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On your date of joining, you are compulsorily required to bring the following documents:


a) Matriculation & Inter/Higher Secondary/Diploma Mark sheets/ Certificates.

b) Degree certificate/ Provisional certificate for Graduation & Diplomas. If the same is awaited
from the university, you are required to produce the ‘Course Completion Certificate’ issued by
your Institute Head or Director, which is only a temporary arrangement. You need to produce the
mark sheet copies as and when you obtain it.


Relieving Order from your previous employer(s) may be produced if you obtain it This document
should be issued on the letterhead of the company, duly signed and sealed, clearly stating your
name, designation, the period for which you were employed and the date with effect from which
you have been relieved. You may mention your Provident Fund Number under your previous PF
coverage if you intend to transfer the same to your new TCS account.


a) Birth Certificate issued by the concerned government authorities. Please note that Std X./XII
Mark sheets / Certificates from the hospital/ Community and Nativity Certificate will not suffice. In
case you do not possess a Birth Certificate containing your name, date of birth and place of birth,
you are needed to obtain an Affidavit signed by a Notary with these details. Since this is a
temporary arrangement, you will be required to furnish the Birth Certificate prior to completion of
the training programme.
b) A valid passport (if any)
c) Offer Letter, Print of this email
d) 12 Passport size photographs
e) Date of birth and address details of the person you would like to nominate for Gratuity,
Superannuation, Provident Fund and Health Insurance Scheme. No proofs are required.
f) An affidavit/notarized undertaking on a Rs. 20 stamp paper that there is no criminal offence
registered/pending against you

NOTE: The Originals of these documents along with one set of attested photocopies of each
should be provided on joining for ILP: The original documents stated above will be returned to
you after scrutiny. You should necessarily have completed all course formalities, including Project
Work and Viva from your respective Institute before you report for the training programme. No
leave is permissible during the C- Initiate.


You will need to use a Rs. 100 stamp paper. The first page of the service agreement, provided to
you should be typed on the Rs. 100 stamp paper. You can attach the remaining pages as it is to
the stamp paper.
Incase of non availability of Rs.100 stamp papers, trainees can opt for 2 stamp papers of Rs. 50
or 5 stamp papers of Rs.20.
Alternatively in case of non availability of any stamp paper candidates can opt for Franking -
Impression of Stamps.

Only one Surety is required to complete the formalities in your Service Agreement. The Service
Agreement needs to be duly completed, bearing your Surety’s signature on the bottom part of all
pages and at the designated places on the last page. A surety can be a person who is an Income
Tax payee or who possesses landed property.

You are required to produce the following documents as an annexure to the Service Agreement.
Only attested copies would be accepted.

I [A] Original or attested photocopy of LATEST (Form 16 / PAN Card / IT Returns (acknowledged
copy of IT Assessment order copy)


I [B] Original/ Attested photocopy of the Land Deed or Land Passbook (for those having
Agriculture as occupation) along with a recent Valuation certificate of the property (in English
only) from the competent authority, duly signed and sealed. The present market estimate of the
property should not be less than Rs.50, 000/-.


Alternatively, incase you are unable to obtain any Surety you may bring a Fixed Deposit taken in
either of the following formats:

II [A] In Your name (candidate’s name) either ASSIGNED to Tata Consultancy Services Ltd


II [B] Lien noted in favour of Tata Consultancy Services Limited,

V SURETY VERIFICATION FORM (need not be submitted if you are producing an FD)

Surety verification form must be completed by your Surety, attested by a competent authority,
and submitted along with your Service Agreement. You may get the completed form attested by
any one of the following officials:

· Manager of a nationalized bank where the Surety holds an account.

· District Collector of the district in which the Surety resides.
· Gazetted Officer.
· Tehsildar of the village in which the Surety resides.
· Employer of the Surety, if the Surety is an income tax payee. In this case, attach a
photocopy of Form 16, which has been issued to the Surety and signed by the Employer.

Alternatively, (instead of the Surety Verification Form) you may attach an attested photocopy of
the Surety's valid passport, to the Service Agreement.

Ensure that the signatures of the surety affixed on the Service Agreement, Surety Verification
form/Passport & supporting documents (IT Returns/Pan Card) match.

The submission of these documents and your fulfillment of all requirements stated therein are
absolute pre-requisites on joining TCS, as well as to continued services in the company

Kindly peruse through the list of attachments to complete your pre joining formalities.

1. Joining letter annexure.

2. Service Agreement
3. Surety Verification form
4. List of Hostels for prior accommodation arrangement
5. BSC FAQ - Frequently asked questions & instructions to fill out the service agreement.
Feel free to connect with us incase of any queries or clarifications at or
1800- 22 -01-00 (toll free)

Thanks & Best Regards

Tata Consultancy Services


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