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Country Summary Form

Name of Country: Russia

Jamal Samo David Gernon Connor Brennan

I. Demographics Fill in the blanks with the information for your country.

Population: Infant Mortality Rate: Life Expectancy: Literacy Rate: HIV/AIDS Rate: II. Geography and Climate Area: Area Comparative: Neighboring Countries:

143.5 million 7.19 deaths / 1000 live births 69 99.7% (age 15+) 1%

17, 098, 242 km2 1.8x U.S. size Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Norway, Poland, Ukraine. European Russia: Steppes Humid Siberia to Polar North: Subarctic to Tundra From West to East: Winter from very cool to frigid; Summer from warm to very cool West of Urals: Broad plains with low hills Siberia: Coniferous forest and tundra Southern border: Uplands and mountains



III. Government Head of State: Head of Government: Legislative Body: IV. Economics Per capita GDP $18, 100 Vladmir Putin Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev Federalnoye Sobraniye or Federal Assembly (bicameral)

% Of Workforce involved in Agriculture: 9.7% Industry: 27.8% Services: 62.5% Development Status (Do you think this country is developed, undeveloped, or in-between. Why?) Russia is a developed country because they are, economically, more successful than most of the worlds countries. For example, GDP / capita is $18,100. Russia is (as of 2012) ranked 77th of 219 in GDP / capita. V. Culture List the major language or languages (and percentages if available): 1. Russian 3. 2. Many minority languages 4.

List the major religions (and percentages if available): 1. Russian Orthodox: 15-20% 3. other Christian: 2% 2. Muslim: 10-15% 4.

VI. History - List important dates, and why they are important. Date 1237-1240 Significance Mongols invade Russia destroying most of its main cities; Tatars establish empire of the Golden Horde 1552-1556 Ivan the Terrible conquers Tatar khanates and establishes Russian rule over more land. 1613 Michael Romanov I was elected as tsar. Romanov dynasty lasts until 1917 1917 Bolsheviks end Tsar rule and establish the United Soviet Socialist Republic 1939=1945 World War II. USSR sided with German, Italy, and Japan 1947-1991 Cold War. Defined the conflict between Liberalism and Communism 1991 USSR is dissolved and the Russian Federation is established

VII. Major Issues (what are some major issues facing this country today). Russia has a high dependency on its energy sector for economic development. Corruption of government agencies brings large inefficiencies in the government. Conflict between the people and the institutions makes growth difficult.