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/eetabliched as a olaasic in the field, Weaver and Gere’s compre- onmatrixanalysicof framed structureshasnow been significantly revised to roflect rocont advances in both theory and computer his thir edition features an entirely new chapter on the finite od for framed structures and now sostions on repestes cubstruc ‘omission of axial etraine in frames. Programs for analysis of all sd structures are now presented with epedial reference to the uso puters. stalling tho efficient application of computers to the solution of lysis prosioms, Matrix Analysis of Framed Structuree overs tho oncepts of structural analysis, flexibility and stiffness mothods, land explaine programe for analyzing kacic typos of framed overage incudes more specialized topics, including symmetric nprismatic members, and elastic connections, The tex assumoe ity with staties and mechanics of materials. = thir edition includes naw problem sett (with answers), updates ¢ appendices with tables of relevant information. A diskette of the lysis programs and examples described in Chapter 5 may bo ailing the order for at the back of the book ee Ajeuy xuNeW prehensive, and practical, this third edition assures that Matric amed Structures retains its place as a defintive work for struc- chanical, and aere-astro engineers. aera eeeeeeeee, wawewese oF thors rer, Jt. served as a member of the civil enginearing faculty at sity orthirty years, and is now professor emertus of structural ie is an experenced structural designer and has worked as a such firms as Lockheed Missies and Space Company, Sylvania ense Laboratories, and Westinghouse Electric Corporation. f has been a member cf the faculty of Stanford University since ]Ow professor emeritus of civil engineering. He has twios been n of the school of enginserina, co-drector of the John A. Blume gineering Center, and chairman of the department of civil é - Dae Rael TSBN O-44@-234BS-L , hl \ \ Mh WIM) 39200 fi cee WH 3 I 3 aM if Matrix Analysis of Framed Structures