came o!t of birth homes( the family they $ere born to( $orshi"ed the devil

The children I have tal#ed to have all had to m!rder before the age of t$o That is something beyond anything I co!ld com"rehend <!t in some $ay( $hether $ith the hel" of an ad!lt7s hand over theirs( by having them "ractice( by getting them e6cited to be "art of the ad!lt scene( they do m!rder And the evil thing that ha""ens is( that they really believe that they $ant to They $ant to do $hat the older "eo"le are doing( and they are "raised for that And that becomes their goal( to be li#e the ad!lts

They are told they $ill never get o!t( no one $ill ever believe them( that there is no freedom( that Fthe la$ $ill get yo!(F they

21* are ho"eless before they get someone $illing to listen They are threatened $ith death =very time a child is #illed in their gro!"( they are told( FIf yo! tell( this $ill ha""en to yo! F They have every reason to believe that So even $hen they are into the ,foster care. system( and $ith another family and begin to feel some$hat safe( they still e6"ect these "eo"le to sho$ !" on the doorste" They believe that these "eo"le #no$ everything they are doing( everyone they7re tal#ing to

Ane teenager told me that she had been told( that if she ever got married( that they $o!ld fool her( it $o!ld be one of them and she $o!ldn7t #no$ it ahead of time They set them !" to fail in every area It is very "revalent in the Mid$est( Io$a( 8ebras#a( Misso!ri Some "eo"le have s"ec!lated recently that these states are head:!arters

As yo! listen to !s tal# abo!t these things( there $ill be a nat!ral "art of yo! $hich $ill deny m!ch of $hat yo! hear( and believe me( $e did too I $o!ld li#e to share this $ith yo!( "artly in the children7s $ords( so that yo! can hear the things that they said that nobody co!ld ma#e !"( that no child co!ld #no$ That7s $hat event!ally convinced me( along $ith the dee" emotion The grieving( screeching damage and h!rt that they cry o!t $ith as they tal# The children I $ill be tal#ing abo!t( these are all children that I "ersonally tal#ed to They are today bet$een the ages of 4 and &3 When they tal#ed they $ere bet$een the ages of

220 4 and &4 When these things occ!rred to them( they $ere bet$een the ages of( $ell birth( b!t of $hen memory enters in( I $o!ld say a year and a half to eight So $e are tal#ing abo!t very small children

We are tal#ing abo!t children forming consciences at that time( learning right from $rong These children do not #no$ They come o!t and do not #no$ $hat is right They are conf!sed What they did before( that they $ere re$arded for( is s!ch a horror to anybody else( that they are sh!nned And most often they have been in m!lti"le "lacements( they $ill go to a home( they $ill steal( they $ill lie( they $ill h!rt animals Ane little g!y $o!ld shar"en "encils and try to stab "eo"le I don7t mean "o#e( I mean stab Peo"le don7t li#e that in their homes They don7t have any idea $hat it is( they 9!st thin#( FWe have a $eird #id F Many are sent to "sychiatric hos"itals $here they are labeled "sychotics( schi;o"hrenics( and $ho $o!ld $ant them inH

I $ill begin $ith the first stories that $e heard( $hich $ill seem horrible to yo!( b!t are very mild to me( beca!se $e have "rogressed and heard far $orse things The first story is abo!t t$o little boys $ho $ere 3 and 2 $hen they tal#ed( and they told abo!t se6!al ab!se at one "oint( and $ere very grieved We tal#ed abo!t good and bad to!ching and $e tho!ght $e really had gotten to the bottom of it( and then that afternoon the little one began to cry( and $hen $e co!ldn7t get the ans$er from him(

221 the older brother said( FHe is "robably crying beca!se he $as in the room( $hen they #illed his friend F

That $as the first one $e #no$ abo!t And as they described that( they tal#ed abo!t that "artic!lar victim being bro!ght into a room( hands and arms tied( mo!th ta"ed( and ho$ there had been 67s mar#ed on his body( on his vital organs That $as bad eno!gh Within a very fe$ $ee#s $e learned that it $as not the ad!lts $ho had #illed that child It $as this oldest boy( $ho $as tal#ing The ne6t "erson that $e tal#ed to $as a little boy( $ho $as very borderline mentally He had lang!age "roblems( it $as very hard for him to e6"lain himself And $hen he began to come o!t of it( everyone $as startled the $ay he tal#ed We $ere real s!re( $e #ne$ he had not been aro!nd these other children and heard anything( b!t $e began to :!estion o!rselves( FAre $e as#ing strange :!estions Is there something odd abo!t !s $hich ma#es children come and d!m" these things on !sHF The "art $hich made me believe this child7s story( he tal#ed abo!t different babies being #illed( b!t this "artic!lar one being stabbed( he c!rled !" in a fetal "osition( he $as 2 years old $hen he $as telling the story He c!rled !" in a fetal "osition( and his eyes got real gla;ed( and he said( FThey coo#ed that baby on the grill F And I tho!ght( he has really fli""ed o!t I mean( I didn7t #no$ And he said( FAh( gross( it smelled li#e rotten chic#en( or rotten deer F He then $ent on to tell !s ho$ they $o!ld c!t o!t the heart( or c!t off the se6 organs( and save them in the

222 refrigerator

A very ty"ical thing that these #ids tal# abo!t They worship the se6 organs They #e"t it for another ceremony I as#ed him

$here the bodies $ent I did not get any ans$ers from that child abo!t $hat ha""ened to the bodies( b!t the other t$o boys( $ho I s"o#e abo!t first( event!ally( they tal#ed abo!t thro$ing the babies in the fire And I as#ed abo!t that( FTo! mean they $ere dead $hen they thre$ them in the fireHF And the littlest one said( F8o( no Them $as alive and them thre$ them F And by this time $e $ere really getting frea#ed o!t What $ere $e going to doH Ho$ can yo! hel" these #idsH Where do yo! find a thera"ist $ho can deal $ith thisH <!t Cod set !" a s!""ort system Ather

families $ere hel"ing !s( and that really hel"ed The ne6t child I $ill share abo!t( and I am going sort of by categories here( ho$ $e learned( and the ty"es of #illings( this little girl is && today( she $as 2 $hen she first tal#ed It $as a very "ainf!l thing $hen she first started to share the se6 things The se6 things are so harmf!l to the children and they are so embarrassed and it is so "ersonal to the children( and they #no$ that they en9oyed that They #no$ that We had been thro!gh all that She began to dra$ "ict!res of cats( and the cats all had tails that $ere on the other side of the "age( or their leg $as some"lace else

As $e began to $or# $ith her and tal#( she said that she had had to #ill a "regnant cat She first said that they had #illed a

223 "regnant cat We said ho$ did yo! #no$ it $as "regnant Well( she co!ld not e6"lain that( b!t as $e got into it( she confessed that she had had to #ill the cat And I as#ed her And her descri"tion $as( FWith a #nife( I "!t it in her bottom( and t$isted it F 8o$ yo! tell me( does a #id #no$ thatH If I as# a #id ho$ do yo! #ill a cat( do yo! thin# they $ill say thatH Those are the #inds of details these children tell !s Later( and they event!ally c!t the cat o"en( and that $as ho$ they #ne$ the cat $as "regnant And they eat "arts of the cat( and the feces and the blood

And again( this $as 9!st the beginning It "rogressed( and the ne6t time she had to #ill a baby( the same $ay0"!t the #nife in the bottom and t$ist The baby $as alive and he $as screaming And that child hears that( to this day( and has nightmares and flashbac#s And they c!t the baby o"en( and they ate the baby They do this( so there are no bodies left( and they b!m $hat is left and grind !" the bones And she tal#ed abo!t that( "o!ring gasoline on the bodies and b!rning them in the bac# yard And I !sed to thin# that $as n!ts( b!t I have heard it eno!gh times no$ that I #no$ it m!st be so

We #no$ there are mort!aries involved( to cremate the bodies( and that ma#es sense The most horrible story abo!t fire that I

have to tell( and this is e6tremely( e6tremely dist!rbing( it $as a little girl( she $as a teenager $hen she $as telling me And she $as describing a barn $here they !sed to go to have their

22. meetings and they !sed to gather o!tside the barn( and there $o!ld be chanting And then as they $ent inside the barn they $o!ld be s"lit into different gro!"s And she $as never $ith any of her family( they all $ent to different "laces And I as#ed her $here she had to go and she said FI $as al$ays in the b!rning room F And as she $ent on to describe the b!rning room( I tho!ght( ho$ she came o!t of this( $ith any sanity at all( I don7t #no$

She $as a very small child They $o!ld ta#e in children( "robably "re0schoolers( and they $o!ld hang them from the rafters in this barn( and there $o!ld be as many as five or ten h!ng in a ro$ They $o!ld be f!lly clothed( $hich is !n!s!al( beca!se fre:!ently they are na#ed The children( li#e this girl( $ere all given candles And yo! can "ict!re the ceremony as she described it And the candles $ere lit Then the ad!lts $o!ld go for$ard and $o!ld "o!r li:!id from a c!" on each of the children7s clothing( $hich $as obvio!sly gasoline or #erosene And then they $o!ld give a signal and the others $o!ld have to go for$ard and set the children on fire When they $ere done they $o!ld c!t them do$n The first child that this girl had to #ill $as a co!sin( a little co!sin What does that do to yo!H <!t yo! co!ldn7t ob9ect( beca!se the children that ob9ected $ere #illed

This child( abo!t t$o years ago( 9!st fell to the gro!nd at -hristmas time( everyone thin#s that -hristmas is s!ch a

222 $onderf!l time And she confessed that she hated -hristmas( she co!ldn7t $ait !ntil everything $as "!t a$ay( beca!se all she co!ld hear $as babies crying -hristmas is the time $hen the most babies die And she covered her ears and cried for ho!rs( and screamed( FSto" it( sto" it( sto" itR Tal# to Cod and ma#e him sto" itRF All she co!ld hear is the screams and the babies crying -hristmas for the children I have tal#ed to( has been one of the $orst times I have had three children tell me abo!t a very similar ceremony( and I $ill #ind of merge that and tell yo! ho$ it $ent They $ere ta#en to a ch!rch( and all the children( it is a very festive occasion( and they are ta#en to the front of the ch!rch( and a small child is no$ bro!ght in( t$o of them tal#ed abo!t babies and they "!t them on a "latform The ad!lts are all celebrating and dancing( and singing and the children are getting into the s"irit of it( and $hat they are doing is forming a circle aro!nd the child( and of co!rse the child re"resents the child >es!s( and they begin moc#ing( and s"itting( and calling names( and then they enco!rage the children to begin doing it( and yo! can imagine ho$ it gets o!t of control And at some "oint they hand all of the children #nives and then they are all hac#ing( and slashing !ntil the baby is dead( and then they all celebrate beca!se the child >es!s is dead /

5athleen Sorenson died in Actober &2G2( shortly after this testimony An a long r!ral road ret!rning to her home( a car heading in the o""osite direction crossed lanes and ca!sed a head0on collision <oth the yo!ng $oman driver and her h!sband had "olice

228 records for cr!elty to animals *3@

'istorical Precedent

The idea of active $ides"read satanic and other occ!lt activity in the United States certainly seems l!dicro!s <!t there is an historical "recedent -onsider these t$o :!otes from the $or#s of Alestair -ro$ley( fo!nder of the -h!rch of Satan in the year &2))%

+Moreover( the beast ??? adviseth that all children shall be acc!stomed from infancy to $itness every ty"e of se6!al act( and also the "rocess of birth( lest falsehood fog( and mystery st!"efy( their minds( $hose error else might th$art and misdirect the gro$th of their s!bconscio!s system of so!l0symbolism are cases $hen sed!ction or ra"e may be emanci"ation or initiation to another S!ch acts can only be 9!dged by their res!lts / 0 -ro$ley( The La$ is for All*3* There

+In any case it $as the theory of ancient magicians( that any living being is the storeho!se of energy varying in :!antity according to the si;e and the health of the animal( and in :!ality according to its mental and moral character At the death of this animal the energy is liberated s!ddenly The animal sho!ld therefore be #illed $ithin the circle( or the triangle( as the case
.13)e5am$ .1.A/estair 5row/e4, %he >aw is for A//, E@cer$t avai/a'/e here+

221 may be( so that its energy cannot esca"e An animal sho!ld be selected $hose nat!re accords $ith that of the ceremony 1or

the highest s"irit!al $or#ing one m!st accordingly choose the victim $hich contains the greatest and "!rest force A male child of "erfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and s!itable victim / 0 -ro$ley( Magic# in Theory and Practice*34

Empirical E(idence

In &22?( three members of the American Psychological Association cond!cted a s!rvey of the organi;ation( receiving feedbac# from '(3)2 clinical "sychologists @)O ac#no$ledged seeing at least one case of +rit!alistic or religion0related ab!se since >an!ary &( &2G)/ *3? 'E@rds of these cases $ere described as 7religion related7 and &E@rd $ere described as 7rit!al ab!se7 Af those $ho ac#no$ledged seeing these cases( 2@O of the clinical "sychologists said that they believed the ab!se did indeed occ!r The a!thors concl!ded that the "sychologists( "sychiatrists( and social $or#ers $ho res"onded to their s!rvey +over$helmingly believed both the allegations of ab!se and the allegations of rit!al or religio!s elements of the ab!se/ Another st!dy s!rveyed G&) members of the <ritish Psychological Society $ho had "atients $ho s!ffered from se6!al ab!se( and fo!nd that &4O had "atients $ho re"orted satanic rit!al ab!se Af these( G)O believed that their "atient did indeed s!ffer from the
.12A/estair 5row/e4, ;agic- in %heor4 and 3ractice, E@cer$t avai/a'/e here+ .18(ottoms, (ette >+N Shaver, 3hi//i$ #+N 9oodman, 9ai/ S+ An ana/4sis of ritua/istic and re/igionAre/ated chi/d a'use a//egations+ >aw and :uman (ehavior, Go/ 20H1I, 6e' 1**8

22< re"orted ab!se *33 Ane st!dy e6amined '3) cases of s!bstantiated se6!al ab!se involving day cares in =ngland fo!nd that &@O of the cases incl!ded allegations of rit!al ab!se

Ane s!rvey of the membershi" of the International Society for the St!dy of M!lti"le Personality and Kissociation concl!ded that GGO of &&G4 res"ondents +re"orted belief in rit!al ab!se( involving mind control and "rogramming/ *32

