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Class: French 3 Instructor: M.Wood Textbook: Discovering French Nouveau!

Rouge 3 Week: 25 Day: A+B Duration: 45 minutes each Learners will be able to: -compose a series of professional emails -demo. understanding of various verb tenses -brainstorm realistic and appropriate obstacles and solutions w/program They need: -parent interview for appropriate concerns -to apply accurate verb forms and vocabulary -adequate knowledge of Google doc function Duration: Time:

Objectives/Functions: -use appropriate forms of politesse and letter construction -integrate new unit vocabulary with present/future/imperative -respond accordingly to inquiry and offer appropriate solutions

They know: This lesson intends to reinforce the use of formal address and rehearse prior knowledge of verb tenses, namely the present, futur proche and subjunctive. It will also offer a comparison of American and French letterwriting format and technique in an effort to prepare them for AP-level performance in earlier levels.

Activities, Procedures, and Outcomes: Day 1 1. Opening exercise: une colonie de vacances (in pairs, students will access and choose one of the available excursions)


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2. Lecture et analyse (once a sjour has been chosen, partners will demonstrate comprehension by designing an English version brochure, complete with pictures, contact and program information)


5:00 Homework: each person needs to take a copy of the brochure home and ask parent/guardian to write three possible questions/concerns as if they were participating; student will then prepare preliminary email from parent to program coordinator on Google docs using rubric with examples provided by teacher--this includes proper greetings, closure and a reminder of transition options

Day 2 1. Opening exercise: pair and share (family groups present sjours and share parent concerns) 5:00 8:288:33 9:219:26 11:5612:01 2. Lecture et analyse (students are given a sample professional email and asked to find examples of politesse plus transition; class discuss) 15:00 8:339:48 9:269:41 12:0112:16 9:489:13 9:4110:06 12:1612:41

3. Rponse crite (partners will access Google doc space and prepare an appropriate response to their partners letter; peer edit)


HMWK: Each student is responsible for going back to his/her original letter to be sure it meets needed letter-writing criteria

Materials/Technology needed:
-laptop cart for students -electronic or hard copy of their brochures -handouts: project rubric, sample email

Rationale/Alternatives: One very valuable skill that seems to be lacking from curriculum and textbook resources is proper letter-writing form and style, one that would surely prove indispensable in the students future career endeavors. I have plenty of helpful handouts if needed to support the endeavor from summer classes Ive taken, and if the students seem to be latching onto it and would like to continue to reach a broader, more authentic audience, it was suggested that they write to a French tourist center to ask for information.