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111 E. Dwight St.

Oscoda, MI 48750


We are a group of professionals that delivers a significant convergence portfolio and years of experience to your business. We are in the business of Keeping You Connected to Everything!

Our Telecommunications Portfolio

Avaya IP Office, Hybrid Analog, Digital, and IP based PBX systems to connect your employees, partners, and customers like never before. Mobilize your team with advanced mobility. A phone system that works with or without the handset. Already have a legacy Avaya Telephone System? We service and maintain legacy Avaya equipment. We staff experts that can assist in upgrading your legacy system to a modern digital or IP based PBX.

877-739- 2177

Our Networking Portfolio

Avaya Data Networking, Cisco, Adtran, Dell Force10, and Extreme Networks. We bring a wide number of vendors to the table to build the center and edge of your network to support the future of communications and applications. Planning for Power Over Ethernet needs, Virtualized Application Performance, Multi-Tenant Isolation and Awareness, Multicast Applications, and a converged world means making the right choice. Need wireless solutions too? We have a large portfolio to enhance your network capabilities as well as the distance.


Video Conferencing and IP Video Surveillance

Avaya Radvision Scopia for Video Conferencing narrows the distance of your team, saving travel. Bringing employees, partners, and customers together at the click of a mouse or a tap of the finger. Panasonic IPro IP based Video Surveillance. High definition video solutions to bring clarity to areas when you cant be there.

Do you have a Voice, Video, or Data Project? Give Us a Call and Engage our team today!
Saginaw: 989-865-0511 Lansing: 517-455-7506 Detroit: 313-879-4937 Grand Rapids: 616-773-2985 Ann Arbor: 734-707-4854