+In &22' alone( -hildhel" USA logged &(3*& calls "ertaining to rit!al ab!se( Monarch Reso!rces of Los Angeles logged a""ro6imately 4()))( Real Active S!rvivors tallied nearly @(?))( >!st!s Unlimited of -olorado received almost 3()))( and Loo#ing U" of Maine handled aro!nd ?())) =ven allo$ing for some of these calls to have been made by "eo"le $ho assist s!rvivors b!t are not themselves s!rvivors( and for some s!rvivors to have called more that one hel"line or made m!lti"le calls to the same hel"line( these n!mbers s!ggest that at a minim!m there m!st be tens of tho!sands of s!rvivors of rit!al ab!se in the United States / 0 -atherine Co!ld( The .ournal of Psy*hohistory(%&

In '))3( fo!r researchers created an international online s!rvey divided into three
.11Andrews, (+, ;orton, J+, (e-erian, )+A+, (rewin, 5+#+, )avies, 9+;+, U ;o//on, 3+ %he recover4 of memories in c/inica/ $ractice: E@$eriences and 'e/iefs of (ritish 3s4cho/ogica/ Societ4 $ractitioners+ The Ps,chologist, ;a4, 1**2 .1<6in-e/hor, )+, "i//iams, >+, U (urns, !+ !urser4 crimes: Se@ua/ a'use in da4 care+ !ew'ur4 3ar-, 5A: Sage 3u'/ications+ 1*<< .1*3err4, !+E+ %hera$istsL e@$eriences of the effects of wor-ing with dissociative $atients+ 3a$er $resented at the *th Annua/ ;eeting of the ,nternationa/ Societ4 for the Stud4 of ;u/ti$/e 3ersona/it4 and )issociation, 5hicago, ,>+ 1**2 .<05atherine 9ou/d )en4ing #itua/ A'use in 5hi/dren, The %ournal of Ps,chohistor, Go/ume 22, 1**2

22* "arts( available in =nglish and Cerman( called =6treme Ab!se S!rveys( in an effort to gather a large n!mber of res"onses to gather "reliminary data on the nat!re and "revalence of e6treme ab!se *G& The researchers $ere Wanda 5arric#er( PhK and retired U S "sychologist( <ettina Avercam"( PhK and active "sychologist in Cermany( Thorsten <ec#er( Cerman social $or#er $ho $on the +Cerman -hild Protection A$ard/ in &22* for his $or# $ith ab!sed children( and -arol R!t;( a s!rvivor of e6treme ab!se and mind control The s!rveys sho$ re"eated allegations of ab!se !sed for the "!r"oses of mind control( $hich $ill be e6"lored in the ne6t cha"ter &(*3& "artici"ants from @& co!ntries ans$ered at least one :!estion on the s!rvey listed for 7Ad!lt S!rvivors7( and *4& "eo"le from ') co!ntries res"onded to at least one :!estion listed for 7Professionals7 $ho have $or#ed $ith at least one ad!lt s!rvivor of e6treme ab!se Af the ad!lt s!rvivors( '43 "eo"le from &4 co!ntries res"onded that they had been victims of 7Covernment Mind -ontrol7 e6"erimentation as a child( and 3& "rofessionals from ? co!ntries res"onded that they had $or#ed $ith at least & ad!lt s!rvivor of e6treme ab!se $ho re"orted to have been a victim of government mind control e6"erimentation as a child &?? s!rvivors re"orted being e6"erimented on by doctors $ho s"o#e Cerman or $ith a heavy Cerman accent Af the ad!lt s!rvivors( '@? re"orted to have been dr!gged against their $ill( '@? re"orted to have been se6!ally ab!sed by m!lti"le "er"etrators( ''G re"orted being threatened $ith death if they ever disc!ssed their e6"eriences( ''' re"orted sensory de"rivation e6"eriments( '&3 re"orted electroshoc# e6"eriments( &23 $itnessed m!rder by their "er"etrators( &2? $itnessed animal m!tilations( &G* re"orted the !se of feces in their ab!se( &G@ re"orted being !sed in child "ornogra"hy( &3G re"orted starvation( &3& re"orted hy"nosis( and &?2 re"orted child "rostit!tion Af the '43 =AS res"ondents $ho re"orted that secret mind control e6"eriments
.<1E@treme A'use Surve4

230 $ere !sed on them as children( ?2O L&33M re"orted having been ab!sed in a satanic c!lt Af the 4*@ =AS res"ondents $ho re"orted that they had been ab!sed in a satanic c!lt( @@O L&32M re"orted having been !sed in secret mind control e6"eriments as children &42 s!rvivors had heard Cree# letters being !sed d!ring their ab!se( and &?) e6"erienced se6!al mind control "rogramming !sed for blac#mail or "ersonal !se ''G s!rvivors ans$ered 7yes7 to the :!estion% +My "er"etratorLsM deliberately createdE"rogrammed dissociative states of mind Ls!ch as alters( "ersonalities( ego0statesM in me / Research has consistently sho$n that false allegations of child se6!al ab!se by children are rare Ane &2G3 st!dy e6amined 43? consec!tive referrals of child se6!al ab!se to the Kenver Ke"artment of Social Services( and categori;ed the re"orts as either reliable or fictitio!s In only GO of the total cases $ere children 9!dged to have "ossibly advanced a fictitio!s allegation *G' In a more recent st!dy( investigators revie$ed case notes of all child se6!al ab!se re"orts to the Kenver Ke"artment of Social Services over &' months Af the 44& cases revie$ed( there $ere only &* L' 4OM instances of erroneo!s concerns abo!t ab!se emanating from children These consisted of three cases of allegations made in coll!sion $ith a "arent( three cases $here an innocent event $as misinter"reted as se6!al ab!se and eight cases L& 4OM of false allegations of se6!al ab!se

Researchers into the "henomenon of Satanic Rit!al Ab!se have come to the concl!sion that the "henomenon is $ides"read and transcends geogra"hic bo!ndaries

Ane s!ch st!dy( titled +M!lti"le Personality Kisorder and Satanic Rit!al Ab!se% The Iss!e of -redibility/ states%

.<2Jones, )+ 3+ :+, and J+ ;+ ;c9raw, #e/ia'/e and 6ictitious Accounts of Se@ua/ A'use to 5hi/dren+ Journa/ of ,nter$ersona/ Gio/ence, 2, 21A.2, 1*<1 .<3&ates, #+ C+, )+3+ Jones, )+ )enson, A+ Sirotna-, !+ 9ar4, and #+)+ Crugman, Erroneous 5oncerns a'out 5hi/d Se@ua/ A'use+ 5hi/d A'use U !eg/ect 2.:1.*A21, 2000 .<.Gan (enschoten, Susan 5+, ;u/ti$/e 3ersona/it4 )isorder and Satanic #itua/ A'use: %he ,ssue of 5redi'i/it4 H3)6 "arningI

231 +The com"arability of both the child and ad!lt acco!nts is said to transcend geogra"hical and relationshi" bo!ndaries( $ith descri"tions emerging from both s!rvivor gro!"s revealing common themes( behaviors( symbols( and "ara"hernalia Ass!redly( the "ossibility of cross0contamination of acco!nts e6ists $hen( for e6am"le( a gro!" of s!s"ected or "otential victims seems to he involved in a single day care case( or $hen ad!lt contem"oraries are a$are of the details of others7 re"orts Ho$ever( one can not disco!nt the similarity of acco!nts given s"ontaneo!sly and inde"endently by individ!als $ho are !nrelated "ersonally( geogra"hically( or thro!gh shared #no$ledge /

The em"irical evidence of rit!al ab!se for the "!r"oses of mind control establishes that the "henomenon is $ides"read and international( and consistency bet$een methods of ab!se 1!rthermore( the methods of ab!se correlate both $ith #no$n e6"erimentation !nder M50ULTRA and the testimonies of child ab!se case st!dies s!ch as 1ran#lin and Presidio It also reveals a solid consens!s that "sychiatrists $ho have been e6"osed to "atients $ho have s!ffered from rit!al ab!se believe that the ab!se did indeed occ!r Its interesting to note that s!ch a $ides"read consens!s is relatively rare in the field of "sychology( let alone for s!ch a controversial to"ic

The 8False -emory8 'oax


When the evidence of e6treme ab!se began s!rfacing in s!r"rising n!mbers( the 71alse Memory Syndrome 1o!ndation7 $as set !" to "romote the theory that victims are s!ffering from a syndrome that creates false memories( often at the s!ggestion of "sychotic "arents or over0;ealo!s "sychiatrists The members of the 1MS1 have been called as e6"ert $itnesses in h!ndreds of trials aro!nd the United States and have been ro!tinely :!oted as e6"erts in the media Their mission has been e6ce"tionally s!ccessf!l( as the 7false memory syndrome7 has become acce"ted as a fact in most of the "!blic conscio!sness Unfort!nately( "eo"le rarely sto" to as# the :!estion( $ho e6actly are the members of the 1MS1( and ho$ solid is their scienceH Peter > 1reyd initiated the fo!nding of the 1MS1 after being acc!sed of se6!al ab!se by his da!ghter( >ennifer His behavior has been "artic!larly s!s"ect( s!ch as acc!sing his da!ghter of being brain damaged( des"ite the fact that she holds a PhK in Psychology( grad!ated magna c!m la!de from Penn and is c!rrently a ten!red "rofessor of "sychology at the University of Aregon S"ea#ing to The $regonian+ >ennifer 1reyd stated that +IPm sometimes flabbergasted that my memory is considered XfalseP and my alcoholic fatherPs memory is considered rational and sane / *G4 Peter 1reyd once stated that +With the hel" of Harold Lief and Marin Arne( the 1MS1 :!ic#ly gathered a res"ectable a""earing advisory board( giving the ne$ syndrome an a!ra of scientific acce"tance /*G? Interestingly( Kr Martin T Arne has been heavily involved $ith M50ULTRA e6"eriments since the early 7?)s( $here he !ndertoo# hy"nosis st!dies at Harvard Medical School $ith a I@)())) grant from the -IA have confirmed that Arne had a 7to" secret7 clearance in M50ULTRA

-IA doc!ments


He has "!blished

many "a"ers relevant to the creation of a 7Manch!rian candidate7( incl!ding one called
.<2Anne 5ossins, #ecovered ;emories of Se@ua/ A'use: 6act or 6antas47, %udicial Review, Go/ 3, 1**1 .<8%he >eadershi$ 5ounci/, 5risis or 5reation7 .<1The <arvard Crimson, :arvard And the 5,A 5ontinued, 6e'ruar4 11, 1*1< .<<5o/in A+ #oss, %he 5+,+A+ )octors+ E@cer$t avai/a'/e here+

233 +-an a hy"noti;ed s!b9ect be com"elled to carry o!t other$ise !nacce"table behaviorH/( another called +The significance of !n$itting c!es for e6"erimental o!tcomes% To$ard a "ragmatic a""roach/( and lastly +Restricted !se of s!ccess c!es in retrieval d!ring "ost0 hy"notic amnesia/ *G2 This is an interesting s!b9ect matter history given the 1MS17s insistence that hy"notism is illegitimate Kr Harold Lief $as involved $ith brain electrode e6"eriments at T!lane University( a notorio!s M50ULTRA instit!tion *2) Another "rominent member( Kavid Kinges( $as a co0$or#er $ith Martin T Arne and has been involved in research for 8aval Intelligence( $ho oversa$ the "rec!rsor mind control e6"eriments to M50ULTRA

1o!nding member Ral"h Under$ager once "ro!dly "roclaimed to the "ro0 "edo"hilia "!blication Paidika%

+What I have been str!c# by as I have come to #no$ more abo!t and !nderstand "eo"le $ho choose "aedo"hilia is that they let themselves be too m!ch defined by other "eo"le That is !s!ally an essentially negative definition Paedo"hiles s"end a lot of time and energy defending their choice I don7t thin# that a "aedo"hile needs to do that Paedo"hiles can boldly and co!rageo!sly affirm $hat they choose They can say that $hat they $ant is to find the best $ay to love I am also a theologian and as a theologian( I believe it is Cod7s $ill that there be closeness and intimacy( !nity of the flesh( bet$een "eo"le A "aedo"hile can say% FThis closeness is "ossible for me $ithin the choices that I7ve made F Paedo"hiles are too defensive They go aro!nd saying( FTo!
.<*,'id, #oss+ .*0,'id, #oss+ E@cer$t Avai/a'/e :ere+ .*1)avid )inges (iogra$h4 at U3enn+edu

23. "eo"le o!t there are saying that $hat I choose is bad( that it7s no good To!7re "!tting me in "rison( yo!7re doing all these terrible things to me I have to define my love as being in some $ay or other illicit F What I thin# is that "aedo"hiles can ma#e the assertion that the "!rs!it of intimacy and love is $hat they choose With oldness3 they can say3 EI elie(e this is in fact part of 6od8s /ill:E*2'

Regarding the 1alse Memory Syndrome 1o!ndation( Colum)ia .ournalism 6e1iew stated%

FRarely has s!ch a strange and little0!nderstood organi;ation had s!ch a "rofo!nd effect on media coverage of s!ch a controversial matter The ,1alse Memory Syndrome. fo!ndation is an aggressive( $ell0financed PR machine ade"t at mani"!lating the "ress( harassing its critics( and mobili;ing a diverse army of "sychiatrists( o!ts"o#en academics( e6"ert defense $itnesses( litigio!s la$yers( 1re!d bashers( critics of "sychothera"y( and devastated "arents /*2@

The 1MS1 has re"eatedly cited a st!dy "resented at a Harvard conference $here researchers $ere re"eatedly able to im"lant the false memory of m!ndane tas#s li#e grocery sho""ing( into their s!b9ects !sing techni:!es s!ch as hy"nosis
.*2,nterview e@cer$t avai/a'/e here+ .*3Columbia %ournalism Review, UA%urn on ;emor4 >ane, August 1**1 .*.--C, 5an "e ,m$/ant a 6a/se ;emor4 in Pou7

It has been

232 cham"ioned as "roof that memories are easily mani"!lated Ho$ever( research has sho$n that memories of ab!se f!nction very differently than average memories

+Ho$ever( leading memory researchers s!ch as Kr <essel van der 5ol# of Harvard Medical School maintain that tra!matic memories( $hich ty"ically are engraved in the sensorimotor "rocesses( are not s!b9ect to the same #inds of contamination that can affect normal memory Tra!matic amnesia( described in the KSM0III0R as "sychogenic amnesia( is a "henomenon $hich has been #no$n to mental health "rofessionals for more than &)) years The clinically observed characteristics of tra!matic memory formation and retrieval match "recisely the "atterns of memory recovery e6hibited by SRA s!rvivors( and strongly confirm the reality of their c!lt ab!se /*24

