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Observation Report

Houghton Elementary School, Houghton-Portage Township Schools

Name: Tomasek, Megan Classification: Prob. 1st Yr. Observed by: Anders Hill Observation Date: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 9:00 AM Comments 9:00:08 AM Activity Warm-up Comments Ms. Tomasek works with one student reviewing letters and sounds. Two second grade students work with aide in classroom. Students are engaged. Students sit on wedges or exercise balls. Good use of positive reinforcement. Ms. Tomasek then reads a decodable book to the student. She points to each word as she reads as student follows along. Student echo reads the book with Ms. Tomasek. Presents lesson in sequence to help struggling reader. Room is clean, inviting and organized. Soft music plays in background. Student then gets opportunity to read aloud. Ms. Tomasek takes turns reading to break it up. Good use of positive reinforcement. Students are engaged. Ms. Tomasek uses a ruler to keep student focused on one line of text at a time. Ms. Tomasek then explains that student will read all by himself and leads student through schedule. Good visual. Student then practices writing name and letter "h". They practice writing in the air. Good use of verbal cues.

9:02:06 AM 9:03:08 AM


Guided Practice

9:05:34 AM

Independent Practice

9:13:52 AM 9:14:40 AM

Guided Practice Independent Practice

Student practices printing. Ms. Tomasek goes and checks work of other student working with aide. Students are engaged. Teacher's expectations are clear, she stops student to give feedback on work. Good use of positive reinforcement. Ms. Tomasek reviews next activity on visual schedule. Spelling.

9:20:14 AM 9:21:09 AM

Direct Instruction Guided Practice

Student writes spelling word and rolls dice to get the color of crayon to use writing the word. New student comes in to get sensory time and jump on trampoline. Ms. Tomasek works with another two students and gets them working on Earobics, phonics intervention. Good use of visual and verbal cues. Good movement around the room. Students are engaged. Conveys high expectations by making sure writing is legible. Student puts work in folder.

9:29:35 AM


9:29:54 AM 9:30:15 AM

Direct Instruction Independent Practice

Reviewing next step on visual schedule.

Student starts Earobics reading intervention. Used technology to enhance instruction. Students are engaged. Ms. Tomasek uses proximity to check engagement. Good use of positive reinforcement.

Conclusion: I was very impressed with the environment and culture youve created in your class. I was also impressed with way you structured the lesson to scaffold the learning for the struggling reader. Suggestions: Consider building some kinesthetic component to spelling/ reading.

Questions to Consider: How can we improve the use of accommodations for SE students in the general education setting?