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EEE-347/CNG-336 Introduction to Microprocessors/Embedded Systems Development Spring 2014 Homework #2 - Due on Sunday March 16th @24:00 (Midnight) Note:

Please write your name & ID into first page, and submit PDF only.
Q1. (5 pts.) Itemize and highlight in one sentence the advantages of using Assembly Language over that of a high level algorithmic programming language such as C?

Q2. (5 pts.) What could be the disadvantages of using Assembly Language compared to using machine language?

Q3. (5 pts.) What is assembly (translation)?

Q4. (5 pts.) What is disassembly?

Q5. (45 pts.) Fill in the following table: m/c instruction 18 8F Assembly LDAB STAB 18 CE C5 00 26 F5 ADDD $855 DOIT DECB BNE DOIT #$17 $3C,X m/c instruction 1A EE 02 1A EF FE Assembly


Q.6 (20 pts.) a) Translate the Assembly program of Listing Ex2e (of Q2.10, p.107) to m/c language module.(Chapter:2) b) How many bytes of memory does this program take up?

Q7. (15 pts.) Q12 of Spasov (disassembly) (Chapter: 2)