There is also the case of Pa!l and Shirley =berle( $ho are famo!s for "ro"agating the idea of a 7satanic "anic7( that the $ides"read re"orting of rit!al ab!se is merely a social contagion They have "!blished t$o boo#s titled +The Politics of -hild Ab!se/ and +The Ab!se of Innocence/ $hich "romote this theory( and have been cited as e6"erts in co!rts and the "ress 5s. 5aga=ine $rote a revie$ of the interesting "ast of the =berles( stating%

+What is startling abo!t the =berles7 re"!tation as gro!nd0 brea#ing e6"erts in the field is that their d!bio!s credentials have not been $idely challenged Pa!l and Shirley =berle edit a

.*2;c5u//e4, )+ Satanic ritua/ a'use: A Muestion of memor4+ %ournal of Ps,cholog, and Theolog, 6a//, 1**. 22H3I

238 soft0core maga;ine in -alifornia called the L A Star that contains a mi6t!re of n!de "hotos( celebrity gossi"( tele"hone se6 ads( and "romos for The Politics of -hild Ab!se

In the &23)7s( ho$ever( the =berles $ere also "!blishing hard0 core "ornogra"hy Their "!blication( 1inger( de"icted scenes of bondage( S Y M( and se6!al activities involving !rination and defecation A yo!ng girl "ortrayed $ith a $ide smile on her face sits on to" of a man $hose "enis is inside of herS a $oman has oral se6 $ith a yo!ng boy in a dra$ing entitled FMemories of My <oyhood F

The =berles $ere feat!red n!de on one cover holding t$o life0 si;e blo$ !" dolls names FLove CirlF and FPlay C!y F 8o dates a""ear on the iss!es and the =berles rarely attach their names( referring to themselves as FThe L A Star 1amily F

The =berles $ere the distrib!tors of 1inger and several other !ndergro!nd maga;ines( says Konald Smith( a sergeant $ith the obscenity section of the Los Angeles Police Ke"artment7s vice division $ho follo$ed the co!"le for years LAPK $as never able to "rosec!te for child "ornogra"hy% FThere $ere a lot of "hotos of "eo"le $ho loo#ed li#e they $ere !nder age b!t $e co!ld never "rove it F The "ict!res of yo!ng children in 1inger are ill!strations( and child "ornogra"hy la$s $ere less rigid a decade ago than they are today


FSe6"ot at 1ive(F FMy 1irst Ra"e( She Was Anly Thirteen(F and FWhat Ha""ens When 8iggers Ado"t White -hildrenF are some of the articles that a""eared in 1inger Ane letter states% FI thin# it7s really great that yo!r mags have the co!rage to "rint articles Y "i6s ,sic. on child se6 Too bad I didn7t hear from more $omen $ho are into child se6 Since I7m single I7m not getting it on $ith my children( b!t I #no$ of a fe$ families that are If I $ere married Y my $ife Y #ids a""roved00I7d be having se6 $ith my da!ghters F

Another entry reads% FI7m a "edo"hile Y I thin# its ,sic. great a man is having se6 $ith his da!ghterR Since I didn7t get 1inger ]@( I didn7t get to see the stories Y "ics of family se6 Wo!ld li#e to see "ics of n!de girls ma#ing it $ith their daddy( b!t reali;e its too ris#y to "rint F*2?

It is tr!ly fascinating ho$ 7com"romised7 the leading deb!n#ers of rit!al ab!se are


=ven in light of the evidence( the idea of an active net$or# of ab!sive c!lts certainly so!nds l!dicro!s In the conte6t of "sycho"athy( the "otential is at least recogni;able
.*8Ms; Maga/ine, 3au/ and Shir/e4 E'er/e: A Strange 3air of E@$erts, )ecem'er 1*<<

23< -!lts serve as a net$or# for "sycho"aths $ho en9oy sadistic se6!al "ractices and the "otential for concealing #no$ledge The very conce"t of the occ!lt is based is ta#ing #no$ledge o!t of the circ!lation of the masses and reserving it for a select fe$ In other $ords( #ee"ing #no$ledge for selfish !sages and to !se this #no$ledge to $ield "o$er over others 1ormer members of the -h!rch of Satan and other similar c!lts have testified that the basic goal of the 7occ!lt #no$ledge7 is to !nderstand the h!man "syche( "rimary h!man motivations and ho$ h!manity f!nctions This #no$ledge is then !sed to e6"loit "eo"le The $orldvie$ of these gro!"s is e6tremely dar#( and is based on controlling others( gaining #no$ledge to !se as infl!ence( and then "artnering $ith li#e0minded individ!als and gro!"s to e6"and !"on this #no$ledge and !se it more effectively The ne6t ste" into the rabbit hole is that these gro!"s act as 7"sycho"ath filtration7 centers They deliberately target "sycho"aths for initiation and then !se their reso!rces to "!t them into "ositions of "o$er in a variety of fields s!ch as "olitics( la$( b!siness( ed!cation( science and more 1ran#lin( K!tro!6( Savile( the Presidio and the 1inders are all e6am"les of "sycho"athic net$or#s that have infiltrated these instit!tions of "o$er( and are each a small glim"se into the hierarchy of the Pathocracy The ne6t cha"ter $ill e6"lore the !ses of e6treme ab!se for the "!r"ose of mind control( and $hy so many men involved $ith M50ULTRA $o!ld have a vested interest in marginali;ing the e6istence of s!ch ab!se

Food for Thou)ht.


Ho$ connected are occ!lt gro!"s $ith each otherH

' Is the -IA res"onsible for vario!s c!lts as 7front gro!"s7 for M50ULTRA and other

23* "ro9ectsH

@ Why is the disc!ssion of the e6istence of c!lts marginali;ed from the mainstreamH

* Why $ere the 1inders interested in terrorism and e6"losivesH

4 Ho$ $ides"read are net$or#s that ab!se and sell childrenH

? What are the "rofits from child "ornogra"hy and "rostit!tion earned by c!lts s!ch as the 1inders !sed forH

3 Ho$ m!ch infl!ence has Michael A:!ino7s 7MindWar7 had on official Psychological A"eration "olicyH

G Ho$ m!ch has technology disc!ssed in 7MindWar7 regarding the mani"!lation of the brain advanced in the more than @) years of its "!blicationH

2 Is it dist!rbing that A:!ino7s Tem"le of Set( and li#ely by e6tension other occ!lt gro!"s( have #no$ledge and access to this technologyH

&) Why $ere there child ab!se cases at @) se"arate military bases in a @ year "eriodH


Trauma%Based -ind Control

+7The end a""arently 9!stifies the means( is the a""roach $e had ta#en(P he said( Xand so covert o"erations and assassinations( and maybe even the !se of children in Monarch*23 and all these other things( seemed reasonable at the time( beca!se $e $ere saving the co!ntry =verything for saving the co!ntry 8ational sec!rity and the -old War In $ar( all is fair P/ 0 -IA Kirector William -olby( as related by >ohn Ke-am"( /0e*uti1e ;ntelligen*e 6e1iew+ Vol!me '?( 8!mber &'( March &2( &222

+And to go a ste" f!rther( he recalls one senior 5C< man $ho told too many se6!al 9o#es abo!t yo!ng boys FIt didn7t ta#e too long to recogni;e that he $as more than a little fascinated by yo!ths(F says the so!rce FI too# the tro!ble to "oint o!t he $as "robably too good( too $ell0trained( to be either entra""ed or to give a$ay secrets <!t he $o!ld have been tem"ted to$ard a com"romising "osition by a "reteen I mentioned this( and they said( 7As a "sychological observer( yo!7re "robably :!ite right <!t $hat the hell are $e going to do abo!t itH Where are $e going to get a t$elve0year0old boyH7 F The so!rce believes that if the R!ssian had had a taste for older men( U S intelligence might have mo!nted an o"eration( Fb!t the idea of a t$elve0year0old

.*1 ;onarch is the a//eged name for the $rogram of %raumaA(ased ;ind 5ontro/, most freMuent/4 given '4 the victims of the $rogram themse/ves, a/though the /egitimac4 of this moni-er has not 'een confirmed+

2.1 boy $as 9!st more than anybody co!ld stomach F 0 >ohn Mar#s *2G

The idea of !sing a child for entra"ment might have been too m!ch for the -IA o"eratives to stomach( b!t $hat abo!t to the "sycho"athic leadershi"H -onnecting the dots bet$een the !se of hy"nosis( dr!gs and entra"ment !nder M50 ULTRA( the ab!se of children in 1ran#lin( <elgi!m( Presidio and !nder the a!s"ices of the 1inders c!lt( and the e6treme ab!se "er"etrated by occ!lt gro!"s against children( a dar# "ict!re begins to emerge Ane lin# that ties together many of these cases is the creation of m!lti"le "ersonality disorder( no$ #no$n as Kissociative Identity Kisorder( in the victims of e6treme ab!se 1ran#lin7s Pa!l <onacci alleged that his condition $as created deliberately by scientists o"erating o!t of Aff!t Air 1orce <ase o!tside of Amaha( 8ebras#a( beginning at the age of @ *22 Later( he $as introd!ced to the "edo"hile and child ab!se ring of Larry 5ing( $here he became a child "rostit!te to $ealthy men and "oliticians aro!nd the co!ntry( as $ell as acting as a dr!g co!rier on many of his tri"s K!tro!67s first victim0$itness( D&( alleged that her m!lti"le "ersonalities $ere ind!ced at a yo!ng age( as yo!ng as t$o( by being introd!ced to a gro!" of violent "edo"hiles at the age of t$o by her grandmother Indeed( M!lti"le Personality Kisorder is a big "art of the "ict!re The c!rrent !nderstanding of the disorder is that its onset begins at a very yo!ng age( after a child s!ffers from horrific ab!se( often se6!al in nat!re( that in a very real sense 7shatters7 the childs mind into a collection of coe6isting "ersonalities to deal $ith the ab!se they have received

.*<John ;ar-s, %he Search for the ;anchurian 5andidate, $age 12 .**)e5am$, $age 388

2.2 +As many as 2GO to 22O of individ!als $ho develo" dissociative disorders have recogni;ed "ersonal histories of rec!rring( over"o$ering( and often life0threatening dist!rbances at a sensitive develo"mental stage of childhood / 0 WebMK 4))

The brain a""arently dissociates e6ce"tionally $ell% researchers have fo!nd that s!fferers of Kissociative Identity Kisorder $ill often have no memories of ab!se they end!red( and go as far as to vehemently deny their "ast e6"eriences( des"ite e6tensive doc!mentation by hos"itals and co!rts of the ab!se at the time it ha""ened( and in addition( lifelong "hysicals scars and sym"toms that had arisen from the ab!se Ho$ever( $hen an 7alter7 $as "resent as the dominant "syche( detailed memories of the ab!se $ere "resent 4)& The same st!dy fo!nd that the 7alters7 $o!ld have com"letely distinct "ersonalities( $ith different hand$riting( and often( different genders It is very li#ely that the "ossibility of deliberately creating m!lti"le "ersonalities in a child $as !nderstood at least as early as the medical e6"eriments !nderta#en d!ring World War II by the Third Reich A c!rsory reading of the available data regarding the $or# of certain doctors s!ch as the notorio!s 7Angel of Keath7 Kr Mengele sho$s that m!ch of the research !nderta#en at concentration cam"s had to do $ith inflicting tra!ma and recording its vario!s effects A logical concl!sion is that these "sycho"athic doctors attem"ted to !nderstand and then e6"loit the condition Remember C H =stabroo#s( associate of the 1<I and -IA( and World War II hy"notist $ho $as disc!ssed in the M5ULTRA cha"terH Here is a salient :!ote( ta#en from a &2?G article in the Pro1iden*e /1ening Bulletin+ $hich $ill set a stage for the introd!ction to the to"ic of Kissociative Identity Kisorder and hy"notism%
200"e';), )issociative ,dentit4 )isorder H;u/ti$/e 3ersona/it4 )isorderI 201>ewis, )oratho4 &tnow et a/+ &'=ective )ocumentation of 5hi/d A'use and )issociation in 12 ;urderers "ith )issociative ,dentit4 )isorder+ 0merican %ournal of Ps,chiatr,


+The #ey to creating an effective s"y or assassin rests in s"litting a mans "ersonality( or creating m!lti"le "ersonalities( $ith the aid of hy"notism this is not science fiction This has and is being done I

have done it /4)'

The -IA and =stabroo#s conceded that only & in 4 "eo"le co!ld be s!sce"tible to hy"notism( and even less $o!ld be able to be s!b9ected to the e6treme dissociation and amnesia involved in the creation of m!lti"le "ersonalities Tr!e to -IA form( recalling the M50ULTRA cha"ter( $as the research done to$ards increasing the s!sce"tibility of hy"notic mind control thro!gh the !se of dr!gs and electroshoc# The latter techni:!e offers a glim"se of the ti" of the iceberg into a variety of techni:!es involving !sing tra!ma to store memories in a sensitive "art of the brain( $ith long0lasting recall "otential b!t other$ise amnesiac effects in the "rimary "ersonality The e6tension of this research is #no$n as Tra!ma0<ased Mind -ontrol The general idea is to s!b9ect children to horrific and !nthin#able ab!se at a sensitive age of develo"ment $ith the "!r"ose of deliberately creating m!lti"le "ersonalities The alternate "ersonalities $o!ld then be "rogrammed( thro!gh the !se of hy"nosis( dr!gs and f!rther tra!ma( sometimes to store sensitive information( sometimes to create s"ies( assassins( "rostit!tes and more The victim7s "rimary "ersonality $o!ld be com"letely !na$are not only that they had "rogrammed alternate "ersonalities( b!t that they had been a victim of e6treme ab!se in the first "lace K!e to the associated tra!ma( the "rogramming $o!ld be stored in a different "art of the brain than normal memories(
202#oss, 5o/in, %he 5+,+A+ )octors: :uman #ights Gio/ations '4 American 3s4chiatrists+

2.. increasing both the "o$er of the memory and the diffic!lty of recall 4)@ Using hy"notic s!ggestion( anyone $ith the "ro"er information( s!ch as a code $ord( $o!ld be able to access a victims alternate "ersonality and e6"loit the "rogramming

The 86reen aum8 #peech. $ Trauma%Based -ind Control ExposF

In &22'( the "reeminent "sychologist in the st!dy of clinical hy"nosis( Kr -orydon Hammond( PhK( gave an asto!nding s"eech delivered to the 1o!rth Ann!al =astern Regional -onference on Ab!se and M!lti"le Personality Kisorder( s"onsored by the -enter for Ab!se Recovery Y =m"o$erment( The Psychiatric Instit!te of Washington( K - in $hich he e6"lained his e6"eriences $ith "atients s!ffering from Kissociative Identity Kisorder( titled +Hy"nosis in MPK% Rit!al Ab!se / 4)* <efore analy;ing the s"eech( here are Kr -orydon7s credentials%

