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y 27 April Dear Sir, This is an update on Touretzky.

April 27, 2006

Feedback on Touretzky: Greenway claimed that the producer of the MSNBC show Touretzky was on a last week was impressed with Touretzkys performance and wants to use him for any future shows on Scientology. Greenway said that she wants Touretzky to become the voice of the critics and not Lerma or Tory (she hates both o f them). Greenway that the Church never leaves Touretzky alone. She said that she never asked him about the dildo which some CMU students put up on a website. She thinks the Church made up the dildo invoice and sent it to Schwarz. Greenway was told that it really looks like some disgruntled CMU student who has a bone to pick with Touretzky put up the website (a site by a student critical of DST). Greenway insisted that it is done by the Church (Greenway is upset about the CMU students website and the dildos exposure). Greenway talked about how the Church has gotten numerous letters sent to CMU about Touretzky including one from Hillary Clinton asking that he be fired, but CMU still stands behind him because they dont care what he does on his free time. (This is a falsehood as he does not perform all of his anti-Scientology activities during his free time and we have documented evidence showing that he is doing it from CMU). Greenway said that every time Touretzky does something against the Church he sends the legal department at CMU a packet of information concerning his activities so that they are briefed when the Church contacts them about this. Following are updates on the handling steps previously laid out: 1. Get the NY PI to relay the article on Cohon and get the feedback from his media contacts about getting it printed. The NY PI spoke with his contacts at UPI and AP. They have received the proposed article and said that they are going to research and then submit it to their editors. The PI reminded both of his contacts that Touretzky is [ deletion of salacious - quite apparently false accusation], and then we are going to have another Columbine because of him. The contacts agreed and said they will get back to the PI about the story. 2. The alumni to complete going through the records and find alumni they can trust to brief and activate on DST. Another Scientologist alumnus was found. His name is Christopher Rath. He will be contacted and activated. 3. Debug done on getting a resource on the chat room. This prediction line has been debugged. We now have a person that is on IRC and he has set up a totally secure connection and the line is operational to log the chat sessions. DST is still active on this chat daily.

4. FOIA request project written and started with at least 2 FOIA requests filed . Seven FOIA requests were filed with the NSF on people that are connected to Touretzky as they either worked with Touretzky in the past or are currently. The people are: Walter Schneider, Tai Sing Lee (CMU Computer Science Dept.), James McClelland (Psychology Dept & CNBC Director), Julie Fiez (Pitt Psych Dept), William Skaggs (Pitt Neuro Science Dept), Daniel Simons and G. Bard Emerntrout. 5. Get out the new requests to NSF on the desk audit CMU did at NSFs request on Touretzkys grants and get out the new request for data on Scientology. (This is a follow up on a cycle that had been dropped earlier) . The new request was drafted and was sent to [deletion - attorney information] for ok. [deletion - attorney information] Two went out from the Church and the third one will go from a private individual. 6. Get Freedom the rest of the briefing materials on Touretzky that is needed for them to put an article together about DST/CMU. The materials were put provided to Tom Whittle who is researching and drafting an article on Touretzky and CMU. 7. Get current students and parents of current CMU students located for the purpose of getting these parents briefed on Touretzky and willing to take actions. No current CMU students or parents of CMU students have been found so far. The PI in Pittsburgh is checking with various contacts and comm lines he has to locate them. The PI has closed and started a resource who is a student at CMU who is doing a special training on computer systems at CMU. The resource is 43 years old and he will be used to befriend Touretzky, and find names of current CMU students who can then be surveyed to get their parents contacted and stirred up. 8. Offensive postings continued. BS continued to push her message about Jared Cohon condoning Touretzky. 9. John Fisher (alumnus) meeting at CMU. On Saturday alumnus John Fishers, was further briefed and prepped for his mee ting this week with two CMU faculty members (Fisher was called to CMU to assist in so matters related to the university). Fisher was given a briefing pack about Touretzky and he would take up Touretzkys actions with these faculty members and get them to a gree to take action. John Fisher will be back in LA on Thursday morning and we will then get his debrief and work out the next action. This is ok. Ml, Frits