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Extra Reading Comprehension Questions (Unit 2, Page 20) COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS

A. Based on the Reading, match the treatments to their definitions. 1. conventional medicine 2. homeopathy 3. herbal therapy 4. acupuncture 5. spiritual healing a. an ancient treatment that uses needles to relieve pain b. a method of treatment that uses the mind or religious faith to treat illnesses c. a treatment that uses herbs to treat illnesses d. a method of treatment designed to get the body to heal itself e. a treatment based on the scientific study of the human body and of illnesses

B. Which treatment or treatments do you think would each of these people prefer? Explain your answers. 1. Laura has frequent headaches. She prefers natural remedies for her pains. ______________________________________________________________________ 2. Mr. Park would like to stop smoking. He is a firm believer of ancient eastern medicine. ______________________________________________________________________ 3. Margo has been feeling very tired lately. She thinks that the only safe treatment is one that is a result of rigid scientific research and studies. ______________________________________________________________________

Top Notch 3, Second Edition

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Unit 2