< S ( M S ( Ph K L-o!nseling PsychologyM from the

University of Utah Ki"lomate in -linical Hy"nosis( the American <oard of

Psychological Hy"nosis Ki"lomate in Se6 Thera"y( the American <oard of Se6ology -linical S!"ervisor and <oard =6aminer( American <oard of

Se6ology 203 ;c5u//e4, )+ Satanic ritua/ a'use: A Muestion of memor4+ %ournal of Ps,cholog, and Theolog, 6a//, 1**.
22H3I $+181A112 20.6u// te@t of the s$eech avai/a'/e here+ A/though , direct/4 Muote a'out ha/f of the s$eech, the $arts , 'e/ieve are most re/event and i//uminating, it is worth reading in its entiret4, mu/ti$/e times+

2.2 Ki"lomate in Marital and Se6 Thera"y( American <oard of

1amily Psychology Licensed Psychologist( Licensed Marital Thera"ist( Licensed

1amily Thera"ist( State of Utah Research Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and

Rehabilitation( Utah School of Medicine Kirector and 1o!nder of the Se6 and Marital Thera"y -linic(

University of Utah Ad9!nct Associate Professor of =d!cational Psychology(

University of Utah Abstract =ditor( The American >o!rnal of -linical Hy"nosis Advising =ditor and 1o!nding Member( =ditorial <oard( The

=ric#sonian Monogra"h Referee( The >o!rnal of Abnormal Psychology &2G2 Presidential A$ard of Merit( American Society of

-linical Hy"nosis &22) Urban Sector A$ard( American Society of -linical

Hy"nosis -!rrent President( American Society of -linical Hy"nosis 4)4

Kr Hammond had been e6amining "atients $ith Kissociative Identity Kisorder and came across some startling discoveries( $hich he verified $ith many of his "eers Many of them had !ndergone horrific rit!al and se6!al ab!se as a child e6actly as
202Universit4 of Utah :ea/th 5are, $rofi/e of )r+ 5or4don :ammond, 3hd+

2.8 described in the case st!dies e6amined in "revio!s cha"ters After a brief introd!ction( Kr Hammond began $ith saying%

+In -hicago at the first international congress $here rit!al ab!se $as tal#ed abo!t I can remember thin#ing( +Ho$ strange and interesting / I can recall many "eo"le listening to an e6am"le given that somebody tho!ght $as so idiosyncratic and rare( and all the "eo"le coming !" after saying( +Cee( yo!Pre treating one( tooH To!Pre in Seattle Well( IPm in Toronto Well( IPm in 1lorida

Well( IPm in -incinnati / I didnPt #no$ $hat to thin# at that "oint It $asnPt too long after that I fo!nd my first rit!al0ab!se "atient in somebody I $as already treating and $e hadnPt gotten that dee" yet Things in that case made me very c!rio!s abo!t the !se of mind0 control techni:!es and hy"nosis and other brain$ashing techni:!es

The fascinating thing $as that as I did a tele"hone cons!lt $ith a thera"ist that IPd been cons!lting $ith for :!ite a n!mber of months on an MPK case in another state( I told her to in:!ire abo!t certain things She said( +Well( $hat are those thingsH/ I said( +IPm not going to tell yo!( beca!se I donPt $ant there to be any "ossibility of contamination >!st come bac# to me and tell me $hat the "atient says / She called me bac# t$o ho!rs later( and said( +I 9!st had a do!ble session $ith this "atient and there $as a "art of him that said( XAh( $ePre so e6cited If yo! #no$ abo!t this st!ff( yo! #no$ ho$ the -!lt Programmers get on the inside and o!r thera"y is

2.1 going to go so m!ch faster 7

IPve cons!lted in eleven states and one foreign co!ntry( in some cases over the tele"hone( in some cases in "erson( in some cases giving the thera"ist information ahead of time and saying( +<e very caref!l ho$ yo! "hrase this Phrase it in these $ays so yo! donPt contaminate / In other cases not even giving the thera"ist information ahead of time so they co!ldnPt When yo! start to find the same highly esoteric information in different states and different co!ntries( from 1lorida to -alifornia( yo! start to get an idea that therePs something going on that is very large( very $ell coordinated( $ith a great deal of comm!nication and systematicness to $hatPs ha""ening

So I have gone from someone #ind of ne!tral and not #no$ing $hat to thin# abo!t it all( to someone $ho clearly believes rit!al ab!se is real and that the "eo"le $ho say it isnPt are either naive li#e "eo"le $ho didnPt $ant to believe the Holoca!st orUtheyPre dirty /

Immediately $e get the !nderstanding that these victims are not confined geogra"hically( and in addition( an insight into ho$ Kr Hammond a""roached his investigation as to avoid 7hy"notic s!ggestion7 and other techni:!es $hich the 71alse Memory Syndrome 1o!ndation7 cites as the basis of all rit!al ab!se claims The last line( stating that those $ho deny the e6istence of rit!al ab!se are either naive or dirty( $as met $ith lots of a""la!se from the a!dience

2.< +What they basically do is they $ill get a child and they $ill start this in basic forms( it a""ears( by abo!t t$o and a half after the childPs already been made dissociative TheyPll ma#e him dissociative not only thro!gh ab!se( li#e se6!al ab!se( b!t also things li#e "!tting a mo!setra" on their fingers and teaching the "arents( +To! do not go in !ntil the child sto"s crying Anly then do yo! go in and remove it / They start in r!dimentary forms at abo!t t$o and a half and #ic# into high gear( it a""ears( aro!nd si6 or si6 and a half( contin!e thro!gh adolescence $ith "eriodic reinforcements in ad!lthood

<asically( in the "rogramming the child $ill be "!t ty"ically on a g!rney They $ill have an I V in one hand or arm TheyPll be stra""ed do$n( ty"ically na#ed TherePll be $ires attached to their head to monitor electroence"halogra"h "atterns They $ill see a "!lsing light( most often described as red( occasionally $hite or bl!e TheyPll be given( most commonly I believe( Kemerol Sometimes itPll be other dr!gs as $ell( de"ending on the #ind of "rogramming They have it( I thin#( do$n to a science $here theyPve learned yo! give so m!ch every t$enty0five min!tes !ntil the "rogramming is done

They then $ill describe a "ain on one ear( their right ear generally( $here it a""ears a needle has been "laced( and they $ill hear $eird( disorienting so!nds in that ear $hile they see "hotic stim!lation to drive the brain into a brain $ave "attern

2.* $ith a "!lsing light at a certain fre:!ency( not !nli#e the goggles that are no$ available thro!gh Shar"er Image and some of those #inds of stores Then( after a s!itable "eriod $hen theyPre in a certain brain $ave state( they $ill begin "rogramming( "rogramming oriented to self0destr!ction and debasement of the "erson In a "atient at this "oint in time( abo!t eight years old( $ho has gone thro!gh a great deal of early "rogramming that too# "lace on a military installation( thatPs not !ncommon IPve treated and been involved $ith cases $ho are "art of this original mind0control "ro9ect( as $ell as having their "rogramming on military reservations in many cases We find a lot of connections $ith the -IA /

The victim testimony of the !se of dr!gs and other techni:!es is fascinatingly similar to the available evidence regarding M50ULTRA e6"eriments s!ch as Kr =$an -ameron7s 7"sychic driving7 and the doc!mented search for dr!gs $hich hel" ind!ce hy"nosis The references to this ty"e of mind control being !nderta#en at military bases certainly seems abs!rd( as does Pa!l <onacci7s claim that he $as victimi;ed at Aff!t Airforce <ase <!t remember the New York Times article cited earlier that referenced @) different military instit!tions having se6!al ab!se scandals $ithin a @ year "eriod( and the de"ths of horrors !nleashed at West Point and PresidioH Another im"ortant as"ect that Kr Hammond mentions is the creation of certain brain $ave state before the "rogramming begins When a mind control s!b9ect $o!ld be "!t into a certain brain $ave state and hy"nosis( then their "rogramming co!ld only be activated !nder that brain $ave state( a ty"e of 7state0de"endent learning7 This increases the amnesiac effect of the ab!se and "rogramming from the "rimary "ersonality of

220 someone s!ffering from M!lti"le Personality Kisorder Kr Hammond goes on to describe the details of $hat a 7c!lt "rogramming session7 $o!ld entail for one of his s!b9ects%

+This "atient no$ $as in a -!lt school( a "rivate -!lt school $here several of these sessions occ!rred a $ee# She $o!ld go into a room( get all hoo#ed !" They $o!ld do all of these sorts of things When she $as in the "ro"er altered state( no$ they $ere no longer having to monitor it $ith electroence"halogra"hs( she also had already had "laced on her electrodes( one in the vagina( for e6am"le( fo!r on the head Sometimes theyPll be on other "arts of the body They $ill then begin and they $o!ld say to her( +To! are angry $ith someone in the gro!" / ShePd say( +8o( IPm not/ and theyPd violently shoc# her They $o!ld say the same thing !ntil she com"lied and didnPt ma#e any negative res"onse Then they $o!ld contin!e +And beca!se yo! are angry $ith someone in the gro!"(/ or +When yo! are angry $ith someone in the gro!"( yo! $ill h!rt yo!rself Ko yo! !nderstandH/ She said( +8o/ and they shoc#ed her They re"eated again( +Ko yo! !nderstandH/U+Well( yes( b!t I donPt $ant to / Shoc# her again !ntil they get com"liance Then they #ee" adding to it +And yo! $ill h!rt yo!rself by c!tting yo!rself Ko yo! !nderstandH/ Maybe shePd say yes( b!t they might say( +We donPt believe yo!/ and shoc# her any$ay +Co bac# and go over it again /

221 They $o!ld contin!e in this sort of fashion She said ty"ically it seemed as tho!gh theyPd go abo!t thirty min!tes( ta#e a brea# for a smo#e or something( then come bac# They may revie$ $hat theyPd done and sto""ed( or they might revie$ $hat theyPd done and go on to ne$ material

She said the sessions might go half an ho!r( they might go three ho!rs She estimated three times a $ee# Programming !nder the infl!ence of dr!gs in a certain brain $ave state and $ith these noises in one ear and them s"ea#ing in the other ear( !s!ally the left ear( associated $ith right hemis"here non0dominant brain f!nctioning( and $ith them tal#ing( therefore( and re:!iring intense concentration( intense foc!sing <eca!se often theyPll have to memori;e and say certain things bac#( $ord0"erfect( to avoid "!nishment( shoc#( and other #inds of things that are occ!rring

This is basically ho$ a lot of "rogramming goes on Some of itPll also !se other ty"ical brain$ashing #inds of techni:!es There $ill be very standardi;ed ty"es of hy"notic things done at times TherePll be sensory de"rivation $hich $e #no$ increases s!ggestibility in anyone Total sensory de"rivation( s!ggestibility has significantly increased( from the research ItPs not !ncommon for them to !se a great deal of that( incl!ding formal sensory0 de"rivation chambers before they do certain of these things /


The idea of 7c!lt schools7 certainly recalls the 71inders7 case st!dy disc!ssed earlier It is "ossible that after the series of revelations and in:!iries s!ch as the >oint Hearing of the Select Intelligence -ommittee d!ring the &23)7s "rom"ted the -IA to discontin!e their official relationshi" $ith these "ro9ects and instead contract them o!t to c!lts s!ch as the 1inders and Michael A:!ino7s Tem"le of Set After all( official doc!ments disc!ssed in the M50ULTRA cha"ter mentioned ?O of "ro9ects being too sensitive for any connections to the agency In addition to the lac# of official connection to the -IA( $hich diminishes liability and c!l"ability( there is a bon!s effect% Pla!sible deniability When these "ro9ects are !ncovered( "eo"le are sim"ly be disbelief that s!ch atrocio!s acts co!ld have occ!rred( let alone connected to the United States government Kr Hammond goes on to describe the different brain$ave states d!ring $hich "rogramming too# "lace( $hich $ere consistent thro!gho!t all of his "atients and those of his "eers% Al"ha( <eta( Camma( Kelta( Theta( Camma and Amega( a "henomenon noted by over &)) of the res"ondents to the =6treme Ab!se S!rveys =ach brain$ave state $as associated $ith a s"ecific ty"e of "rogramming and seemed to be "resent in a s"ecific 7alter7( $hich $as also mostly consistent among the "atients

+Al"has a""ear to re"resent general "rogramming( the first #ind of things "!t in <etas a""ear to be se6!al "rograms 1or e6am"le( ho$ to "erform oral se6 in a certain $ay( ho$ to "erform se6 in rit!als( having to do $ith "rod!cing child "ornogra"hy( directing child "ornogra"hy( or "rostit!tion Keltas are #illers trained in ho$ to #ill in ceremonies TherePll also be some self0harm st!ff mi6ed in $ith that( assassination

223 and #illing

Then therePs Amega I !s!ally donPt incl!de that $ord $hen I say my first :!estion abo!t this or any "art inside that #no$s abo!t Al"ha( <eta( Kelta( Theta( beca!se Amega $ill sha#e them even more Amega has to do $ith self0destr!ct "rogramming Al"ha and Amega( the beginning and the end This can incl!de self0 m!tilation as $ell as #illing0themselves "rogramming Camma a""ears to be system0"rotection and dece"tion "rogramming $hich $ill "rovide misinformation to yo!( try to misdirect yo!( tell yo! half0tr!ths( "rotect different things inside There can also be other Cree# letters

IPd recommend that yo! go and get yo!r entire Cree# al"habet( and if yo! have verified that some of this st!ff is "resent and they have given yo! some of the right ans$ers abo!t $hat some of this material is( and I canPt !nderline eno!gh% KA 8AT L=AK TH=M Ko not say( +Is this #illersH/ Cet the ans$er from them( "lease When yo!Pve done this and it a""ears to be "resent( I $o!ld ta#e yo!r entire Cree# al"habet( and $ith ideomotor signals( go thro!gh the al"habet and say( +Is there any "rogramming inside associated $ith ="silon( Amicron(/ and go on thro!gh There may be some systematicness to some of the other letters( b!t IPm not a$are of it IPve fo!nd( for e6am"le( in one case that Neta had to do $ith the "rod!ction of sn!ff films that this "erson $as involved $ith With another "erson(

22. Amicron had to do $ith their lin#age and associations $ith dr!g sm!ggling and $ith the Mafia( and $ith big b!siness and government leaders So therePs going to be some individ!alism( I thin#( in some of those Some of those are come0home "rograms( +come bac# to the -!lt(/ +ret!rn to the -!lt/ "rogram /

