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My Autobiography

I am Anne Novales, a 45 year old woman and currently working as a doctor in Asian Hospital. I finished elementary in Morning Star Montessori School Inc. I received medals and certificates and had a lot of friends back then. I studied at UP Rural High school under K-12 program. My high school days were fun but stressful. We had many requirements every day but I enjoyed and bonded with my friends so I can lessen my stress. I graduated with honors and with other achievements. In my college days at Sto. Tomas, I studied Medicine and I always had a grade of 1.5. I also studied very hard so I graduated college at the age of 27. I passed the board exam and got a Doctors degree. After 2 years, I became a paediatrician in Asian Medical Hospital. I was married at the age of 30. We have 3 children and we are now living in Calamba, Laguna near my mothers house. In my childhood years, my dream was to graduate and be a doctor. It all happened because I pursued myself to study with a bit of hard work and it paid off. Now that I am 45 years old, I laughed at them and said I am proud of myself that I reached my dreams and became successful.

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