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Kyle Reif

Humanities 9
Ms. D'Amato
C/E Block
Global and Local Movement Speech
My name is Kyle Reif and will be talking about the ndian Freedom Movement and
about animal rights. The global injustice researched was the ndian Freedom Movement. t
occurred in ndia in the 1850's-1940's and the goal was to remove British rule from ndia
and regain ndian independence. The successes of the movement were that ndia gained
independence and the British left. The local movement researched was animal rights. The
organization interviewed on this topic was the Humane League. They started in 2005 in
Philadelphia, PA but are spreading nationwide. Their goal is to make all animals protected
under anti-cruelty laws. A success this organization has had is gaining supporters from all
over the US. n this speech will explain the injustices faced in both movements and what
strategies and qualities are needed to succeed.
n both movements, a problem that has occurred is people watching violence
happen right in front of them and not being able to do anything. n the ndian Freedom
Movement, Gandhi and his followers faced this problem when they were participating in
peaceful protests and the British shot at them. The protesters couldn't take any actions
since they all believed in nonviolence. n the animal rights movement, the Humane League
watches animals being slaughtered when they visit factory farms, and since those farms
are legal, the Humane League can't take any physical action to stop the killing and save the
A highly effective strategy to gain power is nonviolent action. This strategy was used
in the ndian Freedom Movement when Gandhi led protests for independence. They never
resorted to violence even when they were being massacred. Nonviolence is used by the
Humane League when they lead protests and rescues. When they lead rescues they don't
force their way into factory farms, they approach them politely and professionally. This
strategy is effective because it reduces the number of injuries and deaths, and also
protects their reputation. When people from all around the world hear about what's going
on, they'll want to support the nonviolent side. A second highly effective strategy is
educating the public. This strategy is used by the Humane League when they go to schools
and educate students about the injustice. This strategy is effective because it is convenient
since they come to you and educate people who probably would never learn about it on
their own.
For strategies to be effective, the people supporting the movements need to have
certain qualities to succeed against those difficult odds. Those qualities are acceptance,
persistence, compassion, and respect. We see the need for persistence in the ndian
Freedom Movement when the protesters are being shot. The protesters persist to keep
participating in the protests and not resort to violence even though they know they might
die. We see the need for acceptance in the Humane League when they are reaching out to
gain supporters. interviewed Stephanie from the Humane League. She said, "We couldn't
get anything done without volunteers and interns and other organization. We asked if there
was any age limit or requirements to volunteer. She told us, "You can volunteer at any age!
We accept everybody! The Humane League accepts everyone and doesn't have limits on
who can help support the injustice.
Qualities have to succeed against difficult odds are respect and organization.
respect and view everyone as equal, even the injustice am fighting against. am also very
organized because plan almost everything out and make sure it's going according to plan.
A quality struggle with is bravery because don't always like publicly speaking or having all
the pressure of being the leader put on me. The most interesting thing learned during this
project is that both movements used nonviolence, and both succeeded. They stayed
professional and gained respect from others.