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Name:_________________________________ Humanities 9 Social Movements

About the Authors Page

Directions: Create a Contacts pages for the group. The About the Authors page must be written in the 3rd personDo not use the word I or me. Main Contacts Page must include the following for ALL group members:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

First name only. (Do NOT type last name.) Summary about what each student studied: local and historical movement One key quote from any of the reflection paragraphs/essay Links to each persons pages: topic essay, interview, comparison paragraphs Picture of each student

Social Justice Apartheid Movement Interviews Comparisons Contacts

About the Authors

Raven took great interest in studying the Anti-Apartheid Movement. Since she has personal interests in Nigeria and African drums and music, she truly enjoyed learning about the southern part of Africa. Raven interviewed Kiilu Nyasha, who is her aunt, and she is also a former Black Panther that continues to do activist work through her writing/blogs and weekly radio show. Given the injustices and struggles that these two movements endured, Raven provides elaborate details and insight when she compares the two movements. Raven exclaimed, I am a revolutionaryI want to change everything! Sienna Sky was most interested in being challenged as a reader and writer, so she researched the history of the Anti-Apartheid Movement. She read all the provided texts and conducted extra research. Sienna interviewed the Director of Women's Policy at the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women. After extensive research and the interview, Sienna passionately confessed, I am so inspired by the work [that people do to end human trafficking]!

Raven B.