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SAMPLE TEACHER IMPROVEMENT PLAN This is a sample of a Teacher Improvement Plan for a teacher whose score was ineffective

in one or more domains on the RISE rubric. Documentation Dates: 1. September 10, 2012 2. October 23, 2012 3. November 20, 2012 4. January 18, 2013 5. February 22, 2013 Summary: The teacher was rated Ineffective in the following areas of Domain 1(Purposeful Planning): 1.1 Setting goals and 1.5 Tracking Data . He was rated as Does Not Meet Standard in Domain 4(Core Professionalism): 4.2 On Time Arrival and 4.3 Policies and Procedures. Improvement Plan: In May the administrators and department chair met with the teacher to review his final score and discuss areas that need development. Below is the Improvement Plan. Steps: Step 1: Identify areas of strength and improvement Step 2: Prioritize areas that need development Step 3: Create Timeline Areas of Improvement: Domains Purposeful Planning Effective Instruction Priorities: 1.1: Setting Goals 1.5: Tracking Data 4.2: On Time Arrival 4.3: Policies and Procedures: Morning Duty Timeline: Domain and Goals Evaluation Conference 1.1 Learning about goals PD for Improvement Teacher will meet with mentor teacher and DC (same grade level and content area) to review learning targets for each standard assessment in quarter one and view a sample of student goal sheets. Teacher will visit two classrooms to observe learning targets and student groups created using data. DC will provide sample templates for recording data and creating heterogeneous Assessment and Feedback Feedback provided by both DC and mentor teacher. Teacher will place learning targets on the board each week, as well as on the webpage. Schedule May 2nd Common Prep Period: May 16th Teacher Leadership Core Professionalism

First Observation: September 10th

1.5 Tracking and Using Data

Prep: May 21st

groups Teacher will meet with the teachers to discuss how they used their data to create groups May 28th Teacher Work Day

August 12th Teacher will place learning targets on the board each week, as well as on the webpage Teacher will create student progress charts and data driven groups Observation: Teacher will be at their door by 7:30am each morning September 10th First Observation August 12th September 10th August 11th Teacher Workday

4.2 On Time Arrival

Check in with Mentor Teacher Teacher will meet with DC to create two emergency sub plans DC will review absence procedures and policies

4.3 Policies and Procedures: Sub Plans

Teacher will place emergency plans in the substitute folder and give an additional copy to the DC Teacher will provide accessible and quality substitute plans for ALL absences

August 13th

Teacher Absence


Sample Teacher Improvement Plan (TIP). Publication. Rochester: Rochester City School District, 2012. Rochester City School District. 2012. Web. 1 Mar. 2014.