Ane gets the im"ression that there is a very large( tightly connected net$or# $or#ing thro!gh n!mero!s organi;ations and instit!tions to !nderta#e these e6"eriments At one "oints( Kr Hammond notes that $hile the "rogramming seems to be $idely systematic among victims $ith no "ersonal or geogra"hic relations( there is one factor that is al$ays different% =ras!re codes to remove certain as"ects of "rogramming

+HerePs the fla$ in the system They have b!ilt in sh!t0do$n and eras!re codes( so if they got into tro!ble they co!ld sh!t something do$n and they co!ld also erase something These codes $ill sometimes be idiosyncratic "hrases( or ditties Sometimes they $ill be n!mbers maybe follo$ed by a $ord TherePs some real individ!ality to that At first I had ho"ed if $e can get some of these maybe theyPll $or# $ith different "eo"le 8o s!ch l!c# ItPs very !nli#ely( !nless they $ere "rogrammed at abo!t the same "oint in time as "art of the same little gro!" St!ff that IPve seen s!ggests that they carry la"to" com"!ters( the "rogrammers( $hich still incl!de everything that they did t$enty or thirty years ago in them( in terms of the names of alters( the "rograms( the codes( and so on

222 I remember a $oman $ho came in( abo!t t$enty0fo!r years old( claimed her father $as a Satanist Her "arents divorced $hen she $as si6 After that( it $o!ld only be $hen her father had visitation and he $o!ld ta#e her to rit!als sometimes( !" !ntil age fifteen She said( +I havenPt gone to anything since I $as fifteen / Her thera"ist believed this at face val!e We sat in my office We did a t$o0ho!r in:!iry !sing hy"nosis We fo!nd the "rogramming "resent In addition to that $e fo!nd that every thera"y session $as debriefed( and in fact they had told her to get sic# and not come to the a""ointment $ith me Another one had been told that I $as -!lt and that if she came I $o!ld #no$ that shePd been told not to come and I $o!ld "!nish her

If anything meaningf!l comes o!t in a "atient $hoPs being monitored li#e thatUfrom $hat IPve learned th!s far( theyPre tort!red $ith electric shoc#sUmy belief is if theyPre in that sit!ation yo! canPt do meaningf!l thera"y other than being s!""ortive and caring( and letting them #no$ yo! care a lot and yo!Pll be there to s!""ort them <!t I $o!ldnPt try to $or# $ith any #ind of dee" material or de"rogramming $ith them( beca!se I thin# it can do nothing b!t get them tort!red and h!rt( !nless they can get into a safe( sec!re in"atient !nit for an e6tended "eriod of time to do some of the $or# re:!ired I have a feeling that $hen yo! ma#e in:!iries yo!Pre going to find that "robably greater than fifty "ercent of these "atients( if theyPre bloodline( meaning mother or dad or both involved( $ill be monitored on

228 some ongoing basis /

M!ch of the rest of the s"eech deals $ith techni:!es for the thera"ists attending the conference to a""roach treatment of "atients $ho have Kissociative Identity Kisorder and $ere victims of Satanic Rit!al Ab!se <!t Kr Hammond doesn7t hesitate to come to concl!sions abo!t the "!r"ose of the "rogramming or the "er"etrators%

+The $ay yo! create Manch!rian -andidates is yo! divide the mind ItPs "art of $hat the Intelligence -omm!nity $anted to loo# at If yo!Pre going to get an assassin( yo!Pre going to get somebody to go do something( yo! divide the mind It fascinates me abo!t cases li#e the assassination of Robert 5ennedy( $here <ernard Kiamond( on e6amining Sirhan Sirhan fo!nd that he had total amnesia of the #illing of Robert 5ennedy( b!t !nder hy"nosis co!ld remember it <!t des"ite s!ggestions he $o!ld be able to conscio!sly remember( co!ld not remember a thing after $as o!t of hy"nosis IPd love to e6amine Sirhan Sirhan

The interesting thing is ho$ many "eo"le have described the same scenario( and ho$ many "eo"le that $e have $or#ed $ith $ho have had relatives in 8ASA( in the -IA( and in the Military( incl!ding very high0!"s in the Military

Peo"le say( +WhatPs the "!r"ose of itH/ My best g!ess is that the "!r"ose of it is that they $ant an army of Manch!rian

221 -andidates( ten of tho!sands of mental robots $ho $ill do "rostit!tion( do child "ornogra"hy( sm!ggle dr!gs( engage in international arms sm!ggling( do sn!ff films( all sorts of very l!crative things( and do their bidding and event!ally the megalomaniacs at the to" believe theyPll r!le the $orld /

The end of Kr -orydon7s s"eech $as met $ith long( s!stained a""la!se by the attendees of the conference $ho recogni;ed the bravery of going "!blic $ith this information $as $ell as many having their s!s"icions regarding the nat!re of mind control in their "atients confirmed

?ictims #pea1

<ill -linton7s administration hosted the Presidential Advisory -ommittee on Radiation =6"eriments on March &4( &224( and t$o victims of tra!ma0based mind control along $ith their thera"ist gave a st!nning "resentation of their ab!se at the hands of M50 ULTRA The case of victim -la!dia M!llen is "artic!larly interesting -la!dia had been referred to Psychiatrist Valerie Wolf after e6"eriencing a se6!al assa!lt( and $as !nres"onsive in thera"y for many months Unli#e many other thera"ists( Wolf did not !se hy"nosis or any other memory retrieval techni:!es $ith M!llen

+It needs to be made clear that these clients have remembered these names and events s"ontaneo!sly( $ith free recall and $itho!t the !se of any memory retrieval techni:!e s!ch as

22< hy"nosis As m!ch as "ossible( $e have tried to verify the memories I have sent information from one of my clients to Alan Scheflin( Professor of La$ at Santa -lara University La$ School Land a 9!dicially recogni;ed e6"ert on mind and behavior controlM He has been able to confirm that the information that she has s!""lied is absol!tely tr!e( and that her memories co!ld not have been derived from any "!blished so!rce / 0 Valerie Wolf( s"ea#ing to the Presidential Advisory -ommission on Radiation 4)?

Here are some e6cer"ts from -la!dia M!llen7s testimony( from $hich she has earned no money and named men $ho $ere still alive%

+Cood afternoon <et$een the years &243 and &2G* I became a "a$n in the government7s game Its !ltimate goal $as mind control and to create the "erfect s"y( all thro!gh the !se of chemicals( radiation( dr!gs( hy"nosis( electric shoc#( isolation in t!bs of $ater( slee" de"rivation( brain$ashing( verbal( "hysical( emotional and se6!al ab!se I $as e6"loited !n$ittingly for nearly three decades of my life and the only e6"lanations given to me $ere Fthat the end 9!stifies the meansF and FI $as serving my co!ntry in their bold effort to fight comm!nismF I can only s!mmari;e my circ!mstances by saying they too# an already ab!sed seven year old child and com"o!nded my s!ffering beyond belief The saddest "art is( I #no$ for a fact I $as not
208%he %estimon4 of Ga/erie (+ "o/f

22* alone There $ere co!ntless other children in my same sit!ation and there $as no one to hel" !s !ntil no$

In &24G they told me I $as to be tested by some im"ortant doctors from the Society( or the H!man =cology Society and I $as instr!cted to coo"erate I $as told not to loo# at anyone7s faces( and to try hard to ignore any names beca!se this $as a very secret "ro9ect I $as told all these things to hel" me forget 8at!rally( as most children do( I did the o""osite and remembered as m!ch as I co!ld A Kr >ohn Cittinger tested me( Kr -ameron gave me the shoc#( and Kr Creene the 60rays Then I $as told by Sid Cottliebe that FI $as ri"e for the big AF meaning ARTI-HA5= <y the time I left to go home( 9!st li#e every time from then on( I $o!ld remember only $hatever e6"lanations Kr Robert C Heath( of T!lane Medical University( gave me for the odd br!ises( needle mar#s( b!rns on my head( fingers( and even the genital soreness I had no reason to thin# other$ise They had already beg!n to control my mind

The ne6t year I $as sent to a lodge in Maryland called Kee" -ree# -abins to learn ho$ to se6!ally "lease men I $as ta!ght ho$ to coerce them into tal#ing abo!t themselves

I $as !sed to entra" many !n$itting men incl!ding themselves( all $ith the !se of a hidden camera I $as only nine years old $hen the se6!al h!miliation began


Another time I heard Kr Martin Arne( $ho $as the director then of the Scientific Affice and later head of the Instit!te for =6"erimental Research state that Fin order to #ee" more f!nding coming from different so!rces for radiation and mind control "ro9ectsF( he s!ggested ste""ing !" the amo!nts of stressors !sed and also the blac#mail "ortions of the e6"eriments He said( Fit needed to be done faster then to get rid of the s!b9ects or they $ere as#ing for !s to come bac# later and ha!nt them $ith o!r remembrances

I $o!ld love nothing more than to say that I dreamed this all !" and need to 9!st forget it <!t that $o!ld be a tragic mista#e It $o!ld also be lie All these atrocities did occ!r to me and to co!ntless other children( and all !nder the g!ise of defending o!r co!ntry It is beca!se of the c!m!lative effects of e6"os!re to radiation( chemicals( dr!gs( "ain( s!bse:!ent mental and "hysical distress that I have been robbed of the ability to $or# and even to bear children of my o$n It is blatantly obvio!s that none of this $as needed( nor sho!ld ever have been allo$ed to ta#e "lace at all( and the only means $e have to see# o!t the a$f!l tr!th and bring it to light is by o"ening $hatever files remain on all the "ro9ects( and thro!gh another Presidential -ommission on Mind -ontrol /

In follo$0!" intervie$s( M!llen $ent into more details regarding the entra"ment

281 o"erations she $as a "art of

+The -IA #e"t hotel rooms in t$o of the best hotels in 8e$ Arleans( and year aro!nd they #e"t a s!ite It $as !ni:!e in that it had t$o bathrooms( and one bathroom $as $here they #e"t the hidden cameras( and I $as act!ally sho$n the hidden cameras by three men $ho handled that "art of it They called him -a"tain Ceorge White He $as formerly a doctor He !sed to be in the narcotics s:!ad in -alifornia( and then he became a doctor and 9oined the -IA And then there $ere t$o other men $ho $or#ed $ith him They $o!ld "!t me $ith the s!b9ects $ho $o!ld be filmed Lthe menM and then $hen the men $o!ld come into to$n U I am tal#ing abo!t local "oliticians( government officials U anybody $ho they needed to "ossibly get something on( #ee" on file for f!t!re reference U sho!ld they need to coerce this "erson into s!""orting the "ro9ects Senators( congressmen( anything li#e that U if they $ere in to$n( they $ere given this room They had no reason to thin# there $as anything strange abo!t the room It didn7t loo# any different than any other room It $as 9!st one of the better s!ites in the t$o hotels I $as sho$n ho$ the cameras $ere set !" behind mirrors U behind the mirrors $hich are in every hotel room( behind the dresser They $o!ld sit there and they $o!ld film it

When I $as first told this I

$hen I $as nine( and I $ent to the

Kee" -ree# -abins in Maryland That7s $hen I $as ta!ght I $as

282 going to be "art of this "ro9ect( I had been acce"ted into this "ro9ect( that I had been acce"ted into this "ro9ect that $o!ld hel" the government sto" -omm!nism /4)3

At another "oint( she stated that one man she $as involved $ith as an entra"ment o"eration $as 1ran# -h!rch

+Some of them $ere I thin# they $ere afraid they $o!ld tal# abo!t the "ro9ects( and so they had to !se something to #ee" them :!iet 1or instance( there $as a g!y named -h!rch 0 all I #ne$ $as( he $o!ld try( he $as very im"ortant to them beca!se he $as going to convince other "eo"le to let the "ro9ects #ee" going and so they had to get something on this g!y( -h!rch This $as later( $hen I $as in high school S!""osedly he ended !" tal#ing other "eo"le into letting the "ro9ects #ee" going He $as s!""osed to be investigating 0 to see if there $as anything $rong being done by the -IA 0 and so he of co!rse decided nothing $rong $as being done beca!se they had a film on him / 4)G

Senator 1ran# -h!rch headed the United States Senate Select -ommittee to St!dy Covernmental A"erations $ith Res"ect to Intelligence Activities( "o"!larly #no$n as the 7-h!rch -ommittee7 4)2 The committee $as the first to investigate the -IA for their illegal actions !nder M50ULTRA( Pro9ect Moc#ingbird and other enter"rises The alleged
201,nterview avai/a'/e here+ 20<,nterview avai/a'/e here+ 20*"i-i$edia Artic/e on the 5hurch 5ommittee+

283 entra"ment of 1ran# -h!rch may e6"lain ho$ the -IA $as able to esca"e any sort of reform from -ongress and contin!ed many illicit "ro9ects( albeit $ith more secrecy It is the "erfect e6am"le of ho$ im"ortant entra"ment $as to the agency and ho$ effective it co!ld be to their !ninterr!"ted contin!ation There is certainly the "otential that M!llen7s testimony is a lie After all( many of the names she alleged to have been a "art of her mind control "rogram had been "!blicly named as a "art of the M50ULTRA "rogram At least one had not% Kar$in 1enner( a 7high0 society7 socialite and M50ULTRA instit!tion T!lane administrator 4&) M!llen has not seemed to ma#e any money from her allegations( against many men $ho $ere still alive( given to a Presidential investigative committee In addition( her testimony $as revie$ed by Alan Scheflin( Professor of La$ at Santa -lara University La$ School and 9!dicially recogni;ed e6"ert in mind and behavior control( $ho stated that her claims co!ld not have been derived from any #no$n "!blication( ma#ing her testimony $orth disc!ssing Ane "artic!larly dist!rbing sentence from M!llen7s testimony is% +,Kr Martin T Arne. said( 7it needed to be done faster then to get rid of the s!b9ects or they $ere as#ing for !s to come bac# later and ha!nt them $ith o!r remembrances 7/ The idea that tra!ma0 based mind control victims $o!ld be 7dis"osed of7 once they o!tlived their !sef!lness is tr!ly terrifying( b!t certainly in the mind of a "sycho"ath it $o!ld be a logical and necessary ste" to ta#e Perha"s it e6"lains $hy only a handf!l of victims have been able to recover from their ab!se and synthesi;e their memories coherently eno!gh to "resent their case of being ab!sed



