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P Packet Tracer T - Skills In ntegratio on Chall lenge

T Topology
You will re eceive one of f three possib ble topologies. Note: You u can use this s document to o record the random r value s (router nam mes, addressing, etc.) that you will receive when launching g the Packet Tracer activit ty.

A Addressing g Table
Device Interface G0/0 G0/1 IP Ad ddress Subnet Ma ask 2 255.255.255. .0 2 255.255.255. .0 2 255.255.255. .0 2 255.255.255. .0 2 255.255.255. .0 2 255.255.255. .0 2 255.255.255. .0 2 255.255.255. .0 Defau ult Gateway N/A N/A





O Objectives

Finish h the network documentatio on. Perform basic devi ice configurat tions on a rou uter and a swiitch. Verify y connectivity and troubleshoot any issu ues.

S Scenario
Your netw work manager r is impressed d with your pe erformance in n your job as a LAN technic cian. She wou uld like you to now w demonstrat te your ability y to configure a router conn necting two LA ANs. Your tas sks include co onfiguring basic settings on a router and a switch using the Cisco IOS. Y You will then v verify your co onfigurations, as well as configu urations on ex xisting device es by testing end-to-end e co onnectivity. Note: Afte er completing this activity, you can choo ose to click th he Reset Acti ivity button to o generate a n new set of requirements. Variab ble aspects in nclude device e names, IP a ddressing sch hemes, and t the topology.

R Requireme ents
Provid de the missing information in the Addressing Table. Name e the router RTA acces ss ASw-1 and the second s switch h ASw-2 . . You will not be ab ble to

Use cisco c as the user u EXEC pa assword for all a lines. Use class c as the privileged p EXE EC password. Encry ypt all plain text passwords s. Config gure an appro opriate banne er.

2013 Cisco and d/or its affiliates. All rights reserve ed. This docume ent is Cisco Publiic.

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Packet Tracer - Skills Integration Challenge Configure addressing for all devices according to the Addressing Table. Document interfaces with descriptions, including the ASw-2 Save your configurations. Verify connectivity between all devices. All devices should be able to ping any other device. Troubleshoot and document any issues. Implement the solutions necessary to enable and verify full end-to-end connectivity. VLAN 1 interface.

Note: Click Check Results button to see your progress. Click the Reset Activity button to generate a new set of requirements. ID: 2
2 0

2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public.

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