All in all( tra!ma0based mind control has become a $ides"read "rogram e6tended from original M50ULTRA research =6treme ab!se at a yo!ng age has been revealed to be the most effective $ay of controlling the mind( and "sycho"athic net$or#s in both occ!lt gro!"s and clandestine agencies 9!m"ed at the o""ort!nity to create a veritable of mind controlled slaves !sing the most de"raved and violent techni:!es at their dis"osal <y !sing tort!re s!ch as electric shoc# and se6!al ab!se( these "sycho"aths have fo!nd a $ay to literally create blan# slate alternate "ersonalities $hich can be "rogrammed for all sorts of illicit activities -hild "rostit!tion( "ornogra"hy( sn!ff films( assassinations and dr!g r!nning are all direct a""lications of mind control "rogramming Another li#elihood is "rogramming among elite military !nits to !nderta#e activities that $o!ld other$ise be bal#ed at( s!ch as death s:!ads and terrorism The doc!mented M50ULTRA interest in electric shoc#( hy"nosis and sensory de"rivation are collectively the forer!nners to tra!ma0based mind control( $ith the only missing doc!mented ingredient being se6!al ab!se It is certainly horrifying to consider that gro!"s( government or other$ise( $o!ld deliberately s!b9ect children to s!ch ab!se b!t in the conte6t of "sycho"athy( $here "sycho"aths are se6!al deviants and sadists( it is act!ally :!ite logical It is !nclear ho$ m!ch of an overla" there is bet$een the -IA and occ!lt gro!"s The most li#ely scenario is that occ!lt gro!"s infiltrated the M50ULTRA "rogram and began !sing the #no$ledge they learned for their o$n s!bversive "lans It is also "ossible that the leading researchers into M50ULTRA $ere sim!ltaneo!sly members of occ!lt gro!"s themselves The crossover bet$een occ!lt gro!"s and military occ!"ations( s!ch as the Presidio( Michael A:!ino and Kr -orydon7s statement that +The interesting thing is ho$ many "eo"le have described the same scenario( and ho$ many "eo"le that $e have

282 $or#ed $ith $ho have had relatives in 8ASA( in the -IA( and in the Military( incl!ding very high0!"s in the Military(/ certainly demands f!rther investigation Many of the victims disc!ssed by Kr Hammond and those $ho res"onded to the =6treme Ab!se S!rveys claimed to have been born into a 7direct bloodline7( meaning that their families have been "racticing in a satanic c!lt for as many as &' generations These children have been essentially born for the "!r"ose of being ab!sed and e6"loited by c!lts Some have referred to themselves as the 7chosen generation7( "erha"s indicating that they have a role to "lay in the 7end game7 of the Pathocracy -hildren o!tside of these bloodlines seem to be more e6"endable( and are li#ely #illed once they enter ad!lthood( $hen they are no longer !sef!l for child "rostit!tion or "ornogra"hy( and their "rogramming begins to $ea#en We can only s"ec!late abo!t the death toll The t$o main gro!"s involved in e6treme ab!se( the occ!lt and clandestine intelligence agencies( seem to have distinct goals $ith significant overla" The occ!lt gro!"s believe( in the vein of the $ritings of Alestair -ro$ley( that there are legitimate s"irit!al reasons for ab!se and al$ays "erform their mind control o"erations d!ring rit!als The -IA( on the other hand( seems more interested in es"ionage and entra"ment The overla" bet$een the t$o is the goal of ma#ing money( and "ossibly the ca!sing of violence and terror as "art of a 7strategy of tension7 cam"aign designed to steer the "o"!lace to$ards certain "olitical goals and "sychological states of terror( ma#ing mani"!lation of the "o"!lace easier Some researchers have s!ggested that tra!ma0based mind control dates as far bac# as the ancient =gy"tian Mystery Schools( $ith the Book of the 4ead serving as a bl!e"rint to tort!re and !tili;e dr!gs to e6ert control over that "erson( raising the "ossibility that occ!lt gro!"s have been "racticing a form of mind control for millenia and !sed the laboratory settings of the 8a;is and the -IA to enhance and refine their techni:!es
211#on 3atton, 3ro=ect ;onarch, !a?i ;ind 5ontro/+

288 I $ant to state em"hatically that the entirety of the evidence does not necessarily "oint to a $orld $ith com"rehensive and f!ll s!bversion by satanic c!lts These c!lts com"rise only a "ortion of the occ!lt gro!"s o"erating $ithin the Pathocracy and instead seem to be one arm of the "sycho"athic net$or#( being concealed and "rotected for the !se and creation of mind controlled slaves( "rofits from dr!g and child traffic#ing( and entra"ment of "edo"hiles in government( military( finance and beyond Ultimately( the f!ll motivations of tra!ma0based mind control( the breadth of the o"erations and n!mber of victims cannot f!lly be #no$n !ntil the Pathocracy $hich is res"onsible for these crimes against h!manity is bro!ght do$n and dissected There is no #no$ledge more im"ortant to$ards this end than the e6tent of "edo"hilia and child ab!se at the hands of the government and elite The disbelief of tra!ma0based mind control is !nderstandable so $e m!st collectively $or# together to bring f!rther evidence to light After all( before the liberation of A!sch$it;( the general sentiment $as that s!ch atrocities $ere im"ossible and re"orts of mass m!rder $ere greatly e6aggerated Unfort!nately( they did ha""en( and serve as a reminder that crimes against h!manity at the hands of "sycho"aths are very real As the final $ord on tra!ma0based mind control( I $o!ld li#e to reiterate the concl!sion of Kr -orydon Hammond%

Peo"le say( +WhatPs the "!r"ose of itH/ My best g!ess is that the "!r"ose of it is that they $ant an army of Manch!rian -andidates( ten of tho!sands of mental robots $ho $ill do "rostit!tion( do child "ornogra"hy( sm!ggle dr!gs( engage in international arms sm!ggling( do sn!ff films( all sorts of very l!crative things( and do their bidding and event!ally the megalomaniacs at the to" believe theyPll r!le the $orld /


Food for Thou)ht.


Are 7Manch!rian candidates7 res"onsible for many of the assassinations and terrorist attac#s in $orld historyH

' What are the limits of the "ossibility of controlling a society !sing mind controlH

@ Ho$ many victims of Monarch are c!rrently "rogrammed todayH

* Ho$ many deaths have occ!rred d!e to the Monarch ProgramH

4 Why are members of the Military Ind!strial -om"le6 so interested in marginali;ing the e6istence of e6treme ab!seH

? >!st ho$ dar# does the crimes against h!manity "er"etrated by net$or#s of "sycho"aths getH


The Pathocracy

An A!g!st &'( &22&( Investigative >o!rnalist Kanny -asolero $as fo!nd dead in a batht!b at a hotel in West Virginia He $as in the state to meet a so!rce on a story he $as $or#ing on called +The Acto"!s/( $hich referred to a s"ra$ling international criminal cabal that $as e6erting infl!ence over a m!ltit!de of $orld events( s!ch as the Iran hostage crisis that hel"ed get Ronald Reagan elected Altho!gh his death $as r!led a s!icide( the -asolero family $as adamant it $as a m!rder( citing threats on Kanny7s life

+The Acto"!s/ that Kanny -asolero $as follo$ing is the Pathocracy It has gro$n over the cent!ries( s"reading its many tentacles across the globe( tightening it7s gri" on control of information( money( $ars and beyond The sco"e of this boo# $as mostly #e"t $ithin the conte6t of the United States b!t the sco"e of the +Acto"!s/ is tr!ly international Af co!rse( $e cannot f!lly #no$ the e6tent of the beast !ntil it is starved and dissected <!t !ntil then( $e can still reasonable constr!ct the 7big "ict!re7 of o!r c!rrent sit!ation The history reco!nted th!s far is the history of instit!tions that have become sat!rated $ith "sycho"aths( $ho began to act r!thlessly on their desires to control and mani"!late others The "rocess is called Ponerology( a term coined by Polish "sychologist Andr9e; Lobac;e$s#i( $ho st!died ho$ the governments of the Soviet bloc became increasingly evil The term comes from the Cree# $ord "oneria( meaning la$lessness Lobac;e$s#i "!blished his $or# in a boo# titled Politi*al Ponerology.8,' Lobac;e$s#i had tremendo!s diffic!lty in "!blishing his boo#S At one "oint the man!scri"t $as thro$n in the f!rnace shortly before a raid by the secret "olice( and later
212#ashington Post, Area "riter ,nvestigating ,ns/aw 5ase 6ound )ead, August 13, 1**1+ 213%he 'oo-, though dense and sometimes difficu/t to navigate, is one of the most im$ortant $ieces of /iterature ever written+ A 3)6 is avai/a'/e here, , recommend ever4one reads it+

28* the "!blication $as bloc#ed by none other than Nbignie$ <r;e;ins#i himself He had ho"es that by sending his man!scri"t to the Vatican( the $ord abo!t Pathocracy $o!ld be heard on a global level The man!scri"t $as never ret!rned When he came to the United States( he fig!red that the freer society $o!ld be more acce"ting of his thesisS again( "!blication $as bloc#ed and his $or# $as marginali;ed What $as so revol!tionary abo!t Lobac;e$s#i7s $or# that it $as re"ressed by the elite $orld$ideH It is im"ossible to come to any concl!sion from his $or# e6ce"t that the develo"ment of Pathocracy is inevitable as long as the general "o"!lation is ignorant abo!t the psy*hopathi* other. Psycho"aths have al$ays e6isted( and they vie$ the $orld of normal "eo"le( those $ith morality and conscience( as something to be loo#ed do$n !"on and e6"loited Perha"s the most shoc#ing revelation of his $or# is that "sycho"aths learn to recogni;e each other( even at a yo!ng age 4&* The nat!ral res!lt is a net$or# of "sycho"aths( a s!bset of the "o"!lation that recogni;e their differences and feel not only contem"t for the rest of society( b!t the need to control and mani"!late them as $ell Aver time they become e6"erts in o!r $ea#nesses and follies( $atching from a distance $ith c!riosity and am!sement The idea that Psycho"aths can recogni;e each other is central to the Pathocracy Imagine for millenia the "rocess of evol!tion of a "sycho"athic cabal gro$ing in "o$er and n!mbers( increasingly mani"!lating society To! $o!ld thin# that the United States $o!ld thin# t$ice $hen in '))* $e had one "residential candidate $ho $as a member of a "o$erf!l secretive society #no$n as the S#!ll and <ones r!n against the Presidential inc!mbent $ho $as also a member of the same secretive society

Tim R!ssert% To!7re both $ere members of S#!ll and <ones( a secret society of Tale What does that tell !sH
21.Political Ponerolog,, $age 121 212The Telegra+h, %he secret societ4 that ties (ush and Cerr4, 6e'ruar4 1, 200.


Sen >ohn 5erry% 8ot m!ch beca!se it7s a secret 4&?

These connections are not insignificant( rather they are the ti" of the iceberg of a vast covert net$or# of coll!sion( the res!lt of the "rocess of the "oneri;ation This "rocess of "oneri;ation has ha""ened to the ma9or centers of covert "o$er in o!r $orld The -IA( 1<I( 8SA and the global financial elite all the $ay do$n to local "olice de"artments have all become poneri=ed instit!tions Understanding the condition and develo"ment of "oneri;ed net$or#s is not 9!st im"ortant( it is "erha"s the most im"ortant information that society can have It is the ne6t ste" in evol!tion of society( the ne6t grand "aradigm shift This is the conte6t !nder $hich the Pathocracy o"erates A system of government hidden from the "!blic vie$ and o"erated by a "sychologically distinct s!bset of the "o"!lation $hom do not feel em"athy( have no conscience( and derive "leas!re from the mani"!lation and ab!se of the mass of the "o"!lation they vie$ as inferior When $e read acco!nts of horrific e6treme ab!se "er"etrated against children( !nderstand that the psy*hopathi* other en9oys this ab!se They derive "leas!re from tort!re and m!rder These "sycho"aths recogni;e each other and over time they come to be the sole holders of "o$er $herever it e6ists in an !nad!lterated form Seemingly antagonistic instit!tions s!ch as com"eting ban#s are act!ally o"erated by the same "sycho"athic cabal behind the scenes In the same $ay that yo! and I nat!rally e6cl!de social deviants from o!r social gro!"s( "sycho"aths do $ith normal "eo"le The res!lt is a $eb of m!t!al conditioning of evil Thro!gh a vast "ro"aganda matri6( the Pathocracy is slo$ly *onditioning h!manity to conform to their sic# standards s!ch as endless $ar( res!lting in a large "ortion of the "o"!lation dis"laying 7secondary "sycho"athic7 tendencies This is
2185am$'e// (rown, on CNN, transcri$t avai/a'/e here+

211 the gro!" that has s!bverted Kemocracy not only in the United States b!t aro!nd the $orld( and are c!rrently mani"!lating $orld events behind the scenes

Terrorism Today

At the o!tset of A"eration -yclone in the late 73)s( the -IA( acting as an arm of the Western financial elite( began fostering close relationshi"s $ith a variety of "o$erf!l and im"ortant fig!res in the Middle =ast The goal $as a "rofo!ndly different landsca"e in the region( one $here governments co!ld do little to "revent the mani"!lation and control of indigeno!s reso!rces and ideas Ane of these men $as Asama bin Laden( a $ealthy Sa!di b!sinessman( $ho $o!ld maintain a relationshi" $ith the -IA for an e6tended "eriod of time( coordinating Islamic radicals to "romote the goals of the -IA thro!gh terrorism and indoctrination( and f!rther acting as a sca"egoat to cast o!t to the "!blic as an enemy that( for some reason( evaded ca"t!re for decades <in Laden $as not alone( b!t his organi;ation( Al0Jaeda( $o!ld become the center"iece of a contrived conflict #no$n today as 7The War on Terror7( $hich $o!ld event!ally create trillions of "rofits for the very "eo"le tas#ed $ith ending it The United States made strong alliances $ith the very co!ntries and "eo"le res"onsible for the f!nding and "roliferation of terrorists s!ch as <in Laden( Sa!di Arabia and Pa#istan The intelligence agencies of these co!ntries are entirely corr!"t( and have gro$n massively in "o$er( to the "oint $here they e6ert more control than the nominal

212 governments of these states( becoming the 7Kee" State7( $here the tr!e "o$er of a co!ntry resides in its covert o"erations and $ith "eo"le $ho7s names are generally not #no$n to the "!blic =ach of these co!ntries( incl!ding the United States( act as an arm of the Pathocracy( and are res"onsible for a vast ma9ority of the terrorism in the $orld today To some e6tent they literally o"erate organi;ations s!ch as the Taliban and Al0 Jaeda This relationshi" becomes crystal clear $hen $e see that the ob9ectives of Al0Jaeda are "erfectly in line $ith those of the Pathocracy In Middle =ast conflicts s!ch as the Libyan 7Revol!tion7( str!ggles in 5osovo and Serbia( the Syrian 7-ivil War7( $e see Al0 Jaeda and the United States fighting on the same side The lac# of any tangible res!lts from the War on Terror is a 7smo#ing g!n7 for it7s !selessness Terrorism today benefits the Pathocracy and the Pathocracy only The alleged tr!e "er"etrators of terrorism have their homelands bombed and ravished $hile it "rovides an e6c!se for contin!o!s militari;ation and increasingly re"ressive domestic "olicies that do more to stifle legitimate domestic dissent than to c!rb foreign violence Terrorism in co!ntries s!ch as Afghanistan and Ira: "rovide a convenient reason for increasing military "resence( and to ma#e the local governments de"endent on the United States for "rotection The res!lting destabili;ation ma#es the economies and reso!rces easier to e6"loit It is not a coincidence that terrorism and destabili;ation seem to "recede im"ortant geo"olitical ob9ectives in that region Komestic terrorism serves to #ee" the "o"!lace in fear and 9!stify increased infringement of civil rights Tragic events s!ch as school shootings are nearly !niversally follo$ed by a "!sh for an agenda that f!rthers the goal of the Pathocracy That the last #no$n meeting of A"eration Cladio coordinators $as in &22) o!ght to have been( and still sho!ld be( front "age ne$s A variety of the actors involved $ith Cladio are absol!tely still in significant "ositions of "o$er today

213 Cladio has evolved from a locali;ed =!ro"ean cam"aign of terrorism into a global net$or# 1ormer 1<I agent t!rned $histleblo$er Sybel =dmonds refers to it as 7Cladio <7 The 7Strategy of Tension7 has "roved to be one of the most !sef!l tools of the Pathocracy Across the $orld( they have assassinated leaders( terrori;ed "o"!lations( destroyed infrastr!ct!re and s"read destr!ctive "ro"aganda( and it has $or#ed Where $o!ld Latin America be today had they not been terrori;ed by the PathocracyH Kecades of "rogress have been lost to re"ressive dictatorshi"s "ro""ed !" by the -IA s"reading corr!"tion and #ee"ing the means of economic "rod!ction in the hands of foreign "o$ers And $hat abo!t the Middle =astH The landsca"e $o!ld be radically different $itho!t decades of interference Minor differences bet$een Islamic sects have been e6"loited to divide comm!nities and nations If even only a "ortion of the co!ntries in this region !nited economically( the ho!se of cards of the Pathocracy $o!ld t!mble do$n They #no$ this( and it is $hy the Middle =ast is s!ch a hotbed of violence and destabili;ation today

The $)enda

The Pathocracy has been firmly in control of the United States democratic "rocess for decades As it stands( there are no significant tangible differences bet$een the t$o "arties To hide this fact( a variety of actors ro!tinely circ!it the mainstream media s"itting vehemence to$ards their "olitical 7rivals7 $hile behind the scenes they 9o#e abo!t the smo#e screen they have created

21. The 7Agenda7 that has evolved over the "ast decades is one of global hegemony( economic and military Ance distinct ideologies of liberalism and conservatism have evolved into neo0liberalism and neo0conservatism( $ho share the same goals and differ only slightly in means of im"lementing them The 7Agenda7 is the agenda of the financial elite( !sing a mani"!lated democratic "rocess( the United States military( and covert instit!tions as tools of maintaining their socially dominant "osition When a foreign co!ntry threatens to !"set the stat!s :!o( there is a regime change in nearly every single instance In the fe$ co!ntries $here this hasn7t been accom"lished( it is very li#ely that a regime change is in the $or#s( a "lan evolving behind the scenes as I $rite In the entire history of the United States( the co!ntry has not gone *) months $itho!t a military conflict since at least &2?@ 4&3 There are long "eriods $here the enemy is foc!sed aro!nd one vag!e ideology Testerday7s comm!nism is today7s Islamic radicalism% the 7Red Scare7 is alive and $ell( it has fo!nd a ne$ face to demoni;e Today7s $ars sho$ no sign of ending The Pathocracy has re"eatedly e6"loited crises to im"lement ne$ legislation $ith a""la!se that $o!ld other$ise be !niversally "anned 2E&& bro!ght !s the Patriot Act and -ontin!ity of Covernment( $hich has laid the gro!nd$or# for a vast s!rveillance state and indefinite detention What crises $ill be man!fact!red $hen the Trans0Pacific Partnershi" is ready to be officially revealedH

211Mother %ones, :ow the #est of the "or/d Giews the American ;i/itar4, August 2*, 2013

212 The *eep #tate

In the United States( and indeed m!ch of the nations aro!nd the $orld( there e6ists t$o governments% one that o"erates o!t in the o"en( $hich the citi;ens are familiar $ith and interact $ith( and a "arallel to" secret government( $hose e6istence is visible only to a select fe$ and only occasionally e6"osed to the general "!blic This clandestine hybrid net$or# of shado$y instit!tions and fig!res( both "!blic and "rivate( o"erates $ith its o$n intentions and its o$n "o$er regardless of $ho is formally the Head of State

+The Kee" State does not consist of the entire government It is a hybrid of national sec!rity and la$ enforcement agencies% the Ke"artment of Kefense( the Ke"artment of State( the Ke"artment of Homeland Sec!rity( the -entral Intelligence Agency and the >!stice Ke"artment I also incl!de the Ke"artment of the Treas!ry beca!se of its 9!risdiction over financial flo$s( its enforcement of international sanctions and its organic symbiosis $ith Wall Street All these agencies are coordinated by the =6ec!tive Affice of the President via the 8ational Sec!rity -o!ncil / 0 Mi#e Lofgren4&G

The 7Kee" State7 is also largely "rivati;ed The

ashington Post has re"orted that

the n!mber of "rivate contractors $ith to"0secret clearances has reached G4*()))( a mind0blo$ing n!mber in itself( and greater than the n!mber of to"0secret clearances among civilian em"loyees of the government 4&2 Wall Street is also a main com"onent of
21<(i//;o4ers+com, Essa4: Anatom4 of the )ee$ State, 6e'ruar4 21, 201. 21*The #ashington Post, %o$ Secret America, an investigate $ro=ect s$anning from 2013 to 201.

218 the 7Kee" State7( by $hich the very grease that allo$s the cogs of the machine to r!n originates If there is any one thing that the 7Kee" State7 re:!ires( it is silent and !ninterr!"ted cash flo$ The 7Kee" State7 $as legali;ed on Se"tember &&( '))& after Ceorge W <!sh declared a state of emergency and enacted the -ontin!ity of Covernment o"erations It is the nat!ral res!lt of the "rogressive n!mber of "o$er grabs by vario!s intelligence agencies detailed thro!gho!t the "revio!s cha"ters It is the 7Kee" State7 that is res"onsible for endless $ar and the one0"arty state( effectively ens!ring it7s contin!ed e6istence and im"ortance by "roviding an im"et!s for $ar( s!rveillance and "ro"aganda $hile sim!ltaneo!sly removing any "ossibility of civilian reform The 7Kee" State7 is the vehicle from $hich the Pathocracy o"erates It has e6"anded its o"erations into dr!g0r!nning( child traffic#ing and more so that it does not have to rely entirely on ta6"ayer money for its "ro9ects 1or all intents and "!r"oses( the rise of the 7Kee" State7 can be considered a silent co!" on the United States of America


When $e "eel bac# the layers of the Pathocracy and travel dee"er into the rabbit hole( by e6"loring the de"ths of tra!ma0based mind control and child ab!se that has become instit!tionali;ed among the elite( $e are given a glim"se of the $orld of c!lts The reality is that the Pathocracy sits on to" of( and in the "rocess conceals and "rotects( a 7blac#7 net$or# of Satanists and other occ!ltists $ho e6"lore the dar#est evils imaginable The Pathocracy conceals this arm of the octo"!s beca!se it "rovides a val!able service to

211 their goals and has a net$or# of lots of infl!ential "eo"le 1!rthermore( c!lts li#ely o"erate as 7"sycho"athic recr!itment centers7 The $hole idea of a c!lt revolves aro!nd hidden #no$ledge and the mani"!lation of the masses Psycho"aths are dra$n to s!ch ideologies( and are then recr!ited into the broader Pathocracy There is no to"ic that reveals the de"ths of de"ravity of the Pathocracy more than their !se of "edo"hilia as a tool for control It is ho$ they conceal their biggest cons"iracies( by holding over the heads of their s!b9ects a ty"e of blac#mail that $ill ens!re com"liance In addition( there is no to"ic that reveals the necessity of action than their ab!se of children And if the e6tent of this "henomenon can be e6"osed f!lly( no tr!th $ill bring do$n their reign :!ic#er Unfort!nately( it is necessary to "aint s!ch a dar# "ict!re beca!se the reality is dar#( and $e cannot "retend that the 7endgame7 of the Pathocracy does not e6ist If resistance to the Pathocracy gro$s( $e m!st be "re"ared for the $orst( s!ch as a series of ma9or terrorist attac#s( $ars bet$een ma9or $orld "o$ers( and the colla"se of fiat c!rrency This is the 7<ig Pict!re7% An agenda of total control( and events are accelerating as the Acto"!s tightens the gri" of its tentacles aro!nd the globe We are living in grand times( at no "oint in history has the c!rrent moment been so im"ortant for the f!t!re of h!manity

Fortunately3 the Pathocracy is doomed to fail:



The "roblem of the Pathocracy seems to be so vast and com"le6S it is certainly intimidating We are fort!nate that the sol!tions are relatively sim"le It begins and ends $ith ed!cation and non0"artici"ation Ignorance is the sole tool that #ee"s the Pathocracy afloat Its tr!ly this easy An a$a#e "o"!lace can collectively choose to sto" holding the "yramid above their sho!lders by ref!sing to oil the gears of the machine We need to

21* collectively move o!r money o!t of ban#s( s!""ort local enter"rise instead of m!ltinational cor"orations( and be e6cessively vocal abo!t the tr!th The time to start being as vocal as "ossible $as decades ago <y this I mean that there is no time for anything else anymore If yo! are a$a#e( start ma#ing $a#ing others !" yo!r n!mber one "riority There are fe$ things I desire to do than to forget all of this and get lost in World of Warcraft Tet the sta#es are too high( there is something bigger going on than o!r selfish desires Imagine yo!rself reflecting on the "ast in ')( @) years Will yo! be content $ith the im"act yo! had on the a$a#ening( or $ill yo! regret not doing more as the "olice state becomes f!lly entrenched aro!nd yo! and it is too late to ma#e a differenceH The first ste" is to become f!lly ed!cated yo!rself <e able to artic!late the "roblem to even the most s#e"tical -ollect information and reso!rces that effectively e6"ose the ab!ses and inner $or#ings of the Pathocracy Then ta#e this #no$ledge and share it I #no$ I have had reservations abo!t sharing the tr!th $ith those $ho seem so content $ith their circ!mstances beca!se shattering $orldvie$s is not a "leasant e6"erience by any means <!t it is time to "!t these reservations aside The b!ilding is on fire( and $e need to evac!ate before it is too lateS those $ho $ill be momentarily angry for being sla""ed a$a#e $ill be gratef!l once the gravity of the sit!ation becomes clear While a "ersonal disc!ssion is certainly the most val!able tool( there are other means 1or e6am"le( yo! can com"ile the so!rces and information yo! find most "ertinent and send them o!t in an anonymo!s email to yo!r contacts list 4') Perha"s begin yo!r email $ith +1rom a concerned friend( "lease read this information $ith an o"en mind/ If & o!t of &)) "eo"le is reached this $ay( the seed $ill be "lanted for an inevitable blossom Ideas follo$ a "attern of being ridic!led !ntil they reach a critical mass and are acce"ted We m!st endeavor to reach this critical mass as soon as "ossible( before the gri" of the
220,f 4ou wish to use this 'oo-, $/ease do+ %here is a reason it is freeN so it can reach as man4 $eo$/e as $ossi'/e+

2<0 Pathocracy is s!fficiently tight eno!gh to "revent the flo$ of information

Ane val!able tool $e have is alternative c!rrencies( es"ecially cry"toc!rrencies 1irst off( it is a great $ay to avoid !sing traditional means of money transfer and ban# holdings that "ro" !" the beast Tet there is another tremendo!sly im"ortant val!e( es"ecially $ith <itcoin and "otentially $ith f!t!re <itcoin com"etitors% It has made the co!nterc!lt!re rich There are tho!sands of "eo"le $ho are rece"tive to the ty"e of information contained in this boo# $ho than#s to ne$ fo!nd $ealth from cry"toc!rrencies no$ have the means to "roliferate the tr!th far and $ide If this a""lies to yo!( "lease consider !sing yo!r assets for a "ositive im"act( "erha"s by "lacing relevant information in "!blic "laces( by organi;ing "rotests( or s!""orting inde"endent media

The $orst thing $e can do is $ait for someone else to ste" !" and be a leader( for someone else to organi;e a movement for !s to 9oin( for someone else to ta#e a stand against the Pathocracy A tr!e "aradigm shift has to start from $ithin o!rselves An organi;ation or instit!tion has too m!ch "ro"ensity to be led astray or infiltrated After all( 7"reventing the rise of a messiah7 is a doc!mented to" "riority of the Pathocracy <e the change yo! $ant to see in the $orld( and ed!cate others to do the same Research $here the materials yo! cons!me come from( and ma#e smart "!rchasing choices Strive to minimi;e yo!r 7cor"orate and government foot"rint7 It is tr!ly as sim"le as this( and this cha"ter can be com"lete $hile being one of the shortest in the boo# Sto"

2<1 holding the "yramid above !s and let it colla"se aro!nd !s( then $e can "!t the im"ortant "ieces bac# together $itho!t the "otential for the massive centrali;ation of covert "o$er that $e see today Ane by one is ho$ the a$a#ening gro$s( !ntil it is inevitable


The $/a1enin)

The date $as Kecember '&( ')&'( one day after my grad!ation from the University of Illinois I $as sitting at home( contem"lating life( e6ha!sted from a fren;y of theses( finals and celebrations I $ondered $hat I $o!ld "ossibly do $ith a degree in History( a :!estion I had been deftly avoiding thro!gho!t my time in school I $ondered if I co!ld ride o!t my bartending gig into ad!lthood( $ondered ho$ :!ic#ly I co!ld get myself o!t of the s!b!rbs and o!t of the Mid$est That night( in my ty"ical fashion of "rocrastinating instead of facing iss!es head on( I $as lead to the dar# corners of the internet I $as not a cons"iracy theorist( b!t I fo!nd the to"ics interesting( and fell head first dee" into the rabbit0hole of M5ULTRA A tr!th so dar# and disg!sting that I cried% a mo!ntain of evidence that the cabal that I $o!ld event!ally come to #no$ as the Pathocracy is res"onsible for a global net$or# of child traffic#ing and child ab!se My $orldvie$ $as fli""ed !"side do$n the moment it all s!n# it Some call it 7Wa#ing U"7 I loo#ed at the cloc#( and the time read &)%@@

Synchronicity $as described by -arl >!ng as 7tem"orally coincident occ!rrences of aca!sal events7 In other $ords it means events that are ca!sally !nrelated yet e6"erienced together in a meaningf!l manner( related conce"t!ally $ith the chance of them occ!rring together being very small That evening( I $o!ld loo# at the cloc# again at &&%@@( &'%@@ and &%@@ It $as the beginning of a lengthy and "rofo!nd series of synchronicity I $o!ld

2<3 e6"erience $ith the n!mber @@ had been my l!c#y n!mber for :!ite some time At age &)( it $as the center"iece of an inside 9o#e for my cam" co!nselors I didn7t !nderstand the 9o#e( of co!rse( b!t I em!lated them as any &) year old $o!ld It $as the n!mber of my Lacrosse 9ersey in High School( and my standardi;ed test score Its labeled on the bottle of one of my favorite beers 8othing serio!sly "rofo!nd( b!t eno!gh for it to be my n!mber I remember being :!ite h!ngover on Kecember '&( not 9!st beca!se of celebrating my grad!ation( b!t beca!se of a series of "arties centered aro!nd the end of the Mayan calendar( $hich some believed "redicted the end of the $orld 8either my friends nor myself tr!ly tho!ght that the $orld $as going to end( it $as 9!st another e6c!se to get hammered and "arty as if there $as no tomorro$ Tet in hindsight( "erha"s this date $as not a coincidence The end of the calendar didn7t intend to "redict the end of the $orldS rather( it reflected the Mayan belief that the end of the calender era $o!ld !sher in a ne$ age% The Age of =nlightenment In the months "roceeding Kecember '&( I $o!ld go days( sometimes even $ee#s at a time seeing %@@ on the cloc# every single ho!r I $as a$a#e I had been a committed Atheist for m!ch of my life I still !nderstand it to be one of the most rational $orldvie$s After all( the $orld is filled $ith evil and s!ffering( and the ma9or religions are filled $ith corr!"tion and hy"ocrisy <!t this $as a "henomenon I co!ld not ignore( and decided to e6"lore it f!rther It $ent dee"er than 9!st n!mbers on a cloc#% I $o!ld come to "rofo!nd tho!ghts and insights at %@@( I met a great friend $ho had the @@ rd tic#et at the "!b I fli""ed b!rgers at to "ay the bills( I have fre:!ently and re"eatedly "!blished im"ortant $riting at %@@ 1ollo$ing insights from synchronicity bro!ght me to So!th America( $here I met my so!lmate and s"irit!al "artner at ?%@@ " m I am ha(in) a direct communication /ith 6od and the experience has

2<. een phenomenal: My e6"erience $ith synchronicity goes beyond n!mbers Reflecting on my life( I am fascinated by ho$ events $eaved their $ay together to "!t me in e6actly the right "lace at the right time to $a#e !" and to have develo"ed the s#ills to synthesi;e this information and share it $ith others When I needed to learn an im"ortant lesson( the str!ct!re of my life evolved to "!t me into a "osition to tr!ly internali;e ne$ val!es and ideas( a sort of 7synchronistic flo$7 of events The 7ride7( as the brilliant comedian and commentator <ill Hic#s $o!ld "!t it( has not been easy My $hole life has been a series of 7learning the hard $ay7 I had to fail o!t of school to learn the val!e of learning I had to s"end $ee#s in a hos"ital $ith ma9or b!rns to get a gri" on my iss!es $ith dr!gs and alcohol I had to get arrested to learn ho$ my actions im"act others I had to e6"erience obesity to learn the val!e of health and caring for my body I had to e6"erience dee" and "rolonged de"ression to a""reciate ha""iness and action A $hole lot of e6"eriences to synthesi;e in '@ years of living( b!t I am gratef!l for every one of them They made me $ho I am today In the same sense( h!manity is learning the hard $ay We have to confront the Pathocracy in order to collectively evolve( to not 9!st blindly follo$ the ne6t "aradigm shift b!t to actively constr!ct it $ithin o!rselves As the $aning Pathocracy clashes $ith the rising A$a#ening( there $ill be a lot of s!ffering( b!t $e sho!ld not be !"set% Instead( $e sho!ld be gratef!l for the catalyst that $ill be res"onsible for the inevitable bea!tif!l renaissance that re"resents the light at the end of the t!nnel

I absol!tely $ish I co!ld lay o!t a com"rehensive meta"hysical thesis here b!t the tr!th is( I sim"ly don7t #no$ $hat the tr!th is I do #no$ that at the very bottom of the

2<2 cons"iracy rabbit hole( is that each and every one of !s is a "o$erf!l s"irit!al being We have a "art of !s that is eternal and "erfect( hidden behind layers of ego Some have more layers than others( and that is A5% 8ot everyone began their 9o!rney at the same time( and event!ally $e $ill all finish it There is a series of "arado6es% the "resent $e are e6"eriencing is b!t a blin# of an eye along the "ath of evol!tion for o!r so!ls( yet sim!ltaneo!sly the road ahead of !s is of the !tmost im"ortance There is an infinite amo!nt of life not only in this !niverse b!t each one that e6ists beyond it( that has e6isted before it and $ill e6ist after it Tet( $e are each s"ecial This is the nat!re of infinity% We are not insignificant =ntering the Age of =nlightenment( and Lifting the Veil+ means more than 9!st shining a s"otlight on the Pathocracy While I thin# the information contained $ithin this boo# is im"ortant( I believe that it7s tr!e significance lies in sho$ing that o!r collective !nderstanding of reality is vastly incom"lete and largely incorrect As $e move for$ard( $e m!st base o!r tho!ghts and actions not in hate and anger to$ards the Pathocracy b!t $ith love and res"ect to$ards one another This is not only the best means of confronting the "roblems $e face b!t it is sim"ly the right thing to do It is time to search dee" inside o!rselves and hold on tightly to o!r inner light( develo" it and share it $ith others Be a catalyst for the eautiful renaissance that is in our future As yo! fight fire not $ith more fire b!t $ith $ater( fight evil not $ith evil b!t $ith love The ret!rn of 7Cod -onscio!sness7 to o!r $orld( or $hichever name yo! $ant to give it% This is the tr!e meaning of the Age of =nlightenment and Lifting the Veil+ the !nderlying meaning of the e6istence of the Pathocracy and the str!ggles $e $ill face as $e confront it


*on8t for)et to share this oo1 /ith at least t/o peopleG


$ out -e

My name is Timothy Silver I am '@ years old I have a <achelors degree in History from the University of Illinois I !nderstand that these credentials aren7t going to blo$ anyone7s mind( $hich is $hy I o"ted for the a""roach of citing every claim $ith a "!blicly available so!rce After all( I am sim"ly too yo!ng to have the advanced degrees that $o!ld thr!st this $or# into the s"otlight Koes that ma#e the information any less tr!e( any less "rofo!ndH I have s"ent most of my life in Illinois( some of it in -hicago( some in the s!b!rbs( and most of the last 4 years in -ham"aign -!rrently( I have no "ermanent address I am bac#"ac#ing thro!gh So!th America e6"erimenting $ith alternative $ays of living and e6"eriencing different c!lt!res My b!dget is &4 dollars a day and I have tem"orarily settled in Lima( Per! to s"end time $ith my girlfriend and foc!s on "rod!ction of more $or# related to shining light on the tr!th The tri" has been "henomenal Lifting the Veil is my first f!ll "ro9ect( and I have been r!nning a blog called The Peoples History for the last 4 months It has been a fantastic e6"erience I am gratef!l for all of the "ositive feedbac# I have received d!ring this time I7ve received threats that I consider credible as $ell( many months before I began $riting this boo#( bac# $hen I began raising hell over the s!s"icio!s circ!mstances s!rro!nding the death of Investigative >o!rnalist Michael Hastings I don7t thin# there is any val!e in disc!ssing them in de"th other than to ma#e the fact "!blic record 1or that reason( I $on7t be "romoting this boo# to any significant e6tent There is a time for bravery and a time for common sense If yo! fo!nd the content of this boo# insightf!l( "lease share it $ith as many "eo"le as "ossible( anonymo!sly if yo! m!st It is the only $ay these ideas $ill

2<< s"read Please contact me if yo! have any :!estions( and criticism or in"!t( research yo! thin# is im"ortant( or if yo! sim"ly $ant to say hi I thoro!ghly en9oy all of the corres"ondence( and find my o"inions and vie$s are constantly being refined thro!gh disc!ssing them $ith others

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This boo# and all f!t!re $or# $ill be free beca!se the "roliferation of this information is the most im"ortant goal I have That being said( if yo! have available f!nds( I $o!ld a""reciate it if yo! considered this boo# as a 7"ay $hat yo! $ant7 ty"e of deal( to donate some money $hich reflects ho$ im"ortant yo! feel this information is to yo! Any money beyond s!bsistence I $ill "!t to $or# to$ards e6"anding my $riting activities and to s!""ort f!t!re "ro9ects that are in the $or#s If yo! are having financial "roblems( or have a family to s!""ort( "lease #ee" yo!r money to yo!rself Ather$ise( any contrib!tion $ill be "!t to good !se Please email me at timsilver"eo"leshistoryBgmail com if yo! are interested in s!""orting my $or# or f!nding a "ro9ect( either thro!gh fiat c!rrency or yo!r favorite cry"toc!rrency To! can also donate !sing the lin#s at the sidebar at my $ebsite ThePeo"lesHistory net

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In -emory of -ichael 'astin)s

An >!ly &G( ')&@( Investigative >o!rnalist Michael Hastings( the man $ho single0 handedly bro!ght do$n one of the most "o$erf!l men in the military $ith his re"orting( 4'& died in a fiery car crash in Los Angeles S!s"icio!s circ!mstances of his death immediately began streaming in 1or e6am"le( Hastings had contacted the Wi#ilea#s la$yer 9!st ho!rs before his death $orried that he $as being follo$ed by the 1<I 4'' The ne6t day( an email that Hastings had sent to colleag!es $as released( titled 71<I
221Rolling $tone Maga/ine, %he #unawa4 9enera/, June 22, 2010 2225$ News and #orld Re+ort, "i-i>ea-s: Journa/ist ;ichae/ :astings Under 6(, ,nvestigation (efore )eath, June 20, 2013

2*1 Investigation re%8SA7 It stated% +I7m on to a big story( and need to go off the radar for a bit /4'@ In a ')&' intervie$( Hastings revealed that he had received n!mero!s death threats from recent investigative re"orting 4'* +Tes =very once and a$hile( I7ll get a death threat from someone00li#e( 7if $e don7t li#e $hat yo! $rite( $e7ll h!nt yo! do$n and #ill yo!7 #ind of thing / The a!to"sy re"ort fo!nd that neither dr!gs nor alcohol "layed a role in the crash 4'4 Why( then( have $itnesses described Hastings7 vehicle( a Mercedes -'4) La car not "rone to b!rsting into flamesM traveling at f!ll s"eed do$n a s!b!rban road( crossing a red light and then s#i""ing over a median into a tree( e6"lodingH 4'? Sec!rity footage from a gas station ca!ght the s"eeding( the crash and the e6"losion( confirming the eye$itness testimony 4'3

+Hastings $as intensely interested in government s!rveillance of 9o!rnalists In May( the story bro#e abo!t the Ke"artment of >!stice obtaining the "hone records of Associated Press re"orters A co!"le $ee#s later( =d$ard Sno$den7s revelations abo!t the 8ational Sec!rity Agency7s massive s!rveillance "rogram became "!blic Hastings $as convinced he $as a target +++ Ane night in >!ne( he came to Thig"en7s a"artment after midnight and !rgently as#ed to borro$ her Volvo He said he $as afraid to drive his o$n car She declined( telling him her car $as
2238T)0, E@c/usive: :astings Sent 5o//eagues Emai/ :ours (efore 5rash, June 21, 2013 22.#eddit A;A, ,Am ;ichae/ :astings, a re$orter for (u??6eed and a writer for #o//ing Stone+ 222)os 0ngeles Times, ;ichae/ :astings %o@ico/og4 #e$ort 228A /oca/ >os Ange/es news stor4 interviewing witnesses, avai/a'/e on Pou%u'e here+ 221Survei//ance footage avai/a'/e on Pou%u'e here+

2*2 having mechanical "roblems FHe $as scared( and he $anted to leave to$n(F she says The ne6t day( aro!nd &&%&4 a m ( she got a call from her landlord( $ho told her Hastings had died early that morning His car had crashed into a "alm tree at 34 m"h and e6"loded in a ball of fire / 0 L! eekly8:%

The ty"e of cyber attac# that co!ld have ta#en control of Hastings7 vehicle is very real( confirmed by inde"endent hac#ers to a #or)es 9o!rnalist in a demonstration4'2( and by the government itself( in a "resentation by KARPA( the Kefense Advances Research Pro9ects Agency 4@) Rest in "eace Michael Hastings( and to each and every victim of the Pathocracy We $ill "ic# !" $here yo! left off

22<)0 #ee&l,, ;ichae/ :astings )angerous ;ind: Journa/istic Star "as >oved, 6eared and :aunted, August 22, 2013 22*1orbes, :ac-ers #evea/ !ast4 !ew 5ar Attac-sAA"ith ;e (ehind %he "hee/, Ju/4 2., 2013 2303resentation '4 Cath/een 6isher, )A#3A $ro=ect manager, avai/a'/e on Pou%u'e here+


'elp Impro(e This Wor1

I am gratef!l for all of the hel" and insights from "eers I have received over the co!rse of $riting Lifting the Veil. =ach time I $rite an essay or "resent an idea( I find that my $or# is constantly refined from in"!t K!e to this( I "lan on contin!ally releasing !"dates of this boo# as I refine my thesis and come across ne$ research to synthesi;e If yo! have any constr!ctive criticism( any ideas to add( or any other ty"e of hel" to offer( "lease do not hesitate to contact me at timsilver"eo"leshistoryBgmail com


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In the $or#s%

7Lifting the Veil II7( $hich $ill e6"lore the history of government com"licity in global dr!g traffic#ing( the fore#no$ledge of 2E&&( the scam of the global monetary system( the real motivations behind modern geo"olitics( the occ!lt history of the United States "olitical elite( and more M!ch of the $or# for this boo# is already com"leted tho!gh c!t from this edition to maintain an accessible length

7The -IA( -!lts( Mind -ontrol and -hild Ab!se7 LTitle s!b9ect to changeM( an e6"anded version of the cha"ters M50ULTRA( the Pedo"hocracy( -!lts and -hild Ab!se( and Tra!ma0based Mind -ontrol into a stand0alone boo# $ith an e6"anded